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BEACH 2B hurt bit being


Carrie's Beach Adventure Day 2 Continued

By Carrie

It was starting to work as we settled in on the semi deserted beach and everyone
continued to encourage me to take off my bikini.

Lisa and Kim finally took off their shorts and T-shirts and started to spread sun
block on their exposed skin. Lisa had on the same suite as yesterday. Kim had
on a yellow bikini today but seemed to have almost as much covered as
yesterday. She was sporting a little burn so I guess I couldn't blame her. No lack
of modesty on either of their parts. My bikini, which I had been in since leaving
Kim's apartment, was a mere scrap by comparison.

It wasn't but a minute before the conversation about me taking off my bikini
started. Everyone had a logical justification. Lisa didn't want me to ruining my
tan with tan lines. The guys didn't want to limit my nudist activities. Even Kim
said that there weren't many people around so why not. I reiterated that I'd do
anything anyone else was willing to do but there were no takers. That didn't stop
them though.

I had to admit that it was nice being away from the hoards of people. It really
reminded me of the Caribbean trip Lisa and I had taken last year. It was even
better in the sense that it wasn't that hot so you could lay out without getting over
heated. Kim reminded us all to put on plenty of sun block unless we wanted to
end up like her. Jim volunteered to do my back so I tuned over onto my
stomach. It was so relaxing that I didn't even notice him untying the string to my
top. I didn't mind since I was about to do it myself but then he brushed my hair
aside and untied the string around my neck leaving my bikini top totally
unattached. Again, I should have said something but his hands on my back felt
so good I didn't want to disrupt the moment. He did my back followed by my
legs. He certainly didn't miss anything as he got a little liberal around my bikini

We were all just laying there enjoying the sun when Max suggested a dip. Now I
had to make a decision. Do I retie my top or abandon it as I had yesterday.
Every one was starting to make signs of getting up as I thought it over. On one
hand I wouldn't be showing any more than yesterday. On the other as always I
was nervous about that first big step of showing my breasts. I thought that
rollerblading around in a bikini down public streets and into a McDonald's was
probably more out of place than being topless on a beach, so I figured what the
heck. My heart started beating faster at just the thought of going topless again.
These guys were really going to think I was a nudist. I bet they'd expect the
bottom to come off next. That would be more than I could handle so I hesitated.
That's when Jim reached down to grab my hand to help me up. I pulled away
saying hold on a minute. I'm sure they thought I was waiting till I retied my top
but I just laid there.

Everyone was getting a little impatient but I waited a bit longer trying to get my
nerve up. I could feel my nipples tightening up already. Eventually I took a deep
breath to calm my nerves a bit and rolled over. As I did, as calmly as I could
muster, I said, "Hand me the lotion. First I need to do my front." A little
nervousness came across in my voice but I'm pretty sure the guys didn't notice
since their attention was riveted on my bare breasts and erect nipples. I didn't
think about what I just said but I guess it amounted to an announcement to come
look at me apply suntan lotion to my bare chest.

Jim and Max both offered their help but between the bulge in their pants and my
rising excitement it would have amounted to sex on the beach. I'm not sure I
could have handled it in my excited state. I tried to ignore the stares Jim and
Max were giving me but each time I crossed a hardened nipple another wave of
excitement shot through my body. It took all of my control not to moan with

Now several of the people that were set up nearby turned to take note. It wasn't
nearly as bad as the day before but still it was hard not to be moved by people
staring at you while your nearly naked in a public place.

To take my mind off my building arousal, I tried to get the others to go on without
me and that I'd catch up but no one but Kim made any move to leave. Eventually
I stood up to finish the job. Standing just seemed to make the extent of my
exposed skin more obvious to everyone. A bikini seems to have the visual effect
of covering more than it actually does when you have both top and bottom on.
Take away the top and you realize just how little is really covered.

I do have to admit though that once I get over my initial nervousness I love going
topless. I think the sexiest thing about being topless it that you're showing
something that is normally covered (at least in this country) but at the same time
your heighten others need to see what's left covered. I've really always hated
wearing bras because of the feel but going topless has always made me a little
nervous. I used to run around our dorm and my house in nothing but shorts or
panties but topless in public was a whole other thing. The nice cool wind blowing
across especially my breasts and nipples really made for a great sensation and a
little nervousness just made it that much more exhilarating.

When we got to the water everyone realized just how cold it was and nobody
wanted to go in. Being as excited as I was I started egging them on calling them
chicken as I wandered out a bit further. It was really cold but after starting this I
wasn't about to admit it. There weren't any waves to speak of since we were in
the bay. It was smooth as a lake except for a little chop produced by the wind. I
dove in and swam underwater for couple of yards before coming up. After I
adjusted my constantly slipping bikini bottom, I yelled back that the water was
great, and that they were chicken but just as I did a shiver over took my body
giving away the fact that it was really cold. The little shiver caused my breasts to
wobble a little and only served to attract the guys attention to my breasts even
more. My nipples were as hard as a rock now and extended out a good three-
quarters of an inch from my breasts. Jim and Max came in briefly but Lisa and
Kim stayed on the shore. We kind of played around a bit but without waves it
was fairly boring. We swam out into the deeper water where some of the boats
were anchored. The exercise helped a lot in keeping us warm. Jim started
talking to a couple on one of the anchored boats as we treaded water. Having
seem me enter the water the guy was extra friendly. His wife or girl friend was a
bit cold though. I'm sure the guy wanted to invite us onboard but I'm equally sure
his g/f would have had a cow.

