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Title: Are You Nuts
Keywords: bond, nc, mF, inc, mdom, mom, son
Author: Caesar

There was a young man from Bombay
Who fashioned a cunt out of clay
But the heat of his prick
Turned it into a brick
And rubbed all his foreskin away.

Are You Nuts?

by Caesar, copyright 1999-2002

$Revision: 1.9 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:21 $

"Are you nuts?" A muffle came from the thick roll on the floor. "Get
the fuck out of here!"

"I can't, she's already awake."

"No shit!" The roll wiggled about helplessly on the hardwood floor
and Derek put his foot on it to stop it from hitting the furniture.
"Who is she?"

John looked sheepish and mumbled, "You don't wanna know." That caught
his friends attention.

"Why not?"

"Just trust me in this okay?"

"What are you planning on doing with her anyways?"

Again John shrugged, "I never thought it through that far."

That stunned Derek, "Your joking? You fucking kidnap some girl and
then dump her at my place!"

John smiled triumphantly, "Well I did enjoy her before I came here."

"Fuck!" Derek threw his hands in the air and turned to look out the
window. "I fucking can fucking believe this!"

"Look, I'll just wait till dark to move her okay?"

No response.

"If I can just leave her in your room for the day, no one will ever

Derek turned back and looked astonished at his long-time friend. All
through is life, John had been the 'bad seed', the one that got the
two of them in trouble. Regardless, Derek had finished University as
a lawyer and just started a new job. He was succeeding... his friend
John, on the other hand, was still doing stupid things and getting
into trouble. This time though, he had gone too far. But what could
he do?

With a big sigh Derek finally responded, "Leave her in my room but
make sure she doesn't know where she is."

"She has a blindfold on anyways..."

Derek rose a hand to stop his friend from explaining it all and turned
to leave for work. With his feet stomping on the hardwood floor,
Derek stormed out of his apartment to go to work.

Getting any work done was impossible. Waking this morning, everything
was fine. Derek showered, shaved and then dressed as he does every
work morning. Minutes before he was going to leave his friend shows
up with a thick groaning bundle over his shoulder. It was obvious
what it was, as incredible as it seemed.

Derek felt like he was in some Hitchcock movie.

The woman was probably one of John's old girlfriends, he had many in
the last few years. Few ladies put up with his schemes and
enterprises when he couldn't even keep a simple job for any length of
time. Was he, right now, fucking the helpless woman in Derek's bed?
Raping some poor woman right there in his new yuppie apartment? What
was he going to do with her when he was done? Oh god, thought Derek,
what if he does the impossible and kills her?

Derek drove cautiously all the way home, having left work very early,
not wanting to get the attention of any police. Sitting anxiously at
the lights, Derek's cellular rings, "Hello?"

"Hey Derek. Has mom called you?" It was his sister Jeannie.

"Listen Jean, I can't talk right now okay?"

"But I haven't seen or heard from her since lunchtime yesterday." Her
voice rose to that nagging level, "At least you could do is help me!"

Every time that voice rose it grated at Derek's nerves, "You just
missed each other and she's probably at her friends place. I don't
have time right now", the light just changed and his car started
forwards, "okay? Bye." He hung up.

The elevator up to his floor was extremely slow or so he thought, but
as it opened on his floor it felt like his whole body turned to lead
and his heart froze. "My god!"

Fumbling with this the door he flew it open and ran into his apartment
and into his bedroom to find his mother hog-tied and sleeping upon his

He backed out shocked and horrified and mumbled, "Oh my god, mom!"

John had always lusted after his mom, all through puberty the jokes
about his attractive mother and needling comments about her had driven
him insane. He had defended his mom always but at the same time
secretly lusted after her himself... but only in fantasy he never once
thought to make his thoughts into reality.

John did.

Derek sat heavily into the sofa and stared off into space. He wanted
to kill John for doing this unspeakable act. Harming his mother,
kidnapping her, and knowing his friend, molesting and raping her.

Then he remembered the sight of her, laying upon his bed on her side
bound as she was. She had her wrists tied together with what looked
like her own nylons behind her and those were attached to her ankles
all with the same stretched tan nylon usually wore when she dressed in
a skirt or dress. He remembered the rag tied about her eyes so she
could not see and the dishevelled hair that was normally done to

"Oh god." Derek hid his face in his hands from shame.

