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Title: As Unbelievable As A Dream
Keywords: mF, inc, teen, mom, son, brother, sister, mdom, mc, fF
Author: Caesar

As Unbelievable As A Dream

by Caesar, copyright 2001-2002

$Revision: 1.3 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:21 $

If you have ever driven across the prairies, you will know just how
boring and mind-numbing it can be. I sat in the back seat staring off
to space for the most part, while wishing I could fall into a deep
sleep as my sister, seated next to me, had.

The roads were straight and flat, and since dad stuck to the main
highways, normally double lane. He cruised about twenty kilometres
above the posted speed limit and so, we often raced past many other

I really did not want to go to my sisters wedding, my older sister, as
I hated crowds and functions. But mom was positively beaming while
dad was somber and probably worried about the money. When she was
awake, my younger sister rambled insanely on her brides-maids dress
and all the details about a wedding that held zero interest for me.

My mind often wandered to many imaginative worlds that I created
within my own head - worlds and people of my own making. I have
always been creative, writing stories, drawing - and I used it to
escape from the mediocrity of my life. This was normal for the
introverted teen life that I lead.

This fantasy was me standing before fifty thousand people, the lead
guitar and singer for one of the hottest rock bands - especially with
girls fifteen to twenty-one. They screamed as I strummed through my
riff, dropped to my knees before the crowd of desperate female fans
with their arms reaching toward me and the stage.


The images disappeared in a blink and I shook my head to help me
transfer back to this reality. "Yea mom?"

"Did you remember to pack your black dress socks?" I only had one

With a exaggerated sigh, "Yes mom!" It seemed like she came up with
another question about what I, or my younger sister, brought every few

Thankfully she was in too good a mood to chastise me regarding my
'attitude', a lecture I frequently endured.


Dad was speedy by a long stream of cars, all moving behind a large
semi-trailer at its head. Even driving he was asking mom about the
cost of the flowers for the reception while mom did her best to calm
him down without giving any actual dollar figure. It was comic if you
heard it - but frustration maddening after enduring it for hours.

As we sped past the cars I looked into each, people watching, some
even looking back, trying to guess the make and model of the cars. I
also tried to imagine what any of the people in the cars were doing
when they were not speeding through the prairies. Like that weird
haircut that guy wore - had to be a salesmen. And another, with his
wife, just had to be farmers - she did not look happy and he probably
drank too much and she felt her life ruined.

It was a game I played - another way to endure this trip.

Dad suddenly hit the brakes quickly and I heard him curse,
"Shit... cops!" Which meant he slowed down to the speed limit. mom was following the highway patrol with her eyes as we drove cautiously
past them. This was the game did played on trips - cat and mouse with
the highway patrol.

I turned back to my view out my window.

As we were now going the speed limit, I noticed that we were keeping
pace with a large expensive car beside us, a classic silver Mercedes I
think. Naturally I looked through to appraise the trio within - two
ladies and a man, each really old, older than my parents, maybe as old as my grandma.

The woman in the back seat saw me watching her and she broke out in a
wide pleasant smile. I could not help but smile back. She spoke a
couple of words to the man and woman in front and they both turned to
me. The white-haired lady in the front passenger seat waved happily.

They seemed pleased about something? Perhaps the two in front were
man and wife, the girl in back his sister. No the other womans
sister, they did resemble each other. They were just out for a Sunday
drive - don't old people do that? No, I think there is some
convention or another - and the man is independently wealthy from
selling... plumbing supplies.

Suddenly dad sped up and the two ladies were waving goodbye as we
quickly sped past them.


I stood in line at the busy truck stop, only wanting to buy a can of
Coke and a small bag of chips. Dad was getting gas, mom was looking
for some item or another at the gift shop and my younger sister had
disappeared, as she often does, to the bathroom.

A hand touched my shoulder gently, "Hello?"

I turned to look into the bright green eyes of the older woman from
the Mercedes, the one in the front seat. "Uh... hi."

I noticed the driver, the older distinguished looking man stood next
to her looking rather amused at something.

"I thought it was you?"

She was only being friendly, a fifty-something year old saying hi.

He spoke up, "Sixty actually."

What? "Pardon me sir?" My parents always told me to be polite to my

"Martha is sixty-something not fifty." He smirked and looked toward
the head of the line, probably wondering why it took so long for each

How the hell did he guess I thought she was fifty years old? And
'Martha' certainly looked very good for her age - if she was indeed
sixty years old.

"You were way wrong back there." He wasn't even looking at me as he

I looked down to see her arm hooked into his, in her other hand some
bag of dried fruit that they must be purchasing.

"Back where sir?" Truly I had no idea what he was talking about.

He nodded over her shoulder toward the door and the highway. "We are
not going to any convention nor are we out for a 'Sunday' drive.
'Old' indeed!" Rather than look angry he looked amused.

I must have looked completely stupid, my mouth hanging open and my
eyes wide. How the hell... I mean, I was thinking those thoughts not
speaking out loud... and if I had spoken them, how the hell could they
have heard me between two cars with windows shut on the highway?

"You were right about one thing though?" He didn't wait for my reply,
but he finally looked down into my eyes, "They are sisters."

The clerk at the counter caught my attention and though stunned, I
purchased my drink and chips.


Dad suggested we stop for lunch, it being close enough and I think he
always enjoyed truck stop greasy burgers, before continuing on with
our journey.

It was quiet throughout the meal and thankfully the rest of my family were busy chatting about the upcoming weeding to even notice my somber

The reasons that I conjured for that old man answering my unasked
questions seemed wild and far fetched, but the most likely one that I
came up with is that they were aliens.


"Shit... cops!" Dad hit the brakes and quickly decelerated. Then he
followed up with, "Accident." The traffic was slowing to a crawl as
we were waved over into one lane.

Mom added, "Its a bad one."

I stretched my neck to see through the rain-streaked windows at the
cops waving cars over to the side. My sister Geri was doing the same.

Our momentum slowed to nothing and dad put the car in park. We were
only a hundred meters from the main congestion area and I squinted to
see the accident.

The first thing I noticed was a silver Mercedes, an older model.

Barely realizing it I mumbled something about stretching my legs as I
climbed out the back seat of our car. I strode slowly purposely
toward the main area of the crash. It was apparent a van had been
involved, and another smaller car - as well as the Mercedes.

I heard mom's voice somewhere behind me, "Get back here John!" She
was probably worried that I had not worn a raincoat - it was a warm
spring rain.

I stumbled forwards and somehow slipped between the police, ambulance
and fire-fighters. Martha was kneeling beside the old man, he being
worked on by two paramedics. The white haired woman was crying and I
saw she had a cut on her forehead that was bleeding down into her eye.

The scene was chaotic.

I fell to my knees next to the old man, and realized I didn't even
know his name. No one said a word about me being there - but Martha
looked up startled.

The old man, seventies I would guess, lifted one hand with effort and
placed it against my wet forehead.

He spoke the words so softly that I thought I had heard wrong, "Its
yours now John."

"John...?" mother was fast approaching behind me and I could hear her
arguing with a policemen, "...there, right there... that's my son."

The man suddenly took a deep breath and slowly let it out - before it
was expelled I knew he was dead.

Martha, tears mixing with the rain, stared at me in disbelief as I
fell back onto my ass. The paramedics were checking the old man's
vitals, but I could see that they held little hope.

Then it was like a thousand voices started to shout into my skull and
I saw the wet pavement rushing toward me.


Perhaps it was the smell, but whatever the reason, I knew before I
opened my eyes that I was in the hospital. The first thing I saw as I
cracked my eyes open was the sight of my mothers tear-streaked face as
she looked incredibly upon me. "John...?"

It was night, or at least dark in the window-less room, with but a
single dim lamp in the corner lit.

Mother stood from the uncomfortable looking seat next to my raised bed
and leaned over to look into my eyes. "John... how do you feel?"
Regardless of the nagging and the constant overbearing control of my
life, I loved her, my mother I mean.

I felt weary... not me but strangely coming from mom. At that moment,
I could not explain it any better than that.

"What happened?" It came our raspy, my throat was incredibly dry and
mom reached to the bedside table to pour me a glass of ice water.

It all came back - the family trip in the car, the strange old man and
then the accident. But must of all his words, 'Its yours now'.

I felt mothers incredible relief and could feel her fighting back
tears - trying to be strong.

"We don't know... a coma maybe... how do you feel John?"

After the drink my throat started to feel back to normal. "Fine
actually." I felt great - like waking from a long sleep - well rested
and anxious to start the day.

"How long mom?" She felt fear at answering, wondering if she should
tell me - the doctor had warned her about stressing me if I should

How did I know all that?

Knowing she didn't want to tell me and asked her again, this time
without words - you know the way teenagers sort of answer questions
they did not want to answer by playing zombies.

Tell me how long mom, I thought.

She answered immediately, "Ten days."

It had to be a joke - but looking at mom, feeling what she felt, I
knew this was no joke.

She held the straw to my lips for another drink and let her tears


The headaches came that first time when my dad, mom, my younger sister and my older sister and her new husband all visited me on the same
day. It was like everyone was shouting at the same time and I tried
to cover my ears to no avail - a nurse soon rushed everyone from my

Quickly the noise in my head died away.

That nurse, as she stood looking down at my chart, wanted to give me
pain killers but was checking my chart first.

Did her husband know she liked to be spanked?

What? Where the hell did that come from.


Martha came into my room in the middle of the night, but I knew who
the visitor was before the door opened.

Its been two days since I came out of my 'coma'.

The old woman came over and dragged that big uncomfortable chair next
to my bed and sat down.

Then I heard her say, [I'm glad your feeling better John?] She never
moved her lips the whole time and I could tell that she was nervous
and just a little scared.

"Have you figured out how to filter out the voices yet?" Martha used
her mouth this time - which was good, I was starting to think I was
loosing my sanity.

I knew what voices she was referring too but how did she know about
them, "What voices?"

Without using her mouth, [The voices in your head silly.] She was
smiling while thinking this.

It was true wasn't it, I was listening to her thoughts?

Was I going mad?

She softly instructed, [Try looking at my memories... close your eyes
and pretend your leafing through my mental photo album.]

What the hell, I closed my eyes and tried to 'see' into Martha's head.
It was all so strange... but wonderful too.

Suddenly images came to my mind and I 'saw' the confusion after the
crash - Martha screaming at the cars still going by, for someone to
stop, cradling her sisters head in her lap, dragging her Master from
the disintegrated car... seeing me slip from my knees to my ass and
then topple over upon my side as if I were a tree falling.

It was all so surreal.

Martha had been watching me and when I opened my eyes she smiled
softly. "How...?"

[He gave it to you.] She thought while staring at me patiently.

"Who was 'he'? And why are you scared Martha?" I realized I had
thought this as well, aiming the thought toward her.

Martha smiled at receiving my question, ['He' was my Master and I am
worried you will not want Joelyn or I.] I could feel the truth in her


The first thing Martha taught me was to 'filter' out the voices that I
did not want to hear - like we do as children to all the ambient
noises around us. It was what caused me to collapse in the first
place, what caused my headaches - the large amount of thoughts and
feelings from people immediately near me.

It was actually very easy. She told me to visualize some filter - a
coffee filter she suggested, and put myself within that filter. Now,
if I wanted past the filter to simply aim my thoughts.

In minutes I realized I could no longer hear the small buzzing in my
head that I had assumed to be a generator down the hallway. It was
actually the other people close to my proximity!

She next told me that neither she nor her younger sister had the power
that her ex-Master passed to me, that they were his 'slaves'. Her
'words' not mine.

Finally she explained why I noticed that strange thought about the
nurse - about her enjoying spankings. [Humans are sexual beings, one
of the most powerful emotions is our sexuality. At a subconscious
level, it almost drives who we are. It will often be the first and
easiest thing to read about a person. Often the easiest to

After she said that I looked into her mind quickly, into her memories,
as she had taught me earlier. I saw her sister Joelyn dancing around
in a grass field, wearing only panties, spinning around the blanket
where Martha sat. I could feel that this was one of Martha's' most
pleasant of memories - decades before.

The final thing she told me that night was the most influential - how
to view and manipulate a person's mind.


Sarah nodded soberly, but I could feel her desire to finish the visit
with her younger brother and return to her husband at the hotel.
Without even looking too closely, I could feel the sexual energy
radiating from her.

Since Martha's visit last night I had been practising on each person
that came into the room. Listening to their thoughts, browsing
through their memories but not confident enough to change any of the
personalities that came near me. At that time, I felt that that would
be wrong.

It seemed my sister has had an eventful couple of days since her
wedding - most of it naked with her husband. I dare not look at her
memories, but I could hear her thoughts. Only two hours before she
had given her new husband oral sex, he enjoyed it so much, and so, she
was anxious to return as he had promised that it was her turn next.

I was actually blushing as my family sat around laughing, and
attempting to be gay.

Mom was scared, I could feel her pain at seeing her only son in the
hospital - worried I may relapse back into a coma. I could also tell
she was angry at Sarah, having asked her to delay the wedding till
after I had come out of my 'coma'.

Geri surprised me by being rather sympathetic toward me, she was truly
worried about her older brother. Though she sat on the window sill
and ignored all of us, I realized there was much more to my sister than I ever realized. To me she had always been the little brat.

Dad - well dad was thankful I was back in form, but was wondering when
he could leave to get back to work.


Sarah and her husband flew off for their honeymoon, while Geri and dad
drove north, back home.

Mom stayed back for my final day in the hospital, and intended for us
to fly back home in a couple of days.

Mothers feelings of the maternal nature were incredibly strong.


Joelyn followed her older sister into my room and I could feel her
nervousness. [Hi ladies.] I thought to them.

[Hello John.] They thought back in unison.

Martha sat down in that same chair while Joelyn stood nervously next
to it.

I could feel the younger sisters nervousness, and looked into her
thoughts enough to realize that she had spent hours pampering herself
for her meeting with me but felt there was little chance a teenager
would want a fifty-nine year-old slave and her sixty-two year old sister.

Verbally, Martha asked, "Leaving today John?"

I could not contain my pleasure at getting out of this bed and
hospital, "Mom will be here in two hours."

The two of them lapsed into silence and it did not take much of an
excursion into their minds to see that they wanted to know if I wanted
to keep them or not.

I asked Martha silently, [Do you not have any place to go?]

She nodded rather than answer directly and I knew I could read her
answer - but even I understood that this was enough of a response.

I had read enough of Martha's mind and memories on her last visit to
understand a little of what these two ladies life have been like.

Having been taken from their school when they were still in their
teens, they had never known another life but that of their late
Master. And though programmed numerous times, he had left enough of
their original personalities to leave their individuality. That was a
lesson I should take heed of, I thought.

"'He' did not leave you any money or anything?" This was out loud.

Martha, seemingly the dominant of the two, spoke up, "Yes, we have
plenty of money." Silently she added, [But without a man to rule us
we have no purpose.]

I felt it to be true.


Being in close proximity with one person is dangerous to a teenager
with a new toy.

I played back mothers memories, mostly fond thoughts about her
children as they grew up.

Mom did not want to fly directly home after getting out of the
hospital, rather wanting to give me a couple days of transition. But
I knew she was more concerned in keeping me close to the hospital in
case I should relapse. I also knew she and dad had a fight about this
- he thinking a week in a hotel to be an unnecessary expense.

Looking into the private mind of a person is essentially stripping
that facade exterior and looking at the base structure. There was no
hiding fear or pain, there was no way even to know you are being
'scanned'. So I did it as if I was watching television - stripping
past the facade of a person and enjoying the chronicle of their

Looking into my own mother was like that - initially what I found was
expected, a loving and caring mother. She loved her kids
unconditionally and worried about them constantly - me more than the
girls strangely enough. I also came across distressing images about
my mother - her barely contained hate for my father, the lusts of her

I shut down within a second of realizing mother was very 'anal'.


The television was on overly loud as I clicked through the channels -
mom still in the bathroom having a bathtub.

Last night I had made the revelation of the other side of my mother -
the heightening of her desires in the last couple of years, of the
pleasures only found by her own hand, and lust of her own ass. It was
startling to say the least. To see a woman, my mother, as anything
but that parent I've always known her by.

So startled by what I had seen, that I had barely slept the night -
and it was rather difficult not to take another peek. Think of it
like a book - well written, familiar, but startling - if you put it
down you want to immediately pick it back up.

Then I felt a wave of lust... that's not entirely accurate, sexual
energy is more concise... it rolled over me.

