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BAKERXXX sucked her right nipple His


<xmp>Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18.
Go away kids, shoo. Come back when you're old enough.
And stay away from my lawn.
The Baker's Wager

by Alexi92
The time came when the Duke's youngest daughter was
old enough to be married. Suitors came from far and wide to
court her. Although her station was of benefit, her beauty
was renowned throughout the four lands. But when the
suitors arrived at the Duke's estates they were informed
that the Duke's daughter was already in love with another
and turned away. The suitors, being reasonably honorable
acknowledged their defeat. On their way home wondered who
had stolen the beautiful lass' heart.

But everyone from the area knew it was the baker.

After becoming a baker, Ryn had made deliveries to
the Duke's house. A case of mistaken identities introduced
him to Lacia, and subsequent meetings led to them to fall
in love.

Everyone knew that the only reason the Duke's
youngest child bought bread herself rather than send a
servant was to create a pretense to see her beloved. The
whole thing turned out to be terribly romantic, even after
it got exposed. Ryn and Lacia were in love, and for some
reason that made everyone from the village happy.

But not the Council of Elders, the controllers of
commerce in the Countries of Nodi. They insisted that the
daughter of a duke, a political resource, couldn't marry a
baker. The Duke, who had never been one for politics, saw
that his daughter was happy and gave his blessing to the
affair. And when Ryn asked for Lacia's hand marriage the
Duke was happy to say ",Sure kid, whatever."

The only problem was the honeymoon. The Council of
Elders had used their influence to keep the newlyweds from
enjoying their week long festival of love making. Inn
keepers of all the lands prevented the two from reserving
rooms in their establishments, kings and dukes barred the
lovers from staying on their lands, even businesses in
their own village couldn't help them.

If the council couldn't keep the two from wedded
bliss at the very least they would make the first week
unpleasant. The council was very fickle that way, a result
from their ebbing power over the governments.

Fortunately Ryn's uncle had long since past away,
leaving a small estate to his younger brother, Ryn's
father. Ryn's father had never seen a need to use the
place, except for the occasional summer visit, and had no
problem letting his son use it for the honeymoon.

So it was that Ryn and his new wife Lacia, third
daughter to the Duke Shawn of Tenk, were riding on
horseback, still in their wedding fineries, to the estate's
castle, a day's ride from the village.

The couple paused to rest at a clearing more than
halfway to their final destination. The clearing in the
forest was perfect, empty and with large stones to sit
upon. Ryn watched Lacia toss her long golden locks over her
shoulder while she giggled merrily.

"So this is what it is like to be a baker's wife?"

"Yes, can you not feel the love?" Ryn deadpanned.

Lacia let her hand rest upon Ryn's crotch, the
manhood within beginning to stir. "Among other things,

"Then let me see my love's most beautiful breasts."

Lacia giggled again. She pulled the top of her white
wedding dress down to reveal two exquisite breasts, firm in
their beauty. Ryn bent over to kiss one...

The forest disappeared around them to be replaced by
a room of stone walls.

Ryn couldn't move. He was stuck, bent over, lips
ready to kiss Lacia's exposed breast. The desirous object
was just within his reach but he could do nothing to finish
the smooch with his wife's bosom.

Lacia remained immobile as well. It was
disconcerting, having her husband's head hovering over her
chest. She longed to feel his lips on her nipple but he was
just as frozen as she.

Two figures appeared in the room out of the air.
Ryn's position prevented him from seeing anything but his
wife's breast but Lacia saw the two clearly.

"I am Mala the Sorceress and this is my associate
Zola the wizard."

They were a man and a woman, the man looking ever so
old and the woman ever so young. The old man's long gray beard
matched his hair, unkempt and plentiful. He wore a long
flowing robe with the recognized symbol of a wizard sewed to
the sleeve. The woman's dress was much more revealing, her
chest was bound by a strip of black leather which caused
her large breasts to bulge around the tight covering. Aside
from that the woman wore a back leather thong so tight that
it outlined its contents and a pair of heeled
boots which reached up to her thighs. The woman's thin
beautiful face was in a scowl as her raven-black hair
flowed over her shoulder.

"For God's sake Zola," said the raven-haired woman
",let the man lick his wife's tit for one last time."

Zola snapped his fingers and Ryn's head flung forward
into Lacia's chest. He gave the breast a long
impassioned kiss, the woman's words sending a chill down
his spine. " last time."

Zola snapped his fingers again and Lacia was gone,
whisked away by some invisible force.

Ryn turned to the two strangers, outraged. "What have you
done for my wife?"

"That is no concern of yours," said Mala. "She is
ours now."

"She is mine," Ryn said firmly.

"Not anymore," Mala smiled. "We'll be keeping her now
as our toy. There's really nothing you can do about it,
we're too powerful for you to even comprehend. Goodbye."

Zola prepared to snap his fingers.

"Please! No!"

Zola's fingers froze. Ryn saw it as his opportunity.

"My wife," Ryn stammered. "Please don't take her. I
love her."

*Really?* said a loud booming voice intrigued. It
took Ryn a moment to realized he hadn't heard the voice,
but that it had appeared in his head. The wizard was
talking with his mind.

