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Archived Sex Stories

BEINTHER split it gained some control


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Being There
I had never seen her so depressed or so drunk. She was usually
a Cinderella- gone by midnight, but that night she was still there at last
call and showing all the signs of a drunk I'd have to 'help' out the door
to close.
It just goes to show you never know it all. For all her
appearance as a droopy, sloppy drunk, there was a lot of life in that
girl. Her head came up and tilted up with a jerk like a clumsily handled
marionette. She squinted at the clock and dropped into a new gear.
There were all of five guys and me and Ginger, but I don't
know how many she was seeing. It certainly was shaping up into a
different night. I figured I ought to calm her down and ease her out
before she started doing things she'd regret. She mistook my rapid
approach as a response to her request.
"Well, hell yeah! I'll give you a rare tip," she greeted me as I
came over.
Her eyes were clearer than I thought they'd be and our gazes
locked for an instant. That was enough for her to transmit her sheer
intent. It was almost as if she had reached in my pants and grabbed my
dick. I let myself fantasize getting that tip fuck, but in a deserted bar
without Ginger watching.
"Come on now," I said, trying to get back into the cooling
down tone, "You really ought to think this over."
Then she really scared me. It was like she reached into my head
and plucked my thought.
"Why don't you send the bitch into the back room and take care
of me the right way?" she asked, obviously reading my mind.
I had failed in my quest. Her continued raucous outburst had
attracted the other barflies. A couple had sauntered over while she had
been propositioning me.
"Hey, forget him," said Jake, holding his crotch, "I got
everything you want right here."
"Yeah, me too," parroted Andy, standing over her right
"Well, if this asshole isn't interested," she scowled at me and
turned toward Jake, "I guess I can start anywhere. I'm going to do you
all anyway."
I looked to see how Ginger was taking all this but she had
walked off somewhere. Unsure of what to do, I went to lock the doors.
It was about time to close.
"So, show me what you got," I heard her say to Jake as I threw
the bolt and turned the sign to say 'CLOSED'.
There was a squawk when I turned out the ceiling fluorescents,
but I just snapped, "We're closed. The lights go out."
It wasn't like we were in the dark. There were lights behind the
bar and lamps waist-high around the walls. There was more than
enough light to see Jake with his dick hanging out of his pants
watching the woman pull open her shirt.
I looked for Ginger again and she was nowhere to be seen. I
really had no way to deal with the crap that was going on short of
calling the cops, so I went into the back to look for her. She was sitting
on a stack of beer cases smoking a cigarette and looking as upset as I
had ever seen her. Or at least that was what I thought.
She was just saying the same thing over and over and over-
'Jesus Christ'.
I expected a scowl when she looked up at me, but it was a look
of despair on her face as she said, "You might as well fuck her too. I
hear she's a real good fuck, and she will fuck everyone in here."
"What's going on?" I asked, "What do you know about this
"She's my sister, asshole," Ginger said, "She must have just
broken up with a guy or is about to. She does stuff like this. She says
she likes it. She calls it getting her own."
"You obviously don't think much of it," I said.
"I might be jealous, I don't know," she said. "It is quite the
fantasy. A bunch of anonymous guys- more sex than you get in a
week- I might just envy her."
"Then why don't you join her?" I asked- the picture of them
laying side by side with men lined up to get between their thighs filling
my mind.
"Don't be gross," she scolded, "I don't want to even think about
screwing you- let alone those other barflies. But you go ahead and fuck
her. She wants it. I'm just not going to hang around and watch."
That was some kick in the head, but the significance of it faded
quickly when I realized the path had been cleared for me to get in on
the orgy in the other room. And that paled as I realized I was missing
the orgy.
By the time I got back into the bar, the party had moved up
onto the bar itself. She was crawling along the bar like a cat and Jake
was trying to catch her, walking on his knees hobbled by his lowered
pants. I was embarrassed for Jake and his ignominy in his pursuit of
this woman.
At the same time, it was Jake's fault for being eager enough that
she knew she could tease him that way. But it wasn't what she was
looking for. She finally stopped and let Jake mount her like a bitch.
