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Australian Adventure


This story concerns an American lady attending a convention in Australia,
and the adventures she enjoys with one of her hosts. A bit of desperation,
some nudity. No hard sex, just some erotic interaction in a bit of local


exhibitionism exhib watersports ws


By Francine

Kevin Blackwell was closing up his registration booth at the
Architectural Convention. It was a Thursday afternoon, nearing five
o'clock, and he had spent a long week as a volunteer. While Kevin, a
divorced man of 45, lived in Melbourne, and had taken the opportunity to
assist at the convention in Perth to be able to enjoy a bit of holiday on
the west coast and spend some time with his sister, who lived in the area.
He had spent most of the week handing out information packets, answering
questions, and recording registration details for the attendees, who had
come from various parts of the world. Kevin relished meeting those who
came from far places and helping them to understand a bit of the host

Now it was time to close up. The convention events had officially
ended, though some of the attendees would be spending a bit more time in
the area. A tour had been set up Friday to take some to the Yanchep park
to the north, visiting some of the northern suburbs in the process. Kevin
would not be involved in this, and now he had only to close up his activity
and he would be free for the weekend, planning to return to Victoria on

As he placed the remaining literature in a box, a friendly face became
visible. Reading her name tag, he recognized her as Grace Faircloth, one
the Americans attending, and one of the small number of women. Grace had
spoken to him almost every day at his booth, and they had exchanged
thoughts about each other's homelands. Grace was a bit older, perhaps
fifty or so, he judged, from her features and her graying black hair. She
was clearly a professional, well spoken, graceful, friendly, and not
unattractive for an older woman. She was slender, tall, nicely dressed and
well groomed.

"Hi, Kevin!" she cheerily greeted him. "End of a long week for you?
Glad it's over?"

"G'day, Mrs. Faircloth. Now you know I've loved every minute of it.
Great group of people. Now I'm afraid I have to close up and head back
east on Sunday. Going to miss all these friends I've made, though. You
taking the tour tomorrow?"

"No, I don't think so. I've had enough of construction styles and
engineering details, and now I I think I just want to see a bit of Perth.
They didn't give us much time to get out - and it's a beautiful city. I
think I'll take the day to visit a few local sights, and perhaps see a bit
of the beaches - I understand they are marvelous this time of year!"

"Indeed! It's February, and this weekend the summer crowds will have
them all filled. Been down to Freemantle, or over to Rottnest? There's
lots to see here!"

"I know", Grace continued. "I have a lady friend her with me who's
trying to decide whether to take the tour tomorrow. Maybe I can get her to
go with me - I've never been to this part of Australia before. I'm from
Kansas City, and, well, we don't have beaches or seashores; and when I get
home it's likely to be snowing! Right now I'm happy to leave my husband to
clear the walks and enjoy a bit of the sun!"

"Mrs. Faircloth, you know the beaches down to the south are the nicest,
but it's a way to go. Have you arranged transportation?"

He advised her on her bus travel options, even the possibility of the
two women renting a car. She considered his suggestions. Then a thought
occurred to him.

"Mrs. Faircloth, you know I have the day free tomorrow. I'd love the
chance to show you two a bit of the city, including the beaches. I have a
car to use while I'm here, and I'd really enjoy the chance! I can assure
you both I'm quite safe, and I would really enjoy the chance to show you
some of this fantastic place. " He wondered a bit if his offer might be
taken as an improper suggestion, and he immediately felt a bit embarrassed.
He waited for her response.

"It's very generous of you to offer, but it's too much to expect, after
all you've done here this week. Right now, I'm not sure what Linda will
want to do tomorrow, and you will be closed up shortly!"

They engaged in a bit of light exchange about the convention, but then
Grace returned to his offer.

"Kevin, I really do like your offer for tomorrow- that is, if Linda
would be interested. Would you seriously like to take us around? I would
insist on buying you lunch and taking care of the car fuel, of course. But
it would be quite an adventure - two women with a very personal local
guide. But, it really would be too much..."

