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Athena's G spot


Author's Note: This is a revision... the story was written for a newly
'awakened' 'hottie', who's a very dear friend of mine... my fondest wish
for her is that she always enjoy 'multiples'...

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Athena's 'G-spot' by JR Parz

Athena smiled nervously as she listened to Doctor Jennifer Fairbanks.
She couldn't believe what she was about to do... How could she let Tony
talk her into this?

"I can see you're nervous Mrs. Spice... this is expected, but I assure
you that once you've undergone our treatment that these trifle
embarrassments will long be forgotten."

"I... I thought... I thought I could find it myself. After reading
the article I tried locating it but... but I couldn't find it. Maybe I
don't have one." She stammered and blushed. She couldn't believe she was
having this conversation.

"Every girl has a 'G-spot'... trust me... we'll find yours... and
when we do you'll be forever changed."

She continued to blush.

"Mrs. Spice, let me share some statistics with you. We've performed
our procedure on well over 10,000 women and have yet to hear a dissatisfied
client. 97% of these women weren't even aware that a real 'G-spot'
existed... never mind where it was located."

"I... I thought it was myth."

"Yes Mrs. Spice... I read your questionnaire. It is women like you
that have motivated me to open up this center in the first place."

"I'm just so embarrassed." She whispered.

"I'm guaranteeing you an enlightenment like you've never ever
experienced. Now, I need to ask you some intimate questions about your

"All right." She nervously responded. It was because of him that she
was here. She loved her husband but she never liked sex with him.

"Has he ever made you cum?"

"Yes." She blushed, then added. "But not from intercourse."

"I'm listening."

"When he goes down on me... I usually cum."

"Have you ever enjoyed sex with him?"


"Is he too small... Too big... Does he not feel comfortable?"

"Maybe too big." She blushed again.

"So, you thought if your husband knew where to locate your 'G-spot' then
you would start enjoying sex with him, right?"

"Yes." She replied, still blushing.

"What about before you met your husband... how was sex then?"

"All right I guess... I really can't remember if I liked it or didn't."

"Then chances are you did it but didn't get off from it." The Doctor

"I guess so." Athena admitted.

"Have you ever enjoyed sex?"

"I... does this really matter?" She asked, worried about sharing her

"Everything you say to me is completely confidential... trust me." The
Doctor stated with a smile.

"Yes... I met someone who makes me feel incredible."

"Do you love him?"

"I don't think so... because I'm not prepared to leave my husband, but
I love the way he makes me feel."

"How often have you had sexual relations with this man?"

"I had sex with him the very first day I met him... We were at a
convention. We had sex the next day, too. Then we met for a weekend
'getaway' in Tennessee." She replied, blushing and smiling. Her memories
of their time together were vivid. Yeah, sex with her husband was nothing
to brag about, but Chris was altogether different.

"Anyone else?"

"Yeah... there was one other guy before Chris." She admitted.

"And was it good with him, too?"

"Yes." She blushed.

"Then this is the perfect solution." The Doctor stated, smiling.

"I guess I'm ready then." She whispered

"Super... just sign this permission slip and we'll get started."

Athena remembered her phone conversation with Tony. He was the one that
prodded her into doing this. Damn him for being right all the time... and
damn his writing, too! She signed on the dotted line.

"Now, go into that room over there and strip out of your clothes...
there's a robe you can put on once you're completely naked."

As Athena headed towards the room, she was still amazed that she was
going through with this... here she was, preparing to let a complete
stranger poke around inside her vagina, all for the sake of locating her
'g-spot'. Was she crazy?

Her mind drifted back to the day she told Tony about this clinic. If
she knew that he was going to prod her into going, she would never have
brought it up. She remembered reading about a reporter from "Mademoiselle"
magazine that had taken the treatment and confessed in her article that she
experienced some of the most intense orgasms in her life. She also
mentioned what it did for her sex life with her husband.


Once she had stripped off her thong panties, she stood before the
full-length body mirror and gazed at herself. At least she wasn't
embarrassed about the way she looked.

