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BASIC camera Stacis chest Well


Keywords: M/F, oral, anal, B&D
Author: W R Jenkins
Title: Basic Innocence- Sam Hill II

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Basic Innocence- (basic.txt)- Another Sam Hill story. A real
plot with unbelievable sex jammed everywhere it almost fits. A
certain amount of B&D both consensual and not.

Basic Innocence
A Sam Hill Mystery

It hadn't helped to piss off Ted Chester.
Sam really had no choice. He had to save his own skin, but
it didn't lead to a treasure trove of references inside the monied set.
So when Delfco, Inc. called with a real investigation, he was ready
to take a job walking dogs to make end meet.
Sam mused how the brightest things seem to happen just
when it seems the darkest. He liked divorce work. It was simple,
usually not dangerous and he got to watch people fuck. It was also
not the reason he became a detective in the first place. He wanted to
do real leg-work and piece together puzzles.
Delfco suspected their employees of pilferage on a large and
organized scale. The executives didn't suspect the pilferage. They
saw it in the books every quarter. The suspicion was that the cause
wasn't a woefully unlucky streak of random acts. So they hired Sam.
And as much as the silver lining is no reason to ignore the
cloud, even this was tainted. Sam was a pretty good divorce
detective, but he was unprepared, under-equipped and under-staffed
for this kind of a job. Not that he'd admit that to anyone offering him
money, particularly $500 a day money.
There was one other thing. These guys were bean-counters.
Sam would have to leave a trail of receipts all over this case if he was
to get his expense money. Sam liked the little details in investigations,
but he hated them when they applied to him.
He was pondering the ups and downs in a state resembling
vapid staring when Staci came in and cleared her throat.
"It's almost six and I'm going home," she announced. "You
can stare at the wall all night. If you're not coming with me, don't
bother to show up later."
Sam hadn't told her a thing about Delfco and she was a little
pissed. Actually she was a lot pissed, because it was becoming clear
that Sam had not been teasing her as she suspected. He just wasn't
going to tell her.
"Honey, I don't know anything yet," Sam said with empty
hands spread. "And I've got a lot to figure out before I can even start
finding it out."
"You used to ask me to help," she pouted.
"Only with the real stuff," Sam said, "not stupid details like
who to talk to first. When I want to know why people act like they
do, I ask you. I ask because I've learned you're generally right. But
this is nothing like that. It isn't really a case yet. I haven't started."
"Don't try to sweet-talk me, Sam Hill," Staci snapped. "Are
you coming now or are you sleeping here tonight."
It was a real loss to let her go home alone. This time he
wasn't trying to cover up a morning/afternoon delight he had
happened on during the day. He would have loved to cuddle up with
Staci and her huge tits. His back could use the comfort of her bed.
He had to stay and work it out. If he was going to keep
paying her salary so he would have a place to sleep, he had to get
this investigation underway. And he didn't have a clue how to start.
Working within might work, but it could take months to gain the
trust necessary to penetrate the brain trust.
This wasn't a gig where he could snap a few pictures and
collect his chump change. It was an investigation that could turn nasty
if he didn't handle it in the right way. He needed to plan.
Sam kept coming back to plan A and having the same
misgivings. It could be dangerous.
Everything else fit. Staci could make men drop more than
their drawers and she would be ecstatic at the idea. She'd be able to
worm into the organization- if there was one- in weeks, maybe days.
And that was the drawback. She'd be inside and Sam had
no idea what he could do to keep her safe in case something went
He wasted his time bouncing back and forth between trying
to think of a way to get Staci out- if he did let her try, and keeping
her out of it entirely by handling it all himself. He didn't stumble on
a way to solve either problem.
"So are you going to proceed with the case, or should we
seek another agency," Mr Coplin asked frostily.
"Well, sir, I hope I can explain this with the proper tact, but
I am not prepared to share that information with you," said Sam,
hoping to baffle the exec. with bullshit. "If someone in your
organization is behind these losses, we certainly don't want to alert
them with any stray hint or rumor. The only way I can be sure it
doesn't leak is to not put any information in the pipe to start with."
"Can you at least tell me you are working on it?" Coplin
"Not in a billable sense, but I am getting things set up," Sam
said, depending on the savings to turn the bean-counter's head. "I
will begin the meter when the wheels start to turn and not until. Then
I will report only in the most general sense until this thing is wrapped
up. We can dot the i's and cross the t's and the completion."
"I think I should be understanding of your caution, but I don't
like the feeling you have carte blanche," Coplin said. "Be assured
there will be a strict accounting afterwards and spend accordingly."
Sam let him have that last word to get him off his back. He
knew from the start he'd need receipts for everything on this one.
"You ever want to be a whore?" Sam asked Staci.
She paused and studied his face for a long moment. He was
forever saying outrageous things and then giving the most unlikely
bland explanations for his meaning. She was still miffed, but she
decided she'd play. If she didn't like what he was saying, she could
add it to her list of grievances.
"You mean for real, or like play-acting?" Staci asked.
"That's the part I haven't figured out," Sam said.
"Okay, what are you talking about?" she asked.
"I think I could pass you off as a whore to get you inside, but
I don't know how you keep your legs together when I do that," Sam
said. "I don't even really want to ask you and I certainly don't want
you to have to put out for a bunch of guys."
Staci only had to weigh his words for a second before she
burst into an explosion of joy aimed at Sam. He knew it wasn't bad
aim that found him suffocating between her ample jugs.
"You're going to let me work a case!" she said excitedly, "I'll
be so good, I promise I will. You won't be sorry."
"Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Listen to me," Sam called out
into the valley of her cleavage.
He always expected an echo, but that was wishful thinking.
Her excitement was also wishful thinking, Sam tried to explain as she
released her headlock.
"You have this idea of drama, mystery and intrigue that just
isn't real," Sam said. "And did you hear me? The guys will be
expecting you to put out for them. It could get nasty. We have to talk
this over calmly and rationally."
Staci smiled at Sam with a patronizing smile. She did
something that Sam didn't catch to make her already impressive
chest protrude more obtrusively.
"Women have been promising and not coming across for
centuries and if you can't tell, I'm a woman," she said.
"Women have been raped and murdered for centuries, too,"
Sam said dryly.
"I can do it, Sam," Staci said with big doggy eyes, "I can be
an operative."
Sam knew how much it meant to her. Or at least he knew
how much she thought it would mean to her. He wasn't sure how
much of that was real and how much was out of a dectective story.
Still, he didn't have any better idea and in a kinky way it was
as exciting of a thought for him as being a dectective was for Staci.
