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BELIEVE cum filling her and seeking


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Life's Great, Believe Me - (believe.txt) - Rodney tell us all about
a day in his absolutely fabulous life. Certainly a man of his character
wouldn't exaggerate? M/F all holes serviced.

Life's Great, Believe Me
by Rodney Cudgelwit

I read all these fanciful stories, and they are damn fascinating
let me tell you, and I can't help but smile. You see, they are all
pretty enticing with all sorts of sex and partners and I still haven't
seen one that comes close to my real life.
I don't brag, hate to boast, but it seems I've been blessed to
always be just a cut above. And where it shows up the most is in my sex
life. I'd like to be poetic and say in the bedroom, but I hardly ever
make it into bed with any of the women that seem drawn to me like a
virile, manly magnet.
But it's not fair to tease you with the shadows. I've read your
dreams and aspirations and I feel it is only fair to tell you of some
of my encounters to give you a little higher target to aim for. After
all, with a few millions, an Atlas-like physique and sexual equipment
only somewhat smaller than that of a horse, you too could live this
life of pleasure and satisfaction.
All it took was being me and a party given by the Lowells to have
Lydia Handtack in a dither to fuck me. I use that crude term because
that is what Lydia wanted. She didn't want romance. She didn't want me
to seduce or make love to her. She wanted cock. She wanted cock in her
cunt. She wanted my cock in her cunt.
She made that very clear when she reached in the side pocket of
my trousers. She wasn't looking for my lighter. Her hand went directly
to the nicely grouped package in my briefs.
"Rodney, I have a place that is aching to be filled up with
this," she addressed me as she carressed my genitals.
"Do you think it right to impose on our hosts in that way?" I
asked her in all seriousness.
"You are such a gentleman," she complimented me and then
explained, "I knew you would be concerned, so I mentioned my intention
to Patricia and she invited us to use the hall closet for this
assignation. But it is real estate that comes with a price. You must
also use this formidible weapon on Mrs. Lowell upon completion of my
heavenly ecstasty and unbelievable fufillment. Is that too much of a
price for you?"
While you do have to keep the beast civil, there is no reason to
deny that the beast exists. I certainly did not mind servicing this
willowy debutant, nor the attention of my hostess, the well-endowed
Mrs. Lowell. In any case, Lydia's stroking was making my trousers into
an unseemly display and decorum dictated that I absent myself.
Whither was my discretion, I thought, and the hall closet was as
good a place to conceal this rising as anywhere. If I thought Lydia's
lust was such that it had given rise to a lie to get me alone, that
thought was dashed as a subtle wave of the fingers passed between Lydia
and Patricia as we moved into the hall.
I took deep breaths as we moved into the closet, a spacious
affair perhaps 6 feet by 9 feet holding a rack of the visitor's coats.
I was going to need the stamina to satisfy both these vixens.
Lydia only took her hand out of my pocket so she could use both
hands to open my my pants. I had the time for few deep breaths before
she was kneeling on someone's coat in front of me and trying to open
wide enough to fit my massive organ somewhat into her mouth.
She knew how that teased me and I expect she was well-meaning
in trying to heighten my desire to a level that would do both she and
Patricia proud. She was certainly teasing in the way she attacked me.
She wasn't trying very hard to get my cock in her mouth. She was
getting me hot.
Lydia wished to ride the monster in a standing position and so
arranged herself where she could support herself gripping the bar on
the coat rack and left it to me to pull off her undergarments and hold
her dress up out of the way. It was a bit of an awkward angle, and
would have been for anyone, but with my endowment I felt like a bull
goring the poor girl.
Now before I wax poetic about the insertion and her flights of
passion on my rampant rod, I feel I must humbly clear up any mis-
conception I have created about my penis. Hung like a horse is a title
bestowed on me by many of my lovers. I understand the standard penis is
six inches or so, and I believe that is where those women got the
comparison. But a horse's member routinely exceeds two feet in length
and I do not mean to imply that my penis reaches those proportions.
It is somewhat over nine inches, nearing ten when I am greatly excited,
and is slightly over eight inches in circumference. For you unwilling
or unable to convert, that means a woman must be spread about two and
a half inches in all directions to accept my organ.
Now that you understand the nature of the struggle, allow me to
continue by saying Lydia seemed pleased to be spread open that way by
my penis. I believe her words were somthing like, 'Oh god, you're
going to burst my pelvis with your huge cock. You're so fucking huge- fuck me, yes fuck me.'.
She was squirming up my body like a python around a tree and
supporting most of her weight on the coat rod, when I had finally
driven my cock all the way inside her. I suppose I could have helped,
but she seemed to be having a good time pulling me into her with her
legs and gyrating her hips all over my rigid pole while I simply held
her dress up out of the way.
I was indeed glad for her enthusiasm. While this eager little
waif was pleasing herself egregiously on my manly pillar, I was
conserving my strength to do justice to our hostess. That is not to say
that her lustful hula on my erect prod was not supremely exciting. It
was a vortex of pleasure, sucking and shining my cock as her hips
worked my massive cock to all parts of her depths. It simply was better
for her than for me.