By the time we swam back to the shore Lisa and Kim had already returned to the
towel. When we came out of the water we were all shivering. I pulled my bottom
back in place as best I could and ran up the beach to the towels. Now walking
topless was one thing. My 34c breasts are really firm so they hardly bounce
while walking. More like a wobble. Just enough to remind me that they were
unrestrained. But running is another story. It never hurts but all the movement
was really distracting.

When we got back to the towels Lisa and Kim were already sitting there waiting.
Kim looked at my bottom and commented about it not hiding much when it was
wet. The suit was really thin and the water just made it cling like a second skin.
And without any pubic hair its only value was to provide an opaque covering to
meet legal decency requirements. It did nothing to hide the contour of my

The swim was exhilarating but now the wind made me feel cold. I wrapped a
towel around me to the disappointment of the guys. I started teasing them
saying I was sorry to ruin their show. After a couple of minutes I started to warm
up and dropped the towel and laid back on it. That brought the smile back to
their faces. Just to add to the light teasing, I stretched my arms back over my
head as if yawning. I glanced down at what I looked like and brought my hands
back to my side. Lisa caught it all and said "Why don't you just strip completely
while you're at it". You see with the cut of my bikini bottom and the flatness of
my stomach, when I stretched like that you could see all the way to the top of my
pussy. Without any hair to speak of there was no trouble seeing right down to
the bottom of my bikini.

It was a nice thrill laying there almost naked but there seems like a big difference
between almost naked and naked. The warm sun felt great after the chilly water
and the light breeze certainly kept you from getting hot. All in all it was a perfect
day for laying out. After a while I rolled over and this time Max did me (my back
that is). His hands felt even better than Jim's. I was in heaven. Max worked his
way down my back to my bikini bottom and hesitated slightly before continuing,
working carefully around my bikini. He then started on my legs. I would not have
been human if I didn't get aroused by the way Max was massaging me. He
continued up my legs and the closer he got to my crotch the more aroused I got.
He commented several times about the firmness of my butt and legs. By the
time he had finished he could have taken me right there on the beach and I
would have been powerless to stop him. My breath was coming in short breaths
as I could feel the wetness growing in my pussy. I almost wanted him to untie
my bottom and finish my butt like Bill had tried yesterday. As Max moved over to
do Kim's back Jim yelled, "Ok you got to do the back so that means I get to do
the front right." As a joke I started to roll over onto my back and flashed Jim a big
smile as I dropped back onto my stomach. "You're killing me", he said. I was so
close to letting Jim do it but thought better of it with all the people around. That
would have really been sex on the beach because I was already close to an

I was just starting to fall asleep when Max suggested a walk. Lisa and Jim
jumped up however Kim was starting to fall asleep as I was. Kim started to sit up
but I just laid there for a couple more minutes. I know I had gone topless
yesterday in front of many more people but I still wasn't comfortable with the
idea. Eventually I rolled over and in one of my bolder moves I enthusiastically
jumped to my feet and asked "so which way". I could have guessed before
asking, but acting like it was no big deal was my crazy way of hiding my fears.
My inner self was still scared to death, which probably is what makes this whole
thing so exciting but by putting on this confident front kind of offsets it a little. I
should go into acting I thought to myself. My nipples were already getting hard
and I could feel the blood filling my nearly exposed lower lips. I pulled my bikini
bottom in place a little better but pulling it up only served to make my excitement
more evident. Jim handed me another beer for the walk. Like I needed another.

As I guessed, we started walking right towards were the bulk of the people were.
There weren't that many maybe 25 or 30 spread out along about a mile of beach
but it was enough. I knew each and every one of them would be staring at me as
I walked by. My breasts although mostly still, moved rhythmically to the beat of
our walk. Kim seemed to be studying me or my breasts I should say. Carefully,
in a voice of disgust she said, "I can't believe it. Your boobs bounce less without
a bra than mine do with one." With that the guys and Lisa started paying even
more attention to the movement of my breasts. I wouldn't have thought that
possible but it was. The guys started guessing my measurements and the length
of my rock hard nipples as we walked. The conversation was getting a little too
personal for me and we were approaching the first group of people on the beach.
Lisa to add to the embarrassing critique of my body that was going on said, "your
36d 22 36, right?" as we approached the first group of strangers. Now Lisa
knows my measurements so I knew she did this only to direct the attention of the
folks we passed to my body. It seemed to work effectively as the group of 4 guys
and 2 women stared as we passed. I corrected her with my correct 34c 22 34
measurements but her purpose had already be achieved.

My excitement level seemed to maintaining itself at a more manageable level
today and with the cool breeze blowing across my bare skin it was the most
exquisite walk I can remember. I can't quite describe the exhilarating feeling but
between that and the beer I was feeling quite fine. After we passed that first
group I seemed to be over the embarrassment and figured let them look if they
wanted to. I had a great body and if they were going to let me go topless I was
going to take advantage of the opportunity. After all there aren't many beaches
near me where I could get away with this.

We walked all the way to the far point close to a mile from our stuff and my top.
We stopped just long enough to look down the rest of the beach beyond the point
before starting back. We walked back the same way we came, my rock hard
nipple defiantly leading the group of three women and two guys like beacons
past all people relaxing on the beach. It felt just as good with my back to the
wind. On the way back Lisa started picking up some nice shells as we walked. I
got into it a little further down. We were loading Jim and Max's pockets since
women's bathing suite don't afford them the luxury of pockets. Most especially
mine which barely provided cloth for that matter.

It was truly a splendid walk. I never felt so free. I was so euphoric that as we
approached out towels I started running ahead. breasts bouncing in rhythm the
whole way. When I got close I slowed up a little and attempted to do a
cartwheel. Now I pretty athletic but I'm no gymnast so I proceeded to fall right on
my side and rolled over onto my stomach. I didn't get hurt or anything. Lisa was
the first to my aid and helped me to my feet. Jim said, "Wow, Can we see that
again. You almost made it." The key word there was almost. I was covered with
sand from my right hip around to my stomach and a little on each breast and up
to my shoulder. My nipples did actually hurt a bit being in a rather sensitive state
when they hit the abrasive sand.