My thoughts opened up and I allowed that energy to slip through my


It was coming from the bathroom, the bathtub. My mother was

Without thinking about it, I entered her head. I knew enough not to
read her thoughts, that would just be too much for me, but tried to
read what she was doing.

It was easy to decipher - mother lay in the half filled bathtub and
used both her hands between her legs. I could feel the hard beat of
her heart and feel her longing as a finger invaded her anus and two
fingers raped her clitoris. She was trying really hard to stifle any
sounds, knowing her 'baby' was in the next room.

The energy increased and I was not sure if the panting was my own or

Somehow I slipped into her thoughts and I read the piece of the
fantasy she devoured - the tongue of a faceless man slipping in and
out of her bottom, worshipping what she considered her best asset.
The man could not contain himself and stroked his hard cock, aiming
toward mother. He was getting more aggressive now...!

With my ears, I heard a splash behind the closed door to the bathroom.
With my mind's eye, I saw the explosion of passion as it overtook the
images in mothers mind and focused her whole being upon the pleasures
exploding from between her legs.

Abruptly I turned off my spying and sat panting, my cock hard and
pressing my cotton briefs rudely upwards.


It was like nothing had happened, like a normal morning. mother exited the bathroom with a towel about her head and the hotel-supplied
bathrobe about her person. She was talking animatedly at me as she
dug out her toothbrush and hair drier from her suitcase.

All I could see was mother like I've never seen her before - she could
have been a stranger to my eyes.

When she bent at the waist to plug in the hair dryer I could not help
but appraise her teardrop shaped ass, marvelling at the knowledge at
her self-pleasure in that part of her. It was... wonderful actually,
very well shaped... she should be proud.

I had read her thoughts, I knew mother thought her bottom to be her
best physical asset. Thinking about my parent in those terms, I had
to agree with her. Her ass or possibly her wide happy smile that I
loved so much.

Mom looked over her shoulder while still bent, repeating some mindless
question that I had missed, she saw my look and to hide her
embarrassment quickly stood up and turned away from me.

Oh shit.


Martha had taught me a lot in so short a time frame. I had learnt
that she and Joelyn were lovers, since before being taken by their
master as teenagers. I also learnt that sexuality, to the two
sisters, was something taken for granted - that if it felt good, did
not permanently hurt someone, could not be wrong.

I have to admit that I felt extreme embarrassment when I first
discovered Martha and Joelyn's relationship - even seeing some
memories within either lady that could only be termed extreme. Don't
forget, I am a teenager, a virgin innocent!

Take all that and then add in the voyeur experience of listening to
mother masturbate, to actually hear her secret thoughts and desires.

It was embarrassing.

It was also very exciting!


Mother, Jaimie, was thirty-nine years old and I learnt from my peeks
into her subconscious that she was terrified of forty.

As she lay on the double bed across from my own, reading the day away,
I could not help but read into her mind. I am weak, giving in to that
desire for what I've never known - sexuality. Even my own mothers.
Perhaps Martha's attitude, the life she had lived, affected me more
than I realized. Or maybe I was a horny virgin fourteen year-old
stuck in a hotel with only one women within sight and with the power
to gain more incite into that woman's sexuality.

Mom masturbated often, I read. At least once per day if she could
find private time. She also owned half a dozen assorted dildos and
vibrators at home and was feeling a little angry at herself for not,
at least, bringing one dildo on this trip.

I read that mom loved cock, loved the early years with dad, their
love-making frequent and satisfying. She used to give dad blow-jobs
as a prelude to his pressing himself into her. She also loved to
kneel before her husband as he pushed in and out of her body,
infrequently playing with her tiny hard anus.

Mom lay reading, or half-reading is more accurate, her mind tripping
through memories of her own sexual past. I need only peek without
delving too deep, to hear her most intimate thoughts. My resolve at
mothers private sexual thoughts was crumbling, and each successive
look into her became easier and my learnt morals soon forgotten.

She had never had a cock in her ass before, certainly a dildo or a
vibrator shaped like a man's prick, and she regretted this. A couple
of years before she had asked dad to fuck her in the ass, he flatly
refused, disgusted. I could feel mothers humiliation at that memory.

She also wanted to suck a man, to completion, having never tasted seed
from the source before. Often her husband would roll off her, sated,
she would slip her fingers into herself, drawing out the combined
juices and licking them off.

Mother squirmed upon the bed across from me, unknowing I was listening
to her, knowing her excitement was building and she was already
wondering if she could escape to the bathroom for a couple of minutes
to relieve herself.


It took great effort to cut off my ability to look into mom's mind.
Sitting across from her at the hotel restaurant, we were both
strangely silent.

I knew her to be horny, she had to be, not having the time for another
climax before we slipped out for lunch.

"Really mom, I'm fine!"

"John... the doctors have no idea what happened to you...?" But I
did. "... and I want to be certain that you are going to be OK!"

It was the same argument we have had for the last three days, since
before I even left the hospital actually. "Dad must be worried about
spending too much money mom?"

Even without actively reading her thoughts I suddenly felt a wave of
disgust and anger most probably directed toward dad. She took a deep
breath and said, "Your more important than money John."

"What about you mom, this can't be too fun for you?" My plate was
empty and I was sipping my soft drink as mom finished up her lunch.

She smiled sweetly, full of love, "I love you John, don't worry about


I was incredibly horny - the thoughts and naughty images from mother had gotten me to a state of incredible lust. In truth, it had been
over a week since I last masturbated - before our trip and I was going
to go mad if I didn't do something about it soon. Being in the same
room as my horny parent, as I now knew her to be, was making me crazy.

Every time she bent over I looked at her ass, remembering her own
thoughts and actions regarding her bum. When she stretched her arms
above her head, my eyes would take in the movement of her breasts.

It was becoming so obvious, that anything and I mean anything about
her caused me to get excited. Minutes before it had been the slow way
she slipped her tongue over her lips, moistening them unconsciously.
I had to turn over onto my stomach, hiding my hard teenage prick.

I knew mom was noticing it as well, I read her embarrassment and
bewilderment. Yet I also noticed an underlying pleasure at the looks
I gave her - she was a woman after all. mom actually started to
wonder if staying together, in the same room, had been a good idea. I
also read that she was amused that I should find her mature body
attractive enough, and attempted to pass my interest off to teenage
hormones - that my eyes will wander to a younger and firmer body as
soon as we got out of the hotel.

Then I noticed her thoughts lead a different direction, as she
wondered when I last masturbated, guessing I must be doing it in the
bathroom as she does.


Four days since I was released from the hospital and mother and I were
a pair of sexually heightened animals. I stared at her openly,
reading her thoughts generously, and enjoyed what I saw.

Mother found pleasure in my looks, in her ability to excite even her
own son - flattered especially since I never failed to look at her ass
if the opportunity presented itself to me. She was also masturbating
three, yesterday four, times a day since we got to the hotel.

Me, I've gone without.

It could not last - I was going crazy.

Mother had disappeared into the bathroom for another bathtub - but I
knew even without venturing into her mind, that she was going to
masturbate - and I quickly stripped naked in my own bed.

I had probably twenty minutes - more than enough time I knew.

I have been jerking off for the last year and a half, early on it was
experimentation, later out of need. In the last six months I've been
doing it daily, enjoying the feelings of my body - imagining girls and
teachers from school for the most part.

This time, as I grabbed my hard shaft and lay back, I only thought
about one person - my mother Jaimie. It was the most incredibly
sexual thing about her, her ass that gave me fuel for my imagination.

It would not take long I knew.

My mind poured over my memories of mother in the tub that first time I
listened to her self-pleasure, thinking about what she must look like
with both her hands between her legs, moving aggressively as she
pleasured herself.

I heard the water sloshing in the bathroom and knew mom had to be
getting into it too - quicker than she normally does.

My hand moved up and down my incredibly hard shaft and I knew it would
only be a minute before I would finish, if that.

Mom was panting so loud I could hear her through the closed bathroom
door - usually she went to great pains to keep silent.

Closer... my hand was moving quicker and was holding myself
firmly... I could barely breath and huffed as I... !

Mom was panting in time to my own sounds, I realized peripherally.
The splashing of the tub echoing even into this room - she must be
going crazy I thought.

That first incredibly wonderful blast from my cock actually hit me on
the chin, which I've never done before, and I gasped in surprise and
delight. My essence pumped out the head of my cock, splatting on my
chest and stomach generously.

In the bathroom mom was screaming, but I knew it not to be in pain.
Mirroring my own pleasure to perfection.

I looked down at myself, the amount of sperm on my body amazed and
delighted me.

I did feel better though.

The sounds in the bathroom died down quickly.


Mom came from the bathtub an hour later with the hotel's robe on,
looking embarrassed and a little distressed.

I had cleaned myself up and dressed only minutes before.

"John...?" She stood at the foot of my bed looking like she would
rather be anywhere else but here.

I consciously decided not to listen to her thoughts.

"Yea mom?" I was sifting through the television guide pretending

"John... did you do something to me a couple of minutes ago?"

I froze and felt my cheeks flush uncontrollably. With a suddenly dry
mouth I asked, "What do you mean mom?"

She looked confused and could not meet my eyes, "I... well, something
happened... it was strange...!"

I speared my thoughts into hers and was surprised what I discovered -
mom had followed an uncontrolled path to an orgasm the likes she had
never felt before.

I understood what had happened, though I did not know how I did it,
but as I had jerked off, having a great big come - mom had been like a
puppet as the same thing happened to her. She had barely even touched
herself but had experienced the best orgasm of her life. In some
unspeakable way she felt that I was with her through her episode
minutes before, feeling me with her as her excitement built to
never-before heights.

What could I do? What should I say?

"I... oh mom, its too embarrassing!" I turned away from her feeling
embarrassed but also trying to figure out what to do what to say.

She finally asked, "Did you masturbate a couple of minutes ago?" I
didn't say a word, my mouth dry and my hands trembling. "I need to
know, is that what you did?"

I turned back to her, mom's green eyes fiercely challenging me. I
squeaked out, "yes".

Mom let out a long deep breath and simply stared at me.

I could read her confusion, understanding that my excitement had
somehow fuelled and even overtook her own. She could not understand
how this happened but she understood that it had.

Finally, "Its OK baby... its normal." It was the maternal thing to
say when you are presented with your child's sexuality.

Mom retreated back to the bathroom to complete her toilet as she
normally does each day.


That same night I conducted an experiment - I pushed my shorts down to
my knees and grabbed my soft cock. mother was sleeping silently
beneath the covers of the bed, and in the dim light I could see her
torso move as she breathed slowly.

I returned to the images that caused my eruption earlier, quickly
causing me to return to my hard heights.

On my back, but my head turned toward mom, I stroked myself slowly.

In a couple of minutes I realized mom was breathing had quickened and
had gotten deeper. I knew I had not purposely aimed any of my sexual
energy toward her but with my fantasies it had done so regardless.

At that point I had a decision to make, to cut off the flow of erotic
energy to my parent to to let it go, maybe even guide it? Now that I
knew it existed, I could consciously contain or release this erotic
flow from me - even aim it like a spear.

I let it flow into her.

Mom's eyes opened as her head turned toward me, watching me silently.

I looked into her eyes as my hand moved over my cock, which she must
be able to see as I sat on top of the covers of my bed, the light not
that low.

She stared at me fiercely and I thought she was not moving till I saw
a small movement beneath the sheets of her bed, about her loin region.

Mother was watching me jerk off, was masturbating herself as well.

I turned away from her, and concentrated upon my fantasy. I stroked
my cock and pumped my hips, my passions quickly ascending. A few feet
away I heard mothers harsh breathing, movements beneath the covers of
her bed.

Quickly the summit was approaching and mother was hissing and groaning
uncontrollably now, her bed making the same little noises that mine

I suddenly clenched every muscle in my body and mother squealed as we
both held our breath.

I exploded the same time she did, jerking my spend upon my tee-shirt
covered stomach as mother actually screamed with pleasure.

Minutes passed and we both lay panting in the dark, me upon the top of
my bed mother beneath hers.

Finally, just when I thought she may have gone back to sleep, she
asked, still out of breath, "How did you do that John?"

I was honest, "I don't know." As I turned my head back toward her our
eyes locked. I was surprised the embarrassment was gone from her

A quick read of her mind and I saw her confusion and her blissful
pleasure - unsure how to continue our conversation.

"Can you 'feel' me when you do it?" I wasn't sure what she meant, did
she know about my new-found powers? But after another quick read I
understood, she wanted to know if I felt her presence like she did me
- if I enjoyed it as much as she did?

I decided to partially lie, "Yes." I could 'feel' her, as she thought
of it, only when I wanted too.

"Was it... did you enjoy it?" That came out barely as a whisper.

Honestly, "Yes... very much."

"Me too." She was becoming embarrassed again.

I decided to try something, something Martha had said in one of our
brief meetings that made me thought about the possibilities. I sent a
dagger of pleasure into mother and she suddenly groaned and curled her
body into a fetal position.

"Oh god!"

[More mother?] I asked directly into the conduit into her mind.

"John?" With her voice. [How...?] Her mind.

I sent another dagger of pleasure, making it last longer, manipulating
the waves so they touch her most exciting of spots directly. mother suddenly straightened out and rolled onto her back stiffly - groaning
with pleasure of my action.


Another dagger of pleasure and I knew the electrical pleasure was
energizing her anus, nipples and vagina wildly - it was the obvious
three pleasure points that I knew.

Mother shoved down down the blankets from her person and struck her
hand between her legs which were thrown wide apart.

I suddenly stopped my thrusts of pleasure into her mind.

Mom slowly, wearily, sat up onto the edge of her bed, whipping her
sweaty brow with a hand. "Baby...?"

She wanted to tell me to stop it, that it was wrong... but her body
was screaming for more, for a completion to the aggressive pleasures I
had started.

Jaimie started to stand back up when I sent another dagger directly
between he legs and she fell backwards onto the bed and screamed as
the thunderous orgasm overtook her senses.

I watched my mother scream and claw at her body wildly, her mind lost
to the bliss given to her by her own son.

I let her mind drift to sleep as it came down from its height, rather
than face her embarrassing questions.


In the light of day mother could not meet my gaze. She phoned dad and
told him she needed separate rooms, and they started to fight about
money at that point. She did not even tell him she wanted to come
home, which she intended, rather than be in the proximity of her son -
the son that gave her more pleasure than she thought was possible
without even touching her.

When she slammed the phone down, digested and burning with anger
toward her uncaring husband, panic almost over took her when I decided
to step in.

Martha had told me different ways to mold a person to my will, one of
the hardest was to manipulate the core of a persons beliefs. It was
not so difficult to do but it was dangerous in that it was difficult
to do properly. And it was almost always irreversible.

I told myself, as I pealed back the wrapping to the core of mothers
mind, that I was doing this so as she not become frantic and actually
scared of me.

So I only manipulated thoughts and feelings that were already there -
her love for me, her trust in me and her maternal devotion toward me.

Even as I was doing it, she became calmer, relaxed, and I knew that my
changes could be misconstrued.

Mom turned in the stool toward me, still angry at my father but the
building fear and panic toward me gone.

"Guess we are stuck here till the end of the week." She couldn't meet
my eyes.

"I am not really sorry about that mom."

She stole a quick glance at me and smiled softly, "I guess I am not
either." It did not take a mind reader to realize mom wanted more
orgasms like the three she experienced the day before.


[How long have you been able to read minds baby?] We were seated
across from each other in the same restaurant we attended nearly every
day, talking without using our lips.

[Since the accident.]

She nodded, having guessed that part. [Did those two old ladies have
anything to do with it?] She meant Martha and Joelyn, she had seen
them but never spoken with them.

[Not really.]

Mothers don't let this sort of reply go so quickly, ['Not really'?]
Her eyes silently stared at me while her mouth had a queer half-smile
upon it.

[They were slaves to that man that died.]

[The man from the accident? 'Slaves'?]

I nodded and ate another French fry.

[Sexual 'slaves'?] I nodded again.

She sat looking at her untouched food for a lengthy minute before
continuing, [What else have you read about me John?] mom was feeling
incredibly embarrassed suddenly.

Without answering I sent a small touch to her mind, it causing her to
feel something warm and wet, a tongue is what I attempted it to feel
like, sliding up into her anus.

I should explain that I could not actually control a persons body
directly, only make their mind think it was being controlled. So that
tongue was simply a mental 'feeling' that overrode what her own body
was telling her. In some ways, it was the same thing - regardless,
mother felt a tongue enter her ass.