"Not at all, Mrs. Faircloth. It would be an adventure for me as well."

"Kevin, please call me Grace. My friend will be Linda. You may not
remember her, but she's been here as well. Let's see - we'd love to see
the parks along the river- it's so pretty down there; and King's Park, and
if you know where we could see the famous black swans, and those
magnificent beaches, and- but, I'm setting up too big an agenda for you.
Yes, it would be fun!"

They agreed to meet in the hotel lobby at nine Friday morning. Kevin
was delighted. These ladies would be great company, and he did like to
show off Australia to visitors.

Friday morning, Kevin arrived in the lobby. His car was parked in the
hotel carpark, and he looked around for the two American women. The day
was bright and sunny, and quite warm. It promised to be an enjoyable

Suddenly he spotted Grace. She was looking a bit different. Gone was
the elegant business suit which she had worn for the convention. She was
wearing a light blue print dress, belted, with short sleeves. Her legs
were bare and she wore flat heeled casual shoes, suited, he judged, to a
bit of walking. She carried a canvas bag.

As she approached Kevin, her manner seemed a bit depressed. "G'day,
Kevin! Did I do that right? I'm sorry - I have good news and bad news.
The good is I'm here, looking forward to getting out a bit. The bad is
that I couldn't talk Linda into it - she's taking the tour to Yanchep.
Would you mind terribly if I'm your only passenger? I suppose I should
have canceled, but I didn't know how to reach you, and after you made the
plans for us, well, I didn't want to seem ungrateful!"

"I'm delighted!" Kevin began. "Sorry about Linda. You can tell her
about it later. Ready?"

She nodded. As they headed to the carpark, he outlined an itinerary for
the day. She beamed with enthusiasm, obviously looking forward to the

They started out. He explained, "You wanted to see the black swans, so
I'm taking you up to Lake Monger to start. There are several places around
the lake where we can get out and see them. Then we'll go along the
parklands and see the city from the river. We'll go by Kings Park, and we
can go back there later. I know you want to see the beaches and
Freemantle, so we'll go there and give you a little beach time. It's a
beautiful day for it!"

Grace was delighted. They proceeded to the lake, parked, and walked out
to the Lake Shore. kevin pointed out to her the black swans, swimming with
other wildlife. Obviously amused, she took off her shoes and tried to wade
out closer to the swans, but Kevin held her back. "It's not for swimming,
or wading", he pointed out, "unless you're a swan or a duck!" They watched
for a while. Grace observed the day was warm, and she felt thirsty. They
found a kiosk, and she purchased a half dozen cans of soda. Sitting
together, she promptly downed two of them herself, to his one. Refreshed,
they resumed their tour.

He drove her past the city waterfront, and through Kings Park, pointing
out the monuments and observation points, but noting, "If you want, we can
come back here when we return to the city. This is just to give you an

Feeling the heat, Grace reached for another drink as they headed south.
"I'm using up all the sodas, Kevin; think we should get some more for the
beach? I'm sure it will be warm!" Agreeing, he stopped at a small store
where they replenished the supply.

As they headed toward the beach area, he commented, "Too bad you didn't
come with bathers - you might enjoy a swim in the Indian Ocean. Bet you've
never had one."

"No, I think I can enjoy just putting my feet in the water. And
watching the others! But, well, while we're going to the beach area,
Kevin, could I make a request? You may think it's a bit odd, though!"

"What, Grace? You couldn't be odd. What do you want?"

"Well, I've heard there's one beach - is it Swanbourne? I understand
there's one where people don't have to wear bathing suits! Now, that would
be really strange where I come from, and it may sound a bit kinky, but I'd
love to see it if we could! Do you know where it is?"

