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Roadside Assistance
by Kathy B.
It was late on a snowy afternoon and I had been out all day,
Christmas shopping. I was on my way home when my car slid into the
ditch. I tried backing out but it stalled and I could not get it
started again. Using my car phone, I called my husband at work and
told him what had happened.

"Honey, I've got meetings until almost 7 tonight," said Bob. "I'll
see if someone else can come get you. Stay put until he gets there,

I shivered in the frosty air. "I will. I'm getting cold though. How
long will it take?"

"I'm not sure. You're out in the middle of nowhere. Find something to
wrap up in and try to keep warm until he can get to you."

I wrapped up in every article of clothing in the car, but I was still
frozen. Desperate, I remembered I had bought a bottle of whiskey for
my boss, so I dug around in the packages until I found it and started
sipping. I rarely drink anything, and never drink hard liquor, so it
gave me a real jolt as it burned its way down my throat. I felt a
warmth moving outward from my stomach and stopped shivering. I took a
couple more and was soon feeling very comfortable, despite the cold.
The windows fogged over and it seemed as though I was in my own icy

It was quite a bit later when I heard rapping on my window. I
realized I had consumed quite a bit of the whiskey and had trouble
coordinating myself enough to unlock my door. As it opened I looked
up and saw a man peering in at me. Another guy was looking over his

"Boy, am I glad to see you guys. I was afraid nobody was coming. Are
you the ones my husband sent to get me?" I was trying not to slur as
I spoke.

"Jesus, she's plastered," said the guy in the rear. "We better get
her out of here before she freezes to death."

"Uh, yeah lady. We're the guys. He said to come get you," the first
man told me. "Let's go get you in a warm car."

I stepped out of the car and promptly slipped and fell down face
first in the snow. I giggled as both men helped me up. When we got to
the car I slid into the middle, between them. The car felt very warm
and comfortable.

As soon as we got started, I dozed off. I was dreaming, and I felt
like I was floating in a warm cocoon. After a while I thought I felt
hands rubbing my breasts and sliding inside my clothes, but I was too
drunk to care. I woke up once, when we stopped and three other guys
got in the back seat, then went back to sleep.

I felt the car stop and hands helping me out and inside. I thought I
was home. I was walked upstairs and into a bedroom. Strange hands
guided me toward the bed. In my drunken state, I assumed I was home
and my husband was getting me ready for bed.

One of the guys pulled back the covers and helped me into bed. As I
turned over onto my stomach, I noticed another one taking off his
belt. I was almost asleep again when I heard the air whistle and felt
my ass explode in sudden fire. Screaming, I spun around to see him
holding the belt in his hand.

"I want her awake. Turn her back over. She needs a few more whacks."

The guys grabbed my hands and legs and pulled me back onto my
stomach. I screamed in pain as they began beating me again. By the
time he stopped my rear end was on fire and I was totally sober. The
hands holding me let go and I lay there sobbing into the pillow.

"Get up." I didn't move. CRACK!! "I said, get up! You need another

Covering my burning rear, I turned over and stood up. "Ok, bitch.
Time to strip. Take off your clothes." Shaking, I slowly undressed.
The guys hooted as each article of clothing came into view. When I
was totally naked I stood with my head down as they looked me over.

One of they guys walked up close to me. "Not bad, but she's a little
plump. We'll see how well she can suck and fuck." The others laughed.
He reached out and tweaked a nipple. "You ever fucked five guys at
once, baby? Today's your chance. Lay down on the bed."

They made me lay on the bed while they lashed my arms to the
bedposts. When they tied ropes to my ankles, I assumed my legs would
be bound to the other posts. Instead, they were pulled up over my
head and tied to the same posts as my hands. This doubled me over
with my rear end up in the air and much of my weight on my neck. My
legs were spread wide and my pussy and asshole were fully exposed.

"Holy shit. look at that big old pussy," the leader said. "You must
fuck anything that walks to get a pussy that big." The others laughed
as he walked over to the bed. Grabbing each of my lips in a different
hand, he pulled them as far apart as he could. "What are you, some
kind of a whore? You must really fuck a lot!"

One of the guys got out a camera and started taking some pictures.
"We need something to remember you by," he laughed. "A few closeups
of your slutty pussy will help. Now we need some action shots."

"Well, then, how about a few more dicks up her hole?" asked one of
the others. "Get her nice and wet, Jim."

"I agree," Jim said. Everyone stripped naked and I was suddenly
looking at five very stiff pricks. Without a word, Jim knelt on the
bed and drove his cock into my dry pussy. As I cried out in pain, a
second man stepped between my legs and squatted on my chest. He
thrust his thick cock into my open mouth and pushed it as far in as
he could.

