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BIBLE2 hurt bit the first time


Keywords: Mf, mg, inc, ped, anal
Part: 2 of 8
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The family Bible

(c) Copyright 1999 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without
the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
You can find my stories at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for you
to read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police station
and have yourself arrested.
The family Bible Part 2
That night Tim put Lisa to bed.

"Tomorrow we'll go to our grandparents," he said as he tucked
her in. He gave her a kiss and went to the door.

"Tim?" Lisa said as he was leaving the room.


"Do you really think I'm sexy?"

"Yes, you are," Tim replied as he turned off the lights.



"Can I see your thing?"

"I don't know," Tim muttered.

"Please!" Lisa begged.

Tim considered it. His parents had gone to a party, and their
eight year old sister, Tina, had gone to bed hours ago, so it
was unlikely that they would get into trouble. 'Oh what the
hell,' he thought. He turned the light back on and sat down on
her bed.

"It's called a cock or dick or penis."

"Ok. Can I see your cock?" Lisa asked

"Ok sis," Tim said as he took his dick out of his pants.

"Ohhh!!! It's so big!!" Lisa exclaimed when his cock came into
view. Tentatively she reached out with her little hand and
touched it. When nothing bad happened she brought her other hand
to his cock too, and started to examine it.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!! Godddddd!!!!!" Tim groaned. The eleven year
old's little hands, roaming over his cock, had him almost ready
to cum.

"Does that feel good?" Lisa asked with an innocent voice.

"Ohhhh yes sis!!! But it will feel even better if you move your
hands up and down." Tim moaned. He took her hands into his and
showed her how to jack him off. Lisa started to rub his cock
with vigour. The knowledge that she could make her brother feel
good made her feel all grown up. Tim was lost in a haze of lust.

"Ohhh!!! Yessss!!!!! That's it!!! You are going to make me
cum!!!!" he moaned.

"Is the white and sticky stuff going to come out?" Lisa asked.

Tim nodded. "Put it in your mouth and suck on it," he groaned.

Lisa seemed to be unsure if she should follow Tim's last

"Suck on it?" She mumbled.

"OH GOD!!! YES!!! SUCK ON IT!!!" Tim yelled. Slowly Lisa brought
her face to his dick and took the head of it in her mouth. When
she found that it didn't taste bad she started to suck and lick
it. That was too much for Tim.

"OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed as
he shot jet after jet of his hot semen into his little sister's
mouth. Lisa tried to swallow all of it, but there was just too
much. It came out of the corners of her mouth and started to
drip down her chin.

"Did you like that?" she asked when Tim was finished cumming.

Tim took her in his arms and kissed her. "I loved it," he said.
He grinned and added, "I think you missed some."

He started to lick her face clean, finishing with a passionate
kiss. After a while Tim broke off their kiss and said. "I love
you sis and I want to make you feel good too. Would you like

"Yes. What are you going to do?" Lisa asked nervously.

"Don't worry, you are going to love it." Tim replied as he
removed her night-shirt. Then he removed her panties and sat
back to look at her. He admired the two small mounds on her
chest. He admired the nipples on them, pointing out proudly. He
admired her flat belly and her bald, preteen cunt. "Oh god sis,
you are so beautiful!" he gasped, entranced by the sight before

He bent over and started to suck on the little girl's nipples,
sending streams of fire through her body.

"Ohhhh!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!! Goodddddd!!!!!" she moaned. After a
while Tim's mouth left her nipples and started its journey
downwards to her cunt, kissing and licking every inch of her
eleven year old body on the way. Lisa moaned, gasped and giggled
each time Tim's tongue found one of her sensitive spots.

"Like it sis?" Tim asked with a smile.

"Ohhhhhh yes!!!!!!!" Lisa sighed.

"Well, it's going to get even better," Tom said as he stuck his
tongue in her cunt. Lisa nearly jumped of the bed when his
tongue entered her virgin cunt, setting her body on fire.

"OOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!" she screamed. Tim
started to lick his sister's preteen cunt with long broad
strokes; touching her clit on the end of each stroke. With his
hand he started to caress the crack of her ass. He found her
anus and started to rub the tight opening. Lisa was in heaven.
She had never felt anything like this before. Tim pushed his
finger into his sister's ass and started to fuck her with it.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" The eleven year old cried as she felt
his finger invade her virgin ass. She started to push her ass
back on his finger in an attempt to get more of it in her anal
passage. Tim put a finger in her cunt and finger fucked both her
virgin holes at the same time. Pushing one finger in while he
pulled the other one out, making sure that one of her holes
always had a finger in it. At the same time he took her clit
into his mouth and started to suck on it. Lisa went through the

AAAAAIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!" she screamed as the biggest orgasm of her
life came crashing down on her. Tim was licking her cunt as fast
as he could, trying to drink all of the delicious fluid her
virgin cunt was squirting into his mouth.

When her orgasm died down Tim kissed her and said. "Well how did
you like your orgasm."

"Oh it was wonderful!" Lisa exclaimed. She got a serious look on
her face and added, "Are you going to fuck me now?"

Tim smiled. "Do you want me to?" he asked. Lisa nodded.

"Ok, but it might hurt a bit the first time." Tim said. When he
saw the scared look on her face he hugged her and added. "We do
not have to fuck, you know."

Lisa nodded. "I want to fuck, but I'm scared," she replied.

"I've got an idea," Tim said. "Why don't you sit on top of me
and put my dick in your pussy yourself. That way you are in

"Ok," Lisa said with a smile. She knelt above his cock and put
the head at the entrance of her cunt. She pushed down and the
head of his cock shot into her tight, virgin, pussy. Almost
immediately it hit her hymen and Lisa stopped pushing.

"It won't go any further," she said with a disappointed look on
her face.

"Yes it will," Tim said, "It's blocked by your hymen. You have
to push real hard to get it through. That's the part that will
hurt a bit. It's something all girls have to go through on their
first fuck."

Lisa nodded. She lifted her herself up a bit and then with one
mighty push rammed herself down on his cock until it hit her
cervix. She let out a small scream when his dick tore through
her hymen.

"Are you ok sis?" Tim asked with some concern in his voice.

"Yes. I feel stuffed. But it is ok." Lisa replied. She looked
down and saw that she still had a bit more cock to fit into her

"You're still not all the way in," she complained.

Tim laughed. "It can't go any further sis. I'm at the entrance
of your womb. You would have to push it through your cervix into
your womb to get it all in," he said.

"Oh good," Lisa said. She pushed down hard and suddenly his cock
shot through her cervix.

"OOOOOHHHHWWWWWW!!!!!" she cried as the last part of his dick
disappeared into her cunt. Tears appeared in her eyes. A wave of
excruciating pain shot through her body as his cock entered her

"OH GOD SIS!!! ARE YOU ALL RIGHT!!" Tim screamed as he tried to
pull her off his dick.

Lisa stopped him. "I'm ok," she said. "I just have to wait a
little until my pussy is used to your dick."

After a while the pain went away and she started to bob up and
down on his cock.

"Ohhhhh!!! Goddd!!!!! Your cunt is so fucking tight!!!!
Ohhhhh!!!!!! Fuck my cock with your cunt!!!!!! Do it!!!!!" Tim
moaned. He put his hands on her ass and started to fuck her

"Ohhhhh!!!!!! Yessssssss!!!!!! I can feel you in my womb!!!!!!!"
Lisa moaned. She could feel her orgasm nearing and started to
bounce up and down his cock as hard as she could. "Stick your
finger in my ass and fuck me with it while your cock fucks my
cunt!!!!!!" She cried.

Tim shoved a finger into her ass and stared to fuck her with it.

FINGER AND YOUR cunt WITH MY COCK!!!!!!!!" he screamed. They
fucked each other franticly, working towards their orgasm. Tim
added another finger to the one that was already in his eleven
year old sister's ass and finger fucked her backdoor with all
his might. This was too much for Lisa. She came with an ear
piercing scream. Her body started to convulse uncontrollably as
wave after wave of intense pleasure scorched her body. Her cunt
clamped down on Tim's dick taking him over the edge too.

