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At My Brother in law's Mercy 4(MF nc rape)


At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part 4

I didn't know how to look John in the face when he returned that
evening. When he suggested we get an early night all I could see was
the smirk on Ian's face. My face still felt sore from when Ian had
slapped me and I was so tired. It was difficult to raise any enthusiasm
for more sex. John made love to me slowly and gently. He stroked his
hands along my body, each touch a gentle caress reminding me how much I
loved him. Afterwards he held me close and told me how much he loved me
and I knew I was so lucky to have him. For his sake I could endure his
brother's abuse for four weeks.

Nether-the-less I was dreading the next time my husband had to go to an
early morning meeting. It didn't happen for a few days and the tension
of waiting got to me. I was irritable and spent long hours down the gym
trying to work my tensions away. Eventually John told me one evening
that he had an early morning meeting the next day. I saw the self
satisfied grin on Ian's face and wished wholeheartedly I could slap it

I lay in bed pretending to be asleep as John got dressed and left. I
waited until I heard the car start up and pull away before reluctantly
going into Ian's bedroom. He seemed to be asleep but there was no real
way to tell. Following his instructions I crept into bed besides him.
I knelt across his shoulders and felt around under the covers until I
located his cock. It was soft and wrinkled. I sucked it into my mouth
but it was difficult to keep it in because it was so floppy.
Fortunately it started to get hard. I concentrated on sucking it,
sliding it in and out of my mouth as it hardened. I heard Ian give a
small grunt, then his hands were on my bottom and I knew he was
definitely awake.

It was hard to breathe under the covers and I had to keep swallowing
hard so I didn't dribble onto him. He was pushing my hips, urging me to
move faster. He was thrusting upwards with his hips, driving his cock
so far into my mouth I started to gag. His hands were between my
thighs, his thumb rubbing my clit and a finger stabbing at my cunt. I
could feel myself starting to get wet and respond to him. I didn't want
that. I went to work faster on his cock. I sucked as hard as I could
and ran my tongue around the head. Pre-cum was oozing out of it and it
tasted horrible but I kept going. I was hoping that if I made him come
soon enough he wouldn't have time to get me aroused. My breasts were
grazing against his stomach each time I lurched forward and the friction
against my sensitive nipples was exquisite torture. My legs were
starting to tremble and I was finding it harder to resist when I felt
his body tense. I knew he was about to come and tried to pull back but
he put one hand on my head and the other on my back and held me down
while he thrust his cock deep into my mouth. I felt it jerk as he came
and my mouth was flooded with his cum. It was thick and tasted even
worse than the pre-cum. I struggled to get away but he held me there
until he finished coming. As soon as he released me I sat up,
spluttering and trying to spit out the cum I hadn't swallowed. It had
overflowed all over my chin and neck leaving a sticky trail.

For some reason Ian seemed annoyed instead of pleased that I had obeyed
him. He grabbed my hair and pulled me close while he shouted at me.

'What the hell do you think you're doing, bitch? You swallow all my
spunk and say thank you. I don't ever want to see you spit it out
again. Do you understand? Go get something to clean up the mess you've
made. You've got it all over me and the sheet.'

I hurried into the bathroom and returned with tissues and a cloth. He
glared at me while I mopped up as much as I could from the sheet and
wiped his body clean. When I disposed of the tissue down the toilet I
took the opportunity to clean myself up and brush my teeth to try to get
rid of the lingering taste. I didn't realise Ian had entered the
bathroom before he grabbed my shoulder and span me round to face him.

'You don't learn do you, you stupid cow. I didn't say you could clean
yourself up. And I told you that you have to be grateful when I fill
your mouth with spunk, not try to get rid of it. I'm going to have to
teach you a lesson.'

He grabbed hold of me and dragged me back to the bed. He sat down and
pulled me face down across his knees. He forced one hand between my
legs. His fingers found my clit and began tweaking it while his thumb
easily slid into my cunt, which was still wet from his earlier
attentions. Then he began smacking me. Each time his hand landed on my
bottom he thrust his thumb deep inside me. The wave of pain from my
bruised skin was strangely echoed by the wave of pleasure coming from my
pussy. I moaned and squirmed not knowing which hand was causing the
strongest sensation. My breasts were pressed against the bedcover and
as I squirmed my nipples hardened, adding to the sensations colliding in
my body. The blows on my bottom were hard and stinging and I knew my
skin must be red. I didn't know if I was trying to pull away from the
smacks or if I was trying to push down on the thumb. Inevitably an
orgasm hit me and I screamed as it shuddered through my body.

