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BARBADOS1 split the rent ways Craig



This story contains scenes of an erotic and/or controversial nature,
and is not intended for the perusal of minors. Further if perusal
of such material is considered illegal in your area or immoral by
your religion or personal beliefs, you should likewise bypass
this story. This material is strictly for fantasy and is an
original work of fiction, which involves sex between adults.

This story remains the property of the author. Permission is
granted to download, photocopy, copy, archive and repost so
long as any such action contains these disclaimers, and no
attempt is made to profit from this story.

Author's note:

Unfortunately no part of this story is true. This is strictly a fantasy.
I know some area's may not meet the single party rules (I, me, she etc.)
but it could not be helped. Enjoy it.

You may remember the Craig character from my story Craig's Scuba Dive in
St. Barts. available at:
I am married and as an anniversary gift my wife gave me a wonderful dive
trip with Francine. First, a little about myself, I am 31 years old,
6 ft and weigh about 150 lbs., with short blonde hair.

This story is about my diving trip with Brenda, my 2nd cousin and her
girlfriend. Vanessa's character is based on my favorite and the best
looking waitress. She is cute & hot.

Craig's Scuba Dive in Barbados (M/FF Cons, Bi, Lesbian) Part 1 of 2
by Sammie Craig Copyright February 2000

The Beginning:

At a November family reunion Craig went up to his 2nd cousin, Brenda to
see how she was doing. Brenda and Craig have had a great friendship,
Brenda would tease Craig about nude sunbathing during her recent St.
Martin trip or going topless on her other vacations. Brenda and Craig
always got along real well and even though Craig was married Brenda,
would always tease him about sleeping with her. Brenda is 25 years old,
still single and hasn't had much luck keeping a boyfriend. Brenda weighs
about 100 lbs., 5 ft 6 " with 32A nice but small breasts and long black
hair. Brenda keeps herself in great physical shape by running and bike
riding. Brenda told Craig that she was leaving for Barbados in two weeks
for a one-week vacation with her 22-year-old girlfriend, Vanessa, an
Irish red Head. Craig teased Brenda that since it has been a long time
since she had sex would she consider sleeping with Vanessa? Brenda gave
Craig a look, he was expecting to be slapped but instead Brenda gave him
an evil grin and told Craig that it would be a dream come true if it
happened. Brenda has never slept with another female before but since
Vanessa is real cute with a model's build Brenda would consider it.
Vanessa has short pageboy style red hair with an ass to die for. Small
breasts but anything more that a bite is wasted.

Craig teased back that if Brenda planned on sleeping with Vanessa that
he would give anything to see this happen and would love to join them in
Barbados. Brenda told Craig that she is a certified scuba diver but
Vanessa doesn't dive, so Craig could come as her diving buddy, but
Brenda knew that Craig would not join her in Barbados. Craig told
Brenda that he has a one week vacation period remaining at work that he
has to use up or lose so if his boss and wife approve, he could join
them. Brenda told him to put up or shut up. Brenda told Craig that
housing would be cheap because they rented a Villa with separate
bedrooms each with it's own bathroom with a pull out couch in the living
room. They could now split the rent 3 ways. Craig asked Brenda if
Vanessa would object to having a strange guy join the vacation and
Brenda told him that would not be a problem. Vanessa and Brenda were
concerned about vacationing alone, 2 females in Barbados plus they now
would save money on the trip. Craig told Brenda that he would check with
his boss at work and wife and get back to her next week. Brenda told him
that would be fine.