CUMMINGGGGG!!!!!!!!" he screamed as he planted his seed directly
into her womb.

When Lisa tried to get off his dick, after their orgasm had died
down, Tim realized that he still had two fingers buried in her

"You sure are one horny bitch," he said with a grin as he pulled
them out.

Lisa blushed. "I really like having you fuck my ass with your
fingers," she replied.

"So you like something up your ass?" Tim murmured.

"Yes, it's nice," Lisa replied

"Just nice?" Tim said teasingly.

"Hmmmmm. Very nice." Lisa replied, as she cuddled up to him.
Exhausted they fell asleep.

The next morning Tim woke up in Lisa's bed. She gave him a kiss
and said, "Thanks."

"For what?". Tim replied.

Lisa smiled. "For waking up with me."

Tim started to get up and said, "Well I better go to my own room
before mom and dad find us like this." Lisa pulled him back in
to the bed and started to kiss him passionately.

"We'd better stop before we start something we can't stop." Tim

"I don't mind starting things." Lisa giggled.

"Parents!" Tim reminded her.

"Spoil sport!" Lisa pouted as she turned away from him.

Tim smiled. "See you at breakfast," he said as he left the room.

The stupid grin on her face and the funny walk as she came
downstairs announced Lisa's secret to the world.

"Who is the lucky boy?" Tammy asked.

Lisa blushed. "No one," she mumbled.

"Ohhh, come on tell me." Tammy insisted.

John stopped her saying, "Leave the girl alone. She'll tell us
when she is ready."

"You're no fun!" Tammy pouted.

John grinned. "I know. That's why you stayed with me all those
years." Tim and Lisa gave each other a knowing look.

"Did Lisa do it with a boy?" Tina asked innocently. Lisa's face
turned bright red.

"That's none of your business!!" She hissed. She and Tim ate
their breakfast in silence and left as quickly as possible.

"Phew!! That was close!". Lisa said when they were in the car.

"Yes, we've got to tell them soon, before they find out by
themselves," Tim replied. He put his arm around Lisa and said,
"I love you."

Lisa smiled. "I love you too," she replied.

"I have been expecting you," Terry (Grandma Foster) said as she
opened the door for Lisa and Tim.

"Your aunt Sally called me yesterday evening," she added when
she saw their surprised look. She ushered them into the living
room and got them something to drink.

"Sally told me that you two are working on a family-history,"
she said when everybody was comfortable. Tim and Lisa nodded and
explained everything that had happened during the last few days.

"So you two are lovers now," Terry concluded when they finished
their story. A grin spread across her face as she added, "Your
parents will have a heart-attack when they find out you followed
in their footsteps."

"I hope not," Lisa mumbled.

"Don't worry. I'm sure they will be very pleased with it once
they get over the initial shock." Terry replied. She took a sip
of her drink and said. "I guess you want to hear my story." Lisa
and Tim nodded. A thoughtful look appeared on Terry's face.

"Now lets see. Four years before I was born my father's parents died, leaving him and his six year old brother as orphans. They
had four other brothers and sisters but they were all married
and out of the house. My father was eighteen at the time. He
decided to quit school and work on the farm, so he could take
care of his little brother. Two years later my father got
married and two years after that I was born. Because we were the
only kids on the farm my father's brother and I were always very
close. And by the time I was twelve he fucked me for the first
time. I think it was in the summer of 1943. He probably got me
pregnant that day, because I missed my next period." She smiled
and added, "I guess you can say that is how we discovered anal

"What do you mean?" Tim asked.

"Well at that time I didn't want another baby and in those days
the only way to practice birth control was not fucking. So I
told my uncle that he couldn't fuck me anymore. Of course he
kept begging me to let him fuck me. In the end I decided to let
him fuck me in the ass."

"Oh come on Terry, let me fuck you. Please!" Tom begged the
thirteen year old girl that was sucking on his dick.

Terry pulled his dick out of her mouth and said, "No, Tom. I
don't want to get pregnant again. You know that."

