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At My Brother in law's Mercy 2(MF nc rape)


At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part 2

I lay awake all night, trying to think what to do. I couldn't help
remembering the last time my brother-in-law had raped me. I'd tried
hard to forget it had ever happened but it had been difficult. Now he
was threatening to do it again. I had to find some way to stop him.

The alarm went off at six and my husband rolled out of bed and went to
the bathroom. By the time he returned I had come up with a plan. He
was quietly getting dressed when I startled him by saying

'John, could I come with you this morning?'

'I'm sorry, baby, did I wake you up?' he asked, 'I was trying to be as
quiet asI could.'

'No, I was already awake.'

'Oh, OK. Now what's this about coming with me? You couldn't come to
the meeting. What would you do for half an hour? Just sit in the car?'

'Yes, or go for a walk or something. I just thought it would be nice to
have some time together with just the two of us.'

'It does sound like a nice idea. If you're sure you want to I'd love
it. You'd best get a move on though, I have to leave in ten minutes.'

By the time John dropped me back at the house I was feeling very pleased
with myself. I had had a lovely time with my husband and I had foiled
any plans of Ian's to rape me. Hopefully he would get the message that
I wouldn't co-operate with his perverted scheme.

The two men returned home together and I could tell at once that Ian was
furious with me. The first chance he got to speak to me alone he
grabbed my hair and pulled my face close to his.

'You are going to regret avoiding me this morning. You are going to
regret it very much.'

'I'm not scared of you, you bastard.' I told him.

'Well that shows what a stupid bitch you are, doesn't it.' he snarled,
and he cruelly twisted my nipples before pushing me away. I tried to
tell myself he was just threatening me because he was annoyed but I soon
found out he meant every word.

About three days later I was just finishing dusting the sitting room
when I heard the front door open and close. It was about the time the
men usually returned home from work so I headed to the hall to welcome
my husband. The next moment my brother-in-law came through the sitting
room door and grabbed my arms and bent me over the back of the sofa.

'What the hell are you doing?' I cried, trying to struggle free.
'Where's John?'

'He's had to go into the city for a meeting. It's just you and me,
babe.' Ian told me.

I tried to struggle even harder but it was impossible. He shifted me so
that my feet were no longer on the ground. All my weight was on my
stomach which had the sofa back digging into it, making it hard to
breath. He fumbled open my bra and pulled it and my top over my head
and tangled them around my arms. The he pushed my skirt up around my
waist and ripped my knickers off. I tried to kick him but he just
forced hi way between my thighs so I couldn't get the right angle. He
then smacked me hard on my exposed bottom. I cried out with the pain,
which made him laugh and smack me several more times. When he stopped
my bottom was stinging and I was gulping back tears. He reached forward
and grabbed my hair, twisting my head so he could look into my face.

'That's your punishment for avoiding me. Don't do it again. Now guess
what's going to happen.' For a moment I had a wild hope that he was
going to let me go. He must have been able to tell because he gave a
loud laugh.

'I'm going to fuck your brains out bitch.' he snarled. He let go of my
hair and grabbed my legs, pushing them apart. He used his thumbs to
spread my pussy lips wide, then he drove his cock into me in one brutal
movement. I was completely unprepared and it felt like he was ripping
me apart. I screamed and tried desperately to get away but it was
impossible. He pulled back and slammed ruthlessly back into me,
chuckling when I screamed again. He reached forward and found my
breasts and began squeezing and pinching them in time to his relentless
thrusts. I could hear myself crying and begging him to stop but all I
was conscious of was the feel of his cock stretching my cunt as he
pounded away. Then to my horror I began to feel tendrils of pleasure,
beginning from my breasts and rapidly spreading to my cunt. Some part
of me was enjoying being used like this. I tried to fight it but it
just seemed to intensify the feelings that were a strange mixture of
pain and pleasure. I didn't know whether to be relieved or disappointed
when he came.

I lay across the sofa back, exhausted and ashamed. I could still feel
small twitches through my muscles and knew that I had almost come. I
felt Ian pull out of me then heard him walking round the sofa. He
grabbed my hair and pulled my head up, thrusting his cock in my face.

'Clean me up.' he ordered.

'What?' I exclaimed, unable to believe he meant it. His cock was still
semi-hard and covered with cum. My hands were still twisted up my back
and entangled in my clothes and my feet were off the ground so I was
helpless to move.

