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BEACHES panties and tank top attached


Breaking and Entering
by Couture

(FM, femdom, anal, nc)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or
offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2002 Couture

"Will you be a dear and clean the kitchen tonight?" I
asked my husband, who was sitting in his recliner
watching television.

"Come on honey, I'm watching something right now."
Bryan said, pointing the remote around me and at the
TV as if he could somehow zap me and make me move as
easily as he could change the channel.

I looked back and saw that hateful little planet at
the edge of the T.V. screen. Just great, the fucking
sci-fi channel. He would be sitting in his chair all
night. I knew that in order to get him up, I was
going to have to bring out the big guns.

I gave him my sexiest smile, straddled him, and ground
seductively against him. "I'll make it worth your
while," I whispered in his ear.

I could feel him responding beneath me and he leaned
up to kiss me, but I pulled back. "But first the
dishes," I said, giving him a quick peck on the lips
and hopping off his lap.

Bryan threw a pillow at me, hitting me in the rear.
"Tease," he called after me, but he quickly got up and
went to the kitchen.

I followed, watching him while he worked. He looked
cute washing dishes in his boxers. I trailed a finger
down to my sex. I was as hot and wet as the

I went to the bedroom to wait for him to finish, but,
I was too hot to wait. I got up, opened my goody
drawer and removed a vibe to keep me occupied until he
returned. However, my attention fell to the strap-on
at the bottom of the drawer.

I had always wondered what it would be like to be the
penetrator instead of the penetratee, if you know what
I mean. I had always been curious, but never had the
courage to talk to Bryan about it.

Actually, I brought it up as a joke once, but Bryan
just laughed said, "You're not coming near me with
that thing." Ever since, I had been too hesitant to
pursue it further.

Stripping off my panties and tank top, I attached the
latex cock to my crotch. I walked to the full length
mirror and looked at my reflection. I wrapped my fist
around the shiny black cock and posed, propping my leg
up on the chair. Damn, I looked powerful! Authority
and strength radiated from my body. Then my thoughts
turned to my husband diligently washing dishes in the
kitchen. It's now or never, I thought, and tip-toed
silently to the kitchen.

Bryan's back was still turned, while he was drying the
dishes and placing them in the cabinet like a good
little husband. I snuck up behind him and reached
into his boxers, firmly grasping his cock.

He jumped. "Jesus Christ! Shit, you scared me!" he
said. "Don't sneak up on me like that when I've got
plates in my hand."

I stroked his cock, until it grew stiff in my hand.
"What was that sweetie?"

"Nothing," he groaned. He tried to turn around, but I
pulled his cock up and away, making him stand on his
tip-toes leaning over the counter.

"Don't turn around."

"Ouch, ease up - you're hurting me Debbie." He tried
to grab my wrist, but I only pulled harder.

"I'll pull it off." I threatened. His hand moved away
and I slacked off on the pressure. My free hand
traveled down to his ass, massaging his cheeks
possessively. "Now, who's in charge?" I asked, while
my finger pressed between his cheeks against his
tightly clenched ass to emphasize my point. "Hmmm?"

"Come on honey, let's go to bed. I don't like this
game," he whined.

He was getting ornery again. I don't know what
possessed me, but I opened the drawer and pulled out a
small knife. He immediately froze as soon as he saw
it in my hand. I traced the sharp of the blade up and
down his spine. "What did I say about turning

He hesitated. I heard him gulp. "You said not to."

"That's right." I squeezed his cock. It was harder
now than ever. He might try to pretend, but I knew he
liked it. "Now . . . tell me who's in charge."

"You are." I felt his body tremble against mine.

"That's right." I placed the blade beneath his
underwear. "Now, let me see this body you've been
teasing me with." I cut at his boxers with the knife.
Well, more like I hacked at them. The boxers proved
to be a formidable opponent, but I couldn't let myself
defeated by mere cotton and elastic.

I yanked them down his legs. They were trembling with
his fear.

"Please, Deb. . . I don't like this."

His cock pulsed in my hand. "Liar." I kissed his
neck and moved my hand from his cock to his nipple,
pinching it lightly. My kiss turned stronger until I was sucking at his
neck as hard as I could. I nipped his skin with my teeth and tightened my fingers on his
nipple. My bite extracted a mewling moan from his throat.

"Tell me the truth, bitch. You like this don't you?"
I whispered in his ear and then tongued it.

"Ugh . . . yes," he gasped.

"And I'm not Deb. I'm a burglar, who broke into the
house. Your wife is asleep in bed." I poked him with
the knife blade. "You got that?"

