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BEACH 1 girls turned see what the


Carrie's Beach Adventure Day 1

By Carrie

The other weekend my old roommate from
college, Lisa, and I went to visit a mutual friend
from college. It reminded me so much of the vacation
adventure that I had to write it down while it was fresh in
my mind. As you remember from the vacation story, every
time Lisa and I are together I end up with little or no
clothes. It's probably me but she really brings out my
exhibitionist side. One of these days I'm going to get
her back but for now I'm just enjoying the thrill of
it all. For those who missed my earlier story, let me
describe myself a bit. Since graduating I've taken up
jogging in place of swimming to stay in shape. The
change has caused me to loose a little size in my
shoulders and back but has done wonders for my legs
and butt. My current measurements are approximately
34c 22 33. I have shoulder length dirty blonde hair
and weigh 125 pounds and I'm about 5' 10" tall.

Ok, on with the story. As I said, the other weekend
Lisa and I went to visit our friend Kim who lives on
Long Island. After about $15 dollars in tolls, I
thought NJ was bad, and about 2 hours, we finally made
it. After catching up on what's new with the job,
guys, and general gossip, we decided to go to the
beach. I changed into my thong bikini. Now this
bikini's really hot. It's mostly just thin string and
a couple of patches of cloth. The bottom of the suit
is a string thong with nothing but a thin string in
back and the top isn't much better. I tightened it up
real tight so it stayed in place better and Kim
complemented me on how good I looked. Seems like those
early morning jogs were paying off. Lisa put on her
hot wet look bikini. It wasn't nearly as daring as
mine but looked really good on her.

Eventually I started telling them about some of the
crazy dares I had done from the website. Kim said that
if I wanted to I could go topless here in NY and no
one would hassle me. That got me thinking that I
couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. We picked
up Kim's friend Beth and off we went. Kim told her I
was thinking about going topless and Beth said she
knew this quiet place that we could go. I guess it was
a little stupid of me since there are no quiet beaches
on Long Island on a nice weekend. We ended up at this
place with what seemed like half of NY there. After a
nice hike we finally made it to the beach. I asked
them where the quiet beach was and why none of the
women were going topless. We no sooner found a small
unoccupied section of beach and set up camp when
almost in three way stereo I heard "W E L L? " I said
give me a chance.

After all the things I've done you wouldn't think I would
be nervous but I was since I still hadn't seen a single other
women topless, I was. I wasn't sure I could do it.
Everyone else sat down and applied some hefty amounts
of sun block while I debated what to do. Beth had on a
nice strapless red tankini which left her mostly
covered as compared to me. Just taking off my tee
shirt and shorts was enough to get the attention of
the people around us. Beth, on seeing my bikini said,
"I don't see why you're worried. With that bikini
being naked wouldn't be that much of a difference."
She did seem envious of my figure as she checked me
out. As I lay down on my stomach Kim made a comment
about my thong. The back was not much more than string
running up my butt. As I lay there the back kind of
disappeared between my cheeks.

After about 15 minutes of comments from everyone, I
reached around and untied the tie behind my back and
neck and dropped it to my sides; and while lying on my
stomach I pulled it out and handed it to Kim. She
promptly stuffed it in her bag where I couldn't easily
get to it. At that point I was committed to something.
I just wasn't sure what at that point. The warmth of
the sun on my back and the fact that I was out in public
nearly naked gave me a warm and excited feeling all

After about 15 more minutes or so I got up the nerve
to turn over and sit up. I didn't attempt to cover up
but had my knees to my chest so I still wasn't showing
much except to the sides. Beth seemed surprised but
Kim and Lisa knew me better and just kept encouraging
me on. I'd gone topless and even naked before on the
beach but never with so many people around.
Eventually I just sat back and lay there on my back
with my eyes closed. My breasts just flattened out as
they lay there unsupported. Every once and a while I'd
glance through my sunglasses to see if anyone was
looking. I could just feel every eye on the beach on
me, which only served to turn me on. My heart was
beating fast and my nipples were already probably
about a half-inch long and hard. Lisa looked
over and commented to the others that I get so
tuned on by this and that my nipple always give
me away just like guys with their hard-ons.

