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Archived Sex Stories

BETTINA thick prick was standing high


Bettina POSTED: (written in 04/2000) CODE: M/F, slut, cheat, SUMMARY: At
first, young and very sexy bitch Bettina describes her naughty dream, then
her even naughty sex with her boyfriend – and at last she has this
encounter with her ex. In the second part, Carsten, her lucky (but
sometimes poor) boyfriend writes down the story from his point of view –
also very interesting

Bettina I knelt before him, looking in his face. The blonde, huge guy
jerked his cock with hard motions and he aimed the tip of his long, thick cock to my face. It glistened with my juices. Just a few seconds before,
he pulled it off my slimy pussy, shortly before I reached my orgasm. "Uuuh
yesss, shoot your load ... cover me with your load" I yelled at him, not
letting his cock off my eyes. His sack twitched and in the next moment a
big load of his hot cum hit my face. I opened my mouth to catch his salty
fluid, but every glob of his cum hit another part of my face, my hair, my
neck. It seems that his jerking never ended and I felt happy of the
hardness he still had, but then... ... I heard that someone enter my room
and my dream ended quickly.

Before I continue my story, let me tell you something about my. My name
is Bettina, I'm a 23 year old german, 1,77 m tall with shoulderlength,
blond hair. I have a slim body with medium-sized tits, long, slim legs and
a round, firm ass. For myself I think it is a body who's born to fuck.
Til' now I'm living with my parents, because my dad is very wealthy and so
I didn't need to earn money by myself (which means I have a lot more time
for the 'funny side of life'). Today it's the hottest day of the summer and
I went to the beach with my girlfriend. We both are not the typical
swimmer-types, but the beach is the best place to look at tough, young guy's and getting horny phantasies about them. As I returned home from the
beach I was so horny from the sun and the bulks in the swim-trunks that I
almost had masturbated. But then I thought at my boyfriend and decided it
was his job to serve my pussy. Yes, a boy-friend also belongs to my life. I
didn't love him very much, but sometimes it's neccessary to have one (some
guys love to have sex with a girl, who's in a steady relationship). There
I'm lying, just my bikini-panties on my sweat-covered body, face-down on my
bed and had this arousing dream...

"Bettina, the party starts at 8 o'clock" Carsten snarled at me. I just
turned my head and acted as I'm still sleeping. "C'mon, get up and make
yourself ready" he continued. He's not the man to command me in any way.
He's a whimp but he had one big advantage: His cock is everytime hard and
ready when he's with me. "Not before you say ‚hello' to me" I replied.
‚Hello' he answered shortly. "No, not that way" I pleaded. "Kiss me." He
stood in front of the bed, waiting. "You have to turn around, if you want
a kiss." "No, kiss my ass-cheeks" I replied cheeky and again turned my face
away from him. He knelt on the bed, bent down and pressed his lips for a
brief second on my right ass-cheek. But that was not the way I like my ass
kissed. I pushed my hands back and pulled the fabric of my tiny
bikini-bottom between my round cheeks, so it looked like a g-string. "You
know how you have to kiss me" I yelled at him with a sharp voice. Again he
bent down, but this time he kissed much more passionately and I felt his
tongue on my cheeks. I moaned and lifted my ass in the air. I was sure he
could smell the odour of my hot pussy, because he became more urgent and
pushed his tongue past the thin fabric of my bikini - between my
ass-cheeks. I closed my eyes and imagined it was the cute boy of my former
dream who spoiled me that way. Suddenly Carsten interrupted his activities.
I turned my head and looked at him angrily. "We have to go" he grumbled.
But I needed my orgasm - now. I jumped off the bed, made him standing
before me and pulled his jeans and pants down.

I knelt before him and shoved his prick with one move deep into my
throat. He seemed to give up and sighed. I let his cock slip off my mouth.
His prick stood before me, dribbling with my saliva. Then I pushed Carsten
on the bed and took place on his erect cock in a way that his rod was
pressed between my bikini-clad pussy and his belly. As he felt my slight
movement on his cock he seemed to forget our party. Oh yes, I know how to
make a man fulfill my whishes. He raised his hands to my firm tits and
kneeded them hard. I enjoyed his grip but I felt uncomfortable with the
bikini between my pussy and his cock. I pressed harder against his prick
and bent over him, so my face was close to his. "Would you like me to pull
my panties down?" I asked seductively and licked with my wet tongue over
his face. He nodded 'yes' and looked greedy at my sweat-covered body. "But
first I have to punish you for your hurry-manner..." He looked surprised. I
lifted my ass from his cock, stepped away from him, stripped my wet panties from my body and mounted him again. Now my slick pussy pressed his cock
against his belly and covered it with my hot juices. "What kind of
punishment do you have in your mind?" he asked, breathing heavily. I let my
knickers dangle over his face. "Now you will open your mouth and I will
push my soiled panties in your mouth - so you have to hush up as long as I
will" I answered slowly. He opened his mouth immediately and I stuffed the
tiny clothing in it. It was to small to block his speaking seriously, but
his cock pulsed hard by the strong aroma of my panties. Now I glided forth
and back on his cock. It made wet, smackig sounds which made us still
hornier. "Mmmhh, do you like the things my dripping pussy was making with
your hard cock" I asked him, barely able to control my voice. We both
looked at the point between our legs. His cock was thickly coated with my
juice and his hairs were matted on his body. The whole room was filled
with the smell of my juices, combined with our sweat. Carsten tried to
pull back, because he wanted to bury his cock in my pussy, but I increased
the pressure against his cock. "Uuhh, are you afraid to shoot your load on
your belly? Don't you like that ... sticky feeling" I hissed at him.
Surprisingly I thought at my parents. At home it was very imortant to use
a 'clean' way of expression and such words will be absolutely unthinkable.
Maybe it was the reason why I get so horny by talking dirty. "I'm sure you
would give everything to shove your prick in my tight cunt and shoot your
load in me, right? But I won't allow it to you. I will make you still
wetter with my slick juices and then we will go to the party without
cleaning ourself.You know, sometimes I love it to be so ... dirty ."