Mom suddenly gasped and jerked forwards a little, stopped when I did,
and turned a bright deep red from forehead to beneath her shirt. She
knew I read everything about her.

I could read her desire to tell me not to do that again, it was wrong,
improper... but she could not, she loved it.

I did it again and she jerked against the edge of the table, her hands
grasping one of my own roughly. It lasted less than three seconds but
I knew the effects lasted much longer to mom.

"John...?" That was with her voice.

Back to my mental communication, [I love you mom. Don't be

She looked into my eyes and squeezed my hand, "I'll try", she said.


[Yes mom.]

[Can you do it one more...?] I did, before she could finish her
sentence. Even though it was not real, it was the first time mom felt
a tongue enter into her back passage.


We lay across from each other, in the same bed, clothed in our night
attire, upon our sides facing the other. I had toyed with her and
delivered her orgasms at random throughout the two days - and she had
not had the strength or the will to stop me - enjoying and accepting
my mental touches more each time.

Out loud, "We go home tomorrow mom. Will anything be different?"

I could feel her desire not to leave this place, this sanctuary of our
ill lust. I told her last night that I found her attractive, that I
imagined her when I masturbated. She had sighed and allowed the
faceless man in her own fantasies to be me, and I used these to
further her pleasure.

She was sad when she answered, "Yes, I suppose it will."

My hand slipped across the space between us and I slowly unbuttoned
her pyjama top. She watched me silently, nervously, until I lifted
the top edge and threw it behind her. Before me with the breast of a
live woman, the first breasts I've ever seen - not counting my peeks
into someones mind. It was strange, that I've given mom countless
orgasms in the last several hours and I had never even seen her naked.

I slipped quickly into mom's mind and read her pleasure at my action,
and it surprised me. I also read her embarrassment at the age of her
body, wishing better for me. I mumbled, "You like this?" I meant
exposing her.

She smiled sweetly and answered, "I wondered how long it will be till
you wanted more than just my mind."

My hand reached out and the tip of my forefinger touched her
dollar-sized pink nipples. mom sighed with pleasure and her nipple
started to harden.

It surprised me, her accepting this from me, because I thought I would
have to manipulate her mind into letting me do anything besides toy
with her mentally. Yet, now, it was apparent she wanted
more... desired it. With a quick read of her mind, I knew she
actually expected the real thing with me to be better than my mental

It was all so incredible to this fourteen year old.

As if I could not say the words out loud I thought them toward her, [I
don't know how mom.]

She smiled sweetly and reached out to gently cup my cheek in her warm
hand, [I want to teach you baby.]

[Tonight?] Could my excitement be heard in my mind's voice.

Gently, [If you wish.]

I gently rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger causing her
to gasp with pleasure, it having turned a darker pink or brown and was
smaller, tighter and wrinkled.

An hour before I had watched mother wiggle beneath the blankets on her
bed as I delivered yet another orgasm to her, a more gentle one this
time. She had lain and felt a thousand tongues lick every inch of her
body, the ones between her legs and between the cheeks of her ass,
expertly touching all the right spots.

If I had not played with her so frequently in the last two days I
would not have guessed her capable of yet another moments pleasure -
but she seemed insatiable.

I had to ask, [What about dad?]

She said and thought nothing for several minutes. "He is your
father... but I don't love him any longer John."

I did, but as a father. I only loved dad's wife much stronger. And
from my forays into her mind, I knew dad has treated mom rather crappy
these last few years.

[You could leave him?]

She just stared at me, some of her excitement seemingly melting from
her eyes. "How, we would be destitute?" It was her way of gently
giving me a reason without getting into 'adult' facts, as she used to
call them. As if to console me, "I will always love you like no other
baby... I will be...!" She was thinking this to me, and had wanted to
say she would always be available for my use, sexually speaking, if I
wanted her.

I still pressed my point, [Would you leave him if you did not have to
worry about money?]

She frowned and rolled over onto her back, that breast suddenly pulled
away from my grasp. With her lips she said, "It is not something we
should think about baby - just let it go OK?"

With my mind, [What if I said Martha and Joelyn have plenty of money?]

Mom turned her head toward me and I thought I could see a little
disgust upon her face. It was a strange look, since both of her
breasts were visible - one with a hard nipple. [What does it matter
if they have money?]

[I agreed to take them as my slaves.] And Martha told me slaves' do
not own anything - they only having gotten the money from their
previous Master's death.

Mom mouth opened and I knew she did not contemplate the full extent of
my words, I could barely wrap my head around it actually.

Before she could respond I gently ordered with my mind, [Turn away
from me mom.]

It was the first order I've ever given her and my heart pounded as I
wondered how it would be taken - she did say she was willing.

Thankfully mom rolled onto her side, facing away from me with her
knees bent and her feet together.

I reached out and grasped the elastic band of her loose pyjama shorts
- shoving them suddenly down.


Mom gasped out and froze.

I was able to get her bottoms to a point half ways to her knees, with
a little work, and looked down at the most delightful of bottoms.

It was the first woman's ass I've ever seen and I swore it had to be
the best ass I could ever see.

I simply rolled my hand gently across it, feeling the smooth softness
of its surface. mom was breathing heavily now, lifting her knees
higher and arching her back to press that sexy teardrop ass toward me.
It caused the crack of her ass to widen naturally.

When the tips of my hand slipped between the twin cheeks mother froze,
holding her breath. It was the first time I consciously teased her,
as I withdrew them to return to gently fondling her backside.

No man has ever paid secular attention to her ass before, I overheard
her thoughts, no man seemed to worship that part of her body that she
did. That part of her she thought deserved to be worshipped.

My hand came down and slapped her bottom surprising the both of us
with its loud splatting sound. mom jerked but otherwise did not move.

Her mind was reeling with unexpected pleasure though, having never
been spanked or even thought about it - while the slight pain was
noticeable, it seemed to strike directly into the core of her sexual
pleasure. It was like placing your tongue upon the end of a battery,
that small tingling spark - that was what mother felt, but it was
sexual and centred between her legs and the cheeks of her ass.

I struck again, with the same response.

Then I returned to touching her, more aggressive and firm this time -
fondling her ass roughly till she was panting loudly.

This time, when my fingers slipped between the white globes of her
ass, I did not stop till I touched a tiny hard round wrinkled muscle.
Mother gasped loudly and froze.

It felt stranger than I ever thought it would. And desired to see
more, so I wiggled down so that my face was mere centimetres from her

Mother was almost screaming out her pleasure in her mind, [Oh
John... oh baby... yes... do it... do it...!] I wasn't sure what 'it'
was a that exact moment.

With both hands I pried apart her cheeks and looked down into the
crack of mothers pleasure, the tiny pink anus clenching as if
welcoming me.

"God mother... its so... beautiful..!" It had been out loud and
mother signed long and deeply in response.

I leaned in and kissed it without warning.

Mothers mind froze in that moment in time, wanting to simply
experience this fantasy come true - never imagining it would be with
her own son. No longer caring it was with her own son.

My tongue slipped out and I touched the hard wrinkled donut - softly
at first but quickly turned aggressive.

There was a heady smell between her cheeks and another distinct but
different smell between her closed thighs - from her sex. Mother, I
knew from listening to her mind, was almost mindless with lust and

Mother, I saw, kept her bottom completely hairless - actually enjoying
that part of her grooming very well. The effect, though, was to give
me a complete unhindered view of her backside that I thought
incredibly sexy.

I shoved my tongue into her ass hole as I've done a number of times in
her mind, and mother suddenly grasped a pillow and bite into it to
quench the squeal of pleasure. It had clenched upon my tongue
delightfully but then had pressed out, as if she was shitting I
thought, and I was able to press more of my tongue into her.

Mother had experience in using her bottom, knew how to relax and allow
the pleasure to flow from the new feelings of that invasion of her
body. My tongue was the first one to do so, and for that I knew she
would always be mine - this gift to her would heighten her love, and
yes, her lust for me tenfold.

She rolled over onto her stomach, her legs still together, as my face
was pressed between the cheeks of her ass. I didn't do anything now
but move my tongue in and out of her body, marvelling how relaxed it
had become so that my invading went smooth and deep. I was innocent
in the ways of giving a woman oral pleasure, but I had also read the
intimate thoughts of the woman below me and knew her fantasies often
ran to a tongue invading her ass as if it were a small cock. So that
is exactly what I did.

I did not have to read her mind to know that her climax was fast
approaching - that she needed this fantasy fulfilled by only coming
with a tongue in her ass.

Mom reached around herself and held her own bottom cheeks spread wide,
arching her back so that her ass struck upwards perfectly. She began
to move her hips slightly, in time to my oral thrusts. mother was
anally fucking herself on my tongue.

She suddenly screamed long and loud into the pillow as orgasm
electrified her body and froze her in her obscene position. Her anus
suddenly clenched fiercely and held my tongue and it actually hurt!

Mother suddenly allowed her body to relax and it seemed as if every
muscle in her body lost control and instantly loosened. Her hands
fell from her ass to her side and her anus simply relaxed so much I
felt around just inside her with the tip of my tongue.

When I came up for air, it was done - her orgasm and her defeat at the
power of her own lust.


It was only ten minutes, not moving a muscle, when her head lifted
from that pillow and she stared at me with a lustful gaze and half

She was mine now, we both knew it.

"I love you baby."

With words, "I love you too mom."

She spoke with her mind, [No, I mean I love you!]

Slowly, upon tired limbs she crawled toward me as I lay upon my back
next to her. mother wore that strange half-smile as a badge of pride.

She did not make any detours as she moved directly for my lap. [You
made mommy so happy baby!]

I simply watched wide eyed as she quickly, expertly, undid the button
about my waist before yanking out my half-hard teenage cock.

Suddenly that teenage inadequacy hit, and I felt utterly pathetic and
small. From mom's memories I knew dad to be larger than me - and my
cock actually softened.

Surprising me, mom giggled softly, opened her mouth and took my soft
cock between her lips. [I want to make you happy baby... come in
mommy's mouth!] At times like this, I realized, talking with your
mind can be rather pleasant.

My cock hardened quickly, mother taking it easily within her mouth to
the root. She was sucking me slowly up and down, her eyes closed and
simply enjoying. I watched her movements, amazed at the pleasure I
was feeling at my first blow job. Her mind was focused on my cock,
with her mouth and the desire to taste my come.

I simply lay back and let my pleasure flow - when I realized mom had a
hand between her legs as she knelt next to me and was moving both the
hand and her hips in time to her thrusting lips. She was masturbating
as she sucked me!

Mother masturbated herself, my pleasure was invading mothers mind,
giving her the excitement that I was feeling. So with each thrust of
her face, and each invasion of my cock down her throat, she was giving
both of us pleasure. She knew it as well.

My orgasm came minutes later, and mother squealed with a mouth full of
my cock as we enjoyed a mutual explosion of lust. She swallowed all
the tribute I had to give, willingly. And even without reading her
mind I knew how happy and satisfied she was.

I allowed sleep to overtake me.


If I was expecting mom to be embarrassed I was disappointed, my mother was incredibly proud and desirous of me. She clung upon my arm in the
cab, the whole plane trip and only let go when dad picked us up at the

Her mood seemed to become more sullen at that point as well.

In the car ride home, mom listening to dad's complaints about the
neighbours dog taking another dump on our lawn, while seated next to
him in the front seat. Then she suddenly sent a silent comment to me,
[I love you baby!]

[I love you too mom.]

Her head turned and she looked over her shoulder at me and we shared a
knowing look. She was mine for the taking.


I think I should tell you a little about Sarah, my older sister.
Before I even became aware of what girls did to me, a teenage boy, I
noticed Sarah in ways brothers should not notice their sisters. Her
cone shaped breasts, as she was in the middle of her adolescence at
that time , always captured my attention.

She teased me, of course, as only older sisters could tease a brother.
I saw her plenty of times in her bra and panties, almost always white
cotton as she consciously gave me these peeks of her body partially

No one else knew of my fascination, or my lust, for my older sister but I'm sure Sarah did.

Well when I started to masturbate a year and a half ago, the first
thing I started to imagine in my fantasies was my older sister. It
was like an incredible new world to me, the joys of stroking myself to
orgasm while thinking of my sisters sexy body.

Up till two weeks ago, you may claim this was all normal adolescent
innocent behaviour.

Yet, stuck in that hotel with mom for a week, I thought about Sarah as
well. Wondering, or perhaps, wishing she had been there with me
rather than mom. I no longer, thought that way, at least after
mothers aggressive willingness to submit to the pleasures that I could

With what Martha had told me, I could finally see Sarah naked. More
than that, I could actually get her to lust after me the way I now had

Her marriage to that dork was an inconvenience, one that I felt great
jealously over but hid well before our trip. Now, I barely
acknowledged it.

Sarah was in my mind as I lay in bed in the middle of the night, when
a soft knock came upon my door.

"Yes?" I thought it was mom - I could read her lustful thoughts for
me since she had tasted my come, though we haven't had a chance to be
alone yet. With her mind's words she promised me anything I wished,
only to give her a chance to make me happy.

Geri's head stuck in, and I felt the blood of embarrassment rush to my
face - she must be able to see the hardness beneath my shorts. "You
OK John?"

Since my accident I've become aware of my younger sisters empathy -
something I thought she had little of. I had read her thoughts
numerous times since I awoke into this new world, and saw her
genuinely concerned for her big brother.

Geri looked down at the lump in my shorts before tearing her eyes back
to my face.

"I'm fine."

She stood there, obviously not wanting to leave before she stole
another glance at my thrusting lap before closing the door to my

Was it only teenage inquisitiveness?

I sent the thread of my thoughts into hers, as she retreated quickly
to her room. What I found surprised me - Geri lusted after me similar
to how I lusted after Sarah. No, it was different - she had romantic
notions about me, us. These notions were very often sexual - and I
could feel the heat of her hunger as she rushed to her own bed.

Geri, my thirteen year old sister shoved her hand under her panties and rolled onto her stomach. It was how she did it, I knew from my
spying. She ground and thrust into her hand, loosing herself into the
pleasures of her bliss.


The cab dropped me off at the large expensive home and quickly left -
there was not many fares to this neighbourhood.

It was the right address - I advanced through the long driveway and up
to the large double front doors and knocked.

Almost immediately Joelyn answered and waved me in excitedly.

I felt my face blush as I looked at the fifty-nine year old woman
wearing stockings, panties and a bra. Her elder soft body evident,
but the allure of her sight still obvious.

She closed the doors behind me.

Martha came through a doorway wearing much the same thing, but black
to her sisters white.

"Master!" Two sets of arms encircled me in a warm embrace. I only
felt further embarrassment.

They thankfully let me go from their embrace and stood back, Martha
waved her hand into the large empty room behind her, "Welcome to your
new home Master!"

Her words took me by surprise - my home? Oh yes, slave's don't own
anything. And her calling me 'Master' was a little too much to my
innocent mind.


"Come in John... Joelyn made supper for you!" The younger woman was
blushing but looked pleased. The two ladies, both old enough to be my
grandmother ushered me to the back of the house to a huge kitchen. I
noticed the whole house seemed to be empty.

I sat and let Joelyn serve me, since a setting was only placed at the
table for me. Martha sat next to me and was beaming with pleasure.

[Do you feel better Master?] It was Martha, asking me directly with
her mind's voice, as I've come to call it.

[Much.] I remembered the sound of my mothers squeal of delight as she
orgasmed with my tongue in her ass. Yes, I was feeling rather good

"We did not know how you wanted this house decorated so we only
stocked the kitchen and one of the guest rooms for my sister and I."

Wow. "OK." The food was something I've never ate before - but it was
delicious. It had plenty of spices - curry I think.

"Joelyn... and I, were wondering if you wished us to do anything for
you Master?" She was looking at me expectantly.

I had to ask, but almost scared at the answer I may get, "Like what?"
Out loud.

With her mind she immediately answered, [I could suck your cock as
Joelyn continues to serve you your supper?] I saw the barely
suppressed hunger in her elder gaze.

I could only nod with my head, turning her down. She did not look
disappointed but her hunger seemed to be suppressed a little. I'm not
innocent in the pleasures of a woman's mouth any more, having had my
one and only orgasm within mother's mouth, but I came here to talk
with Martha.

[Then Joelyn could service you with your mouth if you wish it?] I
looked at the older sister to see if there was any sign of jealously
but only saw happiness therein.

The nod took longer this time but this time it was a positive
response. It took a surprising amount of my teenage strength to
accept such an offer.

If truth be told the younger sister was marginally more visually
appealing to me than the elder, but Martha seemed to have more fire
and passion than the quiet younger woman.