I guess that's why I continue to do these crazy
things. Some people get their thrills by bungee
jumping or jumping out of planes. I get mine by
stripping down to next to nothing and seeing how
far I can push the envelope. It's a thrill to see how
long or far you can go before chickening out or someone
stops me. Its kind of like that high you get from sex
but without a partner and for a much longer period of
time. I was certain someone was going to come over
tell me to cover up but no one did. It's amazing what
you can get away with. Actually, I guess I wasn't
getting away with anything since it was legal there.
But the fact that I was the only one was the exciting

Lisa reminded me to put some lotion by pouring it
right on my breasts and running a trail down my
stomach right to the top of my suit. With that I had
no choice but to rub it in before it dripped down my
sides and onto the towel. As soon as I started two
guys that had been lying on a blanket to our side
leaned over towards us and asked if I needed any help.
That only served to get me more excited knowing that I
had an audience as I rubbed the lotion on my breasts.
There's just no way to be discrete about rubbing suntan
lotion on your bare breasts on a public beach. My
heart started beating even faster with all the attention
and with my very sensitive nipples, it just served to
heighten the feeling.

I didn't take long for them to come over and start a
conversation. At least they offered us all a beer in
the process. As I looked up to say something I felt
the lotion that Lisa had poured on my stomach run down
and into the bottom of my suit. I was about to spread
it around but stopped short of reaching down my suit
when I saw how intent the guys were staring. Again the
guys offered their help. Amazing how helpful some guys
can be. I think they just wanted just wanted a closer
look but I have to admit they were pretty cute and the
beer was really refreshing. After a bit I decided to
see what I could do about the suntan lotion that ran
down into my bikini bottom. I was honestly trying not
to show any more than I already was since I was nearly
naked as it was, but it was hard. It wouldn't have been
too hard for them to see what little was left hidden.
The guys couldn't get enough of it. What a couple of
lushes. I swear if a girl was naked with the exception
of a small patch on some insignificant part of the
body they wouldn't be satisfied until they saw what
was under the patch. The guys were funny and seemed
nice enough so Kim invited them over provided they
brought their beer. We talked for a bit as they stared
at me.

I think Lisa sensed that I was getting a little too
comfortable with the situation so she had to step it
up another level by suggested that we all go for a
dip. Hearing that my heart started beating faster
again. I wasn't going to just walk down to the water
like that so I asked Kim for my top back but she and
the others had no intention of letting me cover up
now. Everyone, especially the guys, was encouraging me
which caused me to get a little embarrassed not to
mention aroused again. I said I need another beer to
work up to it. Saying that, I knew there was no way
they were going to let me chicken out.

I really did want to see if I could do it but was
really scared I'd get arrested or something. I really
milked drinking that beer, which only served to give
everyone more time to rag me. The more they talked,
the more turned on I got. Everyone started to get
organized to go for a dip when I said "isn't the water
still pretty cold". Kim said "I thought you liked the
water". I said I do it's just the walk from here to
there that scares me.

Everyone else was already standing waiting to see if I
was going to go through with it. Well there was no
putting it off any longer. My heart felt like it was
going to jump out of my chest when I finally took a
deep breath and stood up. My nipples were so hard they
were throbbing. I remember my dad use to tell me that
when your nervous don't let them know how you feel
inside, look everyone right in the eye and don't look
down. I just don't think he had this situation in
mine. I just stood there and threw my sunglasses back
on the blanket. Without the dark glasses there was
nowhere to hide where my eyes were directed so as I
turned around towards my friends I looked them in the
eyes. As I did I saw that every eye from everyone
nearby was stating at me, more accurately my bare
chest. Several were actually pointing me out to
others. I just smiled at my friends tugging my bikini
bottom back in place to make sure what little clothing
I did have on was covering what it needed to. As I did
I casually asked them if they were finally ready. Lisa
said, " nice try but your nipples are giving you away".
She was right. I gave her my this-is-no-big-deal look,
what a lie, and started walking towards the water.

As I made my way through the array of blankets and
chairs I could feel my arousal growing even higher
with each step. I looked back and asked the others if
they were coming. The guys were just stating at my ass
now. WOW! What a rush. I could feel my clit swell as
the rushing blood just pushed harder against my bikini
bottom. Since I had recently shaved, the outline of my
clit must have been fairly clear through the thin
suit. I could only imagine what it must have looked
like since I continued to at least try to act calm,
like it was no big deal as I walked through all the
people. I smiled to a couple of people as I passed
them. A couple of teenage girls turned to see what the
commotion was. I saw their jaws drop as I mouthed
hello in their direction.