Kevin was just a little stunned. This was not the kind of interest he
expected an older lady to show. "Are you sure you want to go to that kind
of beach? Yes, I know about where it is, but you might not be comfortable
there. Some Australians like that kind of thing, we call them 'free
beaches' , but, well, if you want to..."

"It just piques my curiosity! I can't imagine people going around
without clothes on! It's just that I never saw anything like it? Could we
go there and just walk, or do we have to.... well, do we have to comply
with the dress code to just visit? I'm not up to that!"

Kevin seemed a bit relieved. "No, I think bathers are optional. You
can walk on the beach, dressed any way you want. Look, if you really want
to, I can find it for you."

"Oh, thanks. It's not too much trouble, really, is it? It would a kind
of beach that would be so different!"

He took to turnoff toward the area. They followed the beach road north
a bit. She was sweating in the heat, and as they neared the parking area
she drew another can of drink and began gulping it down. They parked the
car in a spot adjoining the beach area. She tossed the empty can into a
litter bin, then asked, "Can I leave my shoes in the car? I won't need
them to walk on the beach, will I?"

"No, they will quite safe in the car. Ought to take the drinks, though.
You seem to be going through a lot of them!" Kevin had been watching his
own liquid consumption, not wanting to be in the position of having to find
a toilet at an inconvenient spot, but Grace didn't seem to be concerned.
He mentally calculated that she had consumed at least four cans in the last
two hours.

They started down the beach, and walked out to the water. He pointed
out the direction of Africa, noting that Rottnest Island, yet invisible,
was considerably closer. Grace was impressed, feeling the sand ooze
between her toes, dipping her feet into the water as a wave rushed in.

She surveyed the numerous people in the water and on the beach. "Glad
we came today, and not tomorrow. On Saturday there probably won't be a
bare spot on the sand. But, hey, what's with the dress rules? All these
people are dressed just about like they would be at home!"

"The free beach area is a bit to the north. You'll have to walk a bit
to get there. Sure you want to?"

"I wouldn't miss it! I hate to admit it, but I really want to see
this!" They plodded along the beach, heading north. The number of bathers
diminished noticeably, and after they had gone a quarter mile or so, a sign
became visible marking a sector of the beach beyond. "That's the sign for
the free beach area - beyond the sign, you can wear whatever you want, or
nothing if you want!"

The two of them walked barefooted along the water. Kevin had rolled up
his pants a bit, while Grace's skirt was at knee length, well above the low
water they walked through. Suddenly she let out an exclamation. "Look -
there are people down there that don't have suits on! I can see them!" She
seemed excited.

They entered the free beach area. Kevin was a bit embarrassed, seeing
male beachgoers lazing in the sun and walking about totally unclad.
Somehow he wished Grace hadn't wanted to see this. His shyness at the
situation was unnoticed by her, as she unabashedly stared at the undressed
males in the area. To be sure, there were some wearing suits and even
shirts and shorts, but most were lying around, walking, or swimming totally
unclothed. "I never saw so many men with nothing on!" she commented,
taking it all in thoroughly, then commented, "Gosh, why are there so few
women? I only see three or four without - well, the others are dressed in

Kevin, feeling obligated to comment, observed, "I suppose men are more
comfortable doing this than women. There are a lot more of them here. How
would you feel?"

"I wouldn't have believed it. All these men, young ones, older ones -
some my age! And, look, there's a woman who must be my age, too! Well,
now I don't feel so alone! I wonder if she's enjoying the sights as much
as I am?"

Kevin, a bit shocked by Grace's open interest in male nudity, was almost
silent in comparison to her exuberance. He had not expected a fiftyish
woman to be showing such interest. He was further embarrassed by her
continued observations on male anatomy. "Look at that one - a bit of a
belly, and you can hardly see his equipment under it! There's such variety
- some stick out, and others are all shrunk up. There's some all covered
with hair so you can hardly see anything, and others - well, they like a
neat as young boys!" Kevin felt like he would like to disappear
temporarily, while his guest enjoyed the displays of male bodies.

