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BALDBVER sucked dry and she let out


This is a true story which took place about 1982. The names have
been changed to protect the horny. It is intended for those over
the age of 18 and may not be posted without written permission of
the author.

Copyright 1989 by Jedi Knight, all rights reserved.

Capturing the Bald beaver
This little adventure took place about six years ago before I
moved back to Illinois. It is all true.
Melissa and I had been close friends for almost fifteen years.
There had always been a mutual attraction between us, but because
we always seemed to be dating someone else, nothing ever came of it
until this event took place. Being close friends, we often went
out for drinks or food and to have someone close to talk about
things with. This night we were having a drink at an intimate,
dark little local bar when she asked me if I had ever made love to
a woman with a bald pussy. I told her I had, and she wanted to
know what it felt like.
I told her it was extremely sensual and that it was hard to
describe in words, that you almost had to experience it in person
to really known how it felt. Then, when I asked why all the ques-
tions, she quickly changed the subject. It was several weeks
before it was brought up again. At that point, she confessed that
she had a fantasy about shaving her muff bare, but was afraid to do
it herself.
I convinced her that she would be missing something special if
she didn't try it, and offered to do it for her. She was still
unsure, but I could tell she wanted to try it, so I told her she
could shave me in return. That did the trick, and with a big grin,
she agreed to do it. We put on some sexy music, turned down the
lights in the bedroom, and put some champagne on ice. Then we went
into the bathroom, undressed each other. I lathered up my old fashioned shaving mug with warm creamy suds, and buried her bush
with it. The warm, creamy soap, and the cat soft brush made her
nipples hard, and her eyes got big before she relaxed and sat back
to enjoy the sensation.
I took my time, using small, delicate strokes to make sure I
didn't cut her. By the time I removed the last of the hair, she
was so turned on she was having a difficult time sitting still, and
her juices were flowing so profusely the towel beneath her was
soaked. I wiped off the last of the soap with a warm damp towel,
and applied a soothing lotion to the newly shaved area. I told her
then that it was her turn to do me.
A little nervous at first, she quickly got into the fun of it,
and went to work. I was as hard as an iron bar by this time and it
didn't take her long to finish. I opened the champagne at this
point, and we finished off about half the bottle in between
exploring each other's bodies with kisses and tongues.
When I finally planted a kiss and a long slow lick of my
tongue on the newly shaved pussy, she had an almost instant orgasm.
She grabbed my head and pressed it into her pussy and pleaded with
me not to stop. Always willing to oblige a lady, I ate her through
two wet, wrenching, bucking orgasms. I finally stopped because my
jaw and tongue were too sore to go on.
At this point, we both said "Fuck me" at the same time. She
straddled me and slowly lowered herself onto me just a fraction of
an inch at a time. It is almost impossible to describe how it
felt. She was so wet that there was no resistance as I slid into
her, yet at the same time, the heat and sensitivity of our flesh
made it feel as if she was impossibly tight and it would never go
in. Finally, she lowered herself all the way down, and then
wrapped her arms around my neck and didn't move for several
minutes. I could feel her pussy fluttering against and around me,
like it had a mind of its own. After a few minutes she raised up,
braced herself against my shoulders and started to ride me slowly
up and down. The sensation of totally bare pussy and cock is unbe-
lievable. Its a kind of silky, suctioning, scraping kind of thing
that will blow your mind. Gradually, she increased her pace until
she was literally slamming herself down on me, and I was slamming
myself up into her. When I finally came, I though I was being
sucked dry, and she let out a kind of half frantic, half strangled
scream as she literally lost control of herself and collapsed on
top of me. It was the most incredible, sensual, sexual experience
I have ever had. Though it was almost an anticlimax, several times
during the night we woke each other up and pleasured each other.
This is a true story like I said, and I can only say if you
haven't tried capturing the bald beaver, you're missing a great


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