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BIBLE3 hurt like hell fact


Keywords: mFg, MF, mg, inc, ped, anal
Part: 3 of 8
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The family Bible

(c) Copyright 1999 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without
the written permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
You can find my stories at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for you
to read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police station
and have yourself arrested.
The family Bible Part 3
"Oh, it's my favourite hunk," Ellen said, when she saw Tim
standing at the front door. She hugged him and gave him a
passionate kiss.

"Hi, Ellen. We have got to talk. Can we come in?" Tim said to
her. Ellen gave him a surprised look.

"Sure, we can talk in my room." Then she saw Lisa standing
beside Tim and her look became even more questioning as she led
them in.

"So, what's up?" she asked when they were in her room.

"Eh.. Well.. Ehh.. I have eh.. got to tell you something," Tim
stuttered as they sat down on her bed.

"What?" Ellen asked impatiently.

"Well eh.. I eh.." Tim started.

"We are going to make a baby together!" Lisa interrupted him.

"You two are going to make a baby?" Ellen croaked after a long
silence. Unable to speak Tim just nodded.

"But what about me?" Ellen cried.

"Well tell her," Lisa said, poking Tim in his side when he
didn't speak up. Tim cleared his throat and started to tell
Ellen what had happened to him and Lisa the last few days. He
told her that his parents were brother and sister and how that
had affected his life.

"So that's how Lisa and I ended up having sex," he said,
finishing his story. "And now I have a problem. You see I still
want to marry you and have babies with you, but I want to do
that with Lisa, too."

A little smile appeared on Ellen's face. Without saying anything
she leaned back against the wall and gave Tim a long hard look.

"Well you can marry me, and Lisa can live with us. That would
solve your problem," she said after a little while.

Tim looked stunned. He had expected tears, crying, screaming,
but nothing like this. He tried to say something but the words
wouldn't come.

Ellen put took his hand in hers and said, "I guess I have to
make a confession too." She pulled her legs onto the bed and
continued, "I have been fucking with my father since I was ten."

"You what!" Tim exclaimed

"Are you mad at me?" Ellen asked with a trembling voice when she
saw the look on his face.

Tim calmed down a bit. He hugged her and said, "No, how can I be
mad at you fucking your father when I'm fucking my sister. I was
just surprised, that's all." He gave her a kiss and added, "How
did it happen?"

Ellen blushed and giggled a bit. "Well, it is a bit of a silly
story. You see the first time my father fucked me was by
accident. He didn't even know he was fucking me at first. It
happened one night when there was a big thunderstorm. And you
know how I hate thunderstorms."

Tim nodded and smiled. "Yes I will never forget the day you
jumped into my arms." he said.

Ellen grinned. "Ok. I admit that thunderstorms have some good
qualities too."

Lisa gave them a puzzled look.

"I was at a game with the high school football team when
lightning struck. Ellen was there too. The thunder scared the
hell out of her and she jumped into the arms of the person who
was standing closed to her, which just happened to be me. So
there I was, thirteen years old with a squirming sixteen year
old in my arms pushing her breasts in my face. I almost came in
my pants," Tim explained.

"No you didn't. You were far too surprised to do anything but
just stand there," Ellen giggled.

Tim smiled. "Well you managed to make me cum in my pants on our
second date."

"I wouldn't call a frightened girl jumping into your arms a
date," Lisa remarked.

"I wouldn't either. It's just that our first real date turned
out to be a real disaster," Tim replied

"How is that?" Lisa asked.

"I guess you could say that it was my fault," Ellen said. "I
figured that Tim would brag about me jumping into his arms. So
when I arrived at school the next morning I expected everybody
to know about it. But Tim hadn't said a word. I figured I owed
him one, so I decided to give him something to brag about. I
took him out on a date. I made sure we visited all the places
where his friends would be so they could see who his date was.
After a few hours Tim still hadn't tried anything, so I said to
him 'You know usually boys try to make out with a girl when they
are on a date.' He gave me one of those funny looks and replied,
'I really appreciate you taking me on a date, but you don't have
to pretend that you want to make out with me.' That pissed me
off big time. I threw him out of the car and drove home.