Kim asked if I was ok as Lisa started to brush the sand from my side. Jim got
into the act as well brushing the sand from my stomach. He pressed gently as if
massaging my abs as he did it. He brushed my nipples a couple of times until I
blocked him with my hand. Had it not been for the coarseness of the sand it
probably would have been quite erotic. He was doing a very thorough job I have
to admit but as I looked down I saw that half of the sand was going down the
front of my bikini bottom. I thanked everyone for the help but thought it might be
more effective if I just went for a dip.

I thought the others would have joined me but no one did at least not at first. The
water was still cold but I was feeling so good I didn't mind it. I swam out into the
deeper water. Jim and Max finally approached the water but didn't come in. I
stood up and brushed the remaining sand off me and before Jim and Max
decided to come in, I decided to get the remaining sand out of my bikini bottom
by sliding it off. I normally wouldn't do something so radical but between the
beers and everything else I was in rare form. The water was just about up to my
breasts so I figured no one could see anything anyway. I turned to face the guys
and made sure they knew what I was doing since they were too far away to do
anything. I slid it off my ankles and grabbed it in one hand and swung it around
over my head to tease them. Mistake!

I saw Jim dive in and start swimming towards me fast. I figured I had better cut
this off right there and get back into my suit right away. Not that it provided much
in the way of coverage but it was something. Kind of. Well you women know it's
a lot easier to get those tiny nothing but string suits off than it is to get them on
especially in the water. I saw Jim racing towards me and tried to step into it but it
hung up on the toe of my right foot. I hurried to get it free just as Jim caught me
from behind. I almost let go of the suit as he tackled me but managed to hang on
to it. But there I was completely naked holding my bikini in my hand as I tried to
wiggle free. It wasn't like he was attacking me but still it wasn't like there was
anything at all between his roaming hands and me. And believe me he took
advantage of the opportunity. His hands were all over me. I also felt his knee or
hip or something rub past my bare pussy a couple of times. It would have been
even more arousing had it not been for the fact that my mind was on getting my
bikini back on. When Max got there he saw my suit still in my hand and
immediately grabbed it out of my hand.

There I was completely naked with two guys about 100 feet off a public beach.
Max started teasing me with my suit tempting me to reach for it. I did a couple of
times before I realized they weren't going to give it back that easily. I decided to
go on the offensive and swam after Max. He didn't realize I was that good of a
swimmer since I caught him easily. However all he did was toss it to Jim. I
started to walk/swim after Jim as he headed into the shallower water. I stopped
realizing that I was dangerously close to showing everyone the only part of me
that they hadn't seen yet. I stopped and looked towards Lisa and Kim for help
but they were to busy laughing. By then Jim had made it out of the water and
was standing there admiring my little piece of modesty in his hand. I teased
them saying. "A naked women over here and you guys run away". They
seemed to realize the foolishness of their action and threw my bikini down and
started back towards me. I yelled for Lisa to retrieve my suit but she just left it
there and she and Kim proceeded to follow Jim and Max into the water. As they
all approached I backed off into the deeper water trying in vain to circle around
them so I could get back to the beach and my bikini bottom which was just lying
in the sand like a discarded piece of trash.

As they approached I suspected a conspiracy. I backed up into water that was
over my head so I stared to tread water. I tried to hide my bare body from the
onslaught of hands but Jim and Max were too much. Eventually Max grabbed
me around the waist and wrestled me back to the shallows but not before I had
him coughing up water.

There we were, five of us bobbing around. Four in fairly normal swim suits and
one completely naked. It didn't bother me though. The feeling of water on my
uninterrupted skin was better than the feeling of the air earlier. Besides I didn't
have to bother keeping covered by one of those ridiculously small bikinis.

Lisa was finally starting to get into it like she normally does. I think she had a bit
of a hangover even though she denied it. After about five minutes of general
horseplay Lisa suggested a chicken fight. She and Max against Jim and me.
Kim agreed to be the referee. I was a little less enthusiastic than the other
because up until now I had managed to keep my bare bottom mostly hidden
under that water. Playing chicken would surely give away my nakedness to
everyone at this end of the beach, not to mention the unavoidable bumping of my
bare body especially Jim who had been more than liberal with grabbing a feel
when ever he could. The guys were elated with smiles from ear to ear. I figured
nothing these guys hadn't seen before.

I had figured I'd just hang on Jim's back and give him a good feel of my bare
breasts against his back but Lisa had already climbed up on Max's shoulders.
This way I'd be completely out of the water and my pussy would be right on the
back of Jim's neck. Jim suggested riding backwards but that was just too
obvious. I told him he'd have to do better than that.

It's bad enough in a bathing suit but climbing on someone's back when there's
absolutely nothing between your most sensitive and private places and another
person is a bit embarrassing. I climbed up on Jim's back trying to keep my
breast and pussy from brushing Jim but it was impossible. I tried to keep my legs
together as got on Jim's shoulders but everyone got a nice view of my slightly
parted lips despite my best effort. As I lowered my weight down and the week
old stubble of my bush made contact with Jim's shoulder, he let out a yelp of
delight. I said, "Calm down my faithful stallion". Everyone laughed at that.

I managed to say on as Jim stood up holding onto my legs. My pussy was
wedged hard against the back of his neck and my ass was just hanging out in the
open for everyone to see. I started to feel really exposed which only served to
get me excited again. Well at least there wasn't anything for Lisa to grab hold of
so I should be able to knock Lisa off easily; or so I thought.