It was strange, watching Joelyn catch a silent nod from her older sister and watch her move toward me suggestively.

These women have lived nearly their whole life as slaves, living only
for sexual pleasure. Now the same age as my grandmother, this woman
came to stand next to me and then effortlessly slip to her knees. I
watched her as she crawled beneath the table and felt her gently ease
my legs apart.

Fingers quickly unzipped my jeans and my cock tasted the cool air as
it was pulled from its cavern.

Joelyn didn't engulf me like mother did, but toyed with it, playing
with me using her hands and lips. I quickly hardened of course, as
her touches were very erotic if not a little maddening. Then and only
then did she take my cock into her mouth and slowly passionately
sucked me up and down, yet her hands cupped and squeezed my balls in
time to the movements of her mouth.

I sighed with the pleasure of it and Martha asked wordlessly, [Your
first time?]

I nodded negatively which caused her eyebrows to lift, [Your mom?]

Suddenly my heart felt as if it was about to explode in shame - the
fear of discovery had to have been plain on my face.

She saw my response and quickly added, [Its OK John.] I caught her
eye and saw that she Martha could not judge me, as her life was filled
with sexual escapades possibly more irrational that what I had
experienced with mom. [Did you do anything else with her?]

There was no reason not to tell her, [I licked her bum.]

Martha smiled proudly, [And she enjoyed it very much right?]

I nodded, this time embarrassed in some adolescent way at revealing my
experience. [Did you enjoy it?]

[Very much.]

Her smile was wide.

I'm not sure why I did it - maybe because seated in that empty house
with two mature lingerie-clad ladies, one sucking me slowly, the other
talking with her mind about my sexual experience with mother - it all
felt as if a dream, but I told her the details about my week at the
hotel. Not missing a single second of the erotic tale to tell.

I found it easy to chat with the old woman, knowing she did not judge
me, and only found pleasure in my pleasures.

"She is yours as strongly as I am John."

I could only stare at her comment.

"Her bond with you is with love as well as the fantasies you can
deliver. It is a great gift to be have such a woman - much harder to
do than using your power to enslave her."

I'm not sure if I liked the word 'enslave' as it was used with mom.
Yet, that is what she currently was - wasn't it?

I felt myself rising quickly to an orgasm when Joelyn stopped sucking me and pressed with her thumb at the point just below my balls. The
fast approaching orgasm was gone. The mouth returned to sucking.

I told Martha about my fantasies regarding Sarah and then what
happened the other night with Geri.

The sixty two year-old listened patiently but asked, "How do you feel
about Geri Master?"

She was my irritable younger sister so I just shrugged.

"She is at a dangerous junction in her life - she loves you more
passionately than even she can imagine." Martha smiled softly and
continued, "Joelyn was like that at that age as well, rather than let
time diminish her love I decided to share mine with her. That was
before our Master took us." Perhaps why he took them I added silently
to myself. "Geri will forget her love for you if you leave her alone
but if you want her to desire you like your mother does", I shivered
uncontrollably at this point, "then you can carefully initiate her
into having her join your circle of slaves."

Geri? She was my athletic introverted sister - the one that barely
gave me the time of day. But Martha's hypothesis seemed accurate, I
could feel the truth I her words. Did I want Geri as I did
Sarah... and mom, for that matter?

I sent a strong command to the woman kneeling between my legs and this
time, as I gained the heights, she did not stop. Instead the sexy old slave swallowed loudly the tribute I spurted into her mouth.


Mom was seated across the family room looking down at the magazine - I
won't call it reading. Geri was upstairs in her room. Dad was
watching the news, and I was seated next to him.

[She said it was your house?] mom was talking with me in her mind,
carrying on a conversation while dad sat feet away.

[It was huge mom, and empty.]

[Where was it again?] I told her the location. [That house! My god
John, its a mansion?]

[Its big mom.]

I could feel her reluctance with the next question, [Did anything else
happen?] I had already told her how the two old ladies answered the

[Joelyn made supper.]

[And...?] mom was looking at me firmly over her magazine, and she
must sense my reluctance. She was my mother, she has had years of
experience in my hiding things from her. And, unfortunately, I have
learnt that the mind's voice expressed the same emotions as speaking
with ones mouth.

[Joelyn gave me a blow job as I ate.]

Moms eyes shut up to the ceiling, and she looked rather angry.

Thankfully, dad didn't notice a thing.

[Is that all or is there something else?] She was pretty angry, and
did not even hold the magazine before her to try and pretend she was
reading it.

[Not really.]

['Not really'?]

[Well they did something together before I left.]


Did she really want to know all this? [Martha asked me permission for
her sister to... well, lick her off.]

[What!] It looked like mom was about to jump out of her chair.

I added defensively, [I didn't actually see anything - it was right
after I had come and Joelyn was hidden beneath the table.] The
younger sister had slipped from between my thighs to between her older sisters. And from the reactions of Martha, it was apparent how she
enjoyed the attention between her legs. I had wished, at the time,
that I could see what was happening between Martha's spread legs - but
in my awkward adolescence I was not sure how to ask.

You know how you said one sentence too much - well that last sentence
was it. mom jumped up and quickly stalked off before dad or I could
say anything, he just looked surprised at his wife's sudden departure
and turned back to the television.

In a couple of minutes I followed her.


She was standing facing the kitchen counter, hands on its edge, and
chin upon her chest. I couldn't see her face, but it appeared that
she may be crying.

I spoke with my mind's voice, [What is wrong?] It was one of those
stupid questions we all ask to start a conversation.

She looked up and I saw her red eyes and tear-streaked cheeks, [You
get a blow job from some woman and have the gall to ask me what is
wrong?] If there is a way to scream with your mind, she was doing it.

[I had to take them mom, since ...!]

She interrupted, [You lied to me John - you said you loved me, that
you wanted me to teach you.] She meant 'teach' in a much broader
sense of the word.

[I do love you mom.] I placed my open hand upon her shoulder but she
shrugged it off.

[Was she better than me?]

What? Of all things to ask. I never asked her if she enjoyed dad's
cock more than mine - why did she have to ask if Joelyn's mouth was
better than hers.

I decided to ignore the question, [Do you still want to leave dad

It was as good a time as any to ask. The silence was thick between
us, but I was determined not to be the first to break it. [You were
not joking?]

[No I was not.]

[What would that make me... just another of your trophy slaves?] She
had a disgusted look on her face.

I was starting to get angry and thrust back with, [If that is what you

Her eyes shot up wide and I thought she was going to slap my face but
she suddenly turned away from me and began to cry yet again. [You can
read my mind, you tell me what I want.] It was a challenge.

I didn't want too, I could have of course, but for some reason I
needed her to say, or think, the words. [Tell me what you want mom?]

The silence was thick for a few seconds before I reached out and laid
the flat of my hand upon the covered thrust of her ass cheek. mom inadvertently thrust her ass toward me and sighed. [I want you baby.
Mommy wants to be yours.]

[You are mom.]

Both may hands had a handful of cheek, roughly fondling her above her
clothing. [I want to be your teacher baby... I want to learn with

The energy of the room was changing and I felt the hardness of my cock
painfully thrust against my jeans.

[I will have other lovers mother?]

Sighing with resignation, [I know.]

[You will accept that?]

[Do I have a choice?] I slipped a hand between her thighs, cupping
upwards, stroking roughly from her navel to her tail-bone.

[Of course you do!]

[I will try John... just please don't forget me!] She sighed so
loudly I thought mom or Geri might hear.

[I could never do that.] I had to test her, [You will accept me
having other women?]

[Yes.] No reluctance now.

[Anyone I desire?]

A little slow in responding, [Yes.]

[Even Geri?]


Mom's head turned and she looked at me over her shoulder, her eyes
disbelieving. [Your sister?] Stupid question. [My god John... how
could you?] I withdrew my hands from that sexy ass.

I had to calm her down, she was starting to get incensed again, [I
haven't done anything yet mom.]

[But you will is that it?]

[Think about it mom, how will you live with me as we just talked about
unless Geri accepted us as lovers.]

[She is your sister John?]

[She is also a woman.]

[A little girl!]

[A teenager.]


[Only a year younger than me.] That stilled her mind's voice for a
minute, mother lusted after me and I was but fourteen years
old... well, nearly fifteen.

[Am I not enough for you, do you need others?] She had calmed
herself, good. Was she accepting what I was telling her?

[Its not like that mom.]

[We haven't even... you don't even know if you need someone else?]

[We have not what mom?] I was being purposely obtuse.

[You know... fucked.] She couldn't look at me as she said it. That
word from her lips sounded so foreign.

[But you want too.]

A seconds hesitation, probably her parental propriety, [Yes.]

[You want to make me happy?]


[You know that if I'm happy you will be happy right mom?]

[Oh god... yes!] She had to have been remembering the last two days
at the hotel.

[And if it makes me happy to be with Geri?]

Mom stood back up and turned back to me, looking firmly into my eyes.
[If you wanted this you could just make me like it?]

[I could.] I had already considered it.

[Why don't you?]

[Because I want to love the mother I have always known not some
mannequin that just looks like you.]

Her gaze softed only marginally. [What of Geri, will you turn her
into a mannequin?]

[No.] Of that I was sure of... not counting a little manipulation as
I've already done to mom, of course.

[So she may not want you as I do?] I could almost feel her thread of

[She does.] I told her about the other evening and mother hung her
head almost to her chest. It was true, and we both knew it, Geri
would come to me more willing than her mother had.

[Then it will be me and your sister as your play-things?]

[Yes. And Jaimie and Martha.] She already knew about those two, of

[Anyone else you should warn me about?]

Should I warn her about her eldest daughter? I did not think it was
the right time, [Not yet.] She sighed with relief. [But I may change
my mind.]

[Will you at least be honest with me before including someone else?]

A ray of hope. [Yes, of course.]

Mother sighed deeply and finally asked, [What do you want me to do for
you first baby?]

The question could be taken in so many different ways.

Ungentlemanly I pressed on the tops of mothers shoulders until she
started to descend to her knees. She looked over her shoulder as if
expecting her husband to appear, but he was busy in the next room.

[Don't worry mom - dad won't leave the television.] She looked up
into my eyes and saw the certainty within - dad can not appear in the
kitchen without me knowing it. A small devious smile appeared just
before both her hands rose to unzip my jeans. Even as one hand
slipped into my jeans to find what me, I reached out to grasp my
mothers head in both of my hands.

I drew her towards me even as I felt the cool air upon my half-hard
shaft before it was engulfed by a warm wet mouth.


Saturday afternoon, dad was golfing and mom had disappeared to go
shopping. Geri normally played field hockey on Saturdays, but it was
cancelled due to the rain.

It was the day that I planned to confront Geri, to tell her I knew of
her love for me and that I would return it, with my conditions.

"Where did mom go dork?" A good start, wouldn't you say?

"Shopping." Normally, mom asked her youngest if she wanted to go out
with her, it was actually a little odd that she didn't this time.

"I wanted to talk with you Geri."

She stopped in half turn and crossed her arms over her 'A' cup pointy
breasts and gave me that impatient look she had perfected years
before. "Yea?"

I was seated in the living room, having waited for my sister's

"I know how you feel about me Geri."

She looked a little nervous and then frowned suddenly, "You mean a
useless waste of air?"

So I gave up some of the information I've accumulated by peeking into
private thoughts. "I know how the last thing you do before you go to
sleep each night - I know who you think about." I had said it softly,
gently. Both Martha and mom and warned me to be gentle with Geri's
teenage heart.

The blood drained from my sisters tanned face and she suddenly turned
about and rushed from the room. In seconds I heard the door to her
room slam and her sobs echo through the house.

Shit, this wasn't going to be as easy as I thought. mom had warned me
about that as well.

Knocking softly, "Geri...?"

"Go away John!"

"Let me in."

"Please leave me alone OK?" She sounded pitiful, as if her worst fear
had just been exposed. In a sense it was true.

I tried another approach, anger, "Open the door right now!"

We had fought too often for just my angry voice to get her to do what
I wanted. There was nothing but sobs on the other side of the door.

So another tactic - one that mom had told me to use. "I want you to
listen to me OK Geri? I'm only going to tell you this once." I took
a long deep breath and was glad that her sobs had diminished so I knew
she was listening. "I love you too, more than a brother I mean.
Things are changing around here... and I don't want to loose you OK?
I want to be with you." She had to know what that meant right? "I
want to make you happy. OK?"


I turned about and retreated to my room. Just before I reached my
bedroom door I turned at a small sound to see my sister running toward
me. Suddenly she jumped into my arms, wrapping her arms and her legs
about me, our lips meeting. It was the first passionate kiss I've
ever had, and I could taste her tears upon her full red lips.


I was seated upon the middle of her pink lace-trimmed bed, her tight
small bottom upon my lap her our arms about each other. I had just
told her about the powers I discovered since waking from the 'coma'.
It was not such a large test of our trust, as I've spend hours in the
last couple of days assessing how 'honest' I could be with her.

Geri just looked at me like I was crazy.

"Do you want me to prove it to you?"

That impatient irritable little-sister look returned and it annoyed me
only a little. I rather enjoyed the wide-open loving look she had
given me since her tackle in the hallway. "Sure." I could tell she
didn't believe me.

[Here it comes!] I thought with my mind's voice and before she could
claim her astonishment and ask how I had talked with her without my
lips she suddenly jerked upon my lap. [Relax Geri... I love you... I
want to make you happy.]

It was something I've learnt from my week with mom, to give mental
licks upon intimate and clothed parts of the female body.

Geri turned her head and with wide eyes and gasped as another
invisible tongue slide up the length of her teenage slit.


The licks became more aggressive and I had to roughly hold Geri from
flopping from her place on my lap. I never realized she was so strong
before! She tried to hold my gaze but lost out as another mental
tongue started on her anus - as I knew would drive mom to oblivion.

Geri seemed to take it rather positively as well.

She was wearing her cotton sweat pants and a loose tee-shirt, not the
most sexiest of clothing but it did not seem to matter. Geri tried to
reach between her legs with her arm, but I held it in place about my
neck - no, she would enjoy this without any help!

The teenage girl orgasmed suddenly and clenched each of her strong
muscles before relaxing and letting me hold her in place. My lips
found hers to be wet but exhausted as I slipped my tongue in to
explore her mouth.

Our eyes met and she smiled and instead of the questions I had been
expecting asked me, "Do it again John!"

I did.


When the phone rang I groaned at the intrusion but reached over to
Geri's bedside table and picked it up.

"John?" It was mom.

"Hi mom." Geri looked up from her work and looked nervous at the
intrusion, I indicated for her not to stop. She still feared

"Is it safe to come home yet? Is Geri OK?"

"She is doing fine mom, and give us another half hour OK?"

"Uh... OK." I hung up, almost laughing at the sound of disappointment
that I had accomplished what I desired.

I looked down at Geri's arched eyebrow before again closing my eyes
and enjoying her hands. My sister sat between my naked legs wearing
only her white thong-style panty, stroking my cock up and down as I
had instructed her too. Geri was giving me a hand-job.

She sat on her barely covered ass and watched my cock wide eyed,
feeling only love for me. I listened to her thoughts, at her sheer
amazed pleasure at what was happening between us... at the sight of my
beautiful cock. Her mental words not mine. Yet, she was scared and
only a little nervous about doing anything else with me - but wanting
too. A part of her was thankful that I hadn't gone further than ask
only for this hand-job, to the first cock she had ever seen.

I could hear her silent questions about that phone call, how I had
asked mother to give us another thirty minutes... minutes to do what
she had thought, why would her mother ask?

Mentally I answered, [That feels good sis!]

"Fuck...!" She forgot my ability, or rather she was not used to it

"How much does mom know John?" She didn't use her mind to ask -
actually disliking talking with our minds I realized with amusement.

[All of it.]

She suddenly stopped and I was forced to open my eyes yet again. "She
knows?" I saw the fear in her eyes.

[She loves you Geri.]

"Yea but...?"

[She loves me too.]

Something about that statement caught her attention and she looked up,
"She loves you like I do?"

I understood what she meant, [Yes.] Actually she loved me very
passionately, but it wasn't romance on her mind but raw lust.

Disgust was her first reaction, but I had anticipated that. I had
already altered Geri's mind nearly the same as I did with our mother.
She would never betray my love and would never become more than
slightly angry at me.

Geri let my hard pole go and climbed effortlessly to her feet, "How
could you John!" It wasn't really a question. "She is your mother for god sake - its incest!"

I laughed lightly, [And this isn't?]

