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At My Brother in law's Mercy 5(MF nc rape)


At My Brother-in-law's Mercy, Part 5

Inevitably an evening arrived when John had to work late. I sat on the
sofa, tense with nerves, dreading Ian's arrival. The moment he walked
in it was obvious he was in a bad mood. He slumped down in a chair and
closed his eyes. I waited, wondering how his mood was going to effect
his treatment of me. He opened his eyes and looked at me.

'I've had a horrible day and I don't want any messing about from you.
Get your clothes off and come here and give me a blowjob. I need some
kind of tension relief.'

Reluctantly I obeyed. He had kept his side of the bargain so far and I
didn't want to do anything to spoil things. He had come home with an
armful of estate agents details and told John he was planning to move
out at the end of the month. John had been upset that he was leaving in
such a short period of time and I tried to imitate his sorrow. He
confided to me in bed that night that he would like our privacy back but
that he would miss his brother a lot. I echoed his sentiments
wholeheartedly although I would miss Ian for totally different reasons
from John. So all I had to do was to get through the next three weeks
and this torment would be over.

With these thoughts running through my head I stripped off my clothes
and dropped to my knees in front of Ian. I slid his fat cock into my
mouth and began bobbing my head up and down, sucking as hard as I could.

'Try to use a little imagination,' Ian snapped. 'Lick and suck along
the sides and use your tongue on the head. And be careful with your

I counted to ten mentally and managed not to yell back at him. I
attempted to follow his directions and soon found myself warming to my
task. I could tell by Ian's reactions when he was enjoying my actions.
I hadn't realised that there were some many ways to give a man pleasure
using my mouth. I took notes and decided that the next time John and I
had time to fool around I would experiment a bit to see what he liked.
The pre-cum still tasted disgusting but I found that I could usually
smear it out of the way with my lips before it reached my tongue. Ian
wasn't speaking or touching me and I could almost forget it was him I
was pleasuring. I heard his breathing quicken and knew he was about to
come. Remembering last time I reluctantly slid him as far into my mouth
as I could and tried to swallow. My mouth was filled with warm cum,
overflowing and dripping down my chin. It tasted as vile as I
remembered and I struggled not to let my distaste show on my face.

Ian leaned back in his chair with a satisfied look on his face, his cock
rapidly growing limp.

'I'll get some tissue.' I offered and he made no objection. I hurried
into the kitchen and as discreetly as possible rinsed my mouth out.
When I returned to the sitting room Ian had the tv on. I cleaned the
lingering damp traces from him as unobtrusively as possible and
retreated to the sofa. He seemed to be engrossed in an episode of Star
Trek and I could hardly believe my luck. I could handle giving him
blowjobs whenever he wanted. Maybe the novelty of abusing me had worn
off. Just as I was beginning to relax he spoke.

'I haven't finished with you yet. Lay down next to the tv and play with
yourself.' I gaped at him in disbelief. After his order he had gone
back to watching activities on the Enterprise. Reluctant to annoy him I
unwillingly crawled over to the TV. I slid my hand between my legs and
half-heartedly started rubbing my pussy.

'I want to watch,' Ian told me. 'Come on, spread your legs. I want to
see fingers diving into your cunt and plenty of nipple sucking.' I knew
better than to argue however strange his orders. I spread my legs wider
and gently poked a finger inside myself. I wasn't the slightest bit
turned on but I tried my best. I had a vague idea of trying to fake an
orgasm and hope that that would satisfy him. I pushed a breast towards
my face and bent my head so that my tongue could reach the nipple. The
cool air had made them hard but not responsive. Somehow being sprawled
out on my sitting room carpet in broad daylight was embarrassing me.
When I played with myself it was in the dark and privacy of my bedroom.
Even without the added tension of Ian watching me I wasn't the slightest
bit aroused. Even so I preserved as it was still better than Ian raping

'This is a waste of time,' he said impatiently. 'I can't see a thing
for all that hair. Go get a razor and some water and shave it off.'

