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Archived Sex Stories

Awakening New Desires


Disclaimer: Under 18 - scram!

Author's Note: This story is dedicated to Kimberly Jolie, who may put up
a front that she's Miss Tough Girl, but I know deep down she's pure female
and very, very 'wet' inside. Enjoy your guilty pleasure. <g>

Awakening New Desires By JR Parz

I. (Angelina) Saturday Morning

The second angelina opened her eyes she pulled her fingers away from her
puffy, wet lips below and blushed. Every morning now for the past week she
woke with her fingers buried inside her pussy and she could smell her
juices permeate the air. Slowly, she slipped out of bed and walked naked
over to her full-length mirror. She could tell from the extra weight
tugging against her chest that her healthy boobs had grown again.

"Oh my, God!" She cried out in disbelief, "They're absolutely enormous!"
She added. Nervously, she brought her hands up to cup them... and started
caressing them with growing passion. She couldn't resist using her thumbs
to brush and tweak her hardened nipples and nearly came from her

Was it only two months ago when her breasts had been apple-sized at
best? They had steadily grown throughout the summer. In July, she had
needed a larger cup size bra and was amazed at how much more perkier and
shapelier they became. Then in August she was filling a 34'C-cup... and
now, this. She had to be two-cup sizes bigger!

Her eyes then drifted down to her hips and she turned slightly to check
out her ass. They looked rounder and firmer. She was turning into a
creature of erotic beauty... even her blemishes had disappeared! And when
did her hair turn so blonde and had it always fell down her back like
waves? To cap it all off, her 'pouty' lips looked thicker like the actress,
Jessica Alba.

She glanced over at her bedroom door and frowned. Her father still
hadn't put a lock on it and she didn't feel comfortable playing with
herself knowing that he could barge in unannounced. Reluctantly, she
forced her hands away and slipped on her bathrobe. Then like she had every
morning for this past week... she pranced down the hallway to the
bathroom... locked the bathroom door... turned on the shower...
positioned herself on the edge of the toilet seat... spread her legs out
wide... and proceeded to finger herself to one orgasm after another.

II. (Kim) Saturday Afternoon

Kimberly Jolie... 'Bad ass' biker girl... The living, breathing,
real-life version of 'Dark Angel'... rode her Harley Davidson west on the
Mass Turnpike towards home. She had just spent an incredible two months
down at the Cape and felt on top of the world.

As she rode, she was finding the combination of the motor's vibrations
against her crotch and the memory of Barry's tonguing, playing on her...
causing her to constantly fidget around on top of her seat. When she did
get home she'd have to do something about relieving her throbbing ache.

Kim was dressed in a navy blue silk tank top, outlining her plump 'B'
cup-sized breasts, and very tight black vinyl pants. She looked the
epitome of 'cool', projecting a 'biker' chick with a 'don't fuck with me'
attitude. Although she'd be the first one to admit that she wasn't
necessarily beautiful, she did come off as very, very sexy... and was one
hundred percent real.

She reflected on her summer with her new boyfriend and grinned. Barry
Sanderson was her latest 'boy toy' but this 'toy' she planned on keeping
for awhile. She had met him up at the Cape and wished that she could have
taken him home with her, but there was no way that her parents' would ever
allow that given she still had another year before graduating.

She thought about her friends; Jessica, Nicole, Kristen and Becky and
smiled. She'd be meeting them at the Grotto tomorrow evening to celebrate
her return... then she thought about her other friend, angelina Jennings.
She had befriended her last winter. angelina was a cute girl, with soft
green eyes... but was saddled with some serious low self-esteem issues.

III. (Jason) Saturday Afternoon

Jason looked out his second story bedroom window down at the sunbathing
beauty below him and grinned. Like practically every day this summer,
Angelina Jennings was working on her tan... and of course she looked
lovelier and lovelier. Right now, she was dressed in a skimpy two-piece
bikini that was blatantly too small on her.

He reflected on how fucking unbelievable this all was... wondering
exactly what it was that had turned him from 'ordinary' into a 'God'. Was
it sorcery or witchcraft? Maybe it was an Alien's Gift? Then he glanced
over at his computer and smirked, could there be a Master PC program on the
damn thing? What the hell was it? Maybe it was something altogether
different... something that hadn't been written before. Something
original... unique... something never ever posted before. Yeah, right!
Hell, it wasn't important 'how' he gained his extraordinary supernatural
powers... What was important was how he'd use them! And immediately he
envisioned himself fucking a whole slew of chicks!

When he gained the powers and the knowledge on how to use them... the
first thing he did was physically alter himself... and because he didn't
want to bring too much attention to himself, he made the more noticeable
changes take place gradually over the course of the whole summer. He
started by increasing his muscle mass... then his height... then enlarged
his more personal attributes. Now it was two months later and he was four
inches taller, possessed a hard muscular body showcasing a six-pack,
hypnotic ice blue eyes, and sported a long, thick cock.

He grinned, reflecting on the last time he 'fucked'... which also
happened to be the night he lost his virginity. His stepsister, Erica, had
been visiting from college. She had just completed her sophomore year and
instead of spending a whole month before returning, she had landed a
lifeguard position at a nearby park up there, so she's only be spending a

Erica was a cute girl with a very competitive personality... thanks to
obsession with sports. For the most part, they were total opposites and
rarely talked, but that was before he gained his new powers.

The first thing he decided to do was make Erica 'look' like the
lifeguards he used to see on the television show, 'Bay Watch'. As far as
he was concerned, Erica should look less the female jock and more the
'hottie'. So, he started by working on her body by turning her muscular
curves into softer, feminine curves... but because she had a job to
perform, he increased her stamina and her ability to hold her breath
underwater. He also gave her the physical strength of a man five times her
size and the instinct as to how and when to use her greater strength.

He remembered catching her coming out of the bathroom in just a pair of
bikini panties. She'd been so shocked to see him that she forgot to cover
her breasts. It was then that he decided to move along to the next step...
a boob job.

The next morning, Erica came downstairs in her bathrobe, blushing. Even
her robe couldn't hide her new attributes!

"Wow Erica! You've changed!" He exclaimed with a smile.

"I don't understand it! Something really, really strange is going on
and I can't stop it." Erica replied with embarrassment.

"Strange? I'd say they're improvements." He replied, looking straight
at Erica's chest.

"But what's happened to me is impossible!" She cried out in response,
still blushing.

"Who cares... As long as you look 'hot' is all that counts." He replied
with a smirk.

"How can my... ah... I must have grown two extra cups sizes

"Let me see." He replied, smiling.

"And it's just not my... ah... I've changed in other areas, too."

"Let me see." He asked again, this time louder.

"No way you pervert!" She shouted in a huff before getting up from the
table and exiting the kitchen.

He remembered laughing his ass off after she left. He had grown Erica's
breasts from an 'A' cup to nice round full 'C' cup sized boobs... and
reshaped her to look more voluptuous, rather than athletic. In fact, he
had made her look so fucking incredible that he started to get 'hard' every
time he looked at her! Erica must have caught on because she announced
that she was cutting her visit short.

