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Arrons Chronicles 1


Arron's Chronicles (Mg, gg, inc)

Available at

FIRST things first I guess. This is an erotic story written for the
enjoyment of consenting adults. If you are not consenting don't read it
(now that made a lot of sense). If you are not an adult don't read it.
This story contains pedophilia and incest. If this offends you or violates
your personal moral code DON'T READ IT.

SECOND: While I have the soapbox I want to say something about the
nature of fantasy. That is what this story is FANTASY. I do not condone
or agree with the activities portrayed in this story. Anyone in real life
who harms a child deserves to be castrated then shot. That said, what is
harm? Is a consenting, loving, sexual relationship between a child and an
adult harmful? If done with care it is not physically harmful but there
are other kinds of harm. Is it emotionally harmful? Perhaps, perhaps not,
in actuality it probably varies case by case. Children don't have labels,
there is no tag that says 'I can handle sex'. So for that reason alone
caring adults should not consider a sexual relationship with a child
(uncaring adults are going to do as they damn well please).

THIRD: Now I wish to speak on incest. I have no problem on a moral
level with incest. I even consider the idea erotic (go figure) on an
abstract level. I only have problems with incest is when it involves an
adult and a child. The adult whether he/she be a parent or uncle/aunt or
whatever is in a position of authority over the child. That brings in the
possibility of coercion. Even if this is not intended there will be an
element of it there just because of the authority position. Most children
want to please their parents. A child that is subject to sexual advances
by a parent may acquiesce even if this is not something they wish to do. I
would have the same problem if the adult were a teacher or a principle.
Other than that I have no problems with incest. If a brother and sister want to play around under the sheets, as long as certain precautions are
taken, more power to them.

LAST: I want to speak on the nature of eroticism. This is in two parts,
the first ties in with the nature of fantasy above. I find many things
erotic in literature, these include, pedophilia, incest, bestiality,
torture, rape, water sports etc... Very few of these things would I find
erotic if I was a participant. Let me state that again, not only would I
not do them (for moral reasons) but the thought of actually doing them
turns me off like a light. Curious, I enjoy reading about them but the
thought of doing them is repellant. Now for the second part, I have for
many years read erotic stories, starting with filched copies of Penthouse
Letters as a teenager then downloading them from BBS's and finally the
internet. I have found many, many erotic stories that I have enjoyed
immensely. I have also found a great deal of duds. To be erotic a story needs several things. It has to be believable both in the setting and the
actions/reactions of the participants. A story where a child walks into a
pool hall, raises her dress and takes on everybody in the place would not
be erotic for me no matter how hot the sex, because I would not believe it.
A story has to be descriptive. Adjectives and adverbs are important.
Don't tell me that Jane dropped to her knees and fucked the dog. Tell me
what she feels, what she says, how she moves. Don't tell me a child is
cute. Describe her, what is her skin tone, what color are her eyes, her
hair? How soft is her skin? What is she thinking?

Arron Winters fiddled with the radio as he droned east on I-64. It was
into the small hours and only semi's and the occasional vacation bound
sport-ute shared the gently winding asphalt with the old Taurus wagon. He
gave up after a few minutes. The car's tired old am radio could only pick
up a half-dozen religious shows and one oldies country station full of
scratchy old voices wailing about their woes. He snapped the knob off then
cranked his window down a notch and lit a cigarette. The Late February
chill that roared through the cracked glass whipped the smoke away and
helped brace up sagging eyes.

He passed reflective green signs announcing exits for places like 'Green
Sulfur Springs', 'Dawson', and 'Smoot'. The green West Virginia forest
rolled by on each side, rendered inky black by the night.

Arron was the older of the Winter's brothers by four years. At
thirty-eight he was over educated and under employed. A masters in
classical literature had done little for his employment hopes so he'd
returned to school and added a BS in geology to his repertoire. That
should have turned the ticket but for one small hitch. He'd found out a
little late that he had no taste for corporate America. Five years and
eleven different employers had proved that out well. He was finally left
with a resume full of bad references and no real desire to submit the thing
to anyone anyway. He'd been rescued from impending poverty only by the
death of an elderly uncle.

Neither brother had seen the old coot since they were children. Arron
had vague memories of a portly, balding man with a florid face who would
regale for hours about crooked politicians and greedy business interests.
Subjects of little interest, at least to a five-year-old.

The old man had lived in a battered mobile home in a park full of
equally battered mobile homes. The fact that he owned the park had never
raised the family's estimates of him in the least, so it was with
considerable surprise that it was learned that the old miser had managed to
squirrel away $600,000 and then left everything to two sons of a snooty
sister that he'd met only once.

After selling the park and paying the taxes the two were left with about
$200,000 apiece. Arron had seen the gift as a life ring and reached for it
with both hands. A quick trip to an investment adviser and it was all
placed in nice, safe, low return stocks and funds. Income rarely ran over
ten-thousand a year but it rarely fell below that either. Arron had sold
his overpriced home for the value of the note, ditched most of his
possessions at fire-sale prices and taken to the road as a traveling
pauper, but not a bum at least.

In the past five years he'd crossed the country a dozen times. He'd
hiked the Appalachian trail, visited every battlefield, crawled through
miles of dank caves. He'd hit a state park and set up for a week or a
month then off again to whatever else interested him. In the winter he
drifted south, sometimes as far as Mexico. In the summer it was north,
sometimes as far as Canada.

His happy-go-lucky lifestyle had sit poorly with his over-achiever
family, particularly with his younger brother Carl, an over-achiever's
over-achiever. While Arron had been sitting through lectures on Homer and
Machiavelli Carl had been driving his way toward an MBA. While Arron had
been sitting through lectures on igneous rock formation Carl had baled out
on his first company with a golden parachute and promptly founded another.
While Arron was cleaning out his desk yet again Carl had watched his third
Company go through its third stock split.

Arron had visited his brother only three times in the intervening years.
The visits had been tense affairs full of unspoken accusations and
recriminations. He'd rarely stayed over a day, always bailing out with a
promise not to do that again.

That had made it all the more surprising when Carl had tracked him down
in Colorado and pleaded with him to come East. The voice on the phone had
been tired, worn, not the 90 mph all business all-of-the-time voice Arron

"You know the land I bought in West Virginia?"

"Yeah, in the park."

"That's it, can you be there in a week or so."


"Good,.........looking forward to seeing you bro."

And that had been that.

The exit sign for State Road 55 blazed green in the high beams. Arron
slowed and gave a signal. The tires whined and he left the inter-state
behind. State Road 55 was a two lane that wound generally north.
Generally because it followed the path of least resistance. The road
writhed around hills with turns so sharp they set the wagon's old cv joints
to chattering then dropped into a hollow so suddenly that the stomach
needed a moment to catch up. Sometimes the road was blasted out of the
side of a mountain with only a single strip of steel or cable between the
passenger's door and a vertical drop of hundreds of feet. At other times
it dropped into forest so dense that it seemed to close overhead like a
tunnel. Arron had a compass affixed to the windshield, he watched in awe
as it swung through 270 degrees in less than a mile of road.

Dawn found him pulling into the bustling burg of Ives. He slowed at a
wide place and pulled off into a gravel lot. An old two story general
store of peeling white planks loomed over three modern, electronic pumps.
The glistening appliances looked out of place. He used his check card at
the pump and set the Taurus to feeding then stepped inside.

A bell tinkled as he opened the door and a friendly, white haired head
popped over the lip of the counter.

"Howdy son. What can I do for you?"

The inside of the store was a maze of tiny paths through towering
shelves offering groceries, garden hoses, car parts and every item in
between. Arron turned from the confusing array and greeted the proprietor.

"Just getting gas. I was hoping you could tell me where I could get
something to eat around here."

"Polly's is just up the road bout half a mile. Good breakfast."

"That's what I'm looking for, thanks."

He bought two packs of Kool's then headed back to the car. The plank
floor creaked as he stepped outside.

Polly turned out to be about five feet tall and nearly as wide. She
smiled and seated him at a corner table. In less than a minute he had a
steaming cup of coffee and a grease stained menu. He was going to have
bacon and eggs till he noticed venison was one of the meats available and
had that instead of bacon. Breakfast arrived with a yeast biscuit so light
it seemed ready to float off the plate. He asked for and got two more
before he'd finished. He paid the bill, left a generous tip and then hit
the road.

A full stomach after a night of driving left him groggy. He debated
stopping somewhere and sleeping in the car but he only had forty or so
miles to go and decided to press on. He cranked the window down all the
way and tried the radio again. To his surprise a classic rock station in
Beckley came in loud and clear. It would fade to static as the car dropped
into hollows then return strongly as he climbed the next hill.

Carl's land was not exactly in a park. It was in Monongahala National
Forest. The National Forest service had a policy of buying up landlocked
parcels of privately owned property within their boundaries when the old owner died. Such an event had occurred two years before but at the time
the Federal government was experiencing one of its occasional spending
freezes. Carl had stepped in and purchased the land off of the heirs as an
investment, foreseeing re-selling it to the Forest Service at a profit
later. With a new administration however had come new policies, he still
had the land.

He drove for another hour then sighted the forest station his brother had told him about. Gravel popped and pinged as he pulled into the lot.

It was not a visitor's center, just a working station. A government
issue prefab with a tower looming behind it. Inside was a tiny
presentation area complete with tv and VCR. A wall with a teller-type
window and unmarked door separated this from a cramped back room that
sported several desks and filing cabinets. A grandmotherly type in an
overstuffed Forest Service uniform was restocking brochure holders when he
stepped inside. She looked up.

"If you want to climb the tower it doesn't open for another half-hour."

"I'm not looking to climb the tower. I'm Arron Winters. My brother Carl told me to pick up some keys here."

She frowned in concentration for a moment then her face cleared. "Oh, I
wasn't expecting you for another couple of days. Can I see some ID"

He fumbled out his wallet then extracted his license from the clear
compartment. The woman peered at it for a moment then looked up, comparing
him to the photo. "Reckon you're him." She handed the license back then
went through the door alongside the window. She was back in a minute with
a small manila envelope and another brochure. "Ever been up there?"

"No maam."

She dumped the envelopes contents on a low table. Nearly a dozen small
key rings clattered to the table. She picked one up. It held a single key
along with a metal ringed paper identification disk. The disk had the
number '27' written on it in blue ink.

"The gates are all numbered. There'll be a little diamond shaped sign
either on a post a few feet from the gate or on the gate itself. Be sure
you close and lock each one behind you."

Arron stared morosely as she swept the mass of keys back into the
envelope. His hopes for bed in the next hour quickly evaporating. The
woman turned to the brochure. She opened it up and turned it so the map on
the back was up. Kneeling on the worn carpet, she took a pen from a pocket
and began to trace a path through the maze of service and logging roads.
"The Roads are numbered too. Generally by rectangular plaques tacked to
trees at intersections and every quarter mile or so along the way." She
tapped the brochure with the pen. "They match the numbers on the map."

"How far do I have to go?"

"As the crow flies about twenty miles. Your probably going to have to
drive twice that though."

The woman rose as Arron's spirits sank further. She went to the
entrance door and opened it. Arron's Taurus was the only car in the lot.
"That wagon yours?"

"Yes maam."

"You got a cell phone."

Arron nodded.

The woman went to the teller window and reached inside she fumbled
around a moment then found what she was after. She turned and thrust a
business card into his hand. Numbly he looked at it, 'RURAL RESCUE, OFF
ROAD TOWING' proclaimed the header. Underneath there were several phone
numbers. He brought the card to his forehead in salute. "Thank you maam."

He drove several miles further on 55 before turning off on a paved
forest service road. A large brown painted sign with routed out letters in
gold attested to the fact. A metal sign just beyond stated the penalties
for everything from littering to poaching. He drove several miles without
sighting a vehicle, stopping at each dirt turnoff to check its marker
against the route marked on the brochure. He found it and turned off onto
a gravel lane that wound past the base of a pine covered knob. He
encountered the first gate 200 yards in and fumbled in the envelope till he
found the correct key. It worked and he moved the car through and closed
and locked the portal behind him.

For the next hour he drove over roads that ranged from good graded
gravel to potholed but passable clay. He'd just about decided that the
Forest Service woman had been putting one over on the out-of-towner when he
sighted a rusty marker sign on the trunk of a brooding elm. For ten
minutes he'd been idling along at a walking pace, as the car lurched
through ruts and holes, looking for his next turnoff. The number on the
plate matched but he'd seen no road. He put the car into reverse and
backed up, brush and weeds scraped along the undercarriage. He stopped
with the offending sign centered in his bug spattered windshield and got

Between two intruding masses of wild blackberry was a space scarcely
three feet wide. Beyond the track opened slightly to reveal a washed and
rutted logging road that led straight up the side of a mountain, vanishing
between serried ranks of pine, fir and maple. Muttering a silent apology
to the Forest Service he climbed back into the car and nursed it into the
inadequate gap.

Thorns squealed on the faded paint as the car shouldered the
blackberries aside. The machine lurched and bounced as it encountered the
first of the deep ruts. Crooning entreaties to mechanical gods he eased
the wagon through. The undercarriage banged metallically as it bottomed on
the rough surface.

Banging, clanging and swearing he finally rounded the mountain and
started down the far side. At the bottom a good sized stream ran swiftly
but shallowly over a wide sheet of slate. He idled across the ford then
returned to banging and swearing.

It was noon before he stopped the car at the base of a long, winding
pig-path of a road. According to his map his brother's land lay only
little more than half a mile away. He got out of the car and glared at the
final obstacle.

Actually pig path was a generous term. The lane was an old logging road
but this part of the forest hadn't been logged in a dozen years. In the
intervening span the road had been serving perfectly as a path for the
spring rains. A wide gully, in places two feet deep meandered down the
center. Tree roots and exposed outcroppings of rock were liberally
sprinkled about. Lesser ruts and miniature gullies branched off here and

Shaking his head Arron got back into his long suffering wagon and
pointed the machines nose uphill. The going was rough. Made more so by
the fact that the center rut kept him for switching from one side of the
road to the other to avoid really bad sections. If he dropped a wheel into
that canyon it would take a bulldozer to wrench the car free. At a snail's
pace he scraped his way up the mountain. Several times the car tried to
high-side on some obstacle or another. Each time only judicious use of the
accelerator and violent sawing of the wheel kept it moving. He emerged
onto a mini plateau after ten minutes only to be confronted by a 't'
junction that was not on his map. He stopped the car and simply stared for
half a minute. Finally inspiration bubbled up through his tired brain
cells and he got out of the car. The right fork was virgin. Nothing had
passed since the last rains. The left held a single set of tread marks.
He noted dully as he returned to the car that the tread marks had been made
by a rather aggressive off road tire. Carl hadn't tried to bring a street
car up Satan's pike. Ten minutes later he emerged onto a grassy meadow. A
high-riding 4x4 pickup was parked a short space from a large cabin tent.
Another tent, this one screen walled enclosed a folding table that was
itself burdened with masses of camping gear and cookware. The charred
remains of a fire was located midway between the two tents.

He parked the wagon alongside the truck and got out. The latter he
noticed with grudging approval was a Quad Cab Ram 2500 with the Cummins
diesel and an Allison transmission. The truck was about as rugged as they
came for backwoods work, not at all what he would have expected of Carl.
One of the snooty but impractical utes, a Lexus, Lincoln or Mercedes was
more his brother's style.

He wondered through the campsite but no one was around. Shrugging, he
walked back to the wagon. Someone would show eventually, he'd just nap
till they arrived. He delved into the mass in the back of the car and came
up with his sleeping bag. He unrolled it onto the bare ground and kicked
off his shoes. Within minutes of stretching out he was asleep.

He was teased from the depths of dreamless sleep by quiet giggling.
Eyes opened and stared at the puffy cumulus clouds that moved slowly
overhead. Brain noted dully that the clouds were tinged red. Sunset or
sunrise it decided. Memory kicked in with a dull 'whump'. Sunset brain

Arron groaned and blinked away the fogginess. He lowered his gaze.
Standing at his feet were two bookends, they weren't quite matching. Left
bookend was blond and about 3 1/2 feet tall. Large eyes of a beautiful
blue stared out of a very cute tanned face. A graceful neck led to narrow
shoulders and a flat chest. A tight pink one piece bathing suit swelled
down to barely rounded little-boy hips the fabric was cut high revealing a
creamy expanse of smooth hip. Thin, tan thighs and muscular calves ending
in tiny bare feet rounded out the ensemble. Right bookend was similar,
though shorter, straight, glossy black hair was cut into a short bob.
Brown eyes replaced blue. Right bookend was wearing blue instead of pink.
Right bookend had also stopped giggling, hard to giggle with your thumb in
your mouth.

Arron noted a rather hairy pair of legs centered behind the little
girls. He raised his eyes further to meet the grinning face of his younger
brother. Carl was dressed in only ragged cutoffs. He held a dripping can
of beer in either hand.

Arron levered himself upright with a groan. He accepted the proffered
beer and drained a quarter of it before he felt steady enough to continue
to his feet. "You just getting back from your hike?"

"Nope, we've been back for hours and we weren't hiking we were swimming.
You looked like you needed the sleep though so we let you be till supper
was ready. He motioned to where Jenny, his pretty brunette wife, knelt by
the fire stirring something savory.

"Swimming, in February?" It was now up into the sixties he estimated, a
warm day for the season but still damn cold for swimming.

Carl grinned. "We've got a hot spring. It's not real big but it is

That piqued the geologist in Arron. He knew there were some hot springs
on the East coast but they were damn few. He hadn't known there were any
in West Virginia.

The little blond stepped forward, "After supper we'll take you down and
show you uncle Arron."

Arron grinned at the adorable child her blond hair he now noticed was
wavy, and reached almost to her firm little butt. He looked back at Carl,
"This must be Lena?" At Carl's nod he turned to the other child and leaned
down. "That makes you Sarah." The last time he had seen her the child had
been a screaming babe in diapers. "How old are you honey?"

Lena butted in, "She's just three, I'm six." She said it with all the
haughty pride a six year old could muster.

Sarah shot her bigger sister a glare and jerked her thumb from her
mouth. "Four!" She said with wounded pride.

"Nuhuh, not for another month!"




Carl looked at Arron over the quarreling heads of his daughters and made
pantomimed throttling motions with his hands. Arron grinned in response.

Supper was a good stew well seasoned with bay leaf and a touch of
pepper. Arron cleaned his plate and gladly accepted a second portion.
Midway through that plate a squirming little eel in a blue one piece wormed
under one arm and plopped down into his lap. Sarah looked up at him and
promptly stuck her thumb back into her mouth. Conversation was limited to
small talk. Arron was dying for an explanation of just why he was here,
hell he wanted to know why Carl was here. Younger bro had never been the
woodsy type. He sensed the subject was being carefully avoided though so
he played along and upheld his end.

That was getting harder to do though with Sarah wiggling around in his
lap. To his chagrin that hard little butt squirming around on his cock was
starting to get a response. He hoped the child didn't notice, when he
glanced down at her she just stared up with those liquid brown eyes.

As soon as he finished the second plate Lena stepped over and started
tugging on his arm. "C'mon let's go to the spring. You promised to take

Carl was about to point out that he'd promised no such thing when Jenny
piped up with an amused lilt. "You'd better take them or you won't here
the end of it for the rest of the night."

Sensing that perhaps husband and wife wanted some time alone Arron rose
to his feet. They collected a Coleman lantern, towels and three big fluffy
robes. The walk back might be chilly. They detoured by the Taurus and
Arron had the girls stand on one side of the car while he changed into
trunks on the other. They descended the slope and entered the woods.
There was no real trail but the sound of gurgling water drifted musically
up from lower down the hill. Guided by the hissing lantern they bobbed and
weaved between the trees toward the sound. They'd covered perhaps
one-hundred yards when the distinct smell of sulfur reached Arron's nose.
Another dozen yards and they emerged into a small clearing. The pool was
tiny, not really big enough for swimming. It was perhaps ten feet to the
far side and twice that from end to end. The bottom was smooth slate and
nowhere more than three feet from the surface. The floor shelved at the
upper end creating a series of natural chairs and couches. Steam rose from
the placid surface.

