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BERRIES hurt her but the stopping hurt


"Berries" {Pendragon} (MF cons Mf rom voy 1st)
by Uther Pendragon

IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to
read electronically transmitted erotic material, please go do
something else.

This material is Copyright, 1998, Uther Pendragon. All
rights reserved. I specifically grant the right of downloading
and keeping ONE electronic copy for your personal reading so long
as this notice is included. Reposting requires previous

All persons here depicted, except public figures depicted as
public figures in the background, are figments of my imagination
and any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly
# # # #
by Uther Pendragon

"I don't think there were many girls named 'Aurora' two hundred
years ago," Dawn said.

"This was the most beautiful girl in the whole county," Larry
said, smiling across the breakfast table at her. "Such girls are
always named Aurora or something like that."

"You're sweet." Dawn replied. "Not an honest bone in your body,
but you're sweet."

"See, you don't respect me in the morning. I knew that I
shouldn't have let you have your way with me." She giggled at
that. Larry was a considerate lover, but he stayed quite firmly
in control.

She remembered his holding both her arms above her head while she
squirmed under the delicious ministrations of his fingers and
tongue. "Not yet," he'd said. "This night has hardly begun."
It had been ten agonizing minutes before she had climaxed from
that teasing and more than two hours before she had led him into
her body. She still felt languorous after ten hours of sleep.

"Anyway," Larry went on, enjoying his view of that giggle, "this
particular beautiful Aurora was the eldest girl in a frontier
family. She could remember arriving in a covered wagon; and
remember other families coming later, each clearing its own farm
out of the forest. Lately, however, the wagons seemed to be
going past them, heading further west. The last two years her
mind had been less and less on her family's cabin, and more and
more on a cabin a mile away. A lad a few years older than she
lived there. He was tall, handsome, and the best hunter in the

"His catch went way down, however, on the days when Aurora was
gathering berries. For Lawrence" (Dawn smiled at the name.) "met
her on those days. They gathered berries for an hour and honey
for as long as they dared. She thought that his kisses were
sweeter than the berries, the tighter he held her the freer she
felt. His hand on her breast was more intoxicating than the
liquor the family drank at mealtimes. Being with him was a joy,
but it came with a cost.

"Once she had been calm except for real emergencies. Now a mere
mention of berries or hunting, let alone Lawrence's name, shook
her as only the worst disasters had once. The rustling of her
parents bed in the night woke her to lie blushing and longing in
the dark. This day...

"Say, do you want more eggs? toast?"

"Toast, if I might. Go on with the story."

"This day Aurora escaped early with two large pails for berries.
She was thinking of Lawrence, and of her feelings, when she heard
a bull bellow. She dropped her pails and climbed a tree. An
angry bull is no laughing matter. From the tree, however, she
could see that the bull wasn't concerned with her.

"Hidden in her perch she watched it approach a cow. The cow
stood as the bull's cock swelled toward it. With another bellow,
the bull launched itself forward and landed on the back of the
cow. She had seen animals mate before, but never had it excited
her so. The crashing force and desire of the bull stirred her in
some strange way. Her cheeks were already pink when she reached
the berry patch she sought. They turned crimson when she saw

"'Are you all right?' he asked.

"'I heard a bull in the woods, and it frightened me.'

"'And so it should. Did it see you?'

"'No it was....'

"He guessed what it had been doing, but couldn't think of any way
to get around her embarrassment. 'As long as you're safe,' he
said. And then drew her toward him. Their kiss was long and
intense. Imagining the cattle mating, he hardened against her
belly. Remembering that mating vividly, she was more acutely
aware than ever before of his erection. His hand passed down her
back to her buttocks, and he pulled her even closer. She dropped
the pails to hug him, but the clatter reminded them both of their

"'We'd better get to picking,' he said. They knew from
experience that they wouldn't fill the pails if they put it off.
The only thing which could pull their eyes from each other was
the knowledge that the faster they worked the sooner their lips
could get into play. Every time she bent, her skirt framed her
hips. Every time she straightened her dress draped her lovely
breasts and revealed their sharp points. Aurora mostly watched
Lawrence's muscles ripple under his tight shirt. They had picked
nearly enough when they heard the bellowing much closer.
Lawrence had been carrying his rifle and one pail in his left
hand. He shifted the rifle into his right hand, and led the way
toward the woods...