On the evening before she was going to leave, he decided that she would
undergo some major changes in her attitude... about him... and about life
in general. First, he made her love her new look, making sure that the
sight of herself in a mirror got her horny. Then he flooded her with an
extra dose of vanity, to ensure her appearance became an obsession. Then
he dampened her sexual inhibitions and increased her overall sexual
appetite... while surfacing some latent attraction she felt towards her
own gender... and then, finally, he decided that it was time for him to
lose his virginity.

The tap at his door that evening was barely audible.

"It's open." He called out through the closed door.

"Hi Jason." Erica greeted him as she entered. She sounded nervous.

"Hi Sis... what's up?" He replied, loving how her new boobs thrust out
against the material of her 'teddy'.

"I... It's my last night and I... I thought that we... that I..." She
stammered, blushing.

"That we could do what?" He asked, interrupting her.

"I'm... ah... Do you think that we could... kiss?" Erica asked,
struggling with the words.

"Kiss? You mean a goodbye kiss?" He asked, trying to make this as
difficult as he could for her.

"Not that kind of kiss... a more... a... intimate kiss." She
whispered, blushing 'beet' red.

"Wait a minute! Are you saying you want to fuck me?!?" He asked, with
deliberate bluntness.

"I... I was hoping you wouldn't be so crude about it... I... I guess
if when we kissed that if we ended up making love, that would be alright,
too." She responded, barely audible.

"Have you forgotten we're brother and sister?" He asked, grinning.

"I... Not by blood... and besides... it isn't like I want your baby
or anything (Author's apology to Mr. Vargas). I just want to be with
you." She replied, sounding very unsure of herself.

"First... Strip." He replied, smiling.

Erica eyes lit up with shock... but then she crisscrossed her arms over
her 'teddy' and in one fluid motion she lifted her 'teddy' over the top of
her head and tossed it on the floor. Now, it was his turn to look shocked!
She wasn't wearing a bra... or panties... and her naked body was the most
beautiful body he'd ever seen!

"You're fucking beautiful! I had no idea! Damn, you're 'HOT'! Look at
those boobs!" He cried out, excited and admiring his work.

"I... I don't understand it but I... but I've changed so much... and
I'm so god damn horny that I... that I want to... I need you." She
stammered with embarrassment.

"Yeah, I can see that you've become a horny little slut."

"I... I'm horny but I'm not a slut." She whispered in defense.

"Not a slut? Ah... of course not. All step-sisters come into their
brother's room offering their body to them." He replied with a grin.

"I... Please... Please don't make this any more difficult than it
already is for me." She responded, sounding as if she was ready to cry.

"Okay Sis, sure, what is it you wanted me to do again?" He asked,

"Please... Kiss me." She whispered, turning beat red.

"You mean... fuck you... don't you?" He asked with a grin.

She lowered her eyes to the floor and nodded her head.

"Are you a virgin?" He asked, smiling.

"No. I... I've been with three other boys before you." Erica answered,

He remembered actually smelling her arousal at that moment and when he
had looked down at her pussy, he saw that she was dripping down the insides
of her thighs. "Have you ever done it, 'Doggy' style?"

"No. I... I always felt that was degrading." She whispered in

"Funny you say that... because after I get done with you tonight, it'll
be your favorite position. Now, get on the bed on all fours... thrust up
that pretty behind of yours and start wiggling it around and beg me to fuck
it." He replied in a low even voice.

Erica's face light up with alarm... but then... walked to the bed...
crawled to the middle... and assumed the appropriate position... adding a

"I can't hear you, Erica." He stated.

"Please Jason... Please fuck me. I... I need it so bad." She

"Louder and make it more convincing!" He commanded, raising his voice
and loving her humiliation.

"Oh fuck! Please... I'm so fucking hot inside my... Please Jason...
FUCK ME FROM BEHIND!" Erica cried out louder and louder.

"See? Now, was that so hard?" He replied with a smirk... then added.
"Now, turn your head towards me and gaze at what's about to conquer you."

He remembered how Erica moaned as he stripped off his clothes... and
when he released his enlarged cock from their confines, he chuckled at
hearing her gasp.

"I bet you never seen one this size before... Have you?" He declared,

"It won't fit!" Erica cried out, suddenly looking like she was

"Sure it will... I'll make it." He replied, moving on the bed and up
behind her.

The second he entered her, Erica's fear quickly turned to ecstasy...
and a few strokes later, she began screaming, "Fuck me harder!"

After their night of endless passion and multiple orgasms... Erica
begged him to let her stay with him. It was amazing... the little minx
was actually ready to forgo her lifeguard job to be his sex toy... but he
didn't take her up on her offer, patting her on the fanny, and sent her
along on her way. Even now, she still called him once a day, begging him
to allow her to visit him. She admitted that she had fucked every male
lifeguard on the staff and complained that not one of them measures up to
him... and when he suggested that she start experimenting with her own
sex, she responded that she already had.

After Erica left to go 'lifeguarding', his attention turned to the girl next door... angelina Jennings. Her and her father, who was rarely home,
moved into the house next to him. Although angelina was in his same
graduating class in school, they never really talked before. He also noted
that she was rather on the shy side... and with the exception of Kim, who
lived up the street, she really didn't have any friends. Kim was the
neighborhood 'bad ass' and could be a real bitch... and he smirked when he
thought about having his way with her. He was then disappointed to find
out that she was away for the summer... but then elated when this left
Angelina all by herself. She proved to be the perfect candidate.

Anyway, just like he had done with himself, he gradually transformed the
skinny, timid, slightly cute looking angelina into a walking, breathing,
work of erotic art. He started with her face... giving her a hypnotic
twinkle inside those emerald green eyes of hers... then enlarged her lips
to make her look like the actress who starred in Tomb Raider. Then he
added fifteen pounds to her 5'6" frame... and made sure the weight was
distributed in all the right places. He remembered re-sculpturing her
shape and increasing her bust size... giving her a 34B-24-35 figure. Then
he added more to her bust and finally decided to enhance her beauty yet
even more... transforming her into a 35DD-23-36!

And finally, a week ago yesterday, he played with Angelina's libido...
Thinking if she was going to be his girlfriend that she'd better start
being obsessed with sex. He made her light up like a firecracker anytime
anyone touched her... and increased her desire for both genders. All
girls could be turned on by other girls... it was a matter of seduction.
Then he decided that since he was done with her physical changes, that he
was ready to 'tag' her and make 'her' his.

IV. (Angelina) Saturday Afternoon

angelina had heard about girls metamorphosing into beautiful babes over
the course of a single summer, but these changes were straight out of some
sex fantasy! She remembered prior to her changes that she was rather shy
when it came to sex... in fact; Kim could make her blush from the mere
mention of the word! But now, she found herself constantly thinking about
sex and couldn't stop 'playing' with herself as a result.