Craig went into work on Monday to ask his boss if he could have the 2nd
week of December off so he could use his remaining vacation time up and
since it is a slow time at work, Craig's boss agreed to the vacation
time. Craig was very excited but now he had to convince his wife to let
him take the trip. That evening Craig mentioned to his wife that at the
family reunion Brenda invited him to join her in Barbados on a scuba
diving vacation and that he was able to get time off from work. Since
Craig's wife could not get off from work, he wanted to know if he could
go? Craig's wife knows how much he loved to scuba dive so she told him
to have a great time, just remember that Brenda is family. Craig told
his wife not to worry. Craig called Brenda that night to tell her that
he could join them. Craig called the airlines about using his frequent
flier miles for the trip and he lucked out, flights were available but
he would get into Barbados late in the evening. Brenda and Vanessa were
arriving in the afternoon.

December 7th came and Craig flew down to meet Brenda and Vanessa in
Barbados, they were picking him up at the airport. Brenda greeted Craig
with a hug and peck on the cheek then introduced Vanessa. Craig looked
at Vanessa, gave her a small hug, then looked back to Brenda and said
you were not kidding cuz, she could be a model. Vanessa blushed upon
hearing the comment from Craig. After they got Craig's bags and loaded
up the car Brenda drove to their villa. On the way to the Villa, Brenda
gave Craig the bad (good) news. Brenda told Craig that the Villa rental
company messed up their reservations, instead of a 2 bedroom Villa, they
got a 1 bedroom Villa with a king size bed and pull out couch in the
living room. Vanessa and Brenda agreed to share the king-size bed, he
would have to use the couch but they all would have to share the
bathroom. Craig told the girls that he would rough it, if they would and
they all laughed at his comment.

They arrived at the Villa and Craig noticed that it would be cramped for
the 3 of them but he would have to make do. Craig was sure that by the
end of the vacation, he would be sleeping in the King size bed while
enjoying the company of two females, something he dreamed about. Craig
was thinking about his dive with Francine and the fun he had underwater
with her, but sleeping with two females, life is great. While Brenda
was in the bathroom changing and getting ready for bed, Vanessa was in
the bedroom getting changed. Craig had to wait for his turn to use the
bathroom. Vanessa came out of the bedroom wearing a cute tank top
with matching panty combination and chatted with Craig. Craig could not
believe how cute this 22-year old was and now he got to confirm that
Vanessa had no body fat on her. Brenda came out of the bathroom wearing
a T-shirt that just covered her thong panties. Craig was enjoying the
scenery and so was his penis, thank goodness he was still wearing his
jeans. Craig knew that Brenda's outfit was for seducing both him and
Vanessa. Vanessa went into the bathroom to wash up so Brenda spoke with

Brenda told Craig that things were a little cramped but she did not
think he would mind and based on his hard on, she knew he liked their
sleeping attire. Craig told Brenda that yes he did enjoy seeing them in
their sleeping attire and that all would work out for the both of them.
Craig asked Brenda if she planned on seducing Vanessa tonight and Brenda
told Craig that she planed to proceed slow and easy during the vacation.
Brenda did not want to lose Vanessa as a friend and she wasn't sure if
Vanessa wanted to have sex with her or not. Vanessa came out of the
bathroom and into the bedroom with Brenda joining her, so Craig went
into the bathroom to get ready for bed himself. Craig was changing into
a pair of running shorts and noticed that his 9-inch penis was still
hard so he decided to relieve himself by masturbating. When Craig came
he squirted his semen into the sink, then ran the water to let it wash
down the drain.

During the night Brenda woke up hearing strange moaning sounds coming
from Vanessa and gently looked over to see Vanessa's hands under the
sheet with one hand rubbing her pussy and the other rubbing her breasts.
Brenda decided to watch and not do anything about it but of course she
was getting horny watching. Brenda knew that during her morning shower,
she would bring her vibrator into the shower with her so she could
relieve herself. The next morning Brenda and Vanessa woke up about the
same time then went out to wake up Craig. The three of them discussed
their plans for the day. While Craig and Brenda dived together, Vanessa
would relax sunbathing at the pool reading her book. Brenda hit the
shower first wrapping her vibrator in her towel. Brenda slipped off her
T-shirt and panties and proceeded into the shower. Brenda soaped up her
body and then placed a few fingers in her pussy to get it wet enough to
slip in the vibrator. When Brenda felt her pussy was wet enough, she
slipped the vibrator right into place. While the vibrator was in her
pussy, Brenda took one finger with some soap on it and placed it in her
asshole, with her other hand rubbing her clitoris.