I eagerly accepted this opportunity to please without using myself up, in anticipation of giving Patricia the fuck she so richly
deserved. But as she approached her climax, Lydia's intensity became
unbelievable. She impaled herself with stubborn force on my erect
member over and over and then snapped her hips in a movement that
was irresistable.
I was already considering how realistic the need to hold back was
and deciding that I certainly had two squirts in me when she came on
my cock. I'm not sure I could have held back if I wanted to and I know
I had no such intention. The frenetic little motions of her cunt as
she quivered and the contractions of her muscles made me want to
let go.
For the first time in the fuck I moved and thrust up at her.
Her fluttering went on as I helped to support her and I had the
wonderful sensation of shooting off deep insde her and feeling the
immediate backwash of my cum filling her and seeking to relieve the
pressure with a gush back out of her sheath. She urged me on with
bounces that created vacuum and made her cunt suck at my spouting cock
until I had emptied my balls for her.
"That was rather bad form, actually," I had to scold her when my
breathing was sufficiently calm to converse normally. "You should have
been more circumspect in pleasing yourself so that I would be able to
pay our rent properly."
"If Patricia complains, you'll just have to do her twice," Lydia
replied easily, "I promise I'll help if you have any erectile
difficulties in fufilling your obligation."
That was of some comfort to me as we exited the closet and found
Mrs. Lowell awaiting us there. I had no reason to expect recovery time
and she had every right to demand payment in full since she had upheld
her end of the contract.
"From the sounds emanating out of the closet, I rather believe
that you utilized it in the manner you predicted," she said to Lydia.
"Indeed we did," Lydia told her. "Most satisfyingly as well, I
must say."
"That would have been my hypothesis, judging from the expression
on your face and the slightly bandy-legged stance you have adopted,"
Patricia told her.
I knew Patricia was being polite in that exchange. I had done my
own observation of her features and the brightness of her eye and the
flush on her cheeks told me she was eager to claim her rent for the
encounter she had allowed in her house. I was right, of course.
"Now I believe you owe me something for the pleasure," Patricia
addressed me, "Or didn't this little minx explain that to you?"
"Oh she certainly did and I am looking forward to discharging my
debt," I said easily to our hostess. "I fear my poor stamina will not
make that possible for some time at present, but I am willing and eager
when it becomes possible."
"I volunteered to help hurry that time," Lydia offered.
"Please, go enjoy the party and don't trouble yourself with that,"
Patricia dismissed her gently, "I am sure we will manage without
troubling you."
Lydia scampered off, terribly pleased with herself for her
conquest, and Patricia led me deeper into the house. She evidently was
too impatient to ride my charger to think of her other guests.
"Pardon my boldness, but what of your duties as a hostess?" I
reminded her gently.
"I am not the only Lowell present. I am sure the rest of my family can manage while I am in recess," she told me sweetly, but pointedly.
I must assume she took my mention as proof I was trying to slight
my contract with her. That was in no way true. I only wanted to assure
that she was not forgetting the importance of maintaining a proper
house in her lustful need for my services.
If I had overestimated the effect her desire had on her attention
to duty, I had not overestimated the strength of her desire. As soon as
we were safely alone behind the closed door of what I took to be a guest
bedroom, she was eagerly opening my pants to expose my organ.
"I am emboldened at this occasion, for I sense that there is a
unique window of opportunity for me," Patricia explained her haste. "I
believe that your flaccid state will allow me to introduce some of your
mammoth member into my mouth and that is a pleasure I anticipate with
some glee."
True to her word, the elegant hostess knelt, careless of her gown,
and lifted my organ to her lips. In its softened state she did indeed
manage to cram nearly half my member into her mouth. I applauded her
resolve, but I didn't need to add anything to her desire. Her
accomplishment was pleasure enough for her.
It was well not to distract her because her joy was rather brief.
The hugeness of my cock made it a special event for it to fit inside anything and her eager mouth was making it even more special.
I rapidly swelled too large for her mouth to contain, but the
shine of accomplishment was still in her eye as she looked up at me
past the proud pole.
"Fortunately I have a place where even that mammoth organ can
fit," she said and got to her feet.
The dress was a puddle of satin in a minute and she stood wearing
only stockings and panties before me. She threw herself backwards onto
the bed and crooked her finger for me to follow.
As I approached her supine figure, I formed an idea of what she
had in store for me. It was no great revelation, since the two large
hills of her breasts dominated the landscape when she lay on her back.
She gathered them up from the sides and I knew my surmise had been a
correct one.
"I think these are large enough to contain your huge member," she
said brightly as she formed a deep canyon with the massy mounds. "They
compare favorably, I think, in oversize with your organ."
They would have been put to better use if she were laying over me
and letting the weight of her mammoth mammaries aid them closing around
my prick, but I am too much of a gentleman to coach such matters-
particularly when I am a guest in that house. It was arousing enough to
slip my cock between the warm hills and take my fricion between those
To prevent my cock from jabbing under her chin as I thrust
between her breasts, she turned down her head and let me run into the
wet cushion of her tongue at the end of each thrust. That made the
position worthwhile despite the lesser grip of her breastflesh on my
manly shaft. Indeed, it may have made a fool of my previous conviction
as to position and replaced it with the service she was now performing.
It did feel so very good to so much of me. But tit-fucking, while
Patricia seemed to be enjoying it, was not the service she required for
the rent of her closet.
