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Another Letter From Daddy *********************************** Copyright by
Author. Do not repost without permission from


Hey baby,

I know what you were doing. I snuck into your closet while you were in
the shower and was sitting in there when you came back to your room. I saw
you come in with your little towel on and I have to say that the sight of
you standing with that large towel wrapped around your tiny little body
made my cock as hard as a rock. I also want you to know that it is as you
know, not the first time I have watched you. I have done it many times
before and one of these days I will make you pay for all the teasing that
you have done to me over the years. I sat there looking at you and
thinking about how you had become a little tease and when I knew that were
aware that your body had become the object of men's attention.

I think it was about the time that you were 18. Yes, I think that was
it, it was at your 18th birthday party when you started teasing your daddy.
Damn you were a fine looking little cunt. I remember that you and all your
little slut girlfriends were running around in either tight blue jeans of
as I remember you in particular had on one of the shortest mini skirts
allowed by law. It seemed like every time that I looked over your way that
you would seem to always be changing position of your legs and flashing a
little panty at your old man. I knew that it was an accident because you
had to be too young to be meaning to do that. You had just finished
opening your presents and you and the girls went up to change into your
bikinis so you could go swimming in the pool.

There was not enough room in the main bathroom for all of you, so you
went into the bathroom that adjoins our rooms to put your suit on.. I
guess you had forgotten that the door that led to my room was open and that
I had gone to bed to take a nap and the sound of you rustling around in
there woke me up. I was sleeping naked like I always do so I didn't want
to make any sounds that might startle you. The door was wide open into my
room and I had an excellent view of you as you sat down on the stool and
lifted your leg and started taking off your shoe. I could see right up
your little skirt as you lifted your leg and slipped them off. God my
heart was pounding as I watched your legs spread and I could see your
little pink silk panties shine in the light. As I laid there, I did my
best not to watch you but I could not help myself. My cock started to grow
and I could feel it grow harder by the second.

You slipped your shoes and socks off and then you stood up and started
unbuttoning your blouse. I watched your little hand as it moved down,
unbuttoning one button at a time, slowly exposing those luscious little
titties that were under the fabric. As you opened your blouse and pulled
your shirt out of your skirt I could feel my cock rise in anticipation of
seeing those budding little breasts. My dick was now hard as a rock and I
reached down to touch it and I could feel the pre-cum ooze out of the head
of it. You slowly removed the blouse from your shoulders and I was amazed
at the size of your titties. I had no idea that you had blossomed that
much until this time. I watched as you pulled the blouse down off of your
shoulders and you were standing there in your bra and your skirt. My cock
jumped as you reached around behind you and unsnapped the clasp on your bra
and your little budding breasts that were inside them just seemed to stand
upright, no sag, no fat, just nice, small, perfect breasts. You walked to
the mirror and ran your hands down them, across the nipples and then down
the flat of your stomach. You moved your hand behind you and reached for
the zipper of your skirt. I started to rub my cock as you slid the zipper
down and then let your skirt drop to the floor. Oh god baby, the sight of
your little ass in those pink panties looked so nice, so young and so
fresh. You stood there and admired yourself in the mirror while I laid
there on the bed and admired you and rubbed my cock.

After admiring yourself you turned around and your backside faced me. I
was a little disappointed because I was not finished looking at your
perfect little body. I looked at your backside, taking in the shape of
your legs, taking in the shape of your shoulders, back and your cute little
pink panty clad ass. You put your thumbs in each side of your waistband of
your panties and slowly tugged them down. As you slid them off your ass
you started to bend over. Now all my disappointment was over because I got
a perfect view of your ass as you slid them down your legs. Oh baby, you
don't know what a thrill it was to see your little ass bent over there
while I was rubbing my rock hard cock. You slid them down your legs and
then you lifted your leg to pull one foot out of them and that is when I
saw the prize, the smooth almost hairless pussy that was between the legs.

Oh fuck you little cunt, that is when I had to control myself because I
wanted more than anything to get out of that bed and shove my cock up that
beautiful little virgin pussy of yours, but I knew it could never be. You
lifted the other foot and pulled them and that was when I could stand it no
longer and I started pumping my cock harder until I felt the pressure build
up in my balls and I started shooting my load all over fucking stomach
baby. I let out a little gasp and that is when you froze and I knew that I
had been had. You stood up and I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to
be asleep. You slowly turned around and looked into the room and then I
knew that you knew all along. You smiled that naughty, slutty smile and
you knew that I was watching you all the time. You slowly walked to the
counter and got your bikini and you pushed the door closed as you put it
on. I laid there on the bed with cum all over my belly and hand and my cock
was spent Then I came to one conclusion and then decided what I was going
to do. This is what I decided.

You are a nasty little cunt and I know that you really wanted me to get
out of bed and take you right there but you knew that I couldn't and that
is what you really liked about it, the control, the teasing. Well I'm
going to tell you nasty little cunt, one of these days I'm going to fuck
you for real and then you won't be laughing any more because I will have
your cherry and then I will make you my sex slave for life. That's right
bitch, you will be mine and nobody, not even your future husband will be
able to take your little ass away from me.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I've known for years what your
were but you didn't know what I had planned for us. I'll tell you more
when you let me know that you are ready for me to but for now this will be
enough. I'll catch you later you little cunt.



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