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BARRY thick shaft arcing the


This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this
notice attached. The author may be contacted at
Copyright 1998, Robert B. Morton II, all rights reserved.


For those individual not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector... you have been warned. The following is a work
of fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people
or places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

"Barry", by Rob Morton (M/M)


I sat on the edge of the bed shivering slightly either because of the
chill of the air conditioning or my own fears over what I was about to
become a part of. Feeling I had already come too far to back out, all I
could do was sit there and wait for my partner for this evening to join me.

My eyes, now adapted to the darkness of the room, were locked on my
partner-to-be as he undressed, taking his own sweet time about getting
things started. Oh, I know he was just making a show of neatly folding his
clothes, trying to instill a little anticipation in me that he thought
would make the evening that much more enjoyable.

The only thing I wanted was for this to be over with. What was I
thinking about, accepting his invitation? It wasn't like he disguised his
intentions; after all, even I know the meaning of, "Want to go back to my
place and have some fun?"

It seemed like a good idea at the time, though. Even in the darkness of
the bar, I could see he was an incredibly handsome man. Barry was of the
blond hair/blue eyes persuasion, about 5' 11" and weighing in the
neighborhood of 175 pounds or so. Even when he approached me and offered
to buy me a drink, I knew what he was about.

Still, there's nothing wrong with accepting a drink, is there? I didn't
think so and before I knew it, Barry was sitting next to me, smelling of
some wood-scented cologne, and making small talk while I half listened to
him. In a gesture of friendship, I bought the next round, taking care to
notice the gleeful look in Barry's eyes - he thought his plan was
succeeding and, for the moment, it was.

When did I know? Well, his hand on my thigh was a pretty clear signal.
It took a little doing not to flinch as he massaged my thigh, but now that
I knew what he wanted, well, his pitch should be interesting. I saluted
him with my drink and he returned it with a wide smile. Dabbing at his
mouth with a napkin, Barry stopped feeling me up long enough to continue

"So, what's a good looking brother like you doing in here?"

"Just came in for a drink," I answered.

"You mean to tell me you didn't come in to pick up a little action?"
Barry asked, raising his eyebrows a little.

"Not really," I said. "Just wanted a couple of drinks, listen to some
music, you know how it is," I replied, taking another sip of my drink.

Barry laughed and shook his head. "I suppose this isn't my lucky day,
is it?"

"Meaning what?" Oh, I knew what he meant - I just wanted to hear what he
had to say.

"Well," he said, looking around the bar. "This is a gay bar, you know."

"Really? I didn't know that," I said, lying through my teeth. Of
course I knew it was a gay bar - the two guys kissing in the door when I
came in was a dead giveaway.

"So, you're not, ah, gay?"

"Does it matter, Barry?"

"Huh?" Clearly, the boy didn't understand.

"Does it matter if I'm gay or not?"

"I suppose it does," he finally said, his words sounding uncertain. "I
mean, like, you're a nice looking Black guy and all that; I just

"You thought what? That you'd score a piece of black meat tonight? Is
that what you thought, Barry?" I peeked at the baffled Barry over the rim
of my glass.

"To be honest, yes." Barry turned to the bartender, who had been
listening to the whole conversation. As Barry ordered another round of
drinks, the bartender looked at me with undisguised amusement. He knew I
was jerking Barry's chain and did me a favor by not giving it away.

"So, Barry," I said. "Why should I go to bed with you? I mean, you're
not the only good looking man in here, you know."

Barry seemed to relax a little - just what I wanted him to do. "Well,
I've never made it with a Black guy before and you looked so delicious
sitting here that I had to give it a shot."

"Delicious, huh?" I asked, reaching for my fresh drink. "But, I'm not
gay. How can you be sure I'm into this shit?"

"I'm not," he said, his blue eyes locked onto mine. "You pay your
money, you take your chances, you know?"

Indeed! Somewhere along the line, I found myself feeling a little sorry
for Barry - but not so sorry that I didn't resist the urge to jerk his
chain one more time. "Mind answering a question for me?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Barry answered.

"What's on your mind?" I asked.

"Taking you to bed. You wanna go to my place and have some fun?"


