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At My Brother in law's Mercy 6(MF nc rape)


At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part Six

I tried as hard as I could to get John to take me to his conference with
him. The thought of a whole weekend at Ian's mercy made my skin crawl.
However short of putting my foot down and insisting it didn't seem
practical. I could have done that but Ian would have heard and then our
agreement would be null and void. He had a list of flats and houses he
was interested in and he planned to have a look at them the following
weekend and then move in the next. As I kissed John goodbye Ian put his
arm around me and assured John that he would take very good care of me.
I tried to control the shudder of fear that ran through me at his words
but John was smiling and saying he couldn't think of anyone else he
would be happier to leave me with. If only he knew the irony of his

The moment John's car pulled away Ian yanked my skirt up and slid his
cock into me. Pinned against the front door by his thrusts I obeyed his
instructions to remove my top and bra and hold my breasts up to his
mouth. Despising my body's traitorous response I though hard but was
unable to control the orgasm that swept through me. Ian watched me come
with a satisfied smirk on his face before concentrating on his own

'We're going to have some fun this weekend,' he promised me, cruelly
tweaking a nipple. 'Number one rule, you are naked at all times unless
I give you something to wear. Got it? I'll give you further
instructions as needed. Knowing better than to give him the
satisfaction of asking his plans I made my way to the bathroom to clean

When I had finished my ablutions I heard Ian calling me from my bedroom.
When I entered I found he had rearranged the furniture to accommodate a
video camera on a tripod and his computer. He flashed me his by now
familiar evil grin and waited for my comments but I stood dumbly,
refusing to give him the satisfaction. He was only too eager to explain

'We are going to create an Internet site starring you, my dear
sister-in-law. And before you protest your identity will be kept
secret. I've got some temporary hair dye and a mask for you to wear. I
thought that would add a sense of mystery as well and give our site
something a bit different to stand out from the crowd. So here you go,
get back in the bathroom and turn your hair red. I want to get

Reluctantly I obeyed his orders. If this was the worst ordeal he came
up with I could cope with this weekend quite easily. My imagination was
obviously a bit more vivid than his. The nightmares I had been
torturing myself with over the past few days were hopefully going to
remain nothing more than phantasms. With my normally light brown hair
transformed into bright auburn I looked very different. Vamp red lipstick and heavy mascara further added to the transformation. The
mask Ian gave me was a narrow gold spangled thing that fitted across my
eyes, with large openings for me to see out of. It didn't really
conceal much of my face but along with everything else it helped to
disguise me.

I discovered that I had underestimated just how humiliating an
experience I was about to endure. Ian had me pose in a variety of lewd
postures while he directed me. In addition to the video camera he had a
normal camera that he snapped away with, getting in close to take
intimate shots of me holding my cunt open to the camera's view. At
first he just had me pose, then he moved onto action shots. He ordered
me to play with my breasts, then my pussy, urging me to slide my fingers
inside my cunt as he focused on every movement. Much as I hated it my
body seemed to enjoy the attention and I was well lubricated. Ian was
naked and was also wearing a similar mask to mine to conceal his
identity as he crossed the video camera's range of view.

He handed me a vibrator and told me to get myself off with it. It was
difficult with the constant whirr of the camera in the background but I
closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself elsewhere. I was worried
that I wouldn't manage it and I had no desire to anger him so I was
relieved to feel the orgasm build and take over my body.

Once I had stopped coming Ian took a break to change films. He set the
normal camera up on another tripod and attached a remote control. Then
he had me give him a blowjob. He had hooked the video up to a portable
TV. The screen was within my field of vision and I watched myself
licking and sucking on Ian's cock. The woman on the screen didn't look
like me even though I knew it was. In some strange way it was intensely
erotic to watch and I found myself being more and more turned on. Once
Ian had come and I had obediently swallowed all the sperm he pumped into
my mouth he gave me a bigger black vibrator and told me to masturbate again. The video camera was still feeding through the tv and for the
first time I saw myself orgasm. I was so aroused I came again and
again, forcing my eyes to stay open as I watched myself. The result was
that it looked as if I was staring directly into the camera as I
climaxed and it was extremely erotic. Ian could hardly believe my
co-operation or the pictures he was getting.

After I had come for the fifth time he pulled the vibrator out of my
cunt and replaced it with his mouth. He had already proved himself
something of an expert at oral sex and with my already high state of
arousal I completely lost control and went crazy. I could hear myself
moaning and yelling encouragement as my hips bucked enthusiastically and
my fingers twisted in his hair and pushed encouragingly. I could hardly
tell where one orgasm stopped and another began. I moaned in protest
when he removed his mouth, then sighed with satisfaction when I felt his
fat cock pushing it's head into my cunt. He pushed my legs wide apart
and pushed in torturously slowly.