"I'm such a hottie." she whispered, grinning.

She remembered a time where she wasn't able to look at herself in such a
way and had to thank Tony for her new attitude. "You must see yourself as
others see you." He had instructed while guiding her through the paces.
She still blushed at the memory of standing before her mirror, stark naked,
holding her cell phone in her left hand while lightly caressing her outer
lips with the other. Never had she been more embarrassed, but felt so
incredibly alive from her self-pleasuring. It was like Tony knew her body
better than she did.

Now, here she was naked again... slowly, she brought her hands up to
cup her small breasts and scrutinized them. Although she never heard a
complaint, she wished they were bigger... She remembered a conversation
with Tony recently. "I just wish they were a little bigger and more
rounded...'C' cups would look perfect." Tony paused for a few moments like
he usually did and then told her. "You'd look even 'hotter' with a bigger
size... I suggest 'D' cups."

He was probably right, he always was... She recalled a time when she
was caught doing something really embarrassing while stuck in traffic. She
had been talking to Tony on her cell, and was holding her right hand out
from her chest to indicate how much bigger she wanted her boobs to be and
the passenger from the car in the next lane smiled at her, knowingly. She
wanted to die right there on the spot.

Well, her boobs may not be perfect, but they were still perky, but the
part of her anatomy boasting the most attention was her firm, tight,
well-rounded ass, which she usually showcased in her skintight 'Frankie
B's. (

In addition to being in the best shape of her life, she was also
constantly horny, which she blamed on 'Clueless'. 'Clueless' was a
nickname she had given Chris and all he had to do was talk to her and she'd
start feeling all tingly... and if he said something suggestive, she'd
grow 'wet'.

She reflected back to the first time they fucked. They had met at a
convention in the afternoon... and that night she found herself inside his
hotel room feeling helpless and horny! She still felt aroused at the
memory of him unceremoniously lifting her up by her ass cheeks, using his
two middle fingers to tease her lips while his two index fingers teased her
asshole and then in one swift motion he thrust all seven inches deep inside
of her! Instant orgasm! And boy, did she ever cum! She still blushed at
how hard and how long and any time he wanted to instantly put her in the
mood, he simply mentioned their first time together and she relived the
sensations all over again!

"Oh God!" she groaned, knowing she was 'wet'.

'Not the time!' She scolded herself and quickly put the robe on and
returned to the examination room.


"Hi Athena... I'm Bambi, your personal trainer." the young blonde woman
greeted her when she reentered the room. The girl was very beautiful...
and very young... and she was petrified to think that this girl was the
one that was going to finger her.

Bambi stood about 5'6" and was very well endowed. Tony was right; she
was going to go for the 'D' cups.

"Wh... What happened to Doctor Fairbanks?" She asked in embarrassment.

"Oh. Did you think she was going to perform your treatment?" Bambi
asked her with a smirk.

"Well, yes. I just assumed." She blushed. She couldn't stop looking at
the girl's boobs... they appeared so huge on her slim frame and they
reminded her of the Vulcan girl from the new Star Trek series.

"Doctor Fairbanks doesn't personally treat her clients unless she's
recruiting specifically for her staff. Now, climb up on the table here and
we'll get started." Bambi added while patting the examination table.

Again she blushed and had to remind herself that she was doing this for
her husband.

Slowly, she climbed onto the table and placed her feet in the stirrups.
Here she was... about to be 'fondled' to an orgasm by a young blonde bimbo
named Bambi. 'Could this be anymore embarrassing?'

"Before I begin, I need to ensure you're totally relaxed and
lubricated." Bambi stated and then walked over to the cabinet. "To help
you reach this state we provide you with some music." She added, retrieving
a pair of headphones.

"How is music going to make me... er... you know." She replied,
allowing Bambi to place them over her ears.

"I'll let you discover that all by yourself." Bambi replied.

She was pleasantly surprised to hear 'Alternative' music begin to play.

Sometime later... she wasn't sure how long, she opened her eyes to see
Bambi smiling down at her. Had she dosed off?

