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August Moone Time Chptr 3


August Moone

Timing is Everything

Chapter Three


Amanda held friend Carol’s legs back in a locked position while sitting
perched upon friend Carol’s face. Friend Carol had her tongue wickedly
delving into the sensitive recesses of friend Amanda’s cunt. Both girls twitched as they were so tantalized beyond their comprehension.

Between Carol’s legs their shared Tormentor dug deeply into Carol’s
innocent and very virginal cunny. His face coated already in her essence
he continued his frolic until his cock demanded so much attention there was
not holding it back--he himself unable to withstand the commands of his

Amanda winced and watched as August began penetrating Carol’s virginity.
Carol underneath yelped in aghast and her hot mournful breath seared up
into Amanda’s hot box. Carol latched onto Amanda’s twat as her own cunt was violated.

August slowly entered the young pre-teen, sinking himself fully into her
as he had previously Amanda. Again his eyes fluttered and he was somewhat
no longer in control of his own body. Carol endured the violation and was
at the end unable to hold back the tide of orgasmic emotions. Finger
banging herself had never brought such delights.

August’s schlong was in mortal agony. Desensitized so to speak. He
assumed it was “just desserts” or some shit. After a feverish fuck spree,
shooting his cum deep inside the distraught girl he pulled out and shot the
remainder onto the girl’s quivering quim, belly, and chest. He then had
Amanda come down and lick the goo up, including from his burning bone.

A bit of a rest was needed, he was virtually exhausted. The girls continued their impromtued 69er, delighting him on an esoteric level of
eroticism. A sip of some strong whiskey, a moist towelette to his bone and
he came up behind Amanda, parting her cheeks and addressing her corn hole.
Carol underneath in a swath of sex essence looked on mournful. August
began poking and gouging Amanda’s shit hole. Both she and Carol pulled the
cheeks open and August promptly sodomized the hole to his delight (again).
Carol detested licking Amanda’s poop chute--cleaning the hole of all the
spent ooze from August’s schlong. She complied, though, as well as noshed
on August’s fuzzies. It was all Auggie could do, he wanted to do more but
lacked the proper strength. Another sip of whiskey and he secured the
girls with handcuffs--easily acquired at any 2nd hand downtown pawn shop.

To each he deeply kissed, Frenched, and caressed before placing a gag
into their mouths, then laid them out, covering them with a wool blanket
next to Debra. He then dressed and exited the panel, fetching another cup
of strong 7-11 coffee, then moved the custom ride down a few blocks to
another convenience store and continued to wait out the rain.


Getting lost was easy, he did it three times before returning to the
main passage way. He had to himself into continuing with the romp, he had
little information from Charlie, and hadn’t seen the old fart since
entering the pond.

To say he was confused was putting it lightly. He had no idea what the
fuck was going on or where the fuck he was. “Follow the passages with the

The only light August had seen once coming up into the subterranean cave
were the odd phosphorous critters living in the crinkly gray/green moss on
the cavern walls. It was damn cold about and there was an odd sort of
“smell” lingering in the still air.

He called out for Charlie and would have thought the old son-of-a-bitch
would have had since enough to wait. But there was no sign of him. August
was pissed and close to jumping back into the water and returning from
where he had come.

But talking to himself--he determined that “I’ve come this far.”

So noted.

From the onset there were as many as six tunnels leading off to God
Knows Where. Only one had the living light. His eyes needed a little time
to adjust and he could see that the “natural” light allowed him to move
along the narrow passage fairly easily.

To say it was spooky was an understatement. He called out numerous
times for the old ballplayer, but there was no reply except for his own
voice reverberating back to him in an odd manner.

Not paying attention allowed for him to experience adventure like he had
never had before.

When realizing that he was no longer in a tunnel with the natural living
light, he stopped and turned back. The rock wall itself seemed to be
allowing some sort of hazy glow to them but he wasn’t sure if this was what
Charlie meant by “natural light” or not.

He decided to back up and try to retrace his steps.

This was futile attempt and panic set in--getting lost in a subterranean
cavern was NOT a good thing. “Stay to the right.” came to haunt him, too.
Had he been “staying to the right”? August couldn’t remember. Now with
him backtracking, he needed to stay to the left?