*So...* the wizard's mental voice continued *,would
you be willing to enter a contest to win back your wife.*

"Anything, just give her back to me."

"Zola be rid of him," Mala said irritated. Ryn
noticed that her tone was more pleading than demanding,
obviously the wizard was the more powerful of the two, or
at the very least had some hold over the sultry sorceress.

*I have use of him,* Zola's mind declared. Mala
vanished, from the look on her face it obviously wasn't her

*Young husband, you love your wife?* The wizard's
face was perfectly still, devoid of any emotion. The effect
was unsettling.

"More than my own life, sir."

*And she loves you?*

"For what other reason would a Duke's daughter marry
a simple baker."

*Indeed. And you no doubt are overcome by her beauty.
I must admit that it is quite impressive, even for a lady
of noble birth.*

"I beseech you sir, return her to me."

*I do not wish to. I would prefer to sample her
delights for myself. You have fucked her have you not?*

Ryn had never heard the act in such a frank vulgar
term, but he knew instantly what it meant. "Aye, earlier

*No, no. I do not wish to know the details. Be happy
that you have fucked her. Go on your way and find some new
conquest. I shall keep the lady as my own slave.*


*Dear God, is that a tear?*

A quick touch to his eyes told Ryn that Zola spoke
true. Damn! Such displays of weakness wouldn't do well in
this situation. But damn it, he couldn't help it, the
feelings of impending loss were too great. Ryn wished he
could be more like the knights in the Duke's retainer, but
Ryn was naught but a skinny baker.

*That's so... so... different. You must really love her
then. All right, I shall engage you in the contest I spoke
of earlier. If you can win I shall return you and your lady
from whence you came. But should I emerge the victor I will
keep your wife as my toy, to do with as I please.*

The thought of his beloved Lacia with another man
revolted Ryn. And the thought of her helpless to do
anything but submit as it happened doubly so. Such a
contest had to be refused.

Zola seemed to read the baker's thoughts. *If you
don't play I shall take her as my toy nevertheless.*

"Then I must accept."

*Smart lad.*

Zola raised his arms in a grand gesture of magical
display. Ryn could feel his body lifting off the ground. A quick
look down confirmed it, he was floating over the floor, but
not very high, no more than a few centimeters. He floated
backwards quickly, his body offering no resistance, not
even the scrapping of the floor with his feet. Ryn braced
himself for the sudden impact his body would make with the
wall behind him. The collision never occurred. Instead Ryn
felt his body merging with the wall. The sensation was much
like suddenly falling backwards into molasses, slowly Ryn
became one with the wall... almost.

A protrusion jutted from the wall, Ryn's cock, hard
as it could be. Ryn felt something akin to blushing from
the embarrassment of the exposure. His parents had raised
him conservatively and the only ones to see his penis aside
from Lacia had been his parents, and even that was a long
time ago. Ryn wondered if his imprisonment meant his cheeks
were blushing or if he only thought they were.

Zola raised his hands. Ryn noticed he could see the
wizard's gesture, but how could that be if his head was
embedded many feet into the wall. Truly the wizard's magic
was greater than the young baker had anticipated.

*The challenge, young Ryn, is simple. You must simply
not shoot your seed for a day and a night. If you succeed I
shall happily return your bride to you. If you fail I send
you back alone while she becomes a whore for me and then
for every other man in the world.*

The wizard disappeared from the room, leaving Ryn to
stare at the empty space. He tried to move but found it
impossible, his body was completley stuck in the stone wall. His
cock did not go flaccid and Ryn could feel the flowing movements
of the air as it breezed across his erect member. Truly this
challenge would be no hard task, the baker told himself. He
couldn't even touch himself, and with no stimuli except for
a faint breeze he would have no troubles holding in his
white seed. His lovely bride was saved.


"Never count your eggs before they've hatched."
-The famous Fable Guy


The sorceress sighed. Mala didn't understand why Zola
didn't just get rid of the troublesome boy. Then they could
just get down to business, playing with their new toy, the
daughter of a duke. The girl was beautiful, but the thrill
was going to be in making the noble girl learn who the
superior one was.

Mala had been raised a peasant in a lord's land, forced
every day to be reminded that she was on the bottom rung of
the ladder of power. But after Zola had taken her in she
had found the truth, that she was powerful, more powerful
than any lord or lady. With magic she was higher than
kings on the ladder of power she hated so.

Zola showed her the perfect way to prove her power.
Together they abducted noblewomen, beautiful ones, because
they were the ones that were so arrogant. Then the girls
were changed so they only wanted to serve Mala and Zola.
The noble lasses didn't seem so superior with their tits
hanging out begging to lick their mistress' pussy.

Once the beauty began to fade Mala happily sent them
back out to the world, but dressed as whores. The fate was
insidious as it was clever, dressed as whores the
noblewomen were never believed when they claimed to be of
nobility. Soon someone would force the girl to fuck. The
noble girl could do nothing as she was branded a whore and
used thusly. After that the disgraced noblewoman could
never return to the great society she had once known and
was forced to seek shelter in a brothel, paying her board
by fucking any man who paid, her beauty ensuring a large
number of customers.