When I found the strength to open my eyes I discovered he had the video camera in his hand and was intent on filming his cock disappearing and
reappearing out of my slippery cunt. He pulled apart the lips of my
pussy with one hand and focussed on my clit. He hardly touched it with
his fingertip before I came. Relentlessly he brought me to orgasm again
and again, somehow maintained the slow movements of his cock and his
grip on the camera. At last he reached the limits of his self-control
and he placed the camera back on its stand and returned to the bed to
fuck me hard and fast until he climaxed. When he had finished I lay
limp and exhausted on the bed without the energy to even close my
sprawled legs. Ian took the video and made a long slow pan of my
exhausted body, finishing with a long close up shot of my dripping cunt that was still occasionally spasming. He finally turned both cameras
off and began to fiddle with his computer, brusquely telling me to make
him something to eat.

Deeply ashamed of the way I had performed for him I crept from the room
on trembling legs. I took as long as I could preparing the food but
found when I took it up he was still working at the computer. Obviously
creating a webpage took more work than I had realised. Relieved at the
respite I returned downstairs and tried to distract myself with some TV.
I must have dozed off, exhausted by my body's exertions, because I awoke
to Ian roughly shaking me. I trailed after him up the stairs to his
impromptu studio. He wanted a more or less repeat performance with a
few variations. Unless you have experienced it you have no idea how
humiliating it can be to be forced to pose provocatively for someone you
despise. Ian was obviously enjoying himself. He circled round me
snapping away with his camera yelling things like:

'Stick your tits out more, come on squeeze them together. Now lick a
nipple, good, good. Right now pout at the camera, try to look like
you're begging to be fucked. Yes excellent. Now bend from the waist.
Spread your legs wider so I get a good shot of your tits. Now pull your
pussy open. Oh yes, that's the shot.'

I obeyed his directions like a robot, trying to pretend this was
happening to someone else, some strange red-haired woman with too much
make-up plastered on her face. Then Ian started fucking me again and I
found it impossible to divorce myself from the proceedings anymore. He
relentlessly manipulated my body to climax after climax until I was lost
in a never-ending sea of sensation. At last he stopped and gave me a
patronising slap on my bottom.

'Not a bad afternoon's work. You're staring to get the hang of this.
But then I always knew you were a slut despite your protests. All women
are.' I swallowed hard to control my anger. I swear if there had been
a knife handy I would have stuck it in him without a second's thought to
the consequences. Perhaps it was all for the best that there was no
weapon within my reach. Instead I seethed silently.

'Now go clean yourself up. There's a fancy-dress dance at one of the
nightclubs tonight. I picked your costume out myself.' I showered
quickly, my uneasiness returning. I had hoped he had planned to work on
his webpage all weekend. I didn't like the idea of going out in public
with him, even disguised by a costume and dyed hair. On the other hand
there would hopefully be less scope for him to abuse me if there were
other people around.

When I returned to the bedroom and saw the costume he had chosen I knew
my hopes were foolish. It was supposed to be a belly dancer's outfit.
There was a flimsy halter-top that did nothing to conceal my nipples.
Over it was a sleeveless cropped jacket. While it was slightly more
substantial it had no kind of fastening to keep it closed across my
breasts and unless I clutched it together it constantly swung open. The
trousers were made of the same flimsy material as the halter-top. There
was a wide embroidered waistband that sat low on my hips. Each trouser
leg consisted of four separate strips of material that were only
attached to the waistband at the top and an ankle strap at the bottom.
The only underwear Ian allowed me was a flimsy g-string that did not
help me feel any less exposed. The only part of the costume I liked was
the mask. It was only another flimsy bit of material, which hung from
my nose and concealed the lower half of my face. Combined with the
other mask it would at least ensure that no one could recognise me. Ian
filmed me as I dressed, making me even more self-conscious. His only
attempt at a costume was to add a cowboy hat to his jeans and shirt. I
had the ominous feeling that this evening was going to be just as bad as
my nightmares had predicted.

While we waited for the taxi he had ordered to deliver us to the night
club Ian attacked my breasts with his mouth. By the time the taxi
driver beeped outside I was flushed and gasping and the wet material had
become virtually transparent and was stuck to every curve. I was
grateful that it was already dark so the neighbours wouldn't see me
leave in this get-up. The interior light of the taxi gave the taxi
driver a good view though. His eyes bulged in their sockets and he
twisted round for a better look. I burned with humiliation and didn't
know where to look while Ian smirked in satisfaction. He sat behind me
and slid his arms around me to cup my breasts.