His mother, had on a black shirt but it was bunched up around her
waist and a torn white blouse one. The sight of his mothers white
flesh hit him like a freight car. Never before had he seen so much of
his own mother. Derek had seen all of her long shapely legs, most of
one buttock, the crease of her ass and even enough of her breast that
there was only the nipple that had not been seen.

It was an impossible position he now found himself in. He had to let
her go, of course, but how... without her knowing he was part of her
humiliation. He couldn't just untie her and say, "I rescued you mom!"
She would ask, "What am I doing in your bed Derek?" He was a lawyer
he knew he was an accomplice, he had not immediately called the police
when he discovered the bundle on his friends shoulder.

"Derek?" John's voice caused him to jerk his head upwards, so lost in
thought was he that Derek didn't even hear him enter the apartment.

"You bastard!" Derek stood threateningly.

John dropped the two bags of groceries and backed up afraid, "She'll
never know who did it man, don't worry!"

Frowning Derek advanced.

"I covered her eyes, she never saw a thing!"

John was also not very bright. "You stupid bastard, she may not have
seen you but she sure heard you and I talking this morning. mom knows
exactly who did this to her and where she is." That stopped him, John
stood open mouthed, his plan obviously just trashed.

"Get out John." It was spoken gently but his friend could not mistake
that very nasty look in Derek's eye and turned to leave. He had
definitely gone too far this time.

Just as he was leaving, "You've gone to far you bastard, if I go to
jail your coming with me." John looked over his shoulder with fear
just before shutting the door and running down the hall towards the

Derek was left in his living room with his silence and his bound and
abused mother in the next room. It felt like an impossible situation
to the young man.

It was many minutes later when he again opened his bedroom door and
stood looking down at his mother. While thinking the best way to get
out of this impossible predicament.

His mother, Holly, was not a strong willed woman but neither was she a
coward. She had always instilled in her kids to do the right thing,
to trust in themselves and the love of their family. When his father had been alive, he had taught his only son to be honest but firm and
to extend his mothers 'trust in themselves' towards trust in no one.

Derek should have listened.

He wasn't sure what he should do, but he was certain he couldn't just
leave her in such a low state. Derek took his sports jacket off and
then his tie. He rolled up his hands and then took a big sigh before
kneeling upon his bed.

Holly woke with a start and swung her head about as if she could see,
which she could not. She whimpered, "Please, no more! Please!"

"Shhhh... its Derek mother."

"Oh god, thank you. Thank you dear. Oh god!" She was crying the
tears soaking into the blindfold. "Thank god its over!"

"I can't let you go mom."

That stopped her sobs and she took a few seconds to catch her breath
and to digest what was just said.

"You knew it was John didn't you?" She didn't say anything but just
sniffled. "And you knew it was me this morning?"

Derek started to untie his mothers hands from her feet, when he undid
her wrists Holly jerked her hands away from him and tried to turn
about and escape. In her condition she must have forgot about her
bound ankles and did not even make it off the bed before her only son
had a hold upon her.

"Please Derek, oh god this can't be happening!" Quickly Derek used
his silk tie to bind his mothers wrists together over her head and to
the wooden bedpost. She screamed in terror and then sobbed in misery.

He sat back and looked down to make sure she had no other way of
escaping when he again noticed her clothing. In their brief struggle
her blouse had opened completely and he was able to see her dark round
nipples. With the skirt about her waist he also looked upon his own
mothers naked hips and crotch, at the thick brown patch between her

Derek had to shake his head to escape from the sight of his helpless

"What is it you want Derek? Did John take me for you?"

That question stunned the twenty five year old man, this exposed to
him that he would never see the light of day again if the police
caught him.

"I... I had no idea mom. I never knew anything until a few minutes

She was calming down and Derek recognized this as a tactic she used to
use when he was a kid, to use talk to get him to change his mind on
something. "John raped me Derek. He hurt me like no one has ever
done before."

Derek held back a sob of his own, John's work in this matter could
never be forgiven even if he could never be punished without
compromising himself.


"Yes mom."

"Let me go Derek." Nothing. "I'll never tell anyone about this, your
my only son I could never hurt you."

The silence was thick and long lasting when Holly suddenly felt the
rag torn from about her head and the bright sunshine burn into her
eyes. Before her, kneeling, was her son Derek. He looked heart
broken and in distress.

"Thank you dear."

He could let her go, Derek thought, she agreed not to tell anyone what
happened here. He could make sure John never came near the either of
them again.

