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At My Brother in law's Mercy Epilogue (MF nc rape)


At My Brother-in-Law's Mercy, Epilogue.

In the weeks following my ordeal in Ian's new house, I stayed in my bed. I
didn't get up at all, just lay there day after day. John was seriously
worried about me, and did his best to take care of me. I just couldn't pull
myself together. I just felt as if I was a walking victim. I had strange
ideas that if I stepped outside I would be immediately jumped by the first
man I met. So I stayed huddled under the covers in my bed, reliving each
degrading moment. The worst part was remembering how I had responded,
especially to Ian. I should have been completely repulsed, but instead I
had climaxed repeatedly. Maybe Ian was right and I was a slut.

Eventually, John had a long talk to me and insisted that I tell him what was
wrong. I couldn't tell him the whole truth, but I needed to give him some
sort of explanation. So I told him that Richard had raped me. He was
understandably horrified and sympathetic. He tried to help me, but came to
the conclusion that I needed professional counselling.

So I found myself one sunny morning sat in a psychiatrist waiting room. The
receptionist had apologised as they were running late, and offered me a
choice of herbal teas. The magazines on offer were not exactly riveting, so
I was quite willing to be engaged in conversation with the only other
occupant of the waiting room. She appeared to be a stunningly beautiful and
confident woman. Over the next few weeks, I saw her on a regular basis as
her appointment was nearly always scheduled at the same time as mine. While
the psychiatrist did his best to help, I found it difficult to completely
open up to him. I found myself looking forward to talking to April more
than talking to the psychiatrist.

I couldn't work out why April was seeing a psychiatrist, until one day she
told me she was actually a man. Once I got over the shock, I found myself
telling her, or him if you want to be technical, all about what had happened
to me. April was a sympathetic listener, and said pretty much the same kind
of thing that my psychiatrist kept saying. However, she differed in one
major area. While she agreed that I wasn't to blame for anything that had
happened to me, she thought that the only way I would ever get peace of mind
was to take revenge.

Each week she had some new suggestion of how to exact vengeance, some wacky
and some cruel. I resisted her ideas until one week, when I had received a
phone call from Ian. He called me up to tell me that he hadn't found any
girl with as tight a cunt as me, so he wanted me to drop by. When I
refused, he threatened to send a couple of interesting photos of me having
sex with several men to John. I arrived for my appointment trembling and
shaken, and April made me tell her all about it. She was of the opinion
that if I didn't do something, Ian would blackmail me into having sex with
him whenever the whim took him. Much as I hated to admit it, she was making
sense, so I went along with her plans.

Accordingly, the following weekend I was sat in a dark booth at the back of
a dingy pub waiting for Ian to arrive. I had phoned him the previous day
and told him I was willing to do whatever he wanted. His smug laugh had
dispelled any lingering doubts I had about April's plans. I spotted Ian
swaggering in through the door, and ducked down in my seat, pulling my cap
further down over my face. Ian brought a beer and sat down in the booth
next to mine.

Ian hadn't had chance to take more than a sip of his beer before April
slipped in next to him. April looked stunning in an extremely short dress
and long stocking clad legs. I couldn't hear exactly what she murmured in
his ear, but he was soon laughing with her, and her hand was resting on his
inner thigh. Soon they were kissing, and I had no trouble hearing Ian
invite April back to his place.

"Why wait that long?" April asked. "I want you right now. Come on, give it
to me right here."

"You want me to fuck you here?" Ian asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, why not. These booths have high backs, no one will notice. If I
kneel on the seat, you can just stand behind me and fuck me. And I tell you
what. You fuck me right here, and I'll let you do me in my arse," April
offered. Ian hardly took a moment to think about it, before he was
unbuttoning his trousers. He moved behind April just as she had described,
and all I could here was quiet grunts and gasps. However, April had talked
the owner of the pub, a friend of hers, into letting her hook up a camera
above that particular booth. I could clearly see what was happening on a
monitor, just as every other customer of the pub could.

Ian was plainly enjoying himself, and April was apparently having a good
time too. Right at the moment Ian began to orgasm, April winked at the
camera and took Ian's hand and placed it firmly on her cock. Absorbed in
his pleasure, it took Ian a moment to realise the significance of what was
under his hand. He gave a cry of outrage and leapt away from April, his
cock still twitching in the final throes of its orgasm. Knowing Ian as I
did, I wasn't surprised when he raised his hand to slap April's laughing
face. Ian, however, was surprised when his hand was caught in a strong
grip. Turning, he was confronted by a group of burly leather-clad men, who
had been playing pool earlier and who were some more of April's friends.

Without a word, one of them thumped Ian in the face. Then they dragged him
over to the pool table, and bent him over it. They yanked his trousers
down, then they took it in turns to fuck him. I cringed in sympathy each
time he yelled, remembering all too well how it had felt when I had been
subjected to a similar experience. April, on the other hand, was having a
great time, circling the pool table with a video camera recording every
action. When they had finished fucking Ian, they forced him to his knees to
suck their cocks clean. When he protested, they hit him again, then
threatened him with a huge dildo similar to the one he had threatened me

Overcome with empathy, I couldn't stand by and watch any more. I went over
to put an end to proceedings. I caught hold of April, and begged her to
stop. She gave me a pitying look, and told me to listen to exactly what Ian
was saying. When his mouth wasn't filled with a cock, he was begging them
to wait a bit.

"I've got a girl coming. She's really hot and she'll let you fuck her any
way you want. She'll be here any minute, mate, honest. She's got a real
tight cunt, and a slick arse hole. She sucks cock like a pro too. Just
wait until she arrives, I'll make her do anything you want."

Why I hadn't expected Ian to offer me in his place, I don't know. My
sympathy evaporating away, I still couldn't stay and watch. But before I
left, April showed Ian some of the film she had shot and the photographs
that had been taken.

"Take down that site you created of my good friend here," she ordered. Ian
caught sight of me for the first time, and his jaw dropped in amazement. "I
also want every negative and every copy of those pictures you took of her.
Otherwise, the pics I took today will start appearing in very embarrassing
places. Furthermore, if you ever lay a finger on her, or even threaten her
in any way, my friends here will pay you a visit. We borrowed that key you
gave your brother and had a copy cut. So be good, OK?"

"OK," Ian agreed through gritted teeth, glaring at me.

"Good. And just to help you remember, take this." Without any warning,
April took the massive dildo and rammed it into Ian's rear.

I left with his cry of outrage still echoing in my ears. I don't know if
April's revenge had helped or not, but I definitely felt safer and more
confident after that day. Seeing the person who had subjected me to such
abuse so easily turned into a victim himself somehow made it easier for me
to accept that it hadn't been my fault. In addition, I no longer had to
tremble with dread every time the phone rang or we were invited to a family
gathering. Ian did his best to avoid me, obviously taking April's threat

Eventually, my life more or less returned to normal. In fact, the long term
results of what Ian had put me through were all positive. Not only did I
gain a new and unique friend, but my sex life with John became much more
adventurous, which just made our marriage stronger. So I didn't suffer to
much in the end from being at my brother-in-law's mercy.

Copyright 1999

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