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Title: Avenue Of My Submission
Keywords: fF, inc, fdom, mom, daughter, nc
Author: Caesar

Avenue Of My Submission

by Caesar, copyright 2001-2002

$Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:22 $

My daughter shoved me back against the wall of the dining room so
roughly that a framed picture fell to the floor breaking the glass.

"Diana...?" What?

She grabbed at my throat with one hand, holding me against the wall.
I simply stood there stunned, staring at her. Her eyes were cold,
emotionless - foreign.

"I thought you liked it rough mother?"

"What...?" Her other hand came around in an arch and slapped my cheek
- hard. Too stunned to even talk, I simply stood there silent and

Then those wide brown eyes slowly travelled down my body, in a way
that caused me to shiver with fear. Only one other person looks at me
like that...?

"Oh god!" I groaned.

Her gaze returned to my own and we silently looked deeply into each
others eyes.

She had only returned home from college late last night - and we
barely saw each other till I returned home, just now, from work. I
had arrived in a great mood - throwing my jacket, boots and purse into
the closet while I yelled out that I was home. Diana came down the
stairs silently, slowly, her gaze strangely cold. I barely noticed
but started to the kitchen asking as I went, "Pasta and salad fine for
supper honey?" My daughter suddenly grabbed my shoulders from behind
me just as I was passing through the dining room and spun me about
before shoving me against the wall.

I had no idea what was going on but her alien actions had stunned me
with fear, the wall forcing the air from my lungs.

The same hand that had hit my face slowly came up and stroked my cheek
lightly - tenderly. A small malicious smile came to my daughters
lips. Those eyes stayed the same though, cold.

"Why did you pick that slut over dad, mother?"

Oh god - she knew! She couldn't could she?

For the last several years, I've been having an affair with a friend,
the neighbour next door. At first we did it simply to vent our
middle-aged sexual frustrations, then it turned deeper, darker.
Perhaps for me it was love, but I did not hold any illusions that
Sherry loved me. What Sherry liked to do was control me. I learnt a
lot about my sexuality, things I never knew when I was Diana's age -
things I hoped no one else would learn about me.

"I...", had nothing to say. How the hell does a mother tell her
daughter about her lesbian lover? About how she needed what only her
lover could provide.

"I've known for years mom." I felt the blood drain from my face -
that my darkest secret was out was something out of a nightmare.

But that was only the tip of the iceberg, "I used to watch you and
Mrs. Norton."

Oh my god!

"It turned me on watching you two together - it taught me so much more
about sexuality. I think you are the reason I became a lesbian as

She took her hand from my throat and placed it against my hip - still
holding me firmly against the wall.

I had suspected Diana was a lesbian as she was going through puberty,
but thought it better not to enquire. I have never considered myself
a homosexual, by the way - I preferred not limiting myself with a

I wonder how much she had seen?

"But then dad phoned me and told me about the impending divorce!"
Diana's face came close to my own, her nose nearly touching my own.
"I didn't even fucking know you had separated!" Her voice turned
dangerous, "Tell me why you choose that bitch over dad?"

I had to answer but it took nearly a minute before I found my voice,
"You don't understand honey."

"What don't I understand mom? That you are Mrs. Norton's toy - do you
really think she cares about you?"

Oh god, I'm in hell! My daughter was never supposed to know!

I've tried not to think about how much Sherry liked me. I know she
would miss me if I we no longer fornicated but I felt she thought me
only as a walking talking dildo. Well, in truth I was much more -
I've done much more than a fake cock could do. If I faced the truth,
I would have to say Sherry treats me like dirt.

I loved her though - loved her for several years.

My daughters hand came off my cheek and I turned my head to look away
from her gaze.

This wasn't right, daughters don't treat there mothers like this!

"Dad is the nicest man in the world mom. He cried when he told me
about the split and it broke my heart. I can care less if you want to
fuck around, since you have been doing it since I was in junior high,
but why did you have to go and kick dad out?"

She really didn't know, didn't understand - I could see it in her
eyes. "I...Sherry thought it best..." How do you tell your child
that you are under the control of another - to the extend that you
allow her to lead every aspect of your life. Would she understand?
Do I?

That was when the tears started, rolling freely down my cheeks. I
brought my hands up to hide my humiliation. I loved my husband but I
loved how Sherry made me feel more.