She'd be starting her senior year in a few days and she had to admit
that she was nervous at how people would react to her. How much teasing
would she have to tolerate regarding her new enormous boobs? She'd never
been popular before but she could only imagine the buzz that would start
the second everyone saw her. Then she thought about Kim and wondered how
she'd react, too... and as she thought about Kim she felt all tingly. She
had missed Kim this past summer and really needed her... but she wasn't
sure if she wanted to confide in her or just make love to her. She felt
really confused at her new sexuality. Kim had a knack at handling every
situation with a calm, cool approach, and she just knew that Kim would have
the answer. Kim epitomized 'cool' and she just wished she'd hurry up and
get back from the Cape.

Then she reflected on her summer without Kim... realizing that the only
thing that saved her from total boredom was the fact that her father had
bought a house with a build-in pool... and a tall stockade fence.
Sunbathing, reading and ordering clothes over the Internet had become her
favorite pastimes... and with her ever-changing measurements it was a damn
good thing that she had saved her allowance over the years.

Suddenly, something caught her attention, prompting her to look up.
Jason! Her next door neighbor, was looking out from his bedroom window.
He smiled as he looked down at her and she blushed. She imagined he was
getting quite an eyeful having a clear view of her enlarged boobs...
especially since they spilled out over her skimpy bikini top. Then she
realized something felt different from the previous times she caught him
looking... This time she didn't move to cover her self up and allowed him
to look, enjoying the attention he was giving her body. With this new
boldness came not an altogether unpleasant sensation deep inside her pussy.

She groaned when she suddenly saw an image of him coming over and
fucking her... shocked that the thought of it aroused her more. She again
looked up at Jason and smiled, feeling a growing need to masturbate right
here in front of him... and slowly slid her hand down underneath her
skimpy bikini bottoms... and just as she was about to enter her
ever-so-wet folds, she saw her father! He was standing near the back patio
doorway! How embarrassing! Then she suddenly saw an image of herself
masturbating in front of him, too! This excited her... confused her...
and with a blush she pulled her hand away from her pussy! She then jumped
up out of her lounge chair and headed inside! As she passed her Father,
she mumbled "Hi Daddy." And without intending to, she felt her enlarged
boobs brush up against his chest... The mere contact with him sent a
powerful jolt of arousal through her, nearly making her lose her balance
and fall. 'Oh, God!' she thought to herself... and when she glanced down
at her Father's crotch, she saw that he was hard! Very hard!

She quickly rushed to her room, slammed her door, discarded her two
'piece', and hopped on her bed. Her boobs bounced and jiggled with her
every movement. Then taking a kneeling position, she used her left hand to
play with her boobs while her right hand 'entered' her wet folds below! No
longer did she care that her bedroom door didn't have a lock... No longer
did she care that her moans and groans carried outside her bedroom... All
she cared about now was relieving her burning constant throbbing.

V. (Jason) Sunday Afternoon

Jason was outside when he heard Kim Jolie's motorcycle... and
immediately he ran upstairs to his bedroom to get a better look. Moments
later, she rode up on her Harley, clad in her tight leather black pants and
red silky tank top. Her long brown hair fell half way down her back and
she looked downright sexy... but in scrutinizing her closer, he thought
that she might have gained a few pounds over the summer. Minutes after she
entered Angelina's house, he saw the two of them emerge from the back
patio. angelina was dressed in her usual attire... her skimpy two-piece
bikini... while Kim looked incredibly overdressed. As he looked down at
them, he suddenly got an idea... making him 'hard'.

VI. (Kim)

"You look absolutely incredible! I can't believe its you." Kim
proclaimed, as she stared at her friend.

"Thanks Kim... I'm kind of in awe of it myself." angelina replied,

"How did this happen? I mean... look at you! Your hair... your
boobs... everything!" She asked... seriously confused as to how it was

"I guess I underwent a growth spurt." angelina responded.

"A growth spurt? Are you kidding?!? I... You're beautiful... God,
I'm almost jealous." She responded... and in fact, was. Then quite
suddenly she became very self-conscious about her own appearance and wished
now that she hadn't gained so much weight over the summer.

"Maybe I should take up modeling, huh?" angelina suggested, still

"God, yes!" She replied... but then added. "Although, your boobs might
be too big."

"Yeah... I can't believe how big they've gotten." angelina responded...
and then did something that took her completely by surprise. angelina cupped them! "I measured them this morning and need a Double D cup... and
even then they'll be a snug fit."

Kim was absolutely mesmerized at how beautiful they looked and kept on

"You like them, don't you?" angelina asked in a whisper, smiling.

"Oh God, my bad. I'm sorry I was staring... it's... it's just that I
can't believe it." She stammered, embarrassed at how hard it was not to
stare at them. In fact, it was hard not to stare at all of her! Then she
blushed when she recognized what it was she was feeling, was arousal. This
didn't make sense to her... and as angelina continued to openly talk about
her new attributes, and continued to caress and cup her new attributes...
she couldn't help the increasing arousal heat up her pussy.

"What's wrong?" angelina asked, noticing a change in her demeanor...
not to mention the change in her breathing.

"I... Nothing... ah... I just need to get going." She mumbled,
feeling her strange new desires growing ever so strong. She remembered
indulging in a fantasy or two involving another girl before, but never had
the fantasy gone beyond... fantasy.

"But why did you have to go? You just got here." angelina pouted,
looking incredibly sexy as she did.

"Hey... It's 'all good'. I just wanted to say a quick hello and I'll
catch up with you tomorrow." She responded, trying to sound in control of
her emotions.

"But I really need to talk to you about something." angelina complained.

"I... I... Okay." She finally sighed, finding it incredibly difficult
to say 'no' to Angelina.

"Great! My father won't be home for a few hours so we won't be
interrupted." angelina responded.

"Okay." She replied, following angelina over to the lounge chairs.

"Hey, you want to go change into one of my bathing suits? I bet you're
hot in that outfit." angelina asked.

"That's alright... I really can't stay long." She responded, struggling
to maintain her composure. With every second that went by she found
herself becoming more and more aroused... and could actually feel herself

"I've changed." angelina finally announced, blushing.

"Like, duh." She replied, grinning. At that exact moment, angelina looked so fucking adorable that she had to fight back an overwhelming
desire to lean over and kiss her.

"No! I don't mean just physically." angelina responded, then added.
"I'm also... ah... you know... feeling very excited these days."

"Excited? Like being happy?" She asked, blushing at what angelina was

"Like being horny." angelina whispered, blushing. Then in a very soft
voice she added. "I... I masturbate about ten times a day."

"Ten times a day! Oh... Ah... You must enjoy it." She replied,
knowing she sounded stupid. This line of discussion was 'playing' on her
to the point where she was ready to explode!

"Yes... I do... and I can also tell when someone is attracted to me."
Angelina added, shyly.

"What?" She whispered in response, finding it hard to pay attention.
'Did she just hear her right?' She wondered to herself.