"By the time I got home I started to feel guilty. He was right I
had only taken him on a date because I thought I owed him one
and because I thought it would be funny to have a thirteen year
old brag about me. But unlike your average horny young male, who
would have been all over me, Tim saw right through it and didn't
try anything. I didn't understand it and spent the whole night
thinking about it. They next day I picked Tim up, when he was
walking home from school and drove him to the lake. Then I
apologised and told him that I really wanted to make out with
him. Well, he must have been really horny because, when I said
that, he shot his load in his pants."

"Yeah, well, I had been cursing myself all night for shooting my
mouth off instead of making out with you," Tim said. "So when
you picked me up the next day, I decided that whatever happened
I was going to make out with you. By the time we got to the lake
I was so hard and ready that I just lost it." Ellen and Tim both
smiled and kissed each other.

Tim pulled Lisa close to him and said to her, "You know I just
thought of something. We haven't been on a proper date yet."
Then he gave her a kiss and added, "Do you want to go on a date
with me?" Lisa blushed.

"I would love to go on a date with you," she whispered. She
cuddled up to Tim and then said to Ellen, "So what about your

"Oh yes where was I?" Ellen replied. She lay down and put her
head in Tim's lap. "Ehmm... Well the thunder really scared me so
I went to my parents' room and crawled in bed with them. There
is one thing you should know. My parents sleep naked and so do
I. So when I cuddled up to my father there was no way I was
going to miss it if something came up." Ellen laughed at her own
joke and then continued.

"Anyway sometime during the night my father got a wet dream and
I felt his cock become hard against my leg. After a while he
began to make fucking motions and his cock slipped between my
legs. It was real funny, feeling his cock sliding in and out
between my legs. And then ,and I still don't know why, I took
his cock in my hands and put it against my pussy. I guess I did
it because I had spied on him fucking mom a few times and seen
him put his cock in her pussy. But at the time I didn't think
about those things. I just grabbed his cock and held it against
my pussy. At that moment my father moved his hips and shoved his
cock halfway up my cunt. It hurt like hell. In fact it hurt so
much I thought I was going to die. I screamed so loud it must
have woken up the whole neighbourhood. But not my father. When
he is asleep you can fire a cannon right next to him without
ever waking him up. That would have been it if my mother had not
been woken up by my screams. I would have never let anyone put
anything in my pussy again. But fortunately my mother woke up
and I was spared the trauma and frustration. She immediately saw
what was wrong and woke up my father by slapping him in the
face. 'Huh, what. What are you hitting me for?' he grumbled when
he finally woke up. 'I thought that you wanted to be awake when
you fucked your daughter for the first time,' my mother replied,
pointing at the spot were his cock disappeared into my pussy."
Ellen's eyes twinkled and a big smile appeared on her face as
she continued.

"I have never seen my father so scared in his life. It was
really comical and I started to laugh. But not for long. He
yanked his dick out of my pussy and I screamed again. It hurt
almost as much as when it went in. Well my parents cuddled and
comforted me, and my daddy said that he was sorry that he hurt
me. Then they told me about sex and that little girls were not
supposed to have sex, especially not with their fathers. Well
they didn't need to convince me. After what happened I didn't
want to have anything to do with sex.

"I guess my mom was worried about that, because a few days later
she bought me a vibrator and showed me how to use it, telling me
that sex could feel really good if you know what you are doing.
Even though I didn't believe her, I was curious enough to play
with the vibrator. After about a week I got enough courage to
put it in my pussy. At first it just felt strange, but after a
while a started to feel good. I started to push it in and out of
my pussy like mommy showed me and suddenly I went off like a
rocket. That decided it. mom was right, sex feels really good. I
decided that I wanted to try out a real dick. Preferably the
dick of my father. For the next few weeks I tried to get my
father to notice me. I guess you can say that I tried to be sexy
for him. Apparently it worked because, after I had done this for
a few weeks, my mother suddenly sent me out of the kitchen
during dinner. About fifteen minutes later my father came to get
me. He picked me up and carried me back into the kitchen. Then
he put me in his lap and said, 'Do you want to fuck with your
daddy?' I didn't know what to say so I just nodded. 'Ok. You can
sleep with us tonight.' my daddy said. I didn't eat after that;
I was just too nervous. I kept asking my parents when we were
going to bed. After a while my father got tired of it. He put me
under his arms and carried me to their bedroom saying, 'Right
now honey.' Fifteen minutes later he fucked me for the first
time. I had three orgasms before he came and when I felt him cum
in my pussy I came for the fourth time. It was then that I
decided that I wanted to have my father's baby. I also decided
to wait until I had finished school"