That was what she was there for.
"Now don't waste it all in one place," she said to the rapidly
humping Jake, "That's not all I want from you."
"Whatchu mean?" Jake asked thickly, "Whatchu want?"
"I want you to take my cherry," she said gleefully, "I want you
all to take my cherry."
I don't know if she had it planned all along or if she happened
to see the Kirsch in the basket under the bartop next to her. But that
was what was in her hand as Jake pulled to a stunned stillness by the
impossible conundrum she had given him. She reached back and
poured the sticky liqueur between her butt cheeks and down the crack
of her ass.
""I want you to get deep into this cherry," she said as she
rubbed the Kirsch over the puckered bud of her anus.
His open mouth slowly closing and stretching into a grin as he
realized what she meant would have been a miracle of acting if Jake
was acting. As his face changed, he also transformed from his usual
stupid hick to a purely lust-driven mad man. He grabbed his cock at
the base to pull it out of her and take the new aim. And with a neat bit
of expertise he used his other thumb to press open the sphincter as he
slid his prick by it and into her ass.
Jake's familiarity with that move flashed some ugly images in
my mind of where he might have picked it up and I shuddered even as
I admired the smoothness of his move. And it was smooth, even if it
was underappreciated at the other end. She grunted a protest as Jake
just kept pushing his cock into her until he was jammed up against her
"Goddamn! Haven't you ever heard of being gentle?" she
berated Jake.
"Baby, I just wanted you to get it all at once, this being your
first time and all," Jake grinned.
He was a little more circumspect when he began to fuck her,
pulling nearly all the way out slowly and then pushing back with a
faster, but still smooth and controlled thrust. But it was the lust demon
in charge of Jake as he continued his studied assault on her asshole
despite her urgings to fuck harder and faster. It was raw Jake now and
he was going to take her Jake's way, however she felt about that.
But he couldn't help speeding up just a little. He was still
pulling out slowly, but now he was slamming his cock back into her.
Then it seemed he realized what had happened and stopped with his
cock as deep inside her as he could shove it. It was time for the next
He grabbed her hips firmly and pulled out. When the glans had
cleared and just the tip of his prick rested on her asshole, he rammed it
in- all the way in. The yelp must have been satisfactory because he
proceeded to repeat the process another dozen times until the protest
faded. Or maybe his fuse had just gotten too short for playing.
He settled into a rump romp that went from barely moving his
deep-thrust cock and then slowly expanded to full-length thrusting.
Then, as if returning to whence it came, the thrusts got shorter as he
pulled less and less of his cock from her bowels before pushing to the
hairs again. He was just jerking against her butt when he went into the
spasms of climax and then he sagged, still holding her butt tight to his
"Okay, okay, lots to do, come on, get off me," she said after a
long moment without Jake making a move to dismount.
Old hick Jake woke up and with some surprise dismounted and
sat down on the bar. He looked a little puzzled, but I didn't take the
time to ponder. The game was moving into its second quarter and I
turned my attention to Andy's attempt to climb up on the bar.
"No, no- don't bother," she said, putting a restraining hand on
Andy's shoulder, "I don't want to go through that all night. I think
there's better places than up here."
Now Andy is amenable to anything short of a kick in the balls,
so he stopped and watched as she dismounted the bar and looked
around. For a naked woman in a dark bar, she was surprisingly at ease
as she scouted new coupling locations. She gave the pool table an
appraising look, but passed. From her sister's description of her habits
I suspected she knew from experience how hard a pool table actually is.
I thought she had ruled out every padded place big enough to
fuck, but it seemed she knew the bar better than I did.
"Come on guys," she prompted, "We're going to breech the
forbidden territory."
With that, she led Andy into the women's restroom. Well, I
knew there was a couch- loveseat really, in there, but it wasn't one of
the places I thought about when I thought about the bar.