Just then as I was getting my balance Max and Lisa charged at us. Jim and I
were surprised by their quick attack. We ended up back peddling but not until
after Lisa's body slapped into mine. Lisa was a wild woman grabbing and
slapping what ever she could which included my entire exposed upper body. I
barely had time to react much less cover up. One motion caught me square
across my chest reinforcing how exposed I really was. By the time I reacted she
already had a good grip on my upper arm. She pulled me a little sideways and I
started to tumble over towards Jim's left shoulder. I fought to stay on but as I did
Lisa grabbed my left leg. She now had my left arm and leg. She pulled and
stretched me out pulling me around and off of Jim's left shoulder. My right leg
trailed behind dragging over Jims shoulder. This forced me into a bit of a split
which I'm sure gave Jim an unobstructed view up my spread open pussy. I know
I must have been opened up pretty good because I felt the cold water rush up my
most sensitive insides as I fell into the water.

After we got untangled I came up in fighting mode. I was yelling that they caught
us before we were ready. I yelled that Kim should be the one to say go. Before
even thinking about it I was back up on top of Jim's shoulders not caring what he
or anyone else saw. I was in fighting mode now and I told Lisa that she was in

This time Jim and I were the ones that needed to be held back while Kim tried to
bring some order to the amateur battle royal. I was fired up and ready. I have a
real competitive spirit and since Lisa started with an early surprise attack I
wanted to win all the more. As we waited I noticed two boats had moved in a
little closer to get a better view. We must have been putting on quite a show for
this quiet section of beach.

Kim organized us a little better this time. I guess my 120 pounds must have
been a little tough on Jim because he kept trying to get me in a better position on
his shoulders. He grabbed my thighs and tried bouncing me into a more
comfortable position. I just kept saying steady my stallion, treating him like he
was my trusted horse. After the second time I felt the hairs from his neck tickling
the inside of my open lips. I had been on an emotional high all day and this just
served to boost my adrenaline level even higher.

Lisa and Max were finally ready and Kim started to give us instruction like it was
a WWF match. We cut her act short and told here to just give us a count of
three. Again she started with her WWF act, saying "wrestlers approach the
center of the ring". Everyone was tired of waiting so when Jim and Max brought
us together, we just started without Kim. Again Max and Lisa made the first
move but this time I was wound up and ready so we countered faster and went
on the offensive. I reached out trying to get an arm around her shoulder in order
to pull her down but it was too difficult with her hands flying everywhere. It was a
lot like wrestling because it definitely seemed like you needed to wrap your
opponent up or at least grab an arm or something. The only problem was unlike
wrestling we didn't have any rules on what you couldn't do with your hands, so as
I tried to reach for Lisa's arm she just worked inside with her hands like a boxer.
It wasn't very effective at knocking me off but was a bit painful leaving my bare
breast and nipples exposed like that.

She got a couple of good licks, one square across my ultra sensitive nipples,
which forceed a sharp yell from me. Lisa, realizing how hard my nipples were
said, "Wow, I think I hurt my hand on those spikes." Seeing my reaction, Lisa
seemed to form her strategy around attacking bare chest. I was forced to retreat
and cover up my sensitive and vulnerable nipples. Not the best situation to have
your most sensitive nubs out on the front line taking the brunt of your opponents
attack. It was hard for me to maintain an attack without subjecting my chest to
Lisa's brutal onslaught.

The other key to success seemed to be keeping yourself square to your
opponent. We made the almost fatal mistake of letting Max and Lisa get to our
right side almost behind us. As I used my arms to shield my exposed breasts
from attack, Lisa grabbed my right arm below the shoulder and started to pull.
She was pulling me over backwards as Jim tried to back up. Jim had a death
grip on my legs, squeezing my legs against his head so I couldn't fall off. I don't
know what is was like for him and I didn't care since I was being stretched out in
an awkward position. My legs were firmly wrapped around the back of his head
and held there so I wasn't going anywhere unless Jim fell but my abs were being
put to the test. I do plenty of sit-ups and crunchers so my abs are really tight but
this was stressing every muscle down my front from my neck to my groin and
along my upper legs. I can only imagine what I must have looked like.

Jim tried to close the gap between us but was having trouble backing up so he
tried to twist so he was more facing Max and Lisa. If I thought I was in a
compromising position before I was really getting into one now. Lisa had me
stretched out backwards almost horizontal to the water and Jim was trying to
twist around to face our attackers. My abs were being stretched to their limit. It
was like a tug of war and my bare body was the rope. I tried to pull up with all my
might, letting out a pretty loud grunt in the process, but couldn't with all of the
strain on my stomach. Jim loosened his grip on my legs as he twisted around.
He managed the maneuver without losing me and was now facing my gaping wet
pussy. Oh my God what had I gotten myself into. Max and Lisa continued to
back up but now Jim was able to move better and didn't seem in danger of
falling. My abs, all the way from the top of my mound to the bottom rib cage,
were starting to quiver from the constant stress they were under. I didn't think I
could maintain this position much longer.

