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BETH sucked hard


My name is Beth. I am 12 years old. I have long blonde hair that hangs
down to the middle of my back in loose ringlets. I have blue eyes. I go
to an all girl Catholic School near my home in San Francisco. Don't I look
cute in my little uniform? I hate it. Plaid skirt, blue knee highs, white
blouse, blue cardigan or jacket. Dull, dull, dull. But some men seem to
like it. They slow down their cars when we walk by. Watching hungrily as
10 or 12 junior high school girls, all laughing and joking like we haven't
got a care in the world. We see you, but even at our young ages, we know
that you'll never make the grade. girls at our school come from the
richest families in the City. For us, you simply don't exist. Apparently
this kind of attitude makes some men mad.

I was walking home from school, minding my own business. I was by
myself, due to an after school appointment with my music teacher. She
wanted me to have a solo in the winter recital. I was terrified of this,
as I'd only started playing the cello three months before, but after her
reassurances I felt more confident. Walking home, I even began to imagine
myself at the recital, taking my bow. Humming the piece of music to myself
that I would be playing, I was taken completely by surprise when somebody
grabbed me from behind and pulled me into a parking garage. His hands were
over my mouth, and there was no way that I could scream, even if I wasn't
too frightened.

"Get on your knees, you little bitch, or I'll cut up your pretty face,"
he hissed. Shaking from the menace in his voice, I fell to my hands and
knees on the ground. The rough concrete scraped my bare knees, and I
almost screamed when he grabbed my ponytail and pulled me up on to my
knees. One hand held me by my hair and he used the other one to tear my
blouse open. "Look at those little tits!" he mumbled. Still holding my
hair with one hand, he fumbled at his fly with the other one. His cock
sprang out. Pitilessly, he shoved it down my throat. "Suck it, bitch," he
snarled. Using his hold on my hair, he jerked my head back and forth on
his cock. I tried not to gag, but it had to be nine inches long, and most
of it was in my mouth. "Use your tongue!" So I moved my head away, and
teased him with the tip of my tongue.

"Is this right?" I whimpered pathetically. He had begun jerking his
hips back and forth. "Oh yeah," he muttered. Jerking on my hair, he
shoved it in my mouth again. It was salty tasting, and a rich earthy scent
came from his crotch. I sucked it as hard as I could, trying not to gag.
For obvious reasons we could make no sounds, but his breathing grew more
and more ragged, until he pushed me off his cock and held me by the
shoulders while his cock spurted six jets of a sticky liquid at me. It got
in my eyes and my hair.

Once he'd finished, he pushed me back on to the floor, hard, and ran
away. Listening to the sound of his footsteps echoing away, I sat up,
rubbing my head where I'd banged it on the concrete. I sat for a couple of
minutes on the cold ground to collect my thoughts. Then I picked myself up
and walked back to the freight elevator. Fortunately, since my clothes
were ripped and torn, and I was covered in that sticky stuff, none of the
staff were in it, and I was able to take it straight to the penthouse where
we lived.

Everything was as normal in the hall. My daddy's overcoat, hung on the
coat rack; my school bag sat on the floor beside his briefcase. I could
hear the sound of the shower, so divesting myself of my hated blue blazer,
I ran to his suite of rooms.

"Daddy!" I shouted, banging loudly at his bathroom door. "Daddy I need
you!" "Just a sec, doll," he shouted back. "There's shampoo in my eyes!"
Impatiently I waited. How could he be in the shower at a time like this? I
needed him now!

"What is it, Beth?" He asked, concernedly. Exiting the bathroom, he
wore a towel around his waist and used another to rub his black curls dry.
The dark hair on his chest was matted with drops of water from the shower,
and his tan skin also glistened. "Something happen today?"

"Oh Daddy, you won't believe what happened to me," I wailed at him.
"Some guy grabbed me in the parking garage and made me suck his cock!"
Shocked, he looked me in the eye. "Beth, what are you saying? Have you
been raped?" "No! He just made me suck it!" "You mean he didn't touch you
or anything like that?"

"Well he ripped my blouse so that he could see my breasts," I replied.
"But really all he wanted was a blow job. And he threw me on the ground
too." I ducked into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror, looking
at my cum splattered face.

"That's terrible! But he didn't try to touch your pussy?" "No," I
shouted. "He was selfish! Mean and rough and selfish!" "You mean he
didn't even go down on you? Oh that's awful. We should phone the police."

