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BEARING men are pampered with pickles You


"For Bearing" {Pendragon} (MF preg oral wl cons)

by Uther Pendragon

IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to
read electronically transmitted erotic material, please go do
something else.

This material is Copyright, 1997, Uther Pendragon. All
rights reserved. I specifically grant the right of downloading
and keeping ONE electronic copy for your personal reading so long
as this notice is included. Reposting requires previous

All persons here depicted, except public figures depicted as
public figures in the background, are figments of my imagination
and any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly

# # # #

by Uther Pendragon
"'... As clever as clever. So I think I'll be six now for
ever and ever.' The end. There. Can you reach the nightstand
with the book?"

"Sure. Y'know, I still think this is silly, but I'm really
beginning to enjoy the poems."

"Milne wrote light verse. Parenthood has a way of
dominating your thoughts, ..."

"I've noticed. And I'm not really a parent yet."

" ... so he wrote light verse about parenthood. He didn't
really write them for kids. You'll notice that I didn't say
anything about your being quite apparent."

"And I'm extremely grateful. I saw a 'wide load' sign on a
truck yesterday and thought about stealing it."

"Hush! You are full and sleek and sexy and incredibly
desirable. I worry every time that you drive off that some
stranger will see you and grab you away from me."

"Bob, you have never seen a woman that you didn't desire."

"... Less than you. Speaking of which...."

"Sure. Who's first?"

"I'm already down here."

"Y'know, I can remember when I could see you like this.

"Sleep, little atom. Sleep now, do. mommy and daddy both
love you. But daddy loves your mommy too. Rest now; they have
love things to do."

"It's a good sort of chant, but it hasn't worked yet."

"Maybe I'll have better luck with her mother."

. . .

"Oh, yes, Bob.... Yes, Bob.... Yes!... Oh. Oh? Oh? Oh!

. . .

"I do love you, gal."

"And I love you. Your turn."

"You're sure?"

"I'm sure. I keep telling you that it wasn't putting your
seed in *this* end which made me upchuck for nine months
straight. Besides, I feel it's kind of my fault; I wanted to be
pregnant in the worst possible way, and...."

"Hush! Never say that! You aren't pregnant in the worst
possible way. It doesn't put you in danger, and that is the most
important. It doesn't put the atom in danger, and that is the
other important thing. She is taking all sorts of room, and took
some that we had other plans for, that's all."

"Junior doesn't agree."

"Junior doesn't get a vote."

"He gets a kiss, though. But you have to make the journey."

"There. Can you reach me?... Oh yes. Did I mention that I
love you?"

"Mmm mmm."

"So sweet.... Oh, yes.... Oh love.... Oh damn!"

"I'm sorry. Some sort of crick in my back. Do you want my

"Please.... Yes. Like that.... Tighter, you won't hurt
me.... Just like that.... You are so good.... Love. Love....
Unh. Unh! Unh! Unh.


"Sorry. I tried to get it all."

"No problem. You actually enjoyed that?"

"Sure. I won't lie, I prefer being in you. But that will
happen. I waited years for you, once. I can wait months....
Indeed, I should have more patience these days.... It's funny,

"What's funny? Wanna feel?"

"Always. She's really keeping it up."

"You take such pleasure in the simple things in life, like
my pain."

"Sorry! Would you really prefer that she didn't move."

"God no! But there is such a thing as moderation."

"Moderation? Sorry darling, you're carrying a Brennan."

"So, what's funny?"

"Marriage, intercourse, blow jobs, hand jobs. You really
went at things backwards."

"I don't think I want my daughter associating with someone
with such a dirty mind."

"That would be waste. And a dirty mind is..."

"... a terrible thing to waste."

"Other women are pampered with pickles. *You* get straight
lines when you're pregnant."

"Other women don't have husbands as weird as mine."

"Nor as desperately in love. Want a washcloth."

"I've gotta go in there anyway. She's playing soccer with
my bladder."

Uther Pendragon
This is one of a series of stories about the Brennans.

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