Geri turned bright red, and saw that I was looking between her legs,
at the crotch of her white cotton panty. It was soaked through from
her two orgasms earlier, the white cotton dark and nearly transparent.
In fact I could see the sparse amount of brown hair pressing against
the wet fabric.

"Its different with us."

[Why?] I said mentally.

"Stop talking to me like that!" She was looking around for her
tee-shirt, and I adjusted my gaze to again appraise those delightful
pointy tits and the swollen nipple topping each. "She is our mother John!"

"She is still lonely... still needs love like you do."

Geri stared hard at me, her eyes only briefly looking at my hard cock
that she minutes before had her hands wrapped around. "What have you
done with her?"

"What do you mean?"

"What did mom and you... you know... did you fuck her John?" She was
almost screaming.

"Calm down Geri... no I never fucked her." That bit of info did not
seem to calm her any.

"Then tell me, what did you do?"

"Please Geri, don't do this... not now?"

She stood at the far end of her room, arms crossed and her knees
pressed together in obvious body language.

"I gave mom pleasure like I did to you."

"You mean with your mind?"


"That's it?" I hesitated, god help me and I had chosen the two women
in the world that can read me like a book! "Tell me John?"

[I used my tongue... and she sucked me.]

Geri's eyes could not get wider. "And she knows about how I feel
about you?"

I shrugged to affirm her thought.

Tears started, something that I rarely saw in this strong-willed young teenager, yet, something that I've drawn out of her twice today.

"Things are going to change Geri."

She was able to say between soft sobs, "What things?"

"Mom is leaving dad."

The sobs became harsher then suddenly slowed to almost nothing,
"Anything else?"

"Mom is going to move in with me." I never mentioned Martha or her
wonderful sucking sister. It would be the wrong time, without a


"And... I wanted you to come with us?"

"Like some kind of incest triangle?" Her face held a little hatred as
well as disgust at that statement.

I only countered it with a look.

When she continued, "Did you force her John or did she come willing?"

I understood what she meant, "I never forced anything on mom."

She barely whispered, "Like me."

"Will I have to be with mom too?"

I was startled at the question, not having actually thought about it
before. "That is up to you?" It also sounded to me as if she was
resigning herself to the new life I had proposed.

"I knew mom was unhappy." With hidden anger at myself, I realized I
hadn't. "I knew it had something to do with sex." I quickly scanned
into my younger sister's mind and saw that she had actually listened
to mothers masturbation sessions, sneaking home on purpose to catch
her mother. Geri had looked and found our mothers dildos and
vibrators - and on more than one occasion had heard the low hum of the
vibrator as it was moving in and out of our parents body. The final
surprise came when I realized that Geri imagined it was she that was
making her mom happy, not some stupid vibrator - not understanding
enough about sex, she meant this in all ways possible, even in an
incestuous lesbian contact.

"Mom wants to teach me how to be with a woman."

Geri looked up suddenly, probably wondering why I had revealed this

Gently I added, "She could teach both of us."

This time there was not disgust in her eyes but resignation. In her
mind I read the glowing spark I had ignited, as it grew in her

"Now take off your tee-shirt and finish what you started!" With one
hand I wiggled my three-quarters hard cock comically.

Geri suddenly smiled, quickly stripped off her shirt and jumped to a
kneeling position between my legs. Both hands encircled my dick but
she looked into my eyes before continuing. "What do I
do... well... when you finish?" She looked very embarrassed.

Gently smiling I nodded toward her puffy nipples as they pointed
upwards at my balls, Geri looked down and then beamed me a pleased
look before lifting her hands.

Minutes later she aimed the head of my circumcised cock between her
pointy breasts as the first of half a dozen shots of sperm splatted
against her skin.


Neither mom nor Geri said a word to the other about our shared
knowledge. But Geri became more attentive and loving with her mom -
hugs and wet cheek kisses, little help around the house - things that
mom could not help but miss.

With her mind she asked, [What is up with Geri?]

[She loves you.]

That didn't seem to answer the question well enough for her, [Is she
excited about us moving out?]

She was actually, [Yes.]

[Has things been going good between you two?] She was resolved in the
relationships that were transpiring within our family.

[Yes.] Though, it has only been three days since we had last been
alone, when I told Geri how much I loved and lusted after her.

[I don't understand - what has gotten into her? She is not acting as
I thought she would.] mom had called a family meeting yesterday, and
before Geri and I, told us dad and her had agreed to an amicable
split. Secretly, I knew mom had told dad she wanted a divorce, and
that he could have everything but her memorabilia. The old man thought he had died and gone to heaven - his own fantasy was coming
true. After mom had called Sarah on the phone, 'daddy's little girl'
is what Geri called her, and told her - it had turned into a shouting
match for ten minutes.

[She used to listen to you masturbate.]

That took her by surprise. [What!]

[Geri used to imagine she was the vibrator.]

I ignored the rest of mom's startled comments and questions - instead
looked around the silent dinner table with amusement.

Mom stared eyes-wide between her youngest daughter and me.


The days quickly turned to weeks and the three of us found ourselves
away from the home we have known almost all of our lives, at least for
Geri and I.

I had asked Martha and Joelyn to move out of the huge house, for now,
taking up a very upscale condo downtown. As compensation I had also
given Martha free-reign with her sister - since the instructions from
their previous Master still held true, that neither were allowed
sexual contact with the other unless permission was given. It was the
reason for Martha's pleading request for the use of her sisters lips
between her legs. It also was a little sad, that these two sister,
whom loved each other so much could only be together as lovers if
another gave them permission.

We found the house huge and cold. mom was the brightest of the three
of us, surprisingly, while I the most somber.

Money flowed freely, mother coming to me to verify any purchases she
may make. Which was strange enough by itself, I think mom would
agree. But upon reading her mind, I found a freedom that came to her
after giving up control of the money - she didn't worry about it any

I don't think any of us were ready for such a drastic change in our
lifestyle though.

Mom quit her job and spent her full time decorating our home, hiring a
cleaning and gardening staff, managing our accounts for me. All I
need do is sign the dotted line - she would do the rest. Oh
certainly, most of everything was in her name, but with the change to
our new home, she changed as well. Now, nothing was done affecting
our surroundings or our lives without asking me first. I thought she
would be a little frustrated at my innocence in such things - but mom patiently taught me a little wisdom when it came to money and people.

Geri, normally the active and outgoing sibling, started to withdraw
from her friends and sports - spending more time near me or in our new
home. She wanted to be available for me, to be near the one she

Perhaps it was a hint, but mom completed the huge main bedroom for me
before any other part of the house. The bed huge and soft, which mom had jokingly added, "It was big enough for three." It was the first
time she had acknowledge the relationship we may have in the near

She and Geri had their own rooms down the hall from mine.

Martha and Joelyn came over that first Saturday in our new home, and
mom went to great lengths preparing supper for the two sisters. Both
mom and Geri knew what they were, of course, but mom seemed determined
to show them up for some reason. I read her mind to determine the
cause of her anxious work and was surprised that it came from her
jealous knowledge that I am intimate with the two old slave's - it
irked her that my dick had been in Joelyn's mouth and it bothered her
that I had witnessed the younger sister orally pleasured the elder.

The supper went very fine, the two older women acting their best -
looking more like grandmothers than the sexual possessions to the only
man in the house. Nothing untoward happened, except I read mothers
mental sigh of relief and Geri's mild disappointment, they had only
looked like old woman after all. Martha had given mom her number and
if she needed any help around the house to call her - mom would, and
the two older ladies would become familiar faces in my home.

It was by the end of that first week when mom asked, [Is there
anything wrong baby?] The peculiar thing was that mom was downstairs
supposedly measuring something or another, while Geri and I were in
our separate rooms. mom was talking to me through her mind's voice.

[What do you mean mom?] I set down my book and gave her my full

I could almost feel her hesitation, even from the distance we were at,
[I thought... well, once we moved out you would want... ?]

Why I had not called upon her, for more 'teaching' as mom playfully
called it within her own thoughts. In truth I have been thinking
about it quite a bit, my body anxious to start on some of the ideas I
have had, but I was naive, only a fourteen year old. How does one go
up to his mother, even one as willing as my own, and tell her to suck
his cock, to spread her legs or to wrap her breasts about his dick?
And then there was the embarrassment of simply being inexperienced - I
truly wanted to fuck mom, sorry, make love to her, but I had no idea
how to go about it. I knew she loved me and would not laugh, but
would my smaller dick even give her the pleasure I so wanted to give

I quickly scanned Geri and saw her slumbering consciousness - she was

Using my abilities was becoming easier with each week.

[What are you doing right now mom?]

Her thoughts held barely contained excitement, [Nothing important.]

[Can you come here now?]

Through two floors and a hundred feet away, I'm guessing, I felt her
mind lurch with pleasure that had radiated from between her legs at my
question. [Yes.] Her mind's voice was actually quivering. [Can I be
there in ten minutes instead?]

I was mildly disappointed, feeling like an over-anxious virgin - as I
was obviously. [Sure, I'll see you in ten minutes mom.]


My body was trembling slightly from the wait, my adrenaline coursing
through my body. The ten minutes felt like ten times that.

Then a soft knock at my door and I had to take a long deep breath
before, "Come in mom."

She stood there, in the open door, wearing an outfit I immediately
knew she had purchased for this one moment in time. My Jaimie struck a
pose and waited - her eyes downcast and she looked as nervous and as
anxious as I felt.

Yet, she looked incredibly sexy as well!

[Close the door behind you mom.] I could not dare use my voice, my
throat felt raw and my mouth dry as a desert. She stepped in and
slowly turned away from me, posing yet again as she gently shut the
large hard wood door to my new room.

[Come closer so I can see you.] It was dim, the small light I had
been using to read by could barely light the width of the bed let
alone the whole room.

Mom strode silently and slowly forwards, each foot seemingly caressing
the hard wood before she placed it. Her legs were magnificent.

All too soon she stood next to where I half lay, propped up on several
pillows, waiting.

In the light I could make out the darkness of mom's nipples beneath
the white lace of her teddy. Moving my eyes down I saw a wide
darkness in the place that could only be her pussy. A wave of lust
rolled through me. mother was trembling as well.

She wore white thigh-high stockings, the kind with a lace pattern
throughout and the lace teddy - nothing else. My mother looked
delicious and if I had any doubts about wanting to be with her, they
had been washed away with the work she had done to prepare herself for
me in this way.

For that is what she had done, purchased this new outfit, waited for
the right moment to put it on. I could smell her perfume, lightly
applied, and the telltale smell of something else, her excitement I

[Turn slowly.] She smiled shyly and turned, stopping without a
command with her back to me. mother was on display and she loved it.
Mom's teddy was but a string that ran up her ass, leaving her cheeks
completely exposed and we both knew she looked delicious.

She had to know what she was doing to me!

[Face me.] I ordered with my mind and I had learned in the last
weeks, that no one can deny me when I ordered them.

Mom gasped when she looked down to see the thick duvet that had been
covering me pushed to my ankles - leaving me naked and excited. My
cock was hard and dripping with excitement, the head of my circumcised
crown slick with pre-come. My own mother could not take her eyes from
my cock and started to breath heavy, as if it was a labour to take
each breath.

With her mind she asked, [Can I suck you baby?] I could feel her
need, the waves of her excitement washing over me as I knew mine were
doing to her.

I truly had no plans for this moment - actually wondering how I would
loose my virginity, but suddenly it was upon me. A woman, a sexy
experienced woman who loved me unconditionally stood awaiting my
command. This was it wasn't it - I was about to loose my virginity?

[No... sit on... I need you mom!]

She must have understood my mental rambling and slowly, with trembling
limbs, climbed up onto my bed and sat upon her knees directly over my
crotch. It was obscene that my cock seemed to know where it was
going, as it did not waver in its aggressive angle toward my mom.

With a little flick of her wrist, mother pressed the front of her
teddy to the side, exposing her trimmed but abundant brown forest.

Then she slowly and carefully lowered herself toward me.

I felt it, the furnace of her sex accept my hard steel rod. We let
out a mutual moan of pleasure as our bodies clashed, her pussy mingling with my sparse pubic hair. She was so wet that the passage
was slick and very pleasurable.

Our eyes met and I saw only love there, love for me, love for my cock.

Deep inside her body I felt hidden muscles clench me in a vise and she
groaned with the pleasure. My hands moved up and yanked down the
straps at her shoulder to expose her heavy white breasts. From my
position beneath her, those globes were actually heavy as I weighted
them before moving to grasp the two wide hard nipples between thumb
and forefinger.

I allowed my sexual emotions to rain upon my mother, her senses
suddenly overcome with my pleasure. Her eyes thanking me for this
gift even as she leaned over to place her hands upon my flat chest. I
knew what was coming next and she moved excruciatingly slowly, lifted
her body from mine - pulling it up and away. It was like loosing the
most important thing in my life as the chill air tickled my cunt-wet
shaft till only the head of my cock lay within her.

Then she slowly descended and I watched between our bodies as my hard
cock disappeared between the fat lips of my mothers vagina.

In and out she moved, taking great pains to move so slowly, that
muscles throughout her body were quivering in exertion.

I could feel her desire to orgasm, her will holding it back just
barely - knowing that it would not be long till I joined her. This
was her son's first fuck, becoming a man, and she wanted it to be the
most memorable for the both of us. Since that night she had tasted my
come, mother had thought of this moment obsessively.

[Don't move mom!]

She gasped and stared at her son, I saw love and pleasure mingled to
perfection. mom was a sweaty quivering mass, but she looked lovelier
than I've ever seen her before. I could feel her abundant juices
pooling beneath my balls, having slid like a river past them, and knew
her to be enjoying this as much as I.

With her mind she begged, [Come in me baby! Please?]

I pressed her two hanging jugs together so that the nipples just
barely touched, then pressed them up, [Lick!], I ordered. She groaned
and reached with her neck and tongue, fondling the tips of her own
nipples at the same time with her wet tongue - the both of us
marvelling at the sight, here at the feeling.

I let them go and they dropped before my eyes, swinging momentarily
like lustful pendulums.

[Now... make me come mother.]


Her hips jerked upwards and suddenly slammed down - her body started
to smack lewdly into my own as she fucked me with a heated passion
that I would never had guessed.

Our interlocked sex organs echoed as they smacked together and mother looked as if she were on the edge of some sexual abyss and about to
fall in.

Then it happened, I had been so intent on watching my mother and on
holding my pleasure back and I did not realize it was happening till
it was too late. My cock spurted into my parent like a cannon going
off and it set off mother's pleasure as a mirror to my own.

I felt the waves of pleasure shoot from my mind like the sperm shot
out of my cock - my mother, so close, was hit by these mental rays of
excitement and her orgasm was suddenly raised to god-like heights.

While I ejaculated again and again into her sex, mother wailed like a
mad woman as huge orgasms thrashed through her soul as a train with
many cars.


I listened to my sisters erotic thoughts, hearing her amazement at the
noises her mother was making in the room with her brother. A part of
her wanted to be there with them, feeling what her mother felt,
another part scared to feel what her mother was feeling. Yet that
didn't stop herself from masturbating, exploding in wondrous orgasm as
the waves of pleasure had exploded from my mind earlier.

[Geri is listening to us.] I spoke with my minds voice.

"What?" mother lifted her head from my shoulder and looked nervous
about the large dark bedroom.

[In the next room - we made so much noise.] mother mostly, but I
thought it was inpolite to say anything.

Her face was turning red, even with what little light there was, I
could see her embarrassed nervousness.

[She is working on her third orgasm.]

Mother looked into my eyes as if searching to see if I was kidding her
- the weight of our new life was tumbling down upon our shoulders.

The mothers gaze changed and that familiar half-smile returned, "Want
to give her something else to hear baby?" She had used her voice, and
the sexy rasp of her earlier exertions and pleasure, music to my ears.

I simply nodded.


Mom wiggled down to lay between my spread thighs. I watched her, in
my half seated position, as she took small tentative licks of the very
wet soft cock before her. She was studying me, looking at my cock, as
if memorizing everything about it. It was actually a little strange
to be scrutinized in such a minute way - and the old fears about my
cock size quickly returned.

"I love you baby?" Had she spoken those words to me or had she said
them directly to my cock. I guessed they were intended for both of
us. "You make mommy so happy." She kissed the top of my soft shaft
for a full minute. "Mommy will do any kinky thing you could imagine
if only you keep mommy happy!" She giggled like a little girl and
stole a look up into my eyes before returning them between my legs.
That look spoke of her mischevious sexual delight in our new roles and
I loved her like no other time in our lives.

