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Title: Arriba! Aruba Author: Charley Ace Email:


WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

Several years ago my wife Carrie and I decided that we needed to get
away by ourselves for awhile. It had been several years since we had taken
a vacation without the kids, and we decided we needed the time alone to
rekindle the flame in our marriage. The romance had all but disappeared
and the sex had dwindled to an all too predictable level for our ten-year
marriage. We chose a week alone in Aruba to cure all that ailed our
marriage. Carrie's parents agreed to look after the children for the week.

We were in our mid-thirties, were an above average looking couple and
had three lovely children. Actually, I'm average looking and Carrie is a
beautiful woman. We get along well together and, in most respects, we are
the ideal family.

We weren't swingers, but had discussed our various sexual fantasies
involving other partners. My main fantasy was to have a threesome with two
women, preferably Carrie and another woman. Carrie fantasized about having
sex with another man, not just any other man, but one who was well hung.
Her fantasy was fueled in part because she had never had sex with anyone
other than me, and she was fascinated with the big cocks that she had seen
in the porno flicks that I brought home on occasion.

After reading numerous erotic stories on the Internet, she believed that
bigger had to be better. My cock is average in all respects, length and
girth. She had told me that most of the stories about wives taking other
partners involved the husbands watching or participating, however, that
wasn't part of her fantasy. If she ever did fuck another guy, it would be
without me. Besides, I wasn't the type of guy that wanted to see my wife fuck another man anyway.

I hadn't any realistic hopes of living out my fantasy and I was
confident that Carrie felt the same way. They were just that, fantasies,
however, our trip to Aruba changed everything.

We both love to dance, and during our stay at the resort on Aruba we
looked forward to dancing every night. During our second night at the
dance club, I noticed one middle-aged man as he unashamedly ogled Carrie,
he couldn't take his eyes off her. She noticed too, and I would catch her
glancing at him once in awhile. His interest didn't seem to annoy her, and
he didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that I was there.

'Arrogant son-of-a-bitch,' I thought to myself.

This man sat at the bar while we were at a small table nearby. Carrie
had her back to him, but I noticed that each time we came back to the table
from the dance floor, she would glance up at him. They made eye contact
several times, and she didn't turn away until she sat down. Something
about him interested her, my guess was that it was his size and his rugged
good looks. He was a fairly big guy, probably in his forties. She
probably thought that since he was big, he was also well hung, and was
thinking about her fantasy.

The fact that she had been maintaining eye contact for several seconds
bothered me because she was, in effect, encouraging him. I kept my
feelings to myself for the early part of the evening, but when I returned
from one of my trips to the Men's room, Carrie wasn't at the table. I
thought maybe she had gone to the Ladies' room, but then I noticed that the
man wasn't in his seat at the bar. I looked around the crowded dance floor
and spotted them dancing. That annoyed me somewhat, but after the song
ended Carrie broke away from him and came back to the table. He tried to
keep her out there, but she probably felt a twinge of guilt, knowing that
I'd be back to the table by that time.

I decided that now was the time to say something. "That was
interesting, who's your friend?"

"His name is Tom, and yes, it was interesting."

"What made you decide to dance with him?"

"He asked me, and you weren't around, so I accepted."

"I don't appreciate you dancing with men that we don't know."

"Oh please! What do you think is going to happen?"

"I don't know, but I've noticed the way he's been undressing you with
his eyes all evening. I've also noticed that you've been making eye
contact with him far too often. You're encouraging him, and I don't like
that at all."

"I think that he's a very interesting man."

After a pause, she went on, "I've invited him to join us."

I was taken aback by that bit of information, but didn't get a chance to
say anything. He arrived at the table with a new round of drinks for the
three of us, and Carrie introduced us, "honey, this is Tom. Tom, this is
my husband, Jack."

I arose from my seat and reluctantly shook his hand. He practically
crushed my fingers as he said, "pleased to meet you, Jack."

I really couldn't say that I was pleased to meet him, "Tom."

'Goddamn show-off,' I thought.

Tom smirked, looked directly at Carrie and replied, "Isn't Carrie the
most beautiful woman that you've every seen?"

She blushed at his compliment. I couldn't help but wonder what he
expected to accomplish, she was not only married, but I was with her. "I
couldn't agree with you more. She's also a great wife and mother."

"I envy you Jack, you're one lucky son-of-a-gun."

He was really laying it on thick and Carrie was eating it all up. In
retrospect, if I had been in her shoes I probably would have reacted the
same way.

When the band played a slow number, Tom asked Carrie to dance again.
Without checking with me, she got up and went with him to the dance floor.
The band played several slow ones in a row. I noticed that as time wore
on, Tom was pulling Carrie closer to him, and she wasn't objecting. Soon
he had his right hand on her butt, pulling her crotch closer to his thigh.
She seemed to enjoy that as she put her head on his shoulder. When the
band started into a fast song, they came back to the table. Carrie was a
little flushed, and it was obvious that she was getting turned on. She
looked at me, I glared at her and she blushed. It must have just hit her
that I was still there and she was carrying on with this stranger, much to
my disapproval.