"I do believe it is hard enough to be useful," Patricia said,
"Don't you think it would be proper for you to use it?"
"Inasmuch as I owe you, I see no reason to delay fufilling my
part of the contract," I replied.
Strike while the iron is hot is what I say. For, lo, is not an
erection a natural wonder and should it not be worshipped as often as
possible? And as quick as you can when repeats are to be expected.
As a positive, actual, matter of demonstrable fact, I knew that
fucking her tits, however pleasurable, was not as pleasurable as
fucking her cunt. She lay supine and motionless as I backed down the
bed. With the same careless passivity, she allowed me to remove the
underwear that concealed the object of my expected affection.
I would normally hesitate to reveal intimate private details, but
in the spirit of instruction I should withhold nothing. Her vulva was
a gaping gorge, running with moisture as if a waterfall was placed in
the valley. The anticipation of enjoying the big one had her dialated
as if she was preparing to give birth.
Although that was quite the antithesis of the process we were
commencing, the lewd openness stood her in good stead as I carefully
placed myself over her and put my member to the task. Even though
Patricia had experienced that other test of elasticity, my organ opening
her seemed to exceed the exertions of childbirth for her.
In that assessment I am guided by her own words.
"Jesus, Mary, mother of God, St. Joseph and all the Saints and
Apostles, pray for me," she intoned rather desperately as I entered her.
"I am being rent asunder like no other time in my life. Pray for my
soul all you holy minions lest I die committing the mortal sin of adultery."
Certainly she was being overdramatic with her pleas to all the
principalities and powers, but it was a tight fit. She threw her legs
high in the air to ease her troubles. She spread her legs as far as
she could fling them to open herself wider for me.
Perhaps that distracted her enough as I inexorably pressed my
manhood inside her. In whatever state she managed it, she did stay the
course until I was fully sheathed in her womanly opening.
Now the toll Lydia extracted from me was going to be Patricia's
bane. I tried to ease my huge cock in and out of my hostess, but it
did not seem to ease her trial. Truth be told, I believe she was making
more of the experience than was called for.
"Oh! I die!" she exclaimed as I fucked her. "You spear me to my
heart! Your manly thrusts drive the air from my lungs because you
penetrate so deeply inside me!"
That this was hyperbole, I think I proved as I was urged to greater
exertions by her sweet praise. She was no more agitated when I drove into
her with some speed and no little power than she had been as I took
her gently. Mayhap she was quieter as I thrust more seriously.
Extrapolating from my vast experience in such matters, I believe
she was truly taken by a swoon of pleasure when the real fucking began.
No longer was she able to summon extravagant praise, since my meaty
charger was occupying her thoughts with the fairy trance of sexual
excitement. She descended into the gutter with crude encouragements as
her breath shortened in that ecstacy.
"Oh yes! Plunge into me!" she petitioned me, "Possess me fully and
rapidly! Give me pleasure unadorned!"
That I gave her that pleasure was a certainty beyond any faux
pretensions. Her pyhsical reaction was too intense and her normally
erudite manner of expression was reduced to gutteral sounds I am sure
she would never allow to escape her without supreme provocation. In
short, she climaxed. In slightly more descriptive terms, she climaxed
grunting and thrashing as if a victim of electrocution.
Happily or sadly, I was not sure how to judge, she achieved this
summit far too rapidly for my own passion to be kindled. I allowed her
to feel the fullness of my member as she tread the halls of ecstacy, but
with great attention to her own preference regarding the joy or
disappointment of my not joining her in this passion.
Quite some time passed as I allowed her to peregrinate on my
pillar of manhood in the mute aftermath of the cataclysm. I began to
believe that she would use her devious silence to induce me to spark
another volley of paroxysms without pause.
That was a libel on my hostess. I had modestly slighted her
response to my manly presence. She had indeed been lost for that time
in recovery. She awakened from the trance to clasp me fiercely with both
arms and legs and beg me to proceed.
"I am glad to have beheld heaven before your completion," she
cleared that mystery from my mind with her exhultation, "For now I will
know the greater goal of our mutual collision with no regret for what
sense I am certain to lose in that ultimate pleasure of love."
There was no overstated encouragement in her at this juncture of
our joining. While it is certain that she still felt the natural
distress of accomodating my outsized member, her caution blew on the
winds as she urged me to again take up my purposeful thrusting.
Her encouragement was limited to lively rejoinder comparing
my organ to her unborn children and praying me to 'swell her belly'
with it to yield the appearance of pregnancy.
The fading of her idiomatic expression was accompanied by a
greater collusion to acquire more stout and ready penetration of her
recesses by my member. She sacrificed herself to the phallus god with
great exertion of her legs and hips.
I was emboldened to increase my thrusts by this display of hunger.
I was not untouched by her need. The sharp hardness of her nipples was
pressed into my powerful chest by the agreeable size of her mammae in
a way I find personally stimulating when I am in congress with a woman.
Her nether parts were no less agreeable and her ability to express
an unseemly lust by the prompting of my member excited me greatly. I
confess I was totally involved in the wild harridan this proper wife had
become. I fucked her as if she had transformed into the legendary
form of the mother god.
