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BIBLE1 enormous hard on that was hanging out


Keywords: mf, inc
Part: 1 of 8
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The family Bible

(c) Copyright 1999 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without
the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
You can find my stories at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for you
to read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police station
and have yourself arrested.
The family Bible Part 1
Sixteen year old Tim Foster put a video in the VCR and prepared
himself for a long night. He had protested when his parents had
told him to baby-sit his little sisters, but to no avail.

"Damn!" he muttered as he turned on the video. "This is going to
be a long night." He made himself comfortable on the couch and
watched the movie.

Suddenly a scream rang through the house. Startled Tim jumped

"OOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" he heard his sister,
Lisa, wail. Quickly Tim ran up the stairs.

"What's wrong!" he exclaimed as he burst into Lisa's room

"That!" the eleven year old girl cried. She was pointing at the
family bible that was lying on her desk. Tim looked at the bible
and saw a list of names on the offending page. He looked a bit
closer and saw that it was list of births in his family. It
showed the parents first and then the name of the child.
Suddenly he saw what was wrong. His parents' names were on the
list twice. They were brother and sister. 'Oh fuck!!!' he
thought. He decided the best thing to do was to act as if
nothing was wrong. He took Lisa in his arms and hushed her.

"Do you love mom and dad?" he asked her when she calmed down a
bit. Lisa nodded.

"Ok, and do think they love us?"

"Yes," Lisa replied.

"And do you think they love each other?" Lisa started to giggle.

"Judging by the noise they make almost every night, I would say
they do."

Tim smiled. "So you hear them too," he said. Lisa nodded. A
dejected look appeared on her face as she said. "But it's
incest." Tim kissed her on her cheek.

"Do you never think about it?" he asked. "I know you have been
trying to peek at me while I'm in the bathroom." Lisa blushed.

"I just wanted to know what a man's thing looks like," she

"Well I sometimes think about you. You are real sexy and
sometimes I wonder how it would be to have sex with you," Tim
said. "Hey don't worry I'm not going to rape you or hurt you or
anything," he added when he felt her tense up. Lisa thought
about it.

"So you don't think it's wrong?" she asked.

"No, I don't," Tim replied. "You know, I have an idea. Why don't
we make a family history? That way we can find out how it
happened. We could start tomorrow by visiting aunt Sally to ask
her about it."

"Oh! That's a great idea," Lisa exclaimed. Tim smiled.

"Good, we'll do it then." He tucked her under the covers and
added, "Now get some sleep. We'll have to be up early tomorrow
if we want to go to aunt Sally's."
The next morning Lisa couldn't wait to get to her aunt's. "When
are we leaving?" she asked Tim during breakfast.

"As soon as you let me finish my breakfast," Tim said with a
grin on his face.

"Hurry up then," Lisa said impatiently. Tim smiled and gave her
a hug.

"Don't worry we'll get there."

"Where are you two going?" their mother, Tammy, asked.

"Oh, I promised to take Lisa to the fair," Tim lied. He finished
his breakfast and went out with Lisa.

"They look a lot like us don't they?" Tammy said to her husband,
John, as she watched them going out of the door.

"Yes they sure do," he replied. Suddenly a worried look appeared
on Tammy's face.

"You don't think they..."

"Like us? No. Tim has enough on his hands with that hot blonde
he has been dating for the last three years. You know, Ellen
what's her name," John replied.

"Yes, you're right. You think he gets into her pants?" Tammy

"If he's anything like me, he is in her pants at least once
day," John said with a grin on his face.
Tim and Lisa arrived at their aunt Sally's house a few hours
later. Sally opened the door and let them in.

"Hi kids, do you want something to drink?" she asked.

"Yes, thank you," they both said. Sally went into the kitchen
and came back with some drinks. When they were all seated she
looked at them.

"So what brings you here all the way from the city?"

Tim looked at his sister, who nodded, and said. "Well last night
Lisa was looking in the family-bible. And then we discovered
that mom and dad are... ehhh... well are... ehhh."

"Brother and sister," Sally finished his sentence.

"Yes, that's it." Tim acknowledged, "We have decided to make a
family history to find out how it all happened."

"I see," Sally replied. "Well, we used to live on a farm you
see. The nearest neighbours were miles away so we didn't have
any other kids to play with. We played with each other. Well one
thing lead to another and sex became part of it. In fact where
we lived it wasn't all that uncommon for girls to marry an uncle
or nephew who got them into trouble. I'm married to my cousin,
although he didn't get me into trouble until after we married. I
guess that what I'm trying to say is that people on the farms
out there didn't think much of having sex with a close relative.
So nobody said anything about it when your mother and father got
involved with each other."

"But why didn't they tell us?" Lisa asked.

"That's because your parents moved to the city. People have
strong convictions against incest there. Your parents didn't
want you to get hurt so they decided it was best to pretend that
they were a normally married couple. That is also the reason why
they never come to the family reunions." A faraway look appeared
in her eyes as she added, "It was on one of those reunions that
I got fucked by my husband for the first time."