And now this new girl, blonde haired and blue eyed,
face like some goddess, would go through the same. Mala
quivered in anticipated delight imagining all she would do
to break the noble born girl. First of course the girl
would be beaten and forced to lick a foul tasting paste
from Mala's cunt. Next the girl would suck Zola's cock as
Mala whipped the slave's ass. Then whatever else Mala could
think of to shove the arrogant girl into humiliation.

It would all start as soon as Zola returned. Where
was he? The wizard should have been rid of the boy by now.
Damn it, the old coot was getting more and more sentimental
as the years carried on. He hadn't even wanted to abduct
the Queen of Thice when the opportunity had presented
itself because of some rumor that she was happily married
to the king. Soon, Mala decided, she would have to get rid
of the old wizard. Admittedly he was useful for some of the
more difficult spells, and he was powerful, but Mala had no
doubt that she had long since surpassed Zola's abilities.

Well if he wouldn't hurry she would just have to
start on this girl herself. Uttering a quick teleportation
spell Mala carried herself to the dungeon.


Lacia shivered. The shiver was not due to the cold,
although her flesh was a little chilled. The magic which
had whisked her to this room she was in had also taken away
her wedding dress and undergarments leaving her standing
naked. What caused the shiver in Lacia was the likeness of
the room to that of her father's dungeons. If this is where
the wizard had meant to send her it did not indicate a
pleasant future.

To prevent any unpleasantness from taking her by
surprise Lacia crouched into the room's corner, trying to
make herself as small and indiscernible as possible.

The raven-haired sorceress appeared before her,
seeming out of thin air as the magic users custom seemed to
be. Mala had exchanged her tight black coverings for a
loose fitting black robe which draped over the magical
woman's excellent curves.

"Come here girl."

Lacia felt her self being compelled to go to the
sorceress. Her mind seemed to find the command comforting
and proper. She slowly stood up from her crouch, her back
straightening, pushing her breasts forward.

Zola appeared, in the way of magical teleportation,
from nowhere. The compulsion was broken due to the
interruption of the wizard's appearance, and Lacia shot back
down into her crouch. The wizard turned to face her and
nodded approvingly.

*I see you really are a blonde,* a voice in her mind

Lacia's cheeks blushed a crimson red. Her hand moved
to cover her exposed pussy and its blonde pubic hair. The
gentle caress of her own palm cupping her sex caused a
slight tingle to pass through Lacia's body.

"Good, you are here Zola," Mala approved. "Now we may
begin. Already the effect of this building affects the

At that remark Lacia wanted to protest, but found she
was unable to. Indeed her body was getting excited, she was
fast becoming a slut. She took some comfort in that it
wasn't all her fault.

*We will not start for a while Mala.*

"What?!" demanded Mala, outraged. "Don't tell me you
haven't gotten rid of the boy yet?"

Lacia's ears perked. Was Ryn all right? She had
feared the worst. After all what chance would a baker have
against a wizard? But there seemed to be a chance that Ryn
had survived. God how she wished he were here right now. In
part she need him to comfort her, Ryn's presence always
seemed to soothe any fears Lacia had. But Ryn's presence
was fast becoming desirable because Lacia found herself
getting hornier and hornier. The hand covering her pussy
gently rubbed her moistening slit in an attempt to relieve
the building tension of passion.

"Stop that," Mala commanded. "Look at her Zola, she
can't even stop from playing with herself. We must act

Lacia was chagrined that she had been caught trying
to pleasure herself, but even more so that she had been
forced to stop. No matter how much she tried she was unable
to move her hand about her sopping sex. She longed for her
baker, the only man she found worthy to be her lover, the
only man she wanted as a lover. But she needed him now. She
needed to feel his hard cock press into her body.

No, she had to stop thinking of Ryn, it only made
things worse. They had only been together once and the great
pleasure and release she felt that one time was exactly
what she needed now, Ryn's perfectly stiff member in her
cunt, pumping vigorously, scratching the itch which had
overwhelmed her vagina.

*Lacia,* the voice in her head called. *Do you ever
want to see Ryn again?*

Oh god, yes. Ryn and her together, at this moment, it
was more than anything. But in the back of her mind, in a
part which had not been overcome by lust and was still
capable of rational thought she wanted to be with Ryn,
always. They shared a bond and to be apart from him was

The voice sensed that. *Yes I see, love. Ryn had it

The part of Lacia not saturated with desire thrilled
at that confirmation.

*I have made a wager with young Ryn. If he can
withhold from a task for twenty-four hours then myself and
my associate, the sorceress Mala, shall refrain from the
torments we usually inflict on women such as yourself and
send you on your way with him, to be together as long as
the two of you see fit. On the other hand if he loses the
two of you will never see each other again and you will be
ours. What do you think?*

"Ryn," Lacia grunted unsteadily. Her entire body was
shaking from an insatiable hunger. "Want... to... be...
with... Ryn... for...ever"

*Of course you do.*

"Are you insane?!" Mala shouted. "You're giving the
boy a chance to get her back! We've never done that?!"

*I have my reasons.*

"I didn't agree to this!" Mala's face twisted to a
mean snarl, her ravishing features contorting but still

Zola's face still betrayed no emotion but his mental
words were tinged with a subtle acid. *It was not your
decision to make.*

"We're partners!"