The beach was quite long, and walked slowly along the shoreline, Grace
not missing a single opportunity to gaze on male anatomy. Kevin commented
only briefly, sometimes in an effort to change the subject. "These guys must enjoy showing off - there aren't that many women for them to look at.
I'm glad you're enjoying the scenery!" Kevin tried to remain the gracious

Grace considered his point. "You're right! You know, it's not fair!
Here I am enjoying all these sights, and believe me, I wouldn't have missed
this! But there aren't many women, and it isn't fair. I don't think I can
continue this, Kevin, it isn't right!"

"Not right?" he looked at her, questioning her thoughts.

"I'm embarrassed. Here I am in clothes, looking at all those fellows
with nothing on, and enjoying it! I don't know if I can do this, but I've
got to try to be fair- it's not right for me to be looking, and not showing
anything. Kevin, you've been such a good host, would I embarrass you if I
took off my dress?"

Kevin knew not what to say. He just gave her a blank look. She led him
up the beach, a bit away from the water. She unfastened her belt, and drew
it off. She began unbuttoning her dress. She stopped, and looked directly
at him. "I never did this before - never! But I've come here, and I just
have to be fair. My conscience would bother me if I looked at all these
men and never gave them an opportunity to see me, even if I'm not much to
look at. Shouldn't I be fair, Kevin?"

Her logic befuddled him. He could think of nothing to say. Yet the
thought of this woman, probably ten years his senior, stripping in front of
him on a public beach, was at least a little exciting. He wondered if she
would expect him to follow suit. He wasn't ready for that.

The dress fell from her shoulders, and she stepped out of it, facing up
the beach, deliberately turned towards the numerous people lying and
standing on the sand. She neatly folded the dress, then slipped it into
her bag. She stood and faced him, in a white bra and cotton panties. Her
hands reached behind her back, unhooking the bra. She dropped it from her
shoulders. She stood up, smiling at him, her white breasts exposed. There
was not a touch of sun tan on her body, and the tips of her breasts accented the whiteness with their touches of pinkish brown. Her breasts had dropped noticeably when the bra came off. They were not large, and
drooped noticeably, their darker tips pointing a bit downward. A prominent
mole was noticeable on the side of her left breast; otherwise her skin
seemed unblemished.

She reached down, grasped the panties and in one motion pulled them down
and off. She took the bra and panties and stuffed them rather clumsily
into her bag. She drew a canned drink from the bag at the some time,
opened it, and, standing facing the people on the beach, began to gulp down
her drink.

She made no effort to conceal her body, in fact standing with legs apart
and her black pubic hair prominently displayed. There was no evidence she
had trimmed it in any way.

"You don't know how embarrassed I am", she commented, "but it's the only
fair thing to do. Now I can look at the men and not feel I am somehow
taking advantage of them. I really didn't think I could do this, but I did
it. Kevin, am I making you feel awful?"

Kevin put the best face on the situation. "No, Grace, I'm glad you're
having a good time. Obviously you like this place, and you're not bad
looking yourself. Anyway you don't look uncomfortable!"

"Actually, I am.," Grace responded. "It isn't because I don't have any
clothes on, although that's hard for me to get used to, but I'll try. I am
getting uncomfortable because I need a ladies' room. Are there any out

"You mean a toilet?" Kevin inquired. "No, not out here. Maybe back
beyond the parking area-"

"Then I'll just have to wait!" Grace didn't seem overly concerned.

Kevin was concerned, His bladder was quite full, and he knew Grace had
drunk more than he had. He could understand her distress more than her
nonchalance about it.

They sat on the beach for awhile, enjoying the natural beauty of the
scene, as well as the anatomical attractions. Somehow Kevin felt a bit
odd, sitting, dressed, next to a naked lady, obviously his senior by a few
years. At one point Grace rose from her perch, and waded into the water.
She went in only thigh deep, wandered around, then came back to Kevin. "At
least I can say I've been in the Indian Ocean," she commented happily.