He came up behind me and tried to rub my shoulders. It felt good.. I
tried to shrug him off but was pinned between him and the sink. Pretending
he wasn't there, I rinsed the cleanser off of my face. "Hand me that
towel, would you?" I asked coolly. Wordlessly, he complied. Then, instead
of returning that hand to my shoulder, it traveled down my back, over my
hips, and under my skirt. I tried to keep my legs closed, but Daddy is soo
strong (and persistent) that his hand was able to wiggle its way to the
crotch of my panties. The long sensitive fingers stroked the crotch, one,
two, three times. I buried my face in the towel and shuddered.

"You're wet," he murmured in his deep husky voice. He was standing so
close to me that I could feel the vibrations in his chest as he spoke, and
also his hard-on brushing lightly against my hips. I raised my head up,
and our eyes met in the mirror over the sink. Blue on blue. I wet my lips
with my tongue, and nodded. His fingers still stroking me, eyes still
meeting, he whispered, "Can I?" and I nodded again. Then I closed my eyes
and waited. I felt no shame; a year ago when our games started, he had
taught me that there should be no embarrassment between us.

He slid down to his knees and lifted my skirt up over my rear. For a
moment, he just looked at it. Then I felt his hand stroking my pussy again, fingers brushing gently against the bare skin. I tried to turn
around to give him easier access, but he stopped me. Then I felt his lips
on the sensitive place where my buttocks met the thighs. He tentatively
brushed kisses against my thighs and buttocks, so lightly that I could
barely feel it, stroking my little pussy all the while. After about five
minutes of this my legs were trembling, and I could hardly stand up any
longer. He stopped stroking and drew back. Then he put his hands on my
ass, one on each cheek and separated them. My eyes flew open, and I looked
at my own shocked face in the mirror.

"Beth, please, lean forward and just let me try. Five minutes, and if
you don't like it, I'll stop…" his voice was so suffused with longing that
I did not have the heart to refuse him. How could I? He was my Daddy and
I loved him. The tiles were cool against my face as I leaned forward and
shut my eyes.

Part Two

Beth is my daughter. I suppose that many would say that I abuse her,
and I suppose that they might be right. But how many men, finding that the
thing they desire most exists right under their noses, would have the
strength to say no?

Beth is beauty. I worship her. She leans over the bathroom counter, a
bit tense, but she trusts me. Her openness, her trusting nature makes me
want to weep. Some day another man will possess all this bounty. The way
I treated her earlier makes me a little ashamed; I want to giver her
something special this afternoon. I kneel behind her and look at her tight
little asshole. Her little sex glistens with juices. There are hardly any
hairs there at all. Under my hands her ass is firm, smooth and bouncy.
The muscles in her slim legs are softly defined, the skin tanned a light
golden brown. I could look at her all day, but I know she is frightened of
what's going to happen next. I can almost hear her thinking `Get it over
with'. All right. It's only what I've been dying for the past two years.

I take a deep breath, and lean forward. Spreading her cheeks even
further apart, I delicately touch my tongue to her little asshole.
Instantly my hard cock jumps. I think of what it would be like to have it
buried in that tightness, to feel her bucking underneath me, screaming out,
with pleasure or pain (rape would feel best, whispers a treacherous voice).
But right now this is for Beth. I lick her softly at first, the most
secret part of her womanhood. Flicking my tongue back and forth over that
small opening, I can feel it start to open and close under my assault. Her
legs start to tremble under her, so I decide to stick my tongue in a little
deeper. Hard and pointed, it pushes in about half an inch and then
retreats. I do this two or three times; the last time,

Beth pushes her ass back after it and makes a little noise that sounds
like `please'. So I probe with it, trying to push in as deep as I can. I
haven't even touched my own cock, but I'm trembling with pleasure, and I
can feel it starting to pulse, leaking cum with every heartbeat. All I can
think is that I'm eating my daughter's ass and she loves it. By now Beth
is starting to make the cute little mewing sounds she makes when she is
trying to hold back. Her legs are trembling so badly that I'm afraid she's
going to fall over. So I pull back, and have her lay down on the thick white rug on the bathroom floor. Her head is pillowed on her arms, her
knees bent, ass in the air. Totally submissive. Her little cheeks are
white, contrasting nicely with the brown tanned color of her legs. Again I
look at that little asshole. I feel like it's winking at me. It glistens
with my spit and maybe her juices – her pussy is so wet its practically
running down her legs.