I felt my daughter draw away from her, her hand disengaging from my
hip. I opened my eyes to glaze through my tears to see Diana seated
at the end of the table.

"Come over here." I was on autopilot, and felt my feet stumble toward
her. "Stop and don't move from that spot." I swallowed loudly and
pushed down the thought that my daughter sounded like Sherry right

"Take your hands from your face."

Why was she treating me like this - ordering her mother like this?

My hands dropped to my sides and I grasped my woollen skirt to stop
them from trembling. I never even considered not doing as she ordered
- only feeling humiliated that she knew.

Again my daughters eyes moved slowly down my body, then back up. I
felt exposed and a little dirty - though not understanding why I felt
this way.

"Lift the hem of your skirt up mom." I looked down startled at the
order, but seeing the cold malicious humour in my daughters eyes. I
had to have heard wrong!

My head moved from side to side, since my mouth was open but no words
seemed to be coming out. A small evil smile came to Diana's lips and
I felt my knees almost buckle in fear.

Slowly, as if she was talking with a child, Diana repeated, "Life your
skirt to your waist and hold it there mother."

My head moved more vigorously back and forth - negatively.

Instead of looking angry, the response I had expected, Diana simply
looked like she was about to start laughing.

Quicker than I could react, my daughter reached out with both hands
and grabbed at the bottom of my expensive woollen skirt and yanked
down. The small zipper at the hip ripped at the sudden force and I
felt the cool air of my home tickle the exposed skin of my upper
thighs. My skirt lay about my feet.

I was wearing what my lover allowed me to wear - thigh high stockings and, if I must wear panties, a lace thong. My face flushed bright red and I pressed my knees together in humiliation.

Diana spent a long time looking down at my silk covered legs and
skimpy thong, still wearing a small private smile.

This was too much. A daughter should not treat her mom this way - we
were family, we had to protect each other not humiliate one another.
Just as I felt my anger rising enough to voice my displease at this
treatment, Diana spoke up, "When did you start shaving your pussy mom?"

My mouth was open to speak my displeasure but stopped at this comment
- of course she could see through the lace of my thong well enough to
tell I had no pubic hair. Her face was a mere meter from my crotch
and realizing her proximity I moved both hands to cover the front of
my thong.

Little good it did - the damage was done and Diana only laughed at my

Again her face looked up and our eyes met, "I asked when you started
to shave your cunt mother?"

There was a dangerous quality within her voice and I felt a renewed
fear to comply to her question, "After your father moved out." It was
strange even hearing my own voice in this situation - and even
stranger, that it sounded calm. It was certainly not how I felt.

"Turn around and face the opposite way." She was serious I saw that
in her eye.

Shuffling about the torn skirt around my ankles, I slowly turned. Not
sure how I could do otherwise - my daughter knew my dark secrets, even
understood enough about her own mother to know how to control me.

I stood facing the opposite way, knowing that my daughter was staring
at my near naked bottom. The thong had but a string running from my
waist to between my thighs - the flesh of my full derriere was
completely exposed.

"I can see why Mrs. Norton spent so much time with your ass - what was
the pet name she called you?"

I never even tried to ignore the question, "'Anal Queen'." My chin
hit my chest in shame.

Sherry did, indeed, enjoy my bottom in every conceivable way. When
she wasn't spending time with my ass she was ordering me to spend time
on hers - my lover was very anal. Not that I minded - I discovered
not long after Sherry and I started to have sex that I loved any sort
of attention back there - it was my primary erogenous zone.

"Absolutely lovely mother."

For some strange reason this compliment brought pride to my
fear-clouded mind.

I whispered, "Thank you."

"Turn back toward me mother." I did - faster than I had turned away.

I was troubled that doing what my daughter instructed was becoming
easier - almost natural.

Diana was seated on the edge of hard wooden chair, her knees together
and staring at me intently - a new hunger in her gaze. "Over my knees
'Anal Queen'."

A shiver ran through me, "Why?", I asked.

I already knew the answer. "I'm going to spank you." Diana's smile
widened and she patted her denim covered lap. Though her eyes held
little patience for any resistance from me.

This is what I am, how my lover Sherry controlled me - through
dominating, and yes even sometimes humiliating, me. It was my
weakness and now my daughter was using it against me.

I moved to her flank and then simply lowered my torso till my hips lay
upon her long thin thighs. My ass, I knew, was raised high and had
opened for easier viewing for my daughter.