This was definitely not a good thing.

Stumbling out into a dim open area August tried in vain to see a
“lighted” cave. Not finding one he strove to relocate the water and return
to the surface--this little side trip adventure was getting a little too
much to bare.

Just then (naturally) he thought he saw a shadow moving in one of the
tunnels followed by what sounded like footsteps.

“Charlie?” August called out.

There was no answer. August called out again, and again, steadily
moving towards the suspected tunnel He sighed deeply and then held his
breath, he heard distinctly mumblings. Then he caught wind of something,
it smelled god-awful! There were small fragments of natural light and
light emitted from the wall-critters. Since he hadn’t seen any other
tunnels with such he shuffled into the inky darkness.

The tunnel got narrow damn quick, almost to a “close” but then open
enough to where there were some inches of space for his shoulders to pass
thru without scuffing. The “smell” he had detected earlier was getting
intense, almost making his eyes water. The chill of the still air was not
kind, either, he wondered casually why old Charlie had shucked his clothes,
but--their clothes would have been soaked to their skin and traipsing about
in wet garments would be just as bad. Soooooooo having dry clothes to slip
into once topside--seemed like a good idea afterall.

But what the fuck was all this about? Charlie hadn’t clued him in and
it was pissing him off.

Suddenly the tunnel sort of stop. It ended. “Fuck!” August bellowed.
He snorted and couldn’t believe his luck. “CHARLIE!?” he yelled. He
pounded the sides of the small tunnel and was thankful he wasn’t afraid of
the dark or small closed in places--although he was beginning to get that
“trapped in” feeling just the same. Turning about he began to make his way
back when something grabbed him. Roughly. And roughly brought him thru am
unseen wall. Actually it was the “end” of the tunnel; it was shrouded in a
layer of that wall hugging crinkly moss like a curtain.

Roughly he was thrown unkindly to the floor with a tremendous thud. All
around were creatures, creatures like he had never seen before and never
wanted to again. They were tall, very tall, basketball player tall.
Shrouded they were in gray, totally gray with no visible “arms” or “legs.”
Their heads were the only outstanding feature--long narrow things, pale
white to a hue of almost dingy scummy yellow.

There were two humanoid eye sockets and no nose but a long jutting jaw
of which there were many-many rows of yellowed sharp shark-like teeth. A
wicked forked tongue flirted about smacking the face as the creatures
leered at the lone naked human on the stone floor.

From about their heads were something like worms (or snakes) all dancing
wildly, hissing and drooling. August gulped and tried pinching
himself…this was NOT a good thing.

The nightmare was real; however, one of the creatures began swaying and
from its sides came what August took to be its “limbs.” Long sinewy limbs
with little skin, just gray bone with drippings of a membrane-like
structure. The “smell” that August had detect earlier was from these very

One of the other creatures began making odd “clicking” clicking noises,
another smacked its jaw open & closed, another licked its furled back
puckered lips. ‘Oh shit, you mother fuckers are gonna EAT me!’ he whined
to himself. He could only assume that that was what had happened to

One of the creature with bony arms reached for August. When he tried
scooting back the creature quickly grabbed him, holding him tight by the
hair and yanking him up to a standing position--his feet some inches off
the ground.

Then--here’s where it begins to get a little weird--another creature
began “fondling” his balls. August didn’t know what to make of it, it was
an enormously strange feeling. The creature fondling him was both gentle
and harsh--squeezing hard and then relaxing to simply grope.

August didn’t know what to think--this was totally knew. He had read
stuff about Indians and Natives doing strange things to Missionaries--but
this he had never heard of. After some more fondling August was
“positioned” unkindly in a somewhat “doggie-style” position. ‘Uh-oh!’

This was a little bit more than he bargained for. He tried to resist
but the creatures held him fast while one began “examining” him like a
proctologist. August tried to clench and force back the intrusion but his
ass was spanked HARD, his balls tugged on HARD and then one of the
creatures simply locked its legs about his neck and August found himself
being violated.

There were as many as six creatures. They all took turns butt fucking
August. When one was “done” he came about and crammed his ultra funky fuck
stick into August’s mouth. August threw up. The creatures’ schlongs were
long, nimble, and riddled with pock marks as well as bumps and scabs.