Half an hour later, I find myself sitting on Barry's spacious bed in all
my naked glory. Barry has finally finished folding his pants and now he's
looking at me like I'm some prize he's won. He crosses the distance
between us in two easy strides and he's now sitting next to me, his hand in
my lap, his fingers brushing my thigh. And I have to admit it feels pretty
good. Barry leans forward, his eyes closing and his lips parting to kiss
me - only to run into the palm of my hand.

"Don't," I said.

"What's wrong, baby?" he asks and, for some reason, I feel myself
getting angry.

"A couple of things before we begin, Barry. One, don't kiss me."

"Okay," he said, clearly disappointed. "What's the other thing?"

"Don't call me 'baby'." Having said this, I stretch out on the bed and
close my eyes. Even with them closed, I can tell Barry is having a
difficult time trying to decide what to do. Didn't take him long, though,
because the next thing I know, I feel his lips on one nipple, his tongue
flicking across it until it was good and hard.

Opening my eyes to slits, I could see Barry peering up at me, looking
for some sort of reaction. Seeing that I wasn't objecting, he moved to my
other nipple, immersing himself into the task at hand. Even as Barry's
tongue worked its way down to my navel, I could feel my mind changing about
wanting to be here with him.

Barry tongued my navel, leaving it all wet and sloppy. I resisted the
urge to reach down and dry out my belly button, opting to keep up the
pretense of not really being interested. It gave me a perverse sense of
pleasure to watch Barry do his best to get me excited - well, more excited
than I already was.

"Oh, man," Barry whispered. "Your cock is beautiful!"

I prop my head up with my arms so I can see Barry. He's now hovering
over my maleness; even in the darkness of the room, I can see his eyes

"I suppose it's really true," he said, licking his lips.

"What's true?" I ask.

"That Black guys have big dicks."

Inwardly, I laugh at the old stereotype. If I had a dollar for every
time I've heard it, I could buy myself a Caribbean island.

"Whatever," I said, shifting my body and "unintentionally" lifting my
hips a little. Whatever Barry was, he wasn't stupid. As my cock got
within range of his mouth, he swooped down on me, wetly sucking me into his
mouth. Within seconds, I went from completely limp to completely hard,
much to Barry's delight.

"Yeah, that's more like it," he breathed, taking a moment to admire my
erection. I can't imagine why, though; I've seen it a million times and
I'm not really impressed with it. Although, even I have to admit there's
something thrilling about the large vein threading their way along the
thick shaft, arcing up to the head of my cock, which reminds me of Darth
Vader's helmet.

Barry ends his inspection of the merchandise by flicking his tongue
around the knob of my cock, sending shivers along my body. Well, if I
wasn't interested before, there's no doubt about it now, is there?

Actually, Barry's not a bad cocksucker. I watched as he sucked the head
of my cock into his mouth, pausing only to catch his breath before taking
me completely into his mouth - right down to my pubic hair. Without really
meaning to, I sigh contentedly as his tongue weaves its way through the
tight curls of hair. Barry's breathing like a steam engine as he deals
with nine inches of dick invading his throat. Stupidly, I wonder why most
women can't do that but every man I've ever slept with can.

Doesn't matter really because Barry's just so full of surprises. As I
peer down at him, noticing how red his face has gotten, I watch in
amazement as Barry's mouth opens and voila! My balls have now disappeared
into his mouth! Did I say he wasn't bad? My mistake...

Barry isn't done, though. He reaches under me and places his hands on
my ass, lifting my hips and somehow forcing more of me into his mouth. I
can actually feel him swallowing, his throat muscles rippling against my
turgid flesh. With my ass now off the bed, Barry begins to suck me like a
madman, each downward thrust causing his nose to smash into my pubic bone
so hard I'm sure he's going to break his nose.

Whatever reluctance I felt coming into this has gone as I give in to
Barry's expertise. His tongue feels so good against the shaft of my cock,
flicking and teasing me into greater excitement. I begin to thrust into
his mouth, timing them with his rhythm and getting a moan of appreciation
from him.

