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At My Brother in law's Mercy 3(MF nc rape)


At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part 3

After my last humiliating encounter with my brother-in-law I'd tried to
avoid him. I felt violated and ashamed, especially about the way I had
responded to him. My husband noticed I wasn't myself but I fobbed off
with the excuse that I had a touch of 'flu. Then, just to complicate
matters, my husband made love to me one night and for the first time
brought me to orgasm. Our love-making was nothing like Ian's assaults
on my body and my orgasm was on a fraction of the ones I had experienced
with Ian. Nethertheless it was special because it was with my husband.
He was so pleased and proud that he had at last managed to give me an
orgasm but a little voice at the back of my mind wondered if Ian's rape
had contributed something to this.

I knew if John ever found out about Ian raping me that would be the
conclusion he would draw and it was one more reason why I could never
tell him about Ian's attacks. Neither was there any possible way I
could go to the police without John finding out. I wasn't physically
strong enough to fight Ian off. I began working out every day at the
gym to try and build muscle but Ian was taller and heavier than I and it
was unlikely I'd ever be able to win against him. I casually suggested
to my husband that I should start taking self defence lessons of some
kind. He wasn't opposed to the idea until we went to look at some of
the clubs. They all seemed to be in rough areas and more geared towards
teaching people to injure each other rather than defend yourself. Then
Ian heard what we were looking into and offered to teach me the basics
at home. He claimed to have taken classes in several different martial
arts for several years so that was the end of that idea. I was still
trying to think of a way out of my situation when Ian attacked again.

I hadn't realised that John had another of his early morning meetings
until I heard the front door closing and realised he wasn't besides me
in bed. I was still half asleep and it hadn't sunk in before the
bedroom door crashed open and Ian hit the light switch. Dazzled by the
sudden light I was to busy shielding my eyes to fully comprehend the
situation by which time Ian had tossed the covers aside and had my
t-shirt pushed over my head. He attacked my breasts like he was
starving and they were the first food he had seen in days. I began
struggling and thumping him but he easily brushed my blows away and
continued. Already my body was responding, my nipples hardening and my
insides tightening.

Desperately I brought my knee up with all my strength. It caught him in
the stomach and he momentarily rolled off me, gasping for breath. I
somehow scrambled out of the bed and half ran half fell down the stairs.
I heard Ian's roar of anger and could hear his feet thudding down the
stairs behind me. I fled into the kitchen and grabbed my biggest knife
from the block on the side. I whirled round and as Ian came towards me
jabbed it at him. He stopped and quickly stepped back out of reach.
For a moment things were at an impasse. I held onto the counter-top
while I tried to get my breath back, the knife gripped tight in my hand.
I could see him thinking but I was totally unprepared for what he did
next. He took a step forward until the knife tip was resting against
his chest and grinned at me.

'If you want to use that knife, go ahead. However you're going to have
to seriously injure me to stop me fucking you. In fact you'll probably
have to kill me. How are you going to explain that away. And even if
you just cut me you'll still have to explain to John why. If he asks me
you know I'll tell him the truth, or at least my version of it. Is that
really what you want?' I started at him like a memorised rabbit. If he
had attacked me I would probably defended myself with the knife in the
heat of the moment. But he had calmed the situation down and made me
look at the consequences.

'Come on decide.' he demanded and moved my hand so the knife was
resting against his throat. 'Either kill me or put the knife down and
come upstairs.' Feeling more trapped than ever I slowly put the knife
down on the counter and let him lead me back to the bedroom. There
seemed little point in resisting him when he pushed me down on the bed
and dived between my legs. He used his mouth on my clit and cunt but
somehow my whole body felt numb with despair. It felt as if he was
doing it to someone else and I was just watching. He didn't seem to
notice and soon he positioned me on my hands and knees and began fucking
me from behind. He had barely started when the sound of the front door
being unlocked jerked me back to an awareness of my surroundings. For
some reason John had returned. I couldn't let him walk in and find me
being fucked by his brother. I quickly pulled away from Ian and hurried
into the hall. John must have heard my footsteps and he put his head
round the corner of the stairs and looked up at me. I leant over the
banister, striving to appear normal.

'Morning darling,' John whispered, 'I didn't mean to wake you. Can you
believe it, I forgot my briefcase.'