I decided there was going to be enough traffic to block the door
open. By the time I had got that done and walked into the lounge part
of the restroom, Andy was already deep in her brown. From the way
he was hurriedly humping her ass, I figured he wouldn't be there much
longer. Stan and Kyle were grouped in front of me, watching Andy
frantically bang against her butt. Kenny was still in the bar- from the
look of him passed out. Cartman had left.
"Screw you guys, I'm going home," he said as he left.
"Come here," she said nonspecifically to Stan and Kyle, "I
want to suck your dick."
"Whoa, dude!" Stan said and fairly jumped in front of her,
opening his pants.
Today I learned that some women will do anything and that
Stan is a selfish rat bastard, Kyle thought.
As it turned out, Stan didn't get much for his brashness. She had
hardly gotten his prick into her mouth when Andy yowled, jerked and
filled her ass with his cum.
"Bummer, dude," said Stan.
"Hey, you want to let her suck you a while, I'll fuck her," Kyle
said with glee.
Kyle was behind her before Stan could answer and easily slid
his cock into the gaping opening where a tight little bud had been two
guys ago. The sloppy hole didn't seem to reduce Kyle's pleasure one
bit. He pushed his cock all the way inside her and then rocked on her
butt as she tried to give Stan head.
Whatever momentary spat they had, it was over. Kyle winked
at Stan and Stan winked back. Then they tried to compact her between
them. Stan would drive into her mouth and as he got to her face, Kyle
would rock he up so Stan's cock jammed down her gullet. But it didn't
take long for this to become much too good for Stan.
"Dude!" Stan exclaimed, "That's enough for me. I want some
of that too."
Stan took his prick away from her as Kyle finally started to
work on fucking her ass. But it must have been good before, because
he didn't need much slow thrusting before he was in high gear,
slamming his meat into her fudge-packer.
"Oh my god!" she gasped as Kyle slammed her into the sofa,
"You're so big and so strong!"
"Yeah, big, strong guy, shoot your load, I'm waiting,"
grumbled Stan.
One of the urgings did it for Kyle and he pumped even more
frantically, howling like a dog. He went into dog frequencies when he
shot his load and then had to pause, dazed. before he could dismount
and give Stan his turn.
"Owwwwwooooo, dude," Stan mocked Kyle as he took his
"Fuck you, Stan," said Kyle.
A look verging on disgust came over Stan as he aimed his cock
at her asshole. At the last moment he pulled up and his cock grazed
along the cleft between her buttocks.
"Whoa, dude, this is pretty gross," said Stan, "Can I get a towel
or something to wipe some of this shit off?"
While I reached into the other room to grab him some paper
towels, Stan amused himself by slapping his hard-on on her ass. At
first it was just a nervous reaction, but after a moment, Stan noticed
that her asshole closed a little every time he whapped his cock against
her ass.
I had the towels and was turning back when my head whipped
around to see where the loud 'splat!' had come from. What I saw was
Stan raising his hand to slap her ass again.
"Here's the towels," I said, holding them out as the next crack
landed on her butt.
"Yes- I'm a slut!- Oh god, spank your bad girl!" she cooed as
Stan spanked his hand down again.
Stan seemed offended that I would give him the towels in the
middle of his fun, but he took them and perfunctorily wiped her ass.
He tossed them aside and got ready to hit her again and paused. She
must have tightened enough for him. He set his cock to her asshole and
He got the head well seated and then brought the hand down
"Oh yes, daddy," she gurgled as his hand landed with a loud
smack, "Make your little baby want it!"
It fell apart when Stan tried to spank her and fuck her at the
same time. He just couldn't get the angle right and gave up on the
spanking. If her moans were any measure, he was making up for it
with his dick. There didn't seem to be much rhythm to Stan's thrusts,
but maybe the uncertainty about when the next poke was coming was
what made her so hot.
For his part, Stan seemed to be enjoying the sounds of torment.
Taking her unprepared looked like his favorite thing. And it was when
she started begging in tongues that Stan got a look of demonic glee on
his face and flooded her bowels.
Like nothing had happened, Stan got up and asked, "Where's
Kyle looked back out into the bar and said, "He's out here."
