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BARBARA stretch marks She kept most


Alimony & revenge {MC MF preg no-explicit-sex} codes
defined at

Synopsis: Can a little hypnosis help with the worst divorce
settlement in history?

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between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex
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where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist.
In reality sex without protection is unwise and nothing in this
work should be taken as condoning such activity, or any of
the other activities depicted herein.


Alimony & revenge by Ben Wa

My caller ID said Barbara the Bitch was calling. If you think that
"Bitch" is harsh and unnecessary then read on.

This was the tenth time she'd called that morning. Yes, it was
harassment, but the judge was in the pocket of her shyster lawyer

If I wanted to get anything done for the rest of the day then I'd have
to answer. So, I gritted my teeth and picked up the phone.

I only got to say one word, "Hello" before Barbara the Bitch began her
traditional end-of-month rant. It went on for half-an-hour. I knew
from bitter experience that it would be much longer if I said anything
but "Yes, I understand."

It was the last day of the month. She had critically important
expenses: beauty salon, new shoes, health spa, masseuse, and
of course shopping for a new diamond tiara for herself. If I
didn't pay 100% of the monthly alimony right after work the
next day at my house then she'd haul my ass back to court.

Maybe you think it's what a typical lowlife male deserved. The truth
was that I had only been late once and then by less then a week.

Sure as the sun rises in the East, Barbara the Bitch hauled my ass
into court. The Judge hit me with a 25% late charge plus all court

Perhaps I was a jerk for marrying the first beautiful woman who
said she loved me and spread her legs on a regular basis.

Whatever I wanted, she swore that she wanted too: children,
honesty, fidelity, and love. It was all a lie.

The divorce was incredibly painful for me. I couldn't believe how the
woman I had loved with all my heart could betray me so completely.

What was even worse happened after the divorce. I was required
to pay out more then half my take home pay. This may seem fair to
some until you consider that she made more then double what I did.

If the laws were truly gender-neutral then she should be paying me not
the other way around. However, this story is NOT about gender bias.

Alimony has been euphemistically described as "the way a woman
rips out a man's heart through his wallet." I don't know about
other men, but my heart had already been ripped out. The alimony
was simply a way for the pain to be prolonged indefinitely.

It all sounds nuts, right? How'd it happen? To start with Barbara
the Bitch conned me into believing she had to quit work a year
before our divorce.

She said it was necessary so she could get pregnant. I really wanted
to be a dad. I was ready to believe anything she said. She used that
against me.

Actually, staying at home all day gave her the perfect opportunity to
fuck the pool-boy, the gardener, and two of our next door neighbors.

She also continued her long-standing affair with MY future divorce
lawyer. Together they were planning on how to take me for all I was

Yes, that's right, MY lawyer. During the divorce he cut a deal with
the judge. Then he convinced me to accept one of the worst
agreements in divorce history.

On reflection, even the other lawyer seemed surprised at how one-sided
the final settlement was. He couldn't say anything to me without
violating the trust of his client. My own lawyer had no such scruples.

Of course, I didn't suspect any of this until it was way to late.
The day after I was served with the divorce papers, Sam the
Shyster was on the phone.

He was so sorry to hear about what was happening. We always
seemed like such a happy couple the few times we'd met at
parties held by mutual friends.

Then he gave me a song and dance about how wonderful he was
at reconciling couples. If that failed he was even better
at getting the husband the best possible deal.

Barbara the Bitch had filled him in on all my weaknesses.
I fell for his bullshit like a ton of bricks.

I wanted reconciliation. I tried desperately for one. We could
go for marriage counseling. I'd be more considerate. On and on
I'd babble. Barbara the Bitch rebuffed all of my attempts.

There's no fool like a fool in love. That's what I was until
the day after I had to sign the final divorce decree.

My shyster lawyer conned me into agreeing that since my wife was
making nothing at the time that I had to give her half of everything
I had and half of everything I made for the next 15 years.

Plus I had to pay the legal fees that both lawyers padded
outrageously. Barbara backed them up so I couldn't prove
anything. I was still paying that off.

About the only things I got to keep were the house and
my personal stuff.

It turned out my ex-wife had already planned where to live next.
The week after the divorce agreement was finalized, Barbara the
Bitch officially moved in with Sam, the Shyster lawyer.

They went away on a two-week trip to Hawaii. On their return,
Barbara the Bitch started a job making double my salary.

I finally got wise and got a new female lawyer, but she couldn't
do anything. The damage was already done.

The original judge made sure he always handled my return appearances.
I always ended up a little worse then when I went in.

Fortunately, there were no children. I'm sure she'd have received
total custody. No doubt I'd have been denied any visiting rights while
paying out the rest of my take home pay for child support. Then she'd
have taught them to hate me because I never visited.