'Won't you be too late for your meeting now?' I whispered back. Out of
the corner of my eye I saw Ian quietly walking towards me. I tried to
concentrate on John's explanation of how he had phoned to explain and
the meeting was still on. Ian had reached the hall and sunk to his
knees besides me. He put his hands on my thighs and began forcing them
apart. I tried to stop him but I was more concerned with John not
noticing something was wrong. I gave some reply to John's explanation
but most of my attention was on Ian. He had succeeded in opening my
legs and was now using his tongue to torment my cunt while his fingers
played with my clit. I tried to concentrate on what John was saying but
it was so difficult. I wanted to squirm and moan and the pleasure being
generated by Ian's assault on my pussy fizzed through me. Then to my
alarm I realised that John was coming up the stairs to kiss me goodbye.
I leaned further over the banisters to kiss him so he wouldn't come to
the top and see what his brother was doing, even though this gave Ian
even more access to my pussy. John smiled as my breasts swung towards
him and he caressed them gently as he kissed my mouth. It was too much
and I couldn't help giving a moan. John was surprised and pleased by my
response and gave each nipple a gentle kiss. I moaned again as my
nipples hardened and Ian intensified his actions on my pussy. John
nuzzled my breasts some more, whispering the intimate things husbands
and wives say when they're making love, before kissing me again. I
kissed him back desperately, aware that I was close to the edge of

'I wish I could stay and play,' John whispered reluctantly, 'but I'm
already late and I have to go. We'll go to bed early tonight and fool
around, OK. Now you'd better hurry back to bed before we wake Ian up.
Think how embarrassed you would be if he came out here and caught you
with no clothes on.' He gave me one last kiss and caress of my breasts,
unaware that his brother had two fingers pounding in and out of my cunt while he sucked on my clit. I didn't know if I was glad or sorry to see
John go. The moment the door closed behind John Ian stood up and pushed
his cock into my dripping cunt. I braced myself against the banister
and met every thrust. I dimly heard our car start up as the first wave
of orgasm hit me. Ian came too and collapsed against me.

I could feel him laughing against me but I was beyond caring. Even
though I had just come it wasn't enough. When Ian pushed me to my knees
and shoved his cock in my face I didn't hesitate. I went to work
licking and sucking, needing it hard again. I didn't make even token
resistance when Ian led me back to the bed and pulled me on top of him.
I rode him like a wild animal, grinding my clit against him and impaling
my cunt repeatedly on his cock as orgasm after orgasm hit me. At last
the orgasms grew shorter and I collapsed on the bed, hardly aware of
whether Ian had come again or not.

'Well you're starting to get the hang of this fucking business, aren't
you.' Ian said, sounding very smug. 'Are we going to have an end of
this fighting me off now?'

'What do you mean?' I asked wearily.

'Well I'm getting tired of having to fight you before I fuck you. I
want you to do what I say from now on without arguments or resistance.
If you don't I'll tell John exactly what happened today. I'll tell him
that while he was kissing his beloved wife I had my tongue up her cunt and five minutes later we fucking each other senseless.'

'I've had enough of you and your threats.' I said, dredging up some
defiance from somewhere. 'Go ahead and tell him what you want. I'll
tell him you're making the whole thing up because you're jealous of our
happiness after the mess you made of your relationship. I think he'll
believe me.' Ian slapped me hard across the face, knocking me across
the bed. He grabbed my hair, pulling me close to his face.

'Listen you little bitch, he'll believe me. I could hear every word he
said to you, include all his little pet names for your tits and your
cunt. How are you going to explain that away?' He had trapped me again
with his logic. Still I was trying to think of a way out.

'You want me to let you rape me without fighting you?' I asked slowly
while thinking as fast as I could.

'Is it still rape when you enjoy it so much like the slut you are?' he
asked, sneering at me.

'If I don't want you to do it then it's rape.' I snapped back. 'What
do I get out of this deal?'

'Apart from me not spilling the beans to John and about five or six
orgasms every time we fuck? What else do you want?'

'I'll co-operate on the condition that you move out within a month.' I
told him. Once he was no longer living here I knew it would be easy
enough to make sure I was never alone with him again. It was the only
way out of the situation I could see.
'I think I can live with that. You be my sex slave and I'll be out by
the end of the month. Deal.'

'Deal' I agreed.

'OK. From now on when John goes to work early I expect you to crawl
into my bed and wake me up by sucking my cock. The first thing I want
to see when I open my eyes is your pussy. Got it? No more arguing and
fighting, you just do what I say from now on. Now come suck me clean,
I'm going to be late.' Hoping desperately that I had done the best
thing possible I obeyed.

Copyright 1999

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