'Lick my cock clean, bitch. You'd better hurry or some of it's going to
drip on your sofa. Won't that make a nice stain?' To my horror he was
right. I had no choice but to comply with his orders. I had
occasionally given my husband a blow-job but it wasn't something I
particularly enjoyed. Reluctantly I began to lick at Ian's cock,
cleaning the juices off. The taste was just as bad as I remembered but
it soon became obvious that Ian was enjoying it very much. His cock
gradually became hard again and soon he was holding my head still and
thrusting it into my mouth. He pushed harder and further until it felt
as if I was going to choke. I moaned and tried to pull away but he was
holding me too tightly. My moans drew his attention though and he

'I was getting a bit carried away there wasn't I?' he asked. 'I'm glad
you stopped me. After all we're not finished yet.' Before I had chance
to comprehend what he was saying he had walked back round the sofa and
pulled me to my feet. My legs were weak and trembling and I staggered
and had to hold onto him to steady myself. He took advantage of my
momentary dizziness to completely remove the rest of my clothes and drag
me into the hall. He pushed me up against the closed kitchen door and
took his own clothes off.

'Just to make sure you understand the situation, I'll explain a few
things for you. I'm still horny and I want to fuck again. However
since I've just come it's going to take longer this time for me to get
off. Your husband is going to be coming through that door in just over
half an hour. I'm not stopping until I've come. So unless you want the
first thing your husband to see when he walks through the door is his
beloved wife and brother fucking like rabbits I suggest you do
everything you can to bring me to orgasm.' To my horror I realised he
was serious. I tried to think of someway out of my predicament but I
was trapped.

'Please don't.' I whispered, 'please.'

'Begging isn't going to change my mind but it my turn me off, you don't
want that after you did such a good job of sucking me off do you. Come
on, let's get fucking. After all time's ticking away.'

Reluctantly I co-operated as he lifted me up against the door and slid
his cock inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and clung to his
shoulders as he supported me by holding my bottom. To my shame it felt
wonderful. My cunt was still slick with his cum so he slid in easily.
This time the stretching felt wonderful, like I was being completely
filled. With my back braced against the door we began to move together.
I could feel the pleasure start up again inside me and struggled to hide
it. My clit was pressed against his skin and every movement rubbed
against it with occasionally a stray hair adding an extra sensation. I
closed my eyes and tried not to moan with pleasure.

'Give me a tit.' he ordered me. Flushing with humiliation I used a
hand to push my breast close to his mouth. He smirked at me, enjoying
my embarrassment, before attacking my nipples with his mouth. He wasn't
gentle but he was through, tugging it deep into his mouth before using
his tongue and teeth on it. It was all I needed to send me over the
edge. My hips moved faster and my nails dug into his back as I
orgasmed. My cunt clenched around his fat cock and I could hear myself
gasping and shouting out loud. Gradually the spasms slowed and I opened
my eyes to see Ian smirking knowingly at me. He was still hard and he
kept thrusting away. He removed a hand from my bottom so I had to cling
even closer to him and began to massage my clit.

'You are such an easy lay.' he said, make me flush with shame. 'Give me
that other tit, lets see how quickly you'll come again.' Even as I
compiled I could feel my insides tightening again. It felt like only
moments before I was coming, shouting as he thrust in time with my
spasms. My orgasm lasted even longer this time and still he hadn't

This time when I had finished he pulled out of me and went to sit on the
stairs. He beckoned me over and made me straddle him. He pushed on my
hips until I lowered them enough to impale my cunt on his fat cock. We
were right next to the window and anyone coming down the path would have
a clear view of us. At the back of my mind I knew time was running out
before my husband came home. My whole body seemed concentrated on the
waves of pleasure that were centred on my pussy. I didn't need much
encouragement to begin to ride him, sliding his cock in and out of my
eager cunt. He had easy access to my breasts and I encouraged him with
little moans and gasps, as he played with them, thrusting them deeper
into his mouth. The rougher he was the more I seemed to enjoy it and I
came twice more before eventually he grabbed my hips and came himself,
thrusting savagely into me.

I lay against him as the sweat cooled on our bodies and the full shame
of my behaviour hit me. I scrambled up, collected my clothes and ran
upstairs to the bathroom. I was scrubbing furiously at my body when Ian
strolled in. He was naked still with his clothes draped over his arm.

'Well bitch, I told you I'd teach you a lesson. The next time John goes
to work early I expect to find you laying in that bed with your legs
wide open ready to be fucked.' He turned and walked away leaving me
ashamed and desperate thinking how to escape from this situation.

Copyright 1999

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