I should be glad that I was thus involved. Were I to have been
simply enjoying an average carnal pleasure, I may have been taken aback
by the vehemence of her next orgasm. There was foam, certainly, on her
lips and surely her eyes rolled back, though this was concealed from me
behind her closed lids. Her seizure intruded into my notice as well,
but I was fucking a god you must remember.
And it was a brief silence in her exertions. In a brief span, I
was engaged in my own excursion into the ether and thus cannot judge accurately, she was again alive, even more active than before. I believe
it may have been then that she wounded me with her nails, though I was
insensate in my own passion and did not notice.
She was undeniably animal in her lust to extend the pleasure
my cock was giving her. Active beyond her exercise before, she seemed
intent on absorbing my body into her own in the delerium of her climax.
It was a powerful inducement to my own already piqued passion.
Not only the sensations of her desirable body, but the very abandon with
which she desired me was bringing my own excitement to the fore.
I thrust into her as I never would a mortal woman, lost as I was
in the fantastic thought of her as god. Her cries were ignored as I
used my buttocks like a hammer to drive the nail of my large spike into
her tight sheath. I plead the insanity of lust for my temporary
abandonment of concern for my poor victim.
Happily, Patricia reported later that her cries were foriegn to
her intention and issued rather from the overstimulation of the moment.
She was, indeed, still insensible and building on the first climax that
had put her in that state. The second is still a tenouous memory, although a favorable one, she reports.
It remains a much clearer event for me. Contrary to her first
moment of calm as orgasm took her senses, the second exploded a fierce
creature under and around me. My cock was craved as it seldom has been
before or since. I had the distinct sensation that her cervix had become
a gaping maw hungry to swallow my cock. The rest of her body was
collaborating to feed my mammoth pole to its hunger.
When her cunt grabbed my cock as if it intended to rip it off for
its continued use, I joined her on that plane of disembodied joy and
we danced with souls entwined with an ethereal gentleness that was
diametrically opposed to the gritty collision of our fleshly containers.
We left no doubt as to the use to which the bed had been put.
There was semen aplenty to inseminate a sheik's harem soaking into the
"I am a fool to offer, but honor requires it. I received much too
much pleasure to consider this a payment," I informed her. "I will, if
you require, renew the battle of Venus to dispatch my debt."
Still somewhat muddled by the experience, Patricia took some time
to respond. When she did, it was with her own gratitude.
"You are unquestionably a man of honor. No one would say
otherwise," she began. "But you are modest past a fault to a sin. I
could not in honesty require more of you for so simple a permission."
"And no one would dare call you anything but honest," I quipped
as we lay on the adulterous bed.
I had in good order dispatched my obligations, or so I thought.
I was quite pleased with both the opportunity and the performance in
my dalliance with Mrs. Lowell. She, if you have not already ascertained,
is a favorite for me among the wives in my circle.
I was anticipating a few more moments of light banter with my
hostess and then a return to the party beyond us. That plan was interrupted by an interloper in the form of Patricia's daughter Leslie.
"Oh the ignominy! I, as they say in the Bible, uncover my
mother's nakedness while she lays in the very bed of sin with her consort!" Leslie mocked great turmoil. "Shall I faint or shall I
scream? Perhaps it is proper to do one and then the other."
"Proprieity would call for you to withdraw quickly at first
noticing you were intruding on a person's privicy," her mother informed
her sharply. "No matter the transgression, it can be discussed at a
more proper time by a person with real manners."
"Then I suppose the apple had not fallen far from the tree,"
Leslie giggled, "Cuckolding daddy under his nose? Really mother, that
is tacky by any measure of civility."
I would have been concerned were it not for the bantering tone
Patricia's middle daughter had adopted. There was mischief afoot, but
it had nothing to do with confronting an enraged husband.
In any case, Stanley would be more likely to congratulate me for
the bedding than to express any distress. It was well known how his
wife's lust left him an empty shell with her welcome, but constant
I thought I detected a whiff of blackmail in the air, but it
was not my place to comment, being, as I was, one of the offenders.
Leslie had always been a willful child and she certainly would not
balk at such delinquent behavior. My concern was solely the form
this blackmail would take, which was certainly to pertain to my
sexual prowess in some manner.
Leslie was a fitting object of my lust. She offered a less
generous second story than her mother, but there was no deficiency
on her ground floor. She was, in short, a truly lusty wench and there
was no mental hesitation, even in front of her mother, preventing me
from performing any athletic sex act she wished.
It was a purely physical concern that made me wish that she
would perhaps turn her barb to some expensive bauble instead of
my own jewels. I feared I might not have the endurance to uphold my
well-deserved reputation of a cocksman of the first order. It would be
undignified for both myself and Leslie for me to give less than a
premium performance, regardless of the situation.
I was, of course, a hopeless optimist thinking that Leslie had
anything other than my impressive manhood on her mind. It was laying
there on my thigh glistening in invitation with a coating of her
mother's fluids. What other focus could there be for a healthy young woman with a normally active libido?
"Will you not withdraw now that you have expressed your contempt
and concern for the scene that you have tresspassed upon?" Patricia
pushed the issue. "Will you leave us to repair our appearance before we
continue with this discussion?"
