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At My Brother in law's Mercy 8(MF nc rape)


At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part Eight

I'm not a particularly violent person. I never tread on worms and I
catch spiders and throw them out the window instead of squashing them
like most people do. But Ian had pushed me too far. I'd like to think
that the alcohol buzzing around my system had some influence over what I
did next. I'd also like to think that if he hadn't given me such a
perfect opportunity I would not have done anything. Despite everything
he did to me and all the bruises and humiliation he gave me I still feel

He was busy playing with his computer and camera. I was still sprawled
on the bed where he had left me, the remnants of my costume twisted
beneath me. Dried sprem was scattered over my skin and I fancied I
could still feel the wet trails left by that woman's tongue.

'I'm hungry,' Ian announced. 'Go get me something to eat.' Obediently
I stumbled down the stairs. I poked around the kitchen listlessly,
wondering what he would like. He had kept me so bust posing for his web
page all day I hadn't had chance to go shopping. So there were no
staples such as bread or milk available. Then I spotted his leftover
curry. The curry itself was in the fridge but on the side was a
half-empty container of rice.

I knew all about the rules for rice. Never reheat because there is a
danger of food poisoning. If you must reheat it make sure it is piping
hot. Knowing this I tipped the rice onto a plate and set the microwave
to low. I let it heat for five minutes, then put it in the fridge to
cool down again. I must have done this four or five times. When the
rice was lukewarm I tipped the curry over it and heated it for a few
more moments. I left the plate by his elbow and went to get a shower.
When I came out he had eaten half of it and was still taking occasional
mouthfuls even though it was now stone cold. Already starting to feel
guilty I made my way to bed.

I dreaded what I would find in the morning. After all people have been
known to die from food poisoning. It was almost an anti-climax to find
Ian alive and well and working at his computer.

'This page is looking great,' he said when he noticed me standing in the
doorway. I've had thousands of visitors already. Come and have a
look.' Reluctantly I walked over until I could see the screen. On it
in big letters it said 'Welcome to the Masked Slut's Site'. Underneath
was a picture of me wearing the mask. Although I was obviously naked it
didn't really show anything, as I was half turned away from the camera,
looking over my shoulder. The caption said 'click on me if you want to
see more'. Ian clicked where instructed and the picture changed to one
of me bent down with my head and breasts swinging between my legs. The
caption now said 'click on my pussy if you want to enter'. Ian
positioned the pointer over my exposed pussy and clicked. After a
moment the screen displayed a picture of me laid on my back exposing my
pussy. Overlaid on top of this picture were various icons with titles
such as 'Watch in close up detail as the Masked Slut sucks cock.'

'Some of the site is free but the hotter stuff I'm going to charge for.
Most of them have a choice of still photos or live footage from the
video camera,' Ian explained. He moved the pointer to where it said
'Watch the Masked Slut get fucked by a beautiful blonde woman'. 'This
is from last night. It's really hot. Here you watch it. I have to go
to the toilet. I seem to have a bad stomach.'

I watched him go with a mixture of satisfaction and compunction. Then I
caught sight of the screen. I cringed as I watched the blonde bring me
to orgasm and any regrets I had vanished like beer at a football match.
He was soon back and outlining his plans for the day. Apparently he
wanted to do some role-playing. He had various costumes and scenarios
he wanted me to act out ranging from schoolgirls to nurses. Inspired by
the images still parading across the screen I sweetly offered to get
something to help his stomach. Digging through the medicine box I found
some stuff to cure constipation. Since he already had the runs taking
this mixture on top would hopefully put him out of action for the rest
of the day.

While he still retained the use of his voice he spent the majority of
the day on the toilet. He couldn't manage to get hard once during the
day so all he could film were shots of me masturbating or stripping. I
heartlessly watched his suffering with only an occasional pang of guilt.
I even gave him several more doses of the constipation medicine.
Eventually about seven o'clock he gave up and told me to go get
showered. Jubilant that for once I had got the better of him I found it
difficult to restrain myself from bursting into song in the shower.
When I emerged I found him waiting by the door clutching his stomach.