Brenda loved the feeling of something in her pussy and something in her
asshole. Brenda took the finger out of her asshole and started to play
with her breasts. Brenda felt her breasts starting to swell and knew she
was getting close to cuming. With the Villa being small and Craig and
Vanessa not far away, Brenda wanted to muffle her orgasm scream but she
was so into her body that she yelled out louder then planned. Of course
Vanessa and Craig heard the scream and both started laughing knowing
that Brenda just came in the shower. Brenda quickly finished up in the
shower, removing her vibrator, before coming out of the bathroom to get
dressed into her string bikini. As Brenda came out of the bathroom,
both Vanessa and Craig looked over and noticed that Brenda was already
wearing her bikini.

Vanessa went in next to shower and to get changed into the bikini that
she used for sunbathing. When Vanessa came out of the bathroom, she had
on a bikini that had two small patches of material for her 34A breasts and
two small patches to just cover her pussy and butt cheeks on her
bottoms. Craig and Brenda noticed that Vanessa must have little to no
red pussy hair and both could not wait to find out, if she had any hair
on her pussy. Craig went in next and changed into his Speedo. Vanessa
asked Brenda what she thought of her bikini and Brenda told her she
looked great. Brenda told her that the guys would not be able to take
their eyes off of her body, just look at Craig's reaction? Vanessa said
yes, isn't great teasing Craig like that, you can tell we are giving him
erections, haven't you noticed Brenda. Brenda told Vanessa that not only
is she giving Craig erections but Vanessa is also turning Brenda on.
Vanessa looked at Brenda but didn't say anything more.

Craig and Brenda took the car to the local dive shop to make
arrangements to rent their boat and to get their scuba diving equipment
for their days adventure meanwhile Vanessa left for the pool.

Craig and Brenda got directions to a private dive wreck about 3 miles
away by boat. At the dive site, Craig helped Brenda put on her dive
tank, weights and other equipment then checked her equipment out. Craig
then gets on his tank, weights and other equipment and has Brenda check
his equipment out. Both divers are all set, so they jump off the boat
into the crystal clear water.

At 25 ft below water, Craig had Brenda stop then gives Brenda the signal
to wait there. Craig then looks over Brenda's dive equipment once more
to make sure that all is ok, then he has Brenda repeat the equipment
check on his equipment. When everything checks out ok they continue
diving to the wreck. At 45 ft, they start to see the beginning of the
75ft private yacht that was sunken about 2 years ago off Barbados. The
yacht was still in good shape. They swam around the wreck area for a
little bit.

When they got to the wreck, to tease Craig, Brenda reached under her
dive vest and pulls off her bikini top to show Craig. Craig swims over
to Brenda to rip her top out of her hand to stuff it into his vest.
Brenda starts to wrestle with Craig to get her top back and Craig grips
her waist to pull her close. Craig, after taking a deep breathe, then
pulls out his regulator and signals Brenda to do the same and after she
removes her regulator Craig gives her a BIG kiss on the lips. Both Craig
and Brenda replace the regulator for a few moments then repeat the kiss
but this time stay together a little longer. Tongue to tongue.

During the kiss, Craig reached under Brenda's Dive Vest to start teasing
her breasts. Brenda was enjoying the feeling of Craig playing with her
32A size breasts underwater but she needed air, so she broke off the
kiss and replaced her regulator into her mouth with Craig doing the
same thing. Craig then took off his Speedo to signal Brenda that
he has a major hard on. Brenda removed her bikini bottom and
came closer to Craig. Craig tried to maneuver Brenda's dive
equipment to access her bare pussy but instead Brenda just
took his exposed penis in her hands. Brenda starts to move
her hand up and down, stroking Craig's 9-inch penis while Craig
obtains entrance to her pussy with his finger.