It was also just as unreal as her expectations. He knew Staci would
correctly assess the situation once she was in it, but he wondered
how much of a rude awakening it would be.
"You're not listening to the important part here," Sam
belabored, needing to know he had warned her, "You're cover is
going to be a whore. You're going to be dealing with rough
characters. I don't think teasing will be tolerated. You're going to
have to have a better plan to keep from fucking the whole crew."
"Poor Sam, so worried about me. That's sweet," Staci
smiled and sank to sit on his knees.
"You're sure that you're not just a little jealous that some
other guy might get what you've been getting?" she purred and her
hand dropped to stroke the fly of his pants.
Suddenly there was less room in his pants as her stroking
had the usual effect. It was a cheap ploy to get her own way was
Sam's last thought on the subject before his brain gave way to the
lack of blood.
"It doesn't wear out, Sam," she continued as she continued,
"It gets better with practice."
He was staring dumbly up at her as she slid his zipper down
and pulled out his already raging hard-on. Staci was smiling at him
with purpose and the sly cat grin of victory.
Any resistance Sam night have mounted was washed away
by his hesitation to interrupt her as she slid off his knees and went
to her own between his. He had slept on the couch after all. Her
warm mouth covering his cock was a catch-up for what he had
missed the night before.
"That'll work!" Sam said suddenly as her tongue slowly
explored his hard-on. "You could blow them if you had to."
Staci's answer was to engulf him and start sucking hard. It let
Sam stop worrying about his half-baked rationalization and let the
warm fuzzy feeling of getting off slowly come over him.
In any case, there was no going back now. Staci wouldn't let
him retract the offer. And he still couldn't think of any better way
to infiltrate Delfco.
Not that Sam was doing much thinking as Staci gave him the
marvellous mid-morning blow-job. He was marvelling at how fast she could
move her head up and down his cock while she was sucking so hard. She
wasn't making this the best part. But Sam knew where she was heading (no
pun intended).
Making him cum in her mouth was not Staci's favorite way to have
sex with Sam, but she was still good at it. And perhaps because she was
not lost in her own enjoyment, she paid attention to every detail. Sam
knew the trick. Staci would get him ready to shoot as quickly as she
could and then bring out her tricks.
Just as he was trembling with imminent ejaculation, Staci would
stop her bobbing and begin a frantic tickling on his balls. Then he'd be
whipped into jetting out his load by her insistent tongue.
And that would be the start. Her mouth, her tongue, her head would
be turning and moving as he came in an undefinable sequence of wet
flesh surrounding and belaboring his squirting cock. And it wouldn't
stop. Not until long after the spasms stopped wracking Sam and she took
his exhausted cock deep in her mouth to hold the twitching flesh.
Coplin was uninterested in the details. Sam was one line in a
column that he wanted to check off and get on with his other concerns.
Chastened by Sam's baffling run-around before, he didn't ask question
That didn't put Sam's mind to rest, but it committed him to his
course. He was stuck with his half-baked plan now. And at five times his
usual fee, Sam felt obligated to get moving on the half-baked plan right
Staci was full of surprises when he returned to the office. She
had gone whole hog in the flush of excitement. Grudgingly Sam had to
admit that she had come up with an idea he hadn't thought of.
"You ought to read more of your mail," Staci scolded, "This stuff
is ages old by now. See- it's so outdated that it's cheap."
She was pointing to a button camera transmitter. It was two or
three times the size of the top of the line, but she had him covered
there. She showed him the most violet of violet double-knit dresses with
huge buttons. The design was a knotted rope clutching a rhinestone in
the middle. Sam could see it would be perfect for concealing the kind of
camera she was pointing out.
Equipment wasn't expenses, but Sam thought there'd be some way to
at least split the cost with Delfco. He was flushed with the thought of
a windfall and not that hard to convince.
"At least I'll be able to watch you get in trouble," Sam said,
still clinging to his misgivings about the plan.
The problem was still Staci's initial insertion into the warehouse.
Insertions into Staci would have to wait. How does she get there? Why
is she hanging around?
"Who questions a whore, Sam?" Staci asked and then supplied her
own answer, "The little head takes over and men start thinking about
being in her pants and not how she got there."
"So you just walk in and shout, 'The whore's here!'. That's your
plan?" Sam snorted.
Actually, she gave a timid knock and and a little girl lost look
as she stepped in the door. The surplus of make-up and her garish dress
shouted the whore part. There were four guys playing cards at a table
and they eyed her suspiciously at first.
"You're pretty far off the beaten path- uhh- lady," the big bald
one challenged her.
"I saw the light and I was hoping there'd be someone to make my
long walk back worthwhile," Staci countered.
"How come none of your girlfriends walk down here to check us out?"
he kept the questions coming.
"Maybe they know better than to get in a car with an asshole," she
said, "The guy drove me out here and then tried to get over on me for a
ride back downtown. So I'm walkin'."
Sam could see the grin on the man's face in the button camera. It
looked like he might have pulled that one a time or two himself. Having
a laugh at Staci's expense seemed to clear his suspicion. But it wasn't
making him invite her in. Sam liked him for that.
"Well, best of luck to you, but I don't think you've got any
takers here either," he said to turn her away.
"I see money on the table," she pushed, "How about a pot for me? I
mean, winner gets me and I get the pot."
"We're going to be real busy in a minute, so I don't think there's
time," he kept her back.
"Then any chance I can get a ride?" Staci kept pressing.
The big, bald guy was about to brush her off again when one of the
men at the table spoke up.
"Let her hang around, Cy, what can it hurt?" he said.
"Yeah, she's easier on the eyes than her tits are on that dress,"
piped up a second man.
Sam had held the hope that Cy was going to chase Staci away on
general principles. He didn't have another plan, but he was liking this
one less and less. This was the other side of his indecision.
"Okay, honey," Cy caved in, "You can wait around for a ride, but
you're going to have to wait in the office out of the way."
As he led her to the office in its block structure at the side of
the building, her turned and warned the men.
"And you guys keep your mind on work or I'll chase her off before
you have a chance to give her a lift," Cy snapped.
If he had tits as big as Staci's, Sam would have been able to walk
in there. He was vaguely jealous of the way she had so easily penetrated
the gang. That half of his dilemma came to the front now that Staci was
in relative safety away from the group.
Sam noticed that she was keeping her chest facing the window with
the clearest view like a pro. He wasn't going to see much down the
rows of boxes, but he had the best view Staci could give him.
