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Another Day At Work Part 2


Another Day At Work - Part 2

Cindy stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the sixth
floor. That was where Tony & Larry were working.

She hadn't seen them since their little "incident" in the elevator a few
days ago. But it was all she could think about! And she wanted a repeat

The elevator stopped and Cindy stepped off. She looked around to see
where they were at. She heard the faint sound of drills and followed the
noise down the hall. She rounded the corner and there they were.

Tony looked up and saw her. A big grin crossed his face as he nudged
Larry in the side. Larry looked up and smiled widely. "Well, look who's
here." He said. "And looking as hot as ever," said Tony.

Cindy was wearing a light pink business suit - jacket & mini skirt.
Underneath, she had on a light pink lacy bra & matching garter with white
stockings. She had foregone the underwear that morning. Something had
told her she wouldn't be needing them.

She smiled as she walked toward them. She was already getting wet just
thinking about being with them again. God, she was horny. It had only
been three days since they had fucked her in the elevator, but it seemed
like weeks.

"Hi Boys," she said as she walked up next to them. "Busy?"

"Not too busy for you," said Tony as he grabbed her arm and led her
toward the mechanical room closet.

They entered the small room and shut the door. There on the floor was a
small mattress. "Expecting me?" Cindy asked, laughingly. "Just hoping
like hell," said Larry.

Cindy slipped her high heels off of her feet and crawled onto the
mattress. "Come here," she said huskily as she patted the mattress. Tony
and Larry quickly sank down onto the mattress with her.

Cindy grabbed Tony's t-shirt and pulled it out of his jeans and over his
head. She then did the same thing for Larry. She ran her hands up & down
their chests. Mmmmmmmmmmm - sooo hairy, " she cooed.

Larry unbuttoned her jacket and pulled it off her shoulders.
"Mmmmmmmmmm - so pink, " said Larry, looking at her lacy bra. They all

Tony reached around and unclasped her bra, releasing her lovely tits.
He leaned down and took one of her hard nipples into his mouth. "Mmmmmmm."
moaned Cindy, grabbing his head and pushing her nipple further into his

Larry reached behind her and unzipped her skirt and pulled it down her
hips. "Jesus," he moaned as he looked at the sight of her pussy glistening
below the pink garter belt.

He gently pushed on Cindy until she was laying flat on the mattress.
Tony straddled her chest and lined his cock up with her mouth. Cindy
immediately lifted her head and sucked his cock into her mouth. "Oh yeah,
suck it Baby," he groaned.

Larry spread her legs apart and moved up until he was just above her
pussy. He gently blew his breath over her swollen lips. He then slowly
swiped his tongue over her clit. "Oh God, eat meeeeeeeeeeee," moaned
Cindy, as she bucked her hips up at him.

"No, I've got to fuck you," "right now," moaned Larry, getting up on his

"Oh no you don't," said Tony. "You got to fuck her last time." "Now
it's my turn." "O.K.," said Larry, "Then lay down here."

Tony stretched out on the mattress. "Get up there and straddle that
cock Baby," Larry said to Cindy.

Cindy quickly got up and straddled Tony's hips. She leaned down and
passionately kissed him as she lowered her wet pussy onto his cock. They
both groaned loudly as she hit bottom, burying his cock all the way in her.

She raised her hips until just the tip of his cock was still inside of
her and then rammed back down onto his cock. "Arrruuughghgh," she moaned.

Larry walked up behind Cindy and caressed her ass. "Mmmmmmmmmmm, I'm
going to enjoy this," he said. "God, what a beautiful ass."

Larry spit in his hand and then rubbed it on the head of his cock. He
bent down and lined his cock up with her asshole.

Cindy came out of her sexual daze long enough to realize that Larry was
about to fuck her in the ass. Oh my God, double penetration she thought!!
She had always fantasized about that, but never thought she would ever get
to experience it!! But here she was!!

She stopped bobbing up & down on Tony's cock, waiting for Larry to enter
her. He quickly pushed his cock into her tight asshole. "Uuuggghhgh," she
groaned as he entered her. He slowly pushed his cock further and further
into her until he was completely buried in her ass. "Christ." He groaned.