I don't really remember how long this went on; by this time, the only
thing I cared about was the luscious mouth attached to my dick. Barry
caressed my balls, tickling the area between them and my back hole and
increasing my pleasure. I remember holding on to the pillow under my head
at the first sign of pressure against my puckered opening, just as I
remember crying out in pain/pleasure as a finger invaded me. I could feel
each knuckle pass into me until the tip of his finger bumped up against my

Barry allowed me to adjust for few seconds, letting the time pass by
twirling his tongue all over my knob. I relax a little as the hot,
stabbing pain fades, which was what Barry's waiting for. Without warning,
he begins to ram his captured digit in and out of my shit chute and my hips
shoot upwards filling his talented mouth with cock quickly. Maybe just a
little too quickly because Barry gags a little before getting things under
control again.

The room is filled with the sounds of squeaking bedsprings, my grunts
and groans, and Barry's. I didn't feel Barry releasing my swollen member
but he must have because he's talking to me.

"Come on, give it to me! You know you want to!"

Want to? Want to what? Can't this fool see I'm a little preoccupied to
do anything but... oh, shit.

Without much warning, I can feel my seed boiling out of my cock.
Normally, I can tell when I'm about to come; my balls get so tight they
hurt, my cock seems to get longer and thicker. This was different. One
moment I'm really getting into Barry's finger in my ass, the next a stream
of sperm jets flies into the air, hitting Barry in the face.

It must have surprised him, too. After the first spurt, Barry scrambled
to clamp his mouth onto my cock, sucking as hard as he could. It hurt,
too, but served only to force more sperm from my balls and into his mouth.
My ass feels like it's on fire as it clamps down onto his finger, trying to
keep it in one place and failing miserably.


A couple of years later, my balls are empty, having been siphoned like
never before. As the final dregs of my orgasm wash over me, I'm kinda
looking forward to getting soft and getting my blood pressure back to
normal. Except, I'm not getting soft; after such a hard
orgasm/ejaculation, I should have gotten soft instantly.

As my senses clear, I notice several things. One, my cock is rock hard;
two, Barry's finger is still firmly embedded in my anus and, three, Barry's
shifting his position until all I can see is his ass and his very hard
cock, which is being lowered towards my mouth.

The head of Barry's cock brushes against my lips and, instinctively, I
open my mouth to admit him. I catch a glimpse of his sticky pre-cum as the
head of his maleness disappears between my lips until the only things in my
immediate view are his balls. I hear Barry grunt something and his sack
vanishes from view, followed by the sight of his shaft between my lips.

It's actually a pretty sight, his white stiffness enveloped by the
darkness of my lips. Shit, it looks even better as it disappears once
again as Barry begins to fuck my mouth with strong strokes. No problem for
me as Barry's not nearly as large as I am - not that it matters. Right
now, all I'm aware of is his finger in my ass, his cock in my mouth and
now, his mouth returning to my erection.

I can feel his rather large knob against the back of my throat and I
relax, allowing it to lodge in my gullet. Not wanting to be outdone, I
reach up and insert my finger into his ass, mildly surprised not to find
any resistance as it slide into him easily. Following a devious hunch, I
back my finger off, momentarily creating a sense of disappointment in
Barry. Didn't last long though because I used a little trick I learned
making love to women. I crossed my fingers like I was making a wish and
reinserted them into Barry's not-so-tight ass.

That got his attention as he responded by really clamping down on my
cock, his whole body going stiff. I waiting a moment to catch up with his
thrusts into my mouth then sent my twinned fingers plunging into his
backside. He slides out of my mouth, my fingers spear into him.

I'm in heaven as Barry's cock begins to shudder. I know what that means
and I prepare myself for the oncoming flood by jamming my fingers into his
ass so hard I might have dislocated something. Barry's buttocks clamp down
just as hard and I can feel him groaning against my dick just as his seed
flows into my mouth. Instead of swallowing immediately, I allow his musky
spunk to collect at the back of my throat for a few seconds, relishing the
taste and feel of man-seed. However, I can't keep it there for long
because Barry's really loading me up and I swallow, feeling the slimy
liquid ooze into my stomach.

Barry is still fucking my unresisting mouth, but not as urgently as
before. Slowly, he rolls off me and I feel a moment of frustration/relief
as his finger leaves my sore ass. As he moves, I remove my own fingers
from his bottom and discover that I did hurt my hand - but not as bad as I
though. I switch my attention from my hand to an exhausted Barry - with
some pretty evil intentions.