He hadn't sensed any suspicion from Cy. He was sure Staci was
hidden in the back not to keep her from seeing, but to keep his bosses
from seeing her. Somehow they had to change Cy's mind. Sam needed Staci
in harm's way no matter how he felt about it.
In point of fact, Sam had the best view as the van pulled to the
rolling door and into the warehouse. There it went. They had found the
hole. They just didn't know who was involved in pushing the merchandise
down that hole into someone else's pocket.
Sam gave up too easily. He didn't feel tied to the spot. There was
no reason to know where the stuff went without finding the guys in
charge. Waiting for Staci was no problem from that standpoint.
The problem came in the shape of a youngish man that fetched
Staci from the office. Sam knew there was an evil plan behind that grin.
"We wuz talkin' and, you know, we couldn't get that idea of yours
out of our heads," he told her. "You know, about us playing a pot for
"The way we worked it out is the winner gets you and then takes
you back downtown," he looked expectantly at her.
Staci was so far into her role that she felt grateful for the
ride. She would be even more gratified by the way they played cards for
The pot started at $4 and soon swelled to $28. Then it got serious.
Poker sense took a backseat to lust as the men were more bidding on
Staci than evaluating their hands. Cy dropped out early. He had nothing
and the sense to know he wouldn't win no matter how much he threw in.
The pot was over $60 when the swarthy man put down three 8's. He
grinned at Staci and patted his knee.
She sat on his lap and reached out to scoop up the bills in the
center of the table. Then Sam saw the camera bounce crazily as the man got his hands on Staci's DD's.
"By god, they feel real," he taunted the others, "And they feel
real good. I think I'll fuck them a little bit before I do her."
"You're not doing her here," Cy said, "Go behind the boxes or
At the most, Sam wanted to see the man's belt buckle moving up and
back while Staci blew him. Instead he watched as the office came into
view and then spun around as Staci put the dress on a filing cabinet.
It would have been just as nice if the camera wasn't pointing at the
two of them.
Sam was sure Staci had made sure the lens was pointed that way. He
had to watch as the guy fucked her tits like he had promised and then
watch as he told Staci he wanted to fuck her.
He had never watched a woman put a rubber on another man, but it
didn't help the fact that Staci was going to fuck this guy while he
watched. He knew he was in for something because of this. Staci was
going to hold this over his head forever.
He put her on the desk and humped her energetically for a while as
Sam watched. At least she didn't have to go through it long. The guy
got off quick and then grinned like the Cheshire cat as Staci slid the
condom slowly off his dick.
This was exactly why Sam didn't like the idea. Beside the
ammunition it gave Staci, it also legally made her a prostitute. This
wasn't a offense of intent. She took the money and she got laid. It
pretty much screwed up any testimony she had.
Sam met her around the corner from where she was dropped off. She
was glowing.
"They did it right under our noses," Staci enthused, "We got the
guys that load the trucks and everything."
"But we didn't get Mr. Big," Sam tried to bring her back to Earth.
"They kept me in the office," Staci said.
"That's not all that happened in the office," Sam said sourly,
"But I don't think the head guy goes on the runs any way."
"Sam, you're jealous," Staci kidded.
"Staci, I'm shocked," he replied, "You looked so professional. And
the problem is now you are."
Staci wasn't sure how to take that. Being convincing was a
compliment, but it was clear Sam didn't mean it that way.
"Did I fuck up?" Staci asked timidly.
He just wanted to level her out. Now he had brought her down. Sam
had to fix this, whether he felt like it or not.
"Technically, you took money and had sex. That compromises your
testimony," Sam explained and then tried to smooth it over, "But it
doesn't compromise your information. The problem is that this is exactly
why I didn't want to send you into the middle of this. It's just not
right for you to have to screw these guys."
"It only took a second," Staci said slyly.
"I am not jealous," Sam protested, "I know it didn't mean anything
and that's part of the point. You shouldn't have to do that. I should be
able to do my job without making you a whore."
"It was fun, Sam," she said, "I was so LaVon LaTour that it wasn't
even me. But I did have fun watching him get all horny for LaVon."
She even had a name for her persona. He knew she was having fun,
but it was wrong. At the very least, she would be impossible about
trying to work cases with him from now on. He didn't want to think about
the danger she could be in.
"This means you can never say no to me again," Sam tried.
"Because I'm sacrificing my self-respect to save your ass, I'm
not allowed to ever get it back again?" Staci laughed.
It wasn't like Sam slipped much over on Staci, but he thought she
would miss it if he didn't try. Then he saw the car that dropped her off
circling back and it gave him an idea.
"Brush me off," he said seriously, "Chase me away and see if you
can't talk to that guy about going back tomorrow."
Staci saw the car over his shoulder and then went into her act.
"And I don't give credit either!" She said loudly, "Now get away
from me you cheap son of a bitch!"
Sam scuttled off to a nearby building and straight out the side
door to creep back into the alley and watch.
"Hi again!" she called and waved to the car rolling by.
He slowed and she motioned to the curb. She went over and leaned
in the window to have a talk with him. When she came out, she was
"He and I were on the same page," Staci said brightly. "He was
still turned on by winning me in a poker game and he was sure the
guys would make it worth my while if I dropped in again tomorrow. He
even said Cy would be at a meeting around seven and they would be able
to have a party with me."
"Christ, Staci, that means they want to gang-bang you," Sam
"Well, that may be... but I'll be getting inside without Cy there
to watch me," Staci said.
She was obviously caught up in the enthusiasm of working a case.
She wasn't seeing the big picture. Sam tried to wake her up.
"And they'll be getting inside of you without anybody there to
stop them," Sam said, "I don't know how much time you'll have for the
detective business."
"Sam, grow up, I'm a big girl," she scolded him, "Don't you think
I have fantasies? It's not something I'd normally do, but since it's
important to the case, I can handle it."
Sam didn't believe a word. He knew she was still lost in her
detective story fantasies. Worse, he didn't know what good his
half-baked plan could do. The men in charge obviously didn't hang
around the warehouse. Staci wasn't going to be passed up the ladder to
meet the bosses.
That was not the way she saw it. There would be names and
addresses strewn about the office. Signed, sworn statements of guilt
waiting for her to find. At least she was confident she could find a
lead. Sam tried to talk her out of it.
She was right that it would take her out of the equation totally
if she didn't go. She lobbied that there was a chance that this would
lead somewhere and they had to keep the lines open. Sam still didn't
have a better plan.
Staci rolled up to the warehouse in a taxi. She waved at the
driver as she got out and he gave her the thumbs up. Twenty bucks for
a three dollar ride will buy you that.