The hot gooey liquid that squirted into his mouth and yea his throat
caused him to violently heave. After the creatures had all buggered him
and shot another wad into his gullet, they left him. August curled up into
a fetal position on the hard stone floor and wept.


His asshole was burning, his balls ached, he was sick to his stomach and
new that he would never ever be able to get the taste of creature cock out
of his mouth. The very thought made him retch. After sometime on the
floor he got cold. “I’ll be damned if I’m gonna die here.” he bitched. He
still had no idea where Charlie was.

Slowly he pulled himself together and began crawling. Being absolutely
lost now he just hugged a wall and crawled. His bowels emptied on their
own and he continued to retch every now and then; eventually he came to
where there was a breeze.

It was stale and was mixed; he smelled both staleness as well as fresh
salty air. His mind was befuddled, his asshole reamed well. He felt the
breeze after a time and came yet again to a “dead-end.” But this time he
felt around and found his hand scraping through a curtain of moss.

On the other side--after choking on the scattered spores, there was a
HUGE cavern. Ice crystals hung from the high ceiling, there was bright
light from a HUGE cavern open and there was daylight. Below was an inlet,
a cove of sorts. And a huge wooden ship! A path ran along a narrow ledge
upwards towards the apex of the ceiling. August was sure he wasn’t going
that direction. He made his way precariously down to the inlet beach.

The beach was littered with debris, mostly from the ship. It was
nestled right up against the shore with the rear end still in the water.
Waves crashed on the rocks outside the huge cave and August assumed that
ship somehow got “pushed” into the cave.

The air was a little chilly and tasted salty. There was also the heavy
stench lingering and wafting about on the air. August looked about and
noticed something familiar. He began running, “Charlie?” There was no
movement and before August reached the nude man the stench of death and rum
filled his nostrils.

Charlie was dead, arm draped over a barrel of pirate rum.

August hung his head. “Shit.” he burbled. “Shit, piss, fuck, goddamn,
motherfucker!” He shook the nude old man but there was no response, his
eyes were glazed open but there seemed to be a smile on his lips--well, he
died happy.

August stepped back and sat on a beach boulder. He admired the ship, it
was a big fucker. A little fucked up, broken mast, a huge gaping hole on
the starboard side. There didn’t seem to be anybody about, though; he
looked. He searched, called out, and picked thru the various scattered

He didn’t see much of any interest until coming to a craggy outcropping
of rocks stretching out into the cove. Here there was a small cave and
within a few chests. Pirate chests. A couple of them were opened with
their contents spilled about.

Gold coins.

August nearly shit himself.

Which was not so hard to do with his bleeding well fucked asshole.

He grabbed up a handful of the coins and checked them, recalling the one
that Charlie Dugout had showed him. They were the same.

There wasn’t much in the way of “clothes” to be had, but ripping some
sail cloth made an excellent “booty” bag. He could only carry so much,
thought carefully how this was actually going to work; could he safely
return the way he had come? Get passed those butt fucking creatures,
navigate the tunnels, find the subterranean pool and swim back UP to the

Of course, there WAS this big freakin’ open cave entrance.

There seemed to be sufficient daylight and there was a swallow area… He
had several-several handfuls of gold coins. No weapons and no clothes.
The water was at first a little warm. But as he moved out around the rocks
and behind the great pirate ship--the water got a little chilly. His balls
and cock shriveled up and he got a little nervous about the situation. His
feet found hard sharp rocks and twice he fell.

At length he just began swimming.

It was easier although the water threatened to not only chill him to the
bone but to drown him. The crashing waves from the ocean beyond didn’t
reach to cave entrance but sent their rippling waves to thwart his attempts
to free himself from the cave.

A big wave came crashing over some nearby rocks, he was in DEEP water
and floundering, swallowing salty sea water and scarcely able to keep
afloat. (‘specially with a huge sack of gold coins weighing him down.)

He couldn’t see any shore but knew that there was one. The more he
tried to get somewhere a wave ripple came and surged him someplace else.
This simply wasn’t working. He tried to make back to the cave--which
wasn’t too hard to do, but the huge waves only strove to thwart that
action, too.

