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BIGSHOT girls because definitely couldnt


(fdom, msub, humil)

Big Shot by Phoenix Arrow

Joel Stien attorney at law

Let me tell you, I was the king of the world! At 27, I was a hot shot
LA lawyer. I was clearly making over 500 grand a year and was collecting a
very prestigious cliental. This needless to say was a big plus in the lady
department. Every weekend I would have my pick of 18 to 22 year olds to be
my total sluts. I was definitely living the good life.

Then came in Ms Rogers. She was the divorced widow of this big movie producer Michael Rogers who had died in a crash a few months back. I knew
she would have a lot of money from her husband, so I agreed to see her
case. When she came into my office however I was a little taken back. She
was supposed to be 43 and she looked it. She carried a very tired look
with her and had less than elegant clothing. I should have thought better,
but attributed her appearance to morning over her husband's death.

"Hello Ms Rogers, how may I help you with my services?"

"Well Mr. Stien, I have a group of people who are trying to take my
husband's money from me. I have kids to support and a house loan to pay
for, I can't have all these people trying to take our money."

"Have no worries Ms Rogers, we'll take it from here. Everything will be
just fine."

It was a big mistake I know, I should have checked the case a little
closer before agreeing to sign on, but even if I lost, I would still rack
up huge money from a rich woman like her.

However, things would change soon enough.

It turned out that Ms Roger's husband was so much in debt that there was
nothing I could do to save her money. I ended up making a fool of myself
as the state successfully took all her money away to pay the debts. My ego
was a little bruised but at the end of the day I knew that it was only one
case, and that I had plenty of other clients.

I looked over to Ms Rogers after the verdicts were read and noticed she
was burning red. I tried to apologize for the loss as I was leaving, but
she just sat there looking straight ahead and red angry. Seeing nothing
more I could do, I left the court house and went back to the office.

Two weeks later I was sitting in my office at my desk. By now I had
completely forgotten about Mrs. Rogers and had my mind occupied on my
first million dollar case. I had been working real hard on this one as my
desk was completely covered with case files that my associates and I had
been working on. As they all left for lunch and I decided to stay behind
to put in extra work.

As I was looking at a file, I heard a commotion coming from outside my
office. Suddenly the door burst open and in rushed Ms Rogers. She had a
very determined look on her face as she quickly approached my desk.
Running behind her was my secretary "Mr. Stien I'm sorry, she just forced
her way in here, should I call the police?"

"No no, its ok Anna, I'll take care of this."

Once my secretary left, Ms Rogers started going off on me.

"You bastard. No thanks to you I'm almost living on the streets. I can
hardly afford to feed my children. You do a horrible job on an easy case
and still charge me, I want my money back NOW!"

"Now Ms Roger's please calm down, there's no need to scream. I'm sorry
that I lost your case, but it was a winless case to begin with. Now I will
NOT refund your money." I began to pull out the contract. "It says
specifically in the contract that you pay whether I win or lose. So you

"Oh Shut the Fuck Up!"

I paused in mid sentence and looked at her with a little bit of shock.
There was something about the rudeness and the direct way she spoke caught
me off guard.

"What did you say?"

"I said Shut the Fuck Up! And you can take that contract and shove it
up your ass!"

I paused again and just looked at her. There was something in the way
she spoke that made me feel weird and unable to react.

After a moment she ask me for the contract. When she saw that I was
still in a slight daze she snatch it right out of my hand. She looked at
the contract for a moment then began ripping it right up and put it on the
table. My mouth dropped. The audacity of this woman.

I was beginning to get back to my senses and stood up from my chair.
"Hey, what do you think you are doing..."

"Shut the Fuck Up!"

My breath was now quickening.

"Shut the Fuck up Mr. Stien" she said again. I felt my cock twitch as
I began to realize that some how, some way, her saying "Shut the Fuck Up"
would cause a jolt to run through me. To my horror, this was actually
turning me on. I had to take hold of the situation before it got out of

"Ms Rogers, let's try to be civil. Please don't use that kind of

"What, you mean like SHUT THE FUCK UP?"

Another twitch.

"Shut the Fuck up, Shut the Fuck Up!"

I felt myself loosing focus as my cock was straining against my
trousers. The fact was not lost on Ms Rogers as she began to come around my
desk until she was beside me. She looked me up for a moment, contemplating
the situation. She then leaned to my ear and whispered "Shut the Fuck Up".
I let out a sigh shortly before my knees buckled. I had to catch myself on
the table before completely falling.

Ms Rogers seemed amused by this turn of events. Apparently she hadn't
anticipated my reaction either.

"Stand up this instant Mr. Stien, you'll stand when I talk to you."

I regained my standing position and now had a definite tent in my pants.
She looked down then at my face. "It looks like someone is enjoying this a
little too much. Does Mr. Attorney get off on being told to Shut the Fuck

I let out another sigh.