"Yes... I can tell when someone is sexually attracted to me and I know
for a fact... you are." angelina replied in a whisper. "And that's
alright because I'm attracted to you, too." She added.

Kim turned 'beet' red. This was getting way too strange for her and she
didn't know what to say.

"I'd like you to kiss me." angelina whispered.

"But... This... We're girls! How can we suddenly be attracted to each
other? It... It isn't possible! I'm not gay!" She argued... trying to
rationalize what is was she was feeling.

"You're fidgety... You're breathing hard... You can't take your eyes
off of me... and I can see your nipples poking through your tank top.
Hell, Kimmy... I can even smell you." angelina smirked.

"I never... I never this incredibly attracted to a guy before." She
responded with confusion.

"Kiss me." angelina again whispered... sounding sweet, innocent and
especially sexy.

"Are... are you sure?" She asked, nervously. "I mean... ah... this
is crazy."

"I'm sure." angelina replied, smiling.

Kim leaned over and kissed angelina on the lips, feeling an overwhelming
flood of pleasure... and a desperate 'need' for more. When angelina moved
her hand up to cup one of her breasts, giving it a playful squeeze, she
gasped, nearly ready to explode.

Quickly, Kim broke off the kiss and nearly fell out of her chair. She
struggled around to join angelina on her chair, crying, "That was

"I... I nearly came from kissing you!" She added, blushing, straddling
Angelina slightly below her hips. She had always thought if she was ever
going to 'do it' with another girl that she would be the passive one, and
not the aggressor. She was wrong.

"I want you to do everything to me." angelina responded, beaming up at
her. She could see that her friend was visibly excited, as her enormous boobs jiggling up and down with her every breath... and when she untied
her friend's bikini top, throwing it to the ground, she gasped at the size
of them! Then slowly, moved her head down to take one of her nipples
inside her mouth.

They groaned with increasing passion... and then literally attacked
each other with their uncontrollable 'need'.


As Kim hopped back on her bike to go home she felt weak and confused...
She had 'cum' harder with her experience with angelina than she had ever
'cum' before. How could this have happened? Never in her wildest
imagination did she ever think that this was possible. Nor had she thought
it possible that someone could physically change like angelina had! And to
think it was over a two-month time frame! She suddenly thought about Barry
and how his touches paled in comparison... and still couldn't believe how
intimate she got, knowing that she acted like a lesbian slut.

Well... At least she was still a virgin when it came to heterosexual
sex. Although, thanks to Barry, she had partook in a whole variety of
other sexual activities... but unlike with Barry, she had never felt so
out of control. In fact, if any guy had ever made her feel the way
Angelina had, then she would have lost her virginity.

She reflected on her sex with angelina and blushed. She might have
appeared to take the lead in their lovemaking, but she was fast realizing
that it was angelina who held the reins. She absently licked her lips,
remembering the taste of her friend, and felt an almost overwhelming desire
to turn around and go back to her. Thank God for her will power... at
least for the moment.

She was still amazed that she was the 'giver' and not the 'receiver',
but she'd never felt so 'hungry' for something before in her life... and
vividly remembered how much enjoyment she received from going down on her.
This was so confusing.

Thank God this was the night that she was meeting her friends at the
Grotto... feeling somewhat relieved that her mind would be on her other
friends. Then she thought about her bisexual friend, Becky, and wondered
if she should confide in her.

Then something occurred to her that she had never ever considered
before... and that was the fact that the Grotto was a well-known lesbian club. To her and her friends, it had only been a cool place for them to
hang... except Becky, of course. Had that life style simply rubbed off on
her? Both lesbians and bisexual women filled the Grotto. Had she loved to
hang out there because deep down below the surface she had always been a
lesbian? Wait a second! If anything, she was bisexual, remembering that
she got 'off' just fine with Barry... thank you very much. Yet, she still
wondered if angelina had simply awakened her to new desires that were
always there, simmering below the surface.

VII. (Jason) Sunday Night

'It worked!' Jason beamed. No sooner had he wished Kim and angelina to
start making love to one another, they started to kiss and fondle one
another! It had been incredible to see them make love outside! So
incredible in fact, that he ended up masturbating to their performance!
Now, however, it was his turn to 'have' angelina for himself and there was
no time like the present.

As he waited for his new love, he found himself reflecting on Kim. She
certainly didn't look like the tough 'biker girl' with her head buried
between Angelina's legs! He knew that Kim was used to being in control and
it was incredible to watch her highly aroused state render her into a pile
of nerve endings.

VIII. (Angelina) Sunday Night

angelina had felt saddened when Kim informed her that she wouldn't be
coming over. Kim told her she had already made plans to meet with some of
her other friends and that she'd see her tomorrow. Was Kim having second

She reflected on their lovemaking and still felt some tingling. Kim had
eagerly eaten her out and she still couldn't get over how many times she
'came'. Kim's tongue had been relentless and she wanted desperately to
experience these feelings again. Then she considered her own sexuality and
concluded that as much as she loved Kimmy's tongue... and caresses...
that she also found herself wanting a man to fuck. She just wished that
she wasn't attracted to her Father.

Then suddenly, almost on Q, she saw an image of Jason... realizing that
she'd love to spread her legs for him. She also wondered if Kimmy would
ever go for a threesome. She smiled, thinking of cock and knew she wasn't
a lesbian... maybe she was 'bi'... or simply that she was so fucking
horny that she didn't care who she fucked. Maybe she had turned into a
nymphomaniac with all her changes.

As she looked at herself in the mirror... still in awe of her enormous boobs and breathtaking ass, she saw an image of Jason again... but this
time she saw herself in his bedroom... on his bed... and spreading her
legs. Suddenly, she wanted to 'be' with him and headed for the door.

She was actually out the front door and half way across his front lawn
before she realized what she was doing! But before she lost her nerve and
turned around, she saw him... waiting for her by the doorway. How did he
know that she was coming over? What would she say to him? She climbed the
steps to his porch and saw that he was dressed in a pair of jean cutoffs...
and nothing else. She couldn't remember him looking so sexy and handsome
before and her attraction grew by the second. Had he been working out this
summer? When did he start sporting a 'six pack'? She stole a glance down
to his crotch area and...

"Hi Angelina." He said with a smile.

"Hi." She stammered, blushing. Had he caught her looking at his crotch?
"Why are you here?" Jason asked.

"I... I don't... ah... I wanted to see you."

"Wow... you look hot."

Her blush took on a deeper shade of red as she noticed him gaping at her
new boobs. Given they jiggled with every breath she took... never mind
every step... she thought that she'd better start getting used to the
attention they'd be receiving. "I kind of went through a transformation of
some sorts. " She finally stammered... then realized she wasn't the only

"Do you want to come up to my room?" Jason asked.

'Did she?' She asked herself. He was certainly direct. She looked
closely at Jason again and thought that he never looked cuter. What part
of the summer had he turned into a 'hunk'? He looked so much taller and
muscular. Then she glanced down at his crotch again and this time she
gasped. He was huge! She could see his hard-on bulging tight against the
crotch area of his jeans and without realizing it, she licked her lips. He
was cute... hard... and very big... and she was very, very horny.
"Sure." She whispered, blushing, and then followed him up to his bedroom.
She giggled at the thought that she was about to lose her virginity.