Now I think I have some really firm breasts, no sag
and hardly any bounce but I could feel them as I
walked which on drew more attention. I
tried to walk as smoothly as possible but they still
bounced a bit. Then this young kid turned around and
said look at the naked girl. With that a dozen other
people turned to look. I thought I was going to lose
it right there and run back to the blanket. My
breathing was quickening with my building arousal.
Small beads of sweat started to break out all over my
body as I thought I was going to have an orgasm right
there on the beach. It was so exciting but, oh my God. I
just had to make it to the water since I was already
more than half way. Almost there. By the time I did
reach the water I was covered in a warm glow and it
wasn't from the heat. The guys ran into the water in
front of us but I had to calm down a bit first. Beth
came up and said "I can't believe you just did that."
Lisa said, "I can." I couldn't believe I had just done
that in such a public place.

The others had already started walking into the water
complaining how cold it was with every step as I
tried to calm down. I thought about just running and
jumping in but thought better of it when I felt how
cold the water was. There weren't many waves,
which was good since that bikini of mine wasn't
exactly made for the water. I walked out past were the
guys were to where my boobs were just below the water.
My nipples hardened up even more and only partially
because of the cold. After a couple of minutes it
didn't feel that cold. Kim and Lisa had still only
made it in up to their knees. I waded back in and
practically drag them in. The guys were all too
anxious to help. In the process someone managed a
couple of cheep feels. At one point I got knocked down
and thought I was going to loose my bikini bottom but
it managed to stay on. Once we got them in the water I
noticed that a crowd had gathered around us.

I had forgotten about the fact that I was topless and
was starting to get into it when everyone started to
get cold and wanted to head back to the blankets.
That's about when I realized I had to repeat my
earlier walk. I still hadn't seen a single other women
topless so I was still a bit nervous that I was going
to get in trouble. As I walked out of the water I
pulled my bottom back in place acting like nothing was
out of the ordinary. Again I could feel the eyes
checking me out as I walked back to the blanket. I
just smiled and acted like it was completely normal.

Back at the blanket I flopped down on my stomach
waiting to dry off a little. One of the guys Bill
asked if I wanted him to do my back. I had to tell him
"how about a little patience. At lease let me dry off
a bit first". We all had another beer and settled
down. Before long Bill was back and ready to do my
back. There's nothing better than laying in the sun
having a guy rubbing lotion on you back while enjoying
a cold beer. He was enjoying it more than I was and I
was really enjoying it. He was very thorough and sure
didn't miss anywhere, that's for sure. He commented on
how tight my butt was as he applied a generous amount
of lotion to it. My back certainly wasn't going to
burn. I was so relaxed that I didn't even notice him
untying my bottom until I heard the others laughing.
He had it untied on both sides and was about to pull
it out from under me as I grabbed his hand. I yelled
at him and asked him to retie it but all at once he
stopped being so helpful. I reached around and retied
it trying not to put on too much more of a show. I
started kidded Bill saying "boy what a shame I was
just going to ask you to do my front but I guess
you're not interested in helping me any more". Not
that I was serious about my offer but you should have
seen the look on his face.

After a while Kim asked if anyone was hungry since we
had skipped lunch. I said, "if you're going I'll take
a cheese burger and diet coke". She said, "you're not
getting anything unless you come with me and help
bring it back". I said, "no problem just give me my
top". Lisa dared me to go as I was, saying she'd buy
if I went and got it. I hesitated thinking it over for
a second. I had already walked to the water and back
and no one had told me to cover up so I figured I
wasn't going to get arrested or anything. I still
hadn't seen a single other women topless yet though.
Lisa got up and said, "well what's it going to be?" My
heart was starting to beat faster just at the thought
of it. The guys jumped up and said let's all go. I
thought, this was the kind of challenge I needed but
still I wasn't ready to flaunt my bare chest where
most people would be putting on cover ups. The fact
that would be walking up to the snack practically
naked when other would be much more appropriately
dressed was really getting me turned.

