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BILLURGE video booth even stared


Bill's Not-So-Secret Urge
(mb, MM+, preteen, cons, cum)

Written by and copyright 1999 Admiral Cartwright, a pseudonym. It is
intended solely for the entertainment of its audience. Any publication,
reproduction, retransmission or other use of the descriptions and
accounts of this story without the express written consent of Major
League Baseball is prohibited.

Unless, of course, you ask the author first (Email address provided

Distribution of this material or of any predecessor(s) for profit and/or
with this information abridged shall constitute a violation of copyright
law and may result in some serious shit.

(Warning: the following explicitly depicts sexual activity which may be
frowned upon and/or illegal. Reading further constitutes your assertion
that you are mature enough to understand and accept the nature of the
material hereinafter, and the author assumes no responsibility for your

Archived at

Chapter One

Bill sat trembling in the video booth, even as he stared with wanton
lust at the eight-inch cock not a foot from his face. This was, after
all, what he was here for.

It had been years since Bill's last tryst with another man. Bill was
married with two beautiful children, and had a wonderful sex life at
home. Yet, he'd been missing something; and there was absolutely no
doubt in his mind what.

His wife knew of Bill's urges and marveled at how well he had suppressed
them over the last ten years. He'd told her the truth before they were
married, and had promised he'd never stray without asking first. She
knew she didn't have the equipment to satisfy that lust, and had told
him she understood.

Tonight, he'd asked. Tonight, she'd given him a kiss and her blessing.
Now, he was here, at the local adult video arcade, with another man's
throbbing cock begging for his hot mouth and the release it would bring.
Bill and the nameless, handsome young man in the next booth had taken
turns peeking at each other through a small hole between the booths just
minutes ago, watching as the other massaged his member to its full
hardness and length. Now, they were in the same booth and ready for what
Bill so hungrily wanted.

And yet, he couldn't help being nervous.

A wave of memories overcame him as he ogled that beautiful rod, its
single `eye' seemingly staring a hole right back through him. Bill could
remember the first instant he knew he was irreversibly bisexual.

It wasn't when he used his little brother for `kissing practice', though
he supposed he should have seen it then. It was the neighbor boy. Alan,
at all of 12 years old, was so fucking beautiful that Bill - at 17 -
knew exactly what he wanted: Alan's hard, young body and the bulge that
was all too noticeable for his age.

Of course, it didn't hurt that Bill had just split up with his
girlfriend at the time and was horny as all hell.

Bill had broken the ice with his young neighbor by inviting him over to
look at some magazines he'd ordered by forging his father's signature.
Bill lived with his divorced mother and figured dad would never know. He
also figured it was an offer Alan would not refuse.

He was right on both counts.

The teen and preteen would lie on Bill's bed facing each other looking
at the pictures. Bill brought out only the straight mags first; worried
that too much, too soon, would scare off the boy. But the 12-year-old
was more bold than Bill had expected: it was only their second time
together that Alan actually pulled his dick out of his shorts and
started jacking off... right in front of Bill!

No invitation was needed anymore, and Bill quickly followed suit. Now's
my chance, he thought, as he brought a couple of gay mags out and mixed
them in with the others.

Alan had looked at one, fascinated by pictures of men sucking cock and
fucking each other. His eyes widened at first, but soon a new expression
would cross his beautiful boyish features. He fucking loves it, Bill had
said to himself.

"I will if you will," Bill remembered saying, with a gleam in his eye.
He had rejoined his young friend on the bed after retrieving the mags,
this time facing Alan's crotch. He could clearly see for the first time
the few hairs sprouting just above the most gorgeous six-inch cock he'd
ever seen - not that he'd seen many up close yet. But Alan clearly was
built for his age and, evidently, had the chutzpah to back it up.

As if to prove it, Alan had moved closer to Bill's seven-inch dick, but
then stopped. A moment's hesitation; Bill believed he'd better move
fast. He'd leaned forward himself and started licking the tip of Alan's
cock, sending an electric charge through the boy.

Alan had lost his boldness for the moment, tentatively reaching for
Bill's cock with only his hand at first. Bill then let the head of
Alan's prick slide between his lips and back out. The boy hadn't stopped
him yet, so the teen enveloped more than half of Alan's jerking cock
into his mouth and slid gently back, then sucked in a bit deeper.

