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August Moone Time Chptr 2


August Moone Timing is Everything Chapter Two Discoveries

The pitter-patter of rain steadily danced on the roof. Five Wal-Mart
trucks in a row had zoomed passed sending up a huge wave of water through
the intersection. A green VW bug had stalled out making it’s way thru and
several other motorists were helping get the People’s Car to drier ground.

A police car zoomed by with lights and siren.

A garbage truck rumbled thru the intersection--showering those poor sots
standing in the bus cubicle. August chuckled and stretched. His mind was
still deciphering his purpose for being back in the city. He had yet to
make it down to Peter’s Wrecking Yard. And he doubted that he would.

Again he reached over and patted the Device nestled snuggly by his side.
Acutely he was aware of the simple fact that there WAS more to it than he
knew of. Much more. It had been years--literally YEARS since he had
“acquired” the Device and during that time he determined that he had only
uncovered a small fraction of the Item 0110’s abilities.

It wasn’t that he was timid about dinking with something he really knew
nothing about it. The Device hadn’t come with a “manual” so tinkering with
the unknown could be potential dangerous. A little at a time was his
thinking. Paranoia, it’s a good thing.

For the most part he had discovered that the Item filled his dreams, for
the most part. Mind Control was its most amazing quality--”capturing” a
victim’s mind, manipulating it, shaping it to either remember or not;
allowing said victim to “experience” the debauchery that was occurring in
progress, to accept “commands” and so forth.

And let’s not forget another redeeming quality--Invisibility. That was
a biggie. But it too worked mainly on a Subject’s mind but also recently
August had discovered that he could use his OWN brain waves to emit a
“warble” space around his being--thusly creating such a disturbance in his
space that he was “invisible” to sight.

But by all the strange encrypted coding in the Device’s program display
August knew there was more the thing could do. Another Wal-Mart truck
zoomed by sending a large wave of muddy water covering a small economy car.
An old woman at the already soaked and partially submerged bus shelter
suddenly slipped and fell--exposing her bloomers for everyone to see--legs
going up and spread wide. She was alright, she recovered but was now 100%
soaked thru. August began to chuckle and continued to wait out the rain.
He disliked driving in the rain, and beings as he was not on any great
pressure to do anything or be someplace, he chilled out and waited.

He sighed deeply and checked on his “passenger”. She was sleeping. He
rubbed his cock and balls, farted, then relaxed a little more in the seat.
With the radio on low he returned to the Beginning:


He felt that it was probably a sign of some sort; coming down the Pass
from Arizona into Utah he blew a tire, water hose, and a fan belt--just
miles apart from one another. Not paying any attention the mitigating
circumstances he zoomed on in to Mexican Hat and hunted up Charlie Dugout.

Who was no where to be seen (or found).

He rested a bit, had a beer, pissed on the old oak and stomped around a
good fifteen minutes before striking out for the desert. His inclination
was to go back to the area where he had first encountered the old codger

This only took an additional hour despite having a flat on the inside
dual of the tow truck. The lure of the gold coin Charlie had flashed kept
August going, jostling about the many dry washes and zooming out getting
“air” back onto the desert floor.

At length by a dry river August finally spotted the old coot, across the
dry river stumbling out of a ridge of massive boulders. August honked the
horn of the truck and boogied across (almost getting stuck several times in
the middle.)

Charlie didn’t care that August hadn’t brought any beer, the cold ice
water was just as good. (for now) After cooling/washing down Charlie
cocked his head an motioned for August to follow.

It was blazing ass hot out, the boulders, too. August could feel the
heat rising up from the sand. There was not much a relief even in the
shadows of the great boulders as Auggie followed the stumbling old man through a slight maze of a pathway. After a short distance the rugged
features of the boulders gave way to something more smooth surfaced. The
colors had changed, too--from rust and gray to slate black. The
temperature had taken a notable decline and the sand gave way to hard
packed earth.

The old man suddenly came to a stop. August not noting almost ran into
him. Looking passed the old man August saw a clearing. It wasn’t much,
kinda small shielded by the massive rock walls.

“What?” asked August not knowing.

“Just wait.” spoke the old man.

‘Wait for what?’ August said to himself. He sighed and leaned against
the smooth obsidion-like surface and “waited.” His legs were tired and so
he slowly began to inch down, what the old man was up to he had no idea and
was almost to the point of “not caring” when the old man suddenly clicked
his fingers to get Auggie’s attention.