When everyone's patience was about to run out and they
were about to leave I rolled over and got up. As I
stood up I realized that I hadn't tied the bottom all
that tight. With all eyes on me I wasn't about to
re-tie it right there with everyone watching so I just
tugged it up and hoped it stayed reasonably in place.
After walking to the water earlier I thought I'd be more
used to it but I was wrong. Between the stares, the
bouncing of my breasts and the fact that my bottom was
barely hanging on, I was getting more excited by the
step. Then I heard someone yell "Nice tits!" This time
not only were my nipples reacting I could feel my
bottom getting wet and pushing against the bottom of
my bikini. By the time we made it to the snack stand I
was as worked up as before and small beads of sweet
started to form all over my body. I wanted to tighten
up my bikini bottom but as we stood in line there was
no question that I was the still the center of
everyone's attention. Even the women were staring. I
heard a couple of women talking about me. I couldn't
hear exactly what they were saying but I know the
conversation was about me. Beth commented on the
perspiration and heavy breathing saying, "boy you do
get off on this don't you". I said with a fake smile
"that's what makes it so exciting."

When we got to the front of the line the young lady
behind the desk did a bit of a double take and took
her time checking me out from top to bottom. It was really
embarrassing for me in front of the others. Bad enough
when the guys check you out but when another women
is checking you out that intently, that's weird.

I thought we were going to take our food back to the
blanket but Lisa wasn't going to let me off that easy. She
just sat down at one of the tables. It reminded me of that
time on vacation but with more people around. Lisa
stared teasing me saying that the girl behind the
counter wanted me. I just brushed it off but Kim
continued it. Beth asked what other crazy things I've
done. I told her a little about the vacation and then
about some of the dares I had done. I hurried through
my meal but the others just seemed to want drag it out
as long as they could and kept asking about the dares
site on the Internet.

Before heading back, Lisa and I walked over to the
bathroom together as women do. There were two other
women inside as we walked in. They both checked me out
before commenting on my bikini or lack of I should
say. They asked me how it felt and said they'd die of
embarrassment. I told them it's exciting and that they
should try it. It makes for a great tan. I used the
opportunity to re tie my bottom. I didn't think it
would survive much more walking around tied like it

By the time we got back to the table everyone was
finishing up and ready to head back to the beach. Here
I go again through the crowd. As we walked back I was
happy to see two other women had taken their tops off
and were laying out topless. Now I know I was ok and
started to get more comfortable with the situation. I
was half expecting Lisa to come up with something new
to see if I'd do it but she didn't, at least not then.
Again all eyes were on me but knowing I wasn't alone
made all the difference in the world. This time I
never reached that near orgasmic level of excitement I
had before. I was almost disappointed when we reached
the blanket. We were applying our suntan lotion again
when Kim and Beth noticed they were starting to burn.
I wasn't surprised since both were really fair
skinned. Beth put on her tee shirt to cover up a
little as the rest of us just applied more lotion. I
noticed that a new group of guys had moved in directly
behind us. They didn't come over or say anything but
kept looking our way. As I lay back I could see that
they had a pretty good view down the bottom of my
suit. I have a really flat stomach so it leaves about
an inch gap between my lower abdomen and the top edge
of my suit. I tried to pull the bottom up so less of
me was visible through the gap but there just wasn't
enough material. I was going to flip over on my stomach
but it was my front that needed the color so I just stayed
there. I expected them to come up and tart talking to us
they seemed content enough with the view.

After about a half an hour, the original guys said
they had to leave for a party. They invited us but we
declined. Bill, the one that got a little more than
friendly when he was rubbing the suntan lotion on my
back asked if he could give me a call sometime. When I
hesitated he gave me his number and politely said he'd
love to get together again. I took it from him and sat
back on the towel contemplating it. Kim and Lisa said,
"your not going to call him are you?" I said, "who
knows he certainly seemed nice enough". From there we
got talking about guys and how no one was really happy
with their current relationships. Lying back with my
eyes closed I told then my boyfriend Jim was getting a
little strange and our relationship was getting a
little distant. It was then that I started to feel
what I thought was rain but when I opened my eyes it
was Lisa throwing M&Ms at me. I asked her what she
thought she was doing as another one bounced off my
stomach followed by another. She said she was seeing
if she could get one down the front of my bikini
bottom saying it was an inviting target. Lisa knew the
guys behind us could hear her when she said, "why
don't you just take that off so I wouldn't have a
target". I didn't have to look back at the guys behind
us but I could imagine their disappointment when I
said no way.