At length he kissed the rear of the great ship--with a tremendous thud.
He nearly lost consciousness. He DID lose his cargo, the precious much
sought after gold coins. Before he could make a feeble dive attempt a
surge wave sucked him out, nearly drowned him and very nearly killed him.

In a panic he swam to make for some jutting rocks, finding where the
pirate ship had been gouged. For his troubles in all he did find a few
coins in the nooks and crannies.

He was once more sucked out into the cave entrance cove before finally
sending him somewhat violently into one wave after another.

Consciousness evaded him and he awoke sometime later on a sandy beach.
He had a throbbing headache, a lungful of seawater, froze to the bone, his
asshole smart, and utterly lost.

It was still daylight, but he feared he was going to get caught out in
the middle of wherever the hell he was butt naked and seriously catch some
sort of flu. His legs hurt terribly and it was some doing just to stand.
His gold was gone, but he had clutched in his fucked up hands some of the
coins from the rocks. It wasn’t much but he wasn’t going back out to
recover. Fuck it. The beach led up to a rolling hill of lush green grass.
It seemed like as good as place as any--to start his search. Where he was
he didn’t know, Charlie hadn’t given him a lot of information--but he was
beginning to accept that he was in someplace new.

He just hoped that there he wouldn’t be encountering any more of those
creatures! The wind off of the sea bit into his tender naked skin, his
feet and hands and shins were all skint up, the salt water seemed to have
helped some. Some.

The grass he found was sweet and he ate some of it. At the top of the
first hill--he found another hill. Followed by another. Turning about he
could look down some hundreds of feet to see the beach below and the rocky
outcropping he had escaped from.

There was a sort of sinking feeling--he had no idea where the fuck he
was, but he was pretty certain that he wasn’t in the Utah--Four Corners
area anymore. With his energy levels down, hungry, asshole smarting, he
stumbled along the waist high grass unawares of much of the surrounding
territory--or he would have noticed it “changed.”

When his legs finally gave out he fell. Naturally. He curled up and
waited for death, clutching the few coins that he had managed to snag and
keep hold of.

Darkness didn’t come. Nor did Death. It got a little colder and
breezier, but that was about all. It was only when something again rustled
in the grasses surrounding him did he bolt upright and begin to move
again--he couldn’t take another butt fucking (or forced cock sucking.)

It seemed as though his legs were on fire, or stepping on lava stones
that were. The breeze had settled down to something like a searing broil.
The air was stale with mixtures of sweetness. His mind was confused, body
wracked with various pains, hungry, and his asshole still hurt, too.

But there was this dirt road. A well used road. He came stumbling out
of the waist high grass to the dirt road and looked left and right. To the
far right were some distant mountains, rustic with no snow caps. There was
rugged desert-scape all around save for what lay behind him, and ot the
left there did seem to be some buildings.

Now he wished for some darkness to serve as cover--he was raw and butt
bare assed naked. After a few minutes of rest he struck out for the
buildings. Presently he came upon an object, a vehicle. It was off the
road with two peoples in it. Actually, one was sitting while the other was
a passenger standing with his willie out peeing.

However, as August neared, he couldn’t see either one moving or noticing
a naked man approaching. The jeep was US Gov but not discernible what
branch. The “driver” was in simple green camouflaged clothing, the other
was an officer of some type, beer gut, brown uniform.

His willie was out but that was all, August walked right up and saw that
the man had indeed “peed”, there was a puddle. But, for some fucked up
reason--the man seemed to be “frozen.” So did the driver.

August wavered his hand before the two, touched them with poking his
finger at them, yelled into their ears, and finally slapped the officer’s

There was no reaction whatsoever.

August didn’t know what to make of it--if anything. This was as strange
as his horrible experience in the subterranean tunnels. He shrugged them
off and continued walking.

It was a good walk. He had to stop a few times to let his legs rest.
He noticed no progression of time--er, that is to say that what he took to
be time itself didn’t seem right. There were no clouds in the sky, and at
least the sky was back to its normal hue of sky blue--and not that crazy
orange crap.