"But I'm being a bad host. Is there anything else you need?
More coffee?"

"This is wonderful. I have half a cup left."

"Maybe you'd like to finish it elsewhere. There is no reason to
keep sitting here."

He was already standing. When she rose, it was into his arms.
The kiss began gently, but it continued with open mouths and
searching tongues. He kneaded her hips through the robe. Then
he backed away and bowed her back into the bedroom.

"So what happened with the bellowing?" she asked.

"They hung the berry pails onto tree branches and peered through
some undergrowth. Across a small stream was a meadow. The bull
and a different cow were standing there. When the cow took a
step, they could hear the bell clang on her neck. Again, the
bull bellowed. His cock was already extended as he approached
the cow. Aurora blushed crimson in Lawrence's arms, but she
could not look away.

"Lawrence was blushing too. He loved and respected this gentle
girl, and he wanted to protect her against all harm. But he also
wanted to cover her as the bull covered the cow, to thrust into
her as the bull thrust into the cow. He could barely control
himself from throwing her down onto the soft leaves and stripping
her right there. He couldn't control his hands as they roved her
soft breasts and firm belly.

"Aurora had never felt like this. With every thrust of the bull,
the bell clanged, Lawrence's hands tightened over some intimate
part of her, and some deep emotion churned in her lower belly.
She had a bright point of fire on the tip of each breast, so hard
that they hurt. A greater heat was pouring upward from between
her legs. She shivered in fear of the hardness that she felt
pressing into her back. The pressed herself back into the safety
of Lawrence's arms as the only refuge from that fear.

"When the bull withdrew, the cow walked off downstream. The bull
soon followed. Aurora and Lawrence stood there, afraid of going
forwards, incapable of going back. Then laughter startled them
both. A woman ran out into the meadow across from them. They
stepped back although they were quite hidden where they stood. A
man followed the woman out into the open. 'I feel like that
bull,' he said. 'Pretending to be in charge, but going where she

"The woman tossed off her bonnet. 'Am I a cow then? I feel more
like a freed bird.'

"'Or a butterfly. Beauty flitting across the field. Is this far

"'This is lovely. No one in the wagons could hear us if I
screamed. Heavens, but I hate to do it in the shade of the wagon
with the children two feet above us and a towel between my
teeth.' She started to remove her blouse.

"The man was unbuttoning his shirt. 'Hate it? I didn't know.
You seem pleased enough at the time. You pull me to....'

"'You know what I mean.' Aurora and Lawrence watched as the two
across from them stripped to the buff. Aurora had never seen an
adult man naked, and saw her mother only rarely in the cabin by
the light of the fire. The man's erection looked less
frightening than the bull's, but it stood straight out until he
bent to arrange the clothes into a sort of bed.

"All three of Lawrence's sexual experiences had been purchased
from the same woman. He had seen her naked, but not like this in
the light of day. He watched the woman's large, pendulous,
breasts as he felt Aurora's smaller, firm, ones. In the midst of
all the excitement, he had time to marvel that each pair had its
own intense beauty. The couple paused for a kiss before the
woman lay down. Lawrence could see between her legs for a moment
as she bent, then she was lying sidewise to his line of sight.

"Aurora had little notion of what she looked like down there,
baby sisters being her only clue. The brief glimpse of the woman
made her feel like she herself had been exposed. She blushed
more deeply. Lawrence's hands were no longer so gentle on her,
and she couldn't tell if her spiraling excitement was from her
eyes or from her skin. When the woman was briefly on her hands
and knees, Aurora expected the man to mount her. Instead, she
rolled over on her back. The man dropped to the clothes beside
her. They stroked and patted each other while they kissed. The
man kissed all over the woman's face and then all over her
breasts. Aurora's own nipples tingled as she watched the woman's
being sucked."

As Larry mentioned Aurora's breasts, his own hand stroked Dawn's
breast through the sheet and thin robe. Her nipple hardened to
his touch. When she looked over at him, he smiled before going
on with the story.

"While Lawrence watched the man kiss the woman and suck on her
breasts, his own hands lifted Aurora's breasts. He wanted to
kiss the nipples that he could feel through layers of cloth. But
he could not tear his attention from the drama across the stream.
The man was stroking between the woman's legs as he kissed her
breast. Envious, Lawrence stroked down Aurora's smooth belly.
He knew that she would stop him in a moment, but he hoped to
touch her mound."