So will a blow-job. Staci assured the men at the warehouse she had
used the latter to get him to drop her off. They laughed. They were a
jolly crew without Cy and in the presence of a whore.
"We did some thinking and it don't make no sense for us to play
cards for you," her lover from last night said, "I mean, what's the big
deal? You're going to fuck us all, aren't ya? You're a whore- I mean
you're used to that, aren't ya?"
"But how do I win the money from the pots?" Staci kept business
foremost in her mind.
"We thought of that, he said, "We figure we give you $50, each,
and then we'll just have some fun.
"Why don't you give me $200 total and you can have all the fun you
want," Sam grimaced as Staci upped the ante.
The guys looked at one another and one of them motioned his head.
The two older men talked as the young one stared unabashedly into the
camera over Staci's tits.
"You mean all the fun, as in we can do it all we want with you?"
her friend asked.
"Yeah, that's exactly what I meant. And a ride home too," Staci
"Then you got a deal. I'll drive you home personally and this
time I might want what that taxi guy got as a momento," he said.
Jesus Christ! Sam was going batshit. Staci was offering to take
all they had until they felt like taking her home. What was going
through her head? What was that going to prove?
"But we can still have the poker game," Staci teased, "We can play
for matches or something. I'm sure we can think up a nice prize for the
She had to have been thinking about it for a while. It was too
devious of a plan for her to have thought up on the spur of the moment.
They each got chips. Ten white, five red, five blue, except she got
double for being a girl. (You'll like it, it's a good thing, she said
to calm their protests.)
They bet like normal except you had to have chips left to play a
hand. They won, they got her (On the table, since they were all going to
be good friends before the night was over.). She won, she covered
something up and they had to win it away from her.
They reset the chips each time someone won her. And if she
happened to win all the chips and they couldn't play, they they had to
attack her in their rage and force her to do whatever they wanted. No
more cards.
There were interesting subtleties to the game. Sam loved the part
where she played naked. Again she was careful to point the camera at the
action. She took great care folding her dress just so. Just so it picked
up the table and the players.
Willie, Hector and Jimmy- her recent lover, the other older guy
and the kid sat down to play. Hector promptly won and pointed to the
middle of the table. They really weren't having any trouble with the
group fuck concept.
Staci climbed up and put her butt on the spot and Hector dropped
his pants.
"Aren't you even going to spit on it first?" Willie kibitzed.
"No, she's going to spit on it for me," Hector said, crooking his
finger at Staci.
There are no minimum requirements for knowing how to fuck. These
guys would be bozos on most lists, but Hector showed Sam that it doesn't
take wit or a good attitude to know how to fuck. He really appreciated
being tormented by that fact.
Hector had Staci lean off the edge of the table to suck him. He
made her work for it. When she had proved she was willing to do that,
he tipped her back and pulled her legs in the air.
"Wait! Wait!" Staci hollered as he stepped forward.
She reached in her bag for a condom. Hector got a scowl on his
face. Staci jumped down his throat.
"Hey! Stupid! El Stupido! I'm a whore, goddammit! Who knows who
had what in my box in the last couple of days? I'm protecting you,"
she harped.
Hector responded well to the scolding. His face went blank and he
let her roll the rubber over his dick. It didn't seem to dampen his
spirit when he grabbed her knees again and plunged into her.
Sam couldn't even imagine how it felt along with Hector. He had
never fucked Staci wearing a rubber. He did see that it wasn't cramping
his style much. Staci's tits were a good barometer of the action and
they were threatening to fly up and slap her in the face from the
energy of Hector's thrusts.
She did look good getting fucked, Sam had to admit. But he could
have lived his life and been a happy man if he had never seen it from
his present perspective.
Staci reached up to grab her tits in pretended passion. Hector
was fucking her so rapidly that the lucious mounds were beginning to
bend in the middle as another thrust caught them before they could
swing through an entire arc. She steadied them in her hands as she
Hector was oblivious as he pounded into his release.
The other two looked quite eager as Hector and Staci took their
places again. They set up again quickly.
Staci won the next hand and chose to lay her panties over her
crotch. It saved her taking them off again when Hector won his second
It had to be some sort of plan, Sam thought as Hector and Willie
both folded on the next hand. There was no reason to fold in a game
where you only won and couldn't lose. Staci demonstrated that as she
stayed with nothing in her hand.
"You win, junior," she told the wide-eyed young man.
"Yeah, Jimmy, your turn. Show us your style," Willie kidded.
"I don't want to show you my style," Jimmy shot back, "I want her
blow me. I want to sit back and watch her suck my dick."
Somehow the comfort that Sam thought he'd have if Staci only had
to blow a couple of guys backfired. It was harder to watch her crouch
between Jimmy's legs and make love to his cock than it had been to see
her take it from Hector on the table.
But part of that was the enthusiam she had for the chore. Sam
tried to ease the scowl on his face by taking her side into
consideration. She was showing off for them, sure, but she was doing it
with the kid. He had to be going apeshit as she carefully let every
part of his cock experience every surface inside her hot mouth.
She wasn't just sucking to get him off. She was making sure he
was having a good time. It was sweet of her. And it didn't make it much
easier to watch as she artfully sucked a little, licked a little and
made the boy's eyes bug out.
"You want to cum now?" she asked him in between jacking him with
her hand and licks around the underside of his cock head, "You want to
cum in my mouth?"
Jimmy just groaned as she teased him on the edge of orgasm. She
kept it up until she made his butt squirm in the chair and then closed
in for the kill. She swallowed most of his cock as she bobbed up and
down in his lap. It didn't take many trips for Jimmy to jerk in the
chair like she had bit his cock off and then freeze with his mouth open
as if in pain and his eyes squeezed shut.
Sam 'made' her swallow when he was dominating her. This time Staci
was doing it on her own to make it good for the kid. If he didn't see
how nice she was trying to be, Sam would have been even more jealous.
Sam didn't think she had let a drop escape, but Staci pulled a
finger along her lower lip meaningfully as she got up and sat back down
in her chair.
"Come on, deal the cards," she said to break the pause as the
older guys exchanged glancees and Jimmy was still on a cloud near heaven.
Staci won her panties and bra on the next two hands and Hector
suddenly got out of sorts.
"Fuck this, I ain't got no chips and you guys got about two
apiece," he pointed out, "I say we get in that rage thing now and just
gang-bang the chick."
"I want to watch Jimmy fuck her on the table first," Willie said.
"Come on, kid, you know we're going to watch you sooner or later,
pork her so we can have some real fun," Hector urged.