I should have jumped up and ran out of there - screamed at my daughter and thrown her out of my home. She had violated my privacy and now
humiliated me with knowledge she had gained through her voyeur
actions. I was her mother for god sake!

Then why did I feel the familiar tingling between my legs?

Diana hooked two fingers into the waistband of the thong and roughly
stripped it down my legs, leaving at about my knees. Now even that
minuscule defence was gone - my ass was open, and available, for her.

"God you have one great ass mom." I did - it was my best feature, I
knew. It was round and firm. Looking almost large in clothing but
wearing lingerie, other sexy attire or just nothing at all - it looked

A shiver ran through me, moving inwards toward my crotch, at the
compliment. Involuntarily I pressed my thighs together and arched my
back, this brought my ass higher by a few centimetres and widening the
crack enough so that nothing was hidden.

"Mrs. Norton spanks you when you have been bad doesn't she mom?"

"Yes." And frequently - I loved it.

"Does it normally lead to 'other things'?"

"Yes." Always.

Why doesn't she just start! My sex was starting to moisten rapidly
and I was worried that I would leave a wet trail upon my daughters lap
- evidence, and more humiliation, that this incestuous encounter was
not so horrific to me as I hopped she thought.

"I once saw her use a ping-pong paddle on your ass - does she often
use different things when spanking you mom?"

I squirmed about on her lap - "Yes." The reminder that my most secret
of pleasures was revealed by one that I had loved so strongly and a
bolt of humbling pleasure to my sex.

Then, finally, Diana lay her warm hand upon the cook smooth skin of my
ass and this time I knew she could feel the ripple running through my

Instead of spanking me, as I expected, she gently rubbed her hand over
my sensitive skin. It felt, god help me, wonderful!

Diana's hand then pried apart my cheek from the other, and I knew
nothing was hidden. This movement even pulled apart my outer labia,
and I could feel the cool air tickle the wetness revealed within.

Another shiver ran through me.

"You like this don't you mother? You like doing what I tell you?"

I couldn't answer that - what I was feeling was impossible, taboo.

But my darling daughter laughed loudly and I knew that my wet cunt had
revealed the answer to that humiliating question.

She let go of my cheek and I breathed deeply, thankful that she could
not see the obvious excitement that I was feeling.

Then I felt a sharp pain on one cheek of my ass - it hurt, it was hot,
I was humiliated - and I moaned instinctively with pleasure.

Her hand rained down countless times upon either cheek and the sharp
pain brought pleasure in its wake. I was moaning and rolling about
upon my daughters lap as she struck me again and again. I was
pressing my crotch into her thigh without though, striving to press my
hungry clitoris against anything. The pain in my ass was terrible,
her blows much stronger than Sherry ever delivered with her bare hand
- I loved it, I needed it.

Then it stopped suddenly but I could not stop grinding my cunt into my
daughters lap - knowing that my child was simply watching me debase
myself like this. Then, suddenly and without foreplay, two of my
daughters fingers sunk deep into my body from behind me.

That was enough to send me over the edge and I clenched my body almost
straight across my daughters lap and screamed through clenched teeth -
the orgasm exploding like light from my cunt. My stomach and lower
back and thighs started to spasm uncontrollably and I flopped about on
Diana's lap and she used her free hand to hold me in place. I saw
spots before my eyes and suddenly felt dizzy and then the distant
feeling of falling.


I awoke knowing that I had just had one of the best orgasms of my life
even before realizing that it had been my daughter that had delivered
it to me. A cool chill of fear ran through me, remembering that my
secret was out and that Diana was using that to control me.

My eyes opened and I looked toward the table and chairs in my dinning
room - I was upon the floor on my side. My body was sore, especially
my burning ass, and cold - as I realized I was naked except for my
white stockings - gone was my sweater, bra and even my thong that had
been about my knees.

I sat up slowly, my head still a little light, and looked about me
upon the floor for my clothing. My clothing was not any wheres I
could see.

Why had she done this? Was it because of my suing her father for

I lay back down upon my carpet, and hid my face in my hands and

The noise must have alerted Diana of my reappearance from my sexual
delirium and she came in through the kitchen door. "Hello mother." I
peeked through my fingers and saw that she only wore my white
terry-cloth bathrobe, and nothing else by the look of it. She saw my
look and shrugged, "You made quite the mess of my jeans." She came
over and sat back in the same chair before me.