Larry's deeds matched his words, stroking over Dawn's firm
abdomen. She hadn't the least intention of stopping him, but she
was tempted to tear off the robe. Instead, she lay back to enjoy
the story ... and the hand.

"By the time Lawrence's hand had reached here, they were both
holding their breath. He knew he should stop, but the vision of
crinkly hair under his fingers drew him on. Aurora knew she
should stop him, but the warm hand seemed the only answer to the
shivering sensations in her groin. The scene in the meadow saved
them. The man had finally left the woman's breasts; and,
pausing only to scatter a few kisses over her belly, climbed
between her legs. Aurora was a little puzzled, but Lawrence
thought he knew what was in store.

"Lawrence was in for a surprise, however. The man stopped when
he was kneeling between the woman's feet. He nuzzled between her
legs. They couldn't see what sort of kisses he delivered there,
but they could see and hear the woman's response. She moaned
softly at the first kisses. The sound level rose. By the time
she was pulling the man's head against her and bucking on the
ground, she was screaming aloud. Then she stopped. She lay
there as if dead. He lay beside her and murmured too softly to
carry across the stream.

"Lawrence was astonished. The whore he'd visited had taken him
into her mouth briefly. He'd never thought of responding in
kind, wouldn't consider it now. Aurora, however, was clean. As
he thought of kissing the center of her femininity, his hand
caressed it like this."

As Larry's fingers played over the tops of Dawn's labia, she
spread her legs to give him access.

"Aurora's puzzlement was deeper. The cries sounded like cries of
pain, but they had stirred a quite different feeling in her.
Whatever had been done to her, the woman had certainly been
willing enough. Was that sex? Was human sex that different?
While her brain struggled with these questions, her body was
responding without its interference. She leaned back against
Lawrence. The only part of her body that wasn't pressing back
into his was thrust forward toward his questing fingers.

"They stood frozen with those questions until the couple in the
meadow moved again. The man resumed kissing the woman. He
climbed between her legs, and returned to kissing her breasts.
'Please Isaac' the woman said, 'no more.' Aurora wondered if she
had been in pain after all.

"The man's response was muffled in her breast. 'I *am* asking,'
she said. 'I need my husband inside me now!' She reached for his
erect cock and guided it within her. 'Oh yes,' she said as he
thrust home. Then she started chanting 'Oh yes,' with each
thrust, one note higher each time. In her silences they could
here the man for nearly the first time. He was grunting in a way
that somehow reminded Aurora of the bull's bellow. When he sped
up, the woman was reduced to only saying 'Oh,' Oh,' 'Oh!' Her
legs rose up and waved above the couple. Then they pointed at
the sky and she screamed a 'Yesss!'

"The man seemed to be supported mostly by the woman. 'Oh God!'
he cried once, then he collapsed across the woman.

"Lawrence held Aurora for a minute longer. When he stepped back,
she almost fell. Her knees felt so weak that she wondered if she
had a recurrence of the fever. The two of them stumbled through
the forest until they reached the shelter of a giant tree. The
branches forced them to crawl under them; but no other plants
grew in this shadow, and the mulch was as soft as any bed. Here
they were hidden.

"Lawrence had thought Aurora more precious than silver while he
worshiped her from afar, more precious than gold while he courted
her slowly. Now, feeling that he might possibly possess her
body, he couldn't express how precious she was. Kneeling there,
he kissed her cheeks and brows and ears before settling on her
mouth. His hands roved everywhere while that kiss went on. Then
he kissed her covered breasts.

"Aurora felt eager, and frightened, and faint, and hot. In the
still air under the tree, perspiration dotted her face and soaked
her clothes. She began opening the top of her dress. Soon
Lawrence's kisses moved up to the uncovered area. His mouth and
arms interfered with her hands. Suddenly, he straightened.
'Love,' he said. It was the first time either of them had said
the word aloud. His eyes shone with that love and with passion.
She was frightened at baring herself to that gaze, but she went
on. He began removing his clothes, as well. Boots were a
problem, but he got them off. She knelt there in her shift while
he stripped his trousers off. He tried to arrange the clothing
in a bed as the man had done."