She wrapped her tongue about the head of my soft soiled cock, tasting
our mingled juices. "Now listen to me young man", she was again
directing her words to my flaccid dick, "mommy's going to suck you,
but I want you to promise to fuck mommy good and hard one more time
tonight?" mom was actually wiggling her forefinger at my cock as if
she were chastising a small child - it was enough to cause me to
giggle as well.

Mom looked up, licked her wide smiling lips, and with her mind said,
[I love you John... I am yours forever.] Her face descended and she
took me into her familiar mouth.


I had read the desire within mom's passionate mind, and instructed her
to get upon her knees facing the foot of my bed. Gone was her teddy
and one of her stockings was about her ankle - her hair was messy and
her skin shone from earlier exertions. I knew this was how a
well-fucked woman looked. Yet she wanted more, and I had to agree
with her.

Mom sighed loudly as I sunk my hard cock within her very sloppy hot
cunt from behind. It was possibly mom's favourite position - showing
her best feature, as it were.

I grasped one of those 'features' in a firm hand and pried it wide.
The other hand slipped between the slippery wet cheeks and I pressed
the tip of my thumb against her. I could sense the pleasure radiating
from her as I forced my thumb past her anal ring, to the second

It was another of her fantasies come true, getting fucked and fingered
while on her knees. I was happy to assist.

Then I began to fuck her - hard and fast just as she had asked me too
earlier. Her body shook and jerked upon my bed, so violently I
slammed into her. Her sex made sloppy sucking and splat noises as I
moved in and out of her. mother though, was in nirvana, her head
whipping back and forth above the bed, her spittle flying out form her
mouth to either side of her.

I loosened her cheek and grasped her short brown hair roughly and
yanked her head back and up. It surprised her but I inadvertently
caused her back to arch downwards, her ass up and her cunt perfectly
in line for my deep fast hard thrusts.

Mother started to orgasm within a minute of that awkward position, her
sex tingling the length of my cock with hidden muscles.

I let her fall down to her stomach in exhaustion.


I was only minutes later when she opened her eyes to find me between
her spread thighs slamming my cock in and out of her yet again. Both
her hands came up to draw my face down her hers. Since she was a
little taller than I, I had to stretch to have our lips meet. Mothers
tongue slipped into my mouth and she passionately kissed me for the
first time - thanking me, her lover and her, dare I say it, Master

Our relationship sealed with a kiss and I pressed back to a hand and
knee position above my mother and moved aggressively in and out of her

My seed, when it finally came, flooded her depths yet again, and the
squeals of her orgasm mingling with my gasps.

Finally, I dropped down upon her sweaty body and felt my own skin
stick to hers delightfully, her arms encircled me, hugging me warming.

The nipple was only five centimetres away from my mouth, but so weary
was I, that I did not care.


My world had suddenly changed - enlarged, broadened - and I was the
master within it.

Mother attended me nightly without fault, her happiness obvious to all
who looked upon her joyous face. Within a week, I had tasted every
inch of her body with my tongue and had plunged my hungry cock in her
mouth and cunt more times than I could remember.

At any playful moment in the day, whether mother was in attendance or
not, I would send pleasurable waves into my parents mind. I found it
a wonderful game to play, to cause my mother to suddenly turn into a
mass of orgasmic flesh no matter what she was doing or where. mother normally had at least one orgasm each day this way.

The odd thing was, the more often we fornicated, the more submissive
my mother became. It was like she had given herself body and soul to
my pleasure, to my cock - ecstatic in the pleasures found thereof.
Mother was a new woman, no longer a wife or mother, only a passionate

Geri was wide eyed and attentive around our mother, as if in the
presence of a queen. I knew she anxiously awaited the sounds of
pleasure coming from my bedroom nightly, so as to use her hands to
enjoy herself. She had also witnessed mothers sudden collapse to the
floor or piece of furniture - clenching and clawing at that place
between her legs as her mother squealed in orgasm.

I also knew that she would soon be joining us.

Yet, there was one thing that needed to be done first. [Geri, come
here for a moment will you?]

I sat in the den that mom had designed, on the second floor with a
huge window to the large oak trees in the back. Geri acknowledged my
non-verbal summons and ran to the length of our house.

In a minute she was panting, out of breath, standing just inside the
doorway looking at me wide eyed and anxious. Since moving it, I had
thought it unfair that mother had been the only one to receive my
mental orgasms, and so I had given Geri two or three per week -
normally calling her before me as I had just done. It would explain
her anxious mood as she stood before me.

"I thought we could go out tonight, just you and I?"

"Really John?"

"Yes, really." Her smile widened.

"I want you to dress very special for me?"

Her brow furled slightly, nervous at the what I had in store for her,
"Nothing too outrageous Geri, I just want you to wear a skirt to show
off your great legs." The furl in her brow disappeared.

"And no panties." Her eyes widened noticeably.

"Go have mom help you prepare for our 'date'."

"OK John." She spun out and bounded down the hall with the energy
that only she had.

I called mother with my mind to tell her to attend to her daughter and
to also warn her that she will be sleeping in her own bed tonight.


It was my first date actually - taking a cab to a movie and then to a
late supper at an expensive restaurant.

Before the dessert came I took my sisters hand in my own and asked
softly, "Will you be my girlfriend Geri?" It was what she wanted to
hear, to be asked to be her only loves' girlfriend. It was the way
she started some of her most passionate fantasies.

Her eyes misted up and she had trouble answering, "Of course silly."

Then with my mind's voice I said, [After dinner I am going to take you
home and make love to you.]

Her eyes popped open and she turned bright red before turning to look
at the other patrons of the restaurant, as if someone else could
overhear our private mental talks.

She only responded in kind, [I would like that brother-dear.]


I had put slow acoustic music on the private stereo in my room and
Geri and I danced slowly with her within my arms. I could feel the
love flowing gently from her, enjoying this moment more than any other
in her memory.

Geri felt mature, like a woman, dancing with the man of her dreams, in
his strong arms, knowing that the bed only meters away was where her
passions would be spent that very night.

In fact, the friction of rubbing her thighs together while dancing, as
well as the erotic loving air within the room, had caused her
uncovered sex to moisten considerably and slip down her thighs. I was
amused to discover her embarrassment at this fact, horrified that I
should discover her juices slipping down to the hard wood floor that
we danced upon. It was the one thing right now that made her feel
like a child, rather than a passionate woman.

Our lips met and my tongue invaded her mouth yet again, and we shared
our hungry orally. My hands, this time, slipped down behind my sister to grasp her tiny hard round ass and squeeze it possessively.

Geri wondered at that moment if I did this with mom, danced and held
her like this. She felt like we were upon a cloud and never wanted
this moment to end but felt a itching desire for me between her legs.
Was that how our mother felt she thought.

I let my hands release her ass and move up to her chest and gasped
both her pointy small 'A' cups in my palms. I felt no bra beneath the
light sweater, mother knew I detested the things and had prepared my
younger sister appropriately.

Geri panted into my mouth, her passion almost overcoming her senses
even as she wished she had large 'C' cup tits like our mom. I
silently laughed at her naive thoughts, feeling only pleasure in her
different but very sexy body. I had asked Geri out tonight to give
her the romance she needed to part her legs, but had found I enjoyed
it as well. I was proud that my sister was so sexy, that she clung to
my arm possessively throughout the night, that she was wet for me and
her juices were pooling about her feet.

"I love you John." I pulled back and looked down into her eyes, she
was a little sexy bundle that I could barely wait to sample. Thankful
that I had not ignored her as I intended originally, I had Martha to
thank for that change of heart.

"I love you too Geri."

Then she said her biggest fear, "I wish I looked more like mom for
you?" She almost had tears in her eyes.

I softly smiled, "I don't want mom tonight, I want you." Her fears
reminiscent of the adolescent fear that I have about my cock size.
Something that I not longer worry about when with my parent.

She looked deeply into my eyes, her green orbs so much like mothers
but looking more innocent and less sure of herself, as she assessed
what I had said. Then suddenly she said firmly, "I need you in me."
Her mental hurdles were behind her.

I shoved my tongue into her mouth as my immediate response, one hand
upon her ass the other fondling her sexy adolescent tit. Geri was
submissive in her response but I could feel her hunger both in her
mind and body. This was her fantasy come true, better than she ever
imagined. Yet she had no idea what to do next and wanted her big
brother to 'teacher her', no so unlike mother and I.

My hands quickly, desperately, pulled her skirt and then the light
sweater from her body and then she kicked off her heels. In seconds
my sister was completely naked before me and I stood back to appraise

Geri blushed as I stood silently before her, enjoying every inch of
her body. As I have written, my younger sister's breasts where small
pointy cones, but her nipples, when excited, became puffy distended
marshmallows. It turned me on something fierce. Her legs, short and
muscular, seemed to suit her perfectly and she blushed from chest to
face, as I spent some minutes enjoying the sight of her defined calves
and sculptured thighs. She had an incredibly flat strong stomach and
almost boyish hips and waist.

I walked slowly around her, so as to properly appraise her backside.

Geri had a small round tight ass that thrust out provocatively, it was
the result of all the sports she enjoyed participating in, and looked

Again standing before her I looked into her eyes as I removed my
clothing. When my half-mast cock came into view her eyes glued upon
it with an innocent hunger - she knew, and wanted, this part of me to
be inside her... soon.

Every five seconds or so, Geri would undergo a visible violent shake
of her body and it looked as if she was about to fall. I purposely
let her see me look at the inside of her thighs, then down to the
little damp puddle upon the hard wood floor. She blushed a deeper hue
of red, though I would never have guessed that possible.

Reaching between her legs I ran my hand from her knee to just before
her sparse brown covered cunt, coating it with her spend. I brought
my hand up to my mouth, and was amused at her open mouth astonishment,
as I licked her juices from my fingers. Delicious!

Then I ran the same hand up the inside of the other thigh and brought
it up to her chest. I make those puffy marshmallow breasts slick in
her spend before bringing it up to her lips. She was shaking
constantly know as she saw what I wanted and struck our her tongue and
licked lasciviously at the base of my hand - tasting herself.

Her eyes though, were wide and watching me fiercely.

Gently I took her hand and guided her down before me, her knees in the
small puddle of her own pleasure. Finally her eyes moved from mine to
my, now, hard hungry cock.

My prick was leaking something fierce and I wanted her to taste me,
feel me with her mouth yet I only wanted this to be an appetizer to
our real purpose.

Her face looked nervous and a little scared when she whispered, "I
don't know how...?"

I lifted her chin so our eyes again met, and answered, "I will show
you how my love." She seemed to like that and calmed considerably.

I simply moved my hips forwards a few centimetres and Geri opened her
mouth as my cock slide right in, sinking half ways into her body.

From her mind, I immediately knew she loved it.

"Just relax and make sure to keep your teeth from hurting me...", I
grasped her head in both my hands to hold her still, "... now relax,
next time I will show you how to do it, but for right now just enjoy!"

Geri knelt there and just absorbed everything about each second, from
the way she felt to the way my cock felt to the way I was reacting as
I began to pump myself in and out of her face.

With my mind I spoke to her, [This is what I like Geri, what I desire,
to have my cock sucked by the one I love.]

In kind, sounding near delirious, [Oh yes... oh god yes brother... my
love... I love it too... love to do this for you...!]

I wanted my younger sister to become as accomplished a cock sucker as
Joelyn - better, as she would specialize in only pleasing one cock,
mine. For her future, I wanted that tiny mouth to get plenty of my

If she had been excited earlier, and she had most certainly been very
excited, she was positively energized with nuclear power now. Reading
her mind was like a large white cloud of blurred images, savouring the
new feelings from her own body to the feel and taste of my thrusting
cock. She was nearly mindless with lust and pleasure.

I reluctantly pulled from her lips and leaned down to slip my arms
beneath her knees and back. Geri watched me remotely, though I
knowing that she was far away, in some pleasure land and probably
could not reach the bed under her own steam. I lifted her, with only
a little difficulty, thankfully she was tiny as I was not the most
muscular of guys my own age.

There was no detour as I brought her over to my bed and gently lay her
upon it.

She watched me with a strange detached look as I gently positioned her
in the middle of my bed, spreading her smooth hard legs wide. I
looked down into the hairless excited-enlarged labia and the huge pink
clitoris at the top of the cleft. It looked as if it was bubbling
with pleasure, her juices seemingly a slow river and already
collecting into a dark round puddle upon my duvet beneath.

I wanted to do so much with this cunt, but there was a purpose to this
evening, a woman to make from the mold of a girl. After this night my
sister Geri would feel no reluctance to do anything her big brother may want.

Placing my hands on either side of her chest, and my knees between my
sisters strong slim thighs, I looked down between us and aimed my hard
spear toward her. God she had such a beautiful cunt, fat sexy lips
and only a small sparse tuft of pussy above her clitoris that left
those sexy lips bare to my hungry gaze.

Wiggling my hips slowly I moved forwards until I felt the crown of my
cock touch her hot wet clitoris.

Geri jerked beneath me and moaned hugely, though her eyes never
leaving my face.

I moved my dick a little lower and pressed in - it found the passage
easily enough but pressing inwards was much harder than I expected.
My only other experience was a thirty-nine year old mother, my mother - and comparing her experienced cunt with this early-teens was
comparing apples and oranges.

My cock was only a third inside my sister and it felt like my dick was
held within a flesh vise it was tight while still being hot and very
wet. It was an incredible feeling.

What I found at that point was what Jaimie, my mother, had warned me
was awaiting me. It was my sisters 'cherry'.

I caught her eye, which was not difficult as hers never came away from
my face, and asked very gently, "It is going to hurt?"

Geri simply nodded and I could tell from a quick scan of her mind that
this is what she wanted, the pain was insignificant and expected.

I shot forwards and felt something give inside my sisters vagina as
she unconsciously screamed. I sat now nearly seated within her body
and simply held her as her sobs quickly subsided - the pain, I knew,
quickly disappearing and returning to that ethereal pleasure she had
enjoyed earlier. It had a little help, I should add proudly, as pain
is located in the mind and the mind was my domain.

When I felt her mind return to her earlier state, with an underlying
layer of lingering pain, though that was not to help, I gently started
to move my hips.

My cock moved slowly out of my sisters sex, and it felt as if her body
was trying to hold me within and I had to stretch her to disengage.
When only the head of my cock was in her I reversed direction and
pressed in, and this time her body was a tight flesh-vise that I had
to force my way past.

Within a dozen strokes her cunt was relaxed enough that it was not
painful to my dick to move within her, stretching her skin to do so.
I saw the pleasure upon her sweet round face as well, the love for me
in her eyes.

At some point she had lifted her hands, one to stroke the side of my
head, the other my chest and waist. I looked down between our bodies
and saw that she had bent her knees and lifted them, allowing easier
access to her sex.

I grunted, "Wrap your legs around my waist." She complied, her short
strong lower limbs went around my thin waist easily, and I felt her
heels press into my ass.

My fucking was accelerating slowly, and the small firm cones of her
tits thrusting up from her body bounced with each clash of our bodies.
It was hypnotic to watch.

Geri was teetering upon that summit, almost as if she were seated upon
it awaiting something. I knew what it was, after reading her mind,
her love for me wanted to make this special... for me! Given my own
pleasure, her own would follow immediately - of that I was sure.

I had purposely not allowed my mental pleasure to hit into her
consciousness, as mother so loved. Instead the excitement and
pleasure she was feeling at that moment was her own.

It was time, though, to change that.

I opened my mind, and felt the rays of pleasure dagger into my younger
sisters consciousness. Geri's eyes opened wide as if surprised and
then she groaned loudly, her eyes closing nearly for the first time
since we joined. Suddenly her hands and legs used their considerable
strength to hold me and I realized she had lifted herself against me,
away from the bed. I was upon my hands and knees with my sister held
flat against my body with only air beneath her. She had not stopped
moving though, her lower body, her hips were rotating and thrusting
even as I did the same.

Now I could feel her trying to hold the inevitable back, almost
fearful for her orgasm to start before her one true loves. She so
wanted to make this first time between us special, and thought it
would be so if I could be made to feel the pleasure as she was

But it was like stopping a freight train with a wooden stop sign - it
just wasn't going to happen.

I let the full thrust of my pleasure open up so that her mind felt as
I was feeling, only heightened by stimuli that I had no idea how it

Geri screamed and clung herself against me, near painfully, as her
body and mind exploded in orgasm. My cock started to spurt its
pleasure just about the same moment, emptying my balls treasure deep
within my sisters hot wet tight cunt.