I sat back up and faced her, "Where are my clothes Diana?"

"Why do you need them mother?" She had a small smirk upon her face
and I knew that I was powerless here.

Regardless I found some hidden strength, "This is wrong Diana."

My daughter leaned forwards in the chair and asked, "Like another
spanking mother?" A violent shiver ran through me and I felt hidden muscles deep within my sex spasm in response. Diana saw all this and
smiled as she sat back, "I don't think your cunt cares if this is
wrong or not mother."

She was right of course.

I could not meet her gaze but it felt like a physical touch as she
gazed upon my naked body. My nipples hardened to little points as
they shrivelled up painfully and I knew she was watching them

"Is that how your supposed to sit mother?"

It took a second for me to realize what her meaning was - and when I
did, I slowly moved to a kneeling position before her. It was a
position that Shelly had taught me years before, seated on my calves,
big toes overlapped behind me and my knees bent double and spread
wide, back straight, shoulders back, hands open and lay upon the tops
of my thighs, chin down and eyes looking at an invisible point before
my knees.

I knew not how Diana knew this position of ours - as I thought Sherry
had developed it after my daughter had gone to college.

"I am home for six more days mother", for the week, "and in that time
you will do everything I tell you!"

I didn't know what to do, and the response simply came out before I
thought it - "Yes."

Please do not find fault, it was who I was.

Then her voice changed, "Do you love her mom?"

I knew whom she was talking about of course - Sherry. "Yes I do."

It turned hard again, "You know she doesn't love you don't you?"

It hurt me, but I did. "Yes."

"But you still submit willingly to that bitch - why mother?"

How could I tell her? Would she understand? I barely do.

Tears started to flow down my cheeks and I felt the drops hit the top
of my B cup breasts. "I need her." My eyes defiantly looked up into
my daughters.

Strangely, thankfully, I think she understood - as she looked soberly
back at me. Softly Diana finally asked, "Tell me what you need mom?"

Taking a deep breath first I answered as calmly as I could, "I need to
be controlled." She didn't move or say a word - did she really
understand? "All I want is to forget everything and focus only on
pleasing one person." Finally Diana nodded but doubted that anyone
could understand. I've tried to come to grips with my desires for
years and I still didn't completely understood it.

As the silence thickened and I wondered what was next - Diana slowly
spread her knees wide apart. I could not help myself and looked down.
The view up the robe was perfect and what I saw caused another shiver
of pleasure to run through me.

My daughter, Diana, was naked beneath my white terry-cloth robe and I
saw up her long tanned thighs to the trimmed brown bush beneath. So
good was the view that I saw the shiny wetness coating her lightly
spread outer labia.

This was no longer my little girl I suddenly realized - but a woman
whom had come here, to my home, to dominate and seduce me. The full
extent of her proclamation hit me - that I must do everything she asks
for the next six days. I now understood what 'everything' meant.

God help me but I could not take my eyes off her sex - it was
beautiful. If my ass was my best feature, my daughters was her cunt.
Before now, I would have admitted her long trim legs would have been
her most attractive feature - but now that I've seen the hidden treasures between her legs, my whole world was about to change.

I know not how long I sat staring between my own daughters legs - but
I must have stared like a starving person at a feast. What lay there
was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I wanted it.

Diana knew it as well.

Finally, long minutes later, "What if the person you focus all your
attention and whom you give your unconditional love", she paused and
took a long deep breath, "also loves you back mother?"

Her statement caused me to pause in my visual salivations of her sex
and I slowly lifted my gaze till it centred upon my daughters. What I
saw surprised me, she looked nervous and a little worried. I knew,
then, what she had come here to do - the meaning behind the words.

It was wrong isn't it? I needed the phone to ring, or a clap of
thunder to break our gaze. Yet, nothing stopped the long deep moment
when our eyes spoke volumes.

My daughter loved me, I now knew that for a fact - though I had cause
to doubt it moments before. And I loved her - nothing that we had
done today changed that.

What she was suggesting was different than the love we had shared
before today. Forget that it is wrong, illegal and immoral - what of
our age differences? And sometimes, though I'll never admit it out
loud to anyone alive, I enjoyed the humiliating and debasing things
Sherry made me do - could Diana treat me like that?