"That would be counter-productive, mother, I'm afraid," Leslie
said. "I intend to extract a price for my silence and I do not see how
covering it up will expediate my claiming my prize."
"You accuse me of adultery and say it is compounded by it occuring
under my husband's roof and then you propose to fornicate with the same
man under my nose as a panacea?" Patricia tried to sound shocked.
"It did not occur to me to, as you would have it, fornicate with
him under you nose, but if that is your wish, by all means, stay and
watch, Mother," she replied.
Though shocking by most cultural standards of which I know,
copulating with her mother's lover in quick sucession and with her
mother observing was not surprizing to me where Leslie was concerned.
If Patricia had accepted the invitation, however, I would have been shocked.
"I in no way condone this and certainly will not stand witness,"
Patricia said, "If your rude and sinful attentions no longer require my
presence, I will absent myself."
It would be only natural for Patricia to stir lesbian tendancies
in even her daughter, but Leslie had evidently had no need to stir such
deep lusts in the presence of her more immediate desire for my manly
member. She hardly deigned to reply to her mother's query, dismissing
her with a wave of her hand she she stalked my prone form.
"I have, you may be shocked to learn, admired this marvel when you
have been in bathing dress in my presence since the time I was ten,"
Leslie confided as she approached the bed and stood over me.
I was indeed shocked by the precocity of a ten-year-old, but it
was not unknown to me that her gaze had carressed my crotch with wonder
in more recent years. Since she was alone among her sisters in having
not sampled the pleasure of my love, I had suspected that she would make
the opportunity occur at some time.
Still, I felt that it was inopportune at best for her to accost me
in my depleted condition for her first taste of my prodigious organ. I
should be allowed to be at my best when I introduced her to the little
monster for her maiden ride.
She waved off any such quibbling on my part. She assaulted my
manhood on two fronts as she accused me of being ungentlemanly as well
as unmanly.
"You can, of course, escape this obligation since I am obviously
no physical match for you. You are well able to escape and leave my
mother to her peril," she said. "Of course, I could only understand such
cowardly behavior as proof that this legendary organ is not the staunch
ravager of its acclaim."
She delivered her insult in a jovial tone that masked the
sharpness of the barb, but I knew that it lurked there virulant were I
to disappoint her intentions. Ah, the trials of renown!
She had during the exchange divested herself of her gown and
loosed her delightful breasts from their confinement. Only her stockings and underwear stood between us and the commencement of my third entry
into lists of love of the evening.
Since this was her command performance, I felt no compulsion to
aid her in compelling my love. I laid on my back and enjoyed the
unveiling of this last of the Lowells to venture into my carnal web.
Knowing her own strong points was evident as Leslie made sure to present
her rear prominently to me as she uncovered it of its lacy confinement.
'Ere I wax poetic about the perfection of the twin loaf-like
prominences of her buttocks and the illusive circling of the square made
by the roundnessess in the broad wideness of her pelvis, let me comment
about the more central issue of their effect on my own staff of love.
She was of a perfection that would drive a mere man mad with desire, but
my organ had already gorged itself on two magnificent meals of like
perfection. My mind anticipated driving into those sublime cheeks with
hunger. My member, as I had feared, was less impressed with the
"Why, this little thing looks like it would fit right up my little
rear door," Leslie said, stroking her finger down the length of my
reclining organ. "I don't see what all the fuss is about."
Her teasing had no effect on me. She, as well as I, knew she was
lying as she tried to scoff at my reputation. Her finger and her
perverted mind were another matter. The mental picture of her perfect
rear spread open around my cock was inviting and the light touch of her
finger made the idea real to my organ itself.
"Then perhaps I will stay a bit to see my lawless daughter receive
a punishment she so richly deserves," Patricia said from the doorway.
Oh my, the situations to which a legend is prone.
Patrica had restored herself to order with a now befouled towel
and replaced her gown. She brought the chair from her dressing table and
set it next to the bed so as not to rumple her dress. She placed her
hands on her knees and leaned forward expectantly as her daughter tickled my massive organ to bring it to service.
Leslie, I am sure, would have you believe her mother's presence
was the reason for the stillness that affected her as her finger did its
work. I am personally just as sure the true reason was her bold
prononcement and her growing distress as she saw the task she had set
for herself.
Certainly a morbid interest was keeping Patricia at the bedside
in such uncharacteristic fashion. And as certainly she remained to watch
as enforcement of her daughter's wild claims.
I must say I did appreciate the gesture by the elder Lowell, but
I despaired of it being useful. I thought I had received all the good
possible from Leslie's declaration of intent. I was not prepared to
delude myself into thinking she might actually attempt to put my
extravagant organ into her diminutive anal orifice.
Oh, it is a most fond thought of mine, but, alas, so few ever wish
to attempt it and fewer have been able to accomplish the feat. However,
the mere thought was a useful way to retore my ardor after the past
two energetic couplings with my previous paramours.
Of course, as these things go, Leslie's boast was bringing us to
a point of collision. The idea of itself and Leslie's tender touching
was bringing my magnificent charger erect and soon, very soon, she would
be put in the awkward position of retracting her puffed-up assertion.
Leslie's first bid was to cull the witnesses to her vacillation.