It was a full minute of squealing sweaty hard bodies, our souls joined
as one.

My eyes opened to see Geri's filled with tears, smiling proudly at me.
"I love you big brother." Her lips found mine, to thank me properly
into making her into a woman.


Martha looked like a well-dressed polite sixty-something year-old
woman, as she sat in our newly decorated living room with mom and I.
The two ladies were drinking tea and discussing the changes mom had
done with the house since Martha had moved out - the older woman
genuinely looked impressed.

It was time to reveal to the two women why I arranged this little
meeting between us.


Sweetly, "Yes Master?"

Mom looked toward me, not knowing what was coming. The old woman had
spent enough time at our house so that the title she used with me no
longer startled my parent.

I turned toward my parent, "Mom?"

"Yes baby?"

"You may or may not know that Geri wishes she could be with us when we
have sex." mom blushed lightly. "That she wants to be included and
to give the both of us pleasure."

"Yes." She knew this, but it embarrassed her. Between mom and I,
there was no longer any embarrassment - we both found extreme pleasure
with the other and she had no secrets from me. And I knew she felt a
certain sort of happiness at not living a facade, that she could live
honestly and naturally. She was loved and cared for - her body and
mind happier than at any point in her past. I also knew it excited
her to know that her youngest child found her mom attractive and
thought about her in a sexual nature, it was possibly the last hurdle
for the thirty-nine year old.

"She wants to be with you... to taste you... to make you scream like I
do to you."

Mom blushed, and though we both knew mothers pleasure was part of that
mental transfer of lust and was something akin to supernatural, I knew
she also felt assured her daughter could indeed make her happy.

Martha silently looked back and forth between mother and son,
patiently awaiting her part in this.

"She also wants you to teach her how to eat you... she thinks of this
often." Just about nightly, as she lay awake masturbating to the
sounds of mom and I in the next room. "She can think of no better way
to make you happy than to make you orgasm with her face between your

Martha nodded agreeable knowing the pleasures that I spoke about, but
mom never saw her movement.

Now it was time to get to the point, "Have you ever licked a cunt mom?"

I already knew the answer, after having spent days reading my parents mind, there was not much that I did not know about her.

Barely a whisper, "No."

"Do you have anything against sticking your tongue into another

Mom looked nervously between Martha and I, guessing what was coming.

Barely perceptible, my mom nodded 'no' to my question. I've read
mothers mind and I knew that she never even have considered it, except
perhaps in fantasy. Would never consider it if not for her love and
lust for me. If she did it, it was because I wanted her too.

You see, she was as much my slave now as much Martha and her sister were, both mother and I knew this.

I turned to Martha, "It seems you have a willing pupil Martha?" I
couldn't help the wide smile from appearing on my face.

Martha look somberly at my mom and asked, "What is it you like - how
do you enjoy being pleasured?"

Mom turned a brighter shade of red, never having to speak so commonly
with another woman about her sexuality before. I saw her hesitation
and answered for her, "She loves any attention to her ass."

Martha turned back to me and frowned her displeasure, "Master, Jaimie
needs to answer without your help - how else will she learn?"

I felt like a chastised child, "Sorry." mom smiled softly to reassure
me, to thank me for saving her at the expense of being reprimanded by
my own slave.

"So you enjoy anal?" mother nodded affirmatively, but Martha had
already known this from our talks weeks before. "Do you think you
would enjoy giving as well as you enjoy receiving?"

Mom looked at me nervously and then back to the older woman, hoarsely
she answered, "Yes." I remembered back a few days when mother had
slide her tongue into my ass, I was not sure who enjoyed it more - she
or I. So I knew mother liked to give and not only receive.

"You find your ass beautiful - sexy?"

More assured now, "Yes."

"You like our master to put his tongue in your pretty little ass
hole?" Remember, Martha was told all about mother and I, our first

A second hesitation, "Yes... very much."

Martha turned to me with a smile and said triumphantly, "I can turn
your mother into a hell of a great cunt-licker if that is what you
want Master?"

I nodded, "That is what I want."

Mom was looking at her hands folded in her lap.

"Jaimie, look up." mother lifted her eyes to see that Martha, the
sixty two year old slave had pulled her skirt to the top of her thighs
and spread her knees wide apart. The old woman had worn black thigh
high stockings and no panties - her hairless crotch visible to both
mom and I. "We shall start here." She pointed between her legs at
herself and I had to stifle an urge to giggle.

Then the old woman lifted one leg to place the ankle upon the edge of
the couch, then hefted her butt to show her crack. She pointed lower
down, "But this is your destination."

Mother was staring intently at the older woman's exposed loins.

As, I realized, was I.

I sent a mental message to Martha, [You have a very pretty cunt Martha.]

Immediately, sounded pleased in my mind, [Thank you Master!] The old woman had a anxious desire within the twinkle of her eye as she stole
a quick look at me.

"Stand up slave." mom was startled at the firm command, possibly more
so at the title she had just been given, looking at me to see if I was
going to voice my displeasure - I didn't. mom resigned herself to
this obvious position for herself in my home, yet it still being the
first time anyone had spoken it.

Then mother proudly stood.

Mom was five foot seven and had a full-bodied figure that seemed to
suit her perfectly - this gave her the hips, waist and breasts of a
real woman and she understood my pleasure in this reality.

I could sense her anticipation at the next command from the woman old enough to be her mother, my mom started to remove her clothing. She
was naked very quickly, her clothing now worn for easy access for her
son as well as highlighting her voluptuous features.

I sat silently, enjoying the feeling of being a fly upon the wall.

"Kneel here before me slave."

Martha had sat back and brought up both her heels to wedge into the
edge of the couch, and pushed her crotch forwards. It flowered open
naturally and both mother and I could see the moisture already
apparent upon the bright pink inner folds.

As if mom was a child, Martha spoke to her slowly and patiently,
"This", pointing at the top of her hairless slit, "is my clitoris and
every woman has one... and every woman loves to have someone lick her
here." Martha went on to explain about the major and minor labia, the
inner workings of her uterus and then moved down. "And you know what
this is don't you slave?" mom nodded slowly. "This is my anus, most
women love attention back here...", Martha smiled softly at me,
"... and I understand you like it perhaps more than others do?"

Surprisingly, there was no hesitation, "Yes, I love when John
pleasures me there."


Mom looked over her shoulder at Martha's reprimand and repeated toward
me, "I love when my 'Master'... and love when he uses my ass hole."
She had looked right into my eyes as she spoke that, and I felt my
cock swell in response.

[I like that mom - when you called me 'Master'.]

[I shall remember that my love.]

She turned back to staring between Martha's legs.

Martha looked up at me and asked softly, "May your slave Jaimie lick
me Master?" I noticed that her elder chest was rising and falling

I simply nodded and the old woman turned her full attention back to my

Gently Martha placed her wrinkled hand upon the back of mothers head
and drew her into the gully between her legs. mom did not hesitate,
but allowed herself to fall to her hands and knees before that elder
woman's alter, her eyes closing and her mouth opening.

Instead of diving right in, Martha held mom's pretty face away from
her sex momentarily, "Now stick our your tongue slave."

Mom did as she was ordered, sticking it out as she enjoyed me to do
when spearing it into her backside, thrusting forwards hard. Martha
took a hold of it between her finger and thumb and commanded, "Relax
it slave... your going to eat my cunt!" mom held her position and
then relaxed her tongue, allowing the old woman to yank it down into
the pink hairless wet folds.

I watched my mothers virgin tongue slip into the bottom of Martha's
vagina, "Now gently, lick upwards!" mom did, moving her whole head.

Martha pushed mom's face away and the two looked into the others eyes.
Holding up a finger, "Remember each woman is different, but until you
understand how to best use your tongue, its safest to use it like a
feather - barely touch me. OK?"

Mom nodded again, her tongue still hanging from her mouth comically.

This time Martha did not guide my mom as my parent repeated the
earlier movement - much softer this time, as I never even saw the pink
flowered inner lips quiver at the touch of the tongue.

The old slave again pushed my mom's face away, and held her face in
both hands gently. "Now I want you to do whatever comes naturally, I
will guide you, and don't worry - you will know when I am enjoying

"Yes, thank you Martha."

"Good slave. I want you to do one more thing for me before I come, I
want you to ignore my ass hole... at least till the end, and then I
want you force your tongue into my anus. OK?"

Mom looked very anxious at the older lady before her, her breathing
already laboured. "Yes, OK."

"And remember its OK to enjoy it... even if your Master ordered you to
eat me."

Mom looked over her shoulder and gave me a wide happy smile. Even
without looking into her mind I knew how happy she was. Turning back
to my eldest slave, "I promise to do my best Martha."

The old lady beamed with pleasure, "I know you will child." She let
her head fall back and with one hand again guided moms face between
her thin black-stocking covered legs.


I stopped Geri from bouncing up and down upon my lap, she had so much
energy and she loved to have my cock inside her. It took almost a
full minute to get my young sister to return to this world, rather
than in the cloudy pleasure world she enjoyed retreating into. I had
nothing to do with it, meaning with my mind's power, it was just
something she did naturally.

Her hairline was plastered against her forehead with the sweat of her
exertions - I had been letting her do all the work, and she was
greatly enjoying it.

Daily we met, in the afternoons, to fornicate like rabbits - her
adolescent innocence gone but replaced by an energetic desire to
please and be pleasured. Geri loved me and wanted to show me,

"Do you know where mom has been disappearing too these last two
weeks?" mom was leaving us alone in the house in the afternoons, Geri
simply enjoyed being alone to actually consider where our mother had

It seemed an odd question to ask just then, and her cunt muscles
clenched me fiercely, almost painfully, to remind me what she would
rather be doing instead of talking. "No, where has she been going?"
It was spoken rather breathlessly, a little confused.

"She is over at Martha and Joelyn's condo. Want to know what she is

Geri frowned and shook her head, sweat flying off her forehead, as if
to clear the cobwebs of desire from her consciousness. "What John?"

"Licking two old cunts." Geri's eyes widened in surprise. "Want to
know why I ordered her to be the sandwich between those two old lesbians?"

Geri nodded negatively, she had no idea, but what I had just related
seemed to have surprised her greatly.

"Because this Saturday you and mom will be licking each other."

"What?" She looked genuinely surprised.

To add to her shock, "I wanted you to know something about mom before

She was too shocked to say a word.

"Mom is very anal - she loves lots of attention with her ass." Geri
was open mouthed in shock but I thought I felt her cunt clench me at
my last statement. "So this Saturday, you are going to bring her off
with your tongue in her ass and she will lick my come from your cunt."

Geri suddenly groaned and with my hands holding her by her thin waist,
lifted her off my cock before slamming her back down. She screamed in
pleasure and sunk even deeper into that nirvana cloud she enjoyed.


Sarah sounded surprised to hear from me, as she normally kept up with
the family news, as little of it as she got, from mom. She knew mom had left dad and moved into another home with me and Geri, but beyond
that, nothing. Her leaving the fold, so to speak, had altered her
knowledge of what went on in our family.

As we exchanged small talk I scanned her mind seeing her active and
satisfying sex life with her new husband. I also saw her worry about
money, her anxious desire to get an upcoming raise at work, and
wondering if she wanted kids so soon after getting married when her
professional life seemed to be taking off.

I had to interrupt her to get the conversation to where I wanted it,
"Have you talked with dad lately?"

"Two weeks ago why?" She suddenly had a worried quality in her voice,
a natural reaction to the unknown.

"Oh just worried about him. You know how he gets when he gets
depressed." Which dad was far from, but Sarah didn't know that.

I read into her mind, discovering her love for her daddy and I touched
it with my ability.

"Well I am sure he is fine, but perhaps I should go visit him?"

I smiled knowing the manipulations to her mind were successful.
"That's probably a good idea Sarah - do you have time to do that?"
She was also too busy to visit us here in our new home, so I was
throwing this back into her face.

Not so long ago I had felt great desire for my eldest sister,
harbouring an adolescent crush on her mature attractive body. I
outgrew that as soon as my tongue entered my own mothers ass, and it
had completely been obliterated when I had shot my first blast of come
into the tight confines of Geri's cunt.

Now, I felt little for my older selfish sister. Oh sure, there was
the spark of teenage need for dominating, for using my sister as
another sexual conquest - I had not completely given up that desire.
It only went so far though, I did not want Sarah as I had mother or

"Why not take him some supper or something?"

She was thinking about where she could order a large amount of
reheatable food to bring. "Yea, great idea John."

The scene was set and I needn't have worried about either of my family noticing the indiscretions between mother, Geri and I. Or if they
did, they would be in no position to say a word.

I knew this time next week, she would firmly be our fathers lover.
Bound to him as surely as mother was tied to me. Only neither would
know they had been manipulated into the relationship, but knowing both
would enjoy it greatly.

"Well... I'll tell mom to give you a call in a couple of days."

"OK John... bye."


Geri came into the room naked and looking a little shy. She was proud
of her petite strong body, knowing I rather enjoyed it, so my youngest
sister would be naked around me as much as possible.

Mother stood by my bed wearing white lingerie, thigh-high stockings,
lace see-through chemise and her own shy smile.

My two ladies looked at the other, knowing why we were here.

"Mother? Meet my girlfriend Geri." mom smiled gently at my bravado,
"Treat her like you would me." This mean make her come until she
could orgasm no more.

"Geri? Meet my slave Jaimie." Geri started at the title I gave mom,
but recovered quickly. "Try to remember that even a slave needs
passion as much as she gives it."

The two ladies blushed, and I realized that they looked alike but
different - that they were mother and daughter and what I was about to
do was beyond corrupt. I was their son and brother and I was
manipulating them like puppets, and though they felt only joy in it I
realized what I was doing was descending to new low depths.

My doubts were suddenly flushed from my mind as Geri stepped before
her mother. Without hesitation, my five foot two sister, stood up
upon her toes, causing her strong calves to bunch erotically, and
wrapped her arms about our mothers neck.

Mother stared down into her daughters eyes softly. I spoke with mom with my mind's voice, [She loves you like I love you mother.]

[I love you and your sister so much John!]

I doubted her not.

[Do you want her like this mother, it is not too late to stop this if
you want mom?]

Geri moved her lips before mom and the two moved their hands to either
side, and opened their mouths. I saw two tongue slip out and fondle
the other before the lips pressed perfectly into union.

[I do not want to stop Master.] She has breathing heavily against her
daughter now, her big 'C' cup breasts thrusting into Geri's perky 'A'
cups causing them to disappear within her parents flesh.

For the last few days mom has complained about her jaw being sore -
from the hours of cunt licking she was doing with Martha and her
sister - yet her mouth was wide now and pressed tightly against her

Geri's hands were the first to explore, moving down her mother's back
to cup that fleshy sexy ass. mom gasped with pleasure and did the
same to her daughter, almost lifting her from the floor as her hands
engulfed the tiny hard bottom.

Mother was my best friend these last weeks, my lover and even my sex
toy - and so I felt the need to talk with her with my mind even as she
and her daughter orally teased the other. [Geri used to fantasize
about this before she left home mom?]

Another groan and, [Oh god!]

[She wanted to love you, make you happy... imagining she was one of
your favourite dildos.] Mothers mind was starting to reel at the
images I was presenting, heightening her pleasure without a touch of
my mind or by body. [And as I well know, Geri will do anything for
someone she loves!]

[God yes!]

[I gave her a command earlier in the week... something to think about
before today. Are you interested mother?]

Mom's eyes opened and pierced into my own, [Please tell me John?]

I could not help but smile triumphantly, [She has to bring you to
orgasm by using her tongue within your ass!]

Mom suddenly groaned loudly, pulled her lips from her daughters and
savagely pressed her crotch against her daughter.

Geri opened her eyes in surprise at the level of passion in her parent
- having heard mothers pleasure in the last weeks but never imagining
it was this powerful or that it could be directed toward her. It also
opened the flood gates for her own repressed passions, they were
released by this gift of her mothers sexual aura by her brother and

My youngest sister helped mom to the edge of the bed, sitting down
slowly. mom watched as her youngest child knelt before her, their
eyes locked meaningfully. "I want to make you happy mom."

Geri gently pressed on mom's shoulders, pushing her back onto my bed.
Mother quickly drew up her knees, bringing them to her chest, her
heels high above her head. Geri placed the flat of her palms the
backs of mom's nylon covered thighs, the two still silently looking at
the other.

I playfully asked mom through my mind's voice, [I thought you were
supposed to teach Geri mom?] Knowing that her hunger for what I
voiced to her mentally was leading her actions.

