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At My Brother in law's Mercy 7(MF nc rape)


At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part Seven

As we left the club Ian grabbed my hand and pulled me outside and round
to the alley running down the side of the building. I saw this in a
film once and always wanted to try it,' he informed me as he led me
towards a wire fence surrounding some bins. He leant back against it
and freed his cock.

'Take hold on the wire above my head, brace your feet at about my waist
height and lower yourself onto my cock,' he directed. He didn't seem in
the mood to be argued with so I attempted to follow his instructions. I
had a vague hope that fucking now may serve to distract him from his
plans to visit the club he had mentioned. While it was a very strenuous
position I found that I liked it. I was in control of our rhythm as I
moved my cunt up and down on his shaft. The club patrons spilling out
on the pavement only a few feet away added a fillip of excitement. In
fact a couple of drunks came stumbling down the alley and gave a cheer
when they saw what we were up to. I was slightly disconcerted when we
had finished to find that they had been leaning against the wall behind
me, watching and masturbating. Glad to be out of there I followed Ian
without protest as he led me back to the pavement.

When I found we had arrived at the club he had mentioned I balked.

'What have you got planned?' I demanded. 'There's no way I'm going to
let a load of strangers rape me just because I have an agreement with

'Look ,I promise on my word of honour that if you obey me no man apart
from myself will fuck you tonight. You have to admit, whatever else
I've done I've never lied to you. You can believe me.'

'I don't trust you,' I retorted. 'Are you going to wait until after
midnight and then claim that you had technically kept your word, or say
they hadn't really fucked me, they'd had sex with me? That's just the
kind of thing you would try.'

Ian sighed. 'OK, how about this. I swear that when you return home
tonight no man's cock apart from mine will have entered any part of your
body as long as you do exactly what I tell you. Does that cover
everything?' I considered for a moment. It seemed a pretty
all-encompassing promise but the gleam in his eyes made me
uncomfortable. Still I was lucky to have rung any kind of promise from
him. Judging by his previous behaviour he was quite capable of tying me
up and letting any number of men rape me if he felt like it. Still
uneasy I capitulated and followed him inside.

It was one of those dim lit smoky places devoted to drinking and playing
pool. The bar was presided over by a formidable woman who would have
been quite at home in a Western. Ian collected some drinks and led me
into one of the back rooms. A full sized snooker table dominated the
room and seemed to be the only piece of furniture apart from a decrepit
jukebox. Ian gave me both drinks and made me swallow them both straight
down while the room gradually filled up.

'Now I want you to get on that table and strip for all these nice
people,' he ordered me. I looked at him in disbelief.

'You have to be crazy. There's no way I'm doing that,' I informed him.
His smile became crueller.

'My promise was only dependent on you obeying me,' he reminded me. 'I'm
sure I'll find it just as entertaining to watch every man here rape

'You wouldn't!' I protested, knowing even as I spoke that he would.
I'm going to go over there and put some music on. When it starts one
way or another you are going to entertain this crowd. The choice is up
to you. Oh, and don't think about trying to make a run for it. All the
exits are now locked and bolted. You wouldn't get far and all you would
do is make your audience angry. If that happens I may not be able to
control them. You don't want that, do you.' I was really left with no
choice. At least he was talking as if he was planning to honour his
promise. In that case nothing too bad could happen to me other than
some more humiliation. So I climbed awkwardly onto the snooker table
and prayed I would not make too big a fool of myself.

The music started, some half-familiar song with a throbbing bass line.
I could almost feel the eyes crawling over my skin as I began to move.
I tilted my head back and fixed my gaze on the coving running around the
top of the wall. If I distracted my thought from what I was doing I
could go through with this. The only way was to think about something
else. I tried to concentrate on the coving, admiring the workmanship
and debating if it was something I would like in my own home. I had
slid the short jacket off my shoulders and tossed it causally aside.
Hands were clapping and feet stamping to accentuate the insistent beat.
My fingers began working on the knot that fastened my top as I paraded
down the table. It seemed to be stuck so I bent from the waist and
freed the bottom fastenings of my trousers. It was getting harder and
harder to distract my mind and remove my clothes at the same time. As I
twirled to the music I discovered that I couldn't really see any of the
watchers. All available lighting was focused on the table and the rest
of the room was in murky shadow. For some reason it made it easier to
perform and I was almost enjoying myself.

The waist fastening was a simple hook and eye that was easily opened. I
flung my trousers to the audience with a theatrical flourish.
Exaggerating the swing of my hips to the beat I toured around the table
clad from the waist down in only a damp g-string and a pair of bell hung
ankle straps. I could hear cheers and whistles of appreciation as my
fingers fumbled with the knot of my top. At last it gave way and I
tossed it in the general direction of the rest of my clothes. I coyly
covered my breast with my hands and continued dancing. An insistent
chant of 'Show us your tits' began ending in a rousing cheer when I
eventually threw my hands above my head. I have to admit I was getting
quite a buzz from the appreciation being shown for my body. Getting
into the spirit of things I wriggled and jiggled my way around the
perimeter of the table. Eager hands grasped at me as I passed but I
continued on my way. I couldn't think of a graceful way to remove my
g-string so as the music came to a climax I simply ripped it off. I
finished by turning a cartwheel down the centre of the table. The last
notes of music died away and took my confidence with it. Somehow I had
to get off this table and collect my clothes.