The tingling in my flesh of my ass reminded me just how stern my
daughter could be, she had hit my bottom harder than it has ever been
spanked before. And I loved it.

The silence was thick and I knew I had to verbally answer my daughters
question, though felt our looks shared more than what words could
convey. "I would give that person everything I am - I would do
anything to please... you."

My eyes lowered in mock shame though I only felt joy at the prospects
at such an offer.

I knew then that my daughter could give me more than I ever dared hope
for - she would allow me to be the perfect submissive while also
loving me. The very pleasurable orgasm I had earlier was a hint of
the pleasures we could share in such a relationship.

My fear was gone and replaced with anxious excitement.

I was panting again.

"Crawl to me mother." I did not raise my eyes as I crawled on my
hands and knees the final meter.

My daughters sexual musk was strong as I inhaled her scent.

She was strangely silent, but I could feel her eyes upon the top of
her head. It was too much for me, as I was trembling like a teenage
boy about to loose his virginity, and slowly looked back up. My eyes
did not look above her sex - wet and pulsating beautifully - and
wondered why she did not order me to use my mouth upon her.

Then she stood up, her sex disappearing beneath the white robe, and
the thick rope about her waist actually tickling my nose. A groan of
disappointment escaped my lips. "Stand up and follow me mother."


Diana led me to the my own bedroom, which should not have surprised me
but it did. It reminded me that what I was doing was taboo,
completely improper and I should feel only disgust - but I only felt
intense excitement.

My room was clean, as I was a proactive housekeeper, my bed made and
the curtains open allowing in the late day sun. Shivers ran down my
spin randomly, always ending between my legs. And let me tell you
that my sex was flowing - like a river. I don't remember any other
time that my vagina had been as hot and wet as it was right then when
we stepped over the threshold into my bedroom. It was actually
dripping down upon my thighs and I knew dark patches on the inside of
each stocking would be evident.

Diana casually stepped into my room and simply untied the knot about
her waist and let the terry-cloth bath-robe fall to the carpeted
floor. For the first time in over a decade I saw my little girl completely naked - and she was glorious. For one, she was no longer a
little girl - but a tall athletic-build woman. My daughter did not
inherit my hips and waist - but rather had a boyish slim frame, but I
could see the muscles ripple as she moved.

She excited me like no other.

Then she turned and I was surprised at how somber she looked, I had
expected her to be smiling and as expectant as I was.

"Is this what you want mother?"

I knew what she meant and strode the final two meter to stand with our
naked bodies almost touching. I looked up into her deep brown eyes
and said firmly, "This is what I want." It was.

"You will give up Mrs. Norton?"

I loved Sherry and we have had some very pleasurable times together in
the last couple of years - and though I shall never forget her, or
even stop loving her, I could give her up for the love of my daughter.
"Yes." I smiled at her.

Did Diana know just how happy I was just then?

I felt the need to reinforce my admission, "I will give anything up
for you darling."

"And will you do everything I tell you too mother?"

"Yes." I wanted her to tell me to do something right now - to her
luscious youthful sexy body!

She stared firmly into my eyes and I wondered if my daughter was angry
at me for something. For the first time as a mother, I realized that
I could not read my daughters eyes - another piece of evidence that I
was giving up any parental power in our relationship.

"Get the blue shoe box beneath your bed mom."

I gasped in surprise - how did she know about that box?

Almost fumbling over my own feet I shuffled over to my bed and knelt
upon the floor and pulled out the heavy cardboard box. With
embarrassment causing my cheeks to flush I returned to stand before
Diana and held out the box to her.

She didn't take it - but reached out and removed the worn cardboard
lid. Inside, as I was well familiar with, were hundreds of photos
that Sherry had taken of over our tenure as lovers.

Diana reached in and pulled out one picture randomly from the pile.
She only glanced at it briefly before turning it toward me so I could
what it revealed.

God, of all the pictures she could have withdrawn from that box -
pictures of me looking sexy in lingerie posing for instance - she had
to pull a photo of me sucking a cock. You read correctly - and I told
you I was not a lesbian, in fact Sherry often had me service her
husband or other men for her viewing pleasure or as a threesome - it
was taken some years ago at a bar outside of town, in the men's
bathroom, in one stall. In the photo I was kneeling upon the
disgusting floor facing one metal wall of the stall, which had a
rather fat cock thrusting through a ten centimetre round hole. The
guy's called it a 'glory hole' and I had sucked over a dozen cocks
that night - Sherry having a single photo of each cock. There was one
thing to be thankful for, this photo was of the second dick, the first
having emptied his load in my mouth, so my face was not covered in
man-cream as the latter photos revealed. I never saw any of the men's
faces, only hard thrusting cocks - Sherry having arranged it all.