I tried to twist to the side to relieve the strain when all at once I felt something
touch the inside of my pussy. Oh my God. Oh my God. I was more surprised
than excited but the sensation sent a wave through me like a bolt of lightning. I
pulled up with all my strength, more out of reaction to Jim's tounge licking than
out of pain. Jim gave me another lick right on my clit. Another incredible bolt of
lightning shot through my helplessly stretched out body that was already at its
breaking point both emotionally and physically. Between the muscle stain on my
body and the sensation it was receiving, I was losing control. I felt the
unmistakable signs of an approaching orgasm. No not here. Not now. I

One part of me wanted to jump off and stop this madness and the other part of
me wanted him to continue with a passion. I'm not sure if I could have gotten off
(of Jim that is) even if I wanted to with the grip he had on my legs. I yelled for
him to stop but was powerless to do anything as a wicked moan escaped. I felt
my body approaching that point of no return where no matter what the mind
wants; the body is on its own. It was slow in coming, so slow that I thought I had
a change at starving off my emotional rise. I made one more valiant attempt at
getting free before my emotions overcame me but Lisa started slapping my side
trying to pull me off Jim's shoulders. In a confused and disoriented state I tried to
grab Lisa. As I reached in from my very awkward position to grab her, I exposed
my breasts to her renewed assault. Now my body's two most sensitive receptors
were being overloaded at the same time. Lisa on my throbbing nipples and Jim
on my indecently exposed clit. Then one of Lisa's swings caught my right nipple
on its tip at the exact same instant that Jim gave my clit another tantalizing lick.
The twin sensations were too much for my already overloaded body. Even as I
continued to struggle to get free I had already lost my battle to suppress my
body's natural response. My body had passed that point where my mind had any
control over it. Nothing in this world was stopping my body from having its way.

Usually I go off pretty fast but this incredibly strange situation and flood of
conflicting senses caused my build up to take an incredibly long time. Kind of
like a pot of water slowly being brought to a boil. Sufficient heat had already
been applied so now it was only a mater of time. I knew it was inevitable now. I
seemed to lose track of my surroundings as my body sent those unmistakable
signs of the inevitable to my brain one at a time. My breath had already been
racing from the excursion and now was racing for other reasons. A flush was
building as my skin temperature started to rise. I slowly felt my toes curl and the
long muscles of my legs tighten followed by all my other muscles. I think that
was the first time Jim picked up on the fact that I was about to have and orgasm
right there. I felt one more incredible lick as this incredible rush of adrenaline
flooded my body all at once. I don't know whether it was Lisa's assault or my
impending climax, but my nipples were literally throbbing as I felt the first
contraction hit me. My abs tightened faster and harder than I would have though
possible. Somehow my body rose up under the incredible pull of my abdominal
muscles as several other contractions swept my body. By then I think everyone
realized what was happening to me because all attacks seemed to stop.
Somehow I managed my way back to a sitting position and slid first onto Jim's
left shoulder and then back. I had lost track of how many contractions I had had
by then. Everything seemed to be operating in slow motion. I was a woman
possessed as my orgasm continued. I reached for Lisa's arm and pulled with all
of my might as I let out a loud roar like gasp. Perhaps she was stunned by what
was happening because she fell into the water with little resistance. My breath
was still racing a mile a minute as I raised my arms in victory like Rocky. I sure
however that his victory did not have the uncontrollable burst of sexual energy
that mine had just had. Finally after what seemed like minutes my contractions
subsided and I slowly settled down. It wasn't until then that I fully realized what
had happened.

Everyone looked on with a stunned expression not believing that I had just
climaxed right there while battling Lisa. I wasn't sure my mind believed it either
but my body certainly knew what had happened. When I came back to reality I
realized that a couple more boats had moved in for a closer look at the action
and all were cheering.

Emotionally and physically exhausted I slid off Jim's back and into the water.
The water felt especially cold against my over heated body. I think I was the first
to speak when I simply said "WOW". Jim just said, "You were incredible. You're
unbelievable. I didn't think you had the strength." "Well you had a lot to do with
it", I said. Lisa congratulated us and looked towards Kim saying, "isn't there a
rule against that sort of team work"? All I said was that I needed to rest. I slowly
made my way into the shallower water, being careful not to lose my balance on
my unsteady legs. Kim was shivering but I still felt incredibly warm and flushed
as I slowly made my way up the beach not caring who was looking.

When I got to the blanket I just collapsed on my back in exhaustion. It didn't
even phase me that I was now completely naked on a public beach. I was too
wiped to be concerned right now. Arrest me if you must. Everyone remained
pretty quiet until Jim handed everyone another beer. Then the conversation
picked back up again with silly discussions about what happens physically to a
woman when an orgasm occurs. I was too exhausted participate in the
conversation even though it was basically about me.

I was a little concerned about what the others thought of me but I wasn't in
complete control of the situation when Jim started licking me and Lisa started
attacking my breasts. I guess I could have avoided the whole situation by not
taking my top off and being a little more conservative, but then where would the
fun have been.

Eventually I started to come around again and opened my eyes. Jim and Max
were both staring at me. That was the first time I realized I had left my bikini
bottom down the beach a ways. I looked down my body and noticed that my
nipples had settled down to their normal flaccid state probably for the first time
today. I could also see that my lower lips had returned to normal and my pussy
wasn't swollen and gaping open as it was earlier. Everything seemed perfectly
normal. Three girls and two guys laying out in the sun only one was completely
naked. I should have probably covered up now that I was out of the water but I
wasn't exactly sure were my bikini bottom was and I was a little too embarrassed
walk around looking for it.

I felt a little embarrassed. It's not everyday that you have an orgasm in public
with your friends looking on. I didn't know exactly what to say. I felt like I needed
to explain something but didn't know exactly what or how. I had been really
close to having an orgasm yesterday and wasn't embarrassed then but then no
body new how close I really was. I sat there quietly listening, collecting my
thoughts when I got to thinking that this was probably the most exciting thrilling
thing I had ever done. That was the ultimate rush. Not just an exciting felling but
a full-blown climax, and the way it had happened. Something about being turned
on virtually the whole day and then climaxing while your body is in such conflict
and under such physical strain made it even more rewarding. My body certainly
knew it had been through something. Now probably 20 minutes later I was still
emotionally and physically whipped.