It wasn't like they were taunting him to eat dirt. Jimmy might be
a little cautious around these jokers, but if the worst thing he had to
do was fuck Staci, he could handle that. The problem was height.
He didn't quite reach when Staci was sprawled on the table. Staci
squashed some of their rude suggesstions and made it simple. She rolled
on her belly and backed off the teble until her butt hung down far
enough for Jimmy to push his cock into her.
With a pair of roarers like Staci's, her back was never going to
be her good side, but it was better than some women's best side. If a
little generous, her butt still arched firmly to form a deep valley of
pleasure between her twin cheeks.
Jimmy had found the spot under the welcoming arch and no longer
seemed concerned about the audience. For Sam, his fascination with her
huge tits made Staci one of the few women he preferred to take from
the front. Jimmy didn't seem to mind. He did everything but tip the
table over as he plowed into her to feel the depth of penetration he
could have from the rear.
"He's reaming her out good," Willie said to Hector.
"Nothing like hot cunt to chase away shyness," Hector responded.
Jimmy had nothing to say. He was keeping his breath to use in
fucking Staci. He was using the breath well. Everything was calmer the
second time around. He could enjoy the warm slide of fucking Staci for
a while before he got lost in the fury of trying to cum.
It was not calmer for Sam. The kid looked like he was holding back
on purpose. Sam wanted it over until shortly after it was. Then Willie
and Hector pulled Staci farther away from the camera.
He could see well enough to see they had Staci on her knees giving
them both head. Sam didn't look forward to them kicking off a gang-bang
on his favorite secretary. This was just s stupid plan.
He couldn't really see what they were doing behind the boxes. He
let himself off an that one. He wasn't sure. He didn't have to deal with
the evident fact that Staci was the meat in a Hector-William sandwich.
Even for LaVon LaTour it was a bit of a stretch. Staci had a
glimmer of their plan when they took her to the cartons that offset in
the shape of a chair.
Something said they weren't going to be happy with the speed of a
serial hook-up and were intending to make her a parallel port. She was
slid down onto Willie's cock for a moment before Hector confirmed her
Staci wanted to be receptive to the plan. She could feel that
Hector had even put on a condom on his own. She wanted to be receptive-
loose even- but there was a lot of cock trying to get into her at the
same time. It was a stretch for Staci too.
The only grace was they weren't waiting for her acceptance. That
took away her responsibility to make it easy for them and hurried the
hard part for her. It wasn't a good feeling to have Hector force open
her asshole, but it felt better once he had pushed his cock in.
There was a continuing feeling of something wrong inside her as
they stuffed her with two cocks, but it came with a fringe of pleasure
at the sheer decadence of the act. It was a bondage of a different type
to be pinned between the two men, impaled on both their cocks.
Hector and Willie were just as involved. They weren't going to
give up their places and the truck caught them by surprise.
"Shit!" Willie said, "Jimmy- get out there and tell them we can't
load the truck tonight."
"What do I say?" Jimmy clearly didn't like the task.
"Tell em- umm... tell them we called in sick and you can't load it
alone," Willie extemporized.
If Sam could have seen them cringing naked while Jimmy carried
their message, it might have taken the sting out of what he had seen
and imagined happening to Staci during the evening.
They lost the taste for their party quickly after that. The men scrambled for their clothes when the truck pulled out, driver swearing.
They were in trouble and they didn't seem to be interested in Staci
She infuriated Sam by taunting them. Stalking around them stark
naked, she teased them with what they'd be missing. She should leave
well enough alone, Sam fumed.
It did fufill that purpose, however. The three hurried Staci into
her clothes and sent Jimmy to take her back to the city. He hesitated
when Staci offered to give him the blow-job Willie had joked about, but
decided to get back without letting her unzip his pants.
It wasn't like she had gotten off easy, but it was over, Sam
sighed to himself. She was out and not very damaged.
"I don't want to hear it, Sam," she said as they walked into her
"Then maybe I better sleep at the office, because I've got a lot
to say, like I told you so," Sam snapped.
"That damn truck fucked everything up," Staci said, "But I don't
want to fight about it. Maybe you should sleep in the office."
It wasn't like she was going to be horny. Sam could try and sleep
off the bad taste in his mouth. It would leave them both alone with
their thoughts.
Staci was almost herself in the morning. Sam went out of his way
to leave her that way. He had thought of something. There was some
leg-work he could be doing and he escaped the office.
He had seen the name on the side of the truck in the warehouse
that night. He was going to find out everything he could about Apex
They weren't in the gray area. They dealt with people in the gray
area. The one direction was all records and business as usual. The
other wasn't written down. It wasn't illegal to be a customer, but that
was the gray area. It wasn't smart to leave a trail that led to places
that might be using the tip tickets or instant Bingo for gambling.
Sam was interested in the documented direction.
"Heard you didn't get your shipment last night," he said.
"Who the hell are you?" the man behind the counter asked.
"The trouble shooter," Sam said, telling only half a lie, "We got
trouble in the warehouse and I'm trying to find out who to shoot."
That got a laugh and eased Sam's way.
"Can I see the invoice?" Sam asked, treading into the void.
He was braced for a run around about the way they did business.
They would have some cover for receiving stolen property.
Instead, the man turned and shuffled through the desk. He came up
with the invoice. It was on Delfco shipping forms that looked
legitimate. He had all the paperwork.
Now Sam had to find out how this scam worked. Where along the way
did this document drop into the system? It pointed the finger firmly
back inside Delfco. He looked like a genius for stonewalling Coplin
in the beginning.
Sam didn't bother Coplin with the details. He didn't bother Coplin
at all. There was a girl named Miss Fresh in billing that was helpful.
That was after Sam worked her magic on her.
"I got the invoice number, so it won't take but a moment," Sam
"But why should I tell you anything?" Miss Fresh asked, "I've
never seen you around here before. What right do you have to know?"
"You have a lot of trouble with people tracking billing?" Sam
asked, "Is it a big industry secret or somthing?"
"Perhaps you'd like me to call security," she threatened.
"I'd rather you call Coplin," Sam said, having to bother him
after all.
She was much nicer after she had talked to Coplin.
"He said I should help you look up anything you wanted," she
She was still haughty, but looked at the invoice number Sam
"I can tell you right now that this isn't in there," she said.
"How do you know that?" Sam asked.
"This is four digits. We haven't been in four digits for 10 years.
See, part of the number is a routing code and then we need five digits
to cover our orders in a quarter," she explained the system.
"Can you check and see how old this number is?" Sam asked.