With a whoop the girls dropped their burdens and waded in. Arron took
long enough to find a secure resting place for the lantern, then hung his
towel and robe along with those the children had dropped from a convenient

He tested the water and found it to be maybe one-hundred degrees. He
eased in then squatted down, letting the soothing heat climb his chest.
The girls had started to wrestle and splash, fighting for position on the
'couches' at the far end. Horseplay on the hard, slick rock was not among
the safest of activities. He felt as if he should call them down but he
did not feel comfortable doing so. They weren't his kids. He also didn't
want to come on as a four-hundred pound ogre on the first night of his

He was still debating when events forced his hand. Lena pinched Rachel
and the three-year old gave her older sister a hefty shove in retaliation.
The blond lost her footing and, arms windmilling, went backwards off the
ledge she'd been standing on. She came up a second later, coughing and
sputtering, then lunged for the smaller girl with murder in her eyes.

Arron clapped his hands together loudly, "That's enough!"

The two children halted as if a switch had been flipped. Both heads
rotated his way as if on gimbals. Meekly they dropped their arms, the
rough-housing was at an end. A moment later he had his arms full of
giggling, wiggling little girls. Both tried to climb into his lap at the
same time. Lena won by dint of greater mass and plopped her butt down onto
his lap before reclining against his chest. His cock was laying flaccid
between his legs but began to harden as the scantily clad little butt
wiggled down on it. 'For god sake, she's six', he thought. 'Heel', he
ordered his dick. The mutinous bastard refused to obey and rose till it
was wedged into the crack of the child's butt. He feverently hoped she
wouldn't notice.

Rachel stood alongside and bounced on her toes for perhaps thirty
seconds then began to shove at her sister. The elder girl slid aside with
good grace, her tight little cheeks giving his now raging dick a final
caress as she went. Instead of simply climbing into his lap Rachel crawled
up onto his thighs on her hands and knees. Once balanced she rose and
wrapped her arms about his neck. Instinctively his hands moved to support
her. His right ended up cupping her tiny butt.

The younger girl still had a good portion of baby fat, oddly it filled
out her thighs and buttocks giving her a more womanly figure than her
sister. The hot little buttocks under his hand was soft and delightfully
smooth, all the more so since her bathing suit had pulled up into her crack
as she had moved about. Most of what his hand touched was bare ass-flesh.
His cock gave another twitch and tried to tear its way out of his trunks.

It was a chilly trio that trudged back up toward the distant fire. With
the coming of full dark the temperature had plummeted into the fifties.
Even with the plush robes it was a teeth chattering trek. They gathered
around the fire and warmed cold flesh. After summoning his courage Arron
left the girls to their parents and headed for his car for some dry

He pitched his tent halfway around the fire from Carl's, about midway
between it and the screened dining fly. His was a small backpacking model,
he had a larger one in the car but he didn't need the room and it was more
of a hassle to erect. After installing his foam mattress and his sleeping
bag he returned to the fire. The children had already been put to bed so
the three adults sat around on the log benches saying little. After a few
minutes Jenny yawned and said she was going to turn in herself. They
watched her go then Carl stood and walked to the dining fly. The soft
whine of a zipper cut the night and then he was back. He set two plastic
cups on the ground then cracked the seal on a bottle of Dewers. He
splashed a generous slug into each and then passed one to Arron. "Cheers."
They clicked cups then drank. Carl felt the scotch burning its way down
his esophagus. It hit his stomach and then the warmth spread into his
limbs, chasing the last of the damp chill away.

Carl lifted his glass and examined the diminished level of the liquor
before turning his gaze to his older brother. "I guess you're wondering
what all this is about. Why I asked you to meet me here and all that."

Arron nodded.

"Good of you not to pry before now."

Arron shrugged, "I figured you'd tell me when you got ready."

Carl jerked his head and tossed of the remainder of the liquor in his
cup. "Well I guess I'm ready." He refilled his one cup then topped off
Arron's. "Tell me brother, how much of that 200,000 do you have left?"

Arron shrugged, "All of it, a little more actually. I generally don't
spend all the interest each year so it builds a little."

Carl took a sip of his drink. "In that case you're probably worth a
little bit more than me right now."

That statement thudded between them like an anvil. The silence
stretched for a moment then Arron gasped, "For god's sake how?"

Carl waved his cup in a vague gesture. "I was well off, maybe even
rich. But I saw an opportunity to get really filthy rich and took it.
Cashed out all of my stock's and bonds and put the whole shebang into a
little company that was going to release the next breakthrough in computer
sound. The firm was legit, the research solid, everything on the level."

"What happened?"

"Happened, I tell you what happened", he chuckled, perhaps a little
drunk already and took another sip of scotch, "Three guys working out of a
garage beat 'em to the punch. A little case of parallel engineering. The
little guys got it working first, they got a working prototype, they got
the press and then they got the patents. Overnight my golden goose turned
into a plucked turkey. I was in for ten million, pretty much everything I
owned, even mortgaged the house. The lawyers are still sorting through the
debris but I'll probably be lucky to see ten-thousand of it again."

Arron finished off his drink and signaled for a refill. As the liquid
gurgled into his glass he spoke. "So what. Hell Carl you were a
millionaire before you were thirty. You have the touch. You're still
young. Build another fortune. Hell if you need some capital I suppose I

"No!" Carl topped his own glass then leaned the bottle against his leg.
"Let's lay that to rest right now. I didn't bring you up here to hit you
up for a loan. I've got contacts. If I wanted a million I could probably
have it in a week." He took another gulp of scotch. "What you said was
correct. I could probably make it all back. Another ten years or so of
twelve hour days, another thousand or so redeye flights to god knows where.
Another ten years of seeing more of my secretary than I do my wife. Yeah I
could make it all back and then some." He leaned forward, his face suddenly
almost fierce. "But what if I don't want to!"

He leaned back. "Did you know I had a heart attack?"

Arron started at that. Carl had always kept himself in decent shape,
hand and racquetball had been part of his weekly schedule as sure as board
meetings and deadlines. Now that he looked for it though he could see a
difference. His siblings color was paler, his shoulders more rounded, the
cheeks perhaps a tad shrunken.

Carl continued, "Last year. Thirty-fucking-three and I pitch over right
at my desk. If my secretary hadn't come in to ask for a clarification on a
letter she was typing we probably wouldn't be talking. Stress, the doctors
said. A fucking decade of burning the candle at both ends while fucking
trying to light the middle." He took a gulp of his drink then picked up the
bottle and held it up examine the level. "We're not doing enough damage
here bro, drink faster." Taking his own advice he took another gulp.

"There were other problems as well", he continued. Six months ago Jenny
told me to get help or she was leaving. It was the stress again you see.
It had rendered certain equipment non-functional. A woman has needs and I
wasn't filling them." He tried to take another drink and found his cup
empty. He refilled it and then Arron's as well.

"Do you remember your last visit, the fight we had that night."

Arron grimaced, the memory still hurt. "Yes."

"Did you know why I was so pissed at your devil-may-care, freebooter

"You said I was wasting myself."

"Yes", Carl slurred, "that's what I said. That's not the real reason
though." He leaned forward again. "I was fucking jealous. You'd decided
to chuck it all and go have fun and I was fucking green. I had a wife,
kids, responsibility. I thought it only fair that you be as miserable as
me. I was in a trap, a fucking mime in a box."

"Anyway, it's too late to make a long story short but I'll shorten it.
Me and Jenny sat down last month and had a heart to heart. Maybe the first
real one we'd ever had. Turns out we both had some notions about each
other that we're wrong. I'd always assumed she wouldn't be freaking happy
without the big house and the cars and Wednesday evenings with the women's
club. Turned out that she didn't give three shits for all that stuff. She
had a secret cache of BackPacker and mother Earth News magazines. She hid
them because she thought I wouldn't approve. She'd dig them out while I
was away and dream of something simpler and cleaner." He grinned. "Did you
know she wanted to sign up for the Peace Corp."

"Well we found out that deep down we wanted the same things. For years
we wanted the same things and we'd never told each other. We discussed our
options then I remembered this place. We sold everything. I bought the
truck and some camping gear, told my lawyers to freaking handle it and here
we are. I've always wanted to write. I've got at least a dozen versions
of the 'Great American Novel' rolling around in my head. Now I've got the
time to try them. I'm not totally destitute. I figure we'll build a house
here, maybe stay a year, maybe a decade", he looked around at the darkness.
From somewhere a whippoorwill began to call. "Maybe forever."

"Where do I come in?", Arron asked.

Carl shook his head. "Bro, I am one shitty carpenter. I thought maybe
you could give us a hand and maybe enjoy some time with a brother that's
not looking down his high-falootin nose at you."

Arron thought about it for a moment then grinned and nodded. They
clicked glasses and drank.


Arron awoke to the sounds of childish play. His eyes fluttered open.
For a moment he stared at the bright yellow nylon over his head and debated
going back to sleep. The smell of fresh coffee and frying bacon pulled at
him like a magnet however. Groaning, he crawled from the sleeping bag and
fumbled till he'd found his jeans. He unzipped the door of his tent then
crawled out.

"Good morning", Jenny piped cheerfully from the dining fly.

He grumbled something unintelligible back. That set the girls to
giggling. The screened sides had been rolled up on the fly, saving him the
effort of fumbling for the door. He dropped onto the hard bench seat and
winced as the impact set off fireworks in his head. A plate of scrambled
eggs and bacon appeared before him along with a steaming mug of coffee.
His stomach roiled at the smell of the food but the coffee smelled divine.
He grasped the mug with trembling hands and took a big gulp. It burned his
lips and tongue but it was still delicious.

Jenny seated herself on the opposite bench. "Feeling a little under the
weather this morning are we?" He looked up to see a knowing smile on her
pretty face. She held the empty scotch bottle between one thumb and
forefinger. The girls giggled again. Arron gave her a wan smile and stuck
his face back into the coffee mug.

After finishing most of his coffee Arron found that the food smelled
better. He tucked into it with gusto. He was finishing his second helping
and starting on his third cup of coffee when Carl emerged from the cabin

Arron by now felt at least remotely human and joined in the good natured
ribbing his brother received about his condition.

Once Carl was fueled and watered the two brothers held a short
conference. Carl confessed that he had not as yet done a full survey of
the property. That seemed the first thing on the agenda. While Carl went
to dress Arron wondered over to his wagon and rummaged in the cluttered
cargo compartment. He finally found his hiking boots along with a thick pair of all synthetic socks. He put these on then rummaged some more till
he came up with a long sleeved shirt, a machete and a compass. He laid the
latter items on the tailgate while he put on the shirt.

Carl came up as Arron started to dig yet again. "I though you had a
4x4. I'd have made other arrangements if I'd known what you were driving.
I'm surprised you got this up here."

Carl backed out with a leather western-style gun belt wrapped around a
holstered revolver. "I had a blazer. Motor blew up in New Mexico last
year. So I got the wagon." He was buckling on the gun before he noticed
his brother's raised brows. Carl was politically a little left of center
and disapproved of guns on principle.

Arron finished buckling the belt on then pulled the pistol and checked
the load. It was a Ruger single-six in .22 caliber. Not much to impress
bears or elk but just the ticked for the occasional snake. He opened the
gate and rotated the cylinder. Five and one empty, just as it should be.
He clicked the rolled the cylinder till the empty was under the hammer and
re-holstered the gun. "Carl you're well back in the sticks here. You
can't call on animal control if you sight a rattlesnake or a rabid animal.
You're going to have to deal with those things yourself. That means a gun
is going to be a necessary tool."

Carl pursed his lips. After a moment he nodded but it was obvious he
was still not comfortable with the concept.

Carl had a survey map done at the time he bought the property. The two
of them unrolled it onto the hood of the Taurus. They turned this way and
that finding and pointing out landmarks then Arron aligned the map, made a
guess as compass deviation and took a couple of sightings. He longed for a
USGS topo of the area. It would have been invaluable but they didn't have

They headed downhill to locate the property's southern boundary first.
Their path took them close enough to the hot spring to here Jenny and the
kids laughing and splashing. Carl's lot was rectangular and a little under
1000 acres. A big chunk of land, especially to be enclosed in a national
forest. The actual border measurements were almost exactly a mile by a
mile and a half. That meant to do a full circumference they'd need to walk
five miles. Not a problem on open land or even on a trail. Through heavy,
mountainous, woods it might be a problem.

The found the southern boundary about thirty minutes after setting out.
The Forest Service had helpfully erected signs on the tree's lining a small
stream that stated that the land beyond was Forest Service property.
Looking around they soon found several stakes with faded pink ribbons. The
southern verge roughly followed the stream. The poorly disciplined little
watercourse writhed like a snake, sometimes wandering fully onto government
land, sometimes fully onto Carl's. The thick forest canopy had held down
the undergrowth so they made decent time. They found the western boundary
a little after ten, spitefully the stream had abandoned them a quarter of a
mile back.

The western border was rougher going. Arron took a compass sighting
then the two set out directly up a steep mountain. It was after noon
before they crested the top, they'd come a little over a half-mile north
and almost as far up. They rested on the top for about twenty minutes then
started back down the far side. Several times they sighted what appeared
to be ruined structures of some kind but fought off the urge to deviate
from their planned course. They found the northern boundary a little after
three in the afternoon. It was halfway up yet another mountain. Legs
ached and empty stomachs were now growling. By mutual consent they decided
to call it a day and head back to camp.

Arron took a compass sighting and led off. They'd gone only a few
hundred yards when they encountered another stream. It was deep with
steeply cut sides, a trickle of water moved over moss covered stones at the
bottom. They found a narrow point and jumped across. They were about to
set off again when something glinted through the bare branches of the trees
about fifty yards downstream. Unable to resist they detoured to take a

The glint had come off the back glass of a car. A 59 Buick complete
with portholes and tail fins to be precise. The old machine rested half in
and half out of the stream. The body showed little rust and the two-tone
paint though faded was still identifiable as to color, maroon over gray.

There were no wheels or tires but all of the glass was still intact, the
windows were even rolled up. Arron moved to the high side of the machine
and tried the drivers door. It opened with a long groan. He had to
struggle to pull the heavy door up against gravity. The seats were
tattered but in place, as was the dash and most of the interior trim.

Arron shook his head and let the heavy door fall closed. It sealed with
a solid 'thunk'. As they started again back to camp Carl groaned, "Isn't
that going be a bitch to haul out of here. Wonder if we could con a
junkyard into coming after it?"

Arron's head swiveled around. "I was kind'a thinking about fixing it

Carl gave him an incredulous stare.

"Well it's mostly all there, the body's in good shape. I've always
liked old stuff." He shrugged, feeling defensive under that stare. "Hell
the poor thing survived all these years sitting in a stream bed. Seems a
shame to send it to the crusher."

Carl grinned and slapped his brother on the back. "Bro if you want it
you can have it. We still gotta get it out of the stream though."

It was five-thirty before they reached camp. Jenny was preparing a
supper of macaroni and steaks. The latter were the last of the fresh meat.

After eating the girl's again wanted Arron to take them to the stream.
As soon as he gave in they scrambled to get into their swimsuits. He could
tell from the look that passed between Jenny and Carl that they had plans
for the time alone.

This time they were scarcely in the water before the girl's mobbed him.
For ten minutes the three were a writhing mass of wet, slick flesh
wrestling around in the shallows. Finally he gave in and allowed the girls to pin him. Rachel sat on his shoulders facing his feet. He could feel
Lena straddling his legs though he couldn't see her past her younger
sisters blue-clad back.

Arron had managed not to have any inappropriate thoughts about the
youngsters and his traitorous cock had thankfully gone along with that
concept. But as the giggling children settled into their triumphant hold
he raised his head to find Rachel's perfect little butt only two inches
from his nose. Her bathing suit had ridden up during their play leaving
most of her round little cheeks bare. Oh lord, that did it. Arron could
feel his dick swelling and hardening. Worse, there was no way the girl's
could avoid seeing it.

He heard the giggling drop off and knew they were both staring at his
rampaging prick. Lena said something and both girls snickered. He decided
that this had gone far enough and tensed to buck them off. Just before he
did though he couldn't resist leaning forward and planting a quick kiss on
each of those perfect little cheeks.

They retired early that night, worn out from the days activities. Arron
made a covert trip to his car and retrieved a roll of toilet paper. Once
snuggled into the warmth of his sleeping bag he freed his rampant prick
from his briefs and began to stroke furiously. In less than a minute he
sprayed cum all over his stomach and chest. It burned like fire as each
powerful spurt raced down the length of his cock. Afterwards he lay in
guilty wakefulness for a long while before sleep took him.

The next morning dawned gray and wet. A cold mist sluiced down from the
sky. Determined to proceed with their task regardless Arron and Carl
wolfed down a quick breakfast then donned ponchos and set out.

They started where they had stopped the previous day, at the
north-western corner of Carl's property then headed east. The going was
bad. Much of the time they were moving latterly along the face of the
large mount that formed a good portion of the property's northern border.
The path started steep then got steeper. Soon they were slipping and
scrambling along a seventy degree slope. Mini, limestone cliffs sometimes
a dozen feet from top to bottom reared up from the thin soil here and
there. More than one had water trickling from between the rock layers to
course down its moss covered face.

The rain remained a steady light drizzle, despite the ponchos constant
contact with wet, clinging vegetation ensured both men were soaked by the
time they found the north-eastern corner of the property. The first part
of their southern trek was a steep descent into a blackberry choked hollow.
So precipitous was the drop that they were forced off the boundary several
times to find an easier path. Once at the bottom the blackberry thicket
seemed endless. After attempts to get around either end failed Arron drew
his machete and began to chop a path.

Throughout the trek little conversation had passed between the two.
Carl's few attempts had been met by monosyllabic grunts from his brother.
Carl figured that discomfort and the general dreariness of the day was to
blame. The truth was far different.

Arron was wallowing in guilt. God what kind of monster was he. Getting
a hard on over two little girls, neither yet in first grade. He had kissed
Rachel's little ass! Why had he done that! His traitorous cock started to
swell at the memory but he drove it down with a wave of self-disgust. He
was a man of strong appetites for good food, good drink and good sex. His
rugged build and handsome looks had ensured that he seldom wanted for the
latter along his nomadic treks. He had bedded women from eighteen to fifty
and enjoyed them all. A thoughtful lover, he had always insured that his
partner had enjoyed him as well. But he had never, ever even thought of a
child in a remotely sexual way....until now.

They made it through the blackberries more soaked than ever and with
numerous stinging scratches. This time they had remembered food and they
stopped for a chilly, dismal lunch in a mini cave formed by a limestone

Policing up their trash they moved on. After struggling up yet another
hill they finally found the properties final corner just a few hundred feet
from its fir clad peak.

It was four in the afternoon by the time they finally reached camp.
Arron retrieved dry clothes from his car and went to his tent to change.
His boots had soaked through and his cold feet were wrinkled up like

That night at supper Jenny mentioned that they were running low on food.
They still had box and canned goods but the fresh food was gone, as was the
ice. It was decided that Arron and Carl would make a supply run the next
morning. That would delay their survey of the properties interior by a day
but it couldn't be helped.

After supper they all trekked down to the spring and splashed for a good
hour. The hot soaking was well worth the chilly climb back to camp. For
his part Arron had started to emerge from his funk. He didn't know why the
children turned him on but they did. It was a fact, deal with it. He had
no intention of harming either of them, and that sure conviction meant he
was a man not a monster.

The children had sensed their uncles mood and avoided him. When he
moved into the fray and plucked a screaming Lena from her laughing mother it was like the breaking of an old and leaky dam. His despair flowed away
like the water on its long trip to the sea.

The two men set out at dawn. It was again wet and drizzly, so perhaps
the delay in their exploration wasn't such a bad thing. They took the
truck but Carl insisted Arron drive. He had little experience in off road
driving and he knew his older brother had quite a bit.

Arron didn't mind a bit. With a machine made for it he found off-road
driving to be an enjoyable challenge. The big, high-riding Dodge made
light of the rugged roads the Taurus had banged and clanged on. The
conversation was light and slightly banal moving onto practical matters
only when Arron took time out to give his younger brother yet another
pointer on the fine art of off-roading. This was generally followed
immediately followed by a practical example.

