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BILISE: A new start (c) 1999 by jlm ( Fiction (Bondage )
1725 words
* BILISE is the shorter for "Bizarre Limousine Services". Verona Neil is
the Owner. James Benedict is the Butler/Driver, Peter Neil is Verona's
brother, Faith Flaherty is the roommaid. Adventures in the back of a
limousine. Based upon the TV-news-report:Carsex in Vienna
* Five O'clock. A time when the days work is finished, the workers go
home, the offices close.A time when traffic increases, the rush hour begun.
The time when BILISE starts. *** It will be raining today. Heavy clouds
can be seen. The man who stood alone waiting has his raincoat under his
arm. He was an overweight, middle aged man, his hair already balding and
profusely sweating. Impatient, he walked to and fro in front of the
building. Five minutes late already...they would pay for it...deeply. He
thought. Just then, a limousine appeared, working its way through the dense
traffic. Long, white in color, and heavy. The waiting man thought the car
might be armored. It looked like it. The car came to a precise stop in
front of the man. The drivers door opened, and a man in drivers outfit
complete with cap stepped out. Walking around the car, the driver took his
cap off, stuffing it under his armpit and looked at the waiting man. "Mr.
Johanson?" said the driver. "Yeah, that's me." The driver nodded and
motioned the man to the back door. Johanson tried to get a look inside,
but every window was blacked out, blocking his sight. The driver opened
the door and Johanson stepped inside. The driver closed the door, got back
in the drivers seat and started the engine. The limousine disappeared into
the flowing traffic. "Hello Mr. Johanson. My name is Verona Neil.
Welcome to BILISE." A somewhat dark but gentle voice greeted him. Johanson
looked around. Nobody could peek inside, but he could clearly look out.
Only the glass plate between the driver and guest compartment was painted
in an opaque black color. Meaning that he could not see the driver...who
could also not see what was going on in the back. Two comfortable bench
seats faced each other in the back part of the limousine. He was seated on
one of them. Facing him, her back to the driver was a young woman, dressed
in a flowing gold colored silk dress, long dark hair in a thick braid
draped over one shoulder. She looked at him with big eyes, inquiring but
friendly. A small smile played her lips and she was holding a champagne
flute in her slender, ringed, fingers. "Miss Neil!" the man nodded. Again
he looked around, opening his shirt, loosing his tie. Well, well,
well...he had an incredible piece of flesh on front of him. "How does it go
from here?" he asked. The woman carefully placed her glass in a small fully
furnished bar embedded in the co-drivers back seat. She reached under her
seat and opened a hidden drawer. "It's up to you what you do." "Take off
your panties" With an amused flicker in her eyes, she slowly reached under
her skirt, and stripped off her underwear. He licked his lips and glanced
at the drawer. Dildos and vibrators were lying side by side near neatly
coiled ropes, straps, paddles and clamps. What ever a bondage lover could
wish for, it was here on display. With his thick fingers, he ransacked the
drawer, disturbing the neat arrangement. Finally, his hand withdrew with
some thin nylon cord. "Turn around!" Implacable she turned and crossed her
hands in the small of her back. With feverish anticipation he cinched her
limbs together, not at all concerned that his ropes were far too tight.
Verona gritted her teeth, but didn't make a sound. Finished, he roughly
turned her around, facing him again. She saw his piglet eyes burning while
he began roughly mauling her breasts through the dress. "Kneel on the
seat." he ordered. Obediently, she retracted her legs and kneeled on the
bench. Taking some new cord, he pushed her skirt out of the way. A grim
smile showed when he noticed her garters. Of course she would know what he
liked. With swift gestures, he knotted her ankles to her thighs, making it
impossible for her to stretch the legs. "Open your legs." She did. With
sweating fingers, he reached between her legs, feeling her mound, her lips
and grabbed at her bush. She gasped at his rough touch...and was rewarded
with a small slap on her mouth. "Shut up, bitch. I didn't tell you to say
anything." He took a cane from the drawer and slapped his palm with it,
testing it. Nodding, he reached to Verona's chest and opened the front of
her dress, exposing her breasts. Then, taking hold of her by pinching one
nipple painfully, he began slapping the inside of her thighs, first left
thenright, then left again...changing the thigh with each slap. When he was
satisfied with the redness and the muscle jerking, he slapped her vagina a
couple of times with his bare hand. Verona was biting her lips now. One of
his hands opened his fly and he withdrew his manhood, masturbating himself.