"Please Derek, let me go." He saw that she was trying to twist her
body so her one thigh was covering her crotch, and he realized she was
embarrassed at her nudity. Even now, after all that has happened.

She was too good a person to continue to torture her in this way, to
hurt the most important person in his life, thought Derek.

His eyes passed by her breasts and he saw teeth marks about one
nipple, John's teeth marks. Derek looked closer and saw a dried
substance about his mothers cheeks and upon her thighs, his friends
orgasm. He saw the bruising upon the inside of her thigh, her buttock
and even about her neck.

How could this happen? Why did this happen? It has gone too far!

"Okay mom, I'll let you go."

"Thank you dear. Thank god. I love you Derek."

He moved to undo her ankles, "I love you too mom. I'm so sorry that
John hurt you. I never knew a thing."

Holly was crying softly, "I know dear, I know. Her ankles were free
and she rotated her feet to get the circulation back.

Again Derek saw her pubic region as she rose her leg to twist her
foot, and saw the matted hair and juices. He even thought he saw a
little bit of pink beneath that hairy bush. Derek startled himself
when he thought that his mother never even bikini waxed, but stopped
that line of thought as quickly as it came.

He moved up to the headboard and her wrists, "No one will ever know
dear." Holly was obviously relieved. "I just want to go home and
have a long hot shower."

Something stopped him from undoing the final knot. It was stupid
really but the lawyer in him came out and he asked, "What shower mom?
I thought you only had a bathtub?" She did, the only shower that
Derek ever saw growing up in his parents house as an attachment to the
faucet in the bathtub. It hardly qualified.

"I meant bath dear. Does it really matter?" The sound of voice
stopped him, it had a ring of impatience in it. He retied the knot.

"Derek? Baby what are you doing?" She was starting to get agitated
and tried to see above her head to her wrists. "Oh god, what's wrong
Derek? Please god!"

Then he asked what had been nagging him, "Why were you dressed up
yesterday afternoon mom?" She only dressed to go to church each and
every Sunday.

Holly looked at her son surprised at the change of the conversation.
"I had something to do. Now let me go please!"

"Who were you meeting mom?"

She shrugged, "Why does it matter dear, John still kidnapped and raped
me. Now please just let me go." Holly tried to pull her wrists from
her bindings, unsuccessfully of course.

"Jeannie said she saw you at lunch yesterday, when she came home from
school right? You must have dressed afterwards or she would have
mentioned it. What's his name mom?"

She just looked at her only son, slowly shaking her head negatively.
Even she knew her escape was diminishing.

In a booming voice, "What's his name mom?"

She became defensive, "Bill."

"Bill who mom?"

"Why does it matter, I was still..."

"I've known John a long time and there is one thing that I knew he
doesn't like."

She was again shaking her head, wondering where this was going,
fearful that she may guess.

"Who's cock did you suck mom?"



Her voice rose also, "Bill's."

He nodded happy at his deduction but disappointed that he had been
correct. "John told me long ago, which has proven true many times,
that he thinks its disgusting for a woman to suck a guys cock." He
again looked at the dried juices on her cheek. "He found you sucking Bill's cock right?"

"Yes. Does that make you happy, yes I was sucking Bill just before
your rapist friend kidnapped me." She screamed up at her son. Her
face taking on a new and unattractive quality.

Derek couldn't leave it alone, not yet. "What happened, the guy shoot
off on your face and then run away?"

Her voice lowered a decibel and she stopped screaming, its as if she
realized she could not be any more humbled and humiliated than she
already was. "Bill came over and we started to kiss and one thing led
to another and when he finished I went to the bathroom and John
grabbed me. He put a cloth over my mouth and I fell asleep." She
started to cry again. "Please Derek, I don't know what Bill has to do
with this but please let me go!"

"Who is Bill mom?"

She sighed and saw that her son's face was set and he was determined
to finish this line of questioning. "He was your fathers friend, you
remember Bill Holson?"

"Dad's best friend? You sucked off dad's best friend. How long has
this been going on?"

She turned her head away, as if determined not to continue this
disgusting line of questioning. "Just a few weeks."

"Bullshit, how long?"

She stared in shock at her son, how could he know she was lying. "A
church going mother wouldn't let a man she barely knows shoot all over
her face after a few weeks. How long?"

She hung her head down to her chest, "Six years."

Derek sat back stunned at the news. The affair had started two years
before his father had died of a heart attack. Did his fathers death
have anything to do with his mothers infidelity? He just couldn't get
himself to ask, his whole world was crumbling and he didn't know a way
to stop it.