'Your clothes are on the bed. Get dressed,' he ordered as he dived for
the toilet. Slightly puzzled what he meant as he was clearly in no
state for sex I went into the bedroom. Laid out on the bed was a skimpy
cropped white top, a black leather jacket and a bright red leather mini
skirt. Fishnet tights, spiky black high heeled shoes and a black
g-string completed the outfit. When I put them on I found they left
little to the imagination. The top only was stretched tight across my
breasts and only just came low enough to cover them. Not that it made
much difference, as the material was transparent enough to clearly show
my nipples. The skirt was stretched equally tight across my hips but
did not hamper me walking, as it was so short. It displayed the lower
curves of my bottom and if I bent slightly the black of the g-string
showed. Fearing the worst I waited with trepidation to hear what Ian
planned to do. He didn't really give me much information, just told me
we were catching the train into the city. I was relieved when he tossed
me the mask to wear but it wasn't until we were sat on the train I
thought about the significance of it. Suspiciously I examined him as he
got up to go to the toilet. Sure enough I could see the end of the
video camera sticking out of one pocket and a bulge that had the shape
of a camera in the other pocket. Nervously I wondered what he planned
to film.

I should have known of course. Sometimes I am incredibly naive. Why
else would he dress me like a whore and take me to the red light
district of the city? Yet when he told me to start selling my body I
couldn't believe he was serious.

'You promised,' I stammered, horrified. 'Last night you promised. No
man but you, you promised.'

'That promise was just for last night, you silly bitch. I've brought no
money with me, just a plentiful supply of condoms. If you want to be
back home tomorrow morning to greet your husband I suggest you start
earning some money.'

'I can't,' I whispered. 'I can't and I won't.'

'You will,' he snapped. 'If not I'll tell my brother how I've been
screwing his wife every chance I got and that she loved every minute of
it. And I've got the pictures to back my story up. I'm pretty sure
John will manage to recognise you despite the mask. And I know he'll
recognise your voice panting 'yes, yes, oh I'm coming, yes, yes.' Don't
you?' I cringed as he loudly parodied my voice. Heads turned and
several men looked me over. Once more Ian had trapped me in a situation
I could see no escape from. For a moment I wished I had killed him with
the tainted rice. He gave me a push towards a group of men.

'Get over there and ask if they're looking for some fun. Smile and
stick your tits in their face. Try to act like the slut you are. I'll
be right behind you as I'm going to be your pimp for the night.'
Sickened to my stomach I plastered a smile on my face and tottered
towards the group. They soon spotted my approach and I became the
cynosure of several lewd looks. Following my instructions I dropped the
jacket off my shoulders and thrust my chest forwards.

'Looking for some fun?' I asked in as suggestive a voice as I could

'Could be, could be,' one burly man replied. He hooked a finger in my
top and pulled me towards him. You look like you know all about having
fun.' Despite my revulsion I forced myself to lean towards him and
smile. From behind I heard Ian's voice.

'Twenty quid for a blow-job, fifty to fuck her,' he said. Dimly I was
aware of money changing hands as I was hustled down a side alley.
Somewhere along the line my clothes disappeared and I found myself on my
knees sucking on an unknown cock. As soon as it had filled my mouth
with sperm another replaced it. Two more followed in quick succession
until I was struggling not to throw up. I was relieved when I was
pulled to my feet but my relief soon dissipated when I was pushed flat
on my back on a car bonnet. A condom clad cock slammed into my pussy without the slightest warning. Meaty hands grabbed my breasts and
squeezed hard as the cock relentlessly pounded into my cunt. Trying not
to whimper I closed my eyes and endured until he came.