I remembered that night perfectly, often using it as a masturbation
theme for one of my frequent moments of self-pleasure.

In fact, that was what the box was for - visual aids, memory aids if
you wish, for self-love.

I didn't know what to say as my daughter held it up, but she shoved it
back into the shoe box and pulled out another.

This one was tamer - me bound and gagged upon Sherry's living room
floor, my cunt and ass stuffed with a double headed dildo.

The next was a photo of Sherry and I kneeling on the floor between her
husbands legs, my mouth was full of his heavy fat balls and Sherry had
her cheeks bulging with half the length of his shaft. The photo was
taken by him, by using the reflection of a large mirror in their

The next was at a party, also at Sherry's, there was dozens of strange
faces holding glasses and looking toward me. I was the only one of
the people naked, squatting over a youngish man with his long thin
white cock up inside my cunt, another man, much older, shoving his
short fat dick into my mouth.

The next was a very close picture of me eating Sherry's cunt - or more
specifically spearing my tongue into her vagina as I knew she enjoyed
so much.

The next with me bound over a picnic table in the my lover's back
yard, her husband fucking my ass hole vigorously.

When will this stop?

The next with me being whipped with a belt, naked and kneeling in my
own living room.

The next with me kneeling inside a circle of three teenage boys, all
three urinating on my face and chest. If she had pulled the next
photo, it would have shown me sucking one cock and stroking the other
two. The next would have shown me with all three of my holes filled.

Was Diana doing this to humiliate me yet again? She knew I was a
slut, why was she doing this?

The next was Sherry wearing a strap-on cock standing behind my
kneeling form, fucking my ass. Her husband was before me, fucking my

The next with me suntanning in my backyard, naked.

The next masturbating with a carrot in my ass hole.

The next with my face covered by what is obviously sperm, Sherry's
husbands actually. My tongue is reaching over to my cheek attempting
to get one of the drops.

That was where she stopped. "After all this - will what I have to
offer be enough mother?" Thankfully she replaced the lid on the box
of photos, took it from me and placed it on the edge of the floor next
to us.


I wanted to assure her that she was more than enough, but it felt
inadequate after so much blatant evidence to some of the wild things I
had done. For some reason I felt the need to justify myself, "You
must understand darling, that all those were over a period of years -
and it was always Sherry's ideas." Well, not always, but no need to
get into details at this moment in time.

"Shut up mother!" My mouth clamped suddenly closed. "I'm a lesbian mother, which you obviously are not?"

I hung my head, for some reason wishing I was at that moment, but the
truth was obvious, "No."

"So you will need a hard cock at times? A man not a dildo."


I felt as if I was about to loose this nirvana that I had thought I
found and I slowly sunk to my knees before my daughter. I was ready
to beg, if I must.

"How do I know that after I return to college that you won't just jump
the first time Mrs. Norton bellows? Perhaps so you can fuck and suck
off her husband!"

Tears started to roll down my cheeks and I heard the anger in my
daughters voice. I bent at the waist and pressed my lips to the top
of one of her feet. My life was crashing down, I felt despair cloud
over the remainder of my hope, of my joy.

"Letting that bitch next door use you disgusts me mother! She
probably hates you - did you ever think of that?"

Sobs were racking my body, while licking at the top of her feet. I
managed to say, "I love you Diana... I will do anything for you my
love... let me prove it to you...?" I wanted her to order me to lick
upwards, toward that female version of nirvana. I needed to feel her
roughly hold my head by my hair and force me between her legs, calling
me every vile name imaginable.

Diana did grasp my head in her large strong hand, yanking me up. She
head me before her, my eyes level with her well-trimmed brown pussy and I started to press forwards. Roughly she held me still, a mere
reach away from what I wanted more than anything else in my life - my
eyes glued to it.

If only she would let me prove to her my worth, my loyalty, my love -
she will only scream with pleasure and happiness.

Yet she held my face away from her body without respite.

"Will you really do anything mother?"