They went out to drag their buddy in for his turn and then there
was a gasp.
"Oh my God! It's his heart!" said Stan.
"That tramp must have excited him into a heart attack!" gasped
"Oh my God! You killed Kenny!" accused Stan.
"You bitch bastard," added Kyle.
That pretty much made it my turn. I guess down deep I had
decided to fuck her when Ginger walked out, but right then I was
having trouble letting the deep down come up. I was hot to fuck her,
sure, but Ginger's sister for Christ's sake?
It was enough of a pause that she rolled on her side to see if I
had been excited into a heart attack like Kenny. Looking at that classic
view of a woman on her belly, buttocks presented, but twisted so that
her heavy breasts fell down and away from me in profile, my doubts
fell away.
"Why don't you go on and roll over and you can take it easy
this time," I told her.
Her haughty air wasn't fazed by the direction. She turned
languidly onto her back, leaning a little tilted on the arm.
I looked at the logistics and changed my mind.
"I think you better lay the other way," I said.
"Make up your mind, will you?" she snapped, but crawled
around so her ass was on the arm.
There was no damn room for my leg the other way. I hadn't
wanted to stand, but I couldn't figure out how to fuck her on the couch
without getting a cramp. I laid my cock on her sopping cunt and
rubbed it between the lips to snap my hard-on back into shape. She got
her heels seated comfortable on my shoulders.
Then I pulled back and pushed my cock against her asshole.
She was still a yawning canyon and gave me almost no resistance as I
pushed my cock inside her. But even with the door open, her ass was
still snug and very warm. It had a oiled vinyl slipperiness from all the
fluids that had been injected that made it an alien kind of feeling.
It was a very nice alien feeling, stimulating in the same way as
a tongue. And she took the comparison a step further by squirming her
hips in a way that mimicked a bobbing head. I just let her work her ass
on my cock and luxuriated in the anal blow job. It was easily the best
deep throat I had ever had.
And then I made it better when I fucked her ass harder and
deeper than would have ever been possible fucking her face.
Somewhere I must have touched a switch inside her because she came
alive, bouncing and squirming on my cock. After the pounding I had
witnessed her absorbing, I knew I wasn't hurting her. That meant I was
either pleasing her mightily, or she wanted mightily to please me.
Either one was good for me.
It was very good for me. We kept seeing and raising each other
as I thrust harder to match her churning hips and she worked them even
harder. Her heels dented my shoulders as she lifted herself in her
gyrations, but that was nothing compared to the force with which I was
slamming into her ass. As my climax rushed upon me, I realized that
was the switch I had turned on. I had made it easy for her to get me off
When it came, I didn't care how quick it was. The spasms
racked my balls with a force that was almost too good to bear. They
strained to the point of pain as they shot my hot seed into her asshole.
And then she relaxed and let me leave my cock in her as long as I
It certainly had been a stunning night. Everyone seemed to feel
the same and I didn't have any trouble getting them out of the bar to
close up. I was still shaking my head and trying to put everything in
place as I was hit by the real stunner of the night.
I didn't notice anything amiss. Admittedly, my head was still
spinning with the events and scenes at the bar, but there were no
warnings. I got in the house, washed for bed and sat down on the bed
as usual. Then the covers beside me erupted.
I was startled by the movement, but I was dazed when I
recognized its perpetrator.
"Damn my sister anyway," said Ginger, now lounging in a 'J'
around my back, naked. "I couldn't help thinking about my sister
getting drilled, and dammit, I tried. It obviously drove me crazy
because the only thing I could think to do was come here."
That made sense to me in some weird way. Not an awful lot of
sense, but enough to believe that I was going to get to fuck two sisters
on the same night. We could certainly write it off to temporary insanity
tomorrow. It had been a most extraordinary evening.
"And what were you thinking about doing when you got here?"
I asked.
"It isn't obvious?" she said, sitting up taller to show off her C-
cup tits, "I want a little bit of what my sister was getting."
"Talk about a kinky pair," I snorted, "I go months trying to talk
women into letting me fuck them in the ass and then I get more than I
can handle all on the same night."