As Larry was telling this part, he tugged at the sash of Dawn's
robe. He stopped talking long enough to help her remove it and
to shed his own. He covered them both with the sheet, but his
hand was beneath it when he returned to the story.

"Compared to the bull and some stallions Aurora had seen, his
shaft was not large. Somehow, it frightened her all the same.
She looked at his face instead. They had one more kiss before he
pulled at the top of her shift. She raised her arms as she head
done for her mother as a little girl. They were both naked now.
He spread the shift over the other clothes and helped her down
onto this bed.

"He kissed her forehead as he had once kissed his little
sister's; he felt as protective now as then. But he also felt
ten times as desirous as he had ever felt with the whore at the
market town. Once he started kissing her breasts, he couldn't
stop. He scattered pecks over the smooth surface before setting
down to sucking the pink tips. When she pulled him tighter to
her, it released what restraints were left. He sucked with all
his strength.

"She thrilled to his kisses and more to his sucking. She was in
heaven when she pulled him tight against her breast. The sting
brought her back. 'Ow!'

"He raised his head immediately. 'Oh, did I hurt you? Should I
stop?' Well, yes he had hurt her, but the stopping hurt even

"'Softly,' she said. Her hands were still entwined in his hair.
She moved his head to her other nipple. 'Do it softly.' Taking
both permission and direction, Lawrence sucked on that nipple
softly. He was now lying with his torso half on hers. With his
one free hand, he stroked whatever else of her he could reach.
He wasn't an experienced lover, aiming for the hot spots. He was
a man obsessed, touching every part of his obsession. When this
touch finally did pass between her legs, Aurora had an instant of
worry. Moisture was running between her lower lips, and she
feared that it was blood. But it was not her time of the month,
and the sensations commanded too much attention to leave room for
the worry. Having hurt her once, Lawrence was especially careful
to be gentle. He explored her femininity with his fingers while
sucking on her breast with his mouth. They remained at that
stage for some time."

Larry had been stroking between Dawn's thighs while he told of
Lawrence's hand between Aurora's. Now, he stopped talking and
kissed all over her breasts. When he reached a nipple, he licked
and sucked. He parted her labia and eased two fingers between
them. He stroked her warmth in time with his licks on her
nipple. When she began to tense, he slipped the fingers deep
within her.

"Larry?" she said.

He abandoned the nipple to say "Yes." He didn't know quite what
her question was, but this was a time for "yes." He kissed the
underside of her breast and down her abdomen. It was a lovely
abdomen, a flautist's abdomen taut under his lips. It tasted of
salt and just slightly of Dawn. Also, one long kiss involved his
resting his chin heavily just at the top of her pubic hair. The
pressure on the outside helped him find her G spot. He was
rubbing this very slowly as he kissed another path back up her
body. The nipple on her far breast was pointing up asking for
his attention long before he reached it.

Dawn had been lulled by the story of Aurora. Larry's mild
petting had been more soothing than arousing. It had maintained
her lovely voluptuous mood without evoking any acute need. The
early stage of kisses and caresses gradually added an edge of
need to the satisfaction. Just when the need overcame the
lassitude Larry's fingers intruded.

She felt taken, dominated, possessed. But from that moment her
desire increased. Her breasts ached for his attention while he
was kissing her belly. When her left breast finally did get some
attention, the sensation from the suction fed the desire rather
than satisfying it. She pulled his head onto her breast, arched
against his hand, and came in great waves. Finally, she pushed
his hand away. "No more. Please."

Larry felt her tense against him. Then she was shuddering and
writhing and squeezing his fingers inside her. He continued
inciting her until her hands and voice asked him to stop.

"No more," he said. He hoped he didn't sound as smug as he felt.
He gave her a little breathing room but lay close enough to kiss
her moist temple. He watched the rise and fall of her breasts.
That slowed gradually. "When last we left them," he said,
"Lawrence and Aurora were learning about petting." Dawn turned a
smile toward him. "You interested?"

"Oh yes," she said. "Tell me more." They shared a sweet kiss;
he licked her lips but didn't intrude. He lay flat and put a
pillow on his shoulder.

"Then come lie here," he said. They adjusted until they were
comfortable with her lying against him with her left arm across
his chest and his left arm behind her back. "Comfy," he asked.
She nodded.