His cock jerked dangerously at my pussy and I again increased the
pressure and the speed of my rubbing motions. "Mmmh, and when you .. cum -
where do you want to shoot your load?" I panted. "Would you like to shoot
on my trimmed pussy-hair ... or would you like to make my round ass-cheeks
wet with your sperm?" I came very close to my orgasm by asking him that
way. The decision, where I would let him shoot his load came too fast. I
felt a powerful twitch in his cock, just in the moment I reached my own
orgasm. Quickly I lifted my ass up from his jerking cock, gripped his cock
firmly in my hand and aimed the tip against my pussy. We looked both at the
amazing sight of his cock, covering my pussylips and hairs with an enormous load of his white sperm. Like I expected, his cock didn't loose his
hardness and I sat again with my pussy on it. Every move generated wet,
sloppy sounds and it felt so nasty to glide in this mixture of his sperm
and my pussy-juice. I bent forwards and pulled my panties with my teeths
off his mouth. Then we kissed wildly and rubbed our bodies together in the
way of fucking. "You have your reward well-deserved" I whispered to him
after a while. He smiled. "What kind of reward?" "Uuh, just at this moment
I decided..." I hinted and Carsten eyes widened curiously "... that I
don't want to go to the party sooo ... sticky. And now I allow you to
lick me clean." For a second he thought about it, but I already shivered by
the prospect of this ‚special' enjoyment. His cock jerked as I stood up
and moved to his head. Then I hovered spread-legged over his face and sank
slowly down. My pussy was just a few inches away from his face and he had
his tongue ready for this ‚sloppy' seconds. I smiled at him and whispered
"please, very ... cleanly, would you?" and then I sat down on his face.
Immediately he sticked his tongue between my squishy lips and sucked his
own sperm out of me. A series of little, exciting orgasms hit me, but I
tried to keep quiet because I didn't want him to stop. "Yesss, but ... you
have to lick it of my pussy hairs, too" I sighed as his tongue seemed to
get tired. He obeyed and then he brought me again over the edge by licking
on my sensous clit. "O.K., we have to go" I said after a few minutes of his
licking. I stood up, gave him a brief kiss and went to the dresser. A few
minutes later we were on our way to the party.

Though my little 'incident' with Carsten I was very hot. "Thanks god I
put on new panties. Elsewhere you would have now a wet spot on your seat"
I teased him, because I knew how much he loved his car and how much time he
spent to keep it clean. He just smiled and looked at my naked legs. I sat
with my short, wide skirt around my hips, so just my skimpy panties seperated my pussy from the seat. His hand glided high on my inner thighs
and stroked over my skimpy panties. "Mmmh, the red one, my favorite" he
murmured. I knew the reason, why he (and other boys) loved my special red panties so much. It was a very thin, silken fabric, very tight, so he
could feel easily the outlines of my pussy through it. Still more arousing
for him was, that he saw a dark, wet spot in the fabric when I was horny
(and that was almost everytime). And I loved it by myself, because it felt
amazing when the thin silk was pulled between my ass-cheeks... As we
arrived, the party was pretty going and most of the people were in an easy
mood through the alcohol. With my first glance I recognised Alex, one of my
ex-boyfriends. He was a fool, but a marvellous fucker. Thinking of his
dumb, almost brutal kind to shove his cock in my pussy made me instantly
wet (ter). He also looked at me - or better, looked at my extremly short
skirt and my firm thighs. Though our late arrival, I went alone in the
kitchen to get something to eat. Someone else came in the kitchen behind
me. I thought it was Carsten, because he also was hungry as we arrived.

Suddenly I felt a hand, gliding under my skirt and pressing directly on
my silk-covered pussy. The roughness made clear to me, that it wasn't
Carsten, who attacked my so ... naughty. My juices shoot in my panties and I pressed my legs together to keep his hand a firm hold. He stepped
close to me and licked my earlobe. "Hi, horny bitch" he greeted me and his
primitive words increased my horniness. His fingers rummaged in my panties and sampled my juices. I reached behind me and grabbed his cock and his
balls. I kneaded them hard and fest the jerks under his tight jeans.
"Mmmh, they feel very full. Do you have a sexual crisis with your honest,
little girlfriend?" "Since I couldn't fuck you on a regular base, I have
this crisis all the time" he answered and continued to fuck me with two
fingers. We had to stop abruptly, because the host entered the kitchen.
Alex left the kitchen, because he was clever enough to avoid rumours about
us. The moment I was alone in the kitchen I grabbed a sausage, pushed my
panties to the side and shoved it a few times in my dripping pussy. I left
the kitchen, went to Alex, gave him the sausage and whispered in his ear,
that I have to met him in an hour (last room on the first floor. I knew
the house and I knew this room was empty, because the parents of our host
were on holiday).