They made good time and pulled onto the blacktop only a couple of hours
after leaving camp. The nearest town was Huttonsville, fifteen miles up
US55. The Ram's off road tires roared as they headed north.

Huttonsville was a small berg. But it boasted a surprisingly large
grocer. They parked the truck and went in. In less than a half hour they
had located everything on the list Jenny had made. Arron threw in a bag of
candy for the kids, this brought a frown from Carl.

"Hey they're kids."

"Uhuh. Kids with big dental bills."

They spent another twenty minutes maneuvering coolers around in the back
of the truck. Once all perishables were smothered between layers of ice
they set out for the return trip. Arron spotted a hardware store and on
impulse swung in. The brothers browsed for a while before purchasing a
long tape measure and a few hand tools.

A gas station on the edge of town was the last stop. The Ram drank
seventeen gallons of diesel then they were on their way.

It was early afternoon before the truck lumbered up alongside the mud
spattered Taurus. "So you don't want to use the brakes on long downhill
runs?" Carl asked as they dismounted.

"Nope, put the transmission in low gear and let the engine do the
braking. You ride the brakes they overheat and when they overheat they
quit working."

Carl nodded. "That happened a couple of times on the way up. I thought
I'd burned them up."

"Nope, just got 'em hot. When they cool off again they work fine. That
is assuming you haven't wrapped yourself around a tree in the meantime."

"Daddy!", Came a scream from across the clearing. Jenny and the kids
had just emerged from the woods and Rachel was now tearing pell-mell across
the knee high grass. She never slowed just leaped and cannon balled into
her dad, trusting him to catch her. He did with an 'oof' of air rushing
from his lungs. He leaned down and kissed her on the nose. "You're
getting heavy girl."

She giggled.

Jenny and Lena walked across the clearing at a more sedate pace. The
six-year-old sniffed at her sisters 'childish' antics with all of a
six-year-olds dignity. She giggled readily enough though when Carl put
down her sister and swept her up.

They unloaded the truck and moved the coolers into the dining fly. The
girl's jumped with glee when Arron produced the candy but pouted when Jenny
immediately took charge of it. "None of this till after supper."

That night the entire clan again trooped down to the spring. Arron
horsed around with the girls for a while then passed them off to their
father. Curious about the spring he began to examine the place where the
hot water welled up from the ground. It was in a cleft between two rocks
but he managed to worm his hand in. Once there it encountered an iron
pipe, old and heavily encrusted but definitely a pipe. The spring was not
entirely natural.

The women wanted to bathe so Arron and Carl dried off and wrapped up for
the trudge back to camp. Once there they changed into dry clothes then
Arron busied himself splitting wood and stoking up the fire while Carl
began preparing a big batch of hot Cocoa. The night was chilling rapidly
so Arron retrieved a blanket before seating himself a short way from the
now roaring blaze.

The females arrived amongst a flurry of giggles. We swimsuits were hung
from branches. A moment later a robe encased Lena wiggled between the
edges of the blanket and plopped her damp butt down in Arron's lap. She
leaned back against his chest, her wet, strawberry shampoo scented hair
just tickling his chin. He reached down to adjust her position and his
hand fell on a hot, bare thigh. The flesh was smooth and still slightly
damp. He made to withdraw but a tiny hand came down on top of his and held
him in place. Fuck!, his damn dick was getting hard again.

Carl had retrieved a second blanket and he, Jenny, and Rachel were all
snuggling on the opposite side of the fire. Lena raised up slightly and
wiggled around a bit. She sat back down in a more slouched position. The
movement caused Arron's hand to slide further up her thin thigh. God, his
fingertips were damn near in her crotch. He brought his other had around
and rested it on her robe just below and on the outside of her left hip.
At least that had been the plan. When his hand made contact he found not
the fuzzy plush of the robe but the soft warmth of bare skin. His cock
gave another lurch. He began to massage the child's left thigh with his
fingertips then slowly eased his hand up her hip. He had intended to cop a
quick feel of the little girl's panties, only she wasn't wearing any. Oh
fuck, she was bare under the robe. Worse the robe had ridden nearly to her
waist. In seconds his left hand was cupping a handful of soft ass-cheek.
His dick threatened to rip out of his pants. He was debating whether to
try and move his right hand enough to 'accidentally' brush the child's bald
little twat when his brain noticed the expectant silence around the fire.

He jerked himself from his erotic daze, "What?"

Carl grinned, "Damn bro you must be beat. I said do you think we can
survey all of the interior tomorrow?"

"Oh sure, least most of it." He faked a yawn to cover his inattention.
"I definitely want to look at those ruins."

"Well in that case, you'll need an early start", Jenny said, worming her
way out of the blanket. Her robe fell partly open in the process exposing
a tantalizing portion of bare leg. "C'mon girls, bed time."

Lena wiggled about and gave Arron a quick peck on the lips then slid
down until her feet were on the ground. When she emerged from the blanket
her robe was again in place. Sarah came over and demanded a kiss as well
then the children trudged obediently off to bed. Arron and Carl set up a
while longer discussing the next days plans then parted for their sleeping

Once in bed Arron freed his cock and jerked himself to a thunderous
orgasm. Afterwards he lay remembering the feel of Lena's smooth little
butt. He idly wondered how her robe had ridden so high up then remembered
her rising and wiggling around shortly after climbing into his lap. Had
she raised the robe intentionally. Damn, his dick was hard again at that

The next morning was bright, clear and cold. Frost was visible on the
vehicles and the sides of the tents as Arron rolled out. They had a
breakfast of pancakes and eggs then headed out. The first target was the
ruins they had sighted from the western border. It took only thirty
minutes or so to reach the first of these. Nestled on a steep slope
surrounded by birch and pine was a large, square, mortared stone
foundation. It was intact though the mortar joints between some of the
blocks showed numerous cracks. The tilted remains of a concrete walkway
led up three well made stairs to where a front door supposedly would have
been. Here the foundation was only about two feet off of the ground.
Arron stepped up onto the lip and peered down. The interior floor was gone
affording a clear view to the flooded basement fifteen feet below. Rotted
timbers, some charred, leaned against the interior walls. Smaller chunks
floated in the scummy water below. From below a buzzing rattle drifted up
in warning, another joined in and then another till over a score were
sounding off. Arron stepped back quickly.

Carl stared at him, "What was that?"

"Rattlesnakes, lots of rattlesnakes."

The moved around to the side of the ruined structure then half walked,
half skidded down the steep slope. At the lower end the fitted stone
reared twenty feet over their heads. A large door was visible near the
midpoint of the lower wall. Carl started for it but had only taken three
steps when his brother called out "Freeze!"

The Rattlesnake had been sunning itself atop a rotting log till Carl's
foot came down two feet from it. Now it pulled into a coil and began
rattling fiercely. Arron took a large sidestep to clear his sight line
then pulled the revolver from its holster. The double click as the hammer
came back seemed very loud. He crouched and took a two handed grip on the
weapon then calmly laid the front notch right on the serpents head.

The sharp report slapped painfully at their ears and echoed off the
nearby hillsides. The rattler's head exploded in a mini spray of gore.
Muscle twitches sent the dead serpent writhing off the log to flip around
on the ground as Carl jumped back. Arron replaced the pistol in its
holster. He looked at Carl, his younger brother was at least three shades
lighter than a minute before.

"That's what a gun is good for."

Carl jerked a nod. "I believe bro, I believe."

Being very careful about where they put their feet they moved to the
opening. It was large, big enough for a car or truck. Water lapped at its
lip. Rotting shapes were visible through the gloom of the interior, debris
from the collapsed upper section. One again the current tenants began a
noisy protestation of the two-legged presence. Arron upped his estimate.
Twenty rattlers couldn't make that much noise.

Down slope a hundred feet or so was another structure. Rather than
falling down this one had simply slumped to one side. As they approached
it became apparent that the floor was a poured slab. Timbers had been
socketed in the concrete when it was poured and these had supported the
walls and roof. These had rotted away and crumbled allowing the walls to
buckle and the roof to collapse. Upon peering in through one end it became
obvious why the roof had not continued its fall. A small tractor of
elderly vintage sat inside, it was holding the rotting roof up on one side.
Excited Arron ducked low to duck walk in for a closer look when a familiar
rattle stopped him. It was answered in seconds by a dozen more.

Arron backed out and looked at his brother. "We're gonna have to see
about eviction procedures for your boarders."


They pushed hard hand completed most of the interior survey that day.
In addition to the two structures they found another small barn, this one
empty and totally collapsed, a caved in mobile home of 1950's vintage,
three privy's and three more cars. The mobile home was occupied by
rattler's. The three cars were stripped, rusted out wrecks. The last one
having been burned and then crushed by a fallen tree.

Carl looked at it morosely, "You wanna fix this one up as well?"

"Naw, the junkyard can have this one."

It was after nightfall when they finally stumbled into camp, having lost
their way twice in the darkness. They found two tearful little girls and a
concerned Jenny awaiting them. The women had heard the gunshot earlier in
the day. That and their late arrival had ratcheted up tensions in the
camp. Jenny had been on the verge of using her cell phone to call in the
Rangers when they finally arrived. Carl cuddled Jenny and Arron cuddled
the girls. Soon all was well.

The next morning found Arron and Carl again in the truck. Carl drove
this time, accepting the occasional pointer from his older brother with
good cheer. Once on the blacktop they again headed north. They drove
through Huttonsville this time and kept north on 55 till they entered
Avery, a good sized town. A quick stop at a gas station got them two belly
bomber chilidogs and directions to a large home center.

They found the home center and parked the truck. Then, with all the
enthusiasm of two men who know its time to spend some serious money on
tools, went inside.

The ignored the shopping carts and commandeered a large wheeled flat.
The first stop was the chainsaw display. Arron looked through them and
finally selected a 24" bar model that was on closeout. The generator
department yielded a 3000 watt display model with a missing gas cap. They
talked to the department manager and finally got him to let it go for
little more than half the list price. They had no such luck on welders.
Gasoline powered plasma welders were a fairly specialized item and their
were no display models. They selected a heavy duty version with an eight
horsepower Briggs and Stratton overhead valve engine and placed it on the
flat. The cutting torches were something of a disappointment. Yes the
story carried them complete with tanks, no the tanks were not filled. They
finally grabbed a set with complete with cutting and brazing heads,
regulators and hoses but no tanks. Arron reasoned that if they had to go
to a gas supply house anyway they could probably pick up used tanks there.
A heavy duty electric motor along with couplings, wire and a half dozen big
circular saw blades joined the pallet Big ticket shopping done they
wandered through the store picking up smaller items, rope, a come-a-long, a
power drill and a side grinder joined the heap on the cart. By now
management had taken notice of them and they had a helper in constant
attendance. Three steel five gallon gas cans with spring loaded caps, two
cycle oil, hand tools, the list went on. Down one isle Carl noticed a
display for rechargeable alkaline batteries. They wandered down to it.
The charger used a propriety battery type, not a problem since every type
of battery conceivable was on display. They bought a charger and a set of
every kind of battery they had anything that used, including twelve D cells
for Arron's laptop.

They were moving through the checkout when Arron spotted a display of
blister packs with two four-channel two way radios in them, the type
commonly used on construction sites. He tossed it onto the flat after
checking to see what kind of battery they used then sprinted back to the
charger display and picked up eight 'AA's.

Both breakfast and the chilidogs were wearing thin so they stopped at a
diner for mystery stew and rock hard biscuits.

The gas supply house also sold fuel which saved them a further stop as
well as a little cash. The three cans were filled with gasoline with no
road tax after Carl signed a form stating they would not be used in any
road going vehicle. On the other hand the establishment had no used oxygen
or acetylene tanks for sale. They did however have a very reasonable seven
dollar a month per tank rental program. They rented two of each and paid
the first months rent as well as purchasing the gasses. Before leaving
they bellied up to the diesel pump and again topped off the Ram, damn but
that thing was thirsty. They had to pay road tax on the diesel.

They drove back past the forest turnoff and kept going till they reached
the Forest Service station where Arron had picked up his keys. A different
woman was on duty this time, a rather attractive blond. blond jokes to the
contrary she proved as quick and efficient as her older co-worker. Within
minutes they had a burn permit along with a thick cautionary pamphlet.
Arron's attempt to con her into a date however came to a screeching halt
when she held up her wedding band.

They got back in time for a long splash in the spring but the
temperature had plummeted into the thirties so that plan was dropped.
Instead the men wrestled the generator out of the truck and after a half
hour got it going. The generic gas cap they'd paid two dollars for fit
perfectly. Arron let it run for ten minutes then shut it off and drained
the hot oil into an old mayonnaise jar. After putting in fresh oil he
fired it up again and plugged the battery charger in. He set the thing up
for 'AA's and then inserted all eight of the ones he'd purchased. Each of
the radio's only used two but this way they'd always have a fresh set.
They spent the late afternoon and evening making plans for the next day and
retired early.

It was still cold the next morning but that didn't delay them. After
breakfast they set off with two of the gas cans and one of the radios.
They left its mate with Jenny after showing her how to use it.

They soon reached the big collapsed structure they'd taken to calling
the house. They set the gas cans down in front then, being careful of
snakes, began to work their way around the structure chopping and clearing
away close vegetation and anything else combustible. Arron used his trusty
machete, Carl had to rely on a hatchet. They met at the bottom an hour
later. Despite the chill both were sweating heavily. They took a breather
while Carl tried the radio. Jenny answered immediately, the reception was
crystal clear.

Arron lit a cigarette and smoked while Carl traded trivia with his wife.
The novelty of the two-way link keeping them talking long after they had
run out of things to say.

Rested Arron took up one of the gas cans and stepped up onto the
foundation ledge. Immediately warning rattles started up from below. He
grinned and worked the lever that opened the can lid and began to pour the
contents into the basement. He began to walk around the lip pouring as he
went. The liquid gurgled and splashed on the debris below. The pungent,
familiar perfume wafted up to his nose. He completed the circuit as the
last of the fuel poured from the can then moved to rejoin his brother.

Carl drug an old rag from his pocket. "You do the honors."

They stepped back and Arron flicked his lighter under the scrap. It
took several tries but he finally managed to ignite the fabric. He let the
flames climb for a moment then took a step forward and flung the blazing
rag into the pit. He had scarcely stepped back when the entire basement
ignited with a 'whump' and a hot pressure wave of displaced air.

The flames roared, flicking high enough to peek over the stone rim.
Below things crackled and spit but after a moment nothing moved. The fire
burned vigorously for ten minutes, sending up great volumes of black smoke,
then it began to die back. Another ten minutes and only a few pieces of
timber still burned. They stepped up to the rim but the heat still coming
up drove them back. They finally decided to let it burn itself out and
moved off toward the days second arson.

The old trailer was more problematic. Unlike the house it was wedged
right amongst a mass of heavy growth. Probing ahead they began the sweaty
task of chopping a firebreak around the derelict. Three times Arron had to
use his pistol to kill foul tempered diamondbacks. More fled into the
surrounding brush, that was okay, they weren't out to drive the species
extinct, just cut down the overpopulation a little. A constant warning
buzz issued from the old trailer as they worked.

They finished the firebreak shortly after noon and backed off for lunch.
They discussed future plans as they munched on baloney and cheese and
washed it down with hot coffee. Thank god for vacuum flasks.

After eating Carl called Jenny to let her know they were about to ignite
the second blaze while Arron worked his way around the trailer with the gas
can. He splashed the volatile fuel onto and under the wreck, working
slowly and methodically. Some of the liquid would doubtless evaporate
before they pyre was lit but not enough to make a difference in the
outcome. He stepped carefully but saw no snakes as he worked his way
around. When he'd completed the circle he still have a couple of gallons
left in the can. He shrugged and carried the can to a safe distance. He'd
put enough on to do the job. Another rag blazed up but fell short when
Arron threw it. Looking around he found a fallen branch and used it to
scoop up the burning mass and flick it at the collapsing trailer. This
time the fuel caught with another whump.

He felt a twinge of regret as the trailer caught. He would like to have
explored it. Who knows what they may have found. The wrecks precarious
condition and its venomous occupants had simply made that too hazardous
however. On their last blaze their had been little fuel other than the
gasoline accelerant. This time the hungry flames had plenty. The flames
roared high and then higher. The brothers were forced to circle the
burning ruin, stomping out flare ups beyond their firebreak. An activity
made all the more fun by the constant chance of encountering one of the
former squatters. The sides of the old trailer collapsed after fifteen
minutes, the roof quickly following but the structure continued to burn for
a solid half-hour. Finally all that was left was a heat treated frame and
glowing embers. They stayed for another hour, till most of the embers had
cooled then made their way back to camp, detouring by the 'house' to pick
up the empty gas can.

They had planned to deal with the tractor shed as well that day. As
Arron had talked Carl into trying to salvage the tractor a different method
was required. Both were tired from the heavy hacking they had to do around
the trailer however and by mutual consent called it a day.

It had warmed a little during the day, into the low 60's at least and
the girl's wanted to go to the spring. "Maybe uncle Arron will take you."
Jenny said, with a wink at her husband.

Lena bounced on her toe's in eagerness. "Butt momma, we wanna take
baths!" Rachel stood to Lena's left, a towel already around her graceful
neck. She jerked her head in agreement.

"Welllll", Jenny drawled as she glanced from Carl to Arron. "I guess
uncle Arron can take you down for a bath as well."

"Yippeee!", Lena yelled and dashed off to get her toiletries. Sarah
followed a step behind.

"Ahhh, Jenny are you sure about this?"

The pretty woman gave him an exasperated look. "Oh come on Arron.
They're little girls. They don't have much to look at to start with and
I'm sure what they do have isn't anything you haven't seen before." She met
her husbands glance and the two grinned. Jenny turned back to Arron.
"Make it a long bath", she whispered as the girls came running back.

They each grabbed an arm and began to tug him toward the spring but
suddenly Rachel jerked to a halt. "Unca' Arron needs soap and sh'poo too."

Lena released his arm and put her fists on her diminutive hips. Yeah
uncle, you need a bath too."

Arron did indeed need a bath. Sweat and gasoline stink clung to him
like a blanket. There was no way he was taking one with these children
however. "I'll take my bath later."

Lena grabbed an arm and began to drag him toward the Taurus. "Oh poo,
we take baths with daddy and mommy all the time."

'Yes but daddy doesn't pop a boner at the though of his little girl's
cute little asses', Arron thought. He turned to Carl and Jenny for support
but the couple were already absorbed in each other. Like a condemned man going to the gallows Arron allowed himself to be pulled to the wagon.

When they reached the spring the girls simply dropped their load on the
banks as usual. Then both turned their backs to him and began to strip.
His mouth went dry and his already hard cock gave another twinge as Lena
stripped off her 't'. Her shorts followed leaving her only in panties.
Sarah had kept pace. He didn't have long to contemplate two panty clad
little beauties however because those brief garments went next. Lena said
something to Sarah and they both giggled as they bared their perfect little
butts together. Was it his imagination or did Lena put an extra wiggle
into her round little butt as the panties came down.

Once naked the children charged into the water in a shrieking, splashing
dervish. Both then turned and began to heckle Arron to join them. He
spent time picking up and properly hanging the clothes and towels they had
dumped, delaying the inevitable. As he picked up both pairs of little girl panties he turned his back to them and gave both crotches a quick sniff.
That was a mistake. His cock grew another half-inch as the smell of sweet
virgin baby pussy reached his nose.

The moment of truth had arrived. Both girls were calling for him to
join them and he had run out of reasons for delay. He stripped off his
shirt then bent over and un-laced his boots. After the boots were off her
carefully draped one sock over each. Taking a deep breath he removed his
belt and unsnapped his jeans. Keeping his back to the water he pulled his
pants off and carefully hung them on an overhanging branch. Groaning he
pulled his briefs out till they cleared his raging cock then stripped them
down his legs. Naked he hung the underwear over a branch and tried to
decide what to do next. Both of the girls had fallen silent as their
handsome uncle had stripped. Now staring at his hard, hairy ass they began
to whisper and giggle.