Before August’s very eyes the “clearing” suddenly changed. The towering
rock wall before him disappeared and there was now a flowing river with a
large beachhead.

“What the fuck?” August murmured.

“Been waitin’ fer it all damn day!” smirked Charlie. Quickly he began
to move through the new area, August was highly confused and filled with
wonderment but followed the old fart anyways.

Looking back over his shoulder as he came out onto the beachhead he saw
something of a shimmer where he and Charlie had once been. Other than that
there was nothing but vast desert-like landscape.

Charlie despite his age and feebleness was moving quickly along the
sandy beach to an outcropping of rocks. August checked the river, it
seemed to drop off right from the get go. It was moving swiftly and was
very cold. August tried to place in his mind -- was this the San Juan,
couldn’t be the Colorado, not in the right place--it had to be the San
Juan, but he didn’t think he had come out that far yet.

Charlie was scrambling up over some of the rocks, August then took note
of the sky. It was a strange hue had had never seen before--especially in
a sky scheme. Rather than the normal blue it was kind of orange. A light
orange with puffs that Auggie took to be for clouds.

August hurried to the outcropping seeing that the old man was no longer
in sight. Once over to the other side there was a long stretch of beach
with endless dunes. A stiff breeze was here and the smell of what August
to be more akin to being at a regular beach. He noted, too, that the
“river” was more akin to an ocean, too.

“Charlie?” August called out not seeing his friend.

“Up here, boy.” called down the old man. August looked up and Charlie
was up on the outcropping. The wind rustled his hair and August thought
for sure the breeze would be strong enough to carry the old fart out to
sea. “How’d you get up there?” August inquired. Charlie had to point out
the small path winding up through the rocks.

“Be careful.” Charlie warned. And despite that warning August fell
several times before reaching the top. Charlie was already on the move,
“We got to hurry, boy.” Charlie warned further.


“This place is only a sometimes place.” Charlie replied.

“What the fuck?” August exclaimed aloud.

“This place ain’t always here, it comes and goes. Sometimes it “goes”
for a good long while, sometimes it stays.”

August thought for sure that the old ballplayer had taken one to the
noggin one too many times. He didn’t sound drunk, though, so it wasn’t
booze talking. August had no fucking clue.

The rocky outcropping segued into a grassland area. Charlie was really
moving on. August struggled to keep up. The old man suddenly stopped
short with August once more nearly bowling into him. ‘Now what!?’

Before them there was a “bowl”--a depression in the landscape whereas in
the middle was a small pond. Some old logs half submerged were about and
there was nothing more. The grass was sweet and smelled so, it stood waist
high and was moving by an unfelt wind. The depression spanned some hundred
yards across in a perfect circle.

“Watch yer step!” giggled the old man. He claimed that he had been
there a few times already, August saw no sign of that but then again,
everything thus far had been a little weird.

There was no sand or beach or anything, the water was right there at the
bottom of the depression. The pond was only some twenty feet or so across.
August could see fishes in the pond, he took them to be them Japanese type
fishes, koi.

Charlie started peeling out of his clothes.

“What up?”

“We’s got to go “fishin’!” seethed the senseless old man.

August had had just about enough. He wasn’t getting any information and
was being taken for a ride.

“How deep is it?” August asked just because. “Don’t rightly know that.
But at the bottom there’s an entrance where it leads off to some tunnels;
stay to the ones that are lit up natural like. And stay to the right. Any
tunnel that aint got no light--DON’T GO IN IT! At the end you’ll come up
to huge cave. A ledge goes up and up and up to I don’t know where, take
the ledge down to the new beach you’ll see there.”

“What’s this all about?” August demanded to know.

Charlie fumed at being interrupted. “You’ll see when you git thar,

August wasn’t sure he was going. He was getting deeper and deeper into
some shit he didn’t know any fucking thing about--and getting pissed off
about it, too!

Charlie stripped naked and jumped into the pond without another word.
August knelt down and watched the ripples. The old man was crazy. Period.
Abso-fucking-lutely positively crazy.

But where had he come up with the odd coin?

That had been real. Charlie had had several of them, said he settled up
old past due accounts, helped out a few friends, and drank the rest.
August didn’t know what to believe. The pond slowly returned to calm with
just a few laps sucking at the half sunken log nearby.

Above the sky was still the orange sherbert-like color scheme. ‘A
sometimes place.’ what the fuck?