"What!" Ginger exploded, "You fucked my sister in the ass?"
"Everybody fucked your sister in the ass," I told her, "That's
what she wanted and from everybody."
"Jesus!" said Ginger staring into emptiness as she sat still
beside me.
"Hey- you do what you want," I told her, "I just thought that
was what she did all the time."
"No- no, I can't," she said, turning to look at me, "That was part
of the deal I made with myself. For once I was going to be just as
unrestrained as my sister. If that's what she was doing, I gotta do it
Like I was going to argue with that. I had worked hard enough
on Ginger to deserve it. And she had been alternately teasingly close
and then sharp and distant as I tried to talk her into bed. I certainly
deserved my dick up her ass for her vacillation. Now all I had to do
was keep from jinxing it.
"So, you want to blow me first?" I said in my typical sensitive
and caring male way, "Your sister didn't, but I think I'll need the help
after she took it out of me."
Actually, it was more a test than a necessity. My cock was
willing to get hard now, but I think it was waiting for a token of her
sincerity before getting all pumped up with no place to go. I knew I
wasn't going to count on anything until my cock was deep inside her.
"Such a smoothie- no wonder you're so popular with the
ladies," she said, but she turned on the bed so she could bring her
mouth to my lap.
I opened the towel that was wrapped around my waist and she
went down on me. It wasn't strictly the best blow job, but it was old
Iron Ginger with my dick in her mouth and if nothing else, at least I
had gotten her this far. My cock is a dreamer and anticipated that the
warm mouth encasing him was the omen that all promises would be
fulfilled. As he snapped to attention in her wet mouth, I mused that he
only stuck around for the good times. That was why my dick was an
optimist. When I was getting shot down, he was tucked down in
He was hot and ready to go now. I decided to increase my
chances by pulling Ginger up and laying her on her back. She smiled
when I crawled between her knees and dropped my tongue into her
pussy. I wasn't going to be there long. I was just giving her a 'taste' for
now. I sopped it pretty good and it made a nice rest for my cock as I
slid up to work on her tits.
She ground her cunt on the hard cock sliding between her pussy
lips as I licked and kissed her nipples. I was squeezing her tits together
into a bunch on her chest and running from one nipple to the other and
she was getting even more animated as her pussy juiced on the cock
teasing her.
I didn't kiss her mouth- that would be too personal, but I put my
face next to her as I asked, "Ready for the real thing?"
"Mmm hmm," she sighed with a slow nod of her head.
I am not an animal. I am a human being. I didn't just roll her
over and try to ram my dick up her ass. For one thing, I would have to
face this woman tomorrow and the day after that. For another, I wanted
her to feel that she had missed something not laying down for me
I rolled her over and lifted her hips until she was on her knees.
Then I knelt behind her and licked her pussy from behind. As she
groaned with my squirming tongue pushing inside her, I slowly added
a finger and then two. My thumb took over rolling the nub of her clit as
I slid my tongue up her crack to her asshole.
Her butt came up like a hunting dog as I licked the puckered
brown sphincter. She worked her ass back as much to rub her asshole
on my tongue as to drive my fingers deeper into her pussy. And she
fussed- deep sighing and moaning as I gave her business end a good
going over.
"Waugh!" she snuffled as I pushed open her ass with my
I could feel the shiver run up her spine and back down as I
invaded her rectum with the wet spear of my tongue. She didn't voice
it, but I could feel her confusion in the way she tried to respond to me
at the same time she was stiffened with uncertainty. Then I tongue-
fucked her ass and she unbent. Her butt came back to life with the
same easiness that her asshole relaxed and let my tongue deep inside.
I tried to work alternately with my fingers and my tongue, but I
wasn't anal about it. She, on the other hand, was trying to get me to fill
her as full as she could, pushing back to jam fingers and tongue as far
inside her holes as she could get them.
It was nice to turn this hard, forbidding co-worker into a
squealing mass of lust. She was oblivious, but I was noting each little
squirm and cry as she descended to her basic instincts. But enough of
this already.