'Hasn't she got great tits?' he asked, forcing me to thrust them almost
in the drivers face. The driver licked his lips, mesmerised by the view
but clearly unsure what to say.

'Yeah, they're great,' he muttered at last. 'Where was it you were
wanting to go?'

'The Blue Lagoon.' Ian answered, sitting back and pulling me with him.
He continued to suck and squeeze my breasts throughout the journey. It
was a miracle that we survived without an accident as the taxi driver
spent more time watching our activities in his rear view mirror than
looking at the road. Some deep hidden part of me seemed to actually
enjoy the fact that my body could invoke such a reaction but I tried to
ignore the fact.

Inside the nightclub the lighting was mercifully dim. Only when someone
was very close could they notice the transparency of my outfit. I
relaxed and partially began to enjoy myself. The generous measures of
alcohol Ian was supplying me with also contributed to my relaxation. By
the time Ian tugged me onto the dance floor I was feeling a little
light-headed. I'm not normally a heavy drinker and I more typically
drink wine than sprits. Still anything that helped to distance me from
my situation was welcome to me. I was grateful for the support of Ian's
arms around me but you could hardly call what we were doing dancing. He
had my hips pulled firmly against his so every sway of our bodies rubbed
his burgeoning erection against me. His hands roamed over my body,
moulding the curves of first my body, then my breasts. I swayed
passively in his embrace despite his blatant actions until he began
fumbling with his zip.

'What are you doing?' I yelled in his ear over the pounding of the

'We're going to fuck right here on the dance floor,' he replied, freeing
his cock. I tried to break away from his grasp but he was too strong.

'You'll get us thrown out or arrested,' I protested.

'Only if you draw attention to us,' he replied, finally freeing his
cock. It sprang out of his trousers, hard and ready. It only took a
second for Ian to push my g-string to one side, then his cock was
prodding at the entrance to my cunt. I glanced around nervously but all
the other couples seemed pretty self-absorbed and no one seemed to be
looking directly at us.

'You're going to have to hook your leg around my waist,' Ian instructed.
I unwillingly obeyed and with the aid of his hands lifting my bottom we
achieved the right angle and his cock slid in. Neither of my feet were
any longer on the ground and I was entirely supported by his hands on my
bottom and my leg gripping his waist. My breasts were within easy reach
of his mouth and he began sucking and nibbling them. He timed his
thrusts to the beat of the music that seemed to be echoed by the thunder
of the blood in my ears. Helpless I felt the orgasm build deep inside
me and I was grateful the music drowned out my cry of release. Ian
walked through the crowd to a corner with his cock still buried inside
me, which was the strangest sensation. He pulled out and pushed me to
face the wall. I braced myself against the wall as he took me from
behind. His cock slammed mercilessly into my cunt and his fingers
grasped my nipples and clit as he pounded us both to orgasm.

Satisfied for the moment he directed me to the toilets and arranged to
meet me at the bar. He had two drinks already waiting for me and he
introduced me to a couple of men who wanted to dance with me. As he
handed me over he whispered in my ear:

'Be very co-operative or I'll be angry. I'll be watching your every

As the evening progressed my partner's faces dimmed into one homogeneous
blur. Only Ian's face remained clear, smirking as he watched me submit
to total strangers groping and mauling my body. Several of them came by
rubbing themselves against me while others took my hand and closed it
around their cock to gain release. I was dancing with some man, if you
could call it that, when the announcement came that the nightclub was
closing soon. Ian joined us and I found myself trapped between two
heavy male bodies. This particular partner had been gentler than some
of the others and my body had responded to his touch. With Ian's hands
added to the action I was soon moaning and twisting under their
ministrations. Ian pulled down my top, completely exposing my breasts,
and lifted them to the man's mouth. He sucked eagerly on them as his
hands stroked my clit through the damp material of my trousers. My hand
was trapped in his trousers as his cock jerked in my grasp. I felt
myself coming and involuntarily clenched all my muscles. It triggered
his orgasm and Ian laughed as we both gasped and moaned in unison. When
I removed my hand from the stranger's trousers Ian guided it to my mouth
and instructed me to lick off the semen deposited on it. The stranger
watched my every movement avidly before turning his attention to Ian.

'Yours is she?' he asked. Ian nodded smugly as he pulled my top back
over my breasts. 'You're a damn lucky man. Will you be here next week?
I wouldn't mind another 'dance' with her.'

'Maybe,' Ian replied vaguely. 'We're off now to a club I know that will
still be open for a while. Come along and you'll get to see her dance a
bit more.'

'I'll be there,' he promised, eyeing my body greedily.

Copyright 1999

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