She must have also realized that she may have been getting close to
losing control. She stood up and said, "honey, I'm a bit tired, could we
go now?"

Tom tried to talk her into staying, but to no avail, and I was more than
ready to leave. When we got to our room, she attacked me. I tore her
clothes off and quickly found that her pussy was dripping wet. Tom really
had her turned on! We made love like we hadn't in many years. Afterwards
she told me that Tom had gotten an erection while they were dancing and,
from what she could tell, it seemed very big. I again thought about her
fantasy to fuck a guy with a big cock.

The next day we had been lounging around the pool when we spotted Tom
and a beautiful young girl. We went over and said hello, and Tom
introduced us to his daughter, Lisa. She appeared to be about eighteen and
drop-dead gorgeous. I made no attempt to hide my appreciation of her

It wasn't long before I noticed that Tom and Carrie had become annoyed
at my ogling and flattering comments to Lisa. I was essentially
duplicating what Tom had been doing to Carrie last night. Lisa enjoyed my
attention and even flirted back.

When Lisa and Carrie were in the pool, Tom took advantage of the fact
that we were alone to admonish me. "What the fuck do you think you're
doing with Lisa?"

"Nothing more than what you were, and still are, doing with my wife," I

"You're wife is an adult, Lisa is a child!"

"My wife is a married woman."

"She's capable of making up her own mind about things."

"How old is Lisa?"


I smirked at him and said, "she's of legal age. That makes her capable
of making up her mind, also."

He got even more upset, and stated in a harsh tone, "don't you get any
fucking ideas, you bastard!"

I replied, just as sternly, "you keep that in mind, my hypocritical
friend. I don't approve of your obvious interest in Carrie any more than
you approve of my interest in Lisa."

He didn't know what to say, but I don't believe that he thought that I
would seriously try to fuck Lisa. I knew better, I knew that I wanted her
in the worst way and needed very little more of Carrie's inappropriate
behavior to justify doing it. Lisa's flirtations with me indicated that
she would more than welcome my advances.

I continued complimenting and flirting with Lisa at every opportunity.
Both Carrie and Tom had been getting more annoyed by the minute. I didn't
care what they thought, Lisa loved it, and she was even flirting with me
more openly than Carrie was with Tom last night.

Tom had not been paying as much attention to Carrie as he had the
previous night, probably because of the flirting that had been going on
between Lisa and I. I was sure that Carrie was just as annoyed at Tom as
she was at me. She expected him to pay more attention to her.

As soon as we got back to the room, Carrie berated me, "what the hell
were you trying to do? Aren't you aware that you're married?"

"I am as much aware of it as you are."

"What does that mean?"

"That means that you've been flirting with Tom like you're a single
woman on the prowl. I was watching you as you rubbed your crotch on his
leg when you were dancing last night. If you continue to behave like you
aren't married, I'll do the same. Lisa is a fantastically beautiful young woman, and I'm as turned on by her as you are by Tom, maybe even more so."

"I-I didn't do anything wrong last night."

"If you didn't do anything wrong last night, I didn't do anything wrong

She didn't see the logic, but dropped the subject. This time I was the
one that was horny, so I attacked Carrie, and we had another great sexual
romp. I took notice that she wasn't nearly as wet as she had been the
previous night.

Carrie seemed to be trying to sort things out in her mind. I knew she
wanted to fuck Tom in the worst way, but she couldn't stand the fact that I
was showing an interest in Lisa. She was also aware that I didn't want her
to live out her fantasy. I could almost see her gears turning, she was
obviously trying to decide whether to go ahead and fuck him anyway. The
attention that I had been paying to Lisa probably helped her to make up her
mind to go ahead and do it. Maybe she thought she could do it and keep it
hidden from me. At this point, though, I was looking for any excuse to put
the move on Lisa. I had made up my mind that if Carrie continued to behave
as she had the night before, I would fuck Lisa and not feel the least bit
guilty about it.

That evening we arrived at the club to find Tom sitting at the same
table we had shared the previous night. He motioned for us to join him.
This time I was happy to do so. All I could think about was fucking Lisa.

I walked over to the table and said facetiously, "Tom, you old son-of-a-gun, good to see you again. How's that gorgeous daughter of

He glared at me and said nothing. He turned, smiled at Carrie and said,
"hello beautiful."

She smiled back at him as we sat down.

That evening was a repeat of the previous one, only more so. Tom
dominated Carrie's time, and I only danced with her twice. Several times
when they returned to the table I could see the bulge in his pants and the
flushed look on her face. They were obviously attracted to one another.