"Ah... Sleeping beauty has awoken... Now, lets prepare you for the
next phase and have a look at you." Bambi softly stated.

Athena smiled in response and didn't object when Bambi opened her robe.

"Oh my... aren't you in fine shape... a regular angelina Jolie...
except maybe in the breasts." Bambi giggled while her eyes ran along her

"Angelina Jolie?" She mumbled. She remembered telling Tony that she
liked angelina Jolie and if she were ever to experiment with her own
gender, the girl would have to be like her. Of course, she only said this
to tease Tony because she never entertained any attraction at all towards
her own sex.

"Do you like my boobs?" Bambi asked.

"I wish my boobs were as big as yours." She whispered... then blushed
when she realized that she had been staring at Bambi's boobs.

"Yours are fine the way they are." Bambi whispered to her and then
reached over and palmed them. Ever so lightly she rubbed her hardening
nipples and 'damn-it all the hell' if she didn't start feeling pleasure
down there.

"Do you like what I'm doing?" Bambi asked, smiling.

"I... It feels so... so... nice... so... making me... oh God...
I'm going to cum." She stammered as the feelings continued to build.

"I bet you never thought another girl could make you feel like this, did

"God no." She whispered, feeling on the verge of coming.

Her mind drifting back to a time in college when she and her girlfriend
partied with two boys they had just met. They'd done a lot of drinking and
before she realized what was going on, the four of them were naked on a
bed. One touch led to another and the next thing she knew her
'supposed-to-be' heterosexual girlfriend was kissing a trail down her body.
She remembered feeling petrified as her girlfriend continued her descent
but thankfully, just before her girlfriend could tongue her, one of the
guys pushed her away and he took up the position between her legs. Yeah,
she'd been embarrassed about being fucked with an audience but it would
have been worse if her girlfriend had gone down on her.

Every now and then she would look back at this mini-orgy and feel all
grossed out, so why now did the thought of Bambi make her feel... 'wet'?

"It appears the subliminal conditioning in the music is working...
Notice how much more relaxed, compliant and horny you are... we've also
added a special program that surfaces your natural 'sub' side, so docility
becomes natural in your every day life."

Athena heard what Bambi was saying but she could have cared less.

"By the time I get done with you, you'll be enlightened to a brand new
world." Bambi smiled.

"I'm sooooo horny." She responded.

"You can thank the conditioning for that... Anyway, I hear you've been
a bad girl and cheated on your husband."

"Twice." She smiled... feeling a sudden need to confess everything.
"My husband doesn't make me feel like them."

"You liked it, huh?" Bambi asked.

"I... I loved it... Still do..." She blushed.

"Tell me about your first."

"I... I met him at the gym." She replied... then found herself smiling
as she recalled time together. "We fucked so many times during this one
weekend that I was sore for a week. I... I couldn't get enough of him. I
even did 'doggie style' for the first time... and came so hard that I
screamed. My screams ended up waking the people in the next room."

"You really woke the people in the next room?" Bambi asked, smiling.

"Yeah... I didn't care though... I couldn't help it... I begged him
to fuck me over and over again. He had been the perfect fit... the
perfect body... Too bad he was the perfect asshole."

"Was that the last time you did it with him?"

"We fucked one more time during the trip back and then it was over." She
quietly replied.

"It sounds to me like he represented something you never had and
sexually awakened you. That's why you're in the relationship you are in
now with 'Clueless'... your body constantly craves that 'alive' feeling. I
know you don't want to believe it, but given we incorporate the same
concept in our treatment, I know this to be true. The only difference in
our treatment is that we do it deliberate in order to bond you."

"Tony called it my awakening, too." She responded, giggling... not
really paying attention.

"Tony? Who's he?"

"He's my confidant... my 'bestest' friend in the whole wide world." She
giggled again... then added. "He knows every little thing about me."

"Oh really... everything? Are you telling me that he knows all of your
sexual secrets? Every intimate detail?"