"I am certain your rudeness alone cannot account for such a
breach of etiquette. Even I, in my admittedly cheeky manner, only
imposed upon the dregs of your carnal pleasure," Leslie addressed her
mother. "For you to forsake good taste and intend to witness the
entirety of our intimacy argues that another, deeper cause motivates
"And what are you supposing that motivation to be?" Patricia
"Oh Mother! Will you play the innocent with me?" Leslie pretended
to be shocked. "I have hinted at an act that binds your soul, your
timid soul, to witness what you will not allow yourself to do. Curiosity
Mother, common curiosity at a marvel you are too frightened to enjoy."
"And not a hint of fun?" Patricia said with sparkling eyes.
"I am not well able to judge the perverse pleasures you might
derive," Leslie said haughtily, "That is a vice and I have none."
I thought things were going poorly for Leslie. I do not know how
we restrained laughter at her declaration of purity. It was clear her
first thrust had been parried by her mother.
"Oh no, my darling child, I wish to witness a signal act in your
progress of becoming a woman," Patricia gloated, "You have promised a
wonder I could in no way fail to see."
"If this, as you say, wonder attracts you so fatefully, then I
suppose you will aid me?" Leslie asked.
It smelled of a trap. Leslie was a bit too pleased with herself
as she baited her mother. I was expecting Leslie to challenge her
mother to go first, thereby salvaging her pride when neither of them
would attempt to receive my massive manhood in the rear-most portal.
"I was hoping to witness your achievement, not cheapen it by
taking part of the burden," Patricia said, obviously anticipating the
same kind of ruse.
"I was thinking only of Rodney," Leslie replied quickly. "It is
evident, I am sure, to all that it will not be an easy task I have
claimed. A lengthy preparation will be needed. I say that right out. I
was only hoping you might keep his attention and at attention while
that process proceeds."
Could ner need- her desire- her lust drive her to so desperate a
strait? Was my turgid tallywhacker such a prize? I still did not admit
the possibility, but I did credit the intent.
Patricia was amused by her daughter's continuing subterfuge. She
would gladly, as it were, 'lend a hand' to send Leslie farther into the
corrall she insisted on building for herself.
Leslie was making a good show of it. I needed no expectations to
appreciate the stunning rear view of her high, round rear portions as
she kneeled beside me. They were buttocks best displayed when Leslie
was in her present position.
She gave me some balm and encourged me to pave the way for her
pretense of accomodating me in her back passage. I did not need the
deception of thinking I would consumate the act to feel joy at
carressing the rubbery muscle with the slippery compound. It is taking
such pleasure at an intimate carress that differentiates our sex from
the animals.
Patricia, to my mind, was a bit lax in her duties. Her bemusement
at Leslie's continuing farce made her touch on my manhood suffer. She
was far too entranced at the sight of my finger touching her daughter's
anus to pay the proper attention to my engorged organ. Happily, my own
involvement with Leslie's rear port was keeping those nether parts in
proper operating order.
"It will not grow bigger by being greased," Leslie protested as
my finger circled her fundus, "You must know the way must be opened."
I did not attempt to crack the code of the tightness in her
throat. Fear or desire were the same to me. I pressed my finger against
the bud and made it enter. She would have some stimulation before the
embarrassment of forsaking her pretention.
Patricia's hand tightened noticeably on my charger as my fingers
probed the nether passage of her child. As the way opened more,
Patricia's passion was tranferred to my throbbing member.
Leslie gamely took two fingers and soon demanded a third. I must
relay how much impressed I was with her determination. The muscle had
changed consistency with the thorough probing and then held open to
such an extent that I was given an extraordinary view into the bowels
of the girl.
"Mother, anoint his shaft," she said through gritted teeth, "I
must take him now if I am to take him ever."
Certainly any blot on my escutcheon was wiped clean by the events.
Even to brave the sensation of Patricia's hand preparing me and set
my proud pego to the mark was a triumph worthy of my reputation. Leslie
could think none the less of me in this third joust.
But I was torn asunder as I knelt in my place with my stiff-
stander at the ready. I had permitted a small hope to leak into my
breast as I observed how widely open the back road seemed. Now I was to
be cursed by disappointment when she found my member was too large for
her orifice. This feeling was supported when the seeming gap in her
rear was dwarfed by my manly organ.
"Do not pause!" Leslie said rather sharply. "Enter me firmly and
take away this flutter in my breast!"
Ah well, all fantasies must end. I pushed cautiously to let her
know the impossibility without damage.
"It will take more than that. Have you no backbone to push past
a bit of resistance?" Leslie scolded me.
I believe I demonstrated almost super-human restraint in my
response to so direct a challenge. I nudged forward firmly enough, I
thought, to satisfy her requirement. She was being naught but cheeky
now. It was time to bring her up short in this continuing farce.
The little minx pushed back. Where all my energy had been spent
staving off disappointment, I found an astonishing resolve that made my
huge member actually trespass a part of an inch into her tight passage.
"I can't do it to myself," she said in a strained voice. "You
will have to be the man."
I was insensible to any slight in her speech. I was caught in a
moral dilemma of responsibility versus responsivness. The silly dear
seemed to think it was possible and certainly believed she wanted to
take my marvellous member in her back orifice. As attractive as the
prospect was, I was unsure if it was responsible of me to endulge her
potentially damaging fantasy.