"You're investigating something, aren't you?' she changed the
subject, "You're not an accountant, are you?"
"No, I'm not an accountant, but I'm not supposed to be telling
everyone what I'm doing, either," Sam said.
"Like undercover?" she said and Sam heard the familiar quaver
come into her voice.
"Like I'd like to know where this number fits in," Sam tried to
turn her back to work.
"That's easy," she said, energized again and sending flying
fingers over her keyboard.
"South Bend Distributing, 1989," she read off the screen.
A duplicate printing or a good, professionally printed
counterfeit, Sam thought. Now he had to get the invoice again to see if
there was a clue where it was printed.
His reverie was broken by Miss Fresh's return to her groupie
excitement. She was staring carefully at him like he was an abberation.
"So, what's the story about South Bend?" she said in a lowered
He leaned over until his face was inches from hers and whispered,
"Not a thing, doll, it's just a wrong number."
It didn't surprise him. I never surprised him anymore. She threw
her arms around his neck and kissed him. His pulling back only helped
to lift her out of her chair. Then she was clambering up on her desk,
still holding onto him tightly.
"What the hell are you doing?" Sam asked when he pulled his mouth
away from hers.
"Don't you want to ravish me on my desk?" she pouted.
"Well, you have been helpful, but don't you think you could have
just asked? You could have broken my neck grabbing me that way," Sam
told her.
"I thought that was why you bent over the desk," she said.
It was in a way, sorta, but Sam had a better line.
"I was just trying to look down your blouse," Sam brazened.
"Then let me help you," Miss Fresh said as she started undoing
blouse buttons.
There were worse fates than having secretaries in love with him.
"God, those are nice," Sam said with a handful of tit.
He felt he owed her that for stripping to the waist. She was out
to increase his debt as she struggled out of her skirt, pantyhose and
underwear. He didn't recall any of them stripping to their high heels
"Now you can see ALL the way down my blouse," she said as she did
a quick turn away to the end of the desk and then turned and stalked
back. "See anything there you like?"
Sam now understood willowy. It was curves as gentle as the swaying
of willow branches. It was a smooth transition of tiny waist to narrow
square butt below and the hanging pears of her breasts above. She
looked good all over.
"How do you see this ravishing going?" Sam let her plan her own.
"Very romantically," she said, sliding her butt casually onto
the desk and holding out her arms for him.
Whatever. Sam dropped his pants and let himself be pulled into her
embrace. She was hungry for him and pulled his mouth to hers. Her arms
and legs twined around him, holding him close. She urged him with her
tongue and his semi-hard cock grew rapidly. It was soon a stiffened
presence riding up and down her gash.
"Put it in me," she broke the kiss to say after she had ridden his
hard shaft a while longer.
Romance was a violent thing to her. Their romantic coupling was
accompanied by her pulling him inside her with her legs as tight as
she could manage. Sam jerked up into her while she crushed herself to
him, hanging as much on him as resting her butt on the edge of her desk.
She held him deep and wriggled on his cock.
"Lay me down and take me," she gasped on her next break for air.
It was a difficult proposition, but Miss Fresh made it as easy as
possible on him. Sam had to pull her butt off the desk as he lay her
back to negotiate the height of the desk, but she hung on and let him
provide the pushing.
It had been merely snug and warm as she had made his cock explore
her velvet recesses before. That was very nice. That was very, very
nice, but now Sam had the sensation of fucking the snug tightness that
hung on his cock and that was a lot better.
He wasn't sure, but it was feeling like Miss Fresh's thing was
romance novels and not detective stories. Mystery and danger and not
the detective persona had her wrapped naked around him as he fucked
her on her own desk. It would explain why she clutched at him and made
Sam feel like he was ravishing her.
Sam was fresh himself that morning. He needed to be to fight her
clinging legs and manage some in-out. But then he hit the magic switch
and Miss Fresh was playing a woman undone.
She stiffened in his arms and he felt her fingernails through his
coat. She made a sound like a dying man and her legs seemed to shoot
straight into the air in a frame around his still thrusting hips.
She had been undone. This beast had conquered her. In layman's
terms, Sam had got her off. She quivered deliciously as Sam took
advantage of his freedom to give her cock long and fast.
She whined and yipped like a lonely puppy while he was giving her
the full length of his cock. And then he felt her heels dig into his
ass again as she urged him into short and hard thrusts that he knew
would finish him.
She knew just the time to interrupt. Sam felt the tickle back in
his balls and Miss Fresh chose that time to beg again.
"Please don't make me pregnant, don't make me carry your child,"
she gasped with as much drama as she could manage in her slack-faced
It was a rude confusion of romance and porn movies as she talked
like Scarlett O'Hara and then dropped onto the floor in front of him
like Traci Lords to gobble his cock.
She had barely cupped his balls before Sam was giving her a white
lunch. His cock sliding easily back to her tonsils had been almost
enough to pull his trigger. When she sucked and stroked his balls, it
was time to let go.
She was just getting started. Sam held her head as much for
balance as to force it down on his cock. She didn't need the urging to
keep him deep in her mouth. And when the jets of cum stopped, she
sucked him like she was just starting.
It was Sam's turn to howl as she made shivers shake him with her
over-abundant stimulation of his over-sensitive cock.
"Geeze, lady," Sam croaked, "Let it go soft. I can't take much
more of this."
She pretended offense, but the smirk on her face told Sam that
she knew exactly what she was doing. It was some weird way to claim the
power back after she had given herself to his control.
Whatever. For Sam it was a great blow-job to end another strange
secretary fuck.
His interesting interlude aside, it was going to be a difficult
task to trace the bogus purchase orders without tipping off the one
in charge of this rip-off.
At least he had narrowed his search. It was going to be someone
inside Delfco, Inc. with the sticky fingers. And the key to the scam
was also inside their doors.
He thought about haunting the halls to look for guilty faces.
He considered a midnight raid to find the rest of the four-digit
invoices. Somewhere in there was a plan. Sam just needed a moment of
stillness to figure out exactly what it was.
Unfortunately for his plan, Staci had been stewing as long as he
had been gone.
"Are you going to pretend it never happened?" she asked him when
he had gone to his desk to think without comment.
For a second he thought he had been caught with Miss Fresh. But
Staci had a beef and she didn't keep them secret.
"You're burning up with indignation and I want to hear it," she
said and then softened a little, "We have to get it out, Sam, or it
will hang over us forever."
"You mean you gang-banging the warehouse boys?" he asked, trying
to make it sound casual like it was the furthest thing from his mind.