Meanwhile I made Carsten hot on my typical, verbal way. While he was
talking to his friends, I whispered dirty things in his ear. Shortly before
the hour was by, Alex 'dissapeared' from the party. A few minutes later I
went to the toilet and made my way to the 'empty room'. As I entered the
room, I saw Alex, sitting on a chair, smiling. His trousers were open and
his thick prick was standing high in the air. I felt so horny that I
didn't waste time. I went directly to him and squatted over his cock. He
lifted my skirt with his strong hands, so I just pushed my knickers to the
side and sat down on his thick cock. We moaned simultanous as he entered me
and a second later I pushed my tongue deep in his mouth. We kissed
greedily and I shuddered, as his hands kneeded my round cheeks. I moaned
louder as I felt his fore-finger searching his way between them and rubbed
my tight asshole. "Watch out, bitch" he yelled, "don't make my jeans wet."
It seemed, he worried about his further presence at the party. "Mmmh, but I
thought you like it, when everything is really wet with my juices" I teased
him and began a fast ride on his cock. He didn't answer, but he bent
forwards to kiss my tits through my thin pullover. Now I worried about the
wet spots he would leave with his tongue. With a quick move I pushed the
pullover up so it rested over my firm breasts. "Yesss, lick my nipples" I
moaned loud and shoved my erect tits in his face. He know how to make me
hot, because, adding to his mouth on my tits, I now felt his finger deeper
in my ass. "Ooh, yesss, I'm almost there" he groaned. I stopped riding
him, because I had something different in mind. I stood up, so that his
cock left my pussy with a smacking sound. He wanted to push me back on his
cock, but I gripped his prick and sank down, shoving his cock in my
panties, so it was rested between my pussy-hair and my tight panties.

The feeling was good for him, though he wasn't in my pussy anymore. But
I knew from our relationship that he liked my various 'panty-games'. "What
do you have in your pervert mind" he asked, enjoing my continued riding.
Instead of an answer I bent his had back, placed my mouth on his and let a
good amount of saliva run into his mouth. His cock jerked heavily by this
action. "I don't want you to shoot in me" I panted in his mouth, "I want to
feel your sticky cum in my pussy-hairs and in my panties." He murmured
something and I pressed his cock through my knickers tighter at my pussy.
Again I let my saliva dribble into his mouth and that sent him over the
edge. As the first globs of his hot sperm shot in my panties, my own,
powerful orgasm hit me. I enjoyed the great feeling when his slimy cum drenched my panties and my pussy. I used one hand to smear his juices in
my panties. "You're the horniest piece of ass I ever met" he panted as he
was able to speak. I still felt very horny, but to my frustration I felt
his cock shrink at my pussy. "We should go back to the party" I said, "but
I can't let you go this way - what will your little girlfriend think, if
she could smell the sexy fragrance of another woman on your cock." I knelt
before him and put his cock in my mouth. He tasted, combined with my
juices, georgous and I made loud, slurping sounds in hope to get him hard
again. But no success, he was limp. I let my skirt fall over my ass and
went to the door, without looking at him. "Be ready, maybe I need you
again tonight" I whispered to him as I closed the door. For myself I
decided to look after another hard cock to satisfy my needs.