*You are only here on my leave. Your powers only
remain because I have not deemed to take them from you.*

Mala's expression went from outraged to horrified as
the implications of what he said sunk in. "You wouldn't
dare Zola! You couldn't!"

*I have engaged in the actions of doing it countless
times Mala. If I wished to finally wrest your powers from
you it would be simple.*

"I-I apologize Zola. I did not mean to step out of

*This girl shall remain untouched for twenty-two

"But without release from her growing passions
that would make her aroused at levels unimaginable," Mala
marveled. "She would attack any attempt at relief like a
hungry lion at a slow fat zebra."

*I am aware.*

"P-please," Lacia begged, still grunting. "Need...
Ryn... now... in... me..."

"This is incredibly cruel Zola," Mala said

*Then give her something to occupy her.*

Mala caught the wizard's drift. The black robe she
wore slid down her shoulders to reveal the creamy white
skin beneath. Letting the robe slip to the floor Mala
revealed the secrets of her body only hinted at in the
skimpy black outfit she had worn earlier. The nipples at
the tips of her large breasts pointed outward erect and
inviting. Her cunt had been shaved of any surrounding hair
leaving a smooth mound of flesh jutting from her body.

"Girl, lick my cunt and bring me to pleasure."

In her lust addled state Lacia could only obey in the
hopes of fulfillment. She crawled over to Mala's standing
figure and took a cautious lick at the sorceress' bald
pussy. Mala's hand pressed the back of Lacia's head and
pressed the baker's wife's face firmly into the hairless
crotch. Soon Lacia's tongue was bathing the pussy and Mala
let her hand go from the girl's head.

The sorceress let herself get lost as the
noblewoman's wet tongue washed over her cunt like that of a
broken slave. After a few minutes Lacia stopped her
attentions. Angry at the pause Mala looked down and saw
Lacia looking up at her with large pleading eyes full of

"Please... Need... Ryn's... Cock..."

Flabbergasted Mala turned to Zola. "For God's sake
Zola, just fuck her already."

"No... Ryn's... cock... Ryn's... cock..."

"Look girl," Mala told her mater-of-factly. "You can
only have Zola's cock."

Lacia shook her head absentmindedly. "Ryn's...

"Either Zola's cock goes in you or no one's does. Not
unless your husband wins the bet."


"What was that?"

"Zola's...Cock..." Lacia mumbled, broken. Tears flew
freely down her face.

"Say it a little louder," taunted Mala.

"Zola's... Cock," Lacia said clearly.

"Where do you want it?" the sorceress asked,
delighting in the pain this was causing the noble Lady.

" cunt..." Lacia sobbed.

*I'm not sure about this.*

"Oh come on Zola," Mala said playfully. "She's
practically begging you to shove it up her cunt. Beg him
girl, or you'll never feel anything in your hole. Beg him
to put his cock in your cunt."

"Please... put... your... cunt..."

"Spread you pussy open for him," Mala commanded.

Already on all fours Lacia brought her hand back and
stretched the fleshy folds of her drenched pussy open to
invite the old wizard's cock to enter.

*All right,* the wizard conceded. *Only this once,
until I've won the wager.*

Lifting his robe up, Zola's cock sprang to life. Mala
marveled how young it looked, like it belonged on the body
of a twenty-year-old. It wasn't especially large, average
size, but it looked out of place on the old man. She had
never felt it in her vagina but could imagine how it would
feel from the constant blow jobs he had her perform on it.

Zola slid his hard member into the crying girl's
soaked cunt. It shot in like a rocket from all the
lubrication. Rather than fucking the baker's wife Zola felt
all he was doing was slipping his cock in and out of her,
it was an odd sensation. He would have to remember to lower
how much juices she excreted when he was done so that the
high levels she might end up producing wouldn't alter his

As his cock fucked her Lacia kept sobbing Ryn's name,
ashamed of what she was doing. If only her needs hadn't
been so desperate, if only she could have waited until she
had found Ryn. Would he understand? She couldn't blame him
if he didn't. Each thrust in her pussy, each pleasured
stroke was another step she saw Ryn walking away from her.
But she needed every stroke to quell the burning desires
that had swelled up in her, threatening to explode.

As she felt her orgasm approach she prayed for Ryn to
forgive her adultery and betrayal of him. The old man's
sperm spat forth from his young cock and coated the walls
of her cunt. The impact of the semen splattering against
her inner folds caused Lacia to explode in a wash of
pleasure and euphoric feeling. She moaned out in delight and regret.


And the room was silent except for and old man's
heavy breathing, a woman's amused laughter, and another
woman's mournful sobs.

From above Mala's voice said ",Don't worry girl, you
can't get pregnant by his seed. It's a magic spell he
developed long ago."

Some comfort. But as Lacia sat crumpled up in a fetal
position crying, afraid she would lose her husband, not
because of the manipulations of magic users but of his own
choice, she decided she would take what comfort she could


For twenty-two more hours the desire built up in
Lacia once again. She craved cock like a desert craves
rain, but she did not submit herself to Zola or Mala again,
hoping to salvage some part of her marriage from the

By the end of the twenty-second hour she could only
think of two things. One was a cock up her cunt. The other
was that it had to be Ryn's cock.