As soon as she entered Jason's bedroom, he closed and locked the door
behind him. She turned around and stared at him... never feeling so
anxious before in all her life... Not even with Kim made her feel this

"Strip." He commanded.

She quickly untied her bikini top, springing free her huge globes...

"Holy fuck! They're beautiful." Jason whispered, grinning.

His compliment pleased her and she beamed back at him as she untied her
bikini bottoms.

"God Angelina, you're breathtakingly. The most beautiful girl in the

"Thank you." She whispered... blushing. "I... I'm also very horny."

Jason quickly stripped off his cutoffs and now it was her turn to gasp.
He wasn't wearing underwear and his hard cock literally sprung up, pointing
straight up to the ceiling! He was fully erect and had to be nine inches
long! Jason immediately climbed on the bed and stretched out on his
back... then pointed at his monster with an ever-so cute grin. "Climb
aboard." He commented.

angelina quickly joined him... straddled him... and then slowly
lowered her 'wet', very anxious pussy over the head of his cock... and
impaled herself on it! She groaned, cried, whimpered, screamed, thrashed,
bounced up and down and basked in one orgasm after another.

IX. (Kim) Sunday Night/Early Monday Morning

Kim couldn't figure it out. What the hell was she doing standing out
here in the rain? Was she dreaming? This whole day was absolutely crazy!
She looked back at the entrance to the Grotto and wondered why the hell she
couldn't move.

She had been hanging out with all her friends when she suddenly felt a
compulsion to sneak outside... but why?

Then her cell phone rang.

"Yeah." She answered... sounding very normal despite her current state
of confusion. She wondered why she didn't start yelling for help but the
words wouldn't come.

"Where are you?" Her friend Jessica asked her.

"Oh... My bad... I... I met someone. I'll catch up with you guys later." She responded before cutting off her connection. Why did she say

"Hi." A voice suddenly greeted her from behind.

She twirled around to see... "Jason?" She asked, confused as all hell.
Something about him looked different... was he taller? He held an
umbrella over his head and smiled at her. "What the fuck is going on
here?" She asked with anger.

"Well... For one it looks like you are getting pretty wet. I bet you'd
love to go back inside, wouldn't you?"

"I would... I really should be inside, but... but something weird is
happening. I... I can't move." She replied... surprised that she was
admitting this to him. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh... I had a long talk with angelina Jennings earlier and she
confessed how much she misses you." He stated... grinning.

"What?" She asked.

"Yeah, she told me how much she misses your tongue."

Kim blushed... then started to get angry that angelina would share
their time together with Jason Sheffield... of all people. "Look Jason...
I don't know what would prompt angelina to confide in you but what happened
between me and her is none of your business." She replied.

"Come with me." He commanded.

She had no intention of following him... but suddenly she saw that she
was putting one foot in front of the other and doing exactly what he told
her. 'This is crazy!' she screamed at herself, desperately looking back at
the 'Grotto' in hopes that her friends had come out looking for her.

She wanted to scream... shout... anything, but all she did was follow
closely behind him. As she turned the corner she saw a limousine parked
along the side of the road and this confused her even more. A chauffeur
suddenly emerged from the limo and opened the back door for them...
strangely enough; she was worried about getting the seat wet as she slid
her 'soaked' black leather fanny across the backseat. Jason then slipped
in across from her.

"Did you hypnotize me?" She asked... surprised that she could talk

"No." He replied, grinning.

"Then what? Did you drug me somehow?" She asked, searching for a
reasonable explanation. It was then when she suddenly realized how 'good
looking' he'd become. She remembered Angelina's physical transformation
and wondered if it was more than a coincidence that they both had changed.

"You are like this because I willed it... but that's not important at
the moment. I'm really confused about something... Why do you and your
friends hang out at a dyke bar?" He asked, smiling.

"They aren't dykes... They're lesbians. And the atmosphere here
enables us to avoid assholes like you." She replied with venom.

"Oh... Are you insinuating that you aren't one of them?" He chuckled.

"Look asshole... I'd be proud to be a lesbian, but I'd be lying if I
said I was one." She responded.

"Then what do you call what you and angelina did?"

"I... that was a mistake. It won't happen again. I... I was just
curious and now I'm not." She replied, quietly.

"You mean 'bi-curious'?"

"Yes." She whispered with a blush.

"Did you know that Jessica's bi-curious, too?" Jason asked.

"Huh? No way." She replied.

"Yep, she sure is and further more she has a crush on you." Jason added,

"You're crazy." She responded in disbelief.

"I know for a fact that she'd love to go down on you." Jason stated with
a smirk.

"Fuck you! She's not a lesbian and neither am I!"

"I agree that you aren't lesbians... but you are bisexual. In your
case you turned 'bi' this morning... and Jessica's new awakening happened
a few seconds ago."

"I... I don't believe you." She responded.

"Oh, puleeezzzeeee. You were checking out every lipstick lesbian in the

Kim blushed... Knowing she had. "I... This can't be happening." She
mumbled, confused.

"Oh, it's happening... and you'll be interested in knowing that what
you and angelina did earlier is only the beginning... and not only is
Jessica 'bi', but I've also placed those feelings inside Nicole and Becky,

"Becky's already 'bi'!" She exclaimed, stunned.

"Oops... I guess that would make her pure lesbian, now."

"I don't believe any of this." She responded.

"Yes you do... and I've also surfaced another one of your latent
traits." Jason replied, adding. "Something that you've secretly hidden ever since you reached puberty."

"What? What are you talking about?" She asked... feeling afraid for
the first time.

"I'll allow you do discover that all by yourself."

"Why are you doing this?"

"You know, every time one of us mind controllers get that question we
get really pissed off... Now, what's the answer we all give... oh yeah...
because I can."

"Where are we going?"

"Like I said... angelina misses you."

"What are you going to do to me?" She asked.

"I'm going to allow you to enjoy life to it's fullest... now... you'd
better take off those wet clothes you're wearing."

"Huh? No fucking way." She replied, shocked that he would even suggest
such a thing.

"What's a matter... feeling slightly self-conscious about that added
weight you gained?"

"Fuck you!"

"In due time but for now, strip." He instructed again.

"No." She replied.

"I see you need a little prodding."

Then suddenly, without any volition on her part, she started to unbutton
her wet blue shirt and stripped it off. Then she reached back and
unsnapped her black bra, releasing her plump breasts. She blushed at
seeing Jason grin. Then she unsnapped her wet leather pants and worked
them down past her ample ass and thick thighs... She blushed 'beet' red when he saw that she was wearing boxers. She then slid those down and
kicked them loose.

"Boxers?" Jason asked looking confused.