"Derek listen, it wasn't like that. We... we love each other..."

"What about dad?" He wasn't going to ask but she had pressed the
issue. "Did he know?"

She started to cry harshly. "You fucking slut. He found out about
your affair to his best friend and that caused his heart attack didn't

She screamed up at him, "Yes. Is that what you want to hear, I killed
your father by fucking his best friend! I'm a woman and I have needs
I could not wait around while..."

"... While dad helped other people in our church, or worked every day
to cloth and feed us. Maybe he might not if he knew all he would end
up is dead with his wife poking his best friend."

The screaming became a very thick silence and neither mother or son
could look at the other.

It was broken only when Holly sobbed in misery but at a sharp look
from her son she again became silent.

Many long minutes later Holly could not contain herself and she had to
ask, "What happens now Derek?"

Nothing. He just knelt beside her bound body looking at the far wall,
no sound or movement.


"What is it mother?"

"Are you going to let me go dear?" There was a note of pleading in
her voice.

Slowly his head moved until his eyes came to bore into hers, he took a
deep sight and said, "No."

Holly's eyes widened with surprise, what else could he do. Either let
her go or go to jail.

A moment longer, "I'm not going to let you go mother. If I do, I
think you will do two things; one, you will tell the authorities and I
will go to jail for a very long time, next, you will return home and
keep fucking Bill." She was shaking her head back and forth, not
wanting to believe this.

"Your wrong honey, I'll do whatever you want, I'll..."

"Shut up!" She did, Derek was scaring her.

"I have another idea. The only other thing I can think of."

She whispered in fear, "What is it your going to do to me?"

"I'm going to keep you and train you."

"Train me!" Her body froze in horror.

"Then I will let you go." He crawled off the bed while his mother watched astonished. Years ago she had found stories about men tying
up their girlfriends or wives beneath her son's bed. She had returned
them only after reading all of them, several times, and much to her
amazement they had turned her immensely on.

Derek returned from his adjoining bathroom carrying a basin and a
couple of towels.

"Train me?" He ignored her and set the basin, which she saw was full
of steaming water and a bar of soap, on the night table next to the
bed. Again he disappeared.

He returned carrying scissors. Holly had to ask, "Your going to
'train me'? To be a slut?"

Her son pushed her hip to move her closer to the centre of the wide
bed and then sat down next to her. Derek tested the scissors and then
pulled at the arm of her dishevelled blouse. "Your already a slut,
I'm going to train you to be a slave." He began to cut away her
clothing, quickly and efficiently.

Holly watched as her body was quickly exposed, her whole body. The
torn and cut clothing discarded in the garbage next to his bed. She
just stared in astonishment and disbelief. She tested the word,

He spoke softly, his face calmer than she had seen it yet today, "My
slave mom."

Holly tried to look into her sons face, "Your slave?" The word felt
foreign to her but she felt the need to tighten her thighs together to
help with the pressure building in her loins. "Are you going to rape
me Derek?"

It was spoken so matter-a-factly that Derek stopped in cutting off her
skirt to look up into her eyes. "I'm going to fuck you, yes." Then
he asked the impossible, "Do you have a problem with that?"

A problem, she thought, her own son was going to fuck her against her
will and he wondered if she had a problem with that. "No", she
whispered. Astonished that it was her voice that had said that word.

"Good." He returned to her skirt.

"Remind me to have you call Jeannie tonight, to let her know your

Her voice was tiny, like a naughty little girls, "After you fuck me?"

He stopped from trying to pull her skirt from beneath her and looked
up again into his moms eyes, "Perhaps." Holly felt her face smile and
felt the heat in her loins. She lifted her hips to allow him to
quickly pull her ravaged clothing from her body.

In her mind she remembered the stories she had found beneath Derek's
bed, how they had made her feel. They were disgusting, indecent, and
very very exciting. Isn't that how Bill had seduced her so long ago,
by being so much different than her own husband and the proposal he
gave her excited and disgusted her at the same time. She had allowed
Bill to do anything he wished with her, she loved every second. But
her son?

Derek went out with the scissors and returned quickly enough without
them. Holly was completely naked, not a stitch of clothing remained
and she felt humiliated at her predicament. But she also felt a
trickle of her own sexual grease slip down from her vagina to the
crack of her ass. Her son sat back down and began to wet a hand

She watched him, his face, exclusively. Holly knew she loved him at
this moment more than ever before and it scared her. Could she be a
slave, her son's slave? Did she have it in her to be her son's slave?
Holly knew she could and would.