I raised up on my elbows and looked over at everyone. All I managed to say
was, "I never knew how much of an adrenaline rush you got from an orgasm." I
honestly told them that I was a little embarrassed but at the same time I thought it
was one of the most thrilling experiences I had ever had. I told them, "Something
about climaxing when your body is under such physical strain causes an
extraordinary orgasm. I thought I was about to collapse when all at once, "Wow".
You could make a mint if you could bottle it or put it in a pill." Jim said, "Now I
know what to do to motivate you. What a team." Max said, "I couldn't believe
your body had that kind of strength in it". Lisa said, "yea but she's just a flash in
the pan. I want another round. She's shot now". Jim said, "I don't know about
that. I think I could get her going again". To that I responded, "Pretty cocky
aren't you."

Kim remained pretty quiet through out until she said. "It was best two out of three
and we're only tied. How about a tie breaker." I was surprised to hear her
encouraging another show. She then said, "We could probably sell tickets." "NO
way", I said. "I'm wiped." Jim handed me another beer but I refused saying, "I
would probably fall asleep if I had another". Lisa reminded me to apply some
lotion to my newly exposed patch. Which reminded me that I still didn't have my
bikini bottom. I asked if anyone had retrieved it. Max joked saying he saw some
guy picking up and taking it with him. "No way" I said. "Just kidding" was his
answer as he got up to look for it.

He retrieved it but refused to give it back. "Not right yet" he said with a big smile
on his face as he stuffed it in his bag. "What is this today about my clothes", I
said. "This morning Kim and Lisa hide everything but my bikini and now you
guys hide that leaving me naked. What about you guys? Feel free to join me
anytime". With that little outburst I said, "Maybe I will have that beer after all".
Lisa reminded me again to apply lotion before I burned.

I opened the bottle and started applying the lotion to my arms and face, then
carefully worked my way down to my breasts and stomach. Everyone watched
attentively as I worked my way down the front of my naked body. I skipped my
newly exposed patch for now and worked on my legs. I debated on giving them
a real show since they seemed so interested, even Lisa and Kim seemed to wait
in anticipation. I was beginning to think I really was becoming a nudist because it
didn't do a thing for me to be watched as I rubbed lotion over my private mound.
Either that or I was so emotionally and sexually drained that I had none left. I
finished and laid back and enjoyed my beer in the sun, naked as the day I was

We laid there for a good long while before everyone started to get bored and
suggested heading back. Lisa and Max carried some of the stuff down to the
boat as Jim emptied our trash into one of the bins. I had no idea who or how
they emptied them but there they were on this remote section of beach.

I got up for the first time since my exit from the water. I looked around to see if
anyone else had taken my lead and stripped but I was still the only one. Some
had even put on shirts since it was starting to cool off a bit. I must have been
getting used to being naked because I didn't even ask for my bikini back until we
got down to the boat. I figured nothing could be more exposing that what had
happened earlier. When I did all I heard was, "In due time." I was beginning to
wonder where this was going as we pushed off the beach. I needed to pee badly
so I swam out a bit and dove in. My nipples hardened to their normal pucker
once again and the cold water chased away any remaining signs of being tired. I
swam back to the boat and off we went.

I was naked and shivering as we sped off. I told them, "You can't expect me to
just walk up the dock like this do you? I'll end up in jail on indecent exposure
charges." "In due time" was the response. Lisa and Kim had put on their shorts
and shirts by now leaving me looking even more out of place as we sped across
the bay. I found one of the towels that we had been using on the beach and
wrapped it around me partially for warmth and partially to cover up if a boat
passed to close. As we got closer to the marina we started passing more and
more boats. I tried to act casual and natural as I struggled to keep the towel on
in the wind. When we finally slowed down for the marina Jim came up from
below holding my bikini bottom in his hand. Smiling widely he said, "looking for

I wanted to grab it from his hand and cover my nakedness but he just kept
teasing me. I didn't want to pleasure him by begging but I was running out of
time. With that Kim grabbed it out of his hand and handed it to me. Saying,
"Stop teasing her". Thank God. I quickly slid it up my legs under the towel.
"Now what about my top?" I yelled. Jim and Lisa in unison said, "you don't need
it here. Immediately my nipples jumped to attention once again. Well I guess
there was still some sexual energy left in me.

Lisa said "we want to see if you can make it back to the apartment without it".
Shocked. I said, "You must be kidding. You don't expect me to roller blade all the
way back topless do you? I can't do that. That's too much. I can't" I was
actually starting to shake fearing they were actually going to make me do this.
Max said. "I'll tell you what if you girls help me put the boat on the trailer and
clean it up, I'll give you a lift. I think he just wanted more time with us but I didn't
care. I wasn't about to roller blade through town topless. I didn't want to do
anything more topless but I quickly agreed figuring we could get out of here
rather quickly. All through out this little exchange my arousal rose showing in my
quickening breathing and nervous voice. I still had the towel on so my nipples
were hidden but I knew from the rubbing of the towel that they were reacting to
my arousal.