In the end Arron decided to back into the water. Whatever curiosity
that modesty might create had to be less of a hazard than suddenly facing
them with a raging boner. His modesty brought him only precious seconds.
As soon as he was fully immersed in the soothing warmth he was mobbed by
two very wet and very naked little minxes. Legs, arms and bellies rubbed
across his rampant prick. He groaned and nearly came. That might have
been for the best. No one would have noticed underwater and at least his
damn cock would go soft then.

After a further minute of play Lena pushed her sister aside and plopped
into Arron's lap. His hard dick dug into one slick little cheek before
sliding up her taut little cleft to nest in her crack. She ground her
little ass into his hardon then leaned back against his chest. "Wash my

Arron took up the shampoo bottle that was floating nearby, "Get it wet
first baby."

The child rose and leaned forward, dunking her head in the water and
briefly shoving her sweet little behind right into his face. His nose
actually vanished momentarily into her crack, the little cheeks brushing it
on each side. When she came down again his cock jabbed her right in her
sweet virgin cuntlet.

Arron groaned and awaited the child's outraged response. Instead she
simple rose slightly, grabbed his cock by the base and pulled it forward
slightly. She then sat back down with his rampant prick sticking out her
front. Its throbbing length now lay along the groove of her tiny virgin

With shaking hands Arron dumped a dollop of shampoo atop the wet blond mass of the child's hair. As he began to massage it in she cooed and
stretched like a cat. The action pushing her scalp against his hands and
her pussy against his throbbing prick. It was only when she began to
massage that Arron realized the girl had never released his dick. Her
little hand began to explore the length of his throbbing cock, traveling
upward till she gripped only the fat, circumcised mushroom at the top. She
began to massage this in time with his strokes on her hair. Arron groaned
in sweet agony and tried desperately to think of anything but his raging
cock. Unconsciously he began to hump against the child rubbing the shaft
of his cock along the peach soft petals of her sweet virgin cunt. His
hands worked sensuously in her hair, caressing more than massaging. Lena
began to make whimpering noises of her own, hunching to increase the
contact between his hard prick and her soft little pussy. Her hand was now
gently pinching the head of his cock, her little fingers dancing a tattoo
on his throbbing prick.

Suddenly the sensations drove Arron over the top. He tilted back his
head and emitted a strangle groan as his cock pulsed again and again,
spitting his burning seed into the warm water. Throughout his orgasm Lena
continued to hunch, trying for her own relief though she didn't precisely
know what she was after.

When Arron came down the child was frantically rubbing her crotch
against his now softening cock. Little grunts of frustration slipped past
her lips as the flaccid organ provided less and less stimulation. Arron
considered his options then damned himself to be a pervert. He removed his
right hand from the girls scalp and used it to gently pull her hand from
his spent dick. He then tucked his tool out of the way and began to rub up
and down the little girl's baby slit. He used only one finger at first,
massaging both of the outer lips then delving gently into the groove
between them. Lena moaned and stiffen against him. Her little mouth open
as she gasped for air. Arron gently kissed the back of her neck then
brought his left hand down and began to quest for her tiny clit as his
right pinky finger teased the little lips apart and delved into that
honeyed place. He found her clit, a tiny thing, even hard as it now was it
was too small to protrude from its sheathe. He put pressure on it, forcing
the protective hood back and began to massage the tiny pinhead as his
finger eased down her tight slick passage and massaged her intact hymen.

Lena screamed, all of the air raced from her lungs and she convulsed
once, twice, three times. The last she held for a long moment her back and
legs forming a bar straight line, her butt inches off his lap. Then with a
final swoosh of expelled air she collapsed bonelessly and would have rolled
face down in the water if he hadn't caught her. Her caressed her flat
chest and nuzzled her soft cheek and ear as she slowly recovered from her
first orgasm. She turned her head to look at him and he planted a soft
kiss on her lips.

Rachel had stood by with her thumb in her mouth the entire time. The
water had hidden her view of what Arron had done but she knew he had done
something. Now she began to bounce on her toes. "My turn, my turn."

Arron sighed and quickly finished massaging the shampoo into Lena's
scalp. He then told her to hold her breath and gently dunked her head to
rinse out the foam. She was still not all there when he gently lifted her
up and sat her on a shelf where she could lean back against the wall of the

Rachel immediately planted her perfect little ass on his flaccid cock
and wiggled until she was in a comfortable position. Arron wet her hair
and then globbed on the shampoo. Like her sister she purred and stretched
as his hands went to work on her scalp. He was going to wash her hair and
that was damned all he was going to do. Fingering a six year old was
perverted enough but Rachel wasn't yet four! He reckoned without his
traitor dick. Rachel's soft little ass, nicer in some ways than her older sisters, had began to rub his cock as she wriggled under his hands. Damned
if his prick didn't stand up and take notice. He began to work faster,
determined to finish washing the child's hair and get her off his cock. To
hell with what it thought, no one had asked its opinion. He had just began
to shampoo in earnest when he felt a feather touch on his prick. Lena had
recovered and was now kneeling beside them. Her hand felt like the finest
velvet as it gently stroked his recovering cock. He turned to look at her.

"Do it to her", Lena said softly.

Rachel craned her neck and looked up at him expectantly.

Arron groaned and knew he was lost. Gently he reached down and parted
the three-year-old's sleek thighs. He rubbed that exquisite flesh for a
long moment then quested upward till he found the tightly sealed portal of
her baby cunt. Gently he began to massage those smooth little lips,
wondering as he did if a three, almost four year old could experience
orgasm. He'd have sworn an hour before that a six-year-old couldn't but
Lena's thunderous cum had put the lie to that.

Rachel didn't respond at all for a minute or so. Then gently she began
to circle her little butt in his lap. He used one finger to trace her slit
while the rest continued to gently stroke the entire area. Damned, he
could feel her lips swelling, the little minx was becoming aroused. He
tried to delve inside but her lips were still too tightly sealed. He went
back to his massaging while his other hand dropped and began to rub that
fleshy little area just above her slit. Rachel looked back at him again,
her thumb back in her mouth. He leaned forward and planted a chaste kiss
on her nose. She held his gaze as he continued to rub her tiny twat.
Again he tried the portal and this time felt just the trace of an opening.
He rubbed the length of the slit with his little finger then applied gentle
pressure. Slowly the tip of his finger slipped between her lips and into
that wonderful place beyond. Abruptly the child pulled her thumb from her
mouth. "Oh", she said leaning forward to look between her legs.

Lena had continued to massage his cock. He turned his head and gently
kissed her on the lips. When she didn't back away he deepened the kiss,
sending his tongue out to gently caress her lips. She jerked away in shock
and stared at him for a moment then leaned in and resumed the kiss. This
time her own lips opened slightly and Arron accepted the invitation to
gently insert his tongue. He pushed in further, running just the tip of
his tongue over the sharp ridge of her lower incisors. Again she pulled
back, uncertainty in her features. He gave her a gentle smile and returned
his attention to her baby sister.

Rachel had begun to squirm around more, her arousal growing. He sped up
his massage of her clit area. He could feel just the tiniest nubbin
beneath his fingers. At the same time he deepened the penetration of her
tiny love canal, feeling the velvet smooth sheath slide so tightly over his
invading digit. Rachel whimpered and began to hump her little crotch.
Fearing she would hurt herself he withdrew, leaving only the tip of his
pinky inside. When she calmed a little he gently pushed in again, deeper,
deeper, suddenly his fingertip found the drum taut surface of her
maidenhead. He stroked the surface while intensifying his assault on her
clit yet again.

Rachel leaned her head back again and opened her mouth as if to say
something, only a wet gurgling came out though. Abruptly her mouth snapped
shut and she went rigid, an out flung hand nearly knocking her sister down.
Her mouth opened again and an animalistic scream forced its way past her
lips. She jerked, then her eyes flew wide open. Abruptly she collapsed,
her body going limp for long seconds her little pussy quivered around his

Arron gently kissed her then picked her up and handed her to her sister.
He then stood, rampant cock again iron bar stiff. He took that evil organ
in his right hand and began to jerk furiously. In seconds he roared like a
bull and sent jet after jet of burning flying ten feet across the spring to
land in little clotted clumps on the placid surface of the water.

After they had all recovered he sat them down and explained what an
orgasm was. Using Lena as a model, he pointed at the various parts of the
female anatomy and explained the purpose of each. He then stood and let
them examine his soft cock and then pointed out the various parts of the
male anatomy.

"So that was a 'gasm", Rachel asked.

"Orgasm honey, or-ga-zum. You could also call it a cum."

"I like orgaaassumms." She giggled, "Cum is easier to say. I like

"Me too", Lena piped up. "I can't wait to tell mommy and daddy I
cummed", Rachel said.

"Well that's another thing honey." He knelt to be on a level with the
girls. "Most adults don't think little girls should cum. Almost all
adults don't think little girls should cum. I'm not going to tell you not
to tell your mom and dad but if you do I'll have to go away for a long

"How long?", Lena asked.

"A long, long time. You'll be all grown up before I ever see you

"But why?", Rachel wailed.

"Because I helped you cum. Because adults don't children should cum they made laws against helping them. I broke the law when I helped you.
If you tell your mom and dad they'll be mad and I'll go to jail."

"That's dumb", Lena fumed.

"Yes and no. Sex just isn't about fun. Sex is how babies are made.
It's how you and your sister came to be. Your father had sex with your
mother and here you are."

Rachel gasped, "Are we gonna have babies cause we had 'gasms", she
giggled, "I mean cums."

"No baby. To do that I'd have to put my cock in your pussy. That's
another type of sex."

Lena leaned forward and looked incredulously at Arron's prick. Even
limp it looked enormous.

Arron laughed. "No, it won't fit. You're not old enough. But that's
part of the reason that it's against the law to have sex with children, any
kind of sex. Most men aren't sexually attracted to children. Those that
are are often bad men, very bad men. They wouldn't stop at just giving you
cums with their fingers. They'd try to put their cocks in you and hurt you. Maybe they'd even get you pregnant though your body isn't ready for it
and that could cause its own hurt." "What's preg-nant?", Rachel asked.
Lena gave a worldly sniff, "It's when a mommy's going to have a baby


Arron continued. "There's no way of telling the bad men from the good
men so people got together and decided that anyone who has sex with
children is a bad man, any kind of sex."

"You're not a bad man", Lena said.

"No but society....people wouldn't understand that. I'd still go to
jail for a very long time."

"We could 'splain it to them," Rachel said.

Arron shook his head. "I'm afraid not honey. They wouldn't listen.
You're a little girl, adults don't listen to little girls."

"And mommy and daddy would tell these people. That's mean. I don't
know if I like mommy and daddy very much", Rachel sniffed.

Arron leaned forward and cupped her angelic face. "Oh honey no. Your
mommy and daddy love you very much. They wouldn't tell to be mean. They'd
tell to protect you."

Rachel jerked her head away. "But they know you're not a bad man!"

"Do they. Society, that's all people together, society has decided that
anyone who has sex with a child is bad. Society has said this so much that
most people believe it. If your mom and dad found out I gave you cums they
would think I was a bad man. Your daddy loves me, I'm his brother. But he
loves you more. So if he finds out he will tell other people and I'll have
to go away."

"What do we do?", Rachel sniffed.

Lena knelt and took her sister into her arms. "We don't tell ever,
ever, ever. This has to be one of our super secrets. Okay?"

Rachel nodded, "Kay."

Arron smiled at them. Now let's finish our bath.

When they got back to camp Jenny was starting in on supper. She was
wearing only a halter and shorts but a HASMAT suit complete with helmet
couldn't have hid the just fucked glow that seemed to emanate from her.
She shot Arron a grateful look then returned to peeling carrots.

The next morning found Arron and Carl approaching the collapsed
structure that held the old tractor. They had rope and the chain saw along
with the half full can of fuel left over from the trailer's pyre. Arron
had estimated the remainder at two gallons and added two stroke oil
accordingly He also carried a spare box of ammo for his pistol in each
shirt pocket. First they dropped their tools beneath an elm and took up
hatchet and machete. Probing to chase off any squatters they started down
each side of the narrow structure, chopping back all growth within six feet
of the walls. Several times they had to resort to the saw to clear
saplings and young trees. Numerous snakes gave warning but all retreated
without deadly persuasion. It was a sweaty duo that dropped down under the
elm three hours later for a much needed break. Arron smoked while Carl
made serious inroads on their water supply.

Rested they went back to the fray. A rope was tied off to a corner beam
and Arron held tension on it while Carl went to work with the saw. The
post was severed at the bottom then all connecting boards cut away. Twice
Carl jumped back and motioned to his brother. One rattler went to the
happy hunting grounds but the other slithered off deeper into the structure
before he could draw a bead. Once the beam was free Arron used the rope to
drag it clear. Another section was picked, the rope attached and then the
saw roared again. Into the afternoon they worked, pulling the old structure apart piece by piece. By four most of one wall was piled ten
yards back and a dozen rattlers would never rattle again. They could now
get to the roof on either end with out risking a bite. A quick conference
was held and it was decided to speed up operations. Arron took the saw and
clambered onto the high side of the collapsed roof, the part resting on the
old tractor. It gave some but seemed in no danger of dumping him into the
viper den bellow him. It was easy to locate the roof beams, that was the
only place where the rusty galvanized wasn't sagging. Four mighty blows
with the machete and he had a big enough slit to fit the saw's bar through.
He fired it up and started severing the first beam. Sparks flew as the
teeth met the sheet metal over the beam but the saw kept cutting. He
repeated the process for the next beam and then the next. He had two more
to go when a series of loud reports like gunshots sounded out over the saws
buzz. A second later the bar bound and the saw died. Arron wrenched the
tool free and stepped back to the center of gravity over the trapped
tractor. For a moment nothing more occurred then more pops and snaps rang
out as the old timber gave up its ghost. With a shudder the entire low
side of the collapsed roof slid down and fell flat to the slab.

Gingerly Arron picked his way back to the front of the shed. The roof
tilted that was as he moved so he paused and let it go all the way, forming
a perfect ramp to the ground. Angry buzzing followed him the entire way.

They only had the one coil of rope so they stretched it out and attached
one end to each end of the severed section. They then moved away from the
shed, took up a length of rope each and put their backs into it. At first
it wanted to slide but as it came off the slab rotten truss ends dug into
the soft soil and it began to pivot up. They pulled till it was nearly
vertical and then at a signal gave a final tug and jumped in opposite
directions. Overbalanced the rotting old half-roof tottered backward and
crashed upside down to the dark loam with a nail snapping crash.

Arron drew his pistol and stepped closer to the newly uncovered section
of concrete. He goggled for a second then brought the revolver up and
fired till the hammer clicked on an empty cylinder. He calmly opened the
gate and ejected the spent brass, reloaded and fired some more. For almost
five minutes he serviced targets. The fat, arrogant diamondbacks simply
lay coiled and rattling as he killed them one by one. When he was finished
almost two score lay twitching and writhing on the floor. Both of their
ears were ringing from the punishing reports of the little revolver.

Carl stepped up and looked at the grisly carnage. "What the hell were
they eating?"

Arron shook his head. "Be damned if I know."

It was now late afternoon and lunch a distant memory. They packed their
tools and headed back to camp.

They splashed again in the spring after a hearty supper. To Arron's
relief and regret Jenny took the girls to bathe.

The next morning they were back at the shed. This time they took two
coils of rope and the come-a-long. The attached the ends of one coil to
the remaining roof section then attached the second rope to the center
point of that loop. One end of the come-a-long was attached to that rope.
The other end to a stout tree. It was child's play to ratchet the
remaining section up and over, baring the remainder of the slab. Arron
started in to began the execution but Carl called for him to wait. Arron
turned to find his younger brother busily stuffing his ears with cotton.
He mouthed the word 'wuss' at his sibling then stepped up and went to work.
There weren't as many on this side, he only shot about a dozen. Either
this had been the low density section of town or the other residents had
skedaddled during the night. An examination of the now clear floor
revealed a number of pleasant surprises. In addition to the tractor their
was a sturdy old wooden tool chest with brass trimmed drawers as well as
another bulky object covered by a rotting tarp. Arron moved to the chest
and tried the drawers. The first opened, reluctantly but it opened.
Inside were dozens of old wrenches, really old wrenches. He extracted one.
It had a layer of surface rust but seemed to be in good condition
otherwise. The other drawers held more of the same, old sockets, ratchets
and monkey wrenches. Some of the latter were so old they still had the
patent number on them.

He showed his find to Carl and then the two of them approached the tarp
covered object. They worked gingerly, mindful that some of the former
denizens might still be about but finally managed to peel the
disintegrating cover back.

As soon as the object was revealed Arron fell to his knees in delight,
forgetting about the danger of snakes. He ran his fingers over the old machine mental identifying the major parts.

Carl stood it for as long as he could but finally impatience won out.
"Okay, what is it?"

Arron grinned up at him. "IT, is an old one lung engine." He caressed
the iron flywheel and fingered the brass valve gear.

"That's an engine?"


"How powerful?"

"Oh I dunno, at a guess about five horsepower."

"That's all? The things the size of a fucking ATV."

"Heh", Arron theatrically covered the old engine's intake and exhaust
ports with his hands. "Ease off, technology advances. This old timer's
eighty years old if it's a day. Besides you'll hurt its feelings."

Carl snorted good naturedly. "Another fucking orphan." He turned and
approached the tractor. "This at least looks like a tractor."

Arron stood to follow, dusting his hands on his jeans. "Yep, an old Fordson by the looks of it."

Carl was just reaching for the old iron seat when a loud rattle started
from beneath him. "Fuck!" He jumped back as if shocked.

Cautiously the two again approached the machine. There was a small
grease pit set into the floor, unnoticed till now. Things that slithered
and rattled crawled over each other. They backed away.