Sitting behind her, I reach forward all the way between her legs to her
clit. It's hard and swollen, and dripping with the nectar of her pussy.
Slowly, I drag my hand back, sliding my fingers along the length of her
sex, from her clit to her asshole. Some of the juice I wipe on the head of
my cock. Beth's face is turned to the side, eyes closed. Her knees are
drawn up, and her ass pushed back. She is offering herself to me, her
pussy, her ass, whatever. I reach my hand forward again, gathering as much
of her pussy juice as possible on my fingers. Then I sort of spread it
around on her little asshole. Beth moans loudly, and shoves her ass back
at my fingers. She is in that place of arousal where it doesn't matter who
is touching you or what is being done. At that point, all that matters is
that the person stays, the touching doesn't stop, and that when you cum,
you cum hard. Despite the pussy juice, my finger doesn't go in easy. She
is so goddamned tight. The pain of it breaks the sexual trance she is in
for a minute, and she tenses up. "Hang on, honey," I whisper, and reach up
to the bathroom counter to find something to make it a little easier. As
if by magic, my hand alights on a tube of KY jelly (well, when you're
fucking a twelve year old you learn to have plenty around).

I do what you do with the stuff, use plenty of it, and this time my
finger goes in easier. One, two, three inches. Beth is still tense at
this invasion. I whisper to her to relax, and gradually she does as I say.
Then I start to slide my finger in and out. Slowly. I can't stop thinking
about how good it would feel to have my dick in there. One handed I
squeeze some of that KY on my other hand and start stroking my dick with
it, holding it tight, like, well, you know. Beth's ass is getting nice and
loose; I push another finger into her ass. "Feel my clit, Daddy," she
whispers. "Please. Feel. My. Clit." My ears perk up at this. Beth
always talks dirty when she starts to cum. "You do it honey. I'm busy
right now." She starts to stroke herself, in time with the tempo I'm
setting on her ass. I decide to up the pace a little. My strokes go
faster and deeper. Beth doesn't complain; she just braces herself a little
more firmly, and starts to give it back to my hand, rocking back and forth
against it. The manicured fingers of her right hand are sliding back and
forth across her tiny clit and her little pussy. When she slides into her
pussy, I can feel her fingers against mine through the thin wall that
separates her asshole from her vagina. I love how she gives her all to me;
once she's decided to go ahead with something, she gives 100%.

I can see her starting to shake a little, starting to cum, so I ease my
fingers out of her ass. She gives a little whimper of protest as I
withdraw the source of her pleasure. "Time to fuck, honey," I whisper, and
she nods her assent. She takes her hand away from her pussy, and kind of
hunkers down, preparing for the assault. I line up behind her and put my
hands on her tiny little hips. Her blonde hair spills down over her
shoulders. For a moment I consider fucking her ass, that tight pink
rosebud, but decide to save that virginity for another day. I'm so horny
right now that I'm afraid that I might do her some damage if I do. So
instead I make due with the tried and true – her sweet little pussy. I
have fucked my little girl exactly 35 times over the past six months. When
we embarked on this mutual addiction, this strange affair, I thought that
two or three times would be enough to get it out of my system. It isn't.
Each time it is better than the last, and each time after I cum I feel an
overwhelming sadness, because it feels so good that I never want it to
stop. I believe that there are a finite number of fucks in any
relationship; every time one finishes you're that much closer to the end of
the affair. The thought of Beth moving on kills me. Ah well. philosophy
aside, I will just savor the moment. We are still poised, my cock lined up
at the gate. I remain motionless, and Beth pushes back on it, while I
guide her hips with my hands. Slowly she impales herself on me. I can
feel the tight walls of her pussy stretching to the limit as she takes it

Finally, her ass is against my hips, and I'm totally enveloped in her
hot young flesh. We begin to move together. Usually I find it's best if I
let Beth set the pace, but this time I'm unable to hold back. I start to
pump in and out, increasing the pace with each long stroke. Beth is so
light that its easy to hold her by the waist and pull her back and forth on
my cock. We've both been on the brink of cumming for so long that our
orgasms start to mount almost immediately. Beth totally loses it when I
roughly shove my finger back in her ass; she shrieks her pleasure, and
grinds herself on my cock. As she contracts around me, I grab her by the
hair and force her up on her knees. Then I pull her right down on it.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," is all I can think of to shout as my own cum streams
into her, filling her pussy, and dripping down onto my legs. Both of us
are almost sobbing as we shake with our separate, yet mutual, passion. As
my own passion fades, Beth reaches down between her legs and rubs her
swollen clit, pushing herself to a second orgasm. The contractions milk
the last drops of cum from my cock. For now we're satisfied. But I'm
already thinking about next time.


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