As we approached the dock I contemplated my situation. That excited feeling
was back and it felt great despite my nervousness. I was going back to work
tomorrow and I didn't know when I would get back to Long Island so this may be
my last chance for a while. It was starting to cool of so the towel actually
provided a little warmth if you can believe it. Lisa sensed that I was debating
what to do and she knows so well how to get me going. She came over and
said. "I dare you to lose the towel". I turned to look at her and bit my lip. This
was one hell of a day and my head was spinning with excitement again. We
were approaching the dock when Max asked Jim and I to grab the dock lines and
get the bumpers ready. There were two boats at the dock and a couple of
people on boats in slips. No one was even in bathing suits much less topless. I
figured if I was going to do this it would be better if I arrive topless and didn't just
drop the towel in front of everyone. That would be really obvious. There was
one girl in a bikini top and shorts walking down to one of the boats. So that was
it. I took a deep breath and shed the towel in one swift pull. I even pushed my
chest out a little, possibly because I was still holding my breath, but it gave the
impression of confidence as my nipples felt the cool wind for the first time in a
while. Goose bumps covered my exposed skin. Jim yelled, "That's more like it.
We can say we caught a mermaid." Max turned around caught a glimpse of my
bare form and almost hit a piling as we entered the launch area. He yelled,
"don't do that to me when I'm trying to dock. I need to concentrate. With a
nervous laugh I said "Shall I cover up then?" "No, No." was all I heard. Again I
tried to stay calm but inside I was beginning to really simmer like before when I
had my orgasm. I thought back to that and almost grabbed the towel but Lisa
had already picked it up. I guess I was committed now.

I was really getting turned on as I jumped out onto the dock to tie the boat up. As
I landed I felt my unsupported 34c's bounce with the impact. That really
reminded me of how exposed I was. It wasn't like the tiny bikini bottom was
hiding anything either. I think my goose bumps were visible through the thin
material not to mention my engorged lips. I was thinking it's a good thing this
bikini bottom was dark blue because I could feel my pussy getting moist with
excitement. Max jumped out and asked if I wanted to get the car with him. I tried
to act cool like it was no big deal, when I said, "na go ahead I'll just hang out with
the girls." When I finished I realized how appropriate the "hanging out" really

It took a lot longer than I expected for anyone to notice me, but once the boat tied
up in front of us noticed, all heads seemed to turn at once to look at me. I tried to
keep my head up as my dad had taught me (I think he had other situations in
mind though) but Lisa started handing stuff up to me. As I did, my un-haltered
breasts wobbled a bit telling everyone, even those a distance off, that they were
indeed bare. Eventually I told her to hold on until the boats out of the water. She
then jumped up onto the dock and joined Kim and I. What a contrast. Kim and
Lisa in their shorts and tee shirts an me naked except for a tiny string bikini
bottom. The contrast and the attention only served to heighten my excitement
level even more. I was already breathing quickly as Lisa and Jim joked around. I
tried to join in on their levity but my bodies heightened emotional state was
driving my mind's attention. My areolas had even unusually puffed up which only
served to highlight my pronouncedly hard nipples. They stood atop my breasts
like twin lighthouses attracting each watchful eye.

Lisa, knowing my arousal was beginning to build upon itself, upped the dare even
more saying," I'll bet you a hundred bucks you can stay that way until we get
back to Kim's place. I told her, "I'd come this far what's a few more minutes
going to do." Without thinking what that really entailed.

This was exciting enough but at least I was close to the water where it almost
looked acceptable, but riding home nearly naked was more than I thought I could
handle. I was about to recant my bet when Max pulled up with the truck. Kim
and Lisa walked down the dock to give him a hand backing up before I got a
chance. Jim had me pull the boat up a bit on the dock since I had been holding
back as far away from the other boats as I could.
With the others gone it was just me standing there holding the boat. I tied to
ignore all the eyes on me but without any distraction all my mind could focus on
was all the attention my bare body was getting from all the stares. My mind,
without any thing to distract it, seemed to be focusing all of my emotion right on
my already moist pussy like a lens. Thank God for my dark suit. When I thought
I was going to boil over again I heard Jim yell to cast off. I was a little lost in my
thoughts but managed to shack my head clear enough to jump in the boat
without falling. Thank God now I had something even as trivial as tidying up the
lines to take my mind's attention. As we motored over to the trailer I managed to
get my emotions under some semblance of control which seemed to stem my
bodies race to another orgasm. Once secured to the trailer I was much better. I
even laughed when Kim almost fell on the slippery ramp. Jim and I slid over the
bow and onto the trailer. I was extra careful not to snag my bikini bottom on any
of the bow cleats since it would have been no match.

Back on solid ground only seemed to highlight how out of place I looked. At least
on a boat you expect to see a woman in a bikini. In the marina's parking lot is
another story. I managed to keep my excitement to a manageable level which
allowed me to enjoy the situation a little more. We filled a bucket with some soap
and proceeded to rinse the boat down. This was my chance to go on the
offensive since it didn't really matter how wet I got but the others seemed to want
to keep their clothes dry for some reason. I got a hold of the hose and
proceeded to spray Lisa as she hid around the other side of the truck. Max
suggested I soap down the deck since I was most appropriately undressed for it
as he said. So I climbed back on top. I had pretty much forgotten about all the
people that were watching the show as I stretched to climb aboard. My breasts
rubbed along the rail as I pulled myself up.

When I was done I made the mistake of letting the hose slide over the side
because Jim picked it up and started squirting me. He got me soaked well
before allowing me to come down. As I slid back down Lisa snuck up behind me.
Before I could get completely down she grabbed my bikini bottom and wrung the
soapy sponge out on my bare ass. I'm not sure how many people saw as I was
more concerned with her tearing it right off me in the parking lot. I tried to grab
the sponge from her but she ran off while I tried to recover my suit. A couple of
tugs to recover my suit and I grabbed the hose. Lisa was safely inside the truck
now so I decided to finish rinsing the boat. When I was done with the boat I
decided I had better clean up a little myself and proceeded to give myself a little
shower right there in the marina's parking lot. I slowly ran the water over every
inch of my bare body and I even managed to clean all of the soap out of my bikini
bottom as I finished up. It was really sexy but also really cold as well.

