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BENS video camera set up told



When I met Sandy, she was very pretty but very timid about sex. Until
we were married, it was a major accomplishment for me to get my hand under
her bra and play with her tits. She was so uptight about sex she made me
nervous and it took me three days to get my cock hard enough to fuck her.

After two years she decided she wanted a baby. At first I wasn't too
wild about the idea as we were just getting on our feet financially. As I
gave it more thought I got turned on by the idea that I would get to pump
her pussy until I got her pregnant. My joy was short lived as she did her
best to make it another chore.

I didn't know it but when Sandy returned to work one of her coworkers
was hitting on her but she kept giving him the brush off. One day Sandy's
friend Annie was over and I overheard her telling Sandy to give into Ben's
advances. She went on to describe how wonderful his big cock felt in her
pussy and that he had just fucked her silly last night. She said it was an
experience of a life time and that Sandy really needed to try him.

I heard Sandy tell her that she could never cheat on Bruce as she loved
him. Just then the phone rang so I didn't hear the rest of the
conversation. From what I had heard I thought I was safe.

The more I thought about my relationship with my wife I kind of wished
that she was at least a little bit of a slut, at least in bed. Hell when I
went to eat her pussy she got real made and was ready to go home to her
mother. I soon forgot the conversation and went on with our dull sex life.
The company Sandy works for threw a big Christmas party with dancing
food and plenty of booze. Neither Sandy nor I are used to drinking more
than one or at the most two drinks and soon both of us were tipsy.

As the evening wore on Annie kept me busy on the dance floor and
flashing her ample tits at me keeping me so distracted I didn't notice what
Sandy was doing. About eleven o'clock I went looking for Sandy and someone
told me that she had complained of a headache and Ben had offered to take
her home as I was having so much fun.

When I arrived, I saw a car in the driveway and lights on in our bedroom
so I parked my car a couple houses away and went around the back and looked
into our bedroom window. I got the surprise of a life time. There was a
big black man sucking on Sandy's succulent tits her blouse and bra were
tossed aside and she seemed to be enjoying his attentions. She was moaning
as he teased her nipples.

When he unzipped her skirt, I heard her say "Ben NO I only agreed to let
you play with my boobs. I'm a married women you can't make love to me"

Even as she was saying this, I saw her hips raise up off the bed
allowing Ben to remove the rest of her clothes. As soon as Ben had her
clothes out of the way he buried his face in her pussy and to my total
amazement she was cupping his head with her hands and moaning with pleasure
as he ate her. She had never before had anything to do with oral sex.

I was mad, jealous, and horny as hell form watching them. Part of me
wanted to run in there and beat the shit out of him and part of me was
really getting turned on watching him seduce my cool wife. Sandy was
delirious with lust. She was cooing and moaning as Ben got her hotter and

As Ben's huge black cock head touched her pussy lips, she looked down
between them seeing his massive cock for the first time. Feebly she said
Ben we really shouldn't do this I am a married woman and I do love my
husband but as she was saying that I saw her pussy arching up to meet his
cock and her hands went to his hips. I didn't see how he could get such a
massive cock in her little pussy but inch by inch he masterfully worked the
whole 10 inches in her, causing her to almost faint with pleasure/pain.
When he was balls deep, I saw her hands grip his butt cheeks and try to
pull him deeper. I didn't know the woman on that bed she was hotter than
any porno star I had ever seen! It looked as though she existed for his
pleasure only.

Sandy was moaning and babbling like she was possessed and I sure she had
a climax or two. In a far away voice I heard her tell Ben to take his cock
out before he came. Not to shoot in her, not to get her pregnant.

Ben slowly picked up his pace and as he did Sandy was going crazy
grabbing at his ass then she was begging him to shoot is sperm in her
pussy. Ben respond by jamming his cock hard into her and shooting his load
of sperm deep in her fertile belly. I filled my pants with my come as I
stood watching a black man fill my wife's womb with his sperm.

I couldn't believe that I had stood there watching this and hadn't done
anything to stop him. No I stood there seduced in much the same way as
Sandy! I thought they would stop now but Ben stayed on top returning
Sandy's kisses. After a few minutes he started moving his ass again to the
vocal delight of Sandy.

I stood watching their second round stunned. In a daze I went back to
my car and waited until Ben left. It seemed like hours before he left and
I went in our house.

I had no idea what I was going to say or do. I was totally unprepared
for what I saw. Sandy was laying on our bed with her legs open her pussy bright red and completely covered with gobs of sperm. She looked at me and
said "It looks like you enjoyed the show. Next time you should at least
take it our of your pants." I stammered and stuttered for a bit but Sandy
hushed me. She said I saw you watching us and Ben and I got a kick out of
it but next time you really should come inside before the police think you
are a peeping Tom and lock you up.

I meekly nodded. Here I had caught my wife cheating on me and now I was
on the defensive. We didn't even talk about whether it was right or wrong.
Sandy told me I could have sloppy seconds if I wanted.

Numbly I looked down at my rock hard cock and climbed between her legs
dropping my cock in her sperm filled pussy. She was so stretched all I
could feel was the pool of sperm. I put my head down and kissed her nipple
and tasted Ben's sperm.

Sandy stroked my head as she said after you left he fucked my tits. Do
you like the taste? In response I climaxed in her.