It didn't take me long to realize that the system was stacked against
me. I had no legal recourse. I resigned myself to paying the price
of being played for a fool.

Barbara liked to show up in person at my place to pick up the monthly
alimony check. It gave her the chance to twist her knife into my guts
a little more. That seemed to be her biggest joy in life.

After a few months of being played for a jerk, I'd had enough. The
next time Barbara the Bitch stopped by to torture me; I put the plan
I'd conceived into motion.

"Got my money Billy boy or do I haul your sorry ass before the judge?"
she taunted. It was her traditional greeting.

She entered without waiting to be invited in and sat down on the couch
with her legs spread. As usual, she was "dressed to kill", teasing me
unmercifully with a view up her short miniskirt.

Her sheer low cut top well displayed both her D-cup tits and washboard
flat stomach. I knew there'd be no tan lines.

She never wore underwear on these occasions to torture me more. I had
inciting views of both her hairy bush and large pink nipples. She was
convinced that I was completely whipped and would do nothing.

Barbara the Bitch was very conscious of her dynamite figure. She had
a naturally fast metabolism that made dieting unnecessary as long as
she was reasonably careful. Her only exercise consisted of getting
screwed regularly. All her life everything had come easy.

She knew I was too busy working 60-hour weeks for a social life. No
matter how twisted her poisonous mind might be, I was still attracted
to her 35-23-36 figure and long blond hair.

She enjoyed tormenting me with something I could never have again.
At least that's what she thought.

My plan began with the words, "When I walked by the park today I
saw a silver bluebird." The eyes glazed over and her body relaxed.

Early in our marriage, Barbara the Bitch had gone to a professional
hypnotist. She needed help to quit smoking without gaining weight
and losing her sexy figure.

It was common practice to videotape these sessions. This was
evidence that the hypnotist did not "take advantage" of a
vulnerable women while she was helpless under hypnosis.

The sessions were very successful for Barbara the Bitch. She
stopped smoking, kept her figure, and was sucking her therapist's
cock minutes after the video camera was turned off.

I trusted my wife in those days. The only reason I viewed those tapes
was curiosity about hypnotism. The idea had intrigued me for years.

Watching those tapes, I found out about "silver bluebird".
It was a phrase that the hypnotist used after the first session
to easily place Barbara the Bitch into a trance. That way she'd
be sucking his cock so much faster.

I took out a long sheet of paper that contained the hypnotic
induction I'd spent weeks preparing. I proceeded to implant
the necessary post-hypnotic suggestions.

I knew I couldn't get her to do anything that was really against her
nature. Using my intimate knowledge of what truly drove her, I was
able to use the malice she held for me against her. The key points
went something like this.

Do you hear my voice? It is not Bill's voice.
This voice will help you. You must listen.
You want to find new ways to make Bill suffer.
This voice will help you make Bill suffer.
Two things you must do to drive Bill insane.
He would die seeing you with another man's child.
Bill always wanted children by you.
Having a baby would be the ultimate revenge.
Bill secretly hopes to marry you again one day.
Marrying Sam would kill all his hopes.
Marrying Sam would give your baby a father.
You must marry Sam to have your revenge.
You would destroy all of Bill's dreams.
You'd reduce Bill to a worthless shell of a man.
You must have your full revenge on Bill.
You now forget falling into a trance.
Awake Barbara will forget everthing the voice has said
Asleep Barbara will remember, obey, and get revenge.

I went on and on like that. Pregnancy and marriage were the two
things that would make "Bill" suffer most.

I retrieved the one-month supply of birth control pills that she
carried in her purse. I replaced all of them with sugar placebos.
This was repeated every time we met. It was another way to
guarantee pregnancy.

We ended the session with her convinced that the man before her
was her lover, Sam the Shyster. I upheld her therapist's tradition
and got the first blowjob I'd received in months.

It was the only thing I really missed about Barbara the Bitch. She
gave the best head. I lay back for 5 minutes watching her licking my
semen off her lips. I'd shot so much cum that it threatened to escape
her mouth despite her best efforts to swallow every drop.

I had Barbara the Bitch use mouthwash before I brought her out of
the trance. I didn't want the distinctive taste lingering to give her
slightest hint of what was going on. I gave her the alimony and sent
her on her way.

Ever month Barbara the Bitch returned for her money and "another
session". I wanted some variety. She was happy to let "Sam" fuck
her in the ass. I videotaped every carnal coupling for my personal

Three months later, my "silver bluebird" announced she was pregnant
by Sam the Shyster. I made sure to act properly horrified and crushed.
Barbara the Bitch ate it up.

Then she delivered the "coup de grace". She was getting married to
Sam the Shyster in two months. Her baby would have a proper father,
not a loser like me.

Sam the Shyster had tried to talk her into an abortion. Failing that
he'd tried to talk her out of marriage. She insisted on both, my
conditioning had worked.