I had a jar of lotion in the nightstand for those 'private moments'
and I lifted up to get it. I left my fingers in her snatch as I moved
around beside her to reach the drawer. As I pumped the fingers in and
out of her, I pushed my cock to her face. I knelt beside her with the jar
in one hand and her cunt on the fingers of the other as she sucked me
She quickly found the place to hold her head so I could fuck up
into her mouth without gagging her and she stayed there as I re-newed
my erection in her warm oral wetness. Then I stroked her hair to put
her back to sucking on her own and began to spread the lotion on her
asshole as she bobbed on my cock.
She wanted it bad. I felt that I had planted the wonder of why
she had not fucked me before when I felt her cunt spasm on my fingers
as I stroked her open asshole with the lotion. That was one for her.
Now it was time for one for me.
The work out with her sister notwithstanding, I was as ready to
cum as a 17-year-old virgin. I had to fight that. I knew she had
rekindled an exception ardor, but that I would still recover like an old
man that had cum twice. It was nice to feel that potency, but right then
I really wanted to last and last and last as I shoved my cock up
Ginger's ass.
I toyed with her to get her ready to pop again. Ignoring the
glistening sphincter, I thrust my cock into her cunt. She dropped her
chest on the bed to open for me and I tried to lift her butt in the air with
the urgency of my thrusts.
It was helping. Looking down on the broad butt jerking in the
air as my prick split it, I gained some control. I was fucking Ginger. I
was giving the little bitch what she needed. And she was taking it like
an animal and loving it like a slut and wiggling her ass for more. The
power trip cooled my lust and put an edge on my excitement. I was
really going to enjoy this now.
The time had come. I was ready to sacrifice her now. I pulled
out and lay my cock on her asscrack. I let her shiver in anticipation for
a moment as I spread a line of lotion on the topside of my cock. The
lotion slowly spread and flowed to the edges as I moved my cock ever
so slightly over her anus. She began to beg now- for me to put it in and
for me to be gentle.
No need to worry. I was going to take my time. I put my cock
to her asshole and pushed. The looseness my tongue had felt was an
illusion. She was as ready for me as she could be, but that was far from
ready. The lubricant stole the friction, but it didn't help the pushing.
"Oh God! I... I... OH! I can't believe it!" she gasped as I pushed
into her.
She wasn't fighting me. She was trying to help me. Still my
cock was too big for her to accept graciously. After an inch or two I
gave her a rest and rocked back and forth, just moving my cock within
its skin.
"Is it in?" she asked, that humiliating question taking on quite
another meaning as I grinned down at her, knowing she hadn't got half
of it yet, "I feel like my ass is on a billboard on I-75."
I think she meant she felt exposed and vulnerable, but I didn't
care. I had a lot of cock to push into her ass and she hadn't felt anything
yet. I pushed again, this time leaning slowly into her with a gradually
increasing pressure. I was going to ease it in, but I was going to keep
pushing- hard as I had to- until my cock slid the last centimeter into her
"Jesus! oh... jesus!" she grunted as I entered her rectum an
eighth-inch at a time, "You're making me sweat! How much more?"
"Just until it's all in," I said, maintaining the pressure and the
slow entry into her rump.
By the time she could feel my belly flattening her butt, she was
panting like a Lamaze mother. "Oh god, that was hard. Is it any harder
to take it all at once?" she asked.
"I don't know. You tell me," I said as I pulled my cock back to the head.
"No I didn't meeeeeEEEE!" she yelped as I shoved it back in.
She wasn't open enough to ram it back in, but I went as quick
as I could without tearing something.
"Was that any better?" I asked, pressing hard on her ass again.
"Just quicker," she said, frozen in place as she experienced this
new treat.
"If you want to know what it's really about, slide down to the
bed and I'll show you," I told her.
She wasn't any too sure about that. It took her time to make up
her mind and then she slid forward slowly until she was laying flat on
the bed. I followed her down and lay on top of her.