"We will afford the the finest medical care when you ruin her,"
Patrica said in a mind-reading speech of support. "It seems she must
learn her lesson the hard way."
The lust-drenched atmosphere finally reached me. The depravity of
this coupling pierced through my lethargy and brought back my urges as
if Leslie was my first of the day. Lust-mad like a bull, I abandoned
care and threw the responsibilty back on the harridan that had aroused
me. I pushed forward and was not deterred by Leslie's gasp of
"It's going in!" Patricia announced in amazement.
"I know that better than anyone!" came Leslie's pained reply.
Indeed my vigor had forced the head of my proud pole past the
barrier of her anus. I am sure every muscle from Leslie's eyes to her
toes were clenched as I spread her the incredible size it took for my
mammoth organ to pass into her through that smaller door.
I was in heaven now regardless of how soon her call to stop the
pain came. That was the next barrier Leslie passed. The head is a trial
and then the poor girl realizes how much is to come. There is a tendancy
to withdraw from the trial at that point, but I heard no such plea from
Still sure it would come, I pushed my oversize organ a bit deeper
into her bowels. There was little reason to torment either of us with
the thought that she could take all of my massive meat. It would be too
cruel to let myself dream the impossible dream, as it were, and then be
dissappointed yet again.
"That's just the head, honey," Patricia said with a hint of glee.
"Thank you for being so informative, Mother," Leslie said a
little huffily. "I thought it was a very warm doorknob."
Having her mother watch seemed to be less of a twisted thrill and
more of an additional pressure for Leslie. Patricia seemed to derive
much joy in watching her daughter's travil and seemd to anticipate her
failure as much as I.
To shorten this matter, let me say Patricia and I were both wrong.
Incredibly, Leslie, with no little moaning and groaning, perservered.
Through every point that I thought would bring her surrender at last,
Leslie remained resolute.
I had savored every inch of penetration into Leslie's tight
channel, so I was not deprived of my pleasure. Nevertheless, there was a
feeling of amazement and a release of the hope behind hope as I finally
possessed Leslie in a way I am sure she had never been possessed before.
I was to have free rein with the narrow passage and my reticence at
assuming the duty of introducing Leslie to my large log after my previous
conquests disappeared. Certainly I would give her more than she wished
and emerge with my reputation intact.
Penetrating Leslie to the hilt brought the double bonus like an
incentive clause. Hesitation was vanquished and the novel chance to fuck
the rubber grip of an anus brought a new vigor to my mind and rampant
I freely confess my loutish behavior towards the young Miss
Lowell. I beg only to remind all of the novelty of this penetration
and the heady wine of accomplishing the impossible. I took no notice
even of the perfection of her form for this darker penetration. Indeed,
I forsook all gentlemanly concern for my partner in my absorption in
the prodigous feat I had accomplished.
Of course I did not use her cruelly, however her cries may have
seemed. Even in my self-absorbed enjoyment of this treat of treats, I
naturally, perhaps genetically, took care for the ignored Miss Lowell's
well being. I erred only, and I do not mean to diminish my culpability
in that gross misconduct, in focusing on the sensation of being once
in firm possession of the rectum of another to the exclusion of paying
the proper attention to that other.
I doubt Leslie noticed. I rather think she was too involved with
the feeling that she was passing a large fruit, say a watermelon, to
notice my failure to pay her proper court. But of course, my inattention
makes that less than a certainty.
The one certainty was that this passage hald me like no other. Its
constriction was tightest where I was the deepest, or should I say at
the princeps of my introduction in her bowel. This made the poor dear
undergo a most unlikely thrust as I felt truely compelled to slake
the tip of my lengthy stiff-stander in that tighter grip and thereby
submit her to nearly foot-long thrusts the like I have seldom used on
another being.
Patrica stirred in disbelief. I am sure the sight of so large an
organ using her daughter's smaller entrance quite made her swoon. There
was no mistaking her gasps even in my selfish enjoyment of the novel
orifice of the younger Lowell.
"Certainly you can have no pleasure and will not endure his fury
in finding his own," Patrica warned Leslie.
"Have I not convinced you, Mother?" she said to Patrica and then
turned her plea to me.
"Let me show her what I'm made of," she entreated, "Push hard and
to the point. Reserve nothing in your enjoyment and the Devil take
my hindquarters if they will not serve!"
This was madness to be sure. I spoke of my instinctive concern
to do no harm, but her madness was infectious. I had already discarded
civility in my callous disregard of all but the grip of the portal I
had entered. It was only a small descent to the animalistic desire to
heed her mad words, forsaking all sensible reflection.
I dropped to those depths. Again I plead the infectious insanity
of my lover. She had begged me plunge and I abandoned all sense and
answered her pleas. With cold, heartless thrusts I impaled my host's
daughter, caring not even that I might bring about her death.
Ten inches certainly, perhaps eleven given my excitement, I stabbed
into her internal organs, not stopping, but being stopped by her firm
haunches as I delved uncaring into her depths.
If I was mad, then Patrica voiced my mania.
"No! You cannot! It is not possible! No one can stand such a
thrust!" she ranted, undone by the sights before her eyes.