"See," she accused, "You're mad and you're trying to hold it in.
That never works. We've got to talk it out."
She was standing in front of his desk, looking down at him like
an angry client.
"I got off on it, Sam. I got off on it in spite of myself," she
said, "I was trying to play the great whore and I got sucked into it."
It sounded like a confession, but it was delivered like a
manifesto. She was giving Sam no clue what she was trying to do.
"You bragging or complaining?" Sam asked.
"I'm telling you how I felt," Staci snapped, "But it would kill
you to return the favor. We need to straighten this out."
"I felt that you were working too hard for $200," Sam said.
"I guess that's because you're so familiar with prostitutes," she
accused and then caught herself, "Sorry. I don't mean for this to be
a fight."
"Look, On the one hand you were very good as a whore," Sam said,
genuinely trying to put his feelings into words, "But I'm used to
seeing you as my gal Friday and it was hard to watch."
"Just so you know I wasn't enjoying it," Staci said.
That sounded like bullshit to Sam.
"You mean they were lousy lays?" he goaded her.
"I mean my mind was on being convincing and not raising their
suspicions," she countered.
"Raising their cocks, but not their suspicions," Sam let a little
frustration loose on her.
"Okay, it was a little bit fun," she confessed, "It's always nice
to see how attractive you are reflected in a hard cock. And I did have
a moment of guilty pleasure being on Jimmy's side against the old guys."
"And I tell you that wasn't the thing bothering me," Sam said,
"At least it wasn't my big worry. I felt you were in danger every
second you were in there and I just wanted you to get out as quick as
you could."
"But how was I going to find out anything if I left?" she asked.
They had come back to less emotional ground now. Sam felt he
could trust her to make sense of his dilemma.
"That was my dilemma from the start," Sam said, "I didn't like
the idea for a lot of reasons, but I couldn't think of a better one."
Staci had grasped what was going on. And now she saw a solution
that worked for her.
"Then why don't we say this," she said, "You did fine. It was a
good plan. I appreciate that you don't like to put me at risk, but it
was an intelligient solution. You can stop beating yourself up for
not having a better plan."
When she got the patronizing out of the way, she cut to the heart
of it.
"And let's say that I was overeager to be a part of the
excitement and didn't listen to your doom and gloom," she went on. "I
may have been a little hasty to do anything to prove I could help you."
She wasn't finished yet. Sam knew her point was still hiding
behind this curtain of sensible talk.
"Now let's look at the big picture," she said, borrowing one of
Sam's lines when he was about to make an excuse, "We work pretty well
together. And we fuck pretty well together, too. I think one gets
confused with the other sometimes. I don't think you'd have been as
bothered if we weren't lovers. But this was an incident and we have to
get past it because we do make it work out so well most of the time."
Sam was glad she got that off her chest. He would have forgotten
about it in a week or two on his own. But she needed to have this
display to feel the air was clear. Okay, it did take away some of the
doubts that had been bothering him. But he would have gotten over them-
he was pretty sure.
None of it did a damn thing to help him figure out how to get
inside Delfco. But at least he was sure having Staci whore inside the
company wasn't a solution.
"Hey! Whore!" someone called as Staci was walking.
She looked toward the sound and saw Cy leaning out of a car
window. Her spirits went through the roof. It wasn't over after all.
She waved at him.
"I got a special request for you to come with me," Cy said
awkwardly. "I got $500 for you."
It was clear he was uneasy with his task. Given the way he
avoided her like a diease, Staci thought it was shyness at having to
deal with her so directly.
"I got to get my purse," Staci stalled.
She wasn't going to leave without giving Sam a warning. And she
needed that camera to record her travels.
"Wait here, I'll only be thirty seconds," she called as she
dashed off.
"The game's afoot," she said mysteriously as she rushed past Sam
to grab the button off the whore dress.
She pushed a safety pin through the button and pinned it on like
a brooch. As she worked she gave Sam the short version.
"Cy's waiting for me. He says he's got $500. It has to be
something big. He's waiting and I have to go," she spat out rapid fire.
She ran back down to the car with Sam still scrambling to get his
buggy out of the lot. She had neglected to tell him what the car looked
Fortunately, he saw them go past as he pulled out the gate. It
would look more innocent that way, he consoled himself. He picked them
up a block away and closed the gap. Cy wasn't headed for the warehouse.
He was headed toward the run down strip malls on the west side.
There were For Rent signs in several windows where Cy stopped the
car. Cheap office space, Sam mused. His pulse picked up. This was
closer to the top than the guys that loaded the trucks.
He turned on his monitor and found out it was better than that.
He had missed Cy's hang-dog determination as they drove, but he
flipped on the receiver in time to catch the explanation.
"I had to tell him. I had to tell him the truth. The guys really
fucked up with that shipment and he was pissed," Cy was explaining,
"He asked about you and then he said he wanted to meet a woman that
could turn his men into prick-headed fools. I don't know what he wants,
but for $500 it must be something special."
"For $500 I'll give him something special," Staci said, "Him
being the big boss and all."
Sam knew Staci had added that for the benefit of the tape.
"This is it," Cy said, "He's waiting for you. Just remember that
I never did nothing with you, will ya?"
This was about as good as could be planned, Staci thought to
herself. And Sam hadn't wanted her to get involved. It had taken her
less than a week to fuck her way to the top. She pushed her bra up
to make the best impression and preceded Cy into the office.
As Staci strutted in, Sam got his first look at the face of
Mr. Big.
It was Coplin. It was fucking Coplin! He had his own sweet deal
going with the buyers. That explained the twisted tale of the invoices
for goods received that were never shipped. He had set up his own
Coplin enterprises inside Delfco. Diverted shipments, embezzled
payments, and the access to make it all work out- except for that
pilferage. It all fell into place. He couldn't control all the numbers.
Coplin had probably run this scam for a long time, maybe as long
as he had been with the compmany. At first it was under the radar as
a minor annoyance to his bosses. Then he got greedy. The numbers
levelled out but at a plateau just high enough to disturb the auditors.
It made too much fucking sense. And now his little empire was
about to be rooted out. Sam took comfort in that to soothe the betrayal.
Staci knew that voice. It was the man who had hired Sam in the
first place. Now she knew why Sam had become so secretive with his
employer. He must have smelled a rat from the start.
"Here she is boss," Cy said dutifully as he cringed into his
"At least you got this right. Perhaps you can continue your
streak by getting your men back to the business at hand." Coplin said
icily, "Now get out of here before that stumblebum I hired stumbles
over you."