She took a sip of her drink and said, "I'll tell you what
Unaware of the eyes in the bushes following her every move,
Sally undressed. It was a sweltering day and the fourteen year
old had decided to go for a swim. When she finished undressing
she cupped her breasts in her hands and examined them. The big
round globes seemed to be on fire. The long pointy nipples ached
to be touched. She moved her hands to her nipples, pinching and
twisting them.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!! You are dirty little girl!!" she moaned lustfully.
She pushed one of her tits towards her mouth and tried to lick
the nipple.

"Damn!!!! I wish someone would suck on my nipples!!!" she cried
when her efforts were unsuccessful. Frustrated she pulled her
nipples outwards hard, as if she was trying to make them longer.
Highly aroused she laid down in the sand. With one hand she
continued to toy with her nipples while she brought the other
hand to her cunt and started to play with it.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!" She moaned as she dipped her finger in her wet
slippery cunt. Each thrust of her finger up her virgin fuck hole
sent a jolt of electricity through her body and made her gasp. A
raging fire built up in her body as she touched her hot
throbbing clit. Squeezing her thighs around her hand, Sally
rocked her hips up and down, fucking herself on her twisting
finger. Images of male family members with rock-hard, giant, hot
dicks filled her mind

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!! Yesssssss!!!!!!!! Fuck me!!!!!!!" she moaned as
she imagined her male relatives fucking her one after the other,
filling her hot hungry hole with their meat. Ramming their poles
all the way into her cunt until they were in her womb, then
filling her to the brim with their scorching hot sperm. She
added another finger to the one already in her cunt and
franticly humped up and down on them, fucking them with her
tight virgin pussy. Hot juices seeped from her steaming twat,
leaking down the crack of her ass, leaving a wet stain in the
sand. With her other hand she caressed the soft silky skin of
her tits and belly, trying to extinguish the fire that was
raging within her.

MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" she cried. Now, she was ramming three
fingers into her cunt, trying to mimic the feeling of a thick,
hard cock going in and out of it. Her other hand went to her
clit and started to violently pinch and pull the red-hot little
knob, sending herself over the edge.

"I"M COMINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed as her orgasm
erupted, wracking her body with spasms, sending streams of fire
through her brain. The fire finally extinguished, she collapsed
on the ground. The hot sand quenching the last fires in her

"Mmmhhhh." she sighed, satisfied, as the last spasms of her
orgasm ran through her body.

A loud crashing sound, behind her, caught Sally's attention. She
turned around and saw her cousin rolling through the bushes
towards her. He had tripped over a branch while he tried to get
a closer look at the masturbating girl and now was lying flat on
his face in front of her.

"Richard! What are you doing?" Sally cried out in surprise.
Quickly Richard stood up.

"I ehhh... I..." he stuttered. But Sally was not listening. She
was looking at the enormous hard-on that was hanging out of his
pants. It was at least eight inches long. Richard's head turned
a deep shade of red when he saw what Sally was looking at.

"Ohhh god!!!!! I ehhh..." He mumbled as he tried to stuff his
meat back into his pants. Sally stopped him.

"Ohhh!!! That's a nice cock!!!" Tentatively she stuck her hand
out and touched the head of his cock.

"It's so big!!!" she sighed. She wrapped her little hand around
the shaft and started to stroke up and down as she had seen her
brother do when she spied on him.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Godddddd!!!!!!!!" Richard moaned. He couldn't
believe that his cousin was jacking him off.

"Does it feel good?" Sally asked with a little girl's voice.

"It feels fucking great!" Richard replied. "But it would feel
even better if you sucked on it."

"What do you mean?" Sally asked surprised.

"Take it in your mouth and suck on it!" Richard groaned in
reply. Sally felt unsure about it. Hesitantly she stuck out her
tongue and touched the tip of his cock with it. When she found
that it didn't taste bad she got bolder and started to lick all
around the head.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!!! Godddddd!!!!!! Yesssssss!!!!!! Suck on it!!!!!!"
Richard groaned. After licking the head of his cock for a while
she opened her mouth and started swallowing his cock. When she
was about halfway down she started bobbing her head up and down
his cock, using her tongue to lick the shaft and cockhead. With
her hands she started to fondle her cousin's balls. It was
driving the boy crazy.

LOAD!!!!!" he exclaimed when he felt his balls contract. He came
with a load groan, shooting his hot sperm in Sally's mouth.
Sally yanked her head off his dick in surprise when the first
shot of his sperm hit the back of her throat. The second shot
hit her in the face covering it with sperm. The rest landed on
her tits and belly.

"Oh boy! That was awesome!" Richard said when he was finished

Sally licked her lips and said "Yes but next time I want it all
in my mouth."

Richard looked at her cum covered body and grinned. "Yes you are
a mess!"

"Well why don't you do something about it?" Sally retorted.
Still grinning Richard took a handkerchief out of his pocket and
started to wipe Sally clean.

"No! No! I want you to lick me clean." Sally cried.

"You want what?"

Sally shook her head and sighed, "I want you to lick me clean."

Richard nodded. Tentatively he began licking Sally's body. When
he found that his sperm didn't taste bad he began to lick with
more vigour. First he licked her face clean, pausing at her ears
to nibble on them. Then he began to lick her tits with long
broad strokes.