Carsten seemed nervously as I met him (he was afraid, I would cheat on
him!) "Hello dear" I smiled to him. Then I whispered in my 'little girls voice': "You must help me tonight, please. I'm so wet and horny - you HAVE
to lick my pussy tonight." He smiled and seemed calm. We kissed
passionately, but he interrupted the kiss with an asking expression in his
face. Could he smell my 'just fucked'-odour? Before he could say anything,
I let him stand alone and said, that we should have some fun before driving
home. Then I inspected the room for another delicious cock, hidden under a
jeans. I detected Heiko, the shy and quiet younger brother of our host. I
went to him and asked him for fire. Nervously he lit my cigarette.
Carsten looked at us from the distance. He had no argue, because Heiko was
no serious competitor (he thought). We made a bit small-talk and after a
while I asked him: "Where is your girl-friend?" His face reddened. "Oh, no
girl-friend at the time." "Hey, you look as if the girls were running after
you" I flattered. "Yeah, but the last four month, there was no good ...
opportunities for a girl-friend." "Four month" I replied surprised. For
myself I thought about how well-filled his eggs felt after that long
abstinence. Then I imagined him, standing in front of me and wanking his
prick... Heiko noticed my dreamily expression. "I can't be a girl-friend to
you" I whispered to him seductively, "but if I can help you on another
way..." He looked surprised at me. I stretched my body, so he could see my
hard nipples poke through my thin pullover. He seemed to understand because
his face brightened. He smiled at me and then his eyes glued on my firm
tits. "What kind of help do you mean" he asked, hinting, "Ask me and I give
you the answer" I replied, bending forwards so my tits brushed his arm. He
thought a moment and then asked "Would you ... kiss me?" He seemed unsure
and afraid, because for a few seconds I acted shocked. But then I smiled
at him. "Be in the empty room upstairs. In fifteen minutes you will get
my answer." Five minutes after that I saw him climb the stairs to the first
floor. I smiled, because I knew every second was now an eternity for him.
Almost thirty minutes later I followed him. His eyes gleamed as I entered
the room. He stood just a few inches away from me. "Which part of my body
would you like to kiss" I asked him with no further introduction. He
smiled, still very nervous. "Your mouth" he answered as if there were no
other parts, a man could kiss on a woman's body. Immediately I pressed my
mouth on his and shoved my tongue deeply in it. He moaned surprised and
wasn't able to reply my attack properly. Almost one minute later I broke
the kiss. "Do you have another wish?" I asked shortly. "I ... I don't
know" he answered hesitantly. "O.K. Then would you be so nice to fullfil
my first wish." He seemed surprised but didn't protest. "Open your trousers
and show me your cock" I demanded. He looked as if he was hit with a
hammer. "C'mon, I will see your prick" I repeated my wish in a direct
manner. He began to unzip his trousers and then he pushed them, with his
underpants, down to his knees. I looked at a beautiful, very hard cock.
He sticked straight in the air and seemed so hard that the tip shimmered in
a blue color. "Look at this" I chirped, "what a nice cock you have." I bent
forwards and gripped his cock carfully. As I felt how hot it was I pressed
it firmly in my hand. "I felt as if he was new. Was it ever in a woman's
pussy?" I teased.

"Certainly it was" he answered embarrassed. He wanted to continue
speaking but my hand glided deeper and kneeded his balls, which made him
breathless. "Uuhh, they felt full of hot sperm. What do you said? No
girlfriend since four months?" He nodded his head. "Does that mean, you
didn't shoot a load for four months? In your age?" I asked in disbelieve.
He didn't answer. He seemed to feel more and more embarrassed and was not
able to pass my kinky questions. "I bet, you jerk your cock almost every
day. Right?" I continued my teasing. "Then you take your nice cock and
rub it til you shoot your load on your belly..." I didn't wait for an
answer. Instead I demanded him to express his next wish. Elsewhere I
would tell him mine. "I ... I would like to see your ... pussy" he
declared with a trembling voice "My, what a naughty boy you are" I joked,
trying not to hurt him. "Would you help me with that" I asked while I
slowly pulled my skirt up. "I hold my skirt and you can pull my panties down." He looked at me and looked quizzical at the dark stains in my
knickers. Though they were almost dry they look very naughty. "I will tell
you a secret?" I declared to his asking view. "Just an hour ago I had very
wild sex - here in this room. Unfortunately you see some ... remnants of
this adventure." He couldn't believe this story and I had to push him out
of his thoughts. "C'mon sweetheart, pull them down." He raised his hands,
put them on my hips and began to pull my knickers down. Just in the moment
he could see my trimmed bush completely, I told him to stop. He still
stand close to me, face level with my crotch and looked at my sperm-smeared
pussy and my soiled panties. "Do you like what you see?" I asked him with
my teasing voice. "Very nice" he answered like a 'good boy'. "I think you
would love o put your cock in this pussy. Uuhh yess, you would like my
pussy. She's so tight and hot and so ... squishy at the moment." He
moaned as he heared my words. "But I will not allow you to fuck my cunt" I
said in a hard voice. "Stand straight now" I commanded.

He took his hands away from my body and stood, with his cock pointing to
my direction. I held my skirt up to allow him furthermore a view to my
aroused pussy. "Now look at my pussy and jerk your cock in front of me" was
my next command. My tone was clear and he began immediately to follow. His
hand glided in slow motions on his cock and I saw a few drops of precum at
the tip. "You have to say it before you're cumming, o.k." I said to him but
wasn't sure if he understood. "Is your hand to dry?" I asked after a while.
"Would you like to shove your fingers in my slimy pussy and get some juice"
I teased. I opened my legs as far as my panties allow. Then Heiko shoved
his finger between my dripping pussy-lips. He breathed heavy and his
fingers slided in my wetness. I moaned also by this contact. Then he
looked in my eyes and I saw that he was near to his orgasm. "Come to me" I
sighed", "and then shoot your come on my hot, wet cunt" My voice was slow
and seductive. He took his hand from his cock, moaned loud and began to
shoot. I pulled my skirt higher, because I was afraid he would make a mess
of it with his enormous load. But he aimed his cockhead perfectly to my
pussy. The first stream hit my bush, the second hit the crotch of my
panties. Then he stepped again closer to me, so the next six, seven
streams spurted on my hips and my thighs. Then it was over and he stood
beside me, sighing. "That was very good" I praised him like a mother a good
child. I gripped his cock and wiped it over my sticky cunt. Then I pulled
my panties up and made, again, my way to the door. "You have my phone
number? Call me tomorrow. I think I'm in the mood to let you fuck me."
"Let's go home" I whispered two minutes later in Carsten's ear as I arrived
in the party room. I took a new glass of champagner and placed me near to
him. "If I don't get your tongue in my pussy within the next half hour, I
will take a stranger at this party" I whispered to him. Then I pulled him
in a corner of a room, so he stood with his back to the others and covered
me completly. "Put your hands between my legs and feel how wet I am" I
required. I stood in a way he could directly put his hand on my pussy.
His whole body jerked as he felt 'my' wetness. He pressed his hand firmly
against my clit and then he pulled me into the room. Five minutes later we
were in our car on the way home. Without speaking, we walked with quick
steps into the house. Carsten switched the lights on, but I decided, it
was better if we made love in the dark (I love sex with full light, but I
couldn't risk the chance that Carsten inspected my soiled pantiey or my
sperm-covered cunt.