Ian pushed me off his knee as I collapsed limp and exhausted. I was
half knelt on the floor, half-lying on the bed. He crouched behind me
and positioned his cock against my pussy lips. Then he plunged into me,
his balls slapping against my clit. He kneaded my sore bottom as he
pounded his cock into my cunt and I could hear myself whimpering. I had
forgotten just how fat his cock was and how it stretched my cunt. He
shoved his hands under me and found my breasts. The way he kneaded them
as they were squashed against the bed was painful so I raised myself up
on my elbows. He gave a grunt of satisfaction and went to work on my
breasts. He pulled and pinched my nipples roughly but perversely by
body enjoyed it. Another orgasm hit me and I bit hard on my lip to keep
from yelling out loud. Still he hammered his cock into my cunt. I
could hear my pussy juices squelching as he rammed in and out and feel
them trickling between my swollen lips and clit. Another orgasm took me
and still he kept going. At last I felt him stiffen and jerk inside me.
It was enough to trigger another orgasm for me and our gasps and moans
mingled together as our juices mingled in my cunt.

He pulled off me and gave me a final slap on my reddened bottom. He
pulled on a dressing gown and went downstairs. I could hear him
watching tv while he ate his breakfast. I crept into the bathroom on
trembling legs, cursing my body's betrayal. I went back to my own bed
and curled up on top of the bed, hating the quivers I could still feel
inside me.

Ian came upstairs and found me there.

'Come on, I want you to wash me,' he ordered. Reluctantly I followed
him into the bathroom and stepped into the bath with him. He turned the
shower on and pulled me under the spray. 'Get your tits all soapy and
rub it onto me,' he ordered. Obediently I worked up some lather and
worked it into my breasts. Then I began rubbing his body. My skin was
still sensitised and the combination of the slick soap and his rough
body hair drove me crazy. I moaned and pressed myself close against
him. He guided me around his upper body, clearly enjoying himself. I
used the soap to renew the lather then he pushed me to my knees. I ran
his legs up and down my cleavage with his co-operation. His foot was
between my thighs and I realised I was grinding my pussy against it.
Ashamed I straightened up. I began to stand again but Ian made me sit
on the side of the bath. He placed his cock between my breasts,
squeezed them around it and began thrusting.

'Lick the head,' he groaned as he pumped. Each time the fat purple head
popped out from between my breasts I swiped my tongue across it. The
flow of water from the shower and the soap from my skin combined to
combat the taste of the pre-cum. His thumbs were rubbing across my
nipples as he regularly squeezed my breasts in time with each thrust of
his hips. I found myself thinking that I would have to try this with
John and immediately felt ashamed. I wasn't supposed to enjoy Ian's
treatment of me.

Before I had a chance to sort out my confused thoughts Ian jerked me to
me feet. He looped my knee over his arm and pushed me up against the
wall. His cock slid into my eager cunt and I braced my free foot
against the bath rim as he settled into a steady rhythm. With my legs
wide spread my clit was fully exposed to the friction of his skin. His
mouth was on my nipples, the heat of it in contrast to the cool water
pattering down on us from the shower. An orgasm crashed through me and
I lost control, bucking wildly against him and yelling out loud, my
nails digging into his shoulders. As soon as one orgasm died another
started and I writhed helplessly against him as his thrusting cock
caused one after another to twist my body until eventually he came and
at last stopped. I slid down and sat on the bottom of the bath as he
finished his shower, lacking the strength to move. By the time he got
out and started towelling himself my breathing had slowed to it's
regular rhythm.

'Well you're starting to get the hang of being my sex slave,' he said

'I'm keeping my end of the bargain,' I reminded him. 'I want to see
some evidence that you're keeping your end.'

'OK, I'll phone some agents today. Are you sure you want me to go?
Who's going to teach you how to fuck if I'm not around, hmm? Who's
going to make you scream when you come for the twentieth time?'

'John and I don't fuck, we make love. And you can make me come as many
times as you like but you'll never know what making love is like. All
you know is fucking. I feel sorry for you.'

He glared at me. 'You're a fucking bitch. I don't give a fuck about
'making love'. Just make sure you spread your legs whenever I tell
you.' I was pleased I'd annoyed him.

'Yes master,' I drawled sarcastically, and laughed as he stamped out of
the bathroom. I might have agreed to let him fuck me but no one said I
had to be nice to him. I just hoped he didn't take his revenge next
time John was away.

Copyright 1999

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