Ten minutes after the twenty-second hour she wondered
if it would be considered cheating to shove a chair leg up
there. And that's when Zola declared she was ready.


Zola teleported Lacia to another room. It looked
incredibly similar to the one she and Ryn had first been
bought to. The one difference was a large cock sticking out
of one of the walls. Lacia stared at it, transfixed,
imagining what it would feel like to walk up to the wall
and just slip it into her cunt.

But her thought of Ryn purged the incredible dream
from her thoughts.

*It is quite alright. By using the cock on the wall
you are not committing adultery. Use it to satisfy your
every desire. I guarantee it shall not disappoint.*


Ryn watched as Lacia suddenly appeared in the room.
Was his time up already? She stared at him, directly at
him. It was like she couldn't look away. She must have seen
him. She was listening to something, but he couldn't hear
any sounds.

Lacia walked up to him and he once again bathed
himself in her beauty. That such a woman had agreed to
marry him was the stuff of dreams. Her face looked tense
though and he decided he would have to remedy that as soon
as possible. Just as soon as he got out of this wall.

She stopped just in front of the wall and Ryn
realized it wasn't him she was looking at, just his cock,
protruding from the wall hard as a pole. She was fascinated
by it, looking at it with such longing. For some reason he
felt pleased by that.

Her hand came out trebling and he wondered what had
happened to her that made her such a wreck. Lacia gently
and slowly touched his cock, as if trying to see if it were
real. Her touch sent shivers through his body, his cock
trembled. Lacia's hand shot backwards suddenly afraid. But
it didn't move again and she reached out to touch it once
more. The second time, though he shivered in delight, his
cock did not tremble.


The cock did not move the second time she touched it.

Encouraged by this reaction Lacia took a firm grip on
the cock jutting out from the wall. It felt real, just like
she remembered Ryn's. She held onto it, remembering Ryn's
cock so vividly. Holding on she bent down and carefully
moved her head towards it. Deliberately slow she let her
tongue snake out of her mouth and give the head of
the cock a quick lick.


God! What was she doing? If she kept this up there
was no way he was going to last the entire twenty-four
hours. Her tongue once again licked the head of his cock
and he felt his body shudder with delight. Her entire mouth
moved to cover his cock and it clamped down, engulfing it.
Her tongue made swirls around his shaft and it drove him
crazy. He tensed himself up, trying to forestall an
ejaculation that would come sooner or later.


Lacia let the cock pop out of her mouth. It even
tasted the same as Ryn's. In every way she could tell the
cock on the wall was identical to her husband's. God how she
longed to feel it inside of her. Her body screamed at her to
relieve herself of the passion that was ready to tear her apart.

She couldn't be sure why the wizard had made an
imitation of Ryn's cock or why he mounted it on a wall but
she wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Her
adulterous dalliance with the wizard, although essential on
a physical level, had been emotionally draining. Now when
her body required a liberation of the passions inside of
her she was given this cock replica to assuage that need.
Lacia remembered gossip about court ladies who used similar
devices. She had always wondered why they resorted to such
devices, now she had an inkling.

She turned around and fell on all fours. She looked
back at the cock, trying to approximate how high it was.
Her body moved, raising her hips so that her pussy was
level with the copy of Ryn's cock and thrust backward
forcefully. She screamed as gratification of all her
desires occurred when the artificial cock inside of her began
to scratch away the insatiable irritation that inhabited
her cunt.


He couldn't bare to watch. Ryn knew what she was
doing, and he knew it would ultimately spell doom for them.
There was no way he could hold off his ejaculation if he
was inside his wife.

The velvety folds of her vagina swallowed up his cock
and he could feel the euphoric world of his wife's cunt
surround his member. Her body began to madly gyrate on his
cock, as though she were releasing decades of pent up

Ryn whined mentally. This wasn't fair. What kind of
wager was this? In order to stay with the woman he loved he
had to keep his body from reacting to the sensations she caused
him. Shit! Shit! Shit!

He could feel his body preparing to ejaculate. He was
on the verge of losing Lacia even as she was impaled and
franticly thrusting her body onto his cock. Didn't she know
what she was doing to him? Ryn's mind roared in agony. He
wouldn't lose her!

He tensed the muscles in his crotch trying to hold
back his oncoming discharge of seed. It was only a
temporary solution, there was no way he could fight
against the pleasures of his wife for long but it gave him
time to think as Lacia's cunt slid on and off his cock.
God, he wanted to cum in her. He wondered if losing her
forever would be worth the pleasure he could have now. If
he was going to cum and lose her anyway he might as well
enjoy it.

No! He couldn't succumb to the pleasures of now. He
didn't just want the momentous pleasures Lacia could bring,
he wanted to be with her every second of his life. He
wouldn't lose her just so he could cum one last time. He
had to think with his heart and his head not his cock. He
had to stop this, he couldn't let Lacia live the rest of
her life as a slave to the wizard.

The thought of Lacia satisfying the needs of the
wizard brought Ryn out of the haze brought about by Lacia's
attentions to his cock. As she shot back onto his member,
the entire thing being swallowed by her greedy hole, Ryn
came upon a solution. He did the only thing he could think
of, he began to pee.