"You can put your legs together," I suggested and she
Now her cheeks gripped me as well. I could really pound her
into the bed now, but I started slow, like she was my virgin bride.
"I don't know..." she complained, "This makes you dick feel a
lot bigger."
"And in so much deeper," I added joyfully, loving the chance to
tease her.
It was good. It was claustrophobically close and hot and tight.
It was everything a good assfuck should be, but I felt I had lost
something in the move. Right now I felt like I was just fucking her, as
good as the fuck was. I didn't have the feeling that I was ramming my
cock into uncharted territory anymore. I had been getting off on
watching my cock drive into her ass, watching her asshole stretch to
take it in, listening to her grunt as I forced her to open for the invasion.
I had to get that back. I pulled my knees up and lifted myself
up on my arms. She whuffed in confusion as I shifted the angle again
and then I sat up so I was squatting over her ass. I grabbed her hips for
balance as much as leverage and rammed my cock to her.
"Whooaa! You found something!" she gasped as I drove my
cock up her behind short and quick.
Monkey-fucking. That's what I had found. And it made her
squirm and it made me feel like I was violating her again. It was still
good. Her clenched butt cheeks made it seem even tighter and I was
ravaging her with a satisfied flourish.
"Yeah baby, I found your butt and it is good," I grunted as I
fucked her.
"My sister is such a slut!" Ginger cried out, but I could tell that
beneath her protest she was getting hot from my dick kicking in her
back door.
I was glad. The short strokes weren't the quickest way to make
me come, but I had spent enough time ramming my cock up her ass
that the accumulation was getting me there anyway. And I guess I
really was prodding something that was exciting her, judging from her
groans as I fucked her.
I don't know if she really made it, but she was huffing pretty
good when I let loose on a particularly deep and spastic thrust. I jerked
more than thrust as she trapped me against her ass between the
clenching of her anus and my own spasms.
"Euuuwwww!" she squealed as I pumped my load in her.
I felt like I wanted to lie down on top of her, but I knew it
would be worse to have to move again in a few seconds when I got too
heavy for her. Instead, I rolled off her and pulled my dick from her
rectum so I could sink into the bed and recoup.
"Well, that was certainly unrestrained," Ginger said, rolling on
her side and propping her head up on her hand.
"Yeah, me too," I agreed.
"I meant you," she snorted, "I just lay there and took it."
"Pretty unrestrained of you to take it, though," I said,
"especially from me."
"Well yeah- That's a weird part," she grimaced, "I was just
obsessing and obsessing on the show my sister- little miss 'I pick
whoever I want'- was putting on and I didn't do much thinking about
who was going to help me with my plans. Like I said, I was trying not
to come up with this idea. When I couldn't avoid it anymore, you were
my first thought and I went with it."
"It's nice to know I was your first choice," I smiled evilly at
"Not that way, asshole, you were the first thought. I knew
you'd fuck me and I wouldn't likely run into anyone else waiting for
you," she said.
Fuck you too, I thought. She must have seen the look pass over
my face, because she went on.
"Hey, asshole, that doesn't mean I didn't have fun," she said, a
little brighter.
"Well, I liked it," I admitted, "You took it real good. And I
couldn't help noticing it was you there beneath me."
"You can just forget that shit," she said, "This was a one-shot
"Oh come on, how about back to where we were at midnight,"
I bargained, "I think I had you within a month of tumbling anyway."
"Well, to tell you the truth, you're better off now than you were
then," she said, "I would have had to be pretty drunk to fuck you
before. But I like the way you did me. You were nice about it."
"And you have the experience to judge?" I asked, prying into
her secret life.
"You think you'd have the faintest glimmer of a chance with a
woman that didn't do pretty much everything?" she shot back, "I have-
but not too many times and never sober before."
Well that pretty much did it for small talk. I tried to talk her
into fucking me again, but she said we'd had enough fun. I think we
got to know each other in a lot of ways, but it didn't really change
things. Except I guess we understood what was behind our verbal
fencing better now.
I'm just hoping we get to the point I feel comfortable asking for
her sister's phone number.


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