I kissed him passionately and I shoved him to the bed. He sat and I
stood before him as he pressed his face in my lower belly. I turned
around, lifted my skirt and pressed my ass against his face. I moved my
hips as he kissed me eagerly and enjoyed the felling of his fingers, which
explored my drenched knickers and my overflowing pussy. "Lay down on the
bed" I commanded with a muffled voice. "I think, I'll ride your tongue."
Seconds later I squatted over his face. Almost brutally I ripped my own
panties in two pieces and pressed my soaked pussy in his face. "Lick me,
lick me really good" I groaned loudly and was scared, my parents could hear
me. Carsten was very greedy and sucked my pussy very good. His tongue was
deeply between my swollen pussy-lips. "Yeaahh, goooodd" I moaned, now with
a lower voice. "Lick my pussy clean" I whimpered and had to smile about
the degree of truth in my last words. "C'mon, open your mouth" was my next
demand to him. He guessed what I had in mind and he opened his mouth
willingly. "Now I will stuff my soiled panties in your mouth and then I
will wank your thick cock ‚til you shoot" I predicted. I stuffed my
knickers (which were messed up from two other guy) in his mouth. He
muffled by the intense aroma he tasted and his cock twitched in my hand.
Then I switched the light of my room and looked at my pityfull friend. He
had my soiled panties in his mouth and his face was smeared with the juices
of two other man. I made a gesture that he should stand on the bed. On my
knees, I took of my pullover so my tits were in the same level as his cock.
"Huuuh, you're very horny right now, aren't you" I asked and rubbed the tip
of his cock over my nipples. "Now I will jerk your cock and then, ... then
I'll allow you to shoot your hot jism over my naked tits" I moaned to him
while I'm already wanked his cock. I know that I had not much to do to send
him over the edge. Just seconds later his balls twitched and he shot a
huge load of semen on my tits. I aimed his cock alternating from my right
to my left tit, so they were both thickly covered with his sperm. "Look at
me, you naughty boy" I acted angry, after I had drained his balls
completely. You made a terrible mess of my body." He grinned proudly,
because he was aware, how much I loved the feeling of hot sperm on my skin.
"I hope you bring that filthy ‚derailment' in order" I continued my playful
anger. He looked at me, wondering what I had in mind. "Don't look like an
idiot. Lick your cum from my sweet tits. And be very cleanly" I said with
my sweetest voice. Carsten didn't protest. No, he bent greedily forwards
and licked, with great enjoyment, his own sperm from my tits. I think, I
had enough fun for that day.