"Well, we still don't know what they were eating but we know where they
laid their eggs", Arron said. He thought a moment then walked to where the
gas can rested. When he came back with it Carl gave him a funny look.
"Our prize antique tractor is setting right on top of that pit. We went to
a lot of trouble to save it now you want to burn it up?" "If I don't use
that much we should be ok." Carefully he tipped the can up and began to
pour gasoline down into the pit. Violent movement and more rattling
answered that insult. He moved around to the other side of the little
tractor and splashed in some more. In all he emptied about a gallon of
fuel into the dank hole. Carl had retrieved a piece of the rotting tarp.
Arron lit it and tossed it into the pit. The flames took off with a
'whoosh'. At first Arron thought he'd overdone is as flames licked up past
the tractor's transmission case but in seconds they died back till they
barely cleared the pit. Black smoke rolled out, made thicker by the oil in
the gasoline. The went back to camp for lunch then returned with tarps and
five gallon buckets. Arron fiddled with the old tractor. It seemed to
have all parts in place. The crank still hung from its place under the
radiator. He tried it. Not surprisingly the old motor was stuck solid.
The covered the tractor, toolbox and engine to protect them from the
weather then proceeded up the 'house'. Arron cautiously stepped to the
large door. Nothing moved, better nothing rattled. They stepped inside.
The water proved to be only a few inches deep. Dark charred coils lay all
about the stone floor. This early in the year they had not yet started to
stink. With enthusiasm normally reserved for more enjoyable activities,
say a root canal, the siblings began to pick up the dead serpents and
deposit then into the buckets. When a bucket was full or near so one or
the other of them would lug it out to an old sinkhole they'd found on their
explorations and tip it in. The hole was about two-hundred yard down slope
from the tractor shed which made it a good haul with a heavy bucket of dead
snakes. Still, the carcasses would start smelling to high heaven soon cool
weather or no. They didn't want them anywhere near where they were
planning on working. Once the carcasses were clear they started carting
out debris. old timbers and bits of lumber and other debris were
manhandled through the door and unceremoniously dumped a short distance
away. It was Carl who made the next discovery. Arron was tugging on a
particularly stubborn section of charred rafter when his brother's voice
rang out. "Hey, I think I found a well." Arron followed the voice back
into a dark corner of the cellar. Sure enough a stone coping perhaps three
feet high and as far across squatted on the floor. Arron leaned over and
looked in. Far below could be seen the glint of water. "Yep bro you found
a well. Guess that's where the house got its water from." "You think it
was a house?" "That'd be my guess. In any case it's gonna be one." They
had decided when they first found it that the old foundation would make a
perfect site for the family dwelling. They went back to hauling out debris
and by dusk had the cellar clear, not clean but at least clear. That night
Jenny again took the girls to bathe. Arron's conscience was glad. His
cock wasn't so happy about the arrangement. Arron and Carl sat around the
fire with beers and belched away their supper as the girls trudged off.
"Great kids", Arron said as the light vanished into the woods. "Oh they're
troopers", Carl agreed. "Not one word of complaint since we got here.
They're still looking on all of this as one great big adventure. They take
it as a privilege to have to trudge a quarter mile in the dark to scrub up
rather than having their own full bath in their room like our old place."
"Give it a month. If they're not griping by then you're in the clear."
Carl took a slug of his beer. "They certainly are fond of you." Arron's
head jerked up had that been a loaded statement. He glanced at Carl but
the latter was simply staring into the flames. "We do need to do something
about the toilet situation though", Carl continued. Arron nodded. So far
it had been just step into the woods and do your business. Surprisingly
neither Jenny or the girls had complained about that either, at least not
seriously. Still, that kind of arrangement was fine for a few days but
they would soon have a major sanitation problem on their hands. "We could
rig a privy tomorrow." "Let's aim for that." They fell silent for a while
then Carl spoke up again. "I want to thank you for taking the girls off so
Jenny and I can be alone." He grinned. "I think we've made love more in
the last week than in the previous year. It's her time of the month or
you'd be down at the spring with the little monsters right now." Arron took
a sip of his beer. 'If you knew what the little monsters and I had been up
to you'd have a different opinion', he thought. Aloud he said, "Can't you,
I mean after the kids got to sleep-" Carl shook his head. "Jenny won't.
Not with the kids in the tent, says it makes her feel too weird." He
grinned, "Believe me I've tried." "Hell they could sleep in my tent", now
why the fuck had he said that! Carl looked up. I couldn't evict you from
your own digs bro. There's not room in that little thing for you and them
both. Besides, even were I willing to toss you out they won't sleep
alone." 'Keep your mouth shut, keep your mouth shut, keep your fucking
mouth shut!', Arron thought. He didn't keep his mouth shut. "Hell I've
got a cabin tent damn near as big as yours in the back of the wagon. I
just set up the little one because its easier to handle and I don't need
that much space." Carl perked up at that, "No shit. No fucking shit." He
grinned, "That has possibilities." Carl must have mentioned the idea to
Jenny because she quizzed the girls about it the next morning at breakfast.
"Girls, your uncle has a bigger tent. If he set it up would you all like
to sleep with him some nights." Both children cheered lustily. Carl
saluted Arron with his coffee mug. Arron felt like shit. They picked a
spot about a hundred feet away, down slope, and generally downwind of the
camp for the privy. The two brothers took up shovels and started digging.
In an hour they had a hole nearly five feet deep. Arron took the chainsaw
and cut two sturdy posts. These went into the ground on each side of the
hole. A little more saw work and a crude plank was nailed over the
uprights. There was nothing as fancy as a hole or seat, this was a
hang-it-over privy. Four saplings were cut and shoved into the ground
around the bench and hole. A blue tarp wrapped around three sides provided
a modicum of privacy. They'd even thoughtfully left a stout twig on one of
the saplings to serve as a paper holder. A shovel took up permanent
residence in the excavated mound of dirt and it was made clear to all that
you were expected to sprinkle at least a thin layer of soil over your
leavings to keep the smell down. Rachel was small enough to have trouble
with that but Jenny general accompanied her youngest to potty anyway. It
was nearly ten before the two men again set out to work. The first order
of they day was to get some good measurements of the old foundation.
Actually that could have been the last order of the day but Arron had been
meaning to do it for the last two days and kept forgetting it. The one
sure way to avoid that was to do it while he was thinking of it. They
measured the length and width both interior and exterior. Arron recorded
the measurements then the two returned to camp. The second order of the
day was to clear a road to the 'house' that the truck could negotiate.
Arron had located what he thought was an old roadbed. If it was it hadn't
been used in a while. Tree's a foot thick and more were growing through
the middle of it. Still, it was the most direct route to the 'house' and
fairly level compared to the rest of the terrain. They loaded saw, gas can
and rope into the truck and drove as far as they could before the timber
stopped them, about a hundred yards. Arron climbed out and retrieved the
saw. He fired it up and began to cut at the first tree. He hadn't made an
inch before he shut down and walked back to the truck. The galvanized of
the shed roof had had an effect after all. The chain was duller than
proofreading congressional reports. That necessitated a half hour delay
while Arron took up the small file that had come with the saw and set to
work. When he went back to cutting the work went much faster. The first
tree was soon on the ground. A rope was attached and rigged to the Ram's
tow hook. Carl started dragging the tree back to camp while Arron moved on
to the next. Despite the late start they had five trees on the ground by
noon. And had advanced another hundred yards toward the house. They broke
for lunch then got back at it. Soon they ran into another problem. Tree's
with limbs still attached took up a lot of room. The clearing where they
had set up camp was simply not that large. By two they had felled another
six trees but were out of storage room. The rest of the day was spent
lopping limbs and piling them in a great moraine just inside the wood line.
They discussed the problem that evening at supper. Jenny piped up, "If we
had another saw I think I could trim limbs." "You?", Carl asked. Jenny
bristled at his tone. "Do you think all I can do is cook. I was raised on
a farm dear. I spend most of the day sitting around amusing the girls.
The girls are perfectly capable of amusing themselves." Carl sputtered and
then gave in with good grace. It was discussed and all agreed it would
speed up things considerably. They were again running low on ice anyway so
it was decided to make another supply run the next day. After supper Arron
drug the big cabin tent out of the wagon and began erecting it a good way
from Carl and Jenny's tent. He could tell by the grin Carl shot him that
the separation was to give him and his wife more privacy for their amorous
activities. If Carl had known that his older bro had some amorous thoughts
of his own he probably would not have grinned. The girls insisted on
helping with the setup. In truth they were more trouble than help but they
were so enthusiastic about the project that he didn't have the heart to
turn them down. The big enclosure was up shortly before dark and the girls charged off to their parents tent to get their kit. They all went for a
quick dip in the spring then charged, shivering back up the hill. The
girl's had a nightcap of hot cocoa then went giggling off to their new
home. Jenny and Carl retired soon afterward. Arron went to the Taurus and
pulled his laptop from beneath the front seat. He seated himself by the
fire and turned so the hissing lantern at his back fell on the keys. He
had to use the backlight on the screen which was sure to pull down the
batteries fast. Still he'd installed fresh alkalines just before Carl had
contacted him. He'd always liked architecture though he had no formal
training in it. He had a pirate copy of a popular architectural program on
the hard drive. He brought it up, entered the measurements of the old foundation and went to work. Predictably scarcely thirty minutes had
passed before the low battery warning began to flash on the screen.
Sighing, he saved the work and shut down the machine. He had made good
progress. Nothing fancy, just a stick and plank box atop the old foundation. He'd show it to Carl tomorrow. He made a mental note to put
the 'D' cells on the charger in the morning, turned out the lantern and
trudged toward his tent. He almost entered his old backpacking tent before
he remembered his new digs. That reminded him of his new roommates, and
that set both his conscience and cock to stirring. To his relief and
chagrin both girls were sound asleep. He noticed with wry amusement that
they had positioned themselves on either side of his empty sleeping bag.
Carefully he eased between them then wiggled into the warm down folds. He
was asleep in minutes. He was awakened by two tiny dervishes pillow
fighting over his prone form. The miniature camp pillows didn't make very
good weapons but both combatants were making a game effort. He lunged and
grabbed the left hellion, Sarah, by her arm and pajama clad buttocks. She
shrieked as he pivoted her around and dropped her on his chest. They
stared at each other from only an inch apart till Arron leaned forward and
gently bit the tip of her snub nose. She yelled in surprise and he gave
her a gentle swat on the rump and dumped her to the ground beside him.
Lena had been watching, pillow poised for another blow, with a bemused
expression on her pretty face. She gave out her own shriek when he hooked
her by the waist and tugged her to land face down atop him. He bit her
nose then gave her brief kiss on the lips. He was about to roll her over
off and get up when her lips drove back into his, Her little tongue drove
between his and briefly caressed his own before she withdrew and set up.
Those lovely blue eyes bored into his looking for approval. He smiled and
pulled her down for another kiss, this one chaste, then patted her on her
rump and rolled her off to rest beside her sister. Jenny was making
biscuits when they emerged from the tent. She flipped her hair back from
her lovely face and smiled. "They make a good alarm clock don't they."
Before he could reply the girls went bouncing past to surround their
mother. "Make us a roast tonight mommy," Lena chimed. Her sister jerked
her head in agreement. Jenny gathered in both children and planted
motherly kisses on their foreheads. "You wouldn't make a very good roast."
Arron shrugged, "I don't know. If we slow cooked them over low coals to
keep the juices in.." While breakfast was finished Arron pulled the tarp
from the generator and fired it up. He then dug out the little battery
charger and pried it from its foam and cardboard nest. He briefly skimmed
the instructions then set the device up for 'D' cells and loaded it up. He
plugged the charger in, the slight load didn't even cause the engine to
throttle up. He told Jenny to shut it down around noon. Arron and Carl
set out after breakfast. The route was becoming routine now. Only the
need to open and close the gates continued to wear. There was nothing to
be done about that. They his 55 and headed north. Again they passed
through the smaller towns and drove into Avery. They stopped at the home
center and went in. After some discussion they selected a smaller chain
saw, one with only a twelve inch bar, for Jenny to use. The lighter weight
would make it easier for her to handle and the shorter bar should be
adequate for lopping limbs. They moved around the store looking at the
displays but Arron couldn't find what her was looking for. They finally
accosted an employee and Arron explained his need. The employee, a
teenager, called over an older man who led them to an out of the way
corner. They did indeed have acme screws and bushings. Arron perused the
display before selecting eight three-quarter inch by thirty inch screws and
the matching bushings. He needed a heftier, longer screw and told the man what he was looking for. The man's eyes grew wide. He told them they had
nothing of that size. He wasn't even sure they could order it. They
thanked him and wondered some more. They were passing down the lighting
isle when inspiration struck. Quickly Arron drug his brother back three
isles to where the garage door's and associated hardware were. Midway down
the isle they found the garage door openers. They looked through the
displays till they found what they were looking for, a screw drive model with adjustable speed. It was even on sale.

The day was wasting so they quickly wound up their shopping. An
aluminum extension ladder and a dozen bags of pre-mixed mortar rounded out
their purchases.

They made a quick stop at a supermarket to top off the ice supply and
pick up a few perishables. Carl rolled his eyes when Arron again added a
bag of candy to the cart.

At the gas supply company they topped all of the fuel cans as well as
filling up the every thirsty Ram.

It was late afternoon before they finally pulled back into camp. They
had just finished supper when it began to rain hard. To the disappointment
of all the nights spring romp had to be cancelled. The children were given
cocoa and a few pieces of candy and sent to bed. The adults gathered under
the dining tarp and listened to the water roaring on the fabric roof. The
brother's had a beer then Arron pulled out his laptop, he'd loaded the
fresh batteries in earlier, and displayed his ideas for the house design to
his brother and sister-in-law. They gathered around the tiny display,
comments were made. Generally approving but some not. Arron noted the
suggestions then shut down the machine. They had a final beer then parted.
Arron charged through the pouring rain. He was still soaked before he
reached the tent. Inside he quietly stripped, trying not to wake the
children. He need not have bothered. He was just slipping down his briefs
when a giggle cut through the hiss of the rain. "Told you he'd get naked,"
Lena told her sister as she sat up and eyed the shadowy form of her uncle.
Arron pulled off one wet sock and then the other. "What are you two doing
awake?" Rachel sat up. "We want 'gasms." "Cums," her sister corrected.
"Yeah, cums." Arron felt his cock stiffening. Sighing, he laid down on top
of his sleeping bag, his erection wagging obscenely. "Okay, who's first."
Rachel beat her older sibling by a nose, literally. The two children
nearly collided on top of his body but it was the youngest that now lay on
his chest with her cute nose mashed to his cheek and one smooth shin
rubbing against his hard cock. Lena fumed but Arron rubbed her hair.
"Your turn will come baby. Sometimes its better to wait. Just sit back
and watch." He caressed her soft blond locks. "Why don't you try rubbing
yourself while I take care of your sister." He kissed Rachel's nose then
gently ruffled her soft hair. He let his hand trail down her neck to the
silky smoothness of her back. He felt the gentle rise of that wonderful
little butt then his hand was toying with those soft little cheeks. As he
had suspected, she was totally nude. He brought his other hand to her butt
as well and began to gently squeeze and mold those perfect little moons.
He let a finger trace the length of her crack and then began to toy with
her anus. That brought a giggle. "That's where I poop." "I know honey,
but you can feel good there too." He teased at the opening for a second
then let his hands slip lower. The child opened her thighs as his questing
fingers found the smooth mound of her protruding twat. He was surprised to
find her damp. He hadn't know children as young as she was could
lubricate. The evidence was now being smeared across her fat little lips
though. He heard Lena moving. A moment later a warm little hand slip
around his cock. The six year old had remembered Arron's final whack off
at the spring and instead of just holding the member she began to gently
stroke. Arron groaned and reached another decision. He returned his hands
to Rachel's perfect little ass and gave a final squeeze before gently
slapping one cheek. "Sit up baby. I want to show you something new."
Puzzled the child sat up, now straddling his chest. He grasped her by the
hips and pulled her forward till her chubby thighs brushed his several days
beard. She started at the bristly contact. "Next time I'll shave honey
but I think you'll like this anyway." He leaned forward and inhaled the
scent of her tiny virgin twat. It smelled clean, damp and slightly musky.
He thought it more divine than the finest perfume. Slowly he extended his
tongue till it just touched her soft little pubis then began to slowly
circle it, lathing the entire surface. He skipped over her tender slit and
wet down the other lip. "Oh", Rachel said at the first contact of his
tongue. Lena stopped stroking. "What is it? What's he doing?" Rachel
gasped as his tongue skipped over her slit. "He's licking my cunny." Her
voice had dropped in tone and taken on a husky overture. Arron returned to
the slit and drug his tongue up the tightly sealed opening. Both hands now
cupped her little ass. He squeezed her warm, soft cheeks while his tongue
fluttered at her slit. Lena tightened her grip on her uncle's stiff prick
and leaned down to try and see what was going on at her sister's crotch.
To her frustration she could see nothing in the dark. Arron again drug his
tongue down his tiny niece's gooey little slot then began to apply
pressure. Ever so slowly the tight portal gave way and the tip of his
tongue slid into that wonderful, delicious place. Rachel tilted her head
back and squealed, "His tongue's in meeee! Unca's gut his tongue in my
pusssssssyyyyyy!" Arron grasped her little cheeks tighter and pulled,
mashing her soft little twat into his mouth. His tongue speared into her
center and flattened against her hymen. So tight was her pussy that his
tongue was squeezed into a tube shape. He began to fuck it in and out,
every stroke bottoming against her virginal barrier. Rachel began to
shudder, her sexy thighs began to squeeze his whiskered cheeks in time with
the thrusts of his tongue. When he pulled one hand from her ass and began
to massage the tiny spot that guarded her baby clit she tipped over the
edge. Her tiny cunt squeezed painfully around his tongue. Her legs gave
one last convulsive squeeze and then she collapsed bonelessly. Arron held
her by her hips to keep her from sliding off his chest and licked up every
drop of the ambrosial secretions that had oozed from her pussy then he
forced his tongue back into that still spasming passage and tongued the
inside clean as well. Only then did he ease her off his chest and gently
lay her face down atop her sleeping bag. Lena was on him in an instant.
"Do that to me, now! Please uncle Arron." Without waiting for a response
she mounted his chest and scooted forward till her bald little mound was
brushing his chin. Arron chuckled and pushed her back a bit. "Turn around
honey. Face my feet." Puzzled the child complied. Hanging directly before
his nose was one of those perfect little butts that had been tormenting him
for days. He nuzzled it, rubbing his nose and cheeks around that wonderful
softness. She started as his whiskers scraped across her tender ass flesh
but his grip on her thighs held her in place. He drug his nose up her
crack, her little anus only a tiny depression, and smelled nothing but
sweet little girl. He pulled back and examined her creamy white cheeks
then began to lick them, his tongue gliding over that perfect ass-flesh.
He took his time, leaving no patch unlicked. Above him Lena had begun to
sway and croon.

She squealed and jumped with what came next. He open his mouth wide and
gently bit her lower right cheek. He sucked in and pulled that small patch
of flesh into his mouth then bit again, his sharp canines leaving tiny
dimples in the flesh. He moved slowly across the six-year-old's ass,
alternately sucking and biting. With each bite Lena squealed slightly.

His tongue glided to her crack, fluttering over it before forcing her
cheeks aside and slowly moving the length of that sweet valley. He stopped
at the small of her back and worked back down. He reached her bottom hole and tickled it for a second before applying pressure. The little portal
resisted and he pushed hard. Slowly, the tip of his tongue pushed into the
child's ass.

Lena had moaned when his tongue slid over her anus. She squealed and
tensed when she felt that hard muscle forcing its way in. "That's my
b-b-buttho-ho-hole. Nasty, s-s-o na-na-sty," she stuttered.

Arron's only reply was to push harder. His tongue slid deeper into that
tight chute. He fluttered his tongue as he drilled setting the little girl on his face to squeaking like a squeeze toy. He squeezed and stroked her
thin thighs as he tongue fucked her butt. He eased off and began to slowly
withdraw his tongue from the child's. Just as he felt the child start to
relax he pulled her back hard and shoved forward with his face at the same
time. In an instant his tongue shot deeper than ever in his little nieces
ass, so deep that the wide blade at the base forced her sphincter wide.

Lena stiffened and screamed like a cow being disemboweled. Her heels
beat at his ribs as she suffered a massive climax. Arron ripped his tongue
from her butt and pulled her back and down. He immediately clamped his
mouth to her spasming pussy and sent his tongue in to beat at her hymen
while his nose massaged her clit. The child made a low series of whooping
noises as her orgasm paralyzed her diaphragm. She shuddered like a four
cylinder hitting on all two. One more massive seizure tore through her as
he gently bit her left cunt lip then she collapsed forward.

Arron kissed her still spasming little cunt then each of her damp little
cheeks before easing her off and laying her out on her sleeping bag. He
rummaged about and found her pajamas stuffed under her pillow. She
grumbled as he gently dressed her in her nightclothes but did not wake up.
He peeled her sleeping bag back and slid her in then gave a final kiss on
the forehead.

Rachel's little rabbit 'jammies' were under her pillow as well. They
were the toddler type with built in slippers. He had just laid them out
and prepared to try and get her into them without waking her when his gaze
fell on that wonderful little ass. Damn, but that was a perfect butt.

The temptation was too much. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on
each little cheek then slid his tongue down her crack. He found the tiny
opening and pushed inside. He tongue fucked her ass gently for a minute
then sat up and leaned forward. Gasping, he drug his iron hard cock down
her spit wet crack then rubbed it over those soft cheeks. He kneewalked
back a step then grabbed his dick and blasted a massive load of sticky, hot
cum over that darling, sexy, three-year-old butt.

After he cleaned her and got her dressed and to bed Arron lay a long
time listening to the rain.

It was still raining the next morning but the volume had fallen off to
an annoying drizzle. They breakfasted under the dining tarp then set about
collecting dirty clothes. Jenny and the girls would do laundry that
morning then Jenny would start trimming limbs. Arron unpacked the new saw,
gassed it up and gave his sister-in-law a brief rundown on its use then he
Carl set off in the truck while the three ladies headed for the spring with
bulging bags of dirty clothing.