There came to a field of sorts, desert on one side of the road and some
sort of agricultural action on the other. A man on a tractor was out in
the middle of the agricultural side. There seemed to be patches of green
stuff here and there with a few trees lining the ends. Neither the man or
the tractor seemed to be moving.

August hollered at the man and then threw a dirt clod. The man remained
sitting on the tractor, there was not even any noise from the tractor.
August fingered his ear, stared a bit longer, peed and farted and then
moved on to the buildings.


Department of Agriculture

There were other words and numbers and encrypted crap August didn’t know
what their meaning was. Nor did he care. The sign was posted on a bar
gate, there was a gate house with two men inside. Armed men in cammys.
August walked nakedly up to them, waved, waggled his schlong, flipped them
off, then stepped on by the gate and continued on his way.

What was going on he had no idea.

In most respects it looked like some sort of agricultural station out in
the middle of some desert, government run. There were a few peoples
standing around, some in civilian clothes, others in various military
clothing. August waved to the all, waggled his wiener and then moved on.

He moved into one of the buildings, no one paid him any attention--the
all appeared to be stunned in place. He couldn’t figure it. None of this
made any sense. He was getting pissed. He was tired, hungry, asshole
still smarting, and very confused. He casually wondered if maybe somewhere
along the way he had actually died or clunked his head and put himself into
some sort of coma.

Maybe none of this was real at all!

He pinched himself--it hurt. He smacked a pencil neck geek sitting at
his desk, he felt the slap. From a water cooler he got some water. There
were some donuts nearby and he scarfed them down. Seeing hanging on a door
a pressed uniform he helped himself--but not before sitting in on Ms.

Ms. Buxly was tall--short tight black knit skit, white frilly blouse,
dark blond hair up in a bun, mid 30s. She was a civilian, she had a memo
pad in hand and was in the middle of writing. A tall man in a press sharp
dark green uniform with “eagles” on the lapels seemed to be in the middle
of speaking. Everyone in the room was absolutely still.

August came about the woman and felt of her breasts, then her ass.

There was no noticeable reaction from her.

August smiled, his asshole quench tight but his cock and balls surged to
life. He lifted the woman’s skirt and checked her out, lowering her bikini
style white panties. There was still no reaction from the woman--soooooo

Over a nearby desk he led the woman, finding that he could move her,
bend her, move her arms and legs--but she just didn’t seem to be aware of
it, nor anyone else.

August didn’t know what the fuck was happening--but he was going to go
with it. The soft panties were lowered down and the skirt undone and
pulled up. She herself was bent over the desk and August--like those
creatures in the tunnels--had his way with her. Her asshole was
deliciously TIGHT, his cock rock hard. He poked away and finally breached
the rim and slid his organ into her backdoor and pumped steadily for
several minutes.

He didn’t care if this was coma induced, a dream, a fantasy, or what--he
pumped the bitch and pumped until he got his nut(s) off and then some. He
spanked her ass and filled her corn hole until his legs wobbled and he had
to pull out and lean against the cubicle wall.

He watch his essence ooze out of the woman’s asshole, he fondled his
balls and tried in vain to figure this all out. It only gave him a
headache, he shook his head, farted big and yawned. He was tired, very
tired. And still slightly horny. The woman was “positioned” onto the
desk, skirt hiked all the way up, on her back, legs up and out and August
Moone between her legs and pumping her pussy like it was his last pussy.

When done with her, he stuffed her panties up her asshole--for no other
reason than “just fucking because!” then placed back to where she was at
what she was doing--it would only further drive her crazy.

He himself rambled about the structure, waving his hand, waggling his
bare naked gooey cock, farting, poking people--but no one moved.

He found a lunch room and it was wondrous.

Food and drink. Although there was a slight hangup of not having any
money--he pilfered the pockets of the non-moving personnel and then helped

After a suitable noshing in the lunch room/cafeteria he took a snooze on
a small love seat.

His sleep was disturbed by the nightmare--of being buggered by the
creatures. He awoke with a serious startle, almost seeing the creatures in
the small lunch room, coming out him with their bony schlongs and arms
reach for him, drooling and gnashing their teeth.