Carsten's story: Hi, my name is Carsten and now you're reading the story of my relationship with Bettina. To understand this story it's neccessary
to read Bettina's story first - like I did just two weeks ago. I was
shocked to find her story in the internet. After you have read my story you will know what a calculating bitch Bettina is... I met her for the
first time two years ago. From other boys I've heard many difficult things
about her. Some said she is the horniest piece of ass in town, other said
she's soo prudish and only a very smart cockteaser. In one thing all boys said the same: she is the prettiest and most arousing girl around. I was
very surprised as, one day, she picked me out and asked, if I wanted to
drink a coffee with her. As we sat in a small, quiet coffee shop, she
hinted that she found me very attractive and that we should see more often.
At the end of our conversation she placed her hand high on my leg and asked
me if I would like to come to her tomorrow night for - because her parents weren't at home. Now I know that this question was the beginning of my
time as her ‚victim'. As I arrived at her house on the next evening I went
wild by the second I saw her. She wore a supershort skirt with a deep neck
and my mouth watered immediately by the view of her firm tits. Then I
imagined, how nice it would be to dive with my face between those long,
slim legs. But - nothing happened that evening (apart of some short
moments, when she allowed me a glance in her decollete or between her
legs). And these moments seemed to precisely choosen by her! As I went home
that night I was horny as hell and I couldn't kept my thoughts of that
heavenly and sexy, but very teasing girl. Our relationship went on that way
- almost four weeks without any contact of our body. Just stolen glances.
We met on a regular base and my cock was incredible hard all the time.
Then, the first sexual contact. We were in an overfull bar with some
friends and I got very jealous, because Bettina talked for almost an hour
with one of her ex-boyfriends. It seemed like they were flirting and she
didn't spoke with me the whole time. I breathed in her ear with an angry
voice and demanded to go home with me. Instead of an answer I felt her
hand touching my cock through my trousers. All my anger was blown away and
I skipped my wish to go home because I didn't want her to stop. It seemed
as if she wanted to bring me to orgasm, right in the middle of our friend,
but every time I was shortly before my orgasm, she stopped her experienced
grip and let me cool down. At the moment I decided to go to the toilets to
give my cock some relief, she began to say goodbye to our friends and
whispered something in her girlfriends ears. I was at the target of my
dreams (I thought). On our war back home she sat on the car seat in a way I
could clearly see her white, skimpy panties. "You're barely able to drive
with such a boner in your jeans" she spoke with ridiculous tone. I didn't
answer. "Are we getting excited as I wanked your cock in the bar?" she
cooed. I had to swallow. She made me nervous and horny with her naughty
talk. "Who knows, maybe I will jerk your cock again tonight" she continued
with a smile on her face. She talked this way until we were at her house
and I had a great urge to shoot my load. On the other side I worried about
her kind of teasing. In her room she lay on her bad and pleaded me to pull
her shoes off and massage her feet. "If you're good at this, the chance of
a sweet reward increases" she promised. In my position at her feet I was
able to look between her legs for a long time and it seemed that her
panties were already damp. "O.K., it's enough" she stopped my massage.
"Kneel down on my bed." She grinned as I knelt on her bed within two
seconds. "Mmmh, your cock is very large, isn't it?" she whispered with her
eyes fixed on the bulge in my jeans. "Are you happy to be ... wanked of
from such a pretty girl?" she asked me in her special tone. I nodded and
looked in her eyes. The expression wasn't as excited as I expected. Did
she act excited, just to make me feel good? She knelt down and shoved her
manicured hand in my trousers. Immediatly she went under the waistband of
my pants and she was just one inch away from my throbbing cock. "Iiiih" she
squeaked and pulled her hand quickly off my trousers. "It's dripping wet"
she acted surprised. Sure, there were a few drops of my precum in my pants
and on the tip of my cock, but - she has to know that man (or boys) got
wet. But this situation was embarrassing for me. "You're not joking? I
should touch this wet, sticky thing with my hands?" she asked in disbelief.
I was sure, she wanted to humilate me. "Your pants are also ... wet and
..." she brought her hand to her face and inhaled my fragrance. "... and
smelly." Then the expression in her face got more friendly. "Why don't you
go into the bathroom and wipe your cock dry? You can pull out your jeans,
but please, keep on your pants." Then she turned away and switched on the
TV. Every reasonable man had left her room and ended the relationship.
But I was addiccted to this slutty, bitchy ... but soooo sweet girl. I
followed her order, hoping to get in her skimpy pants if I do what she
requests. As I came back, she gave me a very seductive smile and hinted I
should sit on the bed, close to her. Her eyes wandered over my body to the
big bulge in my pants. Suddenly she straddled my lap so her skirt slided up
to her hips. Now my cock was only seperated from her delicious pussy by
two layers of cotton. "Do you feel how hot my pussy is?" she spoke and
slowly moved her hips. I nodded and tried to kiss her, but before my lips
met hers she turned her head sideway. "Actually ... I'm a little bit
sorry, that you wiped your cock dry" she purred, "normally, a wet cock with
precum on it's tip makes me feel really horny." I couldn't believe what I
heard. She never spoke so dirty to me before. Then her wet tongue entered
my mouth and we exchanged a very passionate kiss and accepted that my hands
kneaded her perfect tits through her skirt.

"Too bad you didn't oppose my request ... elsewhere I had wanked your
wet, sticky cock ... and maybe I had took it in my mouth to lick up all
that slick precum ..." Unable to reply anything I looked at her while she
opened the top buttons of her skirt. "So I will just rub my pussy on your
bulge and ... allow you to lick on my nice titties." She simply pulled her
expensive bra upwards and pushed her right tit in my face. Gready I started
to lick her delicious, erect nipples what made her breathing really hard
and increasing her sexy movements on my lap. Her pussy juices drenched her
panties as well as my pants and I felt that she got an small orgasm. Then
she moaned loudly and rocked on my cock. Her orgasm was so loud I was
afraid her parents will hear us. All the time I tried to push against her,
hoping that I will reach my own orgasm, but then, after two minutes, she
relaxed and fell on the bed. "OK, please, be so nice, take your clothes and
leave me alone, sweetheard" she said to me to my surprise. I didn't
expected she could be so hard. I stood up and took my clothes. I wanted to
leave without a word or a smile and I was sure - as soon as I left her room
I never wanted to see that bitch again. She saw this expression in my
face. "See you tomorrow ... and you'll get your next chance, but ... do
you like to inhale my sweet pussy fragrance ... as a farewell present?"
Without waiting for my answer she turned around and looked again at the TV.
This time her legs were lewdly spread and it seems she expected that I
pushed my face between them and smell at her pussy. I couldn't resist and
bent forwards to inhale this strong female fragrance of this heavenly
beauty. I couldn't stop because the sight she offered was also georgeous.
Her wet panties were pulled tightly between her raound, elastic ass-cheeks
and the thin fabric clinged wet on her aroused pussy. But then I left,
because I wouldn't risk a new humilation this day.