It wasn't long after that Lisa suggested a walk down
the beach. Why wasn't I surprised? This time before I
even got a chance to think about it, Lisa was dragging
me to my feet. I started to protest when Kim and Beth
jumped up as well. Kim had grabbed her tee shirt as
well, which only served to make me look more out of
place. I said, "Wait a minute. Where are we going?" as
I pulled my suit back in place a little better. We
walk back through all the people towards the water. I
was getting used to the stares but my nipples still
betrayed my arousal. We walked off to the left where
there weren't as many people for a change. Before we
left the guarded section I said what about a dip
before we get going. With that I ran down into the
water. My boobs must have really been bouncing as I
dove through the first little wave. Wow did that water
feel cold after sitting in the sun. It almost took my
breath away along with my bikini bottom. I grabbed it
just as I started to stand up. I immediately lay back
down in the water when I realized the water wasn't
deep enough to hide my nudity. I struggled to get it
back in place just as the next wave rolled me even
closer to the beach. Thank God I didn't loose what
little clothes I did have on. A group of about 6 young
guys that were maybe 16 or so came over to see if I
was ok. They fell silent and their jaws dropped when I
did finally sand up. After a long pause one of them
said, "I don't know if you know it lady but you lost
your top". I acted surprise but didn't make any
attempt to cover up or anything as they continued to
stare at my chest. After another long pause I told
them I hadn't worn one. Another one said, "get a load
of those tits. Have you ever seen a set of tits like
those?" These guys weren't trying to be crude or
anything but they acted like it was the first time
they've seen a set of breasts. I only hope they didn't
have parents looking on. Just then Lisa snapped me
back to reality by yelling, "are you coming or what?"
I started walking up the beach when I heard "check out
that ass, she's practically naked" I guess everyone on
the beach, at least the guys, were thinking this but
these guys weren't even subtle yelling back and forth
to each other.

Kim asked if I was cold since a nice cool see breeze
had come in and I was still dripping wet. It was a bit
chilly but between the walking and the excitement I
was still comfortable. Since Beth and Kim had both put
on tee shirts, I felt like I stood out even more.
After the comments the boys had just made I was
beginning to think more about what all the people on
the beach must have been thinking of one nearly naked
women casually walking along with three fairly
normally dressed women. There was no doubt that every
head turned to take notice. I saw a women elbow her
boyfriend or husband when they swung around to look at
me. The whole time not a single person had told me to
cover up though. If that's the case why weren't more
women taking advantage. I'd never wear a top at the
beach and probably lots of other places if I didn't
have to.

Once we left the guarded area we got to a spot that
was a less populated and there actually were a couple
of topless women. I started trying to get Lisa to take
off her top off but she wasn't going for it. I was
really going on the offensive with her telling her it
shouldn't be such a big deal since I had already been
going topless for the last couple of hours and in a
much more public area of the beach. Beth and Kim were
looking at both of us like we were crazy. I called her
a chicken saying all she had to do was what I had been
doing all along. I said, "by now I'm probably a mile
from my clothes; I couldn't cover up now if I wanted
to." This went back and forth at least another 15
minutes until Lisa said maybe tomorrow. At that point
I gave up and showed her my disgust. By then we had
walked quite a distance and I asked if we had gone far
enough. We turned around and headed back but now we
were walking into the wind which cooled down
considerably. They couldn't believe I wasn't cold. I
guess I have a better tolerance for cold than they do.

The beach had thinned out considerably by the time we
got back but those that were there still had their
eyes on me. Once again all the attention help warm me
up a bit. We started to gather our stuff up to leave
since it was getting late. I was considering walking
back to the car just as I was but had a touch of
modesty and asked Kim for my top. She rummaged through
her bag and said she couldn't find it. I said don't do
that to me and looked myself. There it was under a
magazine. I placed it up to my chest and tied the top
around my neck and I asked Kim to tie the other strap.
Normally I feel a little concerned about popping out
of this top, probably since it had happened many times
before, but after being topless all afternoon I
somehow felt completely dressed. Luckily my breasts
don't need much support because between the size of
the cups and the really thin straps they didn't get
any. I pulled on my shorts and grabbed my towel and
off we went. Not nearly as exciting this time though.
Once we got off the beach and out of the wind it
warmed up considerably. Kim had already thrown our
stuff in the trunk before I could retrieve my tee
shirt so I jumped in the car as I was.