Against better judgment he shucked his clothes and plunged into the cold
waters himself.


“A flash flood warning for all of Coconino and Yavapai Counties.”

August looked around, smirked “No shit!” the rain was peltering down
harder than it had before. With his “passenger” still sleeping he scooted
off the parking lot of the 7-11 and got himself some fresh hot coffee. In
line before him were two very pretty young ladies. He smiled at them and
they smiled back, semi flirting and semi walking on dangerous waters…

Back out at his panel, Debra was moving, waking up some. The Device was
“off-line”. It had a bad habit of doing that--just shutting “whenever” the
fuck it felt like it with no warning. No matter, he had other measures to
ensure his delights. He scooted her about, smacked her ass and fished out
the ultimate device, the Convincer: a stun gun/tazer. One application to
her pert ass and she settled right out. August fondled her ass, fingered
her hole and put her into a doggie-style position and banged away at her
for several minutes. He was not in a mood. His mind was cluttered, being
overrun with the past, the Beginning, his future. The Device object, too,
filled nearly every nook & cranny of his mind, it had changed him like
nothing else had (or could.)

Returning to some composure he returned to his front seat, clothed, and
watched as rain clouds began to fade, with one huge one lingering over in
the Painted Desert area. He spotted the two girls he had seen earlier (in
the 7-11). They made him smile. (in more ways than one…) He pursed his
lips, adjusted himself, farted, gouged his slightly still aroused erection
and contemplated their fate.

The Device had returned to “I’m okay now and you can use me” state. It
irked August that the damn thing was so quirky--unreliable. When it
worked, great. But it’s quirky sudden “shut-down” was a pisser--a real

There had to be a way to fix that. He didn’t pretend to understand the
mechanics of the Device, he dared not tinker with it lest he foul it up
completely. When it worked, it worked well and was a wondrous device.

The two Subjects crossed his path and made for the corner. His eyes
followed them, drinking them in tightly as they sashayed their way shoulder
to shoulder, giggling and being silly preteens.


“Take off your shirts.”

The girls’ eyes widened in absolute fright. “Oh my God!” uttered one.

The other girl was speechless and stared on in fright, with added bits
of horror and shock and confusion. August leered at them, smiling,
observing the pair, feasting on them.

“Take off your shirts, NOW!” he said still being calm.

Both girls were able to look to one another, then, with trembling hands
they found themselves unable NOT to comply with the command given to them.
It was like their hands were not their own. They couldn’t stop themselves.

August smiled at watched in delirious anticipation as each girl began
the task of undressing. From under a wool blanket concealing her Debra
moaned. Neither “new” girl heard or didn’t pay attention. The Device was
working properly, but just in case, the stun gun/tazer was close at hand.

A slight rainfall had begun again. With the top roof vent open slightly
the fresh air soothed him. “Acquiring” the girls had been easy, well--with
the help of the Device naturally. They had just gotten to the corner and
pressed the button to enter safely into the crosswalk. August zapped them
from his sitting position in the panel and re-directed them. As they
approached he fully conquered their young minds, capturing them and willing
them as his.

With the various programs of the Device August chose the one that
allowed the Subject(s) to Act, to be Aware, and fully Comply. Anything
else was curbed, Null & Void. To act on their own without instruction
would cause extreme duress and stress within their minds.

It was a program that August had been able to put into the Device
himself, altering an original programming code he deemed was most likely
destined to acquire information from “prisoners.” August further deemed
that the Device GI Item 0110 was in essence something for Government
Operatives to use in Intelligence gather, Interrogation, and etc.

Since falling into August’s hands it had come to be used for something
else entirely. He smiled and sat back on his heels, licking his lips and
watching as Amanda and Carol slipped off their shirts. Both girls were
merely twelve years young. Very pretty but not outstanding in any way.
Amanda had long curly brown hair just passed her shoulders. Carol had
short dark hair just to her ears. Both wore a colony of earrings.

Amanda was a bit taller than best friend Carol. Carol had wider hips
and a firmer ass. Amanda had an inch more in the titty department, but
both were still firm in the “A” cup division. Both were very pleasing to
the eye, Amanda with a long narrow face/jaw line while Carol had a near
perfect round face. Both were blue eyes and both were helpless in their
current dilemma.

Hearing a noise August peered out the closed curtain separating the cab
from the “dungeon of inequity” (cargo) area of the ‘51 panel. It was only
the beer truck restocking the 7-11. He returned to face the two very
frightened and concerned young ladies. He himself was still clothed--but
not for long.