As they each get more excited, both Brenda and Craig start breathing
faster on their regulators. Brenda signals to Craig to start moving
towards the bottom another 10 ft to 70 ft where they can stay for 30
minutes without decompression. Brenda, with the regulator still in her
mouth, removed her dive vest and placed it on the sandy bottom, then
placed her body next to the dive tank. Craig followed Brenda and placed
his dive tank on the bottom as well, placing his body as close to
Brenda's as possible. Craig removed his regulator swam over to Brenda
and started sucking on her small sensitive breasts. Craig would
occasionally take a breath of air off Brenda's regulator. Craig
continued to lick and suck Brenda's breasts while fingering her pussy.
Craig thought it felt weird having his finger in her pussy underwater
but Brenda was enjoying the attention. While Craig was getting Brenda
excited she would reach out whenever she could to take hold of Craig's

This went on for about 10 minutes when Brenda noticed that with both of
them sucking air down, that her tank was down to 1500 psi, so she gave
Craig the low air signal and he checked her gauge. Craig wasn't going to
pass up this opportunity with Brenda so he tried to mount her underwater
and entered her pussy very slow. So that Brenda could breathe on her own
tank, Craig brought over his regulator and started sucking air down.
Craig and Brenda were so excited that they both came quickly each having
an orgasm at the same time. When Craig removed his penis from Brenda's
pussy, his leaking semen floating up out of her pussy.

Craig checked the amount of time that they were underwater and
after giving Brenda one last kiss started their decent up to
their rented boat. They stopped 15 ft before the surface as
a non-decompression precaution. When they got to the top,
Craig removed his dive gear and placed it on the boat then
jumped aboard. Craig then helped Brenda with her dive gear,
then helped her jump on board the boat. Once onboard the
boat Craig and Brenda gave each other a BIG hug, then started French
kissing. Brenda went down and started sucking Craig's penis, starting
slowly from his balls then up to the tip of his penis then back down,
licking and sucking all the way. Craig looked around and noticed that
both he and Brenda were nude but luckily nobody was around to see Brenda
giving him a great blowjob.

Craig started cuming into Brenda's mouth and she just swallowed it all
down. After Craig relaxed for a few minutes, he wanted to lick Brenda's
pussy but she told him that since it was getting late that it could wait
till later. Both Craig and Brenda got dressed into their bathing suits
then stowed the dive gear for the trip back to the Dive Shop and to

While Brenda and Craig were scuba diving, Vanessa relaxed by the pool
and fell a sleep on her lounge chair. Vanessa woke up to the sounds of
Craig and Brenda returning with Brenda noticing a BAD sunburn on
Vanessa's front. Brenda told Vanessa that she would place aloe on her
body when they got back to the Villa. When they got back to the Villa,
since Vanessa could not bear to put any clothes on her sunburned body,
she striped her bikini top and bottom off so that Brenda could apply the
Aloe to her body.

Brenda entered the bedroom seeing Vanessa's nude body for the first time
that she had to stop herself from staring at Vanessa's perfect, firm ass
and perky 34A tits with a pussy with a small patch of red hair that just
covered her clitoris. Brenda tells Vanessa to lay on her back so that
she can start to apply the aloe. Meanwhile Craig changes into shorts and
a T-shirt in the living room and to leave the girls alone in the bedroom
to get a few drinks at a local bar. Brenda starts to massage very
gently the aloe onto Vanessa's legs covering her feet and leg area.
Brenda then starts massaging the aloe up Vanessa's leg towards her
thigh. Vanessa has her eyes closed and doesn't notice Brenda staring at
her red pussy patch and breasts. Even though Brenda had sex with Craig
not long ago, her pussy starts getting wet. Brenda starts massaging the
aloe into Vanessa's thigh area just below her pussy, with accidental
touches of Vanessa's pussy. After she completes Vanessa's leg and thigh
area, Brenda starts applying the aloe to Vanessa's stomach. From the
stomach Brenda starts towards Vanessa's left breast, then the right
breast and back to the left all the time gently massaging the aloe into
Vanessa's breasts. Brenda of course pulls on Vanessa's nipples. Vanessa
kept her eyes closed but starts to murmur in enjoyment of having her
breasts massaged by Brenda.