It was the first time ever that Alan had felt anything so good! Bill's
inexperienced mouth was learning fast and sending chills through the
boy's entire being. If it feels this good, the 12-year-old had thought,
it must be okay.

Alan, too, would learn very quickly.

Chapter Two

Bill was staring now at the eight-inch wonder almost touching his lips.
He'd learned a lot about how to please a man since his first experience
with Alan. Later sessions with his young neighbor taught him how to
deep-throat, and just how fucking good it feels!

The get-togethers had taught him the meaning of true passion. The boys
would make a game of their lovemaking, literally playing with each other
and experimenting with what felt good. Their favorite was a variation of
`Cop and Robber': Bill would watch for Alan coming down the street and
hide in a bush in the front yard. Emerging at the right moment, Bill
would yell "Freeze!" and `order' the boy to `assume the position'
against the wall.

Of course, that merely was an excuse for Bill to feel every inch of
Alan's athletic young body; slowly, almost painfully, making his way
eventually to the boy's already pulsing cock.

The two then would find a measure of privacy behind a large bush and
`69' until each was drawn taut with a mind-blowing orgasm.

As a result, the sessions also had taught Bill something even more
important: he was addicted to cum!

Bill remembered the first time Alan actually blew his nut in his mouth.
The boy's first orgasms were dry, yet powerful. But the regular
stimulation from Bill's mouth and throat may have helped Alan's young
balls grow up; and, suddenly, one mutual suck session ended with a
mouthful of the boy's first ejaculation! The hot, creamy liquid at first
had caught Bill by surprise - he'd stopped sucking for a second then,
regaining his senses, jacked Alan's cock up and down with just the head
in his mouth.

It was a lot of cum for Alan's first time, and Bill actually felt proud
for the boy. So much so, he'd opened his mouth to show Alan the result
of his orgasm. Impossibly, the 12-year-old started shooting all over
again; this time, Bill had caught it with his mouth open and his tongue
out. Alan seemed to like that a lot, shooting several more squirts
before finally collapsing on the bed.

Bill soon would learn that his young neighbor was not the only one who
enjoyed watching.

The handsome man in his late 20s now standing next to Bill reached down
and fondled his throbbing seven-inch cock and, finally, the involuntary
shivering stopped. The long meat staring him in the face had softened
slightly, and now the tip was pointing slightly down, betraying the
upward bend which accompanied the man's full erection. Bill turned his
attention back to matters before him and slid the tip of that beautiful
cock into his mouth.

It was eight seconds before the intentionally slow pace of Bill's
sucking brought his lips to the base of the eight-inch prick throbbing
at his very touch. That was another trick Bill had learned over the
years, and it had served him well. Many of his partners had said he was
the best cocksucker they'd ever known.

Bill used the tip of his tongue to tickle the sensitive underside of his
new lover's dick as he slowly slid all eight inches back out of his
mouth. He swallowed the whole thing once again, using his tongue to lick
the man's balls while his long dong was in the back of his throat. THAT
did it; his newest `sucker' was fully hard again, pointing up, and Bill
began to gag. He couldn't take more than six inches that way.

A `69' would be perfect, Bill thought to himself, knowing that was not
possible in the booth. He remembered his all-time favorite `69', and how
nervous he had been to learn that a man of whom he thought like a
brother wanted him in bed!

David was an adventurous young man, and a very horny one at that. Bill
once had walked in on him and a girlfriend at a mutual friend's house,
as David slowly pumped her juicy teen pussy right on the edge of the
bathroom sink! David always had thought himself straight until a much
older man propositioned him, for pay! He was not prepared for how much
he'd actually enjoy the experience.

Bill by then was in his late 20s and fully comfortable with his
sexuality. Then David had opened up to him, and it was like his first
time all over again.

The men had showered, and Bill was stalling, trying to think of
something - ANYthing - to do to pass some time. David was having none of
it, finally grabbing Bill's towel and exposing his flaccid penis.

"What's wrong?" David had asked. Bill couldn't hide it anymore: "You're
like a brother to me, man. I don't fuck with my brother." Not beyond
their youthful play, anyway.

David had smiled when he heard what he'd expected, and said Bill was
like a brother to him, too. "It doesn't bother me, does it?"

The barrier was broken.