“Lose the bras.” he said calmly.

The girls gulped and tried to wail in protest--but the Device held them
firm and they soon found themselves complying.

Nice tits. Very nice. The nicest. Firm, round, supple, and young.
August fondled each one, tweaking the nipples while the girls stared on in
absolute disdain and utter confusion. They couldn’t move, barely could
protest the assault. August breathed heavily and stood up… Two pairs of
very pretty blue eyes stared as he stripped down to his Birthday Suit. The
girls’ mouths hung open as they were now presented with the ultimate
horror--a nude man inches from them. His cock stood out dramatically and
was glistening at the tip. Only Amanda had a brother, much younger than
she. She had seen her father (by accident) nude a couple of times, so had
Carol--seeing Amanda’s dad).

Both girls nodded their heads when asked if they were virgins.

Both girls nodded their heads, too, when asked if they masturbated.

Neither girl had really been “kissed” by a boy, but both had held a
boy’s hand and felt the boy’s “boner” against her as they danced close.
Both girls DID somewhat curiously wonder what it would really be like to
get laid. Both girls farted, both had seen dogs humping, seen a horse’s
long dick, and were slightly aware of how people fucked.

August on his knees came up very close to the girls, “Touch it.” he told
them. Neither moved. Using the Device the girls got the “command” sent
directly to them and they were unable to deny--timid hands snaked out and
Amanda “touched” August’s very manly schlong first.

He took her young hand and made her grip his dick, going up and down the
shaft and caressing the bulbous tip before fondling his hairy balls. Carol
began to weep. Amanda held her tears in check and fondled August’s balls
to his delight. He then had the trembling Carol have a go.

Carol needed a little more “convincing” and so the electrifying tazer
came to be. Just one zolt of the handheld object got Carol into gripping
August’s bone, caressing it and carrying on as had Amanda.

“You two bitches ever KISS each other?”

The girls looked to him in utter shock and dismay.

“You two ever see each other NAKED?”

No, not really. Just in their undies.

August smiled, farted, massaged his balls and told them, “Kiss.” it took
a moment for the command to sink in. He didn’t want them to KISS him, he
wanted them to KISS each other!

It was deplorable and horrible. But the command was sent verbally as
well as via the Device. Both girls faced one another and leaned in,
closing eyes and bringing their young lips together. It was a brief
encounter followed by the command for “Frenching.”

Tongues in the mouth, heads cocked, lips engulfing one another--passion
flames rising; it segued into having each girl suckle the other’s naked
breasts--all the while masturbating their Tormentor’s schlong. The
explosive moment was coming--August had Amanda come down and “French” kiss
his cock. Again, she complied better than Carol. Carol sat back and
looked on in utter amazement. Amanda swore that she had never given “head”
before--but she seemed like a natural. August lightly held her head as she
bobbed up and down sucking him.

Carol whined and begged, pleaded, and fussed. cum oozed out of Amanda’s
mouth, August’s eyes fluttered as the BJ had been pretty good. (like there
was anything like a bad blowjob?) Amanda spat most of the milky substance
out, retched, gagged, and made a horrible face of disgust (distaste).
August set his eyes onto Carol. Carol knew, she wailed more and tried to
back up and away.

“Take off your pants.” August commanded of Amanda--while Carol took her
turn bobbing on August’s schlong. Amanda sat up on her knees and slowly
worked them down, then stood up and finished taking them to her ankles.
Neither girl still couldn’t finger out how they were “complying” with what
they would normally not do for reals.

Having already fucked the delirious Debra still hidden under the wool
covers, cumming off into Amanda’s mouth, shooting another load (into Carol)
just wasn’t going to happen--not right off. She sucked and sucked, power
stroked, nuzzled his tezzies and sucked them while Amanda stood in her
powder blue cotton panties with yellow duckies on them.

He had Carol stand up and strip down to her panties, too. Simple white
briefs. August drank each girl in, breathing hard and fondling himself
before having Amanda turn about and bend over. She complied, supporting
herself at the knees with clench hands. August slowly peeled her panties down, slowly exposing her lovely-lovely ass.

He pressed his nose into her crack. Carol went aghast as she stood
close by watching. Soon his tongue was flicking out licking her bum hole.

“Oh my God!” uttered Carol. Amanda clenched her pert young ass and
August tongue fucked her hole.


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