'What!' I squealed, sitting up in shock. I saw the look on his face
and hurriedly changed my mind about protesting. I had ached for days
after the last time he had hit me and did not want to repeat the
experience if I could help it. I fetched a bowl of water, a razor, some
soap and a towel and resumed my position on the carpet. It wasn't the
easiest task in the world. My neck and back ached from bending over to
peer between my legs. The hair wasn't too thick but it was long and
curly and it took several attacks with the razor to clear even a small
space. I took my time, nervous about the sharp blade near the most
sensitive part of my body. I was also hoping that if I took long enough
there wouldn't be enough time for Ian to humiliate me anymore before
John returned. When I glanced up I saw Ian intently watching my every
move, one hand absently stroking his growing cock. My heart sank but no
matter how slow I was eventually I had finished. Ian dropped to his
knees next to me on the carpet.

'Lets have a look then,' he said, pushing my knees wider apart. I could
feel the air on my exposed pussy in a totally new way without the
shelter of my curls. Ian ran his finger down from my stomach over the
newly shaved area and along a now naked lip. My skin felt ten times
more sensitive than previously and I could not control the shiver of

'It's so smooth,' Ian marvelled, his fingers exploring further. He
pulled the lips surrounding my clit apart, examining every inch. He
moved closer and the next moment I felt his tongue on my clit. I bit my
lip trying hard not to respond as he worked his way all over my pussy with his mouth but it was impossible. Nerve endings I hadn't previously
known existed were now exposed to his exploring tongue. I could hear
the blood pounding in my ears as I approached orgasm. Ian plunged his
tongue into my cunt and I came, writhing on the carpet. He removed his
mouth and instantly thrust his cock into my still spasming cunt. He
circled his hips, extracting every possible fraction of friction from my
newly shaved skin. My ebbing orgasm returned in full force and I
twisted beneath his thrusts, the carpet rough against my bottom. To my
relief he came quickly and withdrew, leaving me trembling on the carpet.

When I regained the strength to move I collected the shaving equipment
and limped upstairs. Ian was once again absorbed in Star Trek and
hardly noticed me leave. I took a shower to remove as much of his touch
as I could. The unfamiliar feel of water on bare skin was extremely
stimulating. My fingers drifted down of their own accord. I told
myself that I was just checking I hadn't missed any hairs but I soon
forgot the pretence. My clit seemed more accessible and sensitive than
ever before and I soon stroked myself to orgasm. Surprised at myself
and hoping that Ian hadn't heard me I towelled myself dry and began
preparing tea.

I spent the evening wondering how John would react and what explanation
I could offer. I was tense all evening and relieved when he headed to
bed early. I pottered around waiting until he was in bed before
beginning to get undressed myself.

'I did something today and I'm not sure if you'll like it,' I told him

'What is it, baby?' he asked. 'Come on, don't keep me in suspense.'

Shyly I turn round so that he could see. His eyebrows shot up in
surprise then a slow smile spread across his face. He sat up and pulled
me closer with an arm around my waist. He gently dragged his fingertip
across the newly exposed surface and smiled when I shivered reflexively.

'Is that nice?' he asked. I nodded dumbly. 'What made you decide to do

'I don't know, an impulse I guess,' I lied.

'Well I like it. I need to explore more to be sure, of course,' he
teased, pulling down besides him on the bed. The loving caress of his
hands and mouth soon created my fourth orgasm of the day and when he
entered me I came again. Exhausted but happy I fell asleep in my
husband's arms wondering if I should be grateful to Ian.

Any kind feelings I had towards Ian soon disappeared. John had to work
late again a few days later. Ian came hurrying into the house and
pulled me upstairs.

'I'm off out tonight to watch the match down the pub,' he explained,
rapidly removing his clothes. 'Some of the lads are picking me up so I
don't have much time. I'm really horny though so get those clothes off
and spread your legs.'

