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At My Brother in law's Mercy 9(MF nc rape)


At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Part Nine

I'd never been so pleased to see my husband return from a business trip
away. At the same time I cringed with shame to think of his reaction if he
ever discovered the way his brother had forced me to spend the weekend. I
tried to push memories of my humiliation to the back of my mind and just
enjoy spending time with John. Unfortunately Ian was hanging around, making
cryptic remarks to ensure I couldn't forget. My only consolation was that
in less than a fortnight Ian would be gone.

John didn't have to work any extra hours that week, so I was safe from Ian's
attentions. I enjoyed the week, and was even happier when I learnt that an
old friend of Ian's was coming to stay for the weekend. He was going to
give Ian a hand with fixing up the new place. I didn't really care what
their plans were, but this Richard's presence would mean that I was safe
from Ian's attentions. Richard had arrived on Friday evening. He was a big
man, with damp sweaty hands and a permanent grin. Ian and Richard were full
of their plans, which seemed to be more about going to the pub than
decorating. I didn't care, as long as Ian was busy elsewhere. So when John
had to go out Saturday morning, I quite happily snuggled back down in our
bed. I was just drifting back off to sleep when the covers were ripped off
me, bright lights were shining in my eyes and a mask was snapped over my
face. For a moment I was completely disorientated, then the significance of
the mask dawned on me. I panicked and made a dive for the door, but I was
slammed back onto the bed. The next moment I found myself trapped between
two unmistakably aroused male bodies.

"Are you in for a treat, slut," Ian's hateful voice said in my ear. "You're
going to get the fucking of your life."

I struggled to free myself but achieved nothing, except to arouse my
assailants more. Even worse, I was beginning to get aroused myself.
Squirming between two male bodies, my body was reacting instinctively. My
nipples grew hard and a tell-tale wetness gathered between my legs. Ian was
pressed against my front, his arm firmly pinning me down. I presumed it
must be Richard behind me, his hands roving over my body. He found my
breast, and began squeezing it. I tried to ignore him, biting hard on my
lip to keep from moaning. To make matters worse, Ian moved down the bed and
began licking and sucking at my other breast. Richard had discovered my
nipple. And was twisting and pulling it. My squirming became more due to
enjoyment than any desire to escape.

I was pulled out of my daze of pleasure when Ian threw my leg over his hip,
and Richard shoved his hand between my legs. He dragged his finger across
my clit, then rammed it inside me. I gave a cry of pain, then really
started trying to get free. I kicked and thumped and scratched, but they
easily held me and I didn't even manage to dislodge Richard's finger. I
should have known by now that Ian liked it when I struggled, and judging by
his laugh Richard also enjoyed my struggles. They eventually got tired of
me fighting them, however.

"Give it a rest," Ian commanded me. "You know you like it really." He
tweaked one of my nipples to emphasise his point. I ignored the shiver that
ran through me, and brought up my knee. I narrowly missed his groin, and
Ian retaliated by slapping me hard across my face.

"I see what you mean about her being feisty," Richard chortled.

"Yeah, well if I soon fix her," Ian said. The next moment I felt cold metal
closing around my wrist, my arms were yanked above my head and I was
handcuffed to the bed. They knelt either side of me and smirked down at me.
Behind them I caught a glimpse of the inevitable cameras. I flailed
around uselessly on the bed, but it was obvious I wasn't going to be able to
free myself.

Ian lay down next to me and pulled me back against him. He reached around
my body and cupped my breasts.

"Told you she had great tits, didn't I," he said proprietarily. I swallowed
a sob, trying to pretend that this humiliation wasn't happening to me.

"Yeah, not bad," Richard replied, twisting a nipple. I flinched away, but
Ian was holding me firmly. "Hey, squeeze her boobs together, mate."

Ian obliged, and Richard knelt over me and placed his cock between my
breasts. He began sliding it back and forth, and Ian commanded me to lick
the head every time it popped out of my cleavage. A yank on my hair was
reminder enough what would happen if I didn't oblige. Richard grunted as he
thrust away, and within moment he was spurting big gobs of sperm all over my
chest and face. They both seemed to think this was hilarious, especially as
I couldn't clean myself up. Richard fell back on the bed and Ian replaced
him, sticking his cock in my mouth. He held my head and thrust away. There
was nothing I could do to stop him so I concentrated on not gagging as he
forced his way further and further into my mouth. Richard provided an
unwelcome distraction by sliding between my legs and applying his mouth to
my clit. Each time I moaned or gasped in response to Richard's
ministrations, Ian pressed further and further into my mouth. I was so
relieved when I felt him stiffen and climax. He was so far down my throat I
could hardly taste his cum.