"Yes." She blushed and giggled again... "I trust him very, very much. I
remember being devastated when it was over with Max... and how empty and
hurt I felt. Tony knew exactly what to say to me." She smiled. "He even
had me masturbating because he told me a good cum would make me feel
better. I didn't think it would and told him that I preferred the real
thing, but he was so insistent that I hung up the phone with him, stripped
naked, and then climbed into my whirlpool and used the jet stream to 'get
off'. It actually did help a little and I called him back to tell him so."

"Are you telling me that you called Tony up to tell him that you had
just masturbated to an orgasm?" Bambi asked in disbelief.

"Yes." Athena blushed. "I tell Tony everything."

"I bet he can make you feel like a good little girl, can't he?" Bambi

"I... Yes... I feel good and safe when I talk to him."

"Doctor Fairbanks mentioned that girls like you exist."

"Like what?"

"Like girls who share their most intimate secrets with males."

Athena suddenly felt an overwhelming need to reach down to her wetness

"Ah... I see you're ready." Bambi smirked.

Athena ignored her and began fingering herself.

"I programmed you to start masturbating the second your conditioning was
complete... now all I need to do is activate you and this is done by
locating your 'g-spot'."

"I need to cummmmm." She moaned.

"Yes sweetie, I know." Bambi replied, and then reached over to take off
her headphones.

"Okay Athena, remove your fingers from your pussy." Bambi commanded.

Athena looked up at Bambi in surprise... and although she didn't want
to, she found herself complying.

"Now, pay attention... look at how I 'hook' my middle and index

Athena did as Bambi instructed and watched. Bambi then moved her right
hand down underneath her, eliciting a gasp.

"Nice and hot." Bambi commented, sliding her fingers deep inside of her.
"Anyway, notice how I rub them against the back wall of your pubic bone...
I do this until I find your magic little button."

Athena groaned feeling like she was about to explode.

"Found it!" Bambi exclaimed.

Athena exploded squirting cum all over the place! Never had she ever
felt an orgasm 'take her' so quick and powerful before and she thrashed
around on top of the examination table like a firecracker! Bambi continued
to rub her 'g-spot' as she cried out with one orgasm after another... then
another... and then yet another.

She must have passed out because when she woke, Bambi was wiping her
down with a damp towel.

"Wha... what happened?" She whispered, blushing.

"Did you enjoy it?" Bambi asked with a large grin.

"Oh god, Bambi... I never felt so much pleasure in all my life." She
confessed, not to mention embarrassed, she thought.

"Do you feel any different? Bambi asked, smiling.

Then suddenly it dawned on her... just like magic everything made
sense. She was in love... more in love than she'd ever been in her life
before... and it wasn't with Chris, Max, or even her husband.

"I love." She replied in a soft sweet voice.

"Love? Who do you love?"

"I love... you." She smiled. "I love you more than anyone else in the
world." She whispered, blushing, and beaming.

"Good girl." Bambi responded, giggling, and then they hugged. "Now, my
turn." Bambi added.

Athena watched in rapture as Bambi stripped. As deep as the passion ran
for both Chris and Max, it paled in comparison to what she was feeling now.
She'd been told that this experience would change her but she never
fathomed to what degree. Did this mean that she was a lesbian? Did her
attraction for girls stop with Bambi? Bambi hopped up on the examination
table and straddled her face... Slowly, she lowered herself down on top of
her mouth.

Bambi was pretty much 'wet' already, so it didn't take but a kiss here,
a lick there, and by the time she poked her tongue against Bambi's clit,
she was coming like the damn broke. Athena had never tasted another girl's
cum before but when Bambi cried out with her orgasm, she found herself
lapping at her pussy like thirsty dogs lap water.

"That was incredible." Bambi moaned. "You're a natural..."

Then, without being told, Athena curled her fingers into the shape of a
'J' and entered her. Then she rubbed her fingers along the back wall of
her pubic bone... and a few seconds later she found it! Wham! Bambi
exploded! Then exploded again... and again... and again.