Tony laid perfectly still until Larry was all the way in. Then he
started pushing his cock in & out of Cindy's pussy at the same time that
Larry was pushing in & out of her ass.

"Oh fuckkkkkkkk," moaned Cindy. She had never been so full of cock.
Jesus what a feeling!!

She raised her hips up slightly and then lowered then, at the same time
pushing back, causing both cocks to be buried as deeply as possible.
"Arruuugghhhhhhhh," she moaned.

"Oh God, so fucking good," she said to no one in particular. She didn't
want this to ever end.

Suddenly the door to the mechanical room opened and in stepped Frank,
Larry & Tony's boss.

"What the hell is going on in here?" yelled Frank, in an angry voice.

Larry & Tony both grinned widely. "What's it look like?" asked Larry.
"Yeah, want to join us?" asked Tony.

"Are you out of your mind," asked Frank. "You two could get us all
fired doing this kind of shit on a job site."

"We couldn't help ourselves," said Larry. "I mean, just look at her

Frank scanned Cindy's body, looking at her pretty face, then noticing
her lovely breasts and that great ass that now had Larry's cock buried in
it. "Damn," he whispered.

Cindy smiled invitingly up at Frank. "Come here," she said huskily.

Frank slowly walked over to where they were. Cindy reached out and
rubbed the front of Frank's pants, pleased to feel a large bulge already
forming there. She lowered his zipper and reached in and pulled out his
cock. She extended her tongue and swirled it around the head of his cock.
"Arruuggghhhh," he moaned. She then sucked his cock into her mouth,
bobbing up & down. "Oh fuck," moaned Frank.

Larry & Tony, sensing everything was ok now, resumed fucking her,
causing her to moan deeply around Frank's cock. Frank grabbed her head and
started fucking her mouth, pushing his cock in & out.

Tony reached down and started rubbing her clit in small circles with his
finger. "Oh God," said Cindy, raising her hips up & down even faster.
"Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee," she yelled.

She moved her mouth further down Frank's cock, taking him entirely into
her mouth, rubbing her nose into his pubic hair. She swirled her tongue
around the base, causing him to groan loudly. She then brought her mouth
back to the head of his cock, and started bobbing her mouth up & down his
cock, turning her head side to side on his cock.

Larry started moving his cock in & out of her ass faster & faster,
feeling Tony's cock rubbing against his on every stroke.
"Arrruuughhhhhhhh," he groaned. "Going to cummmmmmmmmmm," he yelled.

Cindy started pushing back against Larry, clenching her ass muscles
around his cock. "Oh fuckkkkkkkk," he yelled as he filled her ass with his
hot cum. He slammed into her ass with one last thrust and then collapsed
onto the mattress.

Cindy continued to bob her head up & down Frank's cock as she rode up &
down on Tony.

She created a rhythm, pushing her mouth down Frank's cock, as she raised
up on Tony's cock. Up on Tony's cock, down on Frank's cock!!!

She felt Frank's cock twitch in her mouth and suddenly he was shooting
hot cum down her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could, not wanting
to lose any. Even after Frank had quit cuming, Cindy continued to suck his
cock until she had every trace of cum off of it. Frank slowly removed his
cock from her mouth and sat down exhausted.

Cindy suddenly felt empty. She looked down at Tony and smiled. "Guess,
it's just you and me now Baby." "Yep," he said as he grabbed her and rolled
her onto her back. He grabbed her legs and placed them on his shoulders,
burying his cock deeper into her pussy. He started stroking his cock in &
out in long deep strokes.

"Oh yeah, fuck me!!!!!!, yelled Cindy. She was going to cum soon. She
could feel it building up. But she didn't want it to end. It felt too

"Oh Jesus," groaned Tony, as he felt her pussy start to spasm around his
cock. "Cummmmiiinnnnggggg,"she yelled, clamping her pussy tightly around
his cock.

"Oh fuck, me too," yelled Tony, filling her pussy with his cum. He
slammed his cock into her pussy one last time and then collapsed on top of
her. They lay there for a few minutes recovering.

Cindy raised her head and looked over at Larry and Frank and smiled at
them. They moved onto the mattress and kissed her passionately. They were
all smiling at each other when suddenly the door opened and two more guys were standing there.

"What the hell's going on in here?" they asked. The three of them all
burst out laughing.


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