"If you bite it, I will cut off those fat tits of yours," he
threatened me. "The better job you do, the sooner you can breathe

I realized he was right; I had no choice. I began rubbing the bottom
of his cock with my tongue as he fucked in and out of my mouth.
Meanwhile, Jim continued his assault on my sore pussy. Because of the
way I was doubled over, he was thrusting deeper inside me than my
husband ever had. Despite my fear, I felt my pussy getting wetter and
I began to feel excited by the deep hard fuck I was getting. I could
not see Jim, but I felt him spasm and shoot a load deep inside me,
just as the man fucking my mouth pulled out and shot his cum all over
my face and hair.

They both got up, and immediately two more men mounted me, fucking my
face and pussy until they too shot on me and inside me. I was getting
close to cumming, and actually wanted someone else to fuck me, so I
could cum. The last man got up for a blowjob and Jim returned to my

After a few thrusts, I felt him pull out. "You are really juicing up.
You love getting gang fucked, don't you? You're a real whore. Now
you're too sloppy," he said. "Maybe I'll fuck that fat ass of yours."

Wildly I tried to twitch from side to side, avoiding the inevitable,
but it was no use. I felt Jim rub some used cum on it, then press the
head of his cock against my poor asshole. It soon gave way and the
head pushed inside. Working back and forth to get more in, Jim's
balls were soon slapping against my upturned ass. After the last guy
came in my mouth and got up, I could look down and see his thick cock
moving in and out of my asshole.

Soon he was pumping a big load deep into my bowels. As the second man
mounted me and slipped into my now open asshole, Jim moved up to my
face and ordered me to lick it clean. When I turned my head, he
grabbed one nipple and twisted it so hard I cried out. Resigned, I
opened my mouth. I could taste my own shit as I licked his cock

One by one the men all mounted me and fucked my asshole, then forced
me to orally clean their cocks. By the time they finished I was
exhausted and felt like I had been given a cum enema.

The guys all got dressed and I thought my ordeal was almost over, but
they left me tied to the bed with my legs still pulled up over my
head. They went out into another room and I was left alone with my
fears. What if they showed those pictures to people I knew? What if
they never let me go? I had to get out of here. I struggled against
the ropes, but they were too tight and I was too exhausted from the
cold car and the liquor and the hard fucking I had just gotten. I
still had not cum and I could feel the pent-up sexual frustration, as

I laid there on the bed for hours, wondering what was going to happen
to me. My hips cramped up and I felt like a pretzel. I was almost
glad when the guys finally returned. Maybe they were going to at
least put me into a new position to be raped, so I could get some
relief. One of the men knelt on the bed, between my legs, and started
rubbing my swollen pussy lips. Jim came and sat on the edge of the
bed, near my head.

"We're going to let you go in a little bit," he said. I smiled in
relief and thanks. "Before we do, though, we wanted to give you a
little present to make life easier. It's just our way of thanking you
for being such a good fuck."

I felt Steve squeeze a cool lotion on me, then start rubbing it in.
It soothed my aching pussy. He sipped a finger into my pussy and
started stroking it in and out.

"How's that? Feel a little better?" he asked and I moaned in reply,
pushing my mound up to meet his hand. "I'm sorry. I can't hear you.
Should I stop?"

"No, please don't stop," I begged as I felt his hand start to
withdraw. "That felt good."

"Did you come when we all fucked you?" Steve asked.

"No. I got close, but then you stopped."

"Would you like to come now?"

"Yes, I need to come."

"Well, you really are a slut, aren't you?" chuckled Steve. "Asking a
guy you don't even know to masturbate you in front of four other
strangers. You were a good fuck, though. I guess you deserve it. Just
let me know when you get close."

He started rubbing my clit with his thumb as he continued finger
fucking me. I could feel it swell with lust as I bucked up to meet
his hand. He put his other hand on me and pulled my pussy open so my
clit popped out into the open. Concentrating on rubbing it, he soon
had me close.

"Ohhh, yes... I'm almost there," I groaned as my clit thickened and
stood out even further.

Steve immediately stopped rubbing. I cried out in frustration as they
all watched me, lying there with my legs pulled over my head,
hunching my ass up against the air in a desperate attempt to cum.
They waited until I stopped writhing around, then started again.

Four times they did that to me, four times they brought me right to
the brink of orgasm then stopped and laughed as I wiggled and drooled
and ultimately begged for relief. Finally they offered to give me the
cum I so desperately needed.

"You have to promise to do anything I ask, any time I ask, though,"
Jim said. "I know who you are and where you live. I own you now,

I nodded eagerly. "Oh, yes, I understand. I'll do anything. Just fuck

Jim laughed. "Fuck you? No thanks, you can take care of yourself." He
untied one hand and I immediately buried it in my aching pussy,
rubbing myself to orgasm in thirty seconds flat."

As I was laying there, enjoying my relief, Jim spoke. "Here's your
first assignment. Friday night I'm hosting a party. I expect you to
provide the entertainment." He grinned. "I think I'm going to like
having my own whore!"


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