The next day wasn't more succesful. She greeted me demured and acted as
if she had to do something important for her college. So I sat in her
room, waiting till she found time for me. We hadn't plans for the evening,
but she was dressed very sexy. A tight, black skirt, black stockings (or
pantyhose). a tight, white t-shirt without bra, which accentuated her
dark, erect nipples. Later we lay, like the evening before, on her bed,
simply talking. I was scared to make some moves in the ‚sex-direction',
but I was surprised as she suddenly stretched out her hand and gripped my
cock through my jeans. "Is ‚he' hard all the time?" she asked innocent.
"All the time when I'm with you" I answered and gave her a compliment. She
smiled and seemed flattered. "When I start to jerk you through your jeans
... do you again get such a big wet spot in your pants like yesterday?"
she sked like a courious child. "Yes" I answered and was willing, not to be
humilated by her like the evening before. Then she opened the zipper of my
trousers and touched my pants with her fingertip. "Mmmh, again so ... wet"
she purred. "I bet you would die for if I would let you fuck me, wouldn't
you?" My cock jerked by this question. "... your thick cock ... deep into
my tight, wet pussy ... fuck me hard..." She cooed and made me silly with
this dirty talk "... and then shoot your load and fill my sweet pussy with
your hot goo ..." I closed my eyes, tried to imagine something different,
so I could last a few seconds longer. "But you know, that I'm not just one
of that cheap sluts?" Her voice suddenly sounded severe instead of erotic.
She stood up and went to her writing desk. "Pull down your shorts and show
me your cock" she ordered and I did it immediatly. "What I meant exactly,
that I won't allow you to push your cock in my sweet pussy ..." Again she
humilated me by changing her behaviour from one second to another. I
wanted to leave. "... but right now I feel in the mood to let you rub yur
cock over my inner thighs and my panty covered pussy" she addet and my plan
was again destroyed. Not looking in my direction she bent forward on her
desk, presenting me her sexy ass and moved her hips seductivly. I sat on
the bad, looking how she slowly pulled her skirt upwards. "Come over" she
cooed, "I want to see yur hard cock from near" I stood up and went to her
with my cock jumping with each step. Her eyes went to my swollen cock and
she licked her lips seductively. Her head was only inches away from my
cock and I wish she would lick me. "Yes, and now stand close behind me ...
and move as if you fuck me" she purred. Slowly I went behind her lusious
ass and pressed my big throbbing cock against this elastic cheeks. As she
felt the contact she moved still more provocativly and I was afraid to
shoot my load. I saw a tiny white g-string under her black, shiny
pantyhose and I wished to pull it down. The sight was so arousing, my cock
jerked against her ass-cheeks. I wanted to kneel down and smell her pussy through the silky nylon. "Not now, later. Push your cock between my legs"
Bettina requested. Slowly I shoved my hard cock between her nylon clad
legs. Bettina moaned loud as she felt the contact of my hot cock. It felt
arousing and instinctivly I started to pump my cock between her legs.
Bettina, too, moved and replied my fucking movement. "Uuuuuh... I love it
... feeling your cock so close to my dripping wet pussi" she moaned before
she turned her head to shove her tongue in my mouth. "And you like it also
... to almost ... fuck me, do you?" she asked breathless. "Do you have
to shoot soon?" Before I could answer, my cock twitched and I shot an
enormous load of hot sperm on her legs. She moved her ass and her thighs,
so all of my spunk was rubbed on her ass-cheeks and between her legs. After
I cooled down a little bit she still pressed my cock between her thighs,
holding it close. I enjoyed this wicked game, suspecting that I wouldn't
get the chance to really fuck her. Then she turned and looked angry in my
eyes. "Look what you have done" she complained and leaned backwards against
the desk. "You messed up my expensive pantyhose with your dirty goo!" She
only acted angry and my cock twitched in excitement by this naughty sight.
With her left hand she smeared a thick glob of sperm on her inner thigh. "I
would suggest that you clean me thoroughly with your tongue." I couldn't
answer, because I won't believe what she had in mind. I had read about
such kinky things in the internet, but never expected, that I'll do it.
Bettina recognizes the expression in my face and she sounded sexier as she
added: "You like, licking my pussy, yes? Right now, there will be one
layer of nylon and one of silk between your tongue and my pussy, but, as an
reward, you'll get my panties." Her tone signalizes that she was sure I'll
agree. I went to my knees and brought my head between her legs. "Yesss"
she purred, "lick my sweet pussy ... make everything clean with your
tongue." Her excitement was obvious as she rubbed her pussy in my face. It
tasted salty and was already cold on her pantyhose, as I licked it off.
But the next moment I realized, that I got more and more excited about what
I was doing. Seconds later I was horny as hell and licked and sucked every
inch in her crotch area, till I tasted her own strong pussy fragrance.
After I licked her clean, she moaned and told me, hwo much she enjoyed my
tongue job. And then she added, that it was time for me to leave. On the
quizzical expression in my face she saw, that I expected something, Without
words she left the room and seconds later she handed me her tiny g-string
through the semi open door. Satisfied to get my trophy I went home to
masturbate the whole night with her soiled panties. From that day on we