Arron started out wearing a poncho but contact with water laden branches
soon had him soaked so he shucked the miserable garment and tossed it into
the back of the truck. Despite the wet they soon hit a rhythm, Arron would
fell a tree, rig it with rope and then hook it to the truck. Carl would
then drag it back to the campsite. By the time he returned Arron generally
had another on the ground already trussed up and ready for dragging.

At noon with seven trees down for the morning they headed back for
lunch. They found a clothesline stretching the length of one side of the
clearing and four freshly denuded trees. Jenny was hard at work on the
fifth, her saw buzzing like a banshee. Arron and Carl traded raised
eyebrows and wan grins.

Unfortunately the downside of the extra help was no hot lunch. They had
baloney and cheese sandwiches with crushed potato chips.

The afternoon put them within two-hundred yards and a days cutting of
the house.

The skies cleared at around sunset though the temperature remained in
the low forties. Regardless, all wanted a bath so after supper Jenny and
the kids trudged down to the spring. They were back in a half-hour,
shivering and huddling around the fire. Arron and Carl then gathered their
kits and went down. Arron made a point of shaving. Thirty minutes later
it was the men who rushed up to the blaze.

Arron pulled out his laptop and the adults huddled around the machine
while the girls roasted marshmallows. By the time they finished an hour
later all had a pretty good idea what they wanted. A final round of the
inevitable cocoa and it was off to bed.

Arron again found two naked children waiting for him in his tent. Again
he ate them both to shuddering orgasms, this time giving Rachel her first
waking experience with analingus. Afterward the youngest again slipped
into a deep sleep but Lena wanted to return the favor so he allowed her
jack him off offering pointers and tips to improve her performance. After
he had cum she asked questions so he explained oral sex to her and told her
the words used to describe it.

"And when you lick our butts what's that called?"

"That's called eating ass or rimming."

"Its nasty and it feels funny."

"Did you enjoy it?"

She shrugged and began to toy with his flaccid prick, "Uhuh."

"Then we can dispense with the funny part. As far as nasty goes, lots
of things that seem nasty are actually pretty fun and feel good. As long
as you enjoy something and it does no harm you can pretty much do anything
as far as sex is concerned." He rummaged and came up with a roll of toilet paper and began to clean the cooling cum from his stomach.

"What is that stuff? You shot it at the spring too."

"That's cum, it's part of what makes babies."

"Like when we have cums?"

"Same word, different meaning."

"So cum, your cum makes babies?"

"It helps. You remember me telling you about a man putting his penis in
a woman's pussy?"


"That's called making love or fucking. When a man cums that way his
'cum' shoots up into the woman's pussy where it meets an egg. If
everything's just right the man's sperm, that's a part of a man's cum,
fertilizes the egg and a baby is made."

"Where do the eggs come from?"

Arron reached over and rubbed the child's flat, smooth stomach, "right
here. A woman is born with them. You have thousands in you right now."

That alarmed her. She looked down at her stomach as if she expected to
see little babies come clawing out. She finally decided he was putting her
on, "Nuhuh."



He smiled, "Really."

She digested that for a moment then bit her lip and glanced down. "I
got another question about aural sex."

"Oral," he corrected. What is it?"

She paused for a moment then blurted it out, "Can a girl lick a boys dick?"

He smiled again, "Sure, that and more. The girl can actually take the
dick into her mouth. That's called a 'blowjob', 'giving head' or 'sucking

She looked up in shock. "What happens to your cum?"

"Some girl's swallow it, others spit it out."

She screwed up her face, "Gross!"

He chuckled and kissed her on the forehead. "Time for sleep. Get your
jammies on."

They didn't however sleep right away. Lena had dressed and Arron was
tucking into the sleeping bag when she suddenly lunged up and fastened her
mouth to his like a limpet. Their tongues met and wrestled for a long
moment. Finally Arron broke the kiss and pushed a breathless little girl back into her sleeping bag.

She smiled up at him. "That made my pussy itch like it needs another

He kissed her forehead again. "Go to sleep you little minx." She was
still giggling when Arron slipped into his own sleeping bag.

The next day they were hard at again. By noon they had nine trees on
the ground, though three of them were rather small. Only three more needed
to come down. With victory is sight they decided to push on through lunch
and at a little after two the truck bounced over the last stump and parked
alongside the towering foundation. The two men climbed up on the ledge and
drank a victory beer and ate cold sandwiches while discussing what to do

Arron had plans for the frame of the burned trailer as well as for the
remains of several of the old clunkers they had found so retrieving them
seemed next on the agenda. The truck easily pushed through the straggly
weeds and dry brush to reach the scorched trailer frame. They pulled it
from its decades old nest without a problem. The frame had axles under it,
but the tires were probably long gone even before the fire got to them.
That wasn't a problem. They simply drug it to the slope behind the
foundation. The two derelict cars, an old Dodge and an even older Ford
wagon presented no more difficulty and were dropped off beside the old trailer frame. Arron had originally planned to do his modifications back
at camp but space was becoming a premium there.

The day was spent. They headed back for a supper of roast pork and
steamed vegetables. After supper and a bath the kids were sent off to bed.
The adults sat up and talked till the small hours.

When Arron finally reached his tent he found the girl's asleep. He did
a quick check and found they were both as bare as the day they were born.
He considered waking them to get them into their pajamas but they were
certain to want more 'gasms if he did. He was tired and really just wanted
sleep. He decided they could sleep naked for one night.

The next day they loaded the generator, welder and cutting torch along
with the electric motor, garage door opener and lots of tools into the Ram
then went thumping out to the house site. Clearing the trees had made
access possible, the protruding stumps had made it bumpy. They unloaded
all of the gear alongside the derelicts they had drug in the previous day
then Carl went bumping back to camp. He was back in minutes with the
ladder and the mortar mix. While Arron got to work measuring and sketching
in an old notebook his brother started patching the cracks in the old foundation.

Mechanical things of all kinds were another of Arron's major interests.
During his years of bumming around he had tried his hand at a little of
everything, sometimes for extra money sometimes just for kicks. One summer
in Alaska he had watched a perpetually half-drunk old codger build a
workable sawmill from a junk pile in less than a week. They were about to
find out if he could match that.

He put down the notebook and broke the torch components from their
packing. Pulling everything out and hooking up the tanks took a half hour
then he fired it up and adjusted it till he got a good cutting flame.
Satisfied he shut it down.

Using the truck he drug the trailer frame around till it was parallel to
the slope of the hill. Then using the truck's jack he roughly leveled it,
blocking it up with timber pulled from the cellar as he went. When he was
satisfied he again fired up the torch and began cutting the first car to
pieces. By noon he had it down to the frame, the mutilated body stacked in
a heap a few yards off.

He shut down the torch and went looking for Carl. The ladder was
against one wall and there were fresh patches all around the upper
stonework but no Carl. He found him in the cellar tugging a fresh bucket
of water from the well. The water was yellowish and smelled faintly

Arron backed a step. "Damn that stinks."

Carl grinned, "Yeah but I don't think the mortar cares."

"No but were going to have to do something before I want to drink it."

"True 'nuff. I found bits of fur on the rope with my first couple of
buckets, I think something might have fallen in and died."

"Lovely. Let's go get some lunch."

"Would you mind checking my work before you go. I've been following the
bag instructions but you're the expert."

Arron snorted.

"Well you're more expert than me."

They went back outside and Arron climbed the ladder for a good look as
some of the patchwork. He noted with approval that Carl had been shoving
the mortar deep into the cracks. "You been pulling out and loose or broken
up old mortar?", he called down.

"Yep", Carl answered, motioning at the small piles of crumbling gray
mortar littering the base of the wall.

Arron climbed back down. "You did good. Let's eat."

Lunch was more cold sandwiches. Jenny was still hard at work lopping
limbs. Sweaty but glowing she joined them and they wolfed down pickleloaf
and rye while the kids settled for munching their way through a bag of

Back at the house Arron consulted his notebook and took some more
measurements off the trailer frame. He then measured and marked a section
of the car frames rear cross-member. Using the torch he cut this out then
fired up then took more measurements and clamped it into place on the
trailer frame. He hadn't messed with the welder yet, it was still in its
box. Unpacking it and scanning the manual took thirty minutes. Setting it
up took a little longer. There was a water tank to cool the transformer
and he didn't want to put any of Carl's smelly well water in it. He
finally pulled the big igloo out of the back of the truck and poured half
of their remaining drinking water in it. The welder needed an inert gas,
in this case argon. A small tank was included with the welder and it was
full. If the home center could have full tanks of argon why not oxygen or
acetylene. He supposed it was because leaking argon hadn't been known to
relocate city blocks. Finally he added gas and fired up the engine.

In his bumming around Arron had done quite a bit of stick and wire feed
welding. He hadn't been introduced to plasma welding till the previous
year but he quickly fell in love with it. No rods, no wire, no external
media at all. It worked by getting the working materials so hot they
melted together, simple and elegant.

He fired up the engine and let it settle into a steady rhythm. The
welder came with a dark tinted helmet. He clamped the ground to the
trailer frame, donned the helmet, and quickly tacked his first piece into
place. Genuinely enjoying himself Arron spent the rest of the day cutting
and welding. So absorbed was he that he hadn't really noticed the failing
light till a tired, cement spattered younger brother tapped him on the
shoulder. By then the old car frame looked decidedly worse for wear. Carl
shook his head. "I don't want you for a mechanic."

Arron grinned and shut off the torch. He then closed the valves on the
oxygen and acetylene tanks as well as the argon tank and gasoline supply on
the welder. He stretched then got a drink of water, there were still a few
sips left. He looked into the truck and found the empty jar he'd shoved
there that morning. He used a crescent wrench to get the oil plug out of
the welder's engine then, with Carl's help, tilted the entire machine up
enough to pour the oil into the jar.

"You did the same thing with the generator. Why?"

"A new engine wears in during its first few hours of running. You
change the original oil to get all those little metal bits out. Actually
they say the machining is now good enough that you don't really need to do
this anymore." He shrugged as they lowered the heavy machine back level, "I
figure it's still cheap insurance."

"You only ran the generator for a few minutes before changing the oil?"

Carl picked up the plug and started it back in, "Yeah, it was a demo.
Even if it hadn't been run it had been tugged on enough to make up for it."
He tightened the plug then added fresh oil.

They covered the tools with tarps, using a block of wood to hold the
plastic off the welder's hot engine then headed for camp.

Supper was homemade pizza. Jenny and the girls had whipped up the crust
from boxed mix's then added a little of everything in the coolers for
topping. That part had gone fine but they had yet to master the art of
baking over coals. The crust varied from burned rock-hard to nearly raw.
So proud were the girl's of their accomplishment however that no one had
the heart to complain. They ate it and smiled, telling the beaming
children how good it was.

That night they all went for a romp in the spring, The girl's squealed
and splashed, dashing back and forth from Arron to their parents and back
again. Once, with an impish grin and her back to her parents, Lena stood
and pulled the crotch of her bathing suit aside, flashing her bald little
pussy at Arron. She was gone before he could do more than gape.

After they retired Lean wanted to practice kissing so the cuddled and
explored each other's mouths. Arron ran his hands over the child's sleek
nakedness as their tongues wrestled. After he finally disengaged from a
flushed Lena her younger sister wanted a go so he pulled that tiny package
into his lap and tasted her sweet mouth. She pulled back in shock at the
first probing of his tongue but soon caught on and entered into the fray
with enthusiasm.

Afterwards Arron had them lay close on either side. Together he
fingered them both to shuddering orgasms, bringing them off within seconds
of each other. Both fell into deep sleep directly afterward leaving him to
dress them and tuck them in. He then stroked his cock to a sight stealing

They breakfasted on buttermilk biscuits, sausage and the last of the
eggs then Arron and Carl headed for the house while Jenny again took up her
saw. She had only two more trees to trim so they might be able to have a
hot lunch. Once at the house Arron was quickly immersed in his project.
He cut, measured and welded, humming to himself as he went. Predictably,
the plasma rigs tiny argon tank gave out a little before lunch.

At first he simply stared at the spitting, popping dervish the well
behaved little arc had become. He tried again thinking the fault was his
own. When the results were the same he had to admit there was a problem.
When his eyes fell on the little tank's pressure gage he groaned and hit
the kill switch.

Carl was halfway up the ladder whistling a cheery tune as he forced yet
more mud into another crack. He looked down as Arron approached,
"Something wrong?"

"Out of argon. You need a hand?"

"I was just getting ready to mix up another batch."

Arron nodded and took up the mortar spattered bucket resting on the
ground and headed for the well.

They got back to camp to find burgers and chips waiting. They dug in
and the meal was soon reduced to scraps. Arron related to Jenny his
problem with the welder. She said they were low on fresh food and again
almost out of ice. They discussed the supply problem and finally decided
to make a town run that day even though it would mean getting back late.

They went back to the house site so Arron could detach the argon tank
and then went bouncing on their way.

It was on into the afternoon before they hit Avery so they went directly
to the gas supplier. Arron showed the argon tank to a tech and asked if
they had anything larger with the same kind of connection. The man pursed
his lips and disappeared. He was back in minutes with an eighty pound tank
on a hand truck. They agreed that would do nicely.

A little while later they pulled out with the Ram and all of the gas
cans again full. The big argon tank had been laid flat and chocked with
wedges of wood. It barely fit in the bed. They hit the grocer and stocked
up on food and ice. This time Carl grabbed a bag of candy and tossed it
into the cart. He shrugged at Arron's look. "Just thought I'd beat you to
the punch."

It was dusk before they turned off onto the forest road and soon full
dark. The Ram's high beams made a path of brilliant light before them but
plunged everything else into inky black. Twice they missed familiar
turnoffs and had to backtrack. The eeryness of the black wood got to both
of them, the warm glow of the fire when they finally pulled into camp was
very welcome.

The girls were already in bed but Jenny was sitting up by the fire. She
helped to wrestle the coolers into the dining fly then they all settled
around the fire with cold beers. Jenny told them the girl's had been
worried by their long absence and how she had to comfort them. They all
laughed at that but the slight manic tinge to Jenny's giggles told Arron
that the girls hadn't been the only ones worried. Carl and Jenny began to
cuddle and shortly excused themselves. Arron finished his beer and tossed
the can into the coals then stood and shambled for his tent.

He worked the zipper as quietly as possible and slipped inside. He
paused for a moment. Both of the girls were asleep. He smiled, quietly
stripped to his briefs and started for his own bag. A thought struck and
he simply couldn't resist. Rachel's sleeping bag was unzipped, he gently
eased back the top flap. She was lying on her stomach stark naked, that
perfect little ass glowing at him. He leaned down and nuzzled those soft
cheeks before planting a kiss on each. His cock was hardening so pulled it
out and rubbed it on those little cheeks.

He heard a noise behind him and turned to see Lena crawling across his
sleeping bag. She halted beside him and rocked back onto her knees with
her butt resting on her thighs. Unlike her sister, she was in her pajamas.
She tilted her head back and slightly parted her lips, an invitation for a
kiss. He accommodated her, their lips met and soon so did their tongues.

He dropped his hand to her back and massaged the supple skin through her
pajama top then slid down to her round little hiney. He molded the soft
flesh through her pajamas and panties as they kissed.

The broke after a moment and Lena's tiny hand reached out and joined his
own on his prick. He released his own grip, allowing the child total
control of his throbbing cock. She jerked it for a second, then pulled it
gently down and began to massage her sister's soft ass with the head.
Arron groaned as his precum was smeared over those little cheeks. Lena
gave a little tug and he shuffled forward a few inches to allow her to do
as she would. He stifled another groan and she slowly pulled the head of
his prick down Rachel's soft crack.

The six-year-old grinned at him, showing a flash of white teeth through
the gloom of then tent then began to stroke him in earnest. The head of
his cock lightly bounced on Rachel's butt with each stroke. This was only
her second handjob but already her technique was much improved and soon
Arron was gasping and approaching his peak.

Just as he was sure the end was near the hot little hand suddenly
stopped. Lena maintained her grip but shifted back and leaned forward
bringing her face within inches of his aching dick. She resumed her
stroking at a slower pace as she watched her hand slide up and down. Arron
bent and kissed the crown of her head as his hand massaged her back. She
looked up at him and smiled then suddenly leaned forward and quickly
planted a tiny peck on the side of his swollen helmet. As Arron held his
breath she rocked back and slowly licked her lips. Finding nothing
offensive she leaned forward and planted another tiny kiss on the tip, this
time on the top. Moving down an inch she kissed the shaft. She looked up
to see his reaction then leaned back down and began to plant little pecks
all along the throbbing length. Finally she turned his prick so the eye
was staring her in the face. She stared at it for a moment the gently
leaned forward and just bussed the tip with her closed lips. She jerked
back when she felt the slimy pre-cum on her lips. She quickly wiped the
fluid off on the sleeve of her pajama's and went back to jacking his dick.
Arron had just began to approach his peak for the second time when she
stopped. He looked down to see the child again inspecting his prick. He
felt her fingers caress the helmet, smearing the lube across the surface.
She released his dick and let it slap against his stomach as she brought
one slimy finger to her nose. She sniffed then extended her tongue and
barely dabbed the glistening digit. She pulled her tongue back into her
mouth and swished it around for a moment. The flavor must have been
acceptable because she gave the finger another lick. Abruptly she grabbed
his cock, pulled it around and planted another kiss on the tip. This time
she licked her lips clean. She came in again but this time her little
tongue flicked out and caressed his bloated head. He groaned as, catlike,
she began to lap all of the pre-cum from his cock head. When the tip of
tongue tried to work its way into the hole for more he almost blew his load
on her face. She withdrew and again and resumed jerking his cock. This
time she went the full course and less than a minute later hot cum began
painting Rachel's butt and lower back. Lena continued stoking till the
last spurt dribbled out. Rachel's sexy ass glistened under a coating of

Lena leaned forward and licked the head of Arron's prick clean of the
residue then turned to examine her artwork. She dabbed a finger in a pool
that had formed in the small of the three-year-old's back then sucked it
clean. She then leaned over her sleeping sister and looked up at Arron for
a reaction. Still coming down from his powerful orgasm he smiled in
encouragement. Tentatively the six-year-old began to lick the cum from her
sister's soft back. Rachel murmured but remained asleep as Lena's tongue
slid across her flesh.

Soon there was nothing tentative about her actions, like a dog she
followed the cum trails and slurped them up with long strokes using the
flat of her tongue. Arron's cock lurched and began to grow again as, back
clean, she moved up onto the mounds of her sisters sweet butt. Without
hesitation she licked both cheeks till nothing but saliva remained.
Holding his breath, Arron reached down and gently pulled the sleeping
girl's cheeks apart. Without missing a stroke Lena's tongue slid into her
sister's crack, chasing down every bit up cum that had migrated there.

Finally, convinced there was none left she sat back and licked her lips
before looking up at Arron.

Like a bull he bowled her over and bore her to his sleeping bag. His
lips found hers and his tongue forced its way between her lips. She
squeaked in alarm but the sound was lost in the furious kiss.

He sat up then pushed her back farther on the sleeping bag. Trembling
hands found her waist and peeled both pajama bottoms and panties down in a
single tug. He flung the garments away then pulled her thin thighs apart
and buried his face in her wet twat. She wiggled and squealed as he
devoured her hot baby cunt. Again and again his tongue plunged in almost
tongue raping her pussy. So forceful were his thrusts that she nearly lost
her virginity to his tongue. In less than a minute the child's thighs
crushed his head and her back arched. She vented a soul shattering scream
as she came harder than she ever had before.

He laid her limp body out on her sleeping bag and fearfully listened for
any sounds from Carl and Jenny's tent. Lena's primal shriek had split the
night, there was no way it could have been missed. When no alarm was
forthcoming he began to slowly breathe again. He decided he'd better get
the girl's dressed but first there was urgent business to attend to. His
newly risen cock needed attention now!

He lay back and began to stroke aiming for a quick final cum. He had
barely begun though when movement drew his eyes to Lean. Amazingly, the
child had risen from the dead. She stared at his prick for a second then
crawled over and straddled his knees.