She kissed Tim and said, "But then I met you. I still fuck with
my father, but I didn't want to cheat on you by having his

Tim stroked her hair and said, " I think it is wonderful that
you want to have a baby with your father. You can have as many
babies with him as you want." He curled up her hair in his
fingers and said, "Do you want to marry me?"

"You know I want to." Ellen replied.

"No I mean do you want to marry me?" Tim insisted.

"You mean right now?" Ellen said surprised.

"Well I don't think right now is practical, but in a few months
so we have time to arrange everything." Tim replied.

"Oh my." Ellen croaked. "I mean yes." she corrected herself.

"Good, I'll ask your father then." Tim said as he kissed a tear
from her cheek. Then he turned to Lisa and said "And you, do you
want to marry me?".

"Brothers and sisters can't marry." Lisa replied.

Tim smiled. "I know, and I also know that I can't marry two
girls at the same time, but I want to marry you anyway. So do
you want to marry me?"

"Oh yes!" Lisa cried as she hugged him.

Then she hugged Ellen and cried. "I'm going to get married."

"Me too, kiddo." Ellen replied. She raised her head and kissed
Lisa on the lips. Lisa replied likewise and thrust her tongue
into Ellen's mouth. Tim joined them and a passionate hugging and
kissing session ensued. After a while Ellen started to work on
the buttons of Lisa's blouse. Lisa did the same and moments
later the girls were hurriedly undressing each other. When they
were nude they resumed their kissing as their hands started
their wondrous journey towards each other's centre of joy. In
the meantime Tim had taken his cock out of his pants and was
slowly stroking it as he watched the girls make out. The girls
moaned as their breasts mashed together, heating their passion.

"Ohhh god. Fuck me with your fingers." Ellen moaned when she
felt Lisa's hand touching her pussy. Then she took her own
advice and plunged two fingers into Lisa's cunt. Their heat
rising, the girls rolled around on the bed, finger fucking each
other's cunt with unbridled passion. Needing to release her
pent-up emotions, Lisa pushed Ellen back onto the bed.

"Eat my cunt!" she demanded as sat down on the other girl's
face. Then she bent over and stuck her tongue into Ellen's
pussy, searching for the source of the delicious juices that
were flowing from her cunt.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Ellen moaned into Lisa's pussy
when Lisa speared her tongue into her tight fuckhole. Vigorously
she started to suck the juice out of Lisa's preteen cunt, her
tongue snaking around every fold, trying to get as much the
precious nectar flowing from Lisa's tight little fuckhole as she
could. The sight of the two girls making out had made Tim
extremely horny and he wanted to fuck. For a moment he
considered which of the holes available to him he would put his
dick into. Then he grabbed Lisa's hips and shoved his cock into
her tight preteen ass.

"HIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!" Lisa screeched as she felt a hard cock
enter her anal passage for the first time in her life. Tim
started to pound his cock in and out of her tight ass as fast
and as hard as he could.

"OH YES!!!!! FUCK MY ASS!!!!!" Lisa cried. Then she shoved her
tongue back into Ellen's cunt and tongue fucked the girl for all
she was worth. Ellen did the same to her and the room was filled
with the moans and cries of the three kids mating with each
other. Tim was ramming his cock in and out of Lisa's tight,
preteen ass like a madman.