It was now just after noon. The sun was high, and hot. Grace, despite
her physical complaints, had been drinking continually. As time went on,
she turned again to Kevin, and asked, "I'm getting to where I do need a
ladies' toilet rather badly. Do people have to walk all the way back,
beyond the carpark, for the facilities? Seems like a long walk!"

"Grace, on a free beach, people don't have to take off their clothes, or
anything like that - mostly they already have them off. So they can just
use the sand or the ocean-" he was a bit flustered, trying to explain the
solution to a delicate problem.

Grace didn't like the suggestion. "You mean - in the sand, or in the
ocean? In front of everybody?" She made a sour face, implying her disgust
at the idea. "I couldn't! Not like that! Not in public! It's
disgusting, and , anyway, it's unsanitary!" She shook her head negatively.

Now Kevin was feeling distress. He was half hoping she would have
accepted his implied suggestion, as that would have given him an opening to
relieve himself while with her, something he increasingly needed to do.
Now he feared her contempt if he made any effort in that direction.

At length, she seemed to have satisfied her curiosity, and seemed ready
to depart. Or, perhaps, Kevin thought, her bladder was demanding relief
and she was now ready to seek an appropriate place. They discussed their
next destination.

"Why don't we pick up a bit to eat the kiosk back there, and then head
down to Fremantle, so see a bit of the old port?" She nodded agreement.
"You'll need to put your clothes on," he reminded her. She rose, brushed
the sand off her body, and reached into her bag. She retrieved her dress,
shook it out, and asked Kevin to hold it for her. Then she reached in for
her belt, and began to draw it out. Something had snagged on it. She
seemed unable to release it, and finally gave it a firm jerk, and it came
loose. She retrieved her panties and stepped into them, then pulled them

She looked in the bag for her bra, and started to draw it out. Again
there was a snag. She tugged slightly, and it came loose. She held it up,
one strap now torn completely loose. She looked at it with a frown.
"Darn! I can't wear that - I'd look ridiculous held up on one side and the
other slopping around!" She looked at Kevin. He just shrugged. "Sorry, I
don't carry spare bras", he laughed.

She put the bra back in the bag, and put on the dress, wearing just her
panties under it. She placed her belt around her waist, and buckled it.
They started back down the beach, toward the carpark.

"Well, it could have been worse. You might have torn your dress.
Anyway, lot's of women go braless!" He was trying to reassure her.

"Not women my age, and not with superstructures that sag and swing like
mine! I don't want to ruin our day, but I won't be able to walk around in
any public areas like this! Will you go in and get a sandwich or something
for me? I just couldn't go in a kiosk like this!"

Kevin smiled to himself a bit. Here was a lady who had insisted on
disrobing in public so she could be naked on the beach, but shouldn't walk
in a public place without a bra under her dress. He was inwardly laughing
at her inconsistency. He did try to reassure her. "I think you look
great, and maybe you're too sensitive. Who's going to care?"

"I will care. You're being nice, Kevin, but you've seen me without
anything on, so I suppose you're over the shock. I know I look sloppy, and
you can't convince me otherwise. You're just being nice to make me feel
better, but I'm not walking around without a bra. And I'm not using the
ocean for a toilet! Gee, I hope there's one back by the carpark! Boy, I
don't have much more room down there!"

They got back to the carpark. The car was parked near the beach path,
and Grace entered in, holding her hands across her chest as the walked. At
the car, she put on her shoes, and looked around for a toilet. She spotted
a sign for "toilets" at the far end of the carpark, near where a crowd of
people was milling around in front of some shops and stands of street
vendors. "No way", she said, slipping into her seat. "Kevin, here's some
money for the lunch - can you pick us up a couple of sandwiches at the

Kevin took her cash, reluctantly, for he knew she wanted to share in the
expenses, and went for the sandwiches. He gave thought to running for the
toilets, himself, for his bladder was now sending him strong distress
signals, but it seemed unchivalrous to satisfy his own need when she was
remaining unrelieved.