"I love you Derek." He seemed not to hear and wrung the water from
the cloth before turned towards her and wiping her face clean. Tears
again came to her eyes, "I'm sorry honey."

That surprised him, "Sorry?" He didn't stop from his chore.

"I'm sorry I cheated on your father, that I killed him." He didn't
say anything but just kept working. "I'll never see Bill again if
that is what you want."

"That is what I want." She nodded affirmative, Holly resolved never
to see her long standing lover. It was what her son wanted.

He was washing her arms, arm pits and then her generous breasts. It
was like he felt no attraction to her at all in his automated
movements, Holly thought. "Do you love me dear?"

"Yes mother, I love you very much." He moved down and began to clean
her stomach. Holly, on the other hand, had to again tighten her
thighs to still the pressure between her legs.

He moved down to her thighs and Holly moved her knees apart exposing
herself. She watched her son intensely.

Derek could not help himself, as hard as it was to simply wash his
mothers breasts without showing any signs to desire it was impossible
when she spread her legs. Her thick curly pubic hair was matted with
a new wetness, inside her thighs was glistening with wetness and a
puddle had formed just below her crotch on his bedspread. His mother was extremely excited.

He stopped in his chore and looked up into her soft submissive eyes,
yes 'submissive'. "I'll do anything you want darling."

He again looked down at her crotch, seeing the flowered open pink lips
beneath the thick matted hair. It took all his will power to rinse
the cloth and then wash her full thick bush and then down the inside
of both thighs while his mother moaned with desire at his brief touch.

"Anything?" He asked as he finally passed her sex.

"Yes baby, anything?"

He wanted to test her, "Like what mom?"

She stumbled, what could she say. What was more than anything? Then
Holly realized her son wanted details, wanted to hear her say the
words. Sometimes her lover Bill liked it that way, like to hear her
pretty polite mouth spout off coarse and graphic images. Unlike Bill,
she found this request exciting she wanted to speak dirty to her son.

"I want my baby to fuck me, to fuck his mommy hard. mommy needs her
baby's cock!" She had to close her knees and again grasp her thigh
muscles. He was washing her feet and didn't respond. "Please Derek,
I'll do anything for you. I'll suck your cock and you can come
anywhere on me you want. I will jerk you off into a plate and lick it
clean. I want you to tie me up and fuck me from behind, to spank me
as you fuck me! I need you to make me do things I don't like, things
I've never done before. I want to wear your collar and I want you to
show your slut off to your friends, let them know how much a slut your
mother is. I want to suck your cock after you fuck my ass. I need
you to..."

Derek's hands were trembling with barely contained energy. The words
his mom spoke were turning him on more than he would have ever guessed
or admitted. He pushed upon her side so she rotated over upon her
stomach and face, her hands bound together above her head.

With trembling hands he continued with cleaning her.

Holly was clenching her thighs, crotch and her buttocks. Pushing
herself into the firm bed. All the while she was chanting her lust
for her son over and over, telling him any and every sexual thought
that came to her mind. The more she spoke the more she wanted each
and every image in her mind to come true, she was astonished that she
did want to be her son's slave.

The grinding into the mattress and the tightening of her muscles was
working to help her reach orgasm. When it hit she screamed into a
pillow while her son was washing the back of one thigh. This was it,
this was the beginning of her time as her son's slave, she thought,
this orgasm consummated their relationship.

Holly regained much of her senses a short while later and felt hands
pulling her ass cheeks apart and could feel a warm breath upon her
newly washed skin. Her son studied the crack of her ass down to her
clitoris, his finger lightly tracing the curves of her body. When his
index finger slipped into her vagina she could not help but moan
loudly with pleasure and push her hips back towards him.

She whispered, "Fuck me master."

"What did you say mother?"

What had she said? It was nearly a subconscious statement but after
contemplating it, she knew exactly what she said. Her son brought
down his free hand and it hit with a sharp pain and harsh sound that
echoed about the room. Derek growled, "What did you say?" She knew
he was raising his hand to deliver another spanking.

"Master! I called you 'master' Derek."

A heavy silence. "Do you mean it mom?"

She did. "Yes honey I do. I want to be your slave."