Okay, so by now you've figured out that even if I'm not gay, I'm
bisexual. So, I'll admit that I'm no stranger to sucking cock and all
that. However, even after having enjoyed my oral discourse with Barry, my
cock is still hard and I need to fuck. I sit up and make eye contact with
Barry as I position myself between his legs. Although he's still a little
woozy from coming, there's no mistaking my intent; Barry opens high and
wide to admit me.

While I'm in the mood to admit things, I'd like to admit that I really
don't like anal sex. Well, actually, I don't like the way it makes me
feel. How can I explain it? It's exciting yet somehow disgusting being up
someone's ass. Even as I feel the enlarged knob of my cock pass into
Barry's unyielding bottom, I know I'm going to really hate myself later on.


Resisting the urge to throw up all over Barry, I continue my plunge into
the depths of his bowels until my balls rest against the firmness of his
ass. Once again, our eyes make contact and I can easily see Barry's
blissful smile.

"Damn, you really fill me up," he whispers, reaching up to pull me
closer to him.

"The advantage of having a big dick," I answer, falling into his

"You are such a great lover," Barry coos as my weight settles onto him.
Between us I can feel his cock growing again. Instead of giving me a rush
of pleasure, it fills me with a feeling of impending doom because I know
I'm going to feel it in my ass soon.

I don't like the way that makes me feel either. On one hand, being
filled with hot, hard cock is such a wonderful feeling; on the other, it
hurts like hell. But, later for that - right now I've got an ass to fuck.

I can feel Barry's lips and breath on my neck as I begin to move inside
of him. I'm being gentler with him than I would with a woman, a hint that
when it's his turn, he should return my kindness. I rise up onto my elbows
and look into Barry's face as my cock continues to probe his guts. I
half-expect to see his eyes closed but find his blue eyes looking into my
brown ones, daring me to do my worse - or best.

"I know you can do better than that," Barry challenges. "Come on, baby
- pound my ass with that thing!

Did he call me baby? Even though I've having a pretty good time, I bit
of anger creeps into my happiness and I can feel my demeanor change

"I told you, NEVER call me baby," I said, suddenly slamming nine hard
inches into Barry. I feel his sphincter stretch then tear a little,
followed by something warm and wet. Without even thinking about it, I'm
banging Barry's ass so hard I'm starting to get cramps in my lower back and

Barry cries out in pain or pleasure or something as I take out my anger
on his back hole, punctuating each thrust with my words.

"I... told... you... never... to... call... me... that!
Didn't... I?" Barry's trying to say something but I'm not giving him much
of a chance to speak. I look into his eyes and see some fear there, which
drives me over the edge. My balls tighten once again, preparing to deliver
the coup de grace.

"Oh, shit... NO!" Barry screams as I flood his rectum with my sticky
spunk. Oh, it feels so damned good as my cock pulses jet after jet of
sperm into his bowel. Just as the last spurt dribbles into him, I feel
sick to my stomach, just as I expected. Even after I roll off of Barry,
the nausea increases and I close my eyes against the vertigo-like feelings
I'm experiencing.

Even as I fight against emptying the contents of my stomach, I can feel
Barry rolling me over onto said stomach, his strong hands lifting my ass
into the air. The sick feeling increases once more as I feel Barry's
tongue probing my anus, leaving gobs of saliva in its wake.

The bile begins to rise in my throat as I feel the bed move in response
to Barry getting into position behind me. A feeling of despair creeps over
me as he spreads my legs a little wider, followed by the feeling of his
cock knob at my back door. I'm powerless to stop him and he knows it as he
whispers; "Now it's my turn."

White, blinding light explodes behind my tightly clenched eyelids as
Barry's cock tears into me, ripping past my resisting muscles like the
proverbial hot knife through butter. Oh, God, it hurts so much! Barry's
into my bowels so fast I can't keep from tossing my cookies, adding to my

"Oh, yeah," I hear from somewhere behind me. "This is some good shit."
Inwardly, I'm glad Barry approves - but I wish he'd get this over with
before I throw up again.