"They're comfortable." She whispered... covering her groin area with
her hands. Normally, she was very comfortable in her nudity but as much as
she hated to admit it, Jason was right... She was feeling self-conscious
about the extra weight she gained.

"I think you'd look much sexier wearing thong or bikini panties." Jason

"I hate thongs."

"Oh really? Well, from now on you'll wear thong panties or go naked."
Jason responded with a smirk.

Kim blushed and wondered if she would be held to that command.

"Take your hand away from your pussy." Jason stated.

Despite her intentions to do otherwise, she complied, moving her hand

"You're shaven." He commented, grinning.

She continued to blush and nodded. Only recently had she gone to
keeping herself smooth shaven down there.

"Why did you shave yourself?"

"Because I think it makes me look sexy." She replied, blushing even more
for being forced to admit the truth.

"Sexy for who?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Barry." She responded with a whisper.

"Barry? Who the hell is Barry?"

"My boyfriend."

"Your boyfriend? Oh no... that won't 'do'... not anymore. Starting
right now you no longer feel any sexual desire for this Barry... In fact,
you no longer feel anything for him, understand?" Jason stated.

She nodded her head with downcast eyes.

"Spread your legs." Jason commanded.

"What are you going to do to me?" She asked... turning 'beet' red with

"I bet you have a camel toe when you wear your tight leather, don't
you?" Jason asked, snickering. "Anyway, my short term plans for you is to
take you back to my house where angelina is waiting for you. She really
does miss you. Long term... I'm going to fuck you."

"But that would be rape." She responded, ignoring the part about

"Not when you'll be begging me."

"Never!" She snapped.

"We'll see." He responded, grinning.

The limo finally came to a stop in front of Jason's house.

"Follow me." Jason commanded.

"Like this?" She asked, gesturing at her naked body.

"Yeah... like that." He replied with a smirk.

As commanded, she got out of the car and followed him into his house.
Thank God it was late otherwise someone might have seen her... and when
she walked through the door to his house, she started to feel something she
hadn't felt all night... arousal. Was the fact that she was about to see
Angelina, making her feel this way... or was she suddenly finding Jason

X. (Kimmy) Monday, Labor Day morning

Kimmy woke with a start... then quickly looked around and saw that she
was inside her bedroom. "Was it all a dream?" She asked herself as she
slipped out of bed. She tried remembering what happened last night and
couldn't... She also blushed when she saw that she was naked, feeling the
weight of her huge boobs bouncing up and down. How come she never noticed
them moving around on her chest like this before? Something wasn't quite
right... but what? She started to take inventory... Long blonde hair
that tickled her very shapely rounded ass... Huge, beautiful boobs that
would easily fill a 'D' cup... if she wore a bra. She beamed at checking
out her ever so incredibly voluptuous body... and of course, her
trademark... a small diamond patch of blonde pubic hair right above her
swollen vulva, proving she was a natural blonde.

So, she wondered... What was different about her?

Then it 'hit' her so hard she nearly feinted. "Oh my, God!" She cried
out... and then ran over to her dresser bureau, which really did a number
on her new boobs! She picked up an old picture of herself and stared at it
with amazement. In the picture she had long BROWN hair that fell to the
small of her back. She grabbed her blonde hair and looked at it in
disbelief. In the picture she had small tits... at least compared to the
huge melons that thrust out of her chest now! She rushed back over to her
full-length mirror to gaze at herself again and thought that she looked
like a blonde barbie doll.

Slowly, she moved her hands down along the contours of her new shape and
nearly swooned when her right hand found her moist slit below... She was
throbbing! Then she started rubbing her hardening nipples with her left
hand... and her knees nearly buckled. Quickly, she moved over to her bed.
Now, she understood what happened to Angelina... and then something
occurred to her. How would she explain her new look to her family and
friends? She closed her eyes when she felt a shiver of pleasure shoot
throughout her body... and it was then that she suddenly saw an image of
Jason! His mere image heated her up even more than she already was...
'Oh, God' she whimpered, feeling her unbearable 'need' overwhelm her. She
wanted to fuck! She wanted to fuck Jason!

Then she remembered everything from last night... She remembered how
Angelina was waiting for them when they entered his bedroom... She
remembered how angelina took a towel and dried her down much like an owner
drying a pet... and instead of the memory disturbing her, it only made her
more excited. She then remembered her and angelina making love throughout
the night and smiled when she remembered angelina eating her out while she
basked in orgasm. She also remembered Jason thrusting into angelina from
behind... and how she wished it were her Jason was fucking and not

Suddenly, her cell rang.

"Hello." She answered, blushing that she was answering the phone with
one hand while she continued to play with herself with the other.

"Hi Kimmy." A deep voice greeted her. She knew from the clenching of
her pussy muscles that it was Jason. "I bet you have your fingers buried
inside your pussy this very moment, don't you?"

"Yessss." She admitted with a blush.

"Well, stop masturbating and hurry up over here." Jason commanded.

What did you do to me?" She asked, taking her sticky fingers from her
throbbing pussy.

"You mean the new you? Oh... ah... I'll explain everything when you
get here. Just hurry." Jason replied before disconnecting the line.

The desire to go to Jason overwhelmed her and she quickly got out of
bed. She reached down, picked up the leather pants from last night, and
started to slip them on. She would have preferred taking a shower. Her
pants felt loose around her waist and hips but still tight in the seat.
She then slipped on a tee shirt and headed for the door.

On the way out of her house she saw her younger sister... and it struck
her strange that they resembled each other more now more so than before.
Her younger sister had always been the princess of the family and that used
to bother her, but now it appeared that there would be two princesses in
the family.

She immediately went to her garage to hop on her Harley but when she
looked at it... something confused her. 'How the hell do I ride it?' She
asked herself. For the life of her she couldn't figure it out. It was
like she had lost all knowledge of bike riding. How dare him! She started
to jog up the street towards Jason's house and wished her boobs wouldn't
bounce around as much as they did.

When she got to Jason's house, the door was closed. Something prevented
her from knocking and she was getting even more pissed knowing that he had
somehow programmed this into her. She wished she could leave, but instead
she stood outside waiting for him to answer the door. She felt like a
stalker. This was crazy! How was Jason doing all of this?

Then the door opened up and there he stood... Damn, he looked 'fine'.
Finer than she ever remembered him looking... Her whole body pitched
forward and her boobs suddenly felt tight. Intense arousal flooded her
every crevice and she wondered what it was about him that held her so
spellbound? Why was the very sight of him making her fel so horny? She
felt weak, ever so 'wet'... and wished that he'd 'take' her right here on
the porch!

"You're late." He stated... matter of fact like...ignoring her
discomfort from her arousal.

The comment pissed her off. Who the hell did he think he was to treat
her like this!?! But instead of saying anything, she stammered. "I...
I'm sorry." with downcast eyes.

"What? No Harley?" He asked.

"I... I can't ride anymore. I... I ran instead. As fast as I could."
"You must have been quite a sight with those new boobs of yours." Jason
replied, chuckling.