His finger pulled from her and she soon felt it push between her lips
and he grunted, "Clean your cunt from my finger slave." Holly began
to suck and make love to his digit as if it was the most perfect of
cocks, as it was the only cock for her. It wasn't the first time she
had tasted herself, but for some reason she found that she tasted
better when sampled off her son.

He pulled his finger from her mouth and stood up off the bed. Holly
turned her head and opened her eyes, she watched as her adult son
began to undress. A bolt of pleasure hit her between the legs when
his man cock came into view and she knew that part of him would always
be how she would give him pleasure. That his cock would invade every
orifice of her body and that it would spew its seed over every inch of
her body. She felt her excitement again rising.

When Derek was finished he gently spoke to his helpless mother, "Just
calling me 'master' and enjoying my cock is not enough for me to let
you go mother."

With a dry mouth she rasped, "I don't want you to let me go any more


Five what, she thought?

"Every time you forget to address me properly you will get five
spankings with a belt or crop." Another shot of pleasure hit between
her legs and she let out a groan of pleasure. "I will punish you
tonight before we go to sleep."

"Yes... yes master!"

"Ever been fucked in the ass mom?"

She wished she had a virgin ass hole, to give to her son. With a
disappointed sob, she said, "No master."


"Yes master." She thought to make the situation better. "Only twice
Derek honey."

"Five more." Holly grit her teeth knowing she deserved her
punishment. Derek, her only son was her master now, he made the rules
all she had to do was follow them.

"Yes, thank you master."

Holly saw that her son was slowly stroking his fully erect cock,
larger than both her dead husband and Bill's, while enjoying the sight
of her bound body. A thrill ran through her, one that generously
lubricated her sex, her son found her attractive, sexy even. For him,
she would do anything. She would even allow herself to be 'trained'
like some domestic animal. His animal she corrected himself.

If her hands were free she would crawl to him, suck his cock like his
beautiful cock deserved to be sucked and show him how wet he made her
by rubbing her impossibly wet hot cunt against his leg. Did he even
know how she felt about him right now?

Whispering, "I want you master."

"I love you too mother." She spasmed, a wave shot out of her cunt up
through her body at the sound of her master calling her 'mother'. It
was nasty, illegal and immoral. It was also damn exciting, the most
exciting thing she had ever experienced. More exciting than anything
she had ever even thought about.

Derek watched his mother again grind herself into the bed, her
buttocks rotating and clenching with an exciting rhythm. All the
while her eyes were glued to his cock and his hand pumping himself.

My god, he thought, she really does enjoy this! His own mother was
more than just a slut, she was a true submissive. He had looked and
enjoyed various submissive-dominant games but never before had he come
across a woman who is a true submissive. Fully and without
reservation. Before today, he had argued such a woman did not exist.

He would have her remove all the hair between her legs, he wanted her
bare. Derek wanted to have her live with him, sleeping in his bed
when he desired her or at the foot of his bed on a rolled up futon
when he didn't. He would test her in many ways, one is to do as many
of those graphic things she had voiced off earlier. She would wash
him in the morning, suck his cock during breakfast, clean his house,
cook, and spread her legs at any time. He would train her to always
be conscious that her sole duty in life was to give him pleasure, and
that most often meant pleasure through his penis.

"Please master...?"

His attention returned to the present. "What is it mom?"

"I want you darling... please master, fuck me!"

Indeed, thought Derek. When your mother begs for you to fuck her you
don't turn the request down.

He came forwards and pushed on of her legs high up, bent at the knee.
Holly felt his warm hands upon her as he positioned her body and
himself so that he was kneeling behind with her in a half crouch upon
her front.

Then it happened, Holly let out a scream of pure raw animal pleasure
when he easily slipped his cock into the love canal that he had
originally come from. There was lightening shooting out of her cunt causing her body to bounce upon on the bed, only his cock and her
bound hands holding her in place. The sharp strike of energy turned
to thick waves of pleasure when he began to firmly and deliberately
move himself within her.

Holly had never felt this much pleasure, ever!

It was her son that gave it to her. She had not gone willingly and
her pleasure had to be forced from her in the form of bondage and
rape. Yet, without any further doubts, it was all worth it.

Derek knelt straight up above his mother buttocks, watching as her
body stopped thrashing about her screams turning into moans. She was
jerking and twitching regularly and he watched amazed, knowing that
his mother was having multiple orgasms. Again and again he pushed his
hard cock into her body, their joining making lewd noises.