"Harder! If you wish to have me again," Leslie challenged. "I
will have your best or I will have none at all!"
I was quite undone. Irony attempted to gain my attention as I felt
conquered even as I gored this kneeling woman with my prodigous pole. I
was the indifferent servant in Leslie's exhortations. I was giving her
quite too much cock and she was damning my effort with faint praise.
It was Patrica responding as if it were her own orifice I was
pillaging. She cried out with distress for the scene she witnessed as
her daughter sought to wring more from my performance.
I was quite lost, quite lost as I achieved my third ejaculation of the evening. I only suppose from Patricia's cries that I was quite
fierce as my seed was launched into the earthy dark of Leslie's bowels.
Leslie was more appreciatice in that span of my uncomprehension and
Then the two devious women unveiled the plot of which I had been
the unwitting victim. It was all so easy to see when one did not have
his male member deeply ensconced in that tightest orifice of another.
"You should have ruined her, you know," Patrica said with a
note of pique.
"I don't know that I did not," I defended myself, "Your daughter's
bottom was quite so appealing that I am afraid I knew little beyond it
while I was so involved."
"Take heart," said Leslie jovially, "You shall have your chance
for ruin."
I mistook her meaning, being not yet privy to their plot.
"Certainly not at once," I betrayed my fears with the quickmess
of my reply.
"Surely you can service more than three women at a sitting,"
Leslie chided me gently.
"Ordinary women certainly, and more," I launched myself into the
preservation of my repute. "But the likes of the passionate and divine
ladies it has been my fortune to encounter tonight, I am sure three is
more than God would allow lest I sample heaven while still quick."
"I think your silver tongue tries to hide your concern for your,
I will admit genuine, reputation," Leslie kept on.
"Well, there is a difference," I became familiar, and vulgar,
"Between a quick poke with the maid and a recital of expertise meant to
satisfy impressively."
"You need not concern yourself," Patricia intervened in our
exchange. "It will certainly not be tonight that you ruin another."
I took that as an odd turn of phrase. I would have thought she
would say: "that you ruin again", or some like phrase. I suppose my
puzzlement showed because Leslie answered it.
"You see how one is when they are shaken at the roots of their
omniscience?" Leslie laughed. "They become a trifle terse when proved
"I am sure it is not the destruction of my belief that most
concerns me," Patrica answered back.
I felt like an intruder in this matter between the Mss. Lowell.
I also sensed that I was central to the discussion and I began to
construct a new surmise unsullied by preconcenption.
"Do I detect a wager that has been placed?" I asked.
"You do indeed." Leslie was positively gay in her response.
"Am I permitted to know the wager, presumably on your ability to
accept me in the other place?" I asked.
"It was less wager than boast," Patrica interrupted.
"And wager, definitely agreed upon, after the boast," Leslie
was evil in her pursuit, "You will not escape your hubris. You have
a debt to pay."
Patrica looked at me with pained eyes and recited a piece.
"This is a text agreed upon when the idea was only a laughable
exaggeration with no possibility of coming to fruition," Patricia
prefaced and then went on, "I want you to put your cock in my butt and
give me every stroke you gave my daughter. I can take more than she
can. I want you to fuck my ass."
Patricia seemed to be choking on both the words and their meaning
as she finished her recitation. While it would surely be a trial, I
thought she was making rather much of taking me in her smaller hole.
We have discussed my proportions and it is obvious thar it is possible,
even if not pleasant, to recieve me that way.
Leslie cleared the matter a bit when she asserted that the issue
was one of mother-daughter relations and primacy rather than the
payment itself.
"And I will be present to witness," Leslie claimed her part of
the prize, "I did not undergo months of my roomate pushing her entire
hand into my rectum to be deprived of the joy of watching you skewer
my proud mother's rear."
"When am I to be afforded this honor?" I asked either of them.
"For once I agree with my mother," Leslie said first, "She should
have the benefit of your full resolve."
"I fear we will need more solitude than this house provides,"
Patrica said, "If we could prevail on you to invite us to your house,
I think that would be suitable."
"There is no more pleasant task than to ask two such high-bred and
beautiful ladies to come to call," I invited.
I believe Patrica thought noise would be a problem when she was
forced to pay her wager to her daughter. Perhaps she wished to avoid the
possibility of a memory souring one her own beds.
Personally, I came home on light feet despite my hard use and
did indeed give the maid, "a quick poke" as she bent forward, patiently
waiting to turn down the bed until I was finished.
Patrica and her new discovery? Ah, that is but one more tale to
tell. There are so many I fear a Mitchner-esque volume were I to tell
them all.
I will say she took it well, if not happily, and was no more
damaged than a tray of ice and a low basin of water could heal. But
this was a tale for a taste, and I think you have tasted what deviltry
comprises my life.
A star to shoot for, I said, and a higher mark for which to aim.
Let it be that, and don't fret that you will never know such grace and
plentitude. I am sure that you must have once tasted bliss like I enjoy
several times in an ordinary day. Surely, you have had at least as
good an experience as when I "poke the maid".
Thank you for being attentive and best wishes to you on your quest
for whatever slight fufillment it might be your lot to find. I wish you
the best and I promise not to pity you, or even think one thought about
you ever again.


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