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BIBLE4 movie was over they went


Keywords: mg, inc, ped, anal
Part: 4 of 8
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The family Bible

(c) Copyright 1999 Dastardly Dodo ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without
the written permission of the author. This story may be freely
distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
You can find my stories at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for you
to read. LEAVE NOW.
This is a fantasy, nothing else. If you want to try this at home
go to the nearest police station and have yourself arrested.
The family Bible Part 4
A few days later Tim took Lisa out on her first date.

First they went to the drive-in to watch a really bad movie.
Actually they didn't see much of the movie because they were
making out most of the time. Kissing and groping and fondling
each other just like normal teenagers on a date.

After the movie was over they went to the hamburger palace to
get something to eat. While they ate their hamburgers Tim played
footsie with Lisa under the table and had her blushing and
giggling for most of the time. When they had finished they went
to the lake. Tim parked the car near the lake and told Lisa to
stay in the car. He got a blanket and a bag from the back seat.
He put the blanket down under a tree near the shore of the lake
and then went back to the car. He opened the door on Lisa's side
and took her into his arms.

"The stars shine for you tonight my love," he whispered in her
ear as he carried her to the blanket.

"Don't be silly," Lisa giggled.

"Ah, but it is true," Tim said as he put her down on the
blanket. He sat down next to her and continued, "But they pale
at the sight of you, the most beautiful of them all."

Lisa's face turned bright red. "Stop it," she giggled.

Tim produced two glasses and a bottle of wine from the bag. As
he poured it he asked, "Wine my lady?"

"I'm not supposed to drink," Lisa said.

Tim smiled. "You should not fuck with your brother either," he
said as he handed her a glass. Lisa giggled as she accepted it.

She put her head on Tim's shoulder and whispered, "I like this."

Tim smiled and put his arm around her. "Me too," he replied. For
a while they just sat there looking at the stars. It was the
first time for Lisa who had never been out this late.

"There are so many stars," she whispered.

"Yes and there are millions more we can't see," Tim answered.

"Do you and Ellen come here often?" Lisa asked.

Tim smiled. "Yes we come here a lot." He gave her a kiss and
added, "But now I'm here with you and I want to come here a lot
with you too."

Lisa smiled and cuddled up to him. "I'd like that," she

Tim kissed her and stuck his tongue in her mouth, exploring
every nook and cranny of her delicious mouth. Lisa's tongue met
his halfway and then continued on into his mouth. Their tongues
entwined in a passionate duel.

"I like that too," Tim said when he finally came up for air.
Lisa giggled a bit. She felt the wine going to her head and lay
down, putting her head in Tim's lap.

"Tim?" she asked a few minutes later.


"I don't know what to do. I have never been on a date before."

"You don't have to do anything," Tim answered.

"But what do people do on their first date?" Lisa asked.

"Well if she is a good girl they only kiss a bit. If she's a
daring girl she will let her date fondle her tits. If she's a
naughty girl she will let him fondle her pussy too, and a really
naughty girl will let him go all the way."

Lisa grinned and said, "Well I guess that I should be a good
girl, but I would rather be a really naughty girl."

"Ah, but it doesn't work like that," Tim said with a grin on his

"It doesn't?" Lisa said

"No. You see this is only our first date. I have to convince
that you want to be a really naughty girl first."

"And how are you going to do that?" Lisa asked.

Tim took a little box out of his pocket and handed it to her. "I
think this might do the trick." Slowly Lisa took the lid off the
box. Inside it was a beautiful silver ring.

"It's an engagement ring," Tim said. He took the ring out of the
box and put it on her finger. "I love you," he whispered. Lisa
just lay there not knowing what to do or what to say. Tears
filled her eyes.

"Are you really going to marry me?" she finally croaked a few
minutes later.

"Yes, I am," Tim replied.

"But we can't!"

Tim grinned, "Well I think I have found a way."

"How?" Lisa demanded to know.

Tim gave her a kiss and whispered in her ear, "You'll find out
when it is time."

"That's not fair!" Lisa pouted.

"Does that mean that you don't want to be a naughty girl?"

"If you don't fuck me soon I'm going to scream," Lisa replied.

Tim put his hand under her shirt and started to fondle her tits.
"Well I guess I'll have to fuck you then," he said.

"Hmmmmm... I guess you do," Lisa murmured. Tim let her slip to
the ground and then pulled her shirt up, exposing her budding
breasts. He brought his hands to the small mounds and squeezed
them. At the same time he brought his lips to hers and gave her
a long soul searching kiss.

"Fuck me Tim. Do it. Fuck me," Lisa panted.

"I will sis. I will," Tim replied. He pulled her skirt up and
removed her panties. And then he just sat there and looked at
her. Love filled his heart as he looked at the beautiful
preteen, lying there with her legs spread wide eager for him to
fuck her. That she was his, that he had fucked her and was going
to fuck her again, was something that he found hard to
comprehend. And then there was Ellen, who accepted that he was
fucking with his sister and was still going to marry him. Tim
still couldn't believe it.