"When last we left them," he repeated, "Lawrence and Aurora were
learning about petting. Lawrence had been dreaming about her
breasts. His kisses had moved rapidly to them and fixed on the
nipples. Some time passed, however, before his hand found her
center. Once it was there, neither of them had the slightest
idea what he should do.

"Aurora trusted him completely, not because she suspected even
the minimal experience which he had, but because trust was part
of her love for Lawrence.

"Lawrence wanted to conquer this woman, cover and pierce her as
the bull had the cow, as the wagonman had his wife; he wanted to
cherish and protect this girl, hold her and shield her as he had
held no one else in his life; but he also wanted to explore her.
When he began exploring, Aurora spread her legs to permit it.
Encouraged, he held all the furry softness in his hand. Then he
stroked and petted the outer lips.

"By the time he parted these, Aurora could hardly hold still.

"Lightly as he could, Lawrence stroked up the slick groove. When
he passed over a bump at the top, Aurora gasped. He stopped
immediately and abandoned her breast to look at her. 'Did I hurt
you,' he asked. 'Should I stop, may I please go on if I'm

"'No. yes.' Aurora didn't know what question she was answering.
He was watching her face with evident concern. Finally, she
pulled herself together. 'Please go on. I'm yours.'

"Lawrence had never had a sweeter request. He watched her eyes
as he stroked her moisture upward again. When he passed over
that bump she pulled him down for a kiss. Mouths open, breathing
into each other, they played tag with their tongues. After a
moment, his fingers returned to their stroking.

"Aurora parted her legs further and raised her pelvis to meet his
hand. She no longer tried to restrain her body as it wiggled in
response to Lawrence's tickling strokes. Soon, her whole lower
body was undulating under Lawrence's hand.

"He was as ignorant of what was happening as she was, but he
could tell that this was a response of pleasure.

"Aurora had never felt anything like this. First she was
conscious of every sensation from his tongue against hers and is
fingers against her center. Then she could attend only to the
warmth which spread through her body and her own motions in
response to it. Then a flame swept out from her loins to her
head and her toes. The flame flickered before her eyes, and she
cried out. Then she floated in nothingness.

"Lawrence was enjoying her warm mouth and her warmer valley. The
hands holding him to her mouth and the movement of her groin told
him that he was as desired as he was desirous. Then she
stiffened under him. He didn't know what was wrong, but she
spread her legs even wider. Guessing that this signaled a
continuing acceptance of him, he kept on stroking in the hopes
that she would return to her soft wave-like motions. Instead,
she pressed up against his hand. She shuddered as if she had the
ague and groaned into his mouth. Then she dropped limp.

"He had never seen a real female orgasm, and the imitation that
he had seen was nothing like this. He stared at her face in
panic until she came around. 'What's wrong?' she asked him.

""What happened to you? Are you all right?'

"'I'm wonderful. I don't know. Oh hold me.' That was a request
that he was more than willing to fulfill. He held her gently and
then, when she tightened her arms around him in response, hugged
her fiercely. His erection had softened during his panic, but
the combination of relief and holding the naked girl in his arms
stiffened him again.

"When she struggled to breathe, he eased his hold on her. 'Are
you truly all right?' he asked.

"'I have never felt better. I just need you to hold me like this
for a few minutes. I liked the hug, but I couldn't breathe.' He
held her. He dared a kiss to her forehead, and then looked to
see how she had taken it. She looked pleased, so he kissed
everything he could reach except her mouth. Soon she pulled him
down for a real kiss until she was out of breath again.

"He eased her down again so he could extend his kisses over more
of her body. That went something like this..."

Larry freed his arm from under Dawn's head. Then he began
kissing her face. He did not speak again until he had reached
her breasts. "Lawrence spent a long time on Aurora's breasts,"
he said. "He wasn't certain that he should go lower." Then,
however, Larry went lower himself. When he had kissed the
trimmed hair on Dawn's mound, he fell back beside her. His hand
returned between her legs.

He stroked there as he continued the story. "When he finally
tore himself away from those small, firm, breasts, however, he
found her belly a wonderful place to play. She shivered as he
kissed the side and shivered more as he plunged his tongue into
her navel. As he went lower still, he sniffed a new odor. His
mind didn't know what it was, but his phallus throbbed with
recognition. He stopped on her well-furred mound.

"'Are you going to kiss me like the man from the wagon did?'
asked Aurora. Lawrence hadn't quite decided yet, but the tone of
her voice sounded frightened.