had sex at least three or four times a week. That sounds often, but mostly
she made sex only to humilate me. My cock never had ‚real' contact to her
pussy or her tits or her mouth. Everytime there was one layer of nylon,
cotton or her bra between us - and all the time she requested me to lick my
sperm from this soiled clothings. I felt that she dominated me more and
more, but every time I decided to bring our relationship to an end, she was
sooo sweet and turned my head. Also that day I quit working after lunch. I
had met a girl in my company and decided to end my relationship to Bettina
to be free for this new girl. I was in Bettina's room, waiting for her to
come home from college. It was a very hot day and I waited almost two hours
in her room. Normally she came home all the week at the same time, but she
didn't tell me she would play tennis after college. She was surprised that
I was in her room and also realized by the resolutness in my expression,
that she teased me too much the evening before. But as she stood there in
her super short tennis skirt, I felt that I started to getting weak.
Instead of quitting our relationship, I went directly to her and took her
in my arms. She replied my kiss very passionatly and made my cock throb
against her belly. As she felt my hands on her backside, kneading the soft
cheeks of her ass and then gliding between her cheeks, she rejected me
softly. "But darling ... I'm comming directly from tennis training ...
I'm really sweaty. Lay down on the bad and wait for me while I take a
quick shower" she suggested. "... and then I'll wank you and you can
cover me again with your cum" she added with a seductive smile. Her sweaty
body and her almost animalic smell almost made me mad and I ignored her
suggestion. Greadily I pushed my hand between her legs and discovered,
that she was dripping wet down there. I was aware that she becomes very
fast very wet, but I never felt her so ... squishy (later I find out, that
it wasn't my attack. The reason was, that she was freshly fucked from her
ex and he came three times in her pussy). I was so horny, I pushed her on
the bed, ripped her panties off and pressed my face on her dripping cunt.
With one quick move I buried my tongue deep between her swollen pussy lips
- and felt that she came immediatly. Then I parted from here, still prepard
to leave her. Only if she would let me fuck her ... then I was willing to
be with her. It seemed that she could read my mind, because she opened my
trousers with her experienced fingers and pulled my cock out. "Yeaahhh,
c'mon lover ... today I wanna feel your cock in my pussy" she moaned. And
yes, just a few seconds later I was, trousers around my ankles, on top of
her and fucked her really hard. I was surprised and overwhelmed that she
allowed me to stick my cock in her (already fucked) pussy, so this
delicious moment only lasted a few seconds - then I spurted inside her,
loudly moaning. One part was going truth because I fucked her additional
two times this day, each time I licked her clean afterwards. It was
something like a routine - I fucked her and went down on her directly after
that to have the, she called it, sloppy seconds. When she got her period,
she was hornier than the rest of the months. She wanted to lick my cock
almost every day, what I enjoyed very much. She was a expert cock sucker
and enjoyed it to let me spurt in her mouth. Then she let the mixture of
my goo and her saliva run out off her mouth down my cuck - just to lick it
off again and again.But as much as I enjoyed this part, I hated it when she
finally let this mixture run in my mouth and waited till I gulped it down.
She got horny, when I did this, rubbed her pussy and got very quickly an
orgasm. But I never was suspected that she was cheating on me. Even when
she came late to me after her ‚girly nights'. Then she was always
extraordinary horny and, before we fucked together, she wanted to sit on my
face (later I learned, that she wanted me to lick other men sperm off her
pussy, because her girly nights were dates with different lovers). Although
she allowed me to fuck her regularly, she didn't stop to humilate me. One
day last summer we were in as swimming bath, together with a few friends.
We were on a meadow near the pool and I felt she had something in mind. We
were only a few meters away from our friends, on a big towel and we flirted
and kissed hot. First she only had fun as she saw my trouble to hide my
erection under my swim pants. Then we lay together, she blocked the views
from the others, when she pushed her hand in my pants and pulled it down a
little bit, till the tip of my cock was visible. Then she rubbed me and
whispered dirty things in my ear. "Yess, sweetheard, I'll wank your nice
cock, because I want you to shoot on your belly..." she moaned. Seconds
before my spermshot out I had a warm, wet feeling on my leg. When the
first glob of sperm shot off my cock I realized, that Bettina peed on my
leg - just a few meters away from my best friends. But I was so horny that
this kinky action from her turned me on additionally and I came harder than
ever Later I realized my bad situation. She had only a wet spot in her
bikini bottom (what she had very often. But my pants were completly soaked
with her pee and I had a big load of sticky cum on my belly. At least she
was so fair to hand me a towel so I could clean myself a little bit and go
to the showers without attract to much attention. There were a few other
stories which are all worth to tell the readers who enjoy this naughty girl stuff. Now I discovered, how she really is - cheating on me, enjoying,
when I eat her out after she fucked with her es .... and to say the truth:
I enjoy it also and I will act to her as if I didn't found her story.


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