In a dire panic he nearly ran out of the building, he did manage to snag
the clothing he had seen and try them on. They weren’t a good fit and he
didn’t have any shoes, but clothes were clothes. If--IF everyone did begin
moving about, if--IF this strange goofy fucking place returned to Normal
then he would be better off Clothed rather than butt naked. Clothed he
might be able to concoct some fucked up story--butt bare assed naked?
Well, they wouldn’t even listen to him--they’d just hustle his naked ass
off to a loony ward and lose the key.

Charlie Dugout. August kicked the water cooler, then kicked the door
and bitched out loud. What an adventure! It would be better if the
motherfucker would make some motherfucking sense! For not other reason
than “just because” he scuffled over to an adjacent building. There was
nothing there but more of the same from the second building. But he was
directed to check out the two men in civy clothes. He took them to be
Feds, or some branch like that, CIA, National Security, some shitty
organization like that. They were at a door marked JANITOR’S CLOSET.
Peering inside August saw that indeed it was a janitor’s closet having all
the right equipment. But what were two Suits interested in a janitor’s

August had seen a movie once, very similar. He licked his lips and
moved the men out of the way and stepped passed them. He checked them very
carefully, noting that like the woman he had just bagged, they weren’t
breathing either.

Inside the small closet August looked about, there was a single light
dangling from the ceiling and an assortment of janitor’s stuff all about
the walls on racks in perfect condition.

Too perfect. Checking the mop in the yellow mop bucket, it wasn’t even
wet or “used.” Slowly and timidly he began pulling on brooms and tools
hanging on the wall--suddenly he found the one.

There was a sound and serious movement and the floor began dropping.
“Holy sheeeeeeeeeeeee-it!” August bellowed.

The walls and ceiling remained as they were, just the floor dropped.

How far he dropped he wasn’t sure. What he wanted to know mostly was
what the FUCK was he getting himself into--and could he get out of it?

When the ride stopped a door automatically opened. Carefully he poked
his head out. People were standing in the hall--not moving. Using some
stealth he moved down the hall, just for a poke here and there--er, being

“Some operation for being just an “agricultural” operation!” he noted to

Most of the rooms he poked his nose in, any cute females he abruptly
fondled, pulled their panties down and fingered them, laid them out on the
floor and doinked them good and proper. He found some other clothing that
fit a little better, including shoes. He snagged a laptop computer and
some other doodads that if he EVER got back to wherever the hell he came
from--he might be able to add to the small pithy amount of gold coins he
still had and set himself up for a few years. Down the end of a long hall
he came to where a Suit and a military man were at one of those “special
doors.” They were in the process of operating a security console and there
was a “green” light on. The door was partially whisked open. August again
moved the two and made his way in.

It was a laboratory of some sort, electronic equipment and whatnot.

August had no idea.

Another laptop and various electronic components stuffed into a ditty
bag then he was back the way he had come. Which was no problem,
thankfully. He had had enough “adventure”. It still gnawed at him, Where
the FUCK was he? He had no idea. He carried his booty out to the open
area and back towards the road he had come in on. It was here he noted the
sky had changed color; it was now a darker blue, the “time” felt about
right, early evening.

As he pissed on a Suit’s leg--for the hell of it--he heard something.

It took a moment to recognize it--it was the sound of a tractor.

He heard the tractor, from out in the field.

He gulped. There was a windmill and it began to turn. Other noises
began to come to him and panic seriously set fire to his feet--he boogied
quickly out of sight behind some buildings then out to the road running as
fast as he could.

Hiding in the grass he watched the tractor moving along field small dust
clouds coming up from its wheels. The jeep alongside the road moved on,
clouds came and there was a strange sensation enveloping August. He didn’t
understand it--and wasn’t sure if he wanted to.

His choices, to go back the way he had come thru the cave and tunnels,
or finger out where he was here. The dirt road had to come from somewhere.
Looking down it he saw that it stretched out thru some hills. It seemed as
though darkness would not be too far along in coming. He could wait until
dark to start moving again.

There suddenly was siren blaring and August looked to the direction of
the government installation. “Uh-oh.” the proverbial jig was up. He
patted his booty, contemplated, re-thought and re-considered.


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