Holly felt his hands moving her body, rotating her upon the bed. She
was in heaven, nirvana. Her thighs were pushed back to her stomach,
her knees pushing into her breasts by her sons strong hands just below
the knee. His long perfect cock began to slam into her, no longer is
he simply sawing his body within her own, now he was fucking her like
a master fucks his slave.

His balls were slapping upon the underside of her pussy damp buttocks,
some times hitting directly upon her sensitive anus and she remembered
his question. More than life itself, she wanted to pleasure him.

"Fuck me master, fuck me!" Her hands were pulling harshly at her
bonds each time her son slammed incestuously into her. Hurting her
body, her masters possession. It didn't matter, she knew, only his
pleasure mattered. "My asshole... fuck my ass master! hurt me

Derek had no intention of hurting her but the nasty image of that
first real look upon her pink wrinkled anal ring flashed into his
mind. It was the nastiest thing to him, fucking his own mother in the
ass. She was begging for it, wasn't she?

Derek quickly pulled from her body and using a hand, aimed himself
directly at her pulsating ass hole.

The blunt head of him pushed at her tight private muscle and Holly
groaned out, "Oh yes! Yes master. Fuck your mother baby!"

He grunted with exertion, and was rewarded when the head of his penis
popped into her rectum. "Oh god, thank you... thank you master!"

It stretched her more than she remembered, but of course his cock was
thicker, longer. How lucky could a mom be, she marvelled, to have
such a wonderful son with his wonderful beautiful cock as a master?
It felt as if he was pushing his arm into her backside and the pain
caused tears to cloud up her eyes, she didn't care, her son and master
was smiling with pleasure. She was making him happy.

Derek had to press his whole weight down to get the full of his cock
within his mom's ass. It was the tightest ass hole his cock had ever
been in, it felt as if it was holding him firmly afraid to let him go.
He rested his body, allowing hers to adjust to the anal invasion.

His earlier pounding fuck soon resumed when he felt her ass hole relax
enough to manoeuvre. Again and again he pounded his cock within her
bowels. Holly screamed out with pain and pleasure, another orgasm
fast approaching but willing it to wait for her sons, her masters.

Holly could not wait any longer, she had no control of the orgasms her
own son was giving her. She felt the low waves coming again and
wondered if it was one long orgasm or many short orgasms before she
felt a cloud over her minds eye and her pleasure consumed her.

Derek could see her face screw up in pleasure as another orgasm hit
her. His cock felt like a mouth began to suck him with each of the
muscle spasms that she underwent, forcing his own pleasure.

Mother and son clenched and released their juices into and upon the

"Honey... master?"

The fog lifted enough that Derek knew new he was laying upon his side,
his mother still laying before him. That was possibly the most
intense and greatest orgasm of his life, and with his own mother!

"Master?" She was whispering his name, his mom sounded exhausted.

"Yea mom?"

"I have something to do baby, untie my hands master?" She was
pleading with him to do as she asked. Could he? Derek knew it would
take months of training before he would ever trust her to leave this
apartment without him. He could untie her but she may run away, to
call the police.

Then he remembered the sight of her face just before his own orgasm
hit and his mind turned to mush and he knew. With one hand he reached
up and unbound her wrists from the bed, leaving her hands still

It didn't matter.

Derek felt his mothers sweaty warm skin as she moved about on the bed,
turning her body about. He opened his eyes to look into the tired but
seductive gaze of his own mother as her face hovered inches above his
crotch. He knew what she was about to do and he closed his eyes and
smiled, letting his slave do what a slave does best, pleasure her

Holly saw his tired eyes closed and knew his exhaustion was because of
her, his lust for her. She had did this, and she felt the power of
submission and loved it, loved how her own son was now her master.

More than anything she wanted to lay back down and sleep with her new
lover, to feel his strong arms about her. And she will, soon. But
first she had to do a slaves duty, to complete her masters pleasure.

She wanted this, Holly wanted to be his slave, more than anything else
in her life. No longer was it just lust that drove her passions but
love and need. She would give him years of pleasure, anything he
wished. Anything, she promised herself! But right now she had to
finish what he had started, it was her duty.

Holly leaned forwards and took the most beautiful penis that she had
ever seen, even soft and dirty as it presently was, into her mouth.
She would clean him, preparing it for its next use.

Above her Derek suddenly giggled softly and mumbled to himself while
remembering something he had said earlier to John, "'Are you nuts?'"



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