I spotted Ian's face in the gloom and crawled over in his direction. I
swung my legs over the edge of the table so that I could jump down but
found myself with a problem. Greedy hands were reaching from all
directions for my body. I was grabbed and pulled in all directions and
started to feel more than a little scared. I could hear Ian's voice
telling everyone to calm down and gradually the hands became gentler.
Still I was spread-eagled on my back with a multitude of hands and
mouths working their way over my body. I tried to struggle but it was

Imperceptibly I became aware of one pair of hands in particular. They
seemed to coax and soothe my traumatised body. Gradually I became
unaware of the other grasping hands and my whole body seemed focused on
the one set of hands. Starting at my ankle they were stroking along the
inside of my leg, slowly reaching higher and higher each time. All the
other hands seemed to melt away as the fingers arrived at the top of my
thighs. I found I was holding my breath in anticipation of their touch
on my pussy. For a long moment they hesitated, then a gentle fingertip
grazed across the tip of my clit. A shudder ran through me from just
that simple touch and I had to bite my lip to keep from begging for

The fingers began to tease my clit and the shudders wracking my body
increased in intensity. A tongue joined the hands and began lapping at
my clit while a knuckle pressed gently against my cunt. The other hand
snaked upwards until it found my breasts and began to work its magic
there. The pace was torturously slow and I writhed and bucked my hips
in a vain attempt to speed things up. The hands ignored me and carried
on their sweet torment. The knuckle was sliding easily into my cunt and
the mouth was sucking delicately on my clit. The hand had succeeded in
making my breasts almost unbearably responsive and was tugging gently on
a nipple. All it took was a sudden thrust of the knuckle into me and I
was experiencing an orgasm of almost mind-blowing proportions.

I gradually returned to some sense of reality to find the hands still
busy on my pussy but the mouth had moved up to my breasts. As the warm
wetness enclosing around my nipple sent me spiralling into another
orgasm I had a dim impression of blonde hair and tanned skin. When I
had calmed down again I discovered eager lips pressed to mine and that
clever tongue probing into my mouth. Even though I could taste myself
on the foreign tongue I welcomed it in. Arousal spread uncontrollably
through my body like electricity but I became vaguely aware that
something was out of place. Then I realised the source of my
uneasiness. As I arched my back I didn't feel a hard ribcage above me
but the soft swell of breasts. There was no erection jutting against
me, only the smooth skin of a shaved pussy. Even as realisation dawned
my lover sat back and smiled sardonically down at me.

Without a doubt she was female and a very beautiful one at that which
some how made it worse. She had long wavy blonde hair and generous
breasts. Horrified I tried to struggle free but found that I was being
held down. Looking around I could see a circle of men eagerly watching
our every move, most of them stroking their cocks as they did so. I
felt the by now familiar hand slip back between my legs and she bent her
mouth to suck on my nipples again. I fought hard to resist but my body
didn't care what gender the person stimulating it was. As I came she
pressed her body tight against mine, branding on my mind that it was she
had created my orgasm.

She moved away and I prayed that she had finished with me but she
returned all too soon. She knelt across me and slid a long slim
double-headed dildo inside herself. Then she inserted the other end
into my extremely wet cunt and lowered herself onto me. The sensation
of the smooth hard plastic gliding inside me was fantastic and I
couldn't stop myself moaning in pleasure. She fumbled with my clit for
a moment as she fitted hers around it. She nestled our clits side by
side, trapped by our swollen pussy lips. Then she leant forward so that
her hard nipples brushed against mine with her every movement. I was
trying with all my might to think of the most revolting things that I
possibly could to dampen my aroused body. But then she started moving
and all control of my body passed to her.

She must have been pretty turned on herself because she came almost
immediately. I could feel every muscle spasm as she pressed against me
and it triggered an orgasm in my body. The two of us bucked and writhed
against each other, creating more new and intense sensations. I had
never experienced or imagined anything remotely like that orgasm. I
felt so close to her I could feel the blood throbbing through her veins
and, unlike a man, I had a pretty good idea how it felt for her. Yet at
the same time every fibre of my body was crying out that this was wrong.
I am not, nor ever have been, attracted to women. If I had known that
it was a woman touching me my only reaction would have been repulsion.
Yet by the time I had realised I was far too aroused to stop. Orgasms
after orgasm racked my body and I was powerless to exert any kind of
control. Ian had repeatedly raped my body and humiliated me but now I
felt as if my mind had been raped also.

Eventually she climbed off me and removed the dildo. I became aware
that I had been spattered with copious amounts of sperm but I hardly
cared. Someone handed my clothing and I numbly dressed myself. The
crowd was gradually dispersing and I soon found myself in a taxi with
Ian heading home. I didn't even feel indignant when he made me give him
a blowjob to pass the time. As soon as we got in he produced the video camera from his pocket and dragged me upstairs. He hooked the camera up
to the tv screen and fucked me while he watched the highlights of the
evening replay themselves. By tilting my head back I could see every
degrading moment and slowly my numbness melted away to be replaced by a
burning anger. Even as he orgasmed inside me I vowed that I would find
some way to make Ian suffer for what he had done to me.

Copyright 1999

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