They danced very seductively to the last song of the evening, and I
watched as they exchanged a passionate kiss. They were on the far end of
the dance floor and probably thought that I couldn't see them. That was
the final straw, I made up my mind, then and there, that I was going to
fuck Lisa. Even if Carrie didn't wind up fucking Tom, she had humiliated
me and pushed me into taking the next step with Lisa, not that I really
minded the pushing, at least not much.

We got back to the room, made mad, passionate love again and fell off to
sleep; me with thoughts of Lisa, and Carrie with thoughts of Tom, I'm sure.
Oh yes, Carrie was wet as hell again.

The next day at the pool, I asked Lisa to take a walk with me. She was
almost giddy as we slipped away unnoticed while Carrie and Tom were
engrossed with one another.

When Lisa and I reached a secluded part of the complex, she surprised me
by turning around, throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me. I
responded and we fell into a passionate embrace. I quickly undid her
bikini top and began massaging her breasts, tweaking her nipples. She
moaned with pleasure, and reached down and began to rub my hard-on through
my trunks. It was my turn to moan with pleasure. It wasn't long before we
were both out of control. I laid her down on the grass and fucked her
right there. I noticed that she wasn't a virgin. After we had both cum, I
again drove her wild by eating her pussy. She returned the favor by giving
me a fantastic blow-job.

As we were recovering, Lisa said, "my dad seems to be trying to seduce
your wife, and she seems to like it. Are you upset with him?"

"Yes, very. I'm even more upset with Carrie for encouraging him."

"Is that why you've been paying attention to me?"

"Not entirely. I think you're the most beautiful young lady that I've
ever laid eyes on. Their actions only served to eliminate any guilty
feelings that I might have had."

"Thanks for the compliment. You didn't have to work very hard to get
me. That's because I made up my mind that I wanted you that first day.
You're the sexiest man that I've ever met."

"Thank you."

Lisa went on to tell me that she had been having sex with her boyfriend,
but it was nothing compared to what she had just experienced with me. She
had been looking for an opportunity to *make it* with a more mature man,
and I just happened along at the right time. Before we returned to the
pool, we made arrangements to get together later that night.

We returned to the pool. Even though I was smiling like a Cheshire cat and Lisa was obviously flushed, Tom and Carrie didn't seem to notice
anything unusual, I think that they were too preoccupied with each other.

That night at the club started out just like the previous ones, with Tom
seductively dominating Carrie on the dance floor. I took the opportunity
to make an early exit in order to meet Lisa.

Lisa and I went to our room and fucked and sucked like two sex-crazed
animals. I surprised myself with my stamina, I was able to keep up with
Lisa and we both had several orgasms.

After three hours of non-stop sex, we were lying in bed snuggling when
we heard someone turn the doorknob. I had locked the dead bolt from the
inside and put the 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign on the outside.

"Honey! Are you in there? Open up please," Carrie shouted.

Lisa slipped into her clothes and made a hasty exit out the back door,
which opened onto the pool deck.

I slipped into my underwear, checked to make sure that Lisa out of sight
and opened the door.

"Are you OK? Why did you leave the dance?" She asked.

"I'm just fine. I left because you and Tom were pissing me off again.
You just don't seem to understand that you're a married woman and carrying
on with another man like that is bad enough, let alone in front of your
husband," I replied.

"I didn't mean to humiliate you, but I like Tom. He makes me feel

I decided not to pull any punches, "he obviously turns you on, too. Did
you live out your fantasy?"

Her face became very flushed and she looked away when she answered,

"Well, you were practically fucking him out on the dance floor the past
two nights. I kind of figured with me out of the way, there was nothing to
stop you two tonight."

"You did fuck him, didn't you?"

"Would it matter?"

"That answers my question, was he good?"

She turned away without answering my question.

"You don't need to answer my question, but to answer yours, yes it does
matter. You've been behaving shamelessly with him. You're so obviously
turned on by him that you don't even care that you're humiliating me."

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't want to humiliate you, I love you. I just
couldn't help myself! I found him to be very attractive and he was so
attentive of me. When we danced that second night, I felt his hard-on. It
was so big, I knew that he was my chance to live out my fantasy. Please
understand that I had to find out what fucking a big cock was like."

"Yes, we've talked about fantasies, but I thought that's all they were.
I had no intention of ever trying to live out mine, and I incorrectly
assumed that you didn't either."

"I didn't plan on it, it just happened."

"I know. Now that you've done it, what was it like?"

"Not as good as I expected. It was OK, but not great. I guess I was
expecting that a man with a big cock would drive me to heights that I had
never before achieved, but he didn't. I had one orgasm, but it was not as
good as the ones that I've had with you. I know that sounds like I'm
buttering you up because of what I did, but it's the truth."

She seemed sincere, and I believed her, she was telling me what I wanted
to hear.