A few minutes later, he was back with the sandwiches. "Sure you don't
want to use the toilets?" he asked her, before he started the car.

"I'm not walking through that crowd with my top swinging around!" she
said, rather finally. "I'll just have to hold it. But if you need to go,
go ahead! I know you probably have your own need!"

"No - if you have to hold, I will, too! Australian bladders ought to be
as good as American bladders!" he tried to make a joke of the situation,
concealing his own distress.

"Especially well aged American bladders!" she replied, laughing a bit at
herself. "Well, I can hold a little while if I have to. Let's go!"

They ate their sandwiches as they drove. He took the route to
Freemantle, hoping to show her the port area and a bit of the city, but
first hoping to find a toilet in an area isolated enough that she would
feel comfortable using it. Well, he thought, we will just see how long
this goes on - when she's really bursting, she won't care whether she's
wearing a bra on not. Women and their ideas of modesty!

It was three in the afternoon as they drove around Fremantle. He tried
to stop in the port par area, where there were public toilets, but she
would have none of it. Too many people around, she said. Her need,
however, was getting compelling. She was frequently pressing her hand into
her crotch area to restrain her bladder from emptying. His need was just
as bad. He was almost ready to stop the car and use a toilet without her,
or even stand beside the car on the road and relieve himself. Chivalry, he
was thinking, can only be carried so far. If she wants to torture
herselfShe read his thoughts. "Kevin, just take care of yourself! I'll
try to hold until we can a place where I won't have to walk in front of
people. But you don't need to put your self through this because of me!
Just find a place for yourself!"

Pride, even national pride, was getting in his way, however. "I'll hold
as long as you have to! If you can do it, I can! My bladder ought to be
as strong as yours!"

"Bet it's not as hard as mine! Want to feel mine?" she asked, half in

It was too much of an offer to refuse. He stopped the car briefly, and
reached toward her. She took his hand and placed it on her abdomen, just
below her navel. "Feel it?" she asked. He pressed slightly, seeing her
wince. "Don't push on it, please!" she begged. He could feel the
hardness, like a grapefruit or even a small cannon ball, absolutely solid.

"Still think you can hold as well as I can?" She was at once sounding
both a bit erotic and obviously distressed. "You're awfully hard. I don't
know how long I can wait! We've got to find a place!" he answered, trying
to be calm.

"Kevin, you said you'd take us back to the Kings Park area - there were
lots of trees there along the park roads. You get us there and I'll make
you a bet that I can hold longer than you can! If you lose, I want to
watch you do it right there under the trees! What would you like me to do
if I lose?"

Kevin thought a moment about the proposition. "I could ask you to walk
around a bit without a bra, but I've seen that- and I've seen you walk
around without anything on. Tell you what - if you lose, I'll hold your
dress for you there under the trees while you - you do it - standing up in
front of me! Nothing on! That'd be a site to see!"

"Agreed!" She smiled through her obvious desperation. "But we'd better
get there before we both spring a leak here in the car!"

Within minutes they were in the park area. Kevin drove around until he
found a parking place in the wooded area. Parking the car, he stepped out,
and held the door for Grace to exit.

"Should we go over there?" Grace indicated an area heavily covered with
bushes, just a bit away from the road. He nodded, locked the car, and
followed her. He could see she was fidgeting noticeably as she walked, her
physical discomfort apparent. Not surprising, he thought, as he considered
his own.

They proceeded perhaps thirty yards into the bush covered area. Grace,
leading, stopped and turned to Kevin. "Shall we hold - I mean wait -
here?" She laughed a bit at her slip of tongue.

Kevin looked at her for moment, gripping herself with her hands reaching
to her pubic area, now unshaken by any concept of modesty. As her body
trembled a bit, her breasts, unrestrained by any bra, quivered.