Lacia felt a warm liquid blast out of the fake cock
into her cunt. Surprised she pulled her self off the
imitation phallus. The liquid continued to hit her body
until she was safely out of range. She turned and watched
as the cock released a stream of piss.

The arc of golden liquid eventually tapered off and
became no more than a few drips. Realization hit Lacia,
this was no false cock, it was real. And she had fucked it,
just as she had fucked the old wizard. She had not cheated
on her beloved Ryn not once but twice!

She thought it had seemed too real. It was just like
Ryn's only more pleasurable. It was like.. like... like she
had been consistently getting hornier for twenty hours and
was suddenly given release. Oh god, it was Ryn! She rushed
to hold the cock in her hands. No wonder it felt so much
like Ryn's cock, it was Ryn's cock. Lacia felt so relieved.
She hadn't cheated on Ryn by using this cock in the wall.
But how had it gotten there? She pressed herself against
the stone barrier.


No answer.

"Ryn, are you there?"
No answer. He had to be there, he had to be. Even now
the cock was softening. The wall began to grow around it as
the member shrunk, spent from the act of peeing.

What was she going to do? Her husband was stuck in
the wall and she was a dirty slut, no better than the
peasant wenches that gave up their virtue for little more
than a handsome smile. Even if she could get Ryn out of the
wall how could she ever look him in the eye. She began to


Ryn tried to assure his wife that he was all right
but she couldn't hear him. At least she had stopped fucking
him. His cock was even going flaccid. He would win this
bet. Soon he and Lacia would be able to go on their way.

Lacia kept her body pressed against the wall trying
to be as close to her husband as she could get. Ryn simply
watched his wife, allowing a sensation of calm to overcome
him. She was all right. Naked, but otherwise fine.


"Great plan old man," Mala sneered. "What was your
idea? Loose the wager and the girl?"

*Do not mock me Mala. If the boy could find a way to
ensure his victory in this wager then the more power to

"But we're going to loose the little bitch?"

*So it seems.*

"And you're going to just let it happen."


"I don't believe this! You knew all along this would
happen, didn't you? You had no intention of winning the
wager! You and your stupid happy endings!"

*There is nothing you can do about it now!*

Damn the old man! He was right there was nothing she
could do. As long as the boy remained flaccid and his wife
made no move to harden him, preferring to wallow in self
debasement, the wager was as good as lost. There were only
minutes left until the wagered period was over. Mala
wouldn't lose this girl, she had not yet paid for her crime
of being a noble. An idea suddenly began to form in her

His wife continued to cry. Out of nowhere the sorceress
the wizard had been with earlier appeared. She no longer wore
the black straps hiding her private parts but was now
completely naked. Her large breasts were firm and her pussy
was hairless. The sorceress walked up behind Lacia and pushed
the girl aside. Ryn tried to protest as his wife was tossed
away but blanched as his cock began to reharden at the sight
of this voluptuous witch.

The raven-haired sorceress smiled as she watched his
member stiffen. No doubt she was aware of the wager the
wizard had made and was here to make sure Ryn lost. Ryn
began to worry, he couldn't muster up any more piss, he had
used it all keeping Lacia from making him cum.

The sorceress bent down and took hold of his cock in
her hands. She brought her lips to the hard appendage and
kissed it. The cock quivered and she brought her mouth
around the excited member.

The sorceress's expert mouth began to work its magic
on Ryn's cock. Her tongue circled around his shaft and head
as her head bobbed on his shaft. She began to suck, her
cheeks seeming to cave in. Ryn tried to hold back the
ejaculation he knew was coming, cursing the fates for this
new turn of events. If he was going to lose why couldn't he
have done it while his dick was plunged in his wife's pussy
and not in this stranger's mouth. He had lost the last
opportunity he would ever have to cum in Lacia.

Ryn couldn't fight against the sorceress' mouth. It
was like a wet vacuum trying to suck the semen from his
balls, except for the tongue playing with his cock,
tickling the very smallest parts of his manhood, bringing
him to heights of pleasure he had never known before.


Mala tasted the salty cum as it shot into her mouth.
Soon the girl would be on all fours begging to be used like
the slut she was. Mala pulled her head away from the
baker's cock and stood triumphantly. The little noble girl
was crying a river of tears and the sound of her bawling
sent a thrill of achievement and conquest through Mala's


*Congratulations boy, you've won.*

Ryn heard the words and couldn't believe them. His
muscles, still tight, were engaged in the useless task of
keeping his cum from shooting out his cock. He could feel
the semen surging to escape, he could perhaps hold on for
seconds before he came in the Mala's mouth.

At the wizards declaration the sorceress seemed to
come out of a trance. Her eyes widened, almost as if she
were surprised that she was still sucking on Ryn's cock.
She pulled away from his member, fuming. His cock slipped
out of her mouth with an audible "pop".

"What do you mean he's won!"

Ryn's body totally relaxed. As if to heap one final
defeat on the raven-haired sorceress his hard cock shot
forth a long burst of cum over her face and tits, covering
them with the white goo. His penis continued to shoot the
milky seed as Mala stayed frozen, stunned at the defilement
of her body. The bursts of cum seemed to go on forever as
Ryn discharged the products of 24 hours of stimulation to
his manhood. When it was over the sorceress was coated by
a layer of the slimy stuff.