His eyes fell on a chrome vibrator and, with a smile, he took the device
and inserted it between her legs. "Pleasure yourself." And how the hell
should I do that with bound hands, Verona sighed inwardly. Concentrating on
the task, she slowly glided up and down on the cold, chrome device, trying
her best to not be distracted by the vibrations of the running car. He
leered at her, licking and kissing her cheeks, throat and chest. Then he
placed a metal collar around her throat, fastening it snugly. Taking some
more rope, he first wound a couple of turns around her torso, above and
below her breasts, before wrapping each globe independently. As with her
wrists, he didn't care about the tightness and soon, the two globes,
compressed at the base, became pink in color, and painful to touch. "Tell
me you love me." One of Verona's eyebrows jerked high up, but she complied
"I love you" "Again" "I love you" "Again" "I love you" Taking some
so-called "Tit-Press" clamps, hollow spheres in shape with a strong spring
on one side, he clamped one of them on each nipple, waiting patiently for
the pain to fade before applying the second. Then, guiding her with his
fingers on the clamps, he rocked her back and forth, all while she was
still sitting on the dildo while telling him that she loved him. Verona,
tears in the corner of her eyes because until now only experiencing pain,
was about to shout for her release, when he stopped the rocking motion.
Taking hold of the metallic collar, he guided her head to above his cock
and ordered with a rough voice "Suck!" He had clamped a hand on her hair,
immobilizing it above his manhood and she could do nothing but comply, deep
throating him. But either she was not rapid enough or he was only
interested in her pain, because he took a paddle and was now slapping her
dangling breasts and pulling on the connecting chain from the clamps. The
pain was immense, but she refused to cry. "Five minutes to go." said
another voice. With a start, Johanson released her from his grip as he
heard the loudspeaker. With a strong push, he shoved her back on her seat.
Eying her, seeing the red rimmed eyes, he grinned. "Well Baby, five more
minutes, you agree?" As she didn't say something, he grabbed her hair anew
and rammed a ballgag between her teeth, buckling it very tight. Then he
took hold of a flogger and over the next few minutes began whipping her
breasts. "I want to see tears. Cry for me....Yeah, that's right....More!"
Verona was now sobbing behind her gag and real tears, nothing faked, were
running down her cheeks, wrecking the small amount of make-up she had
applied. Finally the last five minutes were over and the limousine pulled
over. Not bothering to free the tied and gagged woman facing him, the man straightened his tie, shoved his cock back in his pants and took a big
envelope out of his coat, throwing it on the seat. As the driver was about
to open the door, Johanson leaned forward one last time to Verona's side.
He tapped the chrome device, then pulled on the clamps and gave the bound
female a lecherous kiss on the cheek. "Happy to oblige...Oh, Vero....your
Daddy would have killed me if he knew." Without looking back, the man stepped out of the car, the door held open by the driver, and walked away.
The driver looked inside and Verona made one of the arranged hidden signals. Nodding, the driver closed the door and drove on. Ten minutes
later, they pulled into a driveway, leading to a wide mansion, Verona
Neil's home and parked in the garage. With swift motions, the driver opened
the back door and unbuckled the gag before doing anything else. "Good God
Miss Neil,...I was about to jolt him two or three times. You should have
given me the signal. He is a brute." With a weak voice and hissing of pain
when James, her driver, butler and friend released her, she answered "He's
a brute, all right, and he's a sadist. But he's also the senior bank
manager at our bank, and owner of our liabilities. He gives us a credit
line for BILISE because of this trip. What do you think he would have done
if he had known that you were listening through hidden microphones and that
he was sitting, literally, on an electric chair?" Removing the last of the
ropes, James Benedict shook his head. "I don't know if we are doing the
right thing? Your father.." "My father is dead, and I'm the owner and head
of an indepted company. Do you think I'm too young to make company
policies? I'm 24, James. I go independant. I have an MBA and OUCH!" "I
am sorry Miss Neil." He had removed the painful clamps and helped her now
to climb out of the car. "Do you think Johanson as given his approval?"
Verona gave him a knowing smile. "I'm sure." She waved the still closed
envelope in her hand. "Here is the liability-document as well as a new
credit line. My father's old company is dismantled, all debts paid...and
we are starting right now with BILISE. The Bizarre Limousine Services".


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