Thankfully I slid off the car only to be seized and turned around. The
next moment I found myself bent over the bonnet and another cock sliding
into my cunt. Groping hands located my breasts and started an erotic
massage. To my horror my nipples were hardening and my body was
responding. The owner of this particular cock was using long smooth
strokes to enter me and I could feel the orgasm building. His balls
were gently slapping against my clit with each thrust, stimulating it
more and more each time. Desperately I tensed my muscles, trying to
force down the orgasm but it was no use. Inexorably it grew until it
took over my body, shaking every limb and muscle as I cried out. I was
so ashamed I barely registered when the stranger came. He pulled out
and slapped me familiarly on my bottom.

'She's a hot one that's for sure. Wouldn't mind fucking her again next
week if you're around here again.'

'I'm not too sure what our plans for next week are,' I heard Ian reply.
My clothes were dropped onto the car besides me and I reluctantly pulled
them on. When I turned round only Ian was left in the alley.

'That's was a good start,' he observed. 'Try to be a bit more
enthusiastic, will you. Moan and pant and talk dirty. Still, you'll
get better with practice.' I trailed behind him back to the street. He
made me stand on the edge of the pavement, my breasts thrust out towards
the on-coming traffic. Soon a car pulled up next to me and Ian entered
into negotiations. When they had struck a deal we both got into the
back of the car. The back seat already had two young lads on it so I
found myself draped across their knees. They happily groped me as they
removed my clothing. All too soon we stopped on a deserted stretch of
road. Ian stepped out of the car and I manoeuvred around the car until
I had given all four occupants a blow-job.

They dropped Ian and me outside a seedy hotel and drove off after
paying. Ian disappeared inside and reappeared with a satisfied grin.

'Right, we now have a hotel room,' he announced. 'Turns out it's only
going to cost us a tenner and a shag. So you go fuck the guy behind the
counter while I get my cameras set up. I'm going to get some great
stuff for the web page tonight.' I don't know what the worst experience
of that night was. I had to let men of all shapes and sizes fuck me.
More then that I had to encourage them and pretend I was enjoying it. I
tried to divorce myself from the proceedings but twice more my body
betrayed me and I came. Throughout it all Ian's leering face loomed in
the background. The only genuine smiles I gave all evening were when he
clutched his stomach and headed for the toilet.

At last sometime after midnight Ian announced that I had earned enough
to get us home. Wearily I dragged my clothes back on and followed him
out of the hotel. Pulled up at the curb was a brilliant white stretch limousine. In disbelief I watched Ian disappear inside and beckon me to
follow him. For a few minutes I gratefully relaxed on the soft seats,
sipping the champagne Ian gave me to at last remove the taste of sperm
from my mouth. Before too long Ian was tormenting me again.

He ripped off my clothes and began coaxing my body into a state of
arousal. His hands and mouth worked away at my breasts and pussy and no
matter how I tried to resist him my body responded. When I was flushed
and panting he pulled me from the seat and thrust my upper torso through
the open sunroof. He draped my legs over his shoulders and went to work
on my clit and cunt. The cool night air rushed over my hard nipples,
making them even more taut. His fingers were sliding in and out of my
cunt as he sucked my clit and flicked the sensitive tip with his tongue.
Helplessly I sprawled on the roof, exposed to any curious passer-by. As
my orgasm grew I knew I was becoming more vocal but it was a Herculean
task to contain my moans and cries. Neither my embarrassment at being
on public display, nor the roof digging into my back or even my hatred
of Ian could stop the orgasm that ripped through me.

The shudders were still lingering in my body when he pulled me down. He
sat back on the seat and had me straddle his legs so that I could ride
his cock as he played with my breasts. Aftershocks soon became another
orgasm and he smirked as I writhed and bucked against him. I was too
bone-weary when we pulled up outside the house to notice the driver's
lascivious look but Ian was more observant. Inevitably I was ordered to
climb into the front and give him the chauffeur a blow-job as a tip.
Exhausted I stumbled up the stairs to bed, thankful that the end of my
ordeal was in sight. Within a fortnight Ian would have moved out and
all I would have left would be bad memories. I could hardly wait.

Copyright 1999

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