"What's wrong?" Lisa asked.

Tim smiled and kissed her. "Nothing. I was just thinking how
lucky I am and how much I love you."

"Oh. Are you going to fuck me now?" Lisa replied.

Tim started to laugh. "Yes, I'm going to fuck you now." He
placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her cunt and
started to push.

"Ohhhhh yes!!!!! Fuck me!" Lisa moaned as her brother's cock
slowly sank into her tight, preteen, pussy. Tim revelled in the
heavenly feeling of the tight preteen cunt squeezing his around
cock. He pulled his cock almost all the way out and then shoved
it back in again, setting up a slow rhythm. He took her tits in
his hands and fondled them, paying special attention to her

"Ooohhhh!!!!! Yessss!!!!! Ooohhhh!!! Fuckkkk!!!! Ooohhhh!!!
Godddd!!!!!!" Lisa moaned. She thrust her hips up to meet his
cock in a desperate attempt to get more of that hot pole into
her pussy. Tim pulled and twisted her nipples and rammed his
cock into her steaming cunt as deep as it would go. Lisa clamped
her arms and legs around Tim's body and started to spout a
stream of encouragement.

"HARDER!!!! HARDER!!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!" she yelled over and
over again. Faster and faster Tim rammed his cock into her
preteen fuckhole. With one hand he kept playing with her nipples
while he brought the other one to her anus. He shoved two
fingers in her ass and started to finger fuck her backdoor in
the same rhythm that his cock was going in and out of her cunt.

FUCK!!!!!" Lisa howled as she felt his fingers ravaging her
tight, preteen, anus. Tim was fucking her with long, hard
strokes, driving his cock deep into her cunt. He started to
twist his fingers around in Lisa's ass and at the same time
fucked them in and out. It was driving Lisa crazy.

AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!" she screamed as her orgasm came
crashing down on her. Her arms and legs started to flop around
as she lost control over her body and her mind exploded into
millions of colours. Tim pulled his fingers and cock out of her
holes and then drove his hard pole all the way into her tight,
preteen, ass in one go. Lisa let out an inhuman wail as Tim's
cock, going into her ass, set off another orgasm. Tim rammed
three fingers into her cunt and finger fucked her while rubbing
her clit with his thumb. He was ramming his cock in and out of
her ass with short quick jabs, fucking her through one orgasm
after the other. Each stroke of his cock, mercilessly pounding
into Lisa's preteen ass, took him closer to his orgasm. Finally
he could not hold out any longer and, with a loud groan, dumped
his load deep within her bowels.

cried as shot strand after strand of his semen into the eleven
year old's tight, preteen, ass. Feeling her brother pissing his
sperm into her ass was too much for Lisa and after a final
scream of delight she passed out.

"Hmmmm!!! That was good!!" Lisa murmured when she finally came
back to earth.

"Yes it was." Tim agreed. He stood up and added, "I'll be back
in a minute." He went to the car and came back with a pocket

"What are you going to do with that?" Lisa asked.

"Watch," Tim replied. He carved a heart with an arrow through it
into the bark of the tree and then placed their names at each
end of the arrow.

"Oh my." Lisa croaked. She threw her arms around Tim and hugged
him tightly. Tim kissed her and their tongues entwined in a
loving duel, becoming more urgent as the fire in them started to
rise again. Lisa put her hand on Tim's dick and whispered, "Do
you want to do it again?"

"Yes I do honey, but we can't. We have to go home," Tim said.

"I wish I could stay here forever," Lisa sighed.

"Me too. But we can't," Tim replied. He gave her a kiss and
added, "I promise that I will bring you on lots of dates here."
Then he picked her up and carried her to the car.

Four weeks after their first date Lisa and Tim were in Lisa's
room, putting the finishing touches to their family history.

"We will have to tell Tina you know," Lisa said when they were
finally finished.

"Hmm I don't know. She's only eight. I don't know if she will
understand it," Tim said.

"Tim, she may be only eight, but she certainly isn't stupid. She
will find out sooner or later. And I think that it is better if
we just tell her instead of letting her find out by herself. And
if you are worried about the sex part, she already knows about
masturbating. She asked me about it a few months ago, and she
also knows what mom and dad are doing almost every night. The
noise they make is hard to miss you know.".

"You told her about masturbating?" Tim said, surprised.

"Yes, well, she was experimenting on her own with it when I
caught her doing it one day. So I showed her the best way to do

"I would have liked to see that," Tim sighed.

"I bet you would," Lisa giggled, rubbing his cock through his
pants. She gave him a kiss and added, "Anyway, I think we should
tell her."

"Ok I guess you're right," Tim agreed.

"I'll get her then," Lisa said as she went out to find her
little sister. Moments later she returned with the eight year

"So what do you want to tell me?" the little girl said as she
sat down on the bed.

Lisa sat down next to her and replied, "Well, mom and dad are
brother and sister."