Chapter Three

Bill had slid onto the bed and the men wasted no time enveloping each
other's manhood. David's cock was impressive: nine inches long, it was
no bigger around than Bill's. Long, and narrow, with a slight upward
turn to its jerking hardness, it aimed right for the throat in the `69'
position. Bill sucked it to the base and found to his amazement that he
could keep it there indefinitely without gagging! David's beautiful big
prick felt as if it had belonged there!

David had moaned his approval and slurped greedily on Bill's dong,
taking all seven inches he had to offer. Bill was sucking very slowly,
intentionally giving his friend as much pleasure on each stroke as he
could. David's meat popped from Bill's mouth and the older of the two
flicked his tongue along the sensitive underside, craning his neck to
reach two very happy balls.

What the hell was I waiting for, Bill had thought, enjoying every inch
of David's prick, sliding it slowly in and out, all nine inches at a
time, every time, until the younger man could hold back no more.

Jets of hot cum lined Bill's throat, and a little in his mouth on the
outstroke. It had tasted good, but it always seemed to shoot into his
throat instead of where he could enjoy it. David soon got every drop of
Bill's cum in his mouth, and he gratefully swallowed the load.

Bill would resolve himself to correct that oversight next time.

The men had rested awhile, talking like the lifelong friends they were.
David told Bill about his few gay experiences, and how much he'd enjoyed
them. He especially loved to fuck, he had said.

By that time Bill enjoyed being fucked, but was not too fond of doing
the same; for whatever reason, it just didn't feel right. But David now
was rolling over to expose his nether pucker, and Bill went for it.

It had slid in too easily, Bill remembered, and felt better than anyone
else's ass by far! After several minutes he'd asked his friend to return
the favor. David's nine-inch cock had slid into his own rectum far too
smoothly, too, and the men fucked until David's wad coated Bill's inner
walls and his own shot high into the air and landed in his face. He
couldn't remember ever emptying his balls with so much force!

Two hot, big balls were the target of Bill's attention now, jerking up
slightly at the touch of his tongue. He watched that huge cock just
above his face for any sign of softening slightly, so he could take its
entire length again. It obliged.

Bill ran his tongue slowly up the underside to the tip of the beautiful
boner before him and again slid all eight inches slowly down his throat.
The man attached to that cock moaned, and it was all too soon that the
big prick grew to full hardness again.

If I'm lucky, Bill thought, he'll let me do what I did for David the
second time we'd gotten together.

The young men had seen each other several times since that day in Bill's
apartment, but had acted like the friends they always were. Perhaps both
needed to prove they still could be. But Bill practically attacked David
the next time they were completely alone.

Bill had knelt before David during his gentle assault on his nine-inch
prick, managing maybe seven from that angle. David didn't care, it felt
too fucking good to have Bill's talented mouth on his meat again.

This time Bill had known when his friend was ready to cum, and began
jacking him off. Bill opened his mouth wide and touched his tongue just
under the head of David's cock. The younger man's eyes had bulged: Oh my
God, he's going to let me watch!

The first gob of the creamy white stuff hit the back of Bill's throat
and dribbled onto his tongue. The second hit the front teeth and landed
on top of the first. A third jet flooded Bill's tongue and the fourth
some more. It seemed to keep coming until the pink of the tongue below
was no longer visible, coated with hot cum, and still it kept coming.

David's orgasm had been almost too strong to keep watching as more and
more of his thick sperm filled Bill's mouth; it was lucky for him that
the wall was holding him up! Finally the spasming stopped, and Bill
leaned back slightly to show his mouth half full with David's cum!

Bill had smiled at the look of exhausted bliss on his friend's face; but
he wasn't quite finished, making a show of swallowing it all and opening
his now empty mouth for David to see.

"Holy fuck," David had said. He'd nearly passed out, just barely keeping
his wits about him. It was almost too much!

As it turned out, it also would be their swan song: Bill would move
shortly afterwards and never see David again.

Chapter Four

"Don't take this wrong," his newest partner began, "but that feels
better when I'm slightly soft."

"I'm not surprised," Bill responded. "I can take it all the way down my
throat like that. It's too bad we can't lie down in here." The man
grunted his understanding and didn't complain when Bill left his crotch
and arose to kiss the good-looking young stranger.

Bill had to resist the urge to ask his partner to fuck him. After all,
he wanted the man's hot cum in his mouth, and wasn't too fond of the
taste the good fucking would leave behind. Good fucking, Bill repeated
to himself; he suddenly remembered his first was anything but.