The ride home was no big deal until Kim decided to
stop at a liquor store pick up some beer and wine. We
all looked like we had just come off the beach but
with my bikini top I was showing a little more than
you normally see at your typical liquor store. I used
to live in bikinis, going almost where in one so it wasn't
a big deal except this one wasn't covering much at all.
I had to pull the tiny top back in place a couple of times
as we walked through the store, all to the amusement
of my friends.
We dropped Beth off at her place because she had to
work tonight and went back to Kim's to shower and
change. As soon as we got there we opened up a bottle
of win and filled our glasses as we discussed what to
do. We sat talked and drank for a bit before Lisa
decided to take a shower. I was really beat so I was
in no rush. Lisa asked why I was so tired saying, "we
usually run out of gas way before you". I said "all
that constant arousal kind of takes it out of you.
It's kind of like coming down off a high.

When Lisa came out, Kim insisted on a tan lines check.
Lisa did her little twirl, which revealed a bit of a
burn as well as some really nice stripes where the
suit covered. Lisa insisted on checking out my tan so
I took off my top. I said, "see no nasty line like you
guys". I then took off my shorts. Kim said, "can't
have much in the way of tan lines with that bottom
either. She was right. I untied the one side and there
was hardly any stripe left by the sting. I dropped the
suit to the floor and the only white spot to speak of
was a tiny patch in the front. Kim said not much at
all covered up front since I had shaved the week
Before. A little had grown back but not much. I had
gotten some pretty good color. Lisa commented
that it was not as good as when we came back
form vacation but it's a start. What do you mean a start?
Kim was a little reluctant since most of her color was
red but she finally did, revealing a pretty nice burn.
She had small breasts but with their whiteness they really
stood out against her sunburn. We told her to put
something on it as she ran to the bathroom. Lisa
started to dress as I looked around for a towel to put
on. None was handy so I just went into the kitchen and
refilled my glass along with Lisa's.

By the time Kim came out of the shower it was already
getting late. So they told me to hurry up. I showered
quickly and came out wrapped in a towel. I quickly
went through my bag and pulled out a nice light T-top
and shorts. I dropped the towel and was about to put
them on when Kim interrupted me. Between the wine and
the fact that I had been nearly naked all afternoon it
didn't seem that bad going out without a bra so I
skipped it. I guess I should have been more concerned
but I hate it when your wearing a really hot top and
your bra is hanging out all over. I probably should
have put some panties though. It was just my top, my
shorts, my sandals and me nothing else.

The top was white but not see through or anything. I
just had to be extra careful when I leaned over since
it was fairly loose and cut pretty low. It kind of hid my
boobs just out of view. It certainly was a good way to
show off my tan. Kind of gave me a free and exciting feeling
as well knowing I didn't have anything on under my outer
clothes. The bouncing of my breasts and constant
rubbing of my nipples against my top kept reminding me
of that fact.

We ate at this quiet seafood spot that Kim really
likes. I guess it was the fact that we all had gotten
some color because Kim and Lisa complained about how
cold it was. I was by far the least dressed and I wasn't
really cold but the chill certainly made my nipples stand
out. That only served to keep me excited through dinner
as they rubbed against my top every time I moved. It wasn't
too hard to tell I didn't have any thing on under the top the
way my nipples were showing through. Oh well, nothing
against that as far as I know. Our waiter certainly
didn't seem to mind. He seemed to make a couple of
extra trips back to our table to make sure everything
was ok. Lisa commented on him trying to look down my
top each time. I guess I can't blame him, it must have
been a pretty tempting view from his angle. When he
was taking Lisa's orders I deliberately reached over
to grab something from the other side of the table and
I'm sure he could see everything down my top. I was
waiting to see if he actually got Lisa's order right with
my distraction. Turned out he must have been because
he forgot her side order completely.