"Can I come in?" She asked, ignoring his comment.

He nodded and opened the door wide for her to pass. "Sure... but
before you go any further I want you to strip."

"Strip?" She asked.

"Yes, strip." He replied.

"But your Mom." She whispered, hoping he'd just take her up to his room.

"Look... My mom is no concern of yours and I'm not going to tell you
again. Either you strip now or leave." Jason replied... looking at her
with impatience.

'Leave' she thought to herself. The mere thought of leaving sent
shivers of fear down her spine... so, she quickly reached down and
stripped off her tee shirt... letting it drop to the floor. She knew that
Jason was responsible for her new boobs and she felt a pleasant tingling
from the fact that he was admiring them. She then peeled down her leather
pants and stepped out of them... Now, naked before him.

"Where are your boxers?" He asked with a chuckle.

"I don't wear boxers anymore." She whispered with a blush. Her answer
had come automatically knowing that since she didn't own thongs, she didn't
have a choice.

"Oh." He responded, toying with her. "And look at that cute patch of
blonde hair." He added with a smirk.

She blushed knowing that this was his doing, too. He had turned her
into the very thing that she despised.

"Follow me." He stated and headed towards the living room.

She hoped that he was taking her upstairs but that was not the case.

XI. (Angelina) Monday, Labor Day morning

angelina walked downstairs into the living room, beaming.

"Good morning, Angelina... I brought Kimmy over to train you on how to
give good 'head'." Jason commented. "That's right, Kimmy, you told me a
whole bunch of stuff that you don't remember. Your strengths... your
weaknesses... even all the stuff you hate. Anyway, it was then that you
told me how good you are at giving great blow jobs."

angelina was stunned! How could this blonde goddess before her be her
friend? She blushed when she saw the new Kimmy drop down to her knees
before Jason. Jason was treating her like a 'pleasure slave' and the scene
was incredibly arousing. She certainly couldn't imagine the old Kim
putting up with this treatment, remembering how the old Kim used to display
an S&M whip in the back window of her old black Chevy. She doubted
seriously that the new Kimmy could even bring herself to pick up a whip,
never mind use it.

XII. (Jason) Monday Labor Day morning

'This was incredible!' he thought to himself, looking down at his newly
transformed piece of ass. Kimbery Jolie eagerly licked around his shaft
before mouthing his crown. He smiled and had to admit that she was very
good at this... and he would make sure to reward her. He then glanced
over at Angelina, who paid close attention. He was pleased that angelina would now have a reference point.

Jason still found what he did to Kim amusing, transforming her into the
very thing she despised. Not only did she look like a 'hot' 'Barbie' girl on the outside, she would also be forced to act like one, too... yet all
the while she did, she would still be 'herself' below the surface.
According to Kim, girls that looked like she looked now, were all phonies.
Well, now Kim was the phoniest of all.

Kim had spilled her guts on a lot of things last night and one was her
secret desire to have bigger boobs... although she might not have wanted
them as big as he made them. He then turned her brown hair blonde and grew
it down to her butt and finally, he added a blonde diamond patch to her
shaven 'V'. Yes 'sirree'... She'd still be all Kim on the inside but very
much a blonde Barbie doll on the outside.

He also discovered something that Kim wouldn't admit willingly... and
that was the fact that her 'leader of the pack' personality was simply a
'front'. Deep, deep down she was a true submissive. Yep, a very docile
girlie-girl... that would have loved for someone to dominate her. So, the
least he could do for her was to enhance her looks, enlarge a few of her
attributes, and make it where she would no longer sexually differentiate
between the genders. This would make it downright impossible for her to
disobey any guy or girl and he could only imagine how she'd respond to this
inside that pretty head of hers. Yep, the so-called 'bad ass' biker
persona would still be there but no longer able to surface. Maybe... just
maybe... he'd surface it from time to time for laughs.

"Make sure you swallow every drop." He stated, petting Kim on top of her
head. He could see her shudder; knowing that by tapping her he had just
made her cum. She moaned, slurped, looked up at him, nodded, and continued
to 'bob' her head.

He looked over at angelina again and saw her masturbating... and this
gave him an idea as to how to reward Kim. "Come over here, Angelina."

angelina reluctantly took her fingers out of her pussy and quickly
complied. She licked her fingers on the way.

"Slide down underneath Kimmy and service her pussy... I bet she's
dripping down there and she deserves a good strong cum for training you."

Jason saw Kim beaming up at him with happiness... then lift her rump in
order for angelina to slide underneath her and then settle her pussy back
down again... and a mere second later she groaned from Angelina's

"Everyone gets to cum when I do." He declared, and moments later he shot
his load down Kim's throat. It was hilarious to see Kim try to swallow every drop while in the throes of her own orgasm... and further hilarious
to see angelina shuddering underneath her, face covered in Kim's cum. Her
tongue had done its job.

XIII. (Kimmy) Monday Labor Day morning

Kimmy had never felt so much pleasure in all her life! And never had
she desired to suck cock more than she wanted to suck Jason's! And when
Angelina covered her mouth with her drenched pussy and stabbed her clit,
she nearly passed out from the intensity of it. Then to top it all off,
she never enjoyed the taste of male sperm as much as she did Jason's.

"Go upstairs and take a shower, Kimmy." Jason commanded.

Slowly, on wobbly legs, she lifted herself up off Angelina's mouth...
and smiled down at her friend. Her cum smeared her friend's face. She
made her way upstairs, enjoying the pleasant tingling.

As she used the soap to lather her body, she reflected on her new
position in life. She was starting to recognize her 'submissiveness' and
blushed at how powerfully pleasurable it felt whenever she complied. The
thought that she was nothing more than Jason's sex slave appealed to her
dark side and the thought of being Angelina's sex slave did, too. What was
happening to her?

XIV. (Angelina) Monday Labor Day morning

angelina had finally recovered enough to pick herself up off the floor.
Kim had already gone upstairs to take a shower and now she had Jason all to
herself. She walked over to the couch to join him.

"Did you enjoy that?" He asked her, grinning.

"Yes." She blushed, nodding her head. Her boobs jiggled.

"Look Angelina... I couldn't wait for you to become a great
'cocksucker' on your own so now through my powers and what you witnessed
from Kimmy, you now possess her skills."

"Thank... Thank you." She blushed even more.

"Now, as far as you and Kimmy's relationship goes, this is what I've
decided. You are both my girlfriends and will openly admit as such in
school. This means you'll share me and never fuck another guy for as long
as you're with me. It also means that we'll have plenty of threesomes."
Jason stated.

angelina beamed with pleasure from what she was hearing.

"In addition, you and Kimmy can fuck anytime you want. Kimmy is very
much attracted to you, as you her, but your intimate relationship is very
much up to you." Jason stated.

"What do you mean?" She responded, confused.

"Kimmy is a now a true 'sub', which means she doesn't have the ability
to initiate and make advances regarding sex. Quite simply, she's now too
shy which means you hold the reins on her."

"Does she know this?" She asked.