Resentfully I obeyed him but not quick enough. He impatiently pushed my
skirt to the floor and shoved me face down onto the bed. He used his
fingers to spread my lips then rammed his cock hard into my pussy. I
cried out involuntarily as his cock forced my cunt to stretch around it.
He took no notice and began rotating his hips, pressing his cock deeper
and deeper inside me. His hands fumbled under my body to find my
breasts. I felt his hand on my hair and levered myself up on my elbows
to give him more access before he could yank my hair. He gave a grunt
of satisfaction and began a vigorous massage of my breasts. Incredibly
my body began to respond to him. My cunt was rapidly becoming wet and
my nipples were swelling and hardening. The material of the bedspread
was rubbing against my clit every time he thrust his cock into me. My
whimpers of pain rapidly became moans of pleasure as an orgasm built.
Just as the orgasm swept through my body I heard a knock at the door.
Even as I writhed in ecstasy, the room filled with my yells, a panicked
part of brain tried to work out who it could be.

Ian pulled out of me and stuck his head out of the window. I could
hardly hear the murmur of his voice over the pounding of my blood but I
clearly heard the door open and close. I pushed myself to my feet but
Ian caught hold of me and pushed me back to the bed, this time on my

'I haven't finished with you yet,' he said, wasting no time plunging
back into me. His mouth fastened onto a nipple and my back arched in
response as pleasure spread through me. After only a few thrusts of his
cock I could feel another wave of orgasm take control of my body. Even
as I cried out and twisted under it's onslaught I realised that someone
was coming up the stairs. I opened my eyes to see two unknown men lounging in the doorway. Ian didn't stop fucking me, looking down at me
with a cruel gleam in his eyes.

'Sorry I'm running a bit late lads,' he said to the new arrivals. 'This
little slut was just begging for a fucking and I could hardly refuse
her, could I?' I writhed in embarrassment as the strangers' eyes
crawled appreciatively over my body. Ian pushed himself up on one arm
so more of my body was exposed to their gaze and began rubbing my clit.
His touch started the tremors deep inside me and I tried to move away.
It would be too humiliating to climax with his friends watching.

'Got great tits, hasn't she?' Ian asked them. They came further into
the room to get a better look. 'Give her tits a squeeze, makes her go
crazy.' Ian suggested. I drew in my breath to make a protest but Ian
gave my clit a cruel nip. I moaned and saw the look on his face. The
message was clear; if I didn't co-operate he would hurt me. He slid his
arms under my knees to spread my legs even wider and increased the
vigour of his thrusts. His friends were sat on the bed either side of
my head, their hands greedily reaching for my breasts.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself a million miles away from
this humiliation. It was a mistake. Deprived of sight my other senses
sharpened. Two pairs of hands stroked and squeezed my breasts, soon
joined by two mouths tugging at my nipples. Ian's fat cock was pounding
in and out of my cunt with my legs widespread to maximise the friction
on my clit. Helpless under their stimulation I came and came again.
With each climax they intensified their attentions. Overwhelmed by my
body's convulsions I barely realised when they took my hands and wrapped
them around their cocks. Ian came at last and withdrew and I gradually
regained my senses.

My hands and breasts were spattered with strangers' cum and Ian's was
dripping out of my cunt. Ian disappeared into the bathroom leaving me
with his two leering friends. They were both busy cleaning their cocks
with tissue before zipping them back into their trousers. Ian
reappeared and kissed me hard on the mouth, his tongue thrusting inside.
I could see his satisfaction at my humiliation in his eyes.

'Clean this mess up, there's a good girl,' he told me. 'Don't worry,
you may see the guys again this weekend. I know they'll be pleased to
see you again.' He gave me a smirk and departed, his friends trailing
after him.

I lay there as the cum dried on my skin, wondering what Ian had planned.
I had totally forgotten that John was away at a conference but obviously
Ian hadn't. I dreaded to imagine what he had thought up.

Copyright 1999

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