Did it say 'lousy detective' next to his name in the phone book?
Sam was more pissed than shocked when he saw Coplin's face leering
into the camera on Staci's chest. Well, he was another smart guy that
was going to go down. Then he got an uneasy feeling.
Coplin didn't seem like the kind of guy that would want to cavort
in the same ditch with his hirelings. No offense to Staci, he didn't
seem like the kind of guy to go for a quick fuck at the office.
This was it. Staci was having the big meeting with the big man.
She was sure she could make him brag about his operation when she had
him all hot and ready to dip into her considerable treasures. He was
a pussycat. She could tell.
"I hear you're quite the woman," Coplin purred, "Cy tells me
you've fucked most of my men into exhaustion the last few nights."
"So, what do you want? A little fucky-sucky or are you into
something a bit more... exotic?" Staci asked huskily as she held up
her chest to its best advantage.
"I have a bit of a different request," he said, "I like talking.
I want you to talk for me."
Then a pistol appeared in his hand. He pointed it at Staci and
his demeanor changed. Sam knew it. He knew it when he first thought of
the idea. It never was that easy.
"Yes, the jig is up as they say. You'll tell me everything you've
found out about the operation and I won't have to use this," Coplin
said over the Glock.
"Hey, buddy, calm down," Staci said, holding her hands up toward
him, "Put that thing away and we'll work something out. If you're
going to rape me, I'll let you without you needing that gun. I don't
like those things."
"I don't buy a whore 'just happening' to be in the area. You were
looking for something, weren't you?" he growled, "What did you want to
find out? Who hired you?"
"Look I don't know what you're talking about and I don't like
having guns pointed at me," Staci brazened, "If you don't want to fuck,
I'll just go."
He grabbed her and pushed her back as she tried to escape.
"You work for that pathetic detective I hired, don't you?" he
badgered her, "The little scum paid you to get inside and find out what
was going on, didn't he? Admit it!"
Staci was still playing a scene from one of her stories. Sam
had to give it to her, it was amazing how she could hold on to that
fantasy when Coplin was holding the nasty looking 9mm on her.
"I don't know what you're talking about," Staci maintained, "I
thought I came up here to do a little business."
"Maybe we can come up with some way to make you want to talk,"
he said as he played with her tits with the barrel of his gun, "I can
always shoot you later."
Sam had to do something, but what?
It wasn't so much that he was at a loss to know what to do. He
had several options. He could bust in there and scare Coplin into
giving her up. The only problem was that he had no time to go get his
gun from his desk.
He could call the cops and let them handle it, but he didn't have
a lot of confidence in them either. There was no guarantee they would
get Staci out safely. And then they'd have to answer a lot of questions
about how Staci got there in the first place. Baker might be his buddy,
but he'd enjoy making Staci squirm around a prostitution charge.
Sam sucked it up. Now was the time to put on the big front. The
door wasn't locked but Sam kicked it in anyway. He stepped into the
room with his hand thrust in his coat pocket.
"Okay Coplin, it's over. Let the girl go and no one gets hurt,"
Sam menaced.
Coplin threw one arm around Staci's throat and pushed the gun
against the side of her head.
"And I imagine you're threatening me with your trusty finger,"
he mocked Sam's fierce demeanor.
"If you let her go now, I won't have to kill you," he told Coplin
with his hand meaningfully bulging his coat pocket.
"I don't think I'm going to fall for that one today," Coplin
sneered. "I suggest you take your hands out of your pockets or I'll
blow the bitch's head off."
So much for the trembling accountant folding when the pressure
was on. But Sam didn't have any other cards to play. He should have
called the cops and not tried to be a hero.
"Call her that again and I'll shoot you for bad manners," Sam
"This charade has gone on long enough," Coplin narrowed his eyes,
"If you've got a gun, let's see it."
He wasn't supposed to be in a long conversation. He was supposed
to scare Coplin into dropping the gun and save the day.
"Don't do it, Sam, you know they'll put you away if you kill
another one," Staci cried out, trying to help his bluff.
Coplin wasn't buying that either. He had called Sam's bluff and
he was waiting for his play with the Glock barrel pressed into Staci's
"I didn't want to put a hole in my suit anyway," Sam blustered.
"But I don't like long, stupid-looking hostage stand offs, so I'm
going to shoot you as soon as I get a bead. After all, no one's
pointing a gun at me."
No dice. Not a flicker. Coplin was sure Sam was bluffing.
And then there was more than a flinch as Coplin's eyes bugged out
and he lurched forward. Staci turned and bit down hard on his hand
and the gun skittered from his fingers.
"Run!" she screamed.
Sam ran.
"He was excited by the stand off," Staci explained later. "I
could feel his cock get hard against my butt. When your stupid little
ploy didn't work, I had to do something."
"I had to do something too. He thought you were a whore and no
one misses a dead whore," Sam protested, "It was the only thing I could
think of."
"I didn't say it wasn't brave," she said and shifted on his lap
so his cock could rest more comfortably in her butt crack, "It was
just stupid. On the other hand I was desperate. And he was marking the
target for me. I thought he was as interested in what you were saying
as he was going to get and I grabbed his balls and squeezed."
"You're lucky he didn't squeeze the trigger as a reaction," Sam
"I know, but it was then or later as far as I could see and it
was the last chance to get us both out alive," she said.
She was shifting her butt back and forth to rub on Sam's hard-on
and they didn't talk at all for a while as they covertly edged closer
to taking a sex break. Sam broke the subtlety when he groaned and
pushed his face into the neckline of her blouse.
"What do you think Coplin will get?" she asked to bring Sam's
face back up out of her cleavage.
"Five to ten for the burglary, maybe two or three more for
playing with the books," Sam said, "He deserves life for kidnapping and
attempted murder."
"Oh, Sam, my over-protective little man, I told you it's part of
the job and I'm not going to file a complaint. But it's sweet to hear
you be so fierce about it," she said and pulled his face back into
her bosom.
It had gone too good for her. She had lucked out and now she'd
never believe real life was any different from her detective stories,
Sam groaned to himself. But he didn't want her shot.
That was more clear than ever as she stood up to adjust her skirt
and shed her underwear. How could he go through life without her, Sam
asked himself as she sat back down and Sam felt his cock slide inside
the warm welcome.
"I like you like this best," Sam sighed as she rocked on his cock.
"No more playing detective, okay?"
"Sam, I just want to help you," Staci grinned towards the door,
"Let's just leave it at that."
It was a deal with the devil, Sam knew. But, God! how this devil
could fuck!


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