He tried to distract her with a bit of a commentary on the park and its
surroundings. For a few minutes they were able to talk of rather mundane
subjects, though it was obvious her discomfort was approaching its limits.

Kevin, straining to control his own full bladder, considered that he was
losing the contest. Just as he started to speak to admit to it, she
pressed her hand against her stomach and announced, "Kevin, I just can't
hold it any longer - I've got to give up - where do you want me to go?"

"Why - right here's fine!" he remarked, finding it hard to believe his

Not waiting for any command from him, she kicked off her shoes and began
unfastening her dress. She hung it on a nearby bush, then in a single
rapid motion, pulled off her panties. She stood facing him, naked, her
body trembling a bit, her breasts shaking visibly.

"Ready?" she asked.

He nodded. She relaxed herself, looking directly at him. She spread
her legs a bit, then asked him "Can I squat some? It would be easier - or
do you want me to stand?"

"Standing looks great-" he said, softly, nervously, looking at her pubic
region. She nodded and held her pose.

Gradually a stream began to pour from her. At first it ran down the
inside of her leg, then as it became stronger poured out from he, almost
straight down. It struck the ground with a splash and began to spatter
over her bare feet. She stood, frozen, virtually in shame at what she was
doing. Her eyes never left his. His eyes never left her crotch, as he
watched her profuse discharge. Both of them seemed locked in a perverse
fascination at what she was doing in front of him.

Gradually her stream ended. She hardly knew what to do. "I didn't
bring anything to wipe with - and I need to!" she commented slowly, now
looking down at herself.

He felt through his pockets. "I don't have anything with me - maybe
back in the car-" he gestured toward the direction of the road. Suddenly
his own need seemed overpowering, and he spoke out to her of it. "You
almost won - I was at the point of giving up! Now I need to--" he didn't
quite know what to say.

Grace, standing naked, and making no move toward her own clothing now
hanging on a bush, came a bit closer to him. "Why don't you just go ahead?
I'd like that!"

He needed no further invitation. He began to unfasten his pants,
starting to turn away from her in a gesture of modesty, then realized that
at this particular moment modesty was not the most appropriate behavior.
He simply faced her, but his eyes averted hers, as they focused downward.
He withdrew his penis, and tried to relax his sphincter muscles.

This time her eyes were the ones that fixed on anatomical features. She
stared openly at his organ, becoming slightly erect under her glance, as
his urine stream began. He couldn't bring himself to look at her, knowing
she was staring at his private parts. He concentrated on his need for
relief, now slowed a bit by his obvious arousal.

He held his position, his penis extending almost straight out, and
projecting a stream that embarrassed him further but its distance. She
watched the performance as though she were a schoolgirl sneaking a peek.
It was he who seemed flustered and distressed at the loss of modesty in
this private act, yet it was she who was standing unclothed. Gradually he
grasped the irony of it, and he brought himself to look at her face.

She smiled and came a bit closer. "Let me help you," she said, and,
very gently, reached out to hold his discharging penis in her hand,
replacing his own. He couldn't imagine her doing this, and could think of
no response. He just let her hold until his stream ceased. At that point
she released her grip and stepped back. She turned and reached for her
clothes as he fastened his pants.

Without further words, she dressed and the two of them returned to the
car. They entered, and he drove them away.

They exchanged only a few pleasantries as they returned to the hotel.
He pulled the car up to the front of the hotel. She opened her door,
starting to exit.

"I'll be leaving. I may not see you again - but thanks for a great, a
really wonderful day- thanks for everything. I mean everything!" She
smiled and withdrew from the car.

He was at a loss for the right words. "Loved every minute of it", he
answered. "Every minute - and if you get back here, I'll hope to ... to
see you!" She closed the door and began to pull away.

"Can't believe it!" he thought to himself. "She's a lady like I never
met before!" He shook his head as he drove away.



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