I didn't even hesitate, "Oh yes!"

"Even fuck daddy?"

That put a sudden stop on my red hot thoughts and wishes - my husband
was both my first love and my greatest loss. I had given him up for
the pleasure between my legs, it was embarrassing and shameful, but
inevitable, I believed.

Before I could tell her that it was impossible, that her father knew
about as much about Sherry and me as she did and held no understanding
of the complex relationship, Diana continued, "I don't mean just fuck
him - but submit yourself to him like you just did for me?" My eyes
looked up into hers and though I hoped she was joking, I saw that she
was deadly serious.

I wanted to tell her that he was a wimp, had suspected my infidelity
for years and never said a word. He didn't even argue when I told him
our marriage was over, and to leave our home - for good.

Diana didn't do all this, this seduction, for her fathers sake did

Her eyes softened, but not her firm hold of my hair, "You will be only
my slave mother, but I will give you to daddy."


She must have seen my confusion, "Dad came to me and told me
everything mother - and to ease his pain I almost considered becoming
his lover." That statement startled me, I can not picture my tall
strong daughter with her dumpy balding father. "Then I knew how to
ease his pain... and to get something I've wanted since I was a
teenager!" The gleam in her eye told me that 'something' was me!

"I told dad my plan, and with a little persuasion", I wondered what
type of 'persuasion' she would need, "he agreed. Daddy still loves
you, even the vicious way you have treated him these last couple of
years." Diana suddenly smiled maliciously, "Dad is very anxious to
come home mom, he told me some of his plans for extracting revenge upon you - and I was surprised at how imaginative he can be!"

"Just so you understand mother - you will be my slave, but you must
follow everything daddy says when I'm not around."

This can not be happening!

Suddenly my daughter shoved my head into her crotch and for the first
time my lips touched her sex. The heady smell the sweet taste of her
upon my lips suddenly dissolved all thoughts from my mind and I arched
my neck back as to get a better angle to deliver oral pleasure. This
was what I wanted, what I needed.

I would prove it to Diana, as I do nearly every day with Sherry, that
she needed me - the pleasures I can deliver and the willingness to
give up all control of my own life to a strong passionate person. I
knew Diana was the person, the one that I've imagined and fantasized
about for decades - the one to give me that avenue of my submission.

Just as I slipped my tongue into the top of her slit, her juices
nearly running down into my open mouth, and rolling along her clit,
did she suddenly yank me back out from between her strong thin thighs.

My response was to whimper like a puppy.

Harshly, "Do you understand everything I have told you mother?"

Truthfully, I barely heard the question and was only thinking about
how happy I could make my own daughter if only she would give me the
chance to prove it. That's when her free hand came around and again
smacked loudly against my cheek - it brought me out of my sexual

"Do you agree with my terms mother?"

"Yes darling... anything."

Our eyes met and she held mine, gauging my honesty perhaps, but I was
virginal in anything unrelated to my desire to be this young woman's


Her hand let go of my head and she stepped back and sat down on the
end of my bed. Diana lay back and my heart soared with joy when she
spread her legs and brought her feet up to press the heel into the
mattress. I could see her sex fully exposed now, flowered open and
obviously excited.

Like a well trained dog, trained by Sherry Norton I may add, I sat on
my heels waiting for her command to advance.

"Crawl to me mom."

I did, slowly, my heart thumping and my chest heaving with desire.

"Kiss here." Diana pointed to the top of her cleft, directly at the
bright red bloated clitoris. With my mouth salivating I leaned in and
gently placed a dainty kiss upon that sexy fold of skin. My daughter sighed and pushed my head away from her sex gently.

"Stick your tongue out." I did. "Further." I knew what she wanted
and complied - my tongue sticking out of my mouth like a tiny cock.
"Now put it in here." She pointed lower down, directly at the dark
pink entrance to her sexual soul.

I leaned in and pressed my tongue ever so slowly into my daughters
vagina, stopping only when my face was pressed firmly into her crotch.

God help me but I loved it.

Of course it was wrong, kneeling there between my daughters thighs, my
faced pressed obscenely into her sex, my tongue submerged in her body
by the most intimate of routes. Perhaps that is one of the things I
found pleasure in, the extreme immorality of it, the taboo of incest.

Again she pushed me away from her, pressing gently upon my forehead.

