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At My Brother in law's Mercy 10(MF nc rape)


At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part Ten

Somehow I got through the rest of the week. I spent most of my time curled
up under a blanket on the sofa. I don't know if I had a touch of 'flu, or
if I was just suffering from the after effects of Richard's rape. Whatever
the reason, I had no energy and couldn't muster up the strength to care
about anything. I would have stayed in bed, but I had too many memories of
the times I had been violated there.

John was worried about me and took care of me, doing everything he could to
make me feel better even though he didn't really know what was wrong. Ian,
however, was as callous and unfeeling as usual. He even dragged me upstairs
one evening when John was absent to pose for more pictures for his webpage.
I didn't care what he did to me, but let him pose me as he pleased. I even
lay passively when he took me in the arse. He told me with great glee how
he was already making money from my degradation, but it was as if he was
talking to some other woman.

At long last, Saturday arrived and Ian was at last moving out of our home.
All his stuff was packed into boxes and hauled out to the hired mini-van.
John persuaded me to go along with them, and I agreed, in the hope that
seeing Ian moving in somewhere else might help to snap me out of my apathy.
We arrived at Ian's new place, a small terraced house near the centre of
town. The men ferried the boxes in while I figured out how to turn the
central heating on.

"Darling," John called to me. "Ian has a favour to ask you. We are going
to pick up the rest of Ian's boxes, then we have to go down to collect his
furniture. He was wondering if you would mind staying here and finishing
off painting the spare room. You know how good you are at decorating, I was
sure you wouldn't mind."

For a moment I hesitated, but there seemed to be no good reason to refuse.
I did like decorating and since Ian wouldn't be around, I agreed. Ian led
me upstairs and dug around in a box to find some old clothes. He gave me a
t-shirt and a sweatshirt, along with a pair of old tracksuit bottoms. Then
he showed me where the painting paraphernalia was and left me to it. For
once he didn't make any lewd comments, just thanked me for my help.

I settled in to my task, finding the rhythm of the job soothing. I had
finished, and I was in the bathroom cleaning the brushes when the men
returned. John popped up to admire my handiwork and give me a kiss before
he left to collect the rest of the furniture. All the house had at present
was a bed, a sofa and a glass topped coffee table. It wasn't until I left
the bathroom that I discovered Ian hadn't gone with John.

"Thanks for your help, dear sister-in-law," Ian drawled. He stepped back to
allow me to precede him down the stairs. "There's just one more thing I
need your help with."

We had reached the bottom of the stairs, and I unsuspectingly turned round
to ask him what he wanted. To my horror he snapped a by now familiar mask
over my eyes and gave me a hard push to send me stumbling into the
sitting-room. A solid body behind me halted my fall. I span round to see
Richard leering down at me. Turning, I found that I was at the centre of a
ring of naked men. Some of their faces I recognised from the various
escapades Ian had put me through.

Cursing my foolishness, I tried to force my way out of the circle. The men
closed up to confine me, pushing me to stumble towards one side of the ring,
then the other. Each time I reeled against a man, he groped some part of my
body and ripped my clothes. As I was pushed back and forth, my clothes were
gradually ripped to shreds until I was clad in nothing but my underwear.
Eager hands grasped me, lifting me off my feet and swiftly removing my last
items of clothing. I was assaulted from all directions by hands and mouths,
exploring and examining every intimate part of my body. The more I objected
and tried to fight them off, they more persistent they were.

My legs were held apart and I shuddered as a mouth fastened onto my pussy.
I tried to jerk away but I had no purchase to push against. Hands were
caressing my breasts and I had two sets of mouths attacking each sensitive
mound. I cursed my body as familiar sensations started swirling in the pit
of my stomach. My moans of protest soon changed, and even to my ears they
sounded like moans of pleasure. Then I felt a cock probing for the entrance
to my cunt, then sliding smoothly into my slick opening. I groaned at the
sensation and felt my internal muscles clench around the hard cock inside
me. The next moment I was orgasming uncontrollably. A cheer went up from
the men holding me, then the cock inside me was twitching and spasming as
its owner came. I was relived to discover that he was wearing a condom,
then he withdrew and another cock replaced him.

I lost count of the number of men who entered me. I had never been fucked
while suspended in the air, and it created a whole new range of sensations.
I came twice more before they had all taken their turn with me. I was
dropped face down on the coffee table. Before I had opportunity to realise
that the top had been removed, I was tied to the table frame. Some unseen
man was thrusting into my cunt again, while a couple of men crawled under
the table and began sucking and nibbling my breasts. Ian knelt in front of
my face and grinned at me.

"Guess what we're going to be using this end of you for," he said, stroking
his cock as he placed it against my lips.

"I'll bite anything you put in my mouth," I threatened. Ian grabbed a
handful of my hair.

"Now listen real well, bitch," he hissed. "You will co-operate and you will
suck and lick every cock that gets stuck in your mouth, or I will have to
use this." He displayed an enormous dildo in front of me. It had to be at
least a foot long and as thick as my fist.