"Please! I'll pull out before I cum," Tom whined.

"Yes, sure. Just like you promised to do the last time you got
me pregnant," Terry retorted.

Tom sighed and sat down next to her. "I know. It's just that I
really want to fuck you," he said.

"I do, too," Terry said, her resolve wavering. She wanted to
fuck him but she didn't want to get pregnant again. Then she got
an idea.

"Perhaps we can try something else," she said.

"What?" Tom asked.

"Well, I heard from one of the girls at school that she lets her
boyfriend fuck her in the ass. Perhaps we can try that." Terry

Tom looked stunned. "Are you sure?" he exclaimed.

Terry grinned. She sat down on all fours and said. "Well, what
are you waiting for?" Tom smiled. He knelt down behind her and
put the head of his dick against her anus.

"Here it comes honey," he said as he started to push. Slowly his
dick started to disappear in the thirteen year old's ass.

"Ohhh yes!!!! Fuck my ass!!!" Terry groaned. Tom started to fuck
Terry's tight ass with slow, long strokes; taking his dick
almost all the way out and pushing it all the way back in again
with each stroke.

"Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Goddddddddd!!!!!!!! Your ass is so fucking
tight!!!!!!" he moaned. Terry rammed two fingers in her cunt and
started to finger fuck herself.

HARDER!!! FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed. Tom started to
fuck the thirteen year old at top speed; ramming his cock into
her ass with full force.

TEAR MY SHITTER APART WITH THAT COCK!!!!" Terry screeched while
she rammed her fingers in and out of her cunt. Tom was hammering
his cock in and out of her ass without mercy.

FUCK YOUR ASS WITH MY COCK!!!" he cried. He grabbed Terry's tits
and started to pull on her nipples. This took Terry over the

"OOOHHHHH!!!! FUCK!!!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!!
CUMINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!" the thirteen year old screamed as her
orgasm hit her. Her body became rigid and her anus clamped down
on Tom's cock making it almost impossible for him to move. He
felt his balls boil and rammed his cock in as deep as he could.

GODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! I'M CUMINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!" he shouted as he
sprayed his semen into her bowels. He kept cumming for what
seemed to be hours.

"OHHHH!!!!! YESSS!!!!!! OHHHH!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!
YESSSSS!!!!!" he chanted as he shot strand after strand of his
sperm into Terry's ass. The pleasure became too much for Terry
and she passed out. Oblivious to it all, Tom kept pissing his
sperm into her bowels until his orgasm finally died down.

"Did you like it?" Tom asked Terry when she came back to earth.

"I don't think I'll be able to shit for a week." Terry replied,
her face still glowing from pleasure. They both laughed.

A smile appeared on Terry's face as she relived her memories.
She looked at Tim and Lisa and said. "Well, we both liked it a
lot and it became our favourite position, even after we decided
to have more children."

"Now there is just one more problem I have got to solve," Tim
said on the way back from their grandparent's.

"What?" Lisa inquired.

"Ellen," Tim sighed. "We promised each other that we would get
married and have babies. I still want to do that, but the
problem is that I want to do that with you too."

"Ohhhh really?" Lisa cried out as she started hugging and
kissing him.

"Hey! Watch what you're doing!" Tim exclaimed when the car
almost went off the road. Then he smiled and added, "Yes really.
That is if you want to have my babies."

"At least two," Lisa replied with tears in her eyes.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Tim asked when she started to cry.

Lisa didn't answer. She pushed her head against his chest and
cried her eyes out.

"After we fucked last night I was worried about getting
pregnant," she sniffed when she finally stopped crying.

"But you just said that you want to have my babies," Tim said,

Lisa smiled. She gave him a look full of love and said, "Yes,
but I didn't know if you wanted them too."

Tim gave her a kiss and said "Well I do." Then he cursed as the
car almost went off the road again. He stopped the car and took
Lisa into his arms.

"I love you sis, and I want to have lots of babies with you," he

"Well we better go and tell Ellen then," Lisa concluded.

"Together? Right now?" Tom said confused.

"Yes. Together and right now," Lisa answered.


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