The little girl pushed his hand off his cock then replaced it with both
of her own. She leaned down and began to lick the head as she stroked with
both hands. After a short time her lips parted enough to allow the helmet
to slightly protrude between them as she picked up the pace. Soon her tiny
fists were flying while she continued to lick and lip massage the head of
his cock.

Arron felt his second orgasm approaching quickly and moved to pull his
dick away. Lena jerked the prick from his grasp with an almost animal growl, never losing her lip lock for a moment.

He groaned and dropped his head back onto his sleeping bag. He felt his
nuts boil, a second later he groaned as they exploded. He propped up onto
his elbow's in time to watch Lena's cheeks bulge as jet after jet of hot
cum shot into her mouth. He watched her Adam's apple bob as she swallowed
again and again. cum ran down her chin and a trickle even dripped from her
nose as his nut's emptied into her mouth.

After he recovered Arron gently wiped the child's face then cuddled and
rocked her till she fell asleep in his arms.

The next morning Arron waited tensely for the probing questions about
Lena's outburst of the previous night. To his relief the only mention of
it was a comment by Jenny that he shouldn't 'roughhouse with the girl's so
late at night' they needed their sleep. He smiled meekly and promised to
tone down the 'play time'.

Relieved at having dodged the bullet he dashed down the last of his
coffee and prepared to get to work. While Carl and Jenny were having a
last morning smooch Lena tugged his sleeve and pulled him aside. She
seemed agitated. When he knelt to bring his face level with hers she but
her lip and shot a nervous look at her parents and then to where Rachel
still shoveled cereal into her mouth. Finally she spoke in little more
than a whisper. "Please don't tell Rachel about what I did last night."
"What you did?" She blushed furiously, "you know, with my tongue on her
and....and you." Arron started to make a joke but she gripped his arm in
her tiny hand, "Please!" It was a plea. Arron smiled and hugged her, "I
promise not a word." She returned the smile and went bouncing off as her
father came up. "What was that all about?", Carl asked curiously. "She
wants we to keep a secret." They climbed into the truck and Carl started
the engine. After they started trundling toward the job site he turned to
his brother, "What secret?" The question was delivered in a no nonsense
'she's my daughter and I damned well want to know' tone. Arron forced his
voice to remain calm. "If I tell you you've got to promise not to let on
that I told you." Carl's brow furrowed but he said, "Okay." "She wet her
sleeping bag during the night. She's very embarrassed about it." The lie
rolled smoothly off his tongue but it tugged at his conscience. He hated
lying." Carl's expression cleared. "Oh hell is that all. She's a kid and
accidents happen." "She's a kid trying to act very grown up", that was
certainly true, "and she really didn't want me to tell you. She'll be hurt if she finds out I did. I promised not to." Carl grinned. "I won't say a
word. Her sleeping bag will need washing though." "Let me take care of
that and pretend not to notice." "You got it." The two of them managed,
with effort, to maneuver the huge argon cylinder out of the truck and
muscle it over to the welder. Arron hooked it up and got to work while
Carl returned to his patching. Jenny and the girl's surprised them by
showing up at the job site with a large picnic basket shortly before noon.
They spread a blanket on the ground and had a relaxed meal of fried
chicken, mashed potatoes and lemonade. The mashed potatoes were full of
lumps but Jenny made a point of telling them that the girls had mashed them
'all by themselves' before anyone sampled them so they ate them without
complaint. After lunch they gave the women a tour of the work site and
pointed out what had already been done. All went well till they approached
the dismantled tractor shed. When they came within fifty feet of it the
smell struck like a physical blow. Only then did the men realize they'd
never policed up the dead snakes there. They hurriedly backed off. They
had no short term plans for anything there. Hopefully in a week or two the
stench would go away. By the time they knocked off for the day Arron's
contraption was starting to take shape. He planned to start fitting the
hardware tomorrow. The second car had by now lost its rusty bodywork.
Only scraps remained of the first. Before supper Arron managed to cue Lena
in on the cover story he'd given her dad about the mornings conversation.
She was embarrassed but accepted it with good grace. To maintain it he
slipped away right after eating and carried her sleeping bag down to the
spring. He gave it a good, gentle hand washing without soap then rung it
out the best he could and carried it back to camp. While the adults were
pretending not to look he draped it over the luggage rack on the roof of
the Taurus. It actually wasn't noticeable till you got close. Soon
afterward they all strolled to the spring and splashed away and enjoyable
forty-five minutes. As the temperature was in the high fifties the run
back to camp wasn't even that bad. The girl's wanted to toast marshmallows
so everyone sat around the fire while innocent little puffs of fluff were
maimed and burned after being cruelly impaled on sticks. The girls were
between their parents while Arron sat on the opposite side of the low
blaze. He was sipping on a last beer and idly chatting with Carl when
movement caught his eye. He focussed on it and after a moment it repeated.
Lena was twitching open the front of her robe and flashing her pussy at
him. He raised his eyes to her face and was met by twinkling eyes with a
slightly evil set. She made a show of removing a nearly melted marshmallow
from her stick then dropped her hand to her lap. He goggled and his cock
stirred as she again exposed her little cunt, only this time she slowly
rubbed the sticky marshmallow guts all over her tender lips. As Carl kept
up his end of the, now no longer interesting, conversation Lena leaned down
and whispered to Rachel. Soon the three-year-old shifted around and two
little cunts were winking at him. The younger girl deliberately overcooked
her next marshmallow and soon, like her sister, had a very sticky twat.
Both girl's giggled at the look on his face. It wasn't long after that
Jenny called a halt to further shows by announcing it was time for bed.
She produced a damp cloth and cleaned both girl's sticky fingers. Arron
suppressed a wild urge to say, 'make sure you get their cunts too', and
resumed his failing conversation. Arron unzipped the tent to find both
girls sitting naked on top of his sleeping bag. He stepped inside just as
Rachel fell back on the soft fabric and spread her legs wide. "Lick it
off", she said, thrusting her marshmallow flavored cunt up at him.

Arron resealed the tent and hurriedly fumbled off his boots. He dropped
to his knees and grasped the naughty child by her hips and pulled her
crotch up as his face came down to meet it. As he started to eat Rachel's
tasty slot Lena started to unbutton his shirt. She leaned over till her
breath tickled his cheek. "Make her cum hard so she'll go to sleep then
we'll play", she whispered.

Arron groaned unintelligibly into Rachel's cunt as he tried to do just
that. He pulled his tongue from the grip of her tight little pussy and
began licking the marshmallow from her bald baby twat. The confection had
re-solidified and took quite a few licks to remove, all the time the child
wiggled and cooed. Satisfied that he'd gotten it all he suddenly thrust
the child's legs back till they touched the sleeping bag on either side of
her head, bringing her lower back up and exposing her snow white little
ass. Before she could do more than whuff in surprise he was on her. His
mouth and tongue smothering her soft cheeks.

Lena had gotten his shirt off and his pants opened but his posture was
preventing much further progress. She tugged for a moment then simply
settled for fishing his throbbing erection through the fly of his boxers.
Shielded from her sister's sight by the bulk of Arron's torso the
six-year-old began to kiss and lick the oozing head of his prick.

After licking and sucking the soft ass-flesh for a minute he sent his
tongue spiraling in on the child's pink bottom hole. Rachel gasped as he
licked across the portal then began to flick at it with just the rip of his
tongue. He tested it a few times then began to apply pressure, Rachel had
tensed up and he could make no progress against her tightly sealed anus.
He swabbed his tongue over it then fluttered upward to dip into her tiny
slot. He made several small, shallow forays into the child's sex before
returning to her cute little ass. After several such round trips he felt
her little hole relaxing slightly. He managed to wedge just the tip of his
tongue past the guarding muscle then again applied pressure. Twisting like
a boring machine he slowly drove into her tiny rectum. When Rachel felt
her butt being violated she squealed and beat the floor with her tiny
fists. As he went deeper she began to buck, alternately trying to pull her
ass off his tongue and drive it deeper. He brought a hand up and began to
massage her pussy, fucking a finger in to the first knuckle while massaging
her barely perceptible clit with another. Rachel began to breathe rapidly,
blowing and squeaking on the exhale. Her soft little thighs fell forward
to lie on his shoulders where they proceeded to try and rip his ears off.
He picked up the pace, driving his tongue forward till the blade began to
stretch her then began a rapid in and out fucking motion. This child began
to hum softly, her little body tensing and relaxing. Arron felt Lena
abandon his prick and back out from beneath him. A few seconds later she
appeared alongside her sister with a small camp pillow in her hands.
Rachel relaxed one final time then went wire taut, only her shoulders were
on the ground, her back formed a perfect arch as she drew a massive breath
and screamed her pleasure to the night. Lena moved like a cat, dropping
the pillow over her sister's mouth and holding it gently in place. The
material absorbed the ear splitting screech rendering it inaudible more
than a few yards away. Lean lifted the pillow slightly so Rachel could
draw another breath then clamped down again as she let vent to another
shriek. Arron groaned as her ass tried to pinch his tongue off. One final
spasm and the child went limp, she twitched a few times then was still.
Arron gently pulled his tongue from her anus then gently eased her over to
lie atop her sleeping bag. Lena threw the pillow away and stared for a
moment then leaned down and gave her baby sister a quick peck on the lips.
She turned to look at Arron, "Wow, you gave her a good one." Arron grinned,
"your turn." She licked her lips and reached out to grasp his cock. "I
wanna do you first." She began to gently stroke his dick then met his eyes,
"can you spurt twice, like last night?" He nodded, "I think so." "Goody."
She tugged him by his prick and led him over to where Rachel lay on her
back, her tiny legs slightly spread. Lena maneuvered around till she could
comfortably stroke with both hands and began to rapidly jerk cock. She
leaned down and bathed the head with her hot little tongue then sat up and
jerked faster. Arron knew he wasn't going to last long. He groaned as she
bent down again and licked the head before giving it a little kiss. "I'm
going to cum!", he groaned. Lena pulled her head away and aimed his
pulsing cock at her sister's tiny mound. As jet after jet of cum sprayed
forth she moved it about, painting the three-year-old's bald twat with a
thick glaze of aromatic spunk. She admired her handiwork for a second then
turned and licked the residue from his cock. She released the wilting
member, shot a toothy grin at Arron then leaned down and began to lick the
cum from her sister's pussy. She worked slowly and methodically, cleaning
every trace of semen from the child's twat. Satisfied she shot Arron a
look then turned back and used her thumbs to gently pull those soft lips
apart. Arron groaned as her little lapper delved inside. His dick began
to recover as he watched a six-year-old girl eat her three-year-old
siblings tasty twat. He rested a hand on Lena's back and slowly slid it
back to massage the child's ass. She wiggled her butt in appreciation as
he gently stroked her cheeks. After a minute of gentle licking she backed
off and stared at her sister's glistening crotch. Gently Arron reached
past and eased Rachel's legs together before rolling her onto her side,
exposing her lovely, round bottom. Lena licked her lips and looked at him
for a second before turning to regard her baby sister's soft, white butt.
She was working without a net now, none of her uncles tasty spunk for an
excuse. She hesitated for ten long seconds then bent over and began to
gently kiss Rachel's cheeks as she had seen him do earlier. She backed off
again as Arron's cock grew harder. She licked her lips then went back in,
this time her target was between those plump little cheeks. Gently she
rooted at the three-year olds crack till her nose slipped in. Her tongue
followed and the lapped up and down that soft furrow before zeroing in on
the child's bottom hole. Rachel moaned and stirred a little as Lena's
tongue pushed into her relaxed rectum. The older child froze with her
tongue up her sister's butt. She held that erotic pose while Rachel's
breathing dropped back into the deep rhythm of sleep and stabilized.
Satisfied Lena began to shallowly and gently tongue fuck her sister's sexy
butt. She continued for a minute then raised her head and backed away.
She looked up at Arron with a grin then licked her lips. He reached for
her but she wiggled away. "I wanna do you again." He allowed her to push
and tug him around till he sat on his sleeping bag. She pushed on his
chest till he overbalanced and fell flat on his back. She giggled then
turned her attention to his again stiff cock. Lena used a single finger to
spread the oozing lube around the fat head of his prick then slowly trailed
it down the shaft. Once she reached the dense thicket of his curly pubic
hair she ran her hand slowly through it, stopping a few times to give
gentle tugs. She stroked his balls before gently weighing each one in the
palm of her small hand. She again returned to his cock, pulling the
throbbing member down till it was flat on his stomach and releasing it to
let it bob back up again. Next she tried to see how far she could pull it
back toward his feet, reaching a forty-five degree angle before her uncles
wince told her so stop. She again released his prick and giggled sweetly
when it bobbed a few times before coming to rest. She gently enclosed his
shaft with both hands and began a slow up and down stroke, her gaze on the
pulsing head. She wiggled and moved closer till he could feel the gently
pulse of her breath on his prick. A new bead of lube had pooled on the
tip, she gazed at and licked her lips before leaning that last fraction of
an inch and cleaning it off with the flat of her tongue. Arron groaned and
she giggled, "Does that feel good?" "Very good honey." She licked again,
this time swirling her little pink tongue over the entire mushroom shaped
head. Once it was all wet with her saliva she sent her tongue sliding over
the edge and ran the tip under the flare of the rim. She pulled back a bit
then flashed him a smile and began to lick the entire length of his shaft
with long strokes. She continued this for several minutes as Arron tried
to remain still. Abruptly the child sent her little lapper back over the
rim of the head and zeroed in on his piss hole and the new puddle of
pre-cum there. She licked it up then kissed the head. She looked at him,
in the gloom of the tent he couldn't read her expression but he smiled in
encouragement. Her lips again came down on the head but this time they
remained in contact. He felt them slide apart as she opened her mouth
wide. She pushed downward and the soft vice of her lips slid down the domed
head of his cock and into the groove behind the head. Arron threw back his
head and groaned. She had the head of his prick in her mouth! She paused
for a second, her breath cool on the set head of his embedded prick then
pushed downward again. With exquisite slowness she kept going till two
inches of throbbing dick was buried in her six-year-old mouth. She again
paused and then pushed on only to pull off a second later as the head of
his cock triggered her gag reflex. She coughed and wiped her mouth on the
back of her hand then looked at him. "Is that how you do it, that 'blow
chore' you told us about?" "Blow job, and yes that's how you do it, only
you don't go so far as to choke on it. You also move your mouth up and
down, like you're jacking me off." She nodded then quickly popped the head
of his cock back into her mouth. She went down till she had the previous
two inches then began to bob her head gently up and down, pulling back till
her lips caught on the groove behind the head then going down again. Arron
fought to keep from lunging up and gagging her as his niece slowly sucked his cock. He let her go on for a minute then grasped the part of the shaft
the child could not accommodate and began to jack in time with her sucking.
It didn't take long before he felt an orgasm building. He began to pick up
the pace of his stroking and to his delight she matched it with her mouth.
Thirty seconds passed then he groaned and began to whack furiously, his
fist grazing the softness of her wide-spread lips on each up stroke.
Unable to match that torrid pace Lena simply stopped with an inch of dick
in her tiny face. Arron groaned again then began to send stream after
pulsing stream of scalding dick cream into that tiny, hot cavern. He felt
her palate caress his cock as she swallowed each pungent mouthful. Spent
he fell back. Lena released his wilting cock, gave it a final lick then
fell back with her legs spread wide. "My turn," she whispered sweetly.
Arron shook his head and advanced on the child, pausing only to scoop up
the pillow Lena had used to stifle her sister's orgasmic scream. He
unwound on the child, eating both her pussy and tight, tender ass till she
was shuddering like a runaway dynamo. When she reached her peak he began
to flick a thumbnail over her tiny clit while trying to batter the portal
of her hymen down with his tongue. She shrieked her cum into the pillow,
her body arching and driving his lips into her tender vulva while her hymen
bowed inward under the pressure of his stiffened tongue. After she
collapsed he gently lapped up the tiny amount of cream her little pussy had
secreted then kissed that darling cunt. He cuddled her for a moment then
gently began the task of dressing the unconscious children. He slipped
Rachel into her sleeping bag and started to deposit Lena alongside her but
stopped. After a moment he zipped the younger girl's bag then eased Lena
into his own. He pulled on his boxers then gently eased in behind her. He
snuggled up the child then pulled her nightgown up and slid his hand into
her tiny cotton panties. He drifted off to sleep cupping her soft little

It took Arron another two days to finish his 'contraption' as the other
adults took to calling it. On the third morning they all stood around
behind the house regarding his creation, Arron with pride, the other two
adults with more dubious expressions. The girls were too busy chasing each
other up and down the slope to render an opinion.

The frame of the old mobile home had been leveled and fastened securely
to the ground. Two fences, adjustable via acme screws and comprised of
recycled auto frame members, ran lengthwise, one near then center, the
other on the uphill side. The electric motor they'd purchased at the home
center had been fitted with a circular saw blade and was bolted to a mount
at the far end of the frame. The garage door opener had been mounted on
the bottom side of the frame with its screw running the length of it. The
shoe that would have engaged a garage door had been fitted with an upward
sticking tang to serve as a feed. At the far end of the entire cobbled
together rig a wooden platform had been knocked together from the sturdier
timbers and planks from the old house and the tractor shed. It would serve
as a table to catch the cut planks. The tractor shed had been bad. Arron
had puked at the smell. To his chagrin his brother hadn't

Arron crushed out his cigarette and rubbed his hands with glee. "Let's
try it." They'd cut a log to twenty feet in length earlier the drug it from
camp behind the Ram. With Arron directing Carl eased the truck forward
till the log was in position. The ropes were removed then a shove given.
As planned the log rolled over the first fence only to stop short against
the taller middle one. The assembly shuddered but nothing moved. The
inner fence was already adjusted for a two-inch cut. Now Arron screwed the
outer fence in till it made contact with the log and then a little more.
Next he adjusted the converted garage door opener till its tang was at the
back of the log. He nodded to his brother and the generator was fired. It
was showtime.

Holding his breath Arron flipped the first switch on his jerry rigged
control panel. With satisfying authority the saw whined into life. Giving
Carl a thumbs up he pushed the button to activate the garage door opener.
His spirits fluttered and sank as absolutely nothing happened. He tried
again with the same results before shutting down and signaling his brother to kill the generator.

Ignoring the knowing looks that Jenny and Carl flashed at each other he
dug out the opener's manual and dropped his butt down onto the stubborn
log. He soon found what he was looking for and jumped up to find a
screwdriver. It was the work of less than a minute to adjust the opener's
force to maximum.

Again the generator and saw were fired up. This time when Arron pressed
the opener's button the log began to slide toward the spinning blade and
soon sawdust was flying. Arron's elation was brief. After moving less
than two feet the log jerked to a stop. The opener recycled and the tang
returned to its start position. Repeated tries moved the log maybe another
six inches but no further.

Jenny shook her head and patted him on the back, her brows raised in a
mirthful expression. She looked at her husband, "I'd better get back and
start some lunch. It should be ready in about an hour. You and the
'professor' come on up about then."

Car hid his own grin and headed for the house. He'd finished the
exterior patching the day before and was now working on the inside. Arron
ignored them both and simply stared at his reticent creation. He thought
for a minute then went to the truck to retrieve some tools. He wiggled
beneath the frame and soon had the cover off of the opener. It was as he
had suspected. The mechanism that controlled the opener's closing force
could go further. It was limited by a factory installed set screw. He
found the correct size alan wrench and began to back the screw out. He
backed it out, backed it out some more, then said 'screw it' and removed it
completely. He then ran the closing force adjustment all the way up. It
probably wouldn't do much for durability but then they didn't need it to
last forever. As he worked Arron though of the girls and his and their
nocturnal playtime. Both previous evenings he had eaten the girls to
squealing climax. Lena still insisted that Rachel go first as the younger
child's cums inevitably put her to sleep. That let her sister move in and
take liberties with her tiny, immature charms. She no longer needed the
excuse of Arron's cum to give her sister's cunt or ass a gentle tongue bath
but she still liked to lick it up when he did spunk on the child. The
night before she had eaten pussy with such enthusiasm that she'd nearly
wakened Rachel to Arron's amusement and her own near panic. Lena had
insisted on sucking his cock both nights. She still could not get more
than a third of his prick into her small mouth but her technique was
improving rapidly as she learned to make the best out of what would fit.
His train of thought was giving him a hardon, a most unwelcome thing in the
middle of the morning. He willed it down and forced his mind to the task
at hand.