"So, what's the difference between that and what's happening to me now?" I

"Well there's this," he said, sliding a sleeve covered with hard plastic
spikes over it. "And it won't get rammed up your cunt, it will be rammed up
your arse. Understand me?" I couldn't help flinching at the image he
conjured up and he knew he had me. He presented his cock again and I
reluctantly opened my mouth and swallowed it. As soon as Ian had finished
filling my mouth with his sperm, another cock was pushed into my mouth.
Soon all I could taste was salty cum, and my cunt was becoming numb from the
constant friction. I distracted myself by trying to work out how many men
were abusing me, and calculated that there had to be at least eight of them.
When they weren't fucking me they sprawled on the sofa, drinking beer and
giving lewd encouragement to the men busy thrusting away at my body.

Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, Richard knelt in front of me
and grabbed my hair to force me to look at me.

"Remember me?" he asked. I remembered him all too well, and, reacting
instinctively, I spat in his face. He wiped his face with my hair, then
gave me a grin that made me shiver. He moved round behind me, and then I
felt the cold wet smear of lubricant being forced into the crack between my
buttocks. Then I felt Richard's cock forcing its way into my arse hole,
just as it had a week ago. I tried to yell, but when I opened my mouth a
cock was pushed into it. Helplessly tied down to the table, I was forced to
lie there while Richard slammed repeatedly into me. It felt as if he was
ripping me open, and I could only be grateful he had used so much lubricant.
Just as my body adjusted to the invasion of Richard's cock, he came.

Richard informed all the others of his activities, and of course they all
wanted to have a go at my arse hole. My only comfort was that my body soon
expanded to take their cocks. At last they slowed down in their abuse of
me, and I began to hope that the whole ordeal was over. Then I heard a van
pull up outside, and Ian went to peer out of the window.

"Oh shit, it's John. Quick, get the slut upstairs to the bedroom," Ian
ordered. "Why don't you see how many of you can fuck her at the same time."
A cheer greeted that idea. Hands untied me, and supported me upstairs. I
was dropped on the bed on my hands and knees. A man lay beneath me and
pulled me down on his erection. Another knelt at the top of the bed and
pushed his cock into my mouth. Another knelt behind me and thrust his cock
into my abused arse. Then my hands were taken and each wrapped around a
hard throbbing cock.

Dimly I could hear my husband's voice downstairs, then with horror I heard
him coming up the stairs. Ian led him into the spare room and I could hear
them admiring my handiwork. Then I heard them coming towards the bedroom.
Desperately I buried my head deep in the crotch of the man in front of me,
hoping that John wouldn't recognise me.

"Look what the guys got me as a house warming present," Ian was saying. "A
whore. She loves cock, any which way you give it to her. Look at her go,
six at a time. She even likes it up her arse."

"Good grief Ian, I can't believe this," John said, revulsion evident in his

"Hey come on, John, she loves it," Ian said, giving the bed a kick. Anxious
to co-operate and have them gone, I started moaning and squirming as if I
was having the time of my life. The men fucking me took this as
encouragement, and redoubled their efforts.

"You can have a go if you like," Ian offered. "We're all using condoms, so
it's perfectly safe."

"Thanks, but I am happily married, in case you have forgotten," John
declared. "She keeps me more than satisfied, thank you all the same."

"Yeah, but I bet she never lets you fuck her up the arse, a classy girl like
your wife. And I bet you have always wondered what it felt like. This is
your chance. Your wife will never know." I stiffened in outrage at Ian's
suggestion, praying that my husband would tell him to get lost. My sudden
tension was too much for the man thrusting away at my arse and he came with
a loud shout.

"There you go, there's a vacancy," Ian laughed.

"Thanks Ian, but I'll pass," John said firmly. "When you fall in love and
get married, you'll discover what it's like. I just don't want to be
intimate with anyone apart from my wife. I'm going to have a quick look
around the bus station to see if she's there, then I'm heading home. You
enjoy your party."

Sometimes I forget why I love my husband, then he does or says something
wonderful and it's as if I'm falling in love with him all over again.
Despite the men spurting their sperm all over me, all I was aware of was my
love for John. Eventually the men had all come, and they made their way
back downstairs to where there was now a TV. I dragged my weary body into
the shower and leant against the wall as the water fell down on me. Ian
came into the bathroom and dropped my clothes on the floor. He climbed into
the shower with me, and began soaping me over. His slippery fingers found
my clit and began caressing it.

"Just for old times sake, I want to hear you come again," he told me.
Unwillingly, I felt my body respond to his touch. Ian grabbed my bottom and
lifted me up so his cock could slide into me. He hooked his arms under my
knees to spread my legs even wider and provide more friction. His hands
squeezed my buttocks in time with his thrusts, ducking his head to nibble at
my nipples. My body began to tremble and I clung to Ian's shoulders. I
began to gasp for breath as the sensations swirled through me, and not even
Ian's satisfied smirk could dampen my growing excitement. Maybe the
knowledge that this would be the last time Ian would assault me contributed,
but soon I was orgasming uncontrollably, shrieking and yelling my release.
Ian mercilessly kept thrusting into me until I came twice more, each time
more intense than the last. When at last he left me, I slid to the floor of
the shower, weak-limbed and ashamed.

"I told John that you left when the guys arrived, and that you planned to
have a look at the shops before catching the bus home," Ian informed me
casually as he towelled off. "By the way, don't forget to leave the mask,
unless you want to keep it as a souvenir." He departed sniggering. I
cleaned myself up and pulled my clothes back on. I crept out the door,
praying that none of the men would spot me departing.

Copyright 1999

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