I smiled up at her, my face now coated with her juices. Diana tasted
very good actually, the best tasting pussy I've ever had - and I've
had a few in my tenure as Sherry's slave. I could, and hoped I will,
eat her for hours on end!

Bringing her knees up to her chest, her heels pressed almost against
the back of her thighs, as she again pointed, "Now lick here."

I never hesitated.

I let my tongue fall relaxed from my mouth and leaned in for the third
time. It pressed into the groove between the thin cheeks of her hard
ass before I started to lick up. I felt her tiny wrinkled hard donut
spasm as I passed it, wishing I could give it the proper oral
attention it deserved.

Diana pressed her heels back into the bed and used that to leverage
herself up onto the middle of it. I groaned realizing that she was
further away from me.

"Come up here mother."

The command came as a blessing and I was not dainty when I scrambled
upon my queen-sized mattress. Diana motioned for me to come to her,
over her. In seconds I knelt above her, looking down and panting,
waiting, for her next command.

Diana's large strong hands grasped me ass and pulled me down to her, I
fell against her strong youthful body and lay there, our faces mere
centimetres from the other. She moved my hips till I felt her coarse
trimmed bush press into my inflamed naked loins. Then her hands came
up and she held my face between them - tenderly.

Our lips met and we kiss. It was a kiss of a slave and her mistress,
her dominating the touch, me drawing her in with my willingness to

The kiss became more aggressive, her tongue openly exploring my mouth,
our lips anxious. We hungered for each other, and I knew, then, that
she wanted me as much as I now wanted her.

Then Diana stopped and I starred at her, panting and drooling, as she
leaned in and took my bottom lip between her teeth. I felt her bit
down and the sharp pain of broken skin and then the bitter taste of
blood surprised me, but I never moved. She pulled back and looked me
firmly in the eye and said softly, "With this bite, I thee command."

It seemed rather comical, now, looking back. But then, at that very
moment, I understood and felt the need to reciprocate. I leaned in
and licked her lips, lengthwise, slowly. And with husky slow words,
"I am yours darling, I love you, I will always love you."

Diana surprised me by pulling me down against her roughly for a tight
hug - her arms wrapped possessively about me. It was one of the most
tenderest moments I've ever had. One that was cloudy by the erotic
nature of our surroundings and the drooling of our cunts.

As much as I enjoyed our embrace, I could not help but grind my hips
down onto hers. This brought our wet hot vagina's to press and wiggle
against the other. Diana never let me go but she moaned and sighed
with pleasure. I took this tantamount to opening the vault door.

Slowly, I began to grind my naked hot wet loins into Diana's wet hairy
pussy. Within seconds I was panting against my daughters shoulder and
as she groaned in pleasure.

Her hands pushed my face down and I knew what she wanted, and engulfed
her tiny very hard nipple. This, coupled with he grinding of our
loins, accelerated our pleasure. So much so that I was surprised with
joy at the passionate sounds my daughter was making - doing so,
because of my delivery.

I was Diana's slave, I've given myself to her willingly, anxiously.
To feel and hear her pleasure at my actions was music to submissive

I never wanted this, if you had asked me before today, but now that it
was thrust upon me, I knew I could not live with out it. Diana was
more than a daughter, she was my mistress. I would willingly fuck my
husband, if that is what she wants, I will give him pleasure that I've
only given other men. My husband never felt my lips about his cock,
or fucked my ass, or spanked me... I would do these things for him,
for my daughter.

Sherry was but a memory, the one that seduced a middle-aged housewife
and drew out her submissive heart. I loved that bitch, but Diana was
right, she probably never even liked me. I am certain that she could
not give her own husband the pleasures that he found with me - I've
seen the hateful jealousy in her eyes as he fucked me. Saying goodbye
to her was easy, now that I've found Diana. Or perhaps, more
accurately, she found me.

Diana was rapidly ascending that summit - her hands now grappling with
my round smooth ass, a finger frequently teasing my sensitive anus.

I was doing this now for her, this orgasm was for her not I. I am a
slave, a submissive, and the young woman beneath me was my mistress,
the one I love and adore. Even my pleasure was at her discretion, and
I knew Diana was wise enough to use it as both a reward and a

My teeth bit roughly into the tiny hard nipple just as I gauged her
orgasm to start - Diana screamed out in her found pleasure as her
passions won over the battle of her self-control.


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