After a short pause, she asked, "you're taking the news that I fucked
Tom rather nonchalantly, why is that?"

"I've been doing a little, no, a lot of fucking of my own."

"What do you mean? With Lisa?"

"Yes, Lisa and I have been fucking each others brains out all night."

"I don't believe you! Why did you do it?"

"Please. I did it because she turned me on and I couldn't help myself.
Sounds familiar, doesn't it?"

"She's just a child! Why would you take advantage of her?"

"Believe me, she doesn't fuck like a child, she's a real dynamo. I
didn't take advantage of her, she wanted me every bit as much as I wanted

"What will Tom think?"

"Who gives a shit what Tom thinks. My only concern is Lisa, and she was
smiling from ear to ear when she left."

After a pause, I asked, "are you and Tom going to get together

"No. He wants to, but I don't."

"Why is that?"

"I told you, he wasn't that good. Actually, his size made it painful
for me. The pain took away from the pleasure. I've had my chance to live
out my fantasy, now I can get it out of my mind and concentrate on my

"If you have a husband when this is all over. You know, I wouldn't have
even considered fucking Lisa if you hadn't humiliated me. I'm not sorry
that it didn't work out the way you had it planned."

"I'm so sorry if I hurt you. You know I love you very much, I'll never
do anything like that again, I want so bad to make it up to you."

Just then the phone rang. I answered it and it was Tom, and he was
livid. He had coerced Lisa into telling him about us and he wanted to
break my neck. I could hear Lisa screaming at him in the background,
pleading with him to stop, but he was undeterred. He said he was coming
over to bust me up a bit. I calmly told him that I'd meet him at the pool
and if he thought he was man enough, he could do his thing there, he

We met at the pool and after shouting several obscenities at me, he
charged. I easily avoided the charge and stuck out my foot to trip him.
He hit the concrete pool deck, hard. He was stunned for a moment, but got
up and approached me a bit more cautiously the second time. He took a
roundhouse swing, I ducked, whirled around and kicked him hard, right in
the groin. That hurt him, he fell to his knees in pain. He was bigger and
stronger, but my quickness stood me in good stead.

While the altercation was going on, Lisa and Carrie were both screaming
at us to stop. Afterwards, Lisa went over to him as he moaned in pain, and
said, "dad. Are you OK?"

"Oooh, yes, I'll be OK, just give me a few minutes."

Once Lisa saw that Tom was only stunned, she admonished him, "you're my
dad and I love you very much, but you deserved what you got. There's
something else that you need to understand. Even though I'm your daughter,
I'm my own person and I'll fuck whomever I please. I wasn't a virgin when
Jack and I fucked. He was the best thing that could have happened to me.
He taught me what it's like to be made love to by a real man, a mature man.
Up to now I've only fucked Kyle who doesn't know a damned thing about
pleasing a woman. Jack is a fantastic lover, I'll never forget him."

Lisa helped Tom up and she helped him back into the hotel.

It was our last day and I suspected that we wouldn't be hearing from Tom
again. However, we did hear from Lisa as she called the next morning and
wanted to come over to our room and help me fulfill my three-way fantasy
that I had told her about. I asked her to give us about thirty minutes and
then come on over.

Carrie asked me who was on the phone, and I told her. She asked what
she wanted and I told her that too. She was shocked. I then proceeded to
tell her that she had fulfilled her fantasy and humiliated me in the
process. I was now going to fulfill mine. If she had been sincere about
making it up to me for what she had done, this was her chance. I told her
to remove her clothes and get ready for a three-way with Lisa. She
hesitated at first, but then removed her clothes without another word.

Carrie and I were already pretty hot when Lisa arrived. Lisa quickly
disrobed and joined us on the bed. Since Carrie was already on her back, I
had Lisa kneel between her legs. I told her to lick Carrie's pussy, and
she did so without any hesitation. Carrie had never had her pussy eaten by
a woman before, so it took her a few minutes to warm up to the idea. When
she did, she let herself go, and enjoyed it to the hilt.

I positioned myself behind Lisa and entered her pussy from the rear.
When Carrie saw me fucking another woman while she was having her pussy eaten, she had a tremendous orgasm. Lisa and I soon followed. The three
of us enjoyed each other, in multiple combinations, for the better part of
the next two hours. Carrie enjoyed it as much as Lisa and I, and she
seemed to enjoy eating Lisa out, even though Lisa's pussy was oozing my
cum. After it was over, we all got dressed and both Carrie and I kissed
Lisa goodbye.

We returned to our normal lives as soon as we arrived home, after both
having taken advantage of opportunities to live out our fantasies. We
hadn't expected to do so, but had expected to put a spark into our sex
life, and accomplished that with gusto.

It turned out to be a great trip!

We've already begun talking about returning to Aruba next year.

Any and all comments are appreciated.

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