"Ohhh!!!!! Yesssssss!!!!! Lick my tits!!!!! Suck my
nipples!!!!!!" Sally moaned. Richard carefully licked her tits
clean and then sucked on her nipples. After a while he let go of
her tits and started to lick his way down to her pussy. Sally
was shivering and moaning with every touch of his tongue.
Richard licked every inch of her belly, making sure that he
didn't miss a spot. He stopped at her belly-button and gave it
some special attention, making Sally giggle. Then he continued
on his way down to her centre of delight. When he arrived at her
pussy he stopped.

"You're clean," he said with a grin.

"Good! Now lick my pussy!" Sally groaned. Richard grinned.

"You have beautiful thighs," he said as he stuck his head
between her legs. He started to lick and kiss the inside of her
thighs, making sure not to touch her pussy. The teasing touches
of his tongue, making her fire burn higher and higher without
the promise of release, was driving Sally wild.

"Oh god! You are driving me crazy. Please lick my cunt!
Please!!!!!" she cried.

"Your wish is my command," Richard said as a smile split his
face from ear to ear. He gave her pussy a kiss and then started
to probe every fold with his tongue until he found the entrance
to her cunt.

Sally shouted when he shoved his tongue into her tight virgin
hole. It was the first time that something else then her own
fingers had penetrated her tight cunt and she felt ready to
explode. Richard probed her cunt with his tongue until he hit
her hymen. Then he took his tongue out and replaced it with his
finger. He started to finger fuck her slowly, sending streams of
fire through her body. Sally was shaking all over as the tremors
of an impending orgasm swept over her body. Richard added a
second finger to the one that was already fucking her steaming
hot pussy. He brought his tongue to her clit and started to suck
and lick her pleasure button while he kept shoving his fingers
in and out of her cunt. This was too much for Sally.

she screamed as her orgasm came crashing down on her.

"Jeez, that was my best orgasm ever," she sighed when she
finally came back to earth.

"Glad you liked it," Richard replied. Sally smiled. She gave his
dick, which was hard as a rock again, a kiss and said. "Now fuck

"Are you sure? You are still a virgin," Richard replied.

"I know and now I want you to do something about it. Fuck me!"
Sally retorted. Richard nodded. He knelt between her legs and
placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy. With one push he
shoved half of his dick into her cunt and through her cherry.
Sally let out a small scream as his massive organ tore through
her hymen.

"Are you alright?" Richard asked with a concerned look on his

Sally managed to grin. "Yes, just wait a while until my pussy
gets used to having that baseball-bat inside." A few minutes
later the pain subsided and she told Richard that he could fuck
her now. Richard pulled back a bit and then, with one stroke,
shoved his swollen cock into her pussy until he hit her cervix.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!!" they both moaned, when his cock was all the way
in. Richard started fucking Lisa with a slow rhythm, taking his
cock almost all the way out and then shoving it all the way back
in again. Her hot virgin cunt gave pleasure beyond belief.

"Ohhh god!!! Your pussy is so fucking tight!!" he moaned. Sally
felt like her whole body was on fire. Jolts of electricity were
shooting through her body from the tip of her toes to the top of
her head. Richard changed his tempo and started to fuck her with
short quick jabs, driving the fire in her to heights she had
never experienced before.

"OooooHhhh...YES...OooooHhhh... FUCK ME HARDER!!! DO IT!! FUCK
MEEEEEE!!!" Sally moaned. Richard started to speed up and soon
he was pounding her like a jackhammer. Sally started moaning
louder as her orgasm drew near.

she screamed as her orgasm hit her like a sledgehammer. Richard
started to pound even harder as he neared his own orgasm.

"" OooooHhhh! ... OooooHhhh!!! OooooHhhh Yes ...I'M
CUMMINGGGGGGG!!!" he shouted. He buried his dick deep within her
pussy, spraying his cum into her cunt. Feeling Richard cum
inside her, made Sally orgasm for the second time.
A big silence followed when Sally was finished with her story.
She stood up and collected the glasses. Then she went to the
kitchen to fill them.

"That was a hot story," Tim said when she returned. Sally

"Glad you liked it," she replied. A grin appeared on her face as
she added, "You know, I think I still have photos from those
days." She collected some photo-albums and showed them to Tim
and Lisa.

"How about this one?" she said showing them a photo of two
teens, fucking.

"Ohhhhhhh!!! Godddddd!!!!!" Lisa gasped when she saw that the
teens in the photo were her parents.

"Yes, they look hot!" Tim said. He looked at his aunt and added.
"Can we use your story and some of those photos for our family

Sally smiled. "Yes you can. You know what? If you collect
stories and photos from the rest of the family I'll ask my
husband to print it like a real book. Then we can give it to
everyone at the next family reunion."

"But you said my parents don't want to go to those reunions."
Tim said.

"I know. But once they find out you know that they are brother
and sister, and you will have to tell them sometime, they will
love to go." Sally replied

"I think it is a great idea," Lisa said.

"Yes, you're right." Tim agreed.

"Good you can start by going to your grandparents."

Sally said. Tim and Lisa agreed.


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