"Oh. So they are just like you and Tim," the eight year old

"What do you mean?" Tim said surprised.

"Well, you and Lisa are having sex. Just like mom and dad," came
the reply.

Lisa started to giggle when she saw the shocked look on Tim's
face. "I told you that she isn't stupid." Then she turned to her
sister and said, "How did you find out?"

The little girl shrugged her shoulders. "You make a lot of
noise, just like mommy and daddy." Then she pointed at the
picture of her parents that their aunt Sally had given to Tim
and Lisa and said. "What are they doing?"

Lisa smiled. "That was mom and dad when they were young. And
that's called fucking. You remember what I told you about that?"

The eight year old nodded. "I want to do it too," she sighed.

Tim put her on his lap and said, "I think you're are a bit too
young for that."

"Am not. I'm already eight," the little girl pouted.

A grin split Lisa's face. "Yes you're right," she said. "But it
would probably only hurt if you tried to fuck. I know something
else that we can do though."

"What?" the little girl demanded to know.

Lisa started to laugh when she saw the suspicious look on the
eight year old's face. "I bet you would like Tim to lick your
pussy," she replied. The little girl started to nod vigorously.

"Eh... I don't know..." Tim mumbled.

Lisa sighed when she saw the look on his face. "When I showed
her how to masturbate I also told her about oral sex. And she
really likes it. It won't hurt her, Tim." A naughty grin
appeared on her face when she added, "I can take pictures of it
for our family history."

Tim took his camera out of its bag and handed it to Lisa. "Ok
sis," he said. He looked at Tina, who was still sitting in his
lap, and took her face in his hands. He kissed her on her
forehead, nose and cheeks and then nibbled on her ears. It made
the little girl squirm and giggle. Then he brought his lips to
hers and started to kiss her. He thrust his tongue into her
mouth and explored every nook and cranny of it. At first the
eight year old didn't know what to do, but then she got the idea
and thrust her tongue into Tim's mouth. Their tongues entwined
in a loving embrace, tasting each other for the first time.

In the meantime Lisa had got the camera ready and was taking
pictures from every angle she could think of. Tim broke off the
kiss and started to remove Tina's dress. When it was off he
admired her flat chest for a while and then started to kiss and
lick her nipples.

"Ohhhhhh!!!! Goodddddd!!!!" the little girl sighed. Slowly Tim
licked and kissed his way down towards the eight year old's
panties. When he got there he took her panties off and planted a
kiss on her bald virgin pussy.

"OHHHHHHH!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! LICK MY CUNNY!!!!!" the eight year
old cried. Eagerly Tim complied. He started to lick up and down
her virgin cunt with long broad strokes touching her clit on the
end of each stroke. He loved the strong fresh taste of the
juices that were flowing from her virgin pussy and tried to
drink as much of the precious fluid as he could. He plunged his
tongue all the way into her pussy until he hit her hymen and
then started tongue fucking her for all he was worth. The eight
year old started to shake and moan. She took his head in her
hands and pushed his face into her pussy.

"OHHHHHH!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!! GODDDDDDDD!!!!" she moaned. Taking
his cue from her actions, Tim placed his lips around her clit
and started sucking on it. This took Tina over the edge. She let
out an ear piercing scream as her orgasm came crashing down on
her. Her body started convulsing and her pussy flooded with cum.
Then her body slumped back to the bed. Tim licked her pussy
until her orgasm subsided. Then he lay down next to her and
kissed her, letting her taste her own pussy juices.

"Ohhh!!! That was great!!!" the little girl sighed.

"Yes it was!" Lisa confirmed. "I've taken some great photos."
They all started to laugh at that last remark.

The next day Tim and Lisa brought the finished product to aunt
Sally and uncle Richard to have it printed. Together they looked
through the family history and had a few laughs about the
pictures that were in it.

"Oh my! Your mother is going to have a heart-attack when she
sees this one," Sally exclaimed, when she saw a picture of Tim
licking Tina's cunt. 'I WANT TO FUCK TOO!' the eight year old
had written under the picture in big block letters.

"Yes, I bet daddy will have one too," Lisa said.

Richard laughed, "No he'll probably just want fuck her."

"She's much too small for that," Tim remarked.

Richard shrugged his shoulders, "In the end it is her choice. If
she really wants to fuck she is going to fuck someone. And it is
better for her if she does it with someone who loves her. That
way she can find out if she is ready or not without getting

"I know that," Tim replied. "It is just... Well she is only

"You can't stop nature Tim," Sally told him. "And to judge from
these pictures, I would say that she is more than ready to try.

Tim looked at the picture and said, "Well I hope she has fun
when she does it." Everybody agreed with that.

"So when is the book going to be printed?" Lisa asked.

"Well, I can print it some time this week. Then you can give it
to your parents next Saturday," Richard replied.

"Are you going to be there too, when we give them the book?" Tim

"Oh yes. I wouldn't want to miss it for anything in the world,"
Sally replied.


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