Ian rolled off me, and began idly playing with my breasts, flicking my
nipples into hard nubs, then sucking them into his mouth. Richard had moved
on from my clit, and was now swirling his tongue around my entrance, his
nose rubbing against my clit keeping it still stimulated. With growing
despair I could feel an orgasm building inside me. I fought it as hard as I
could to stop it, reminding myself that I hated the men touching me. My
body didn't seem to care who was creating the sensations though, and I lost
control. I arched off the bed, twisting as I cried out.

"She's a noisy one," Richard remarked. I squirmed with embarrassment,
hating my body for betraying me. "Hey, look at that, she's blushing all
over." Richard forced my still trembling legs apart, and took a good look
at my dripping wet pussy.

"Right, I want to fuck her now," he announced.

"Hey, not without a condom," Ian told him. "We had a deal remember."

I was partially relieved to hear the mention of condoms, but I was more
concerned that Ian was prepared to let Richard do whatever he wanted. So I
had mixed feeling as I watched Richard roll on a condom, then smear it with
some lubricant. He rolled me onto my stomach, still tethered to the bed by
my handcuffed hands. He jammed his knees between my thighs and grabbed hold
of my hips to position me for his convenience.

I didn't realise what he intended until he was pressing against my arse
hole. Too late I yelled a protest and tried to tighten my muscles. He had
already got the tip of his cock inside me, and he kept up a firm pressure as
he forced his way in. I screamed and yelled, trying to wriggle away. He
held me too firmly though, and just laughed at my efforts. I'd never felt a
sensation like it, stretching and filling me deep inside. It was completely
different to normal sex, yet in some ways similar. Once he was lodged as
far in as he could he paused, and I could feel my body adjusting to the
invasion. I tried not to moan, refusing to let my abusers know how I felt.
Just as I thought I could just about bear it, Richard took hold of my waist
and rolled over onto his back, taking me with him.

A whimper escaped me as his cock moved deep inside me, and I didn't think
things could get much worse. Then I opened my eyes and saw Ian kneeling
over me, stroking his erection. I started to struggle, but soon stopped as
my efforts just caused the cock impaling me to move within me. Ian smirked
as he leant forward and rammed his fat cock into my wet pussy. In addition
to the familiar stretching of my cunt, I felt more filled then ever before.
Ripples of pleasure began and I groaned in protest. Fight it as much as I
tried, an orgasm rocked me.

Since they had both already come recently, neither of them were in any hurry
to orgasm again. They took their time, alternating between slamming into me
in unison or taking it in turns to thrust into me. Both ways created unique
but different ripples of sensation, which caused orgasm after orgasm to
crash through me. I writhed between them, hoping that my body would stop
but caught helplessly as the pleasure shook me again and again.

At long last, I felt Richard stiffen and grab my hips painfully hard as he
thrust hard into me. I could feel him twitch and shiver against me, then he
fell back with a satisfied sigh. Ian kept thrusting away for a few moments,
until I felt the warmth of his sperm being sprayed into my cunt.

Ian rolled off me and staggered to his feet. He picked up one of his
cameras and began panning it over my body, taking in every detail. Richard
helped by rolling me over and parting my arse cheeks so Ian could get a good
shot of my abused arse hole. Once he had finished, they released my
handcuffs and departed, giving me a patronising smack on the bottom as they
left. Left on my own, I curled into a ball and whimpered. My body ached in
places I hadn't even known I had places and I had never felt so degraded and
humiliated in my life.

I heard Ian and Richard leave and I crawled into a hot bath. I kept telling
myself that if I could endure for just one more week, this whole nightmare
would be over.

That night I was surprised when Ian and Richard volunteered to cook tea. I
cuddled down on the sofa with John and it was almost like old times. We
relaxed together and I was almost able to forget what had happened to me
that morning. I was feeling all happy and at peace when Ian put his head
round the door and asked where we kept the grater. I tried to describe its
location but Ian obviously couldn't follow my directions as he came straight
back. I reluctantly dragged myself up off the sofa and went to get it for

I don't now how I could have been so naive. The moment I walked into the
kitchen, Ian dragged my top and bra up to expose my breasts, while Richard
ripped open the fly of my jeans and yanked them down along with my knickers
to tangle around my feet. I gave a yell of protest that was smothered by
Ian's hand.