By then Max and Jim had secured the boat so everyone joined Lisa in the car.
They handed me a towel to dry off. I thought I could just wrap it around me for
the ride home but Jim pulled it right off me as I bent over to put my shoes on
leaving me with just my tiny bikini bottom once again.

I love the Brazilian cut suits but they leave an awful lot of you butt exposed even
when they are in place.

I slid in the back seat followed by Kim. Max yelled for me to not get the seat wet
and suggested I take my wet suit off but all I said was that there wasn't enough of
it to get anything wet anyway. Jim kept bending back to talk to us girls and stare
at me and I know Max had a clear view in his rear view mirror. Lisa said she
never would have thought I'd actually make it this far today and that she was
impressed by my courage. My arousal had stabilized for now so I was able to
enjoy the ride and conversation a bit better. I was still a bit nervous about being
seen by passers by but the back windows were a little tinted so it was hard for
anyone to see in. We were all laughing and having a good time.

My silliness ended abruptly when Jim asked if anyone was hungry. He said he
knew this nice café just off the boardwalk that was right on the way. Lisa jumped
on it saying she was starving. Max also said it sounded great. In a stunned
response I said "no way! You can't expect me to go into a restaurant like this."
Jim's only response was why not. It's casual. I said, Casual is one thing, naked
is not casual." My heart started pounding in my chest at the thought and my
body started responding it in its natural way. I was barely thinking coherently
when I started negotiating for something to cover up with. I could feel my
excitement level causing me to react out of desperation and not rational thought.
Without thinking I had agreed to have dinner in at an outdoor café dressed in
nothing more than a skimpy bikini. Everyone said they were just joking around
about going but now that you want to go lets give it a try.

As we pulled into the parking lot Kim rummaged through her backpack for my
top. I struggled to get it on over my bare breasts as Lisa opened the door to get
out. I quickly slid it over my neck and covered my breast as I got out. I held it in
place hoping no one was looking as Kim tied the strap around my back. Luckily
where we were seated was out of the wind because it was starting to get really
cool. It couldn't have been much over 70 degrees as we sat there. I could tell
the waitress was a little uncomfortable since she asked me if I was cold a couple
of times. I was starved from all of the exercise and excitement of the day so I
pigged out. Kim and Lisa both commented on how I could eat so much and stay
so thin. All I said was the excitement keeps my metabolism up and burns more
calories. I had no idea what I was talking about but it certainly sounded
plausible. We ate our dinner and laughed and checked out the people checking
me out.

Eventually I started to get really cold so we finished up and headed back to
Kim's. The ride to Kim's was uneventful. We dropped the boat off in front of
Max's place and said our good byes. Jim asked for my number. I told him I had
a boyfriend which brought a frown of disappointment to him. I tried to cheer him
up saying that I had a great time and who knows when things change.

After being topless or naked much of the day I was feeling pretty confident now.
My breasts were bobbing around reminding me that they were exposed to the
world and the dark blue bikini, although not hiding any of my curves, did at least
meet the legal requirements for being decent even if just barely. I still felt a bit
aroused as we walked but nothing like earlier. It actually felt pretty neat as we
walked back to Kim's smiling to several of Kim's neighbors along the way. The
temperature had cooled off to probably around 65 by then so a woman wearing a
bikini looked a bit out of place; but it felt great and I didn't mind a few goose
bumps because the weekend was almost over and I was getting the most out of
this weekend. Tomorrow I'd probably be dressed in slacks and a blouse once

When we got to Kim's we sat and talked for a bit and were all a little sorry to see
the day and weekend come to and end. Eventually we started talking about
getting going since it was going to be a long trip back through New York. I asked
for my stuff back so I could change when Lisa informed me that I didn't get my
clothes back until we got back to my place. I complained that this was enough
but at the same time wasn't that anxious to get dressed. All I said was that it was
getting a little cold out for this.

I saw my bag come out with Lisa's stuff so I at least knew my stuff wasn't being
left. At least if I had to I could always get to my clothes. I offered to help but Lisa
was insisting on keeping me from my clothes until we got home. I gave Kim a big
hug which only reminded me of how little I had on as her clothes brushed my
nearly naked body. We were both talking about getting together later in the

She walked out with us and again I was reminded of how cold it had become.
We hugged again and talked a bit before a shiver finally overcame me. With that
it was time to retreat to the shelter of my little Honda Prelude. I tugged my bikini
bottom up once again before getting in and let out a little yelped as my bare skin
made contact with the cool seat. It wasn't until then that I realized I didn't have
my keys, drivers license, or anything besides the two scraps a cloth I call a bikini.
Luckily I had an inside trunk latch because Lisa had already thrown our bags in
the trunk. I got out and grabbed my purse and my shorts while I was at it. I was
tempted to slide the shorts on when Lisa reminded me not until we get home. I
threw them in the back seat so I could get to them in a hurry though. With that
we were off. I turned the heat on so I didn't freeze.

The ride home took forever thanks to the New York traffic but was fairly
uneventful. It was about 10:30 when we got home so I asked Lisa if she wanted
to stay over and head back in the morning. My housemates were still up and
somehow weren't surprised to see me walk in wearing just my bikini. All they
said was "At it again?" I gave them a brief summary of what we did and Lisa's
challenge. With that they understood everything. We hung out and talked for
about another hour before going to bed. Lisa settled in on the couch as I got
ready for bed. Before settling in I stripped off the bikini and walked back to the
living room and tossed my bikini to her saying, "Ha. See I made it." She rolled
over and said, "I figured you would' but wait to the next time".

The End

Hope you liked it as much as I did. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas
for new stories and challenges.



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