"'Do you want me to?' If she didn't, then his doubts were

"'I think so,' she said.

"He moved back and knelt between her calves. He hadn't kissed
her thighs yet, so he began there. The closer he got to the top,
the greater the enticement of the delicious odor. Kissing the
juncture was becoming a more attractive idea all the time.
Aurora was writhing under those kisses. They tickled, but they
also aroused. She raised her knees and spread her legs to give
him room.

"This gave Lawrence a view of her which he had never dreamed of
having. Below the gentle mound with its light-brown floss, lay
twin rolls of delicate pale flesh with a sprinkling of hair on
them. There was a suggestion of something darker between them
which he felt he must see more clearly. He parted her flesh to
reveal a rose-colored line. He opened this beauty to find more
beauty. The only time he had seen color like that was on the
inside of a shell he picked up at a lake, but these were warm and
soft to his touch, thin petals of flesh. There was a tiny
opening about two-thirds of the way down the groove between
these; and there was a complex bundle, as if all this beauty had
been tied together, at the top.

"He placed a soft kiss first on the mound and then on the petals
themselves. If the sight of her hidden center evoked awe at its
beauty, the scent evoked maddening lust. The second kiss brought
a faint savor of her essence, and he knew he must taste more.
Tentatively, he touched those petals with his tongue. Thrilled
by the taste, he rested there a moment before lapping up more.

"Aurora hadn't really absorbed the experience of her first
orgasm. She been excited by the later kisses, but she was
content to lie there when they stopped. Then he kissed her
again, where she had never been kissed, never been touched,
hardly ever even touched herself. She was pleased by the
sensations, then thrilled by them, and finally aroused to need
more of them. 'Lawrence?' she said.

"Instantly, he was torn by guilt. He had been so taken by her
taste that he had ignored her needs. He raised his head to see
her looking down her torso at him. 'Do you want me to stop?' he
asked. He knew that he would make any sacrifice for her, even
that one. She shook her head no. As she relaxed back down, her
hands came to press him back where he had been. Gratefully, he
resumed licking and sucking from her nectar.

"She dropped her head to the clothes-covered ground and reached
down to guide his head where she needed it. His tongue satisfied
that need for a minute, then it intensified it. The warmth
spreading through her body was no longer so strange, but this
time it brought with it a tinge of fear. She knew it led to the
fire, and that sensation held threat as well as promise. But she
desperately needed the relief his kisses brought, and the fire
held promise as well as threat. Her distraction slowed the
spread of the warmth only briefly. Then she was filled by it.
She strained as she had never strained before. She moaned her
frustration. And then the fire swept through her, not once but
over and over. Lawrence's head was the only thing anchoring her
to the ground, and she pulled it to her fiercely. Then she
wasn't on the ground at all but floating. Then she wasn't

"The higher Lawrence licked in this tasty valley, the tighter
Aurora held him to her. Her moans distracted him for an instant,
but her hands held him in place. Then she shook under his mouth.
He withdrew his tongue, and simply sucked her in a hungry kiss
until she stilled. Her collapse worried him enough to leave his
paradise with only one last kiss. He moved upward until he could
look in her face. She seemed dazed but not ill. As she slowly
came around, he became increasingly conscious of her nipples an
inch below his chest and her belly just brushing his cock when
she inhaled.

"The first thing Aurora noticed as she began to recover was
Lawrence staring in to her face from inches away. Wonderful
Lawrence, she had loved and admired him for years but had never
known that he could bring her such pleasure. They simply stared
at each other until she felt that she must kiss him. Merely
moving her lips in a kissing gesture brought him down on top of
her to kiss her deeply. After reveling in his kiss for a while
and chasing his tongue, she became more conscious of his warm
scratchiness against her nipples and a hot stiffness pressed into
her belly. The image of the bull came back, and then the image
of the wagonman kneeling above his wife. Lawrence was almost in
that position. Were he and she going to do that, she wondered.
She searched for the words to ask.

"Lawrence's worry slowly ebbed as she showed signs of recovery,
but neither his love nor his lust ebbed at all. He desperately
wanted to kiss her, he wanted to enter her, he wanted to protect
her and shelter her. Her lips moved as if she wanted the kisses
as well. That overcame his worry about her breathlessness. He
pressed against her to reach her mouth. The kiss began as an
expression of his loving care, it soon turned to desperate
desire. Her nipples pressed into his chest, her belly rubbed
against his cock. He wanted her, he wanted her permission as
well. He moved back from her mouth. 'Are we going to do what
the wagon people did?' she asked.