"Ohhhhhh!!!!! Godddddd!!!!!! Your ass is so tight!!!!!" he
moaned. Lisa replaced her tongue with three fingers and started
to finger fuck Ellen while her tongue went in search of Ellen's
clit. Ellen did the same and just moments later they screamed in
unison as their combined pleasure exploded into a gigantic
orgasm. Their bodies seemed to melt together as the orgasm
overtook them. They clawed and sucked and licked at each other's
body, feeling each other's pleasure as if it was their own.
Watching them having an orgasm took Tim over the edge too. He
rammed his cock into Lisa's ass as far as it would go and spayed
his semen into her bowels, hurling Lisa into another orgasm.
When he came down from his orgasm he let himself drop back onto
the bed with a satisfied sigh. Then he watched as the girls
continued to finger and lick each other through another series
of orgasms.

That was how Ellen's father found them as he entered Ellen's
room. He had heard screams coming from her room and had come to
see what was wrong. But nothing could have prepared him for the
sight before him.

"Oh my god!!!" he cried when he saw Ellen and Lisa in a sixty-
nine position on the bed, eagerly lapping at each other's cunt,
with Tim lying beside them, cum still dripping from his cock.
His cries brought Ellen back to reality.

"Oh daddy! I'm going to marry Tim." she cried cheerfully when
she saw her father standing there.

"With your permission, sir." Tim managed to say before Ellen

Ellen jumped of the bed and hugged her father. "And, Daddy, I
want to have your baby," she sighed.

Things were going a bit too fast for her father. "Eh what?" he
said, surprised.

"I want your baby daddy," Ellen told him. "Oh it's ok. They know
that I'm fucking you," she added when she saw her father looking
at Tim and Lisa.

"But... But..." her father stammered, still not sure what was

"It's ok Mr. Latimer." Tim said. "We are not going to tell
anybody. In fact my sister and I are going to have a baby too."

Ellen's father sighed and sat down on the bed. "I'm sorry but I
don't understand. What brought this all on?" he asked.

Ellen sat down next to him and explained everything. "So I'm
going to marry Tim. And we can have a baby if you still want

Her father smiled. "You know I want to honey. I love you and
there is nothing in the world that would make me more happy than
making a baby with you."

Ellen put her hand on his crotch and rubbed his dick through his
pants. "Well what are you waiting for?" she said with a grin on
her face. Her father stood up and practically ripped his clothes
off. He pushed Ellen down on the bed and placed the head of his
cock at the entrance of her cunt.

"Get ready for my cock dear," he moaned. "I'm going to ram into
your cunt and shoot so much sperm into your womb that you will
have triplets."

"Oh yes daddy!!! Do it!!! Fuck me hard!!!" Ellen encouraged him.
Her father let out a low grunt as pushed his cock all the way
into her cunt in one go. Lisa climbed onto her brother's lap.
His cock had got hard again just from the thought of watching
Ellen fuck her father, and Lisa slowly impaled herself on it.
When Tim's cock was all the way in she started to bob up and
down on it while she watched Ellen and her father mate. In the
meantime Ellen's father had set up a slow rhythm; taking his
cock all the way out and then pushing it all the way back in

"Oh fuck!!! You're so tight. I love your tight pussy, honey!!!"
he moaned. He took Ellen's tits in his hands and started to
squeeze and knead them.

"Oooohhh yes, fuck me daddy! OoooooHhhhhhh yes, harder!!!!!!
Fuck me harder and make me cum!!!!!! Ellen moaned.

LITTLE CUNT!!!!!!" her father moaned in reply. He picked up
speed and started to ram his dick in and out of Ellen's cunt
with all his force. Ellen's moans became screams as her orgasm
drew near. Her father was pounding his cock into her cunt like a

NOW!!!! NOW!!!!! AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!" Ellen cried when
her orgasm came crashing down on her. Her cunt, clamping down on
his cock, took her father over the edge too.

I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!" he shouted as he planted his seed
into his daughter's womb.

PREGNANT" Ellen screamed when she felt her father's semen
entering her womb. A new wave of orgasmic pleasure ripped
through her body each time her father shot another strand of his
cum into her welcoming womb.

until the pleasure became too much for her and she passed out.
Lisa and Tim were not far behind, and their cries mingled with
those of Ellen and her father as Tim shot his load into Lisa's


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