"You were right again Tony... I've never thought I could feel this
way." She declared over the phone.

"I told you you'd love it... I bet the girl fingering you was a hottie,
wasn't she?" Tony responded.

"God yesssss... I... she... she's my new girlfriend." She stammered
and blushed. Even though Tony was three hundred miles away he could still
make her blush.

"Girlfriend? As in female lover?" Tony asked... sounding surprised.

"Yes... as in lover... I never ever thought I could feel this way
about a girl, but Bambi is special." She whispered.

"Bambi!?" Tony exclaimed.

"I thought you might like her name." She replied, giggling. She loved
telling Tony her deepest secrets.

"Let me get this straight... after all these years of telling you how
much more you would enjoy a woman's lips you finally discovered I was
telling the truth and to top it off your new lover's name is Bambi! Can
this get any better?"

"Like usual, you were right."

"And I bet given your submissive nature that she has you wrapped around
her little finger, doesn't she?"

"Actually, it's more like her middle and index fingers." She giggled in

"This is incredible!" Tony exclaimed. "But wait... What about your

"Bambi told me I have to stay with him, otherwise I'd move out in a

"What are you saying? Are you trying to tell me that Bambi has that
much control over you?"

"I... I melt every time she touches me... every time I hear her voice.
I... I love her more than anyone else in the world."

"I always knew that your submissive nature could get you into trouble. I
think Bambi tapped into your 'sub' side."

"I'm under her spell." Athena giggled.

"Yes, you apparently are... and I have to ask... Does she at least
allow you to play with that newly discovered 'g-spot' of yours?"

"Tony!" She exclaimed, and then giggled.

"Well, does she?"

"No." She blushed.

"Do you realize what this makes you?"

"Yes... I... I guess so." She softly replied.

"Once again... you're a real life character of one of my stories!" Tony

"Damn your stories!" She replied... and then giggled. "I never told
you this... but did you know that your stories have always turned me on?"

"Yes dear... I've always known this but I thank you for admitting it.
Look... I need to get going but we'll talk again soon, okay?"

"Okay, Tony... and oh... one last thing before you go."

"Yes dear."

"Thank you... thank you for everything. You've been a great friend and
I really, really love you." She replied.

"I know... I love you, too. Be good."

Athena hung up the phone and smiled. She always felt good after talking
to Tony and would have to remind herself to thank Bambi again for allowing
her to continue the friendship she had with Tony. She turned to look at
the clock and saw that her husband wouldn't be home for another few hours.
Like always, she dreaded his arrival... but thanks to Bambi, she was able
to tolerate him much easier these days.

Just then she heard the doorbell ring and answered it... It was Carla.

"Hi Carla!" she exclaimed as she let her friend in.

"Hi Athena... we haven't talked in awhile and I thought I'd drop by...
So, I've been meaning to ask... How did your treatment go at that sex
center? Did they find your magic button?" Carla asked, giggling.

"Oh God, did they ever... and they trained me to locate it in others,
too." She responded with a giggle.

Carla looked at her with a strange expression.

"Let's go upstairs." She suggested.

"Why? What's upstairs?" Carla asked nervously.

"My bedroom, silly." She giggled.

"Hey wait... I'm not that way... and I had no idea you were, either."
Carla stopped walking.

"What way? All I want is for you to listen to my new CD... it's really

Once they were inside the bedroom, Athena retrieved a pair of headphones
from her secret hiding place.

"What kind of music?" Carla asked, sounding less nervous than she had a
few moments ago.

"The kind that makes you feel real good." She replied, placing the
headphones over Carla's ears.

"Oh hey... this is good." Carla responded.

Athena giggled and reflected back to the time Bambi had done this to

A few minutes later, Carla started to show signs that she could be
manipulated, so Athena led her over to the bed.

"Lay down." Athena commanded.

Dazed-like, Carla complied.

"Now, let's get a look at you, shall we." Athena stated, while she began
to unbutton Carla's shirt.

The End.

You are quite welcome to share your thoughts with me...


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