Barbara the Bitch wanted a father for her child. She believed that
marrying Sam the Shyster would be the final blow that would crush
me. She knew enough dirt on Sam the Shyster to compel agreement.

I think my performance was worthy of an Academy Award. I cried.
I pleaded. I tore my clothing. I got down on my knees and begged.
I bemoaned how empty and hollow my life would be without her.

Barbara the Bitch had her finest moment. She had the total revenge that she dreamed of.

A few minutes later I was pounding into the well-used cunt of my
"silver bluebird". Since she was already pregnant (possibly) by Sam
the Shyster, I didn't have to worry about getting her knocking up.

I got to use all three of her holes over the months before she was
married. I made sure she was always cleaned up before letting her
leave. All of it entered my videotape archives.

The day of her wedding, I sat in the back of the chapel in disguise.
I needed to be sure that everything went off without a hitch.

That night I went out partying. I was free! No more monthly torture.
The alimony stopped by law the day Barbara the Bitch got married to
Sam the Shyster.

I projected such an aura of happiness and confidence that the women
flocked around me to join in the celebration. It was that night that
I met my future wife, Claire.

Claire was the antithesis of Barbara the Bitch. She wasn't close to
my first wife's standard of beauty.

She was quite pretty in her own way. Claire had short dark hair and
lovely A-cup tits. If she was a little overweight, there were other

Claire was all the things that Barbara promised, but never was. She
had a genuine honesty that I now knew enough to appreciate.

Her warmth, caring, kindness, humor, love, and respect were real.
I returned them to the best of my ability.

Barbara the Bitch had seduced me the same night we met.
Claire and I didn't make love until after two months dating.

At first Claire wasn't very good. She was inexperienced although
no virgin. I was patient with her. Claire was eager to learn to please
me. Sex with Claire eventually became better and more genuine
than anything I'd ever had with Barbara the Bitch.

I was not quite done with my ex-wife and Sam the Shyster. It
seems that he became spoiled after betraying me. He liked the
easy money of backroom dealings better then taking a chance
of losing before an honest judge.

I was able to discretely warn some of his potential suckers.
Enough evidence was amassed to get Sam disbarred, the
Judge thrown off the bench, and both of them were sentenced
to serve some well-deserved time behind bars.

After he was in jail, Barbara the Bitch, loyal to the last,
immediately filed papers to divorce Sam the Shyster.
Unfortunately for her, Sam received anonymous evidence
of her infidelity while pregnant with his child.

It wasn't me screwing her. I'd had enough, but Barbara
the Bitch was like a leopard who would not change her
spots. She continued to fuck around behind Sam the
Shyster's back. Pregnancy only seemed to increase
the frequency.

She wasn't very discrete. It was simple and inexpensive
to hire a detective to document her many indiscretions. An
anonymous envelope was delivered to a certain prison cell.

Sam the Shyster still had a few remaining favors to call in.
Barbara the Bitch was left with no alimony and minimal child
support for her unborn baby.

He also was able to get her fired from her well paid job and
blacklisted in the industry. She was reduced to menial jobs.
The good life was over.

The only sad part of the story was that the baby was stillborn.
Perhaps it had something to do with the drinking and drugs that
Barbara the Bitch continued to abuse all through her pregnancy.

Sometime near the end of her pregnancy there was a rare
complication. It may have had nothing to do with her
pregnancy. I never did find out.

Barbara the Bitch had problems with her breast implants. Yes,
that part of her was fake too. She went from a D-cup back to
her original B-cup.

The child support she'd won from Sam automatically evaporated.
Barbara the Bitch was left with a pregnancy bloated body covered
with stretch marks. She kept most of the pregnancy weight and
never again approached her former beauty.

Claire and I got married and moved to a new city. With her love
and support I was finally able to purge the last of Barbara's poison
from my soul.

Together Claire and I have four beautiful children. I love being a
dad as much as I always knew I would. It's harder to find time for
sex, but we make up with love and enthusiasm what we lack in

Have we had our problems. Sure! We fight like any married couple,
but we go away once a year to a "marriage retreat". It revitializes
our marriage amd prevents us from falling into bad habits that may
lead to divorce if not addressed in a timely way..

What happened to Barbara the Bitch? I lost track of her and never
did find out. No doubt, I'm better off that way.

- The End -


Divorce Rules & Resources

#1 Rule: Try to reconcile - especially if there are children.
#2 Rule: If the other party has REALLY hurt you bad - see #1
#3 Rule: Try counseling before you give up on your marriage.
#4 Rule: Find people devoted to reconciliation not divorce.
#5 Rule: Settle as much as possible without involving lawyers.

Reconcile, Compromise & Children
Husband & father
Wife, mother & General


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Alimony & revenge {MC MF preg no-explicit-sex} codes
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