I slid off and Sandy and cuddled to her as she said you do you realize
that I am going to see him again and let him fuck me as often as he wants.
Of course you can still have me but my pussy will already be full of Ben's

In the morning I woke up thinking that maybe it was just a dream but
when I looked at Sandy and saw all the dried sperm on her and on the bed I
knew it was true. True to her word she let Ben fuck her during lunch that
day and almost every day since in addition he comes over several evenings
every week. He likes fucking her in front of me to keep me in my place.

I have come to the point that I look forward to his visits as Sandy lets
me eat her pussy after Ben's finished fucking and I get turned on watching
his huge cock pumping sperm into my wife's belly.

Sure enough Sandy missed her next period and indeed was pregnant. After
some deep thought about the baby and my wife. I made up my mind that I
would love and support my wife and our baby.

As Sandy's belly started to grow, he would take great delight in
reminding me that it was his sperm that made the baby Sandy was carrying
and that I was a total wimp. He would tell Sandy not to let me fuck her

Sandy does let me fuck her once in a while but she never tells Ben. Our
sex life has completely changed since Ben stepped in but I have to admit he
gave me what I had wished for, a slutty wife.

One evening Ben came over and brought Annie with him. Sandy had just
put or baby to bed as they came in. I was surprised that Ben would bring

It marked an escalation in Ben's sex games. Since Ben had started
visiting us Sandy usually only wore a robe around the house so she would be
ready for Ben. As soon as I closed the door Ben turned to Annie taking her
coat off revealing that she too was only wearing a robe and he told her to
take it off.

Annie looked at Ben then at me blushing as she removed her robe exposing
her nude body. I hadn't realized how good body she has until that night.

At 23 she was just a year older then Sandy. Her tits were large and
very firm with large hard nipples pointing at me. She had also shaved her
pussy and it was hairless making her protruding lips that much more

What really caught my eye was a bag that was hanging form a string
around her neck. There was some writing on the bag and Ben told me to read
it out loud.

Master Ben

Here are the last of Annie's birth control pills the last thing in your
way of total domination of me and Annie.

her wimp husband willie

Ben was glowing as he was feeling up Sandy in the middle of our living
room. He big black hands all over my pregnant wife. Pregnant by him! I
scurried around picking up clothing stealing glances at them.

He told Annie to go and dump her pills in the toilet. As she was doing
that Ben had me get my video camera set up, he told me he wanted me to make
a good video of a true stud making a baby.

Ben herded the girls in our bedroom directing Annie to the bed then
having Sandy get Annie warmed up with some girl-girl sex. As I was taping
the action I couldn't help but notice the contrasts between the two girls.

Sandy was a petite blond 5'2" with hardly anybody hair 34 C cup boobs with nipples that have just started getting darker and larger, Annie is
5'8" slender 36 D cup with very large protruding areola capped with large
protruding nipples. Their pussies are also contrasting Sandy's pussy is
very pale with almost no inner lips and you really have to hunt for her
clit. Annie is very dark, her inner lips hang out almost an inch and her
clit is very prominent. Even though her pussy is shaved, she has five
o'clock shadow.

Ben decided that he was ready and climbed in. Since Annie was on top of
their 69, he just shoved his massive black cock in her pussy with one
shove. I watched breathlessly as he masterfully fucked her senseless.
Sandy lay under her licking her clit and Ben's cock as is pistoned in and
out of her friend.

I zoomed on Ben's balls as his orgasm approached and was able to capture
Ben's balls pumping sperm into Annie along with all of the sounds,
including her begging him to give her a baby.

I was getting very turned on by the action but I didn't dare touch my
self because Ben told me if I fucked up the video he would cut my nuts off.

After they climaxed, I stopped the camera waiting for them to get
untangled. I then focused in on Ben playing with my pregnant wife as he
was making comments about impregnating married white women and how much it
turned him on to knock up our wives.

At one point. Our baby woke up and while Sandy was getting her back to
sleep Ben looked at the video and told me for a wimp I was doing a good

When Ben finished fucking the girls, he let me lick their pussies clean
then he had me take her home to her husband and to show him the video I had

Bill met us at the door looking anxiously at Annie as she walked in and
kissed him. He turned to me and asked why I was here. Before I could
speak Annie told him, Ben sent me with a video of her impregnation.

I turned it on for them and then left. Sandy was eager for me to lick
her pussy as soon as I came in the door. As always she asked how Ben's
sperm tasted. To which I replied by digging my tongue deeper into her
swampy pussy.

Now that Sandy was starting to show Ben would take her out to entertain
several of his friends who liked to play with pregnant white women.
Returning from these dates Sandy would be covered with sperm and often love
bites. These dates became routine during the rest of her pregnancy.

The day she was to deliver Ben came over and fucked her until she went
into labor. The nurse was a little pissed at me for taking advantage of a
woman in her condition. I refrained from telling her what really happened.

For the next month Ben would have Sandy suck him off when he came to
visit. He made it clear that as soon as the doctor said it was ok he was
going to fuck her and she would NOT be using any birth control. Like a
true wimp I didn't put up any fuss. I not only did nothing to stop him I
would shave her pussy for him and help her get ready for her dates and say
home and baby-sit.

When Ben would bring her home from a date or if he fucked her in our
house I would suck Sandy's cunt until it was clean. Sometimes Ben would
bring Annie over and have me suck them both clean after he filled them with

Four years later Sandy is pregnant with her third baby by Ben and she
hasn't said if she will be having more. Ben says she looks sexier when she
is pregnant and he likes sexy women. Sandy says Annie is also pregnant


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