The sorceress sputtered in indignation, spitting cum
from her delicate lips. "H-how dare you!" she raged.

*Hush Mala, he has won the wager.* Zola snapped his

Ryn found himself once again in the clearing he had
been abducted from. He was in his wedding finery once more.
His muscles were stiff and he began to stretch to awaken
them. Close by Lacia lay on the ground in what he guessed
was similar position that she had been after Mala had
thrown her aside earlier. She too was in her wedding

"Ryn?" Lacia called out unsure.

Ryn went to her. He fell to his knees and scooped her
into his arms in an embrace, happy to once again be
with the woman he loved. He would do whatever he could to
ensure that they never again were separated.

"You had me worried," Ryn whispered in her ear. "If
you had made me cum before the right moment we would never
have seen each other."

"Oh god! I'm so sorry" she cried, holding on to him
tightly. "I thought it was a fake penis. When you began to
pee I figured out it was you. I couldn't bear to face you."

"It's all right," he assured her. "I just couldn't
stand the thought of you with that damn magical couple."

Lacia's firm embrace slackened. To Ryn's confusion
she pulled away from his arms with a stricken look on her

"Is something wrong?"

"Ryn... I... In their castle there was a spell. I...
I got hornier after every second that's why when I fucked
your dick I was so wild."

"Honey, that's all right. There wasn't any permanent
damage, I won the wager after all."

"It's not that," Lacia said, all color gone from her
face. "After the first hour I couldn't stand what the spell
was doing to me. I needed a man really bad. REALLY bad.
I... I fucked the wizard.

Ryn didn't move, he didn't say anything. He just stared
at her, unsure of what to do, how he should reply.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry," she cried. "After that I was
so ashamed of cheating on you I didn't do anything for the
next twenty hours even though my desire got worse and
worse. It was hell Ryn, the longing just kept getting worse
and worse until I thought I'd die. But I promised myself I
would never cheat on you again. I'm so sorry."

He stared at her, his face unreadable. Finally he
forced a grin on his face.

"It's all right."

But the grimace on his face told her it wasn't, that
this was the sort of thing that would loom over their
marriage forever. If only there were some way she could
make it up to him.

It is said that salvation comes in the oddest places.
So it was in this case as out of nowhere the sorceress Mala
appeared dressed in her loose black robe.

His wife's indiscretion momentarily forgotten, Ryn
spun to face Mala, prepared to fight against the power he
knew he could not stop.

"Hello masters," Mala said grudgingly.

"What do you want," Ryn demanded.

Mala had to force the words out of her mouth. "Zola
wagered you could not hold your cum for twenty-four hours.
If you lost you would lose your wife to us. Every wager
must have equal amounts put up by both sides. I am the
counter wager to your wife."

"What?" Ryn said, disbelieving.

"Zola has given me to you," Mala spit out. "The old
man has decided that since you won the game I belong to you
two now. I must follow your every command."

The sorceress glared at the baker. "I am your toy."

The couple stared at Mala for a while. The sorceress
stood there bubbling with anger but unable to do anything.

"Bark like a dog," Lacia said.

Mala shot a dirty look at the noblewoman. The
sorceress opened her mouth and began to bark.

"Stop that," Ryn said.

Mala stopped her barking, hate glowing in her eyes.

"So it's true," Lacia whispered, amazed.

"Yes," said Mala through gritted teeth. "Command me as
you will."

"Fuck my husband Mala."

Mala suddenly looked very frightened. She seemed to
be resisting as her body began to move towards Ryn.

"No!" Ryn shouted. Mala's body stopped and she looked
very relieved.

"Thank you master," Mala gasped.

"Ryn I want her to fuck you. If we've both fucked
different people then we'll be even. And you can maybe
trust me again."

"I already trust you."

"Maybe, but I know that what I did hurt you. This is
the best way I can think to make it up. Fuck her Ryn."

"Please no," Mala spoke up. She sounded desperate.
"I'll do what ever you want, take over kingdoms, steal
treasures, kill people. If I have to I'll even pleasure you
both orally for as long as you like. I'll act like an
animal, crawl on all fours like a dog, carry you on my back
like a horse. Humiliate me, make me walk through the
streets naked, make me please animals with my mouth, brand
me if you like. Just please, whatever you do, don't let
anyone fuck me."

"Why not?" asked Ryn.

"Because I'm a virgin. I don't have a hymen or
anything but if I ever have sex I'll lose my powers.
Please, they're all I have."

The two lovers were startled by this revelation.

"Mala," Lacia said ",fuck my husband."

"No," Mala shouted. But she was already removing her
robe to free her near perfect body. She grabbed Ryn in an
embrace and placed her lips on his. Her tongue pushed into
his mouth engaging his own in a wrestling match of taste
and saliva. Her large breasts pressed against his chest as
he pulled her further toward him.

Mala's hands went to his pants. She ripped away his
belt with a quick spell and began to pull his pants down.
His hard cock shot up, freed from the oppression of his
pants. It poked her and she pulled away from the kiss.