"Yes . . .I got it," he said.

"Good. Reach over there and get that bottle of Joy.
Come on. Hurry up, before you make me angry!" He was
shaking and so unsure of himself. I stroked him as he
reached for the bottle of Joy.

"You can do it baby. Go on. Now, pour some of it
into your hand. Keep going, pour a whole handful.
That's good. Now, give me your hand." I guided his
hand back, careful not to spill the detergent and
placed it over my cock. He jumped when he discovered
my surprise and tried to pull away, but I held him

"Please, don't," he said, while I guided his hand up
and down my cock.

"Did you know that I've been watching you from the
window every night? Did you enjoy teasing me? Washing
dishes in your naughty underwear? Showing your body
off slut? Did you think you could get away with
that?" I brought his hand up behind his back, forcing
him to bend over the counter.

I was getting into my new role more and more. I had
never felt so strong before. So powerful! And I
hadn't even taken him yet.

As I placed the head of the cock against his ass, I
felt the moisture gushing from my sex like a fountain.
Bryan groaned when I pushed forward. The cheeks of his
ass clenched tightly, but it was no use, I only
pressed harder until the head slipped in.

"Ow, ow god." He struggled to get away. "I'm sorry
honey. Please, I can't <sniff> do this."

I pushed his arm up further. "I'm not your honey
bitch. Do you think you can just tease me like this
and then toss me away? Besides, I know what a slut
like you wants."

"Come on, just relax. It will only hurt if you try to
fight it." I took him with short tiny strokes, ever
so slowly moving deeper and deeper into his ass.

I could feel the resistance fading with every stroke.
Was it my imagination or was he pushing back against
me? No it wasn't my imagination.

"That's it bitch. Didn't I say I knew what a slut
like you wanted? That's it slut, just relax and give
it up to me."

He grunted every time I bottomed out. I slammed into
him harder. My thighs were slapping loudly as they
collided with his on every stroke. "Don't I know what
you want? Don't I, bitch?"

"Ugh - yes," he admitted. He was mine now and we both
knew it.

My pussy quaked. I was getting ready to cum, but I
still wanted a little more.

"Come on slut. Pick your leg up and put it on the
counter. That's good. Pull your knee to your face,
but don't you dare look at me. If you look at me, I'm
going to have to kill you bitch, cause I'm not going
to jail."

My cock was covered in foamy bubbles from the
detergent. "Ah-ah-ah-I'm cumming," I cried. "Oh
God, you're making me cum, you hot little bitch."

My strokes slowed as my orgasm waned. I felt
something on my hip. I looked down in surprise at my
husband's hand.

"Please," he begged. "I'm so close."

I slowly pulled out, marveling as his reddened pucker
opened and closed before my eyes.

"Not much of a tease now, are you? Tell me bitch.
Tell me what you want. Do you want to be the fucker
or do you want to be the fuckee?"

He tried to pull me into him, but I wanted him to say
it. To tell me what I wanted to hear. "Tell me."

He trembled to my touch. "I-I want to . . . be the
fuckee. Please," he groaned.

I looked at him there with his eyes closed, his body
in such a vulnerable position on the counter, and slid
into him with long hard stroke knowing he was mine.
I wondered what was going through his mind. Was he
imagining it was me fucking him or someone else? It
didn't really matter. I was there and I was fucking

I dropped the knife and grabbed him by the hair. I
pulled him back into me. "Tell me what you want.
Tell me bitch!"

"Fuck me - ugh- oh God fuck me!" he moaned.

"Fuck you where, whore?" I demanded, as I slapped his
ass hard enough for the neighbors to hear.


I slapped him hard on the ass. "Louder bitch! I
didn't hear you."


"That's it bitch. Tell the world what a slut you
are." His body glistened as he squirmed from the
pleasure. His leg knocked a cup down on the floor.
It wasn't going to be long now.

I grabbed his swollen cock and pumped it. "You're
cumming bitch, I can feel it. You better scream for
me whore. Scream out loud!"

"I'm cumming," he cried in a long soul piercing wail.
I jerked his cock as he spurted, covering the counter
with his copious discharge. After he came down from
his climax, I gently pulled out of him.

"You were the best fuck ever, my little tease." I
licked his semen from my fingers. "When you get
cleaned up, your wife will be in bed waiting for the
most gorgeous hunk of husband in the world to fuck her
brains out."

I clutched his panting body close to mine and kissed
his back. It tasted of salty sweat. "I love you," I
whispered and then went to wait for him in bed.

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