"She probably suspects it."

"Can I ask why you've done all this?"

"You were both in the right place at the right time. Location and
timing can be everything... and now you'll both have incredible sex for
the rest of your lives." Jason replied, smiling.

"What if I like another girl?"

"You little minx, you... Just let me know who the girl is and she'll be
eagerly begging to lick you in no time.

XV. (Jason) Monday (Labor Day) Afternoon

Jason smiled as he walked back from Angelina's house... He just had a
very productive discussion with her father and now it would be easier for
her to come and go as she pleased... or more accurately, as he pleased.
Originally, he was going to eliminate the attraction angelina felt towards
her father but then decided to leave it in place. There was something
perversely exciting about a daughter having those thoughts about her father and since there was no law against thoughts, so 'be' it.

Now, he wanted to add to his collection and wondered who to choose from.
There were so many beautiful girls and he wondered where to start. Every
one of them would be available to him whether they wanted to or not... All
he had to do was wish it and sexual desire would consume them. All he had
to do was wish it and he could alter them physically. He thought about the
various girls in school that might interest him and Carla came to mind.
She was the school's head cheerleader, stuck up and flaunting her beauty
like she was a beauty queen. He smiled... She would do, perfectly.

XVI. Epilogue... (Kimmy) Monday Labor Day Evening

Kimmy sat on her bed, sulking... at least on the outside... inside she
was seething. Tomorrow was the first day of school and she didn't have a
single thing to wear... Oh how this behavior went totally against her
grain, but outwardly, she couldn't stop it... this new personality was
outright frustrating. She knew that her new urges would force her to go
shopping tomorrow because she simply needed a new wardrobe. Why did she
own so many dark clothes? And what was with all these leather and vinyl
pants? She only owned one lone dress and it wasn't even pink! Plus, she'd
have to go naked underneath the dress because she didn't own any thong
panties. She steamed at the thought that she was hoping that the store
sold pink thongs!

Another thing that concerned her was having enough money. She had
pretty much spent all her money on her vacation and she wondered if she
should ask her sister to loan her some. She reflected on her younger
sister and smiled. No matter what she thought, inside, she knew that she
couldn't be anything but sweet to her on the outside. She remembered Jason
commenting on how her sister had grown to be quite a 'hottie'. She
immediately felt very protective of her and feared what he might have in
mind... but then he floored her when he told her that the author of this
story forbade him to go near her. She was completely baffled as to what he
was talking about but his words soothed her nonetheless.

Suddenly, her cell rang.

"Hello." She answered. She blushed at how timed and sweet she sounded.

"Kim?" Jessica asked.

"Yes." She whispered.

"You sound different."

She remembered what Jason had told her regarding Jessica... and the
fact that she had a crush on her. Suddenly, she could feel herself
becoming aroused. "It's me, Kimmy." She replied.

"Kimmy? Anyway, I need to see you." Jessica stated.

"Do you want to come over?" She asked, feeling her arousal start to lick
at her.

"Yes... I... I'd like that. I'll see you in ten minutes." Jessica
mumbled and then ended their connection.

Kimmy suddenly saw an image of Jessica spread eagle on her bed and
pointing at her pussy, whispering 'lick me'. Then she saw herself crawling
between her legs and doing just that... the image was making her 'wet'.

Suddenly, she started to punch in some numbers on her cell phone.

"Hello." Jason answered the phone.

"Hi Jason... it's Kimmy."

"Hi Kimmy... what do we owe this pleasure?" Jason asked her, chuckling.

"We?" Kim asked, confused.

"Your girl friend is with me... and applying what she learned from
you." Jason replied.

Kim could hear the slurping in the background and blushed. Then
suddenly she felt saddened that she wasn't there with them. Then she
remembered why she called. "I... Jessica is coming over... and I was
wondering if you wouldn't mind if we made love." She whispered, blushing
even more. She was pissed that she now needed his permission.

"Certainly, dear... and I appreciate you calling to ask." Jason

Despite knowing that Jason had forced her to call in the first place did
nothing to diminish the intense pleasure she felt from pleasing him. After
she hung up with Jason, she looked at herself in the mirror. She was
wearing a 'teddy' that accentuated her very curvaceous body and noticed
that her nipples were poking hard against the cotton material. Of course,
she was completely naked underneath. Suddenly, her door opened up and in
walked Jessica. She looked breath taking.

"Hi Kim." Jessica smiled walking up to her.

She remembered Jason telling her that as far as everyone else was
concerned, all her physical changes took place while she was at the Cape.

"Hi Jessie." She finally replied.

"I... I have a confession to make." Jessica softly stated.

Kimmy knew what the confession was felt herself leaking as a result.

"I have a crush on you." Jessica finally blurted out.

She could tell that Jessie was embarrassed at these new feelings and she
wanted to reassure her that everything was all right.

"I want to make love to you." Jessica finally added.

Kimmy nearly came from this declaration alone... and then watched as
Jessica walked back to the door, locked it, and then led her over to the
bed. Jessica's eyes lit up when she saw that she was naked underneath her
'teddy' and even more pleased when she discovered that she was already

XVII. (Epilogue II)... (Kimmy) Tuesday Evening

Kimmy felt both nervous and excited as she walked over to Jason's house.
She and angelina had just gotten back from the mall and she was wearing her
brand new pink dress. Jason made it a point to tell angelina to stay home
and send her over alone. She wondered with anticipation whether tonight
was the night that she would lose her virginity.

Jason was waiting for her on his front porch steps and smiling. She
knew that she looked the epitome of beautiful... especially in her pink

"You're breathtaking." He whispered, making her pirouette for him.
"What else you wearing?" He asked, smiling.

Without saying a word she raised up her dress to show him her matching
pink thongs. The look on his face nearly made her cum.

Jason opened her arms and she rushed into them. The part of her that
rebelled against her new existence also felt the searing heat from what was
about to happen.

Jason led her over against the railing of the porch and bent her over...
she could feel her unrestrained breasts pitching against the material of
her dress. It wouldn't take much for them to spill over the top. Then she
felt Jason's hand move up inside her dress and slide lightly over her thong
panties... she nearly creamed in then, too!

"Remember what I said about us eventually fucking and how you'd be
begging me for it?"

"Yessss." She stammered, feeling her 'need' leaking down her legs.

"You called what I'd be doing 'rape'... but I said it wouldn't be rape
because you'd be begging me for it."

Kimmy whimpered and groaned, feeling so incredibly hot for it that she
could taste it... and when she felt the 'head' of Jason's cock nudge up
against her wet slit below, she gasped... and tried wiggling her pussy down on top of it. But Jason was ready for her and wouldn't allow it.

"Now dear... beg me to fuck you. Beg me real loud. I want the whole
world to hear you." Jason whispered into her ear.

The end.

My aim here with this story was to arouse, tease, arouse, tease, and
make Kim laugh and get 'wet'. Not to mention pleasure the rest of the
population. I trust I was successful. E-mail me your thoughts.


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