Mala slowly lay herself on the ground, pulling Ryn on
top of her. He let his hands brush over her nipples,
bringing them to hardness. His mouth came down and he
sucked on her right nipple. His tongue kept brushing
against the tip and circling the areola. Mala gasped at the
stimulation of his tasting her breast.

Lacia watched the two go at it a little jealous. She
knew this was necessary to save her marriage and silently
she knew that it would take more than this. The male ego
was a delicate thing, and it would take more than just
being even in order for it to be healed. No doubt they
would have to keep the sorceress as some sort of pet so Ryn
could fuck her as many times as was needed. And once he was
better they could use the sorceress together. Lacia was not
opposed to letting the sorceress eat her out.

Ryn pulled at Mala's nipple with his teeth,
stretching it to a long point. He let go and it snapped
back into shape. His hips slowly moved, shoving his cock
into her tight virgin cunt. The process was slow and Mala
gasped each time Ryn thrust another half inch of himself
into her resistant pussy. Finally Ryn got the entire length
of his cock into her body. It was a tight fit, her vaginal
walls closed snuggly on his dick.

He pulled out his shaft and plunged his cock into
Mala's awaiting body once again. The going was easier the
second time. Mala shouted as Ryn's cock continued to loosen
her once pristine cunt. Ryn struck his shaft in again and
again, each strike pounding away at her cunt's

Mala felt her power ebb away with each ram of Ryn's
hard penis up her pussy. Her wonderful magic was leaving
her, the only thing which had consoled her through many
years of painful adolescence. In it's place a longing for
this baker's cock was spreading through her body. She
wanted to cry, it wasn't a fair trade. It was bad enough
that a compulsion had been placed on her to obey the
noblewoman and her baker husband but to be a slave to his
cock as well, it was too much. She couldn't stand it. But
her body began to yearn for the feeling of his hardness
between her legs.

Little did Ryn know he was obliging this longing,
pumping his stiff member into her now loosened cunt. It was
still tight but it offered no resistance as he shoved
himself into her. He enjoyed the sensuous feeling of her
body contracting around his firm cock. He let his hands
grip onto her tits as he quickened his pace, climax

Mala, who had thought Ryn's initial pace was fast
enough shouted in dismay as his cock pressed on at an
alarming rate. It was like he was hammering into her,
pounding away at her most sensitive opening. He squished
her breasts between his fingers, his body stiffening as his
cock discharged a barrage of cum into her cunt.

Ryn pulled out of the former sorceress, pulling his
pants back on. He turned to look at his wife who was
watching him intently. She seemed a little miffed even
though this was her idea.

"Mala get up," Lacia barked.

Mala rose, tired. She could feel the power of the
magic no more. She ached to have Ryn inside her again, but
the compulsion placed on her made her obey the woman's

"Mala, hands on your cunt immediately, you are not to
let any of my husband's seed fall to the ground. In fact, I
want you to get it all out of your body, I'll not have my
husband's first child be with a slave."

Mala quickly obeyed, catching the dripping semen from
her pussy with one hand while her other dug into her cunt
pulling out as much of Ryn's cum as she could. Soon, though
an eternity for Mala, her cunt was red and raw while her
hands cupped as much of the white goo as she could excavate.

"Good, now drink it all, lick the rest off your

Her hands raised to her lips, Mala slurped down as
much of the jism as she could. She tried to ignore the
large quantity of semen passing though her lips down her
throat. Twice she had to fight back a gag reflex. When that
was done her tongue licked away at her palm, cleaning off
any remaining semen from her hands. Her tongue made its way
around her entire hand and then the other, lapping away
the salty film covering them.

When she finished she looked up. Both Ryn and Lacia
had gotten on their horses.

"Time to go Mala. Now that I think of it some of your
suggestions earlier were pretty good."

Mala wondered what suggestions she had meant. Then she
remembered the alternatives to fucking she had recommended.
Surely Lacia couldn't meant to make her do all those things.
But Lacia's expression was far from encouraging. Mala turned
to Ryn, he would be kinder, he had to have enjoyed fucking
her. He would want her do it more, surely.

But Ryn simply stared at her.

"Please master," she begged.

"What?" asked Ryn.

"Will you ever fuck me again?" Mala asked, trying to
avert her gaze to avoid looking at him.

"Do you want me to?" Ryn asked. Mala thought she
could hear a tinge of sympathy. Hope sprang from her heart.

"Yes please," she said quickly.

"We'll see," said Lacia. "Until then we have to get
to the castle. Mala you are to walk aside our horses, naked
and playing with yourself. At our next stop you are to suck
off Ryn's horse."

"Dear," Ryn said. "Our next stop is a highly
populated city.

"I know," said Lacia. She started off. Ryn began to
follow her. Mala's hands darted in and out of her pussy
while she tried to catch up with her masters.

They made quite a sight, a couple in wedding finery
traveling on horseback while a naked large breasted raven-
haired beauty walked between them, her hands shoved up her
cunt, crying silently to herself.

And just a quick note to anyone who happened to read my story, the conclusion of LSH:Braniacal Genius. (And thank you if you did.) I asked to be informed of preferences for the order of the follow up stories. Since I have gotten only one reply I must conclude that no one cares, reads this stuff, or wants to speak up. God damn it.</xmp>


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