We got to talking about me and how it felt going
topless in front of all those people. I was glad we
were kind of by ourselves because I didn't want an
audience listening in on us because it got pretty
erotic. I told them it was really thrilling and a real
turn on. Lisa said that I was an exhibitionist at
heart. I said I've never given it much thought but she
was probably right. I said its just exciting. I think
I have a pretty nice body or so I've been told and I
don't see any harm. I said I suppose it's sexual
because of the way it makes me feel but mostly I just
like challenging myself to see if I can do it without
chickening out. It's like an accomplishment that not
too many people get to experience. Some times I just
need a little push to get me started then God only
knows what happens next. Kim asked if I ever panicked
or chickened out. I said, "not once I started but
there are a lot of things I wouldn't do". Lisa said,
"I bet we can find something that causes you to

Kim's said from the looks of your nipples and that
sweat all over your body, you looked like you were
ready to have and orgasm out there. I told her I was
close. That would have been something.

Lisa started telling her about some of the college
stunts and some of the dares I told her I did. I told
them that between the beach and the pool I used to
practically live in my bikini as a kid. Lisa chimed in "less
sometimes". Eventually I said, "people are much more
accepting than they would think, with all the things
I've done I've only have been asked to cover up on a
couple of occasions. Lisa started saying, "we'll have
to see what you can get away with tomorrow". I said,
"I'd try anything provided they'd joined me". That kind
of quieted the whole conversation down a bit.

After dinner we wandered around checking out some
stores before coming across this town fair that was
set up in the local park. We were going to go out to a
dance club but everyone was tired especially me so we
headed back to Kim's place.

When we got there we started discussing what we could
do tomorrow as we sat back with another beer. We were
all pretty giddy from all the drinks and Lisa and Kim
kept coming up with crazy things for me to try like
walking along the boardwalk topless or going shopping
in just my shorts. Now that would be hot Lisa said.
One of there better ones was to have me leave all
my clothes here and going to the beach completely naked
and seeing if anyone objected. All I said was "I'd give it
a try if you join me".

Kim said one of her neighbors in the next building had
a boat and was always asking if she wanted to go out.
She looked up their number and gave them a call. I
don't think they were going out but after she told
them she had two hot girlfriends with her they
apparently changed their minds. When she came back she
said all we have to do is help them launch it and
they'd take us out in the afternoon. Sounded like a
plan to me. I'm always up for a boat ride.

I suggested we turn in since I was beat. Everyone
complained it was still early but started to get ready
anyway. Lisa had already thrown her stuff in the extra
bedroom so I got the couch. I'd slept on worse so it
wasn't a big deal. Kim gave me a pillow and a light
blanked for the couch and asked if everything was ok.
I pulled my top over my head and wiggled out of my
shorts and told her everything was fine. That left me
naked since I hadn't worn any underwear. I didn't
think twice about it since I'd gotten use to sleeping
in the nude but Kim acted surprised at me stripping
right there in the living room. I didn't know why
since she'd seem me topless all day at the beach. She
said I have a nightgown if you want. I told her I was
fine as I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth.
Lisa said, "what are you kidding. In the last two
years I've known Carrie, I've never seen Carrie wear
anything to bed". I said "ever since that Caribbean
trip I figure why bother."

When I came out Lisa was sitting on a chair in a long
nightshirt and Kim had on a nice silk like pair of
pajamas. They both had this devilish smile on their
face like they had a surprise for me. They were still
pretty loud which told me they weren't ready for bed
yet so I went to put my clothes back on when I noticed
they weren't where I put them. I looked back and Lisa
and Kim just started laughing. I went onto the bedroom
and my bag was gone too. In a bold statement for a
woman who was totally naked, I stood in the doorway
with both hands on my hips and asked for my clothes
back. They said, "since you had so much fun this
afternoon we figured you didn't need any." I told
Lisa, "this is starting to feel like our Caribbean
trip all over again." "That's the idea." Lisa said. I
said, "this had better not be part of that going to
the beach naked idea you had for me earlier.

Seeing that they weren't likely to be going to bed
soon, I walked into the kitchen and helped my self to
a soda. I walked back in and sat on the couch, I.E my
bed, and just listed to the conversation. Eventually
everyone ran out of gas and went to bed. And so ended
my Saturday at Kim's.

End of Day I

To be continued with Day II

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