"Now, now, don't yell," he admonished me. "We don't want my beloved brother
to hear you and come to find out what's wrong. Just imagine if he walked in
and discovered me fucking his beloved wife's brains out." Even as he spoke,
he bent me over the counter-top and slid his cock into me. I gave an
involuntary shiver and tried not to gasp out loud. Ian reached forward to
grasp my breasts and began squeezing them in unison with his thrusts. I
tried as hard as I could not to respond, but then Richard sat on the floor
below me and began lapping away at my clit. My legs began to quiver and my
stomach tightened as I climaxed under him. Ian gave a satisfied grunt and
began pounding away harder until he came too. He stepped back from me and I
slid off the counter-top, shaking with a mixture of anger and pleasure.

"My turn now," Richard declared, slamming me up against the back door. "I
want to see if your cunt is as tight as Ian here boasts."

"No way," I protested, trying to fend him off.

"Just open your legs and stop making a fuss, you silly whore," Ian said,
buttoning up his trousers.

"No!" I snarled. "If he lays one finger on me I'll start yelling rape so
loud, they'll be able to hear me in the next town, let alone the next room.
And you can try to explain to John why you just stood there and let him
molest me while your friend takes a trip to the police station."

Richard slapped me hard across my face and hooked one of my legs over his
arm, preparatory to thrusting into me despite my objections. I aimed a
flurry of futile blows at Richard with little hope of success, until Ian
pulled Richard away.

"The slut's right," Ian said reluctantly. "I'm afraid you're going to have
to do without fucking her this time."

"Hey, you promised me," Richard said, glaring at Ian. "I want to give it to
her up her arse again too."

"I know, but this is the wrong time and place," Ian replied. While they had
been arguing, I had pulled my clothing straight and tried to mop up the
sperm dripping down my leg with some kitchen paper. I didn't want to hang
around while they discuss whether Richard should rape me or not. I pushed
past them and dived out of the kitchen, and up to the bathroom.

For the rest of the weekend, I avoided Richard as if he had the plague. I
made sure that I was never alone with Richard, as I was under no illusions
as to what he would do to me. I was so relieved when he departed on Monday
morning. John was going to drop him at the train station to save him a
walk, so they all left for work earlier than usual. I stood at the door
waving good-bye, and as they got into the car I closed the door, relieved
that I would never see him ever again.

My illusions were almost instantly shattered. I had one foot on the bottom
step of the stairs when the front door crashed open.

"What, what are you doing back here, Richard" I stammered in horror.

"I told them I forgot something," Richard declared, kicking off his shoes.
"And it's true. I forgot to fuck you."

Too late I turned and ran up the stairs. Richard grabbed my feet and
flipped me onto my back. He dropped his full weight on top of me, forcing
the stairs painfully into my back. I elbowed him in the face but he didn't
even notice as he tore my top in two. He dug my breasts out of my bra and
bit one, cruelly twisting the other nipples at the same time. I kicked him
as hard as I could and pummelled his back, but he carried on regardless. He
was knelt on a stair between my thighs, and it was an easy manoeuvre for him
to push up my skirt up and ripped my knickers away.

"Are you ready, bitch?" he asked, grabbing a handful of my hair and forcing
me to look him in the eye. He ground a hard kiss against my mouth, then
shoved a hand between my legs and pinched my clit. I cried out and tried to
jerk away but I was trapped. The next moment, Richard rammed his cock deep
into me. I cried out as he filled me, forcing his way into my unprepared

"Oh yeah, you're tight, baby," he exulted, slamming into me again. "Now
you're getting some dick from Dick, ain't you slut. Not going to forget
this fucking, are you slut?"

I bit my lip to distract myself from the pain, trying again to push him off
me. He ignored my efforts, effortlessly crushing my hands in a grip above
my head as he continued to thrust into me. Then the front door crashed open
again, just as Richard threw back his head and grunted as he came, spewing
his seed inside my cunt.

Half-hoping, half-dreading to see John, I was mainly relieved to see Ian
looking down at us. He dragged Richard to his feet, helping him to
rearrange his clothing more respectably.

"Are you insane?" Ian demanded impatiently. "Her fucking husband is waiting
right outside in the car. Come on. And you, bitch, you don't say a word
about this or I'll show John some interesting photos and vids. All right?"
With a final glare at me, he dragged Richard outside.

I was left sprawled on the stairs, bruised and battered and yet again raped.
I weakly dragged myself up the stairs to the bathroom and set about
cleaning myself. I couldn't believe what had happened so quickly and
suddenly. I felt numb, both emotionally and physically. I was beginning to
wonder if it was all my fault, if somehow I sent out signals to men that I
was available to be used as they pleased.

Copyright 1999

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