Mom looked at me almost fearfully, her mind suddenly worried about
denying me my request. I saw that she was about to sit back up,
[Relax mom...!] It looked that Geri needed little in the way of
teaching - her anxious lust was enough for her first time.

Geri slowly lowered her face downward, bypassing our parents pulsating
pink wet sex to the asterisk below. Mom's eye widened and she arched
her neck upwards so as to watch her daughter open her mouth and stick
out her tongue.

Then I watched as Geri slipped her pointed tongue directly into the
anxious pink anus before her - there was no hesitation. mother suddenly let her head fall back and sighed hugely, her pleasure
obvious. mom pulled back on her legs and pressed up and out with her
hips, and I knew from experience that this allowed her to open herself
up even more, and allowed her ass hole easier avenue to relaxing.

My sister had her open mouth plastered over mom's pretty pink ass
hole, and from the sounds coming from our mother, and the movements of
her hips, she was getting orally shagged.

Geri spoke to me with her mind's voice, [I can't believe mom John!
She is so hot!]

[She loves you Geri, she loves to feel loved.] mother was also a
sexual animal - when her passions are allowed to be released.

Mom was shoving her hips up and down while grunting like an animal,
Geri never even came up from air and rode that bucking ass like she
had been doing it for years.

[I can feel her jerking big brother... her ass is squeezing and
pulling on my tongue!] Geri was feeling incredible at the response
our mother was giving already at the actions of her daughter.
Suddenly suspicious, [Are you helping her John?]

She wanted to know if I was 'throwing' pleasure into her mind,
multiplying her pleasure beyond the levels of self-control. I was
not. [No Geri... this is all your doing!]


Mom had broken out in a sweat, and her big breasts bouncing around on
her chest looked slick. I could tell, from the nights of pleasure we
had enjoyed together, that mother was on the verge of orgasm. It was
an incredible thing to see - my youngest sister tongue-fucking our mom to a powerful orgasm. All that from simply anally pleasing the
middle-aged woman, and incredibly from ignoring that sexy hot wet

Mother screamed out and froze in her bent position and I could see
that Geri did not let up even though I knew from experience that
mother's rectal muscles had to be clenching fiercely upon her tongue.
When mother came with me, it felt like my finger or my tongue was
about to be ripped off to be left in that hungry sexy hole of hers.

Finally, after a full minute of screaming and thrashing, mother dropped her legs and lay silent upon my bed. Geri had to pull her
face out from between the wide soft cheeks of her mother's ass else be
squashed against the bed. She looked incredulously toward her comatose
mother. This was another of her fantasies before we moved to our new
home - to give her mom pleasure, to hear her orgasm, and to see the
pleasure written upon the brow of her parent.

I was just going to advance and take my piece of the action when Geri
leaned in yet again, her tongue quickly advancing toward mothers
distended excited clitoris. As soon as she touched it, mother's body
jerked and she squealed suddenly. Geri wrapped her lips around the
top of that female cleft and I could see her jaw muscles moving and
knew her tongue was working overtime.

Mother seemed to come alive suddenly and spread her ankles wide, her
knees straight. She grabbed her daughters head to hold it in its
current location, yanking it into her groin.

Geri brought up her hand and I saw two fingers slip beneath her chin
and directly into that hungry wet cunt before her. mother sighed and
started to ride her daughters face, shoving upwards so much that I
could see air beneath her.

Within two minutes, mother was again screaming as her second powerful
orgasm hit through her body.

Geri was relentless, and brought her second hand up between those
spread thighs, and I saw the index finger drive upwards into the wet
relaxed ass hole.

Her action caused massive ignitions within mothers mind and I watched
and listened as our parent had multiple orgasms from her youngest
daughters actions.


Geri had her legs wrapped about my waist with her ankles locked behind
me, as she so enjoyed doing. Her hands held upon the back of my neck
and she strained in shoving her hips up to meet my violent downward
thrusts. Our bodies slapped and the bed shook bounced.

Mother opened her eyes and lay on her side watching her two youngest
children mate with interest.

[You and your sister looked beautiful baby!] mother was speaking with
her mind, so as not to disturb us - I don't think Geri even realized
her mom was awake from her sexually induced slumber.

[I love this mom... I love how we live now!]

[Me too John.] It was a big admission for mother to voice - that her
new life of incestuous lust and lesbian desire was better than her
prior middle-class existence.

I looked over into mother eyes and we shared a passionate long look
until I felt the tight little cunt of my sister suddenly spasm and
clench me fiercely. That was seconds before she started to squeal
with sexual pleasure, her explosion taking away all her reasoning.

I was far from finished.

Geri had unlocked her ankles so that her legs and arms fell beside her
and her eyes closed in exhaustion. This allowed me to withdraw from
her body and crab-walk toward mom.

Jaimie, my mother, saw that I was coming for her and giggled
playfully, her eyes now glued to my dripping wet hard cock. I shoved
her over onto her stomach, and slapped her big white ass playfully
till it turned a bright red. I leaned down so that may hands lay next
to her torso and looked down between our bodies as I pressed my dick

It took half a minute of fumbling and until mother arched her ass up,
so as to better position her entrance, I sunk my cock into her body.

The first thing I noticed was how hot and sloppy wet she already was -
mother was enjoying this obviously. She immediately started to grunt
at each of my thrusts, our bodies slappying lewdly, as she shoved her
fleshy ass upwards with each advance of my hard pole.

I roughly grabbed at mothers hair and yanked it up and over - mom didn't even pause as I brought her face to her daughters chest, her
mouth engulfing the cone-like tit in one gulp.

This was a fuck now - gone was the love and compassion from the bed.
It was now a randy coupling of my taboo family. Frequently, with
mother, I had gotten this way - so hot and passionate that I fucked
her hard and rough, using her body for my pleasure, while giving her
much the same. She loved it this way, a mindless careless fuck - it
was her favourite way for us to enjoy this incestuous breeding that we
now so enjoyed.

Geri, though, had never seen me like this - my face must look like I
was half-mad! She watched me as she held her mom's head gently to her
breast, as mom gobbled at the puffy nipple and pointed flesh. I
yanked her face away from that tit and shoved it over to the other.
My sister just watched me amazed and a little startled at what I had
turned into.

I starred at her, knowing her pleasure by a quick scan of her mind,
knowing even when she was still comprehending this new personality of
her brother, that her body was responding to my animal-like actions.

Again I yanked mom's face from the second tit and with a little twist
shoved it down across Geri's thigh and pressed it into the sparse
pubic region of her daughter.

Mom never hesitated but opened her mouth and drove her tongue into the
top of her daughters vagina. Since my revelation a week before,
mother had much anticipated this moment - tasting her daughter's sex.

It was all that Geri needed, and she came alive - feeding off my
passion, as she roughly grabbed at mom's head and used her face to
shove her body up and into. mom took it all in stride and I could
tell she was delirious with pleasure, mindless only to her own cloudy

Knowing that my own orgasm was fast approaching I had to stall the
train by withdrawing from the ride. I yanked myself from mothers
pleasurable body and again shoved on my parent, this time she rolled
onto her back. I could see that her eyes were barely focused and she
was whimpering with the loss of my cock.

I grabbed Geri roughly and pulled her upon her mother, and shoved her
face down between those lingerie-clad thighs. Geri knew what I wanted
and began to again use her mouth on our mom. I crawled around behind
the upturned thin ass of my sister and saw that mom was already
licking frantically upwards toward that tight teenage cunt above her

I shoved my cock back into my sister and grabbed her little thin hips
to gain better traction for this final leg of my advance. I started
to fuck her so hard and fast that I knew she would not be able to take
my cock for another week - her cunt bruised and useless. Yet I could
hear the sounds of her pleasure, from the tongue and invading cock,
she rode the waves of her painful-pleasure with glee.

Mother was not forgotten, but her pleasure threshold had changed to
the oral delights her daughter was now giving her rather than the
pounding of her son's cock.

It was only two minutes after mounting my sister for the second time
this day that I felt the tightening of my balls, the enlargement of my
shaft and my body begin to tremble with expectant pleasure. With my
soul I used all I had to attempt to hold back and it may have worked
for a mere few seconds but it caused the final explosion to be that
much more pleasurable. I lost my own ability to think as the come
shooting out the head of my cock into my sisters body and my mind

The pleasure daggers blew out of my mind and into the
pleasure-heightened minds of my mother and sister. It took their
normal near-orgasmic thoughts and put them into orbit, and the two of
them exploded with an incredibly intense orgasm along with me.

I fell forwards, a smile upon my face and rolled onto the side of the
two introverted ladies.


Geri joined me in the kitchen wearing a dreamy smile and walking
slowly and carefully. "Morning Geri?"

"Hum...!" She reached for the jug of orange juice and half fell into
the chair next to mine.

"Mom do as I ordered?" It was no longer 'asked' or 'requested'
between us.

Geri nodded positively and had to hold the half full cup in two of her
hands so as not to spill it with her trembling muscles.

I smiled at the her responses, "Enjoyed it huh?"

Geri met my eyes finally and set her glass down carefully, before
leaning toward me. She whispered just before her lips found mine,
"Thank you lover." She did, with a passionate slow kiss - the
lingering taste of our parent evident.

Just before getting out of bed this morning, also exhausted from our
late night tumble - I ordered mother to finish the final step of our
first three-way incestuous tumble - licking my sperm from the depths
of her daughter.

Evidently she had done a very good job.


Martha and Joelyn wore stockings and wide excited smiles as they sat
next to each other on the couch. Their elder bodies exposed as they
lay back and spread.

I sat across from them and slowly stroked my hard cock.

Mother and Geri were completely naked, with hands bound behind their
backs with a pair of mothers white nylon stockings, and were hurriedly
licking between the elder thighs of the old slaves spread before them.
Both sexy, familiar, bottoms were raised exposing the ten centimetre
wide colourful tattoo that I had ordered them to get recently. It lay
just on the inside curve of their ass, a part of the tattoo seemingly
pointing down into the crack of their ass directly at their pretty
pink ass holes.

It was a game I had thought up - the first old slave that had an
orgasm would enjoy the first taste of my cock within her cunt. I
thought it up when I realized that I owned two other slaves that I
never actually fucked. Joelyn sucked me off a dozen times over the
summer and I got a hand job by her older sister once, but that was it.

In the last several months, I've become quite active with these, and
other... ladies.

It appeared mothers experience was paying off as she licked at Martha,
the woman grunting like an animal now, her mind consumed with the
tongue lapping at her wet excited folds.

Geri, less experienced than our mother, was alternating between
spearing her tongue into the depths of Joelyn's vagina and sucking on
the clitoris - and though Joelyn was enjoying it, I could tell by a
quick scan of her mind that she was still a couple of minutes off from
her pleasure.

Mother worked less frantically than her daughter, with deliberate long
strokes and patient movements of her head. She had would have won no
matter what old cunt she was given, I knew, as mother has had hours
and hours of experience at licking these old cracks.

Martha suddenly gasped out and grunted as her orgasm took control of
her senses. It lasted half a minute before mother sat back and smiled
at me over her shoulder, her whole face wet with the older slave's

The old winner was gasping at attempting to ADD her breathing returned
to normal as mother and I watched as Geri, with less frantic movements
now, completed Joelyn's orgasm.

To the winner come the spoils. Martha was looking at me with a fever
in her eye, it being months since she had a real cock inside her and I
knew from her programing that nothing in her whole life was as
important or as pleasurable as her masters cock. My cock.

Mother, though, was also the victor, and Geri crawled upon her knees
to her mom and the two started to enjoy a sloppy French-kiss. Mothers
larger fuller breasts engulfed her child's. Though Geri's had gotten
larger over the last months - when they stopped growing, I will get my
sister nipple-rings just like her mother now sported. Gold, to match
the single large outer labia ring she already wore.

I took the few short steps to stand above and between the thighs of my
oldest slave, her eyes glued to my hard cock.

"I am going to fuck you now Martha."

"Yes Master... yes!"

Joelyn had turned her head to also stare longingly at my hard cock,
wishing it was her that was going to get the first taste of it inside
her cunt.

"I am going to bring you off... then I'm going to fuck your sister."

Joelyn broke out in a big smile, thankful for not being ignored.

"And then your going to kiss as I shoot off into your faces."

Martha smiled that half-smile that I knew as her 'nasty' smile - she
was the kinky, extroverted, one of the two.

With my minds voice I interrupted mother as she was sucking on her
daughters tongue, [Then you and I are going to go to grandma's house.]

Mom's eyes shot open and she looked at me in surprise.

[Before this night is through your going to be licking your mom's cunt mommy!] I could not contain the malicious chuckle. It was an idea I
had come up with this morning, as the nastiest thing I could think of,
of the one woman who I would not think of fucking but would very much
enjoy enslaving as I did the others in my family. Grandma had been
the obvious choice.

I had already fucked Sarah half a dozen times and found her less
pleasurable than her younger sister - and in my mind, had given her
solely as the plaything to our dad. It was my gift to him as I had
taken his wife and his youngest daughter as my own.

Just last week, mother and I had gone to dad's sister - my aunt. We
fucked all weekend - mother being rather aggressive and abusive with
the other woman, her ex-sister in law, as I learnt she never did like
her husband's sister.

I wondered about grandma's huge tits and how saggy they were without
those huge bra's of hers!

Mom whispered into my mind, [Master...?]

Still chuckling, [Horny mother?]

[Do you really need another woman John?] She even knew of my fucking
Sarah as well as half a dozen other ladies in the neighbourhood that I
had found the time to be with. It has been a busy couple of months
obviously! Mothers best friend was not an unfamiliar face, or her fat
round bottom, to my bedroom - as I liked to alternate fucking my
mothers and then her best friends ass holes till they are screaming
for release. Mothers best friend also had a daughter, a year older than I - the two mothers and the two daughters and I had some
incredible orgies in recent memory.

[I want her.] Meaning mother's mom. Geri had fallen to the floor and
rolled about so that she was half on her side so that she could bring
her mouth to her mothers sex. Some malicious desire caused me to
follow up, [I want to know if grandma has a hair-trigger ass hole like
her daughter!] I was gloating even with my mind's voice.

It was the first time that I had felt mothers shame, her despair, and
it took me by surprise. My parent had always been an active and
willing participant in all the sexual delights my active imagination
could conjure. Oh certainly she seemed a little disappointed when she
discovered Sarah in my bed one morning or when I fucked her best
friends tight ass before I ever plugged hers - yet, she was obedient
and enjoyed the end result of any one of my commands.

Perhaps the bitch needed a good spanking... or a belt I thought with
evil intent! Something to remind her who was the boss, the Master, of
this family. And that sexy ass of hers that she was so proud of would
look fine with red welts upon it.



"Yes baby?" I opened my eyes and immediately closed them again, the
bright sunshine hurt my pupils.


"You were calling me in your sleep John?" I squinted through the
glare to see mom looking at me over her shoulder.

Beside me Geri whispered, "Dork."

Dad was driving down the wide laned highway, his sunglasses on now as
the rain and dark clouds must be kilometres behind us, still passing
other cars. He grunted as an announcement, "Another ten minutes and
we will be there."


Mom turned away from me and clapped her hand happily. I could even
sense Geri's pleasure at our trip being nearly finished. mom started
to ask dad about which tie he intended on wearing for the reception.

Oh god!

I looked over at my youngest sister as she sat staring out the window,
my eyes looking down to the barely noticeable points in her tee-shirt.

Had it all been a dream?

Geri suddenly slapped me, hard, and hissed, "Eyes off dork." She
leaned over so that neither mom or dad could hear, "I'm not one of
your magazine playmates - think about someone else if your going to
beat off!" Her eyes nodded to my lap and I looked down stupidly at
the obvious hardness between my legs. She must have made the
assumption that... my dream... had been about her? She would have
been only partially correct.

Geri turned away again, intent on ignoring her un-cool older brother.

It had been so real, so intense - I remembered every orgasm, every
touch by my mother or my sister. How could it have been only a dream?

Maybe it was my teenage creative mind, but I came to a conclusion that
even seemed incredible to me. It had been so real so life-like - I
wanted that life I had pictured and that it could only have been real!

But it left me wondering if it had been true - that I had that
incredible life in some alter-reality, the gift of my mind - but it
had been taken away in my abuse of its use. I had turned nasty, evil,
my love for my mother and sister had been perverted with power and
unrelenting lust - could some god-like being return me to this life?

Was that as unbelievable than a dream?

Or was I just a teenage boy with an overactive imagination?


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