"Thrilled that she wanted him, he shifted a little more. He
spread her delicate petals so that his cock could find the way.
It took two trips up and down her vale for him to find the
opening. 'I love you,' he gasped. Then he drove into her

"Aurora waited for an answer to her question, but Lawrence moved
instead. She felt him stroking her most delicate parts in an new
way. Then she felt a stab of pain. She cried out. How could he
do this to her?

"Aurora's yelp of pain stopped all of Lawrence's motion.
Belatedly, he remembered that a woman's first time was invariably
painful. 'Oh, my love,' he said, 'I'm sorry. Does it hurt

"Actually, it didn't. Aurora, too, remembered her mother's
caution about the agony that was the price of being a woman. She
had been too busy with new experiences to remember that old
advice. This had hurt, but it was not the worst pain that she
had felt that week. 'Just don't move,' she said. She adjusted
herself so that the pressure was less. 'I can stand it.'
Indeed, holding some part of Lawrence within herself felt like a
proper expression of her love.

"'Do you want me to go on?' he asked. He felt that he would die
if he didn't; he felt that he would die if he hurt her again.

"She took a long time answering. Lawrence was looking at her
with love and concern in his face. She didn't want to have him
go on, she did want to have him lying over her like this. She
wanted him forever. Suddenly, she nodded. He began moving

"He took the time to kiss the one tear running down her temple.
Then he raised himself up. His strokes through the tight clasp
of the woman he loved were infinitely more sensual than those
past ones through the looser grip of a woman he had despised. He
had been highly charged by the entire morning's experience.
After only a few strokes he felt the forces gathering behind him.
His body sped up without any conscious decision. Then he drove
forward and pulsed his seed into her.

"Aurora felt stirrings within her like those his tongue had
produced, but each time a twinge of pain would cancel them. She
concentrated on his face above hers and his movements against her
body. He looked loving and concerned, then he looked hungry.
And then he sped up and his face looked agonized. After driving
inward, causing another twinge, he looked blissful. She had
never seen anyone look so satisfied.

"'It means that to him?' she thought. She wondered if she had
looked so content after he had tongued her to glory. Being that
important to another human being, to the man she loved more than
any other person, was worth the pain.

"Still lying on top of her, Lawrence kissed her in silent thanks
and apology. When they finally started to put themselves
together, they discovered that his cock, her thighs, and the
shift were all covered with his seed mixed with a little blood."

All through the latter parts of the story, Larry had been
stroking Dawn. Now he kissed her deeply. When she broke the
kiss, he began kissing down towards her breasts. She held his
head against her as his fingers parted her labia. He was
astonished at the moisture he found. When he first stroked over
her clitoris, she stiffened. He rapidly climbed between her
legs. "This one won't hurt," he said. He stroked himself along
her groove several times before easing himself within her.

The story, the petting, and the attentions of the morning had all
whetted Dawn's desire. When Larry's approach turned serious, she
responded with eagerness. She didn't even notice the reference
to the story in her concentration on the lovely cock moving just
outside its rightful place. Then she was entered, possessed,
filled. "Yessss," she said.

The clasping warmth and her slow "yes" both excited Larry. He
kissed her forehead once before beginning his long strokes. She
was soon matching him. Then her legs came up and tightened
around his waist. Her heels drummed on his hips. When his
excitement began to peak, he reached around one clasping thigh to
touch her clitoris. Soon, she was squeezing his member as she
had squeezed his fingers. He came in great gushes.

Dawn was arching up in an attempt to reach the peak while Larry
moved within her. Then her center was stroked. Almost
immediately, the climax swept through her. She was ecstatic,
then she was lost. When she noticed Larry again, he was balanced
above her and just oozing out of her. She tightened around him,
but that merely pushed him out. She recalled the comment about
"This one won't hurt." It certainly hadn't.

"Poor Aurora," she said.

"Happy Aurora. For she had decided that Lawrence was worth the
pain, and there was joy rather than pain the next time."

"When are you going to tell me that story?"

"Tonight, perhaps."
Uther Pendragon
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