Carl was starting to smear his first batch of mud when he heard the
generator re-start. His brother's yells of elation a moment later were
loud, even over the not quiet purr of the generator. By the time he
descended the ladder and rushed outside the log and a two inch wide plank
were just stopping on the 'table'.

After some quick consultation Carl went back and hurriedly smeared on
the mortar he'd already mixed then returned to help his brother. The two
of them managed to convert the log to nine rough cut planks before it was
time for lunch.

Back at camp they relayed the news to Jenny and the girls. Arron duly
received both congratulations and apologies for the earlier doubts. After
eating they cut another log to length and harnessed it to the Ram.

This one too became boards and sawdust. As the afternoon wore on a
system began to emerge. They would rip down a log then Carl would return
to smearing mortar as Arron took the truck and went for another. The
younger man had just enough time to mix and apply one batch before the
pickup came clattering back up with another log.

They managed to rip down three logs that afternoon. The mill was far
from perfect, lacking any kind of power return for the next pass of the log
through the saw for one thing. This meant that it took both of them and
sometimes the mechanical muscle of the Ram to pull the timber back for the
next cut.

They knocked off as the red tinted sun sank in the west. They drove
back to camp for a supper of stew and biscuits. The latter were getting
better. Fed, they all trooped down to the spring. Modesty had slipped
enough that they now often bathed together. Carl and Jenny would move to
the furthest end of the pool while Arron occupied the girls at the near
end. Those two were getting bolder. A giggling Rachel rubbed her soft ass
and pussy all over her uncles leg while Lena played with his cock below the
water. Arron shot a few nervous glances at his brother and sister-in-law
but they seemed only to see each other.

They stayed till fingers and toes were wrinkled like prunes then wrapped
up for the cold dash back to the fire. That night Arron finalized the
house drawings to Carl and Jenny's approval then activated the programs
'bill-of-materials' function. To 'oohs' and 'aahs' the laptop digested the
simple two story design and quickly generated a stick by stick list of the
lumber required complete with lengths and dimensions. It also tossed in a
half-a-hundred sheets of plywood, assuming the structure would be sheathed
in such. They actually planned to use thin overlapping planks for the
exterior but there was no way to tell the idiot program that. Arron
recorded the framing requirements then shut down the machine.

They had barely retired when a thunderstorm moved in banging and
flashing. This rousted the men out of bed to dash back to the house site
and make sure everything was covered and secured. They were soaking wet by
the time of their return and at least to Arron's disappointment both girl's
were sound asleep.

He stripped out of his wet clothes and satisfied himself by rubbing his
cock over Rachel's soft ass before blowing his load into a wad of tissue.

They set to work the next morning with high spirits and stomachs full of
pancakes. The pancakes lasted a while but the spirits failed as the feed
on the sawmill died a third of the way into the first cut on the first log.

Arron got the cover off the garage-door-opener only to have a handful of
white plastic confetti fall out on the ground. A quick examination showed
that the light duty plastic gears that made up much of the unit's innards
had ground themselves into toothless impotence under the load imposed on

Dejected they went back to camp and reported the failure. In the
discussion that followed it was found that they were again nearly out of
ice anyway. It seemed time for another road trip. It was Jenny that
mentioned that neither her nor the girl's had been off the mountain since
their arrival. To the children's cheers it was decided to make a family outing of it. There followed a half hour of pandemonium as tents and gear
were secured. Then everyone piled into the Ram for the ride to Avery.

They dropped the women at a good sized mall and then headed for the now
familiar home center. This time Arron picked out a premium
garage-door-opener meant for heavy commercial doors. He also picked up a
second trolley, he started to explain this to Carl but his brother had
already figured it out. "Put that on the other end of the screw and we
have a power return. Good idea!"

They topped off the gas cans and the truck then picked up the girl's and
an even dozen bulging shopping bags. They had lunch at a steakhouse with a
salad bar that seemed a mile long. They had planned to head back after
lunch but during the course of their shopping the ladies had discovered
that the town boasted a drive-in-theatre and the current feature was one
both Jenny and the kids wanted to see. Arron and Carl went into a huddle
and decided a night in town wouldn't hurt.

They got a motel room on the outskirts of the city. Once checked in
they watched television while the children dashed in and out of the
bathroom to change as they modeled every outfit their mother had purchased
before them. Arron got nervous when both girls emerged in short skirts
with nothing beneath. They danced and cavorted flashing dick stiffening
glimpses of bare white butts and bald twats. Arron glanced uneasily at
Carl and Jenny but they seemed to think the display was cute.

They loaded up in the truck for supper at an IHOP then it was off to the
drive-in. The film was sappy, sentimental and tedious. Worse, to the
men's view at least, not a single thing exploded, burned down or crashed.
The females in the truck seemed to like it though. They got back to the
motel in time to try out the establishment's Jacuzzi. The children were
mildly affronted when told they could not go in naked. Everyone soaked for
a while before heading back to the room, Lena loudly proclaiming that the
Jacuzzi was 'nice but not as good as our spring'.

Carl and Jenny slept in one of the king sized beds while Arron shared
the other with the girls. Having the children's parents only feet away
meant no play time. They settled for a few gropes then all passed into the
land of nod.

The had breakfast at the motel restaurant's buffet then, after a stop
for ice and grub, headed back down 55. By noon they were again at camp.
Arron and Carl left Jenny to arrange lunch while they went to minister to
the ailing sawmill. They quickly got the dead opener removed and started
to fit the new one. A few of the mounts had to be changed but this went
fairly smoothly. They broke for a late lunch when the girls came strolling
up with a picnic then went back to work. They had it together and adjusted
before dark and adjourned to camp for a well deserved supper.

That night Arron arranged Rachel in the doggy style position and began
to eat baby butt. He'd just started to deep stroke the three-year-old's
tight bottom when he noticed Lena kneeling beside him. He pulled his
deeply embedded tongue from the little girl's rectum and offered her saliva
wet ass to her sister.

Lena shot a nervous glance at her sisters pillowed head then knee walked
sideways till Rachel's body blocked her view. She leered at Arron then
tossed her long hair back and dove between her sister's soft, damp bottom
cheeks. Rachel groaned as her sister ate her ass with gusto. For Lena's
part, rimming her sister while the child was awake seemed to turn her on
tremendously. Her own butt rotated and waved like a flag in a strong
breeze as she dined on sibling butt. Lena pulled away after a minute and
licked her lips. She looked at Arron then back at her sister. Rachel's
plump little pussy lips had swollen and separated the tiniest amount. A
hint of moisture glistened in the diffuse moonlight.

Lena looked back at Arron, "I want her cunny", she whispered. "I want
to eat her pussy." Arron's cock jerked at her words. He leaned forward and
kissed her hard then indicated she should go ahead. She grinned and threw
her hair back as she bent and fused her mouth to her sister's puffy little

Rachel had began to grow restless with no stimulation. She had opened
her mouth to complain when she felt a soft, hot, tongue split her little
cunny and drive for her center. A low sigh escaped her lips and her head
sank back to her arms. Lena ate pussy just like she had ass, furiously.
In minutes Rachel was humping back at her sister's mouth and squealing her
passion to the night. As she neared her peak Arron leaned over and gently
pushed her blond head into her pillow. A second later she stiffened and
shrieked her cum into it.

Lena kept her tongue in her sister's tasty twat, thrusting in time to
that little pussy's contractions. This prolonged Rachel's orgasm. When
Lena finally pulled back with a slurp the tiny child melted bonelessly into
the fabric of her sleeping bag.

Only pausing to make sure her sister was truly out Lena shoved Arron
back and attacked his cock. She sucked dick maniacally, repeatedly choking
herself as her head movements drove his cock against the entrance to her
small throat. So fierce was the assault that he lasted less than a minute
before blasting the six-year-old's tonsils with what felt like a quart of
hot spunk. Like a trooper the child swallowed it all then sucked his
softening prick for more.

Arron threw Lena face down and attacked her butt with his mouth while he
wormed a finger into her tight pussy. He fingered and rimmed till she
screamed her own orgasm into the fabric of her pillow. Only when he was
dressing the girl's and sliding them into their sleeping bags did he notice
the blood on his finger. He'd ruptured Lena's hymen during the throes of
her cum.

The mill's new feed worked perfectly. So much so that Arron could now
handle the cutting himself. He quickly disposed of the log they'd brought
down after breakfast and took the truck for another. Through the morning
he cut and hauled, stacking the untrimmed planks a little ways down slope.
By experimentation he found he could rig three logs behind the truck per
trip. By lunch the huge stack of cut and trimmed trees to one side of the
camp had been noticeably reduced.

Jenny again brought the girl's down for a picnic lunch. Afterwards she
went back to camp but the children wanted to stay. After several rounds of
'please daddy/mommy!' and 'we'll be good!' they got their way. Rachel
wandered off to 'help' her daddy with his patchwork while Lena stayed out
with Arron.

Arron used the truck to muscle another log onto the mill while Lena
settled down to watch. She was wearing tennis shoes and a faded
little-girl sundress. When Arron finally got the log onto the mill he
found her sitting with her back to the house and her dress pulled nearly to
her hips. She sat with her legs spread and her pantyless pussy on display
for the world. He glared at her but a grin was the only response. He'd
pulled her aside that morning and explained about her hymen. She had been
unconcerned but did admit to being a little sore.

He turned away and fired up the mill. He had just started the first cut
when she wiggled between him and the laboring generator. Shielded only by
the slope of the hill and the not large bulk of the generator she squatted
down and unzipped his pants. He glanced nervously uphill at the old foundation that Carl labored away inside and moved to push her away. She
deftly avoided his groping hand and before he could try again popped his
cock into her mouth.

Arron groaned and continued to mutilate another log while a six-year-old
girl gave him excellent head in broad daylight with her father only a few
dozen feet away. Somehow he kept cutting through the torrid manipulations
the wanton child's mouth was visiting on his dick. He was completing the
final cut when his throbbing cock fed her a protein shake that she eagerly
swallowed. She gave his wilting dick a few deep sucks to make sure she had
everything then tucked him back in and zipped him up.

She was a perfect angel for the remainder of the afternoon, not even
exposing herself much during the infrequent trips back to camp for more
logs. With the day waning his finally shut off the generator and, with
Lena's help, began to cover everything up. When Carl and Rachel emerged
from the foundation Arron had a hard time suppressing his laughter. When
Lena began to chuckle he could no longer hold in his mirth and they both
broke loose. The object of their amusement, Rachel so covered in mortar
she was only recognizable by general size, walked to the truck with all the
dignity a near completely gray three-year-old could muster. A grinning
Carl followed her. She rode in the bed on the way back, her father rode
with her to take some of the sting out of the exile.

Jenny took one look at her youngest and turned supper's finishing
touches over to the men as she drug her protesting daughter off to the
spring. She returned a half hour later with a wet, irritable Rachel. A
few good natured digs about 'mud puppies' and 'piglets' didn't help the
child's mood any but when the marshmallows and cocoa came out she cheered
up readily enough.

Carl, Lena and Arron went down for a bath after supper. They played for
a while before getting down to any serious washing. After scrubbing the
days sweat and grime away they trudged back up the hill.

They were sitting around relaxing when Carl began to swear from the far
side of camp. He'd wandered off alone to place a cell phone call to his
lawyers in New York, something he did every second or third day. He
obviously didn't like what he'd heard this time however. He came back into
the light and dropped down beside Jenny. The two talked quietly while
Arron pointedly ignored them. After about five minutes Carl cleared his

"I've just found out that I need to be in New York the day after
tomorrow to sign some papers. I thought I'd assigned power of attorney for
everything but it looks like some things got missed." He paused a moment.
"Jenny will have to go with me, some of the documents bear her name as

Arron nodded. "There's plenty of food and if the ice runs out there's
cans. Take the truck and go. I'll be fine till you get back."

"Ahhh, actually we were hoping we could leave the girls with you."

Arron nodded and kept his voice neutral, "No problem."

"And", Carl continued, "I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving the three of
you up here with nothing but your wagon in an emergency. I figured you
could drive us to the airport then pick us up. It's kind of a long haul

Arron nodded again, "Where are you flying out of?"

"Beckley, If we leave in the morning you should be able to make it back
before dark."

Arron nodded, "That that's what we'll do."

The children had held there council all through the conversation now
Lena cheered lustily. "Yay, we get to stay with uncle Arron!" Rachel
joined in as well though it was doubtful whether she had understood the
conversation. Both girls began to dance and cavort about the fire.

Jenny beamed at her brother-in-law. "They are fond of you."

Guilt welled up again in Arron. If only she knew why they were fond of

His play that night was limited to gently finger fucking both girl's to
pleasant little cums that sent them into happy slumber. Neglected, he beat
his cock into submission then crawled into his own sleeping bag. Sleep
came quickly.

They had a simple breakfast the next morning then piled into the Ram.
There was some confusion at first as Rachel's car seat could not be found.
It was finally located in Arron's backpacking tent which had been left up.
It and his wagon had become catchalls for anything that needed to be kept
out of the weather.

They were on the pavement by ten and headed southwest. Jenny led the
girl's in singing road songs, they worked through quite a repertoire before
settling for the hoary old '100 bottle of beer on the wall'. They stopped
for lunch at tiny roadside diner with a fantastic view. After demolishing
a half-dozen belly-bomber burgers between them they were on their way

Beckley hove into view shortly after two in the afternoon. Directional
signs with the universal airplane symbol made the airport easy to find. It
was a smallish affair, only five gates. Arron pulled around to the
unloading zone and Carl baled out. He waved off the skycap who was
approaching and pulled the one light bag the two of them were taking from
the back of the truck. Jenny gave each of her children a kiss and a hug,
"Be good for uncle Arron. We'll see you in three days."

After a last round of discussion about pick up schedules the couple
vanished into the terminal. Arron climbed back into the Ram and clattered
toward the exit. If they were not to be on the logging roads after dark it
was time to make tracks.

Once outside of the city he pushed the big truck up to the speed limit
then, after a glance at the glowing digits of the dash clock, beyond.

Supper was the McDonalds drive-through off I-64 the exit also sported a
Pizza Hut. The girl's had wanted Pizza and pouted a bit when he told them
they didn't have the time. The hit the forest with an hour of light left.

Rachel was squirming in her seat and Lena had proclaimed her need as
well. Arron own bladder had been telling him that his '32 ounce supersize'
wanted out for the last dozen miles so he pulled to the side of the
deserted dirt track. The girl's slipped a short distance into the woods
while Arron simply watered a tree alongside the road.

The sound of approaching giggles told him the girls were done but didn't
prepare him for the sight of both appearing bare from the waste down. They
giggled some more and modeled for him as he stood with his mouth open. He
shook his head and climbed behind the wheel as the girls both piled in the
front on the passenger's side. He opened his mouth to order Rachel into
her kiddy seat but closed it without uttering a sound. There was no
traffic and nothing but trees to run into. A twenty mile-per-hour impact
with a pine might or might not set off the trucks airbags, he'd read
somewhere that most trucks had less sensitive sensors. In any case he'd
just have to be careful.

That wasn't easy to do as first Lena then Rachel cuddled up against him,
pulling his hand into contact with their peach soft little twats while
groping his rock hard cock through his pants.

When they finally pulled into camp it was after dark and Arron was
half-crazy with fuck-lust. The girl's were not much better. He'd fingered
both of them but his driving had prevented him from concentrating enough to
get either of them off.

It was chilly so the girl's slipped on jackets while Arron dug the ashes
out of the firepit and got some kindling started. The children somehow
managed to look both silly and sexy as they danced around with their bare
legs and asses showing below the edges of their light parka's. As soon as
the kindling was burning well Arron got some heavier pieces started. Soon
a cheery blaze was pushing back the night's chill.

With the fire popping Lena dropped her taut little butt down onto an
upended log that they used as a stool and hunched her hips forward so her
thin thighs and bald pussy slid from the bottom of her parka. She spread
her legs and fixed her uncle with an imperious stare. "Now, eat me!"

Unable to resist such a subtle summons, Arron dropped to his knees on
the damp ground and buried his face between the child's soft thighs. She
giggled when his whiskered cheeks scrubbed at the soft skin of her inner
thighs. The giggles turned to a gasp when he planted a kiss on her twat
then forced his tongue into her gooey girl slot. Her little hands came
down on top of his head and she began trying to pull him in deeper.

With her hymen gone he could accommodate her. He pushed in till the
base of the oral intruder pushed her lips aside then began to worm and
massage the tight channel of her fuck passage. She winced when he pushed
past the tattered remnants of her hymen but was soon cooing and squealing
as he dug for gold. He began a rapid in and out fucking motion that soon
had the child gasping. She pulled harder on his head then shuddered and
let voice to a shriek. Her thin thighs tried to pop his head like a zit as
her cum rolled over her.

Arron licked up the tiny amount of sweet girl-cum her little twat had
produced then extricated his head from between her thighs. Lena was
conscious but limp. She licked her lips as she stared at him. He smiled
and kissed the inside of each thigh then planted a gentle peck on her damp
pussy. She returned the smile as he gathered her up with one hand under
her bare little ass and gently laid her out beside the popping warmth of
the fire. He pulled her jacket down to keep her butt off the cold ground
then planted a final kiss on her forehead.

When he turned to Rachel he found her staring wide eyed at him. When
she saw it was her turn she turned away from him and dropped to her hands
and knees. She yanked up her parka to bare her white little butt and
pouting baby cunt then turned to look over her shoulder. "Do me like this
and make sure you get my butt hole. I like that."

Arron moved up behind her. He shoved his hands up her parka to gently
grasp her tiny waist then dropped his face to her soft, little-girl ass.
He peeled back his lips so his teeth were bared then slowly raked them
across her left cheek from top to bottom. He then repeated the act moving
from the side. He bounced over her crack and sank his teeth into her
smooth right buttock. She squealed at the unexpected bite but cooed when
he immediately began kissing the dimpled flesh. He kissed his way across
that lovely butt, pausing to suck in the occasional mouthful of baby
ass-flesh. In several places he sucked long and hard enough to give the
three-year-old a hickey on her tiny bottom.

She wiggled and squealed as he dined on her ass. He stroked her soft
back beneath the parka as he licked. His hands gently roamed over the
sharp points of her shoulder blades then caressed their way down her spine.
He shifted over to her front and kneaded her flat stomach before moving up
to her sexless chest.

She had begun to relax as his hands roamed, her breath coming in
shallow, evenly spaced measure. That changed when he abruptly forced his
muscular tongue into her anus, rudely shoving aside the gates of her
sphincter. She tensed and screamed as three-fourths of his lapper came to
rest in her butt. Arron grasped the front of the child's thighs and began
to alternately pull her onto then off of the invading member, fucking his
rigid tongue with her tiny body. The little girl's ass cheeks struck his
face with an audible 'smack' on each inward plunge.

She tried to say something but it came out only as "unn,unn,unn" as he
reamed her bottom. After a moment she gave up attempts at communication,
dropped her head and simply rode the moment. He pulled out of her ass and
gave her pouting pussy a little suck before returning to her bottom. She
squealed and flexed against him. Another half dozen thrusts into her
bottom and he did it again. On he went, concentrating on her ass but
giving her little twat a little lick or nip at irregular intervals.

Another minute of this treatment was enough to bring the child to her
peak. She quivered on the razor edge between ecstasy and oblivion. As he
drove his tongue deep into her ass and reached around her thighs to diddle
her burning little cunt she tumbled over. A shriek like a horse being
gelded rent the night, startling the birds roosting in the nearby trees.
Rachel screamed till their was no air left in her lungs and tried to do
more, her little chest quivered, rendered unable to draw breath by the
power of her cum. With fingers and tongue he held her a moment longer then
let her limply sink into oblivion.

He pulled her parka down then gently laid the child on her side. When
he finally looked up it was to see Lena, propped on one elbow, staring at
him. She licked her lips, "Wow!"

End of Book 1


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