The nausea passes and is replaced by the euphoric feeling of having a
cock buried deep inside of me. It's like taking a shit in reverse - that's
the best way I can describe it. I feel so full and it hurts so good!
Soon, the room is once again filled with the sounds of grunting and
groaning and cursing as Barry fucks my ass with long, delicious strokes.
And I'm helping him, shoving my ass against his cock in time with his
thrusts, my cock once again hard and dangling freely between my spread

With a free hand, Barry reaches around me and grabs my cock, stroking it
in time with his movements in my ass. The other hand is equally busy as I
feel the surprising sting of a hard slap on my buttocks! I'm completely
helpless as Barry fucks my sore ass, strokes my hard cock - and beats me on
top of it all.

Behind me, Barry's cursing like a maniac, screaming something about
teaching my Black ass a lesson and alternating his curses with praise on
how tight my ass it and how good his cock is feeling. I can feel the
tremors racing along his cock - he's getting ready to cream my ass and I
try to brace for it. I managed to get set just as he places an extremely
hard slap on my ass, bringing tears to my eyes and fills my tortured bottom
with his come.

"Oh, yes!" Slap. "I'm coming!" Slap. "Take my spunk, dude!" Slap.


I never noticed that he let go of my cock, using both hands to pummel my
up-turned backside. The tears continue to flow from my eyes as each slap
gets harder. Combine that with the near-indescribable feeling of having a
man coming in your ass and you've got a pretty interesting thing happening.

I can feel Barry getting soft inside of me and, mercifully, the slaps
have stopped, leaving me pretty sore in more ways than one. With one swift
motion, Barry's cock plops out of my ass and I feel relieved and, yep, sick
all at the same time. Exhausted, I collapse onto my stomach trying to
compose myself, only to feel Barry, flip me over onto my back. My legs go
into the air, and I can feel his spunk seeping out of my wide-open ass

I manage to get my eyes open and focused in time to see the wild look on
Barry's face - just before it disappears. I gasp as I feel his tongue in
my ass, slurping obscenely as he cleans me up, literally sucking the sperm
out of me.

I'm feeling good - but I also feel very sick to my stomach as Barry
turns his attention from my numbed ass to my erection. Honestly, I've had
about all the fun I can take for one night but, apparently, Barry has other

"It would be a shame to waste this," Barry mutters, straddling my cock
and guiding it once again to his own sloppy back hole.

All I can to is lie there and watch my stiff pole vanish quickly into
his nether regions. Barry's hands are on my chest as he rides me, his
fingers toying with my nipples. With each downward thrust, I can see Barry
getting hard again until his cock is bobbing with each movement.

Making sure he's fully seated on my overworked meat, Barry begins to
work his ass onto me, his hips gyrating and grinding into me that it hurts
a little. Leaning back, he takes his cock into his hand, jacking it
furiously. With everything we've done this night, the sight of his light
skin against my dark skin, my cock up his butt, and him jerking off, proves
to be too much for my senses to deal with. In an instant, sperm is flowing
into Barry again and this time, there's nothing pleasurable about it as it
feels like I'm shooting fire into his bum.

Barry's eyes widen for an instant then close, only to be followed by
pearly white dollops of his own seed spilling from the beet-red head of his
cock, the drops landing onto my sweaty chest. With a groan, Barry
collapses onto me, just as darkness claims me within its embrace.


It's been a couple of weeks since that night with Barry. I remember
waking up and finding him still impaled on my shriveled meat and, without
waking him, freed myself, got dressed and left him sleeping like a baby.
When I got home, I got in the shower and did my best to get cleaned up,
washing my cock and ass as carefully as I could. Once in my own bed, I
reflected on the events of the evening, hating myself while feeling
strangely satisfied.

I went back to the bar where I first met Barry, hoping to see him there
and not understanding why. The bartender remembered me, placing my drink
in front of me without me even ordering it. I take a sip, feeling the
Scotch burn my throat and notice the bartender is still standing there.

"What?" I asked, reaching for my wallet to pay for the drink.

"Nothing," he said, pushing the bills back at me. "The drink comes with
the compliments of the gentleman over there."

I follow the bartender's pointing finger to a good-looking guy sitting
at a table across the room. The guy sees the gesture, sees me looking in
that direction, and raises his glass in salute. Without thinking, I return
the salute with a nod, prompting the guy to get up from the table and make
his way over to me.

Here we go again, I think - and my cock hardens in anticipation of
another exciting night on the town.

The End


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