"Lets see whats going on down there".

No, I can't do that. I am a professional with class. I have million
dollar clients. I will not debase myself in front of this woman. Then why
were my fingers fiddling with my belt buckle. To my horror, I undid my
belt, and was now slowly lowering my trousers. My breath was now quick as
I took hold of my boxers, and with a great mixture of fear, lust, and
submissiveness, lowered them. As I went past my dick, it bounced up and
down like a spring.

"Awe, look at the little dicki. I guess the big office attorney must
use his money to get girls because it definitely couldn't be because of
this thing. If they only knew how bad of a lawyer you were they'd all run
away." I looked down at my cock, it was average size, about 7 inches, but
she just made me feel like it was hardly there.

"Now Mr. Stien, why don't you be a good little office attorney, Shut
the Fuck Up, and jerk off!"

I slowly grabbed hold of my dick and began jerking back and forth. She
began to barrage me with Shut the Fuck Ups as I increased my tempo. Soon I
was pumping like mad and when I suddenly felt a hard smack on my ass, I
exploded. jizz after jizz came squirting out as I came all over my desk
and all over my million dollar case files.

Before I could even recover my senses, she had shoved me over my desk. I
was now resting my upper body on my own cum as she began savagely spanking
me with her hand.

The combination of sounds of me grunting and her smacking must have made
an odd noise, because I suddenly heard a door open followed by a loud gasp.
I turned to the door and saw Anna standing with wide eyes and her hand over
her mouth. Ms Rogers never skipped a beat as she continued her savage

"Mr. Stien here has been a very bad attorney, SLAP, and now he is being
punished like he deserves, SLAP, isn't that right Mr. Stien? SLAP."

Tears were beginning to form as I closed my eyes and nodded yes.

"Anna, it looks like Mr. Stien wont be needing you any more. Please
pack your things and leave."

Anna now looked at me with fearful, pleading eyes. "Mr. Stien is that
true? Oh please tell me your not firing me. I need this job very badly".

I should have stood up for her. She was the best secretary I ever had.
She was like my right hand at the office. With more tears in my eyes, I
slowly turned my head away from Anna, and to my disgust raised my ass.

"I believe you have your answer darling. Now get out!"

I heard her balling her eyes out as she ran out of the room while I
received another 15 more hard slaps from the woman I was allowing to
completely dominate me. Why was I letting this older woman treat me like
this. I am a successful lawyer. How could I be getting off on submitting
myself to this bankrupt, ugly old hag?

"Now Mr. Stien, its time to dispose of that nasty little contract"

She picked up the ripped pieces of paper that used to be the contract
from my desk and walked behind me as I lay bent over the table. "Like I
said, here's where your contract belongs, up your ass!" She then started
shoving them in piece by piece.

"Now Mr. Stien, lets discuss our new arrangement"


That all happened one year ago. Now Ms Rogers and I have a new
understanding. She's taught me to take responsibility for loosing her
case. She convinced me that I needed to make amends, so now I totally
support her and her children. They now live with me in my house, well, its
more like her house now. She's taken my master bedroom and her children
take up all the other rooms. I now sleep outside in the tool shed.

Also, all my money now goes directly to her. If I ever want to buy
something, I need to ask her first, and she usually says no. And as far as
my sex life, its non-existent. Ms. Rogers has since forbid me to date the
young attractive girls I used to have my choice of. Now any action I get
is from old lady friends of Ms Rogers who she sets me up with. They are
all over 50, with sagging tits and loose pussys, but at least I get to fuck

But its important to realize that none of this has anything to do with
Ms Rogers punishing me for loosing her case. I have accepted this as part
of my amends. No, the punishment I get from Ms Rogers comes at the end of
the night. That's when, before I go to bed, I enter her bedroom, pull down
my boxers and stand at attention at the foot of her bed. No matter how
many times I've done it, I always sport a hard on.

She is usually reading a book or magazine and continues to read for a
good 20 minutes, ignoring me as I continue to stand there until she is
ready to address me. Finally she'll put the book down, opens a drawer and
pulls out the red ruler, then hands it to me.

I take the ruler, and hang my head. "Ms Rogers, may I now punish myself
for being a bad lawyer?"

"Yes you may"

With that, I raise the ruler above my raging hard on and bring it down
hard. I continue to wipe my cock from all sides 20 times. By the end I am
usually sobbing like a baby and the pain is almost unbearable. Then I hand
her back the ruler and am dismissed. This always leaves me with the need
to masturbate, but since I am forbidden to ever cum inside my house, I go
to the back yard and jerk off on the grass. I then go into my shed and
fall a sleep.

Big Shot! The End!

All Comments are greatly appreciated, please send them to: Your encouragements keep me going :)


This work is copyright (c) 2002 by Phoenix Arrow. You may download and
keep copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the author. All other rights
reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted.



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