Once Brenda finishes massaging Vanessa's breasts, since Vanessa didn't
stop her to this point Brenda decides to become braver and starts
massaging the outside area of Vanessa's pussy lips. Vanessa responds
with a small orgasm so Brenda decides to use her fingers to enter
Vanessa's pussy. Brenda then starts to kiss all over Vanessa's pussy,
from her clit to her asshole and back again. Vanessa decides to help
Brenda by holding her pussy open, Brenda is getting Vanessa's juice all
over her and Vanessa looks at Brenda as Brenda's tongue reaches out to
lick more of it off Vanessa's pussy lips. Brenda comments on how nice
Vanessa tastes as she heads back for more. Now Vanessa feels Brenda's
lips on the inner part of her pussy, and Vanessa gasps as Brenda's
tongue snakes out to lick up some more juice that is running out, and
down onto Vanessa's ass. Meanwhile Vanessa is having one orgasm after
another; she is in total ecstasy as she comments to Brenda that was
incredible, Vanessa said. "You're a great pussy licker." Brenda told
Vanessa she has wanted to suck Vanessa's pussy for a long time.

Vanessa tells Brenda that it is time to switch places and Vanessa starts
licking and sucking Brenda's breasts, starting with Brenda's left nipple
then the right nipple going back and forth between the two breasts.
While Vanessa's mouth is on Brenda's breasts her fingers are working
Brenda's very wet pussy. Brenda's pussy is so wet that Vanessa decides
it is time that Brenda has a tongue bath from her. Vanessa starts
licking Brenda's slit, running her tongue up and down, and then side to
side. Vanessa drives her tongue into Brenda, and scoops out some wet
stickiness, licking her lips as she does so. Vanessa then pulls the hood
of Brenda's clit back, and starts to suck on it. Brenda feels Vanessa
creating a gentle vacuum around her clit, and Vanessa starts to lick
Brenda's clit as it is inside her mouth. Vanessa then runs her lips over
the clit making Brenda flow like a river, and feeling like Brenda might
cum again soon.

Brenda could not hold out any longer and let loose a massive orgasm her
juices bathing Vanessa's face as Brenda writhed through a long,
paralyzing multiple orgasm. With difficulty Brenda pulled back, nearly
falling off the bed as she moved to get her tender, burning cunt away
from Vanessa's hot, devouring mouth that was below her. Brenda
collapsed in a heap next to Vanessa, both of them panting and covered
with sweat and cunt juices. Tenderly they kissed, their mouths sucking
at each other, tasting their combined juices. Brenda said, "You're not a
bad cunt licker yourself".

Vanessa and Brenda stayed cuddled in the bed together with Vanessa
forgetting totally about her sun burn pain until Brenda suggests they
shower together. Brenda jumps out of bed to start the shower with
Vanessa following. Once in the shower Vanessa starts screaming when the
water hits her sun burned body. In the shower Brenda asks Vanessa about
having sex with Craig. Brenda told Vanessa all about the diving
adventure that she and Craig had. Vanessa asked Brenda if they could
seduce Craig with a threesome during this trip and Brenda told Vanessa
that she is all for it.

End of Part 1
If you enjoyed my story, write me at
because of spam I do not reply to any e-mails posted at any
other address. E-mail address used for posting is just that
a story posting address. I appreciate positive input. Thank
you for reading my story, I hoped you enjoyed it!
Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted
with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly

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