The man he had met on the public bus was interested in more than a
mutual sucking. The two had left the bus close to Bill's home but the
then-18-year-old still lived with his mother and younger brother at the
time and was not about to take this man to their house.

A service-station restroom would have to do, and the men began sucking
each other again until the older man turned Bill around and leaned him
over the back of the toilet.

The sudden, sharp pain was overwhelming as the man violated Bill's
virgin ass without so much as a warning. Bill screamed, and the man
fortunately was no rapist. "Give it a few seconds, it'll be okay," he
had said. Bill managed through tears to beg him to take it out, and he
soon was given his relief.

"I've never done that before," Bill had cried. The man truly was sorry,
and his once-proud erection was gone. He then apologized, and simply
vanished forever.

It would be several years before Bill trusted anyone to try that again.

Bill and his new partner enjoyed a lingering kiss and, as vividly as if
it were yesterday, he could recall his first time kissing another man.

He'd heard stories about the local bowling alley. Hilo Bowl had a
`problem' with gay men virtually taking over its restroom and management
had decided to remove the doors to the stalls, figuring no one would
dare try what they couldn't hide.

Boy, were they wrong!

The sex was hotter than ever there, what with the restroom walls covered
in black tiles. SHINY black tiles. The decorator might as well have
dispensed with the pretense and just used mirrors!

Any man who wanted a blow job or to give one - or both - simply had to
get himself hard and open his legs, and the man in the next stall could
see every inch as if it were right in front of him. Standing up was the
only signal the man next to someone would need. Even men simply taking
care of business would get an eyeful, like it or not.

It seemed that men always were kissing, sucking, being sucked, watching,
or all of the above at any given moment. Virtual orgies were common, and
the smell of fresh cum often permeated the place.

Almost no one ever had been caught, either; each end of the room
featured a double set of doors, so anyone walking in would make an
obvious noise before the inner door opened, alerting the occupants that
they were to retreat into the stalls.

It was there Bill would meet the man to whom he would trust his ass. Don
was in his late forties, but the fitness freak still was a looker. Bill
and Don had sucked each other off one day and Bill had found a seat in
the coffee shop to kill some time before he had to leave for work. Don
joined him at the counter, and soon the men talked for the first time.
Don was interested in taking Bill home and having a real encounter; not
the brief, impersonal suck session in the next room.

Don frankly wanted to fuck. Bill had related his only experience to
date, and his reservations. Don had known exactly what to say; his joy
of fucking eclipsed only by his love for virgin ass. "I want the
experience to be as pleasant for you as for me," he'd soothed. "I've
never hurt anyone, even when I was his first. If you feel even a little
pain, I'll stop."

Those words were almost a salve, and Bill had agreed to meet Don the
next day. He wouldn't be sorry.

Chapter Five

The memory caused Bill involuntarily to squeeze his new lover's tight
ass, and their kiss took on a bit more urgency. It was as if Bill even
now could feel Don's cock in his ass, some 20 years later.

The older man's six-incher had been adequate, if not impressive. It was
a beauty, flatter along its top than most Bill had seen, and straight as
an arrow. Its head was bigger around than the shaft, and Bill had been
having second thoughts about giving his ass away. Don again was soft-
spoken and soothing. The two then shared Bill's first same-sex kiss,
feeling each other's bodies with gentle hands.

Bill then was turned face down on the bed, his head on one pillow, the
other under his hips. Don's gentle massage with his hands and tongue was
relaxing, to say the least. Bill had felt a finger gently pass his
sphincter, probing in and out slowly. So far, so good.

Massaging his young charge with his free hand, Don placed a second
finger, already well lubed, to Bill's nether entrance, and slid it
slowly inside. Bill was relaxed almost to the point of sleep, and Don
knew he was ready.

Planting gentle kisses along the younger man's back, Don eased his body
up until the head of his cock touched Bill's pucker. Very slowly, with
even pressure, the head slipped past the ring which had complained so
bitterly the last time it had been violated. Another inch, then
another... Bill still fully relaxed. This is agreeable, he'd thought.

Unable to contain his curiosity, Bill finally had asked, "How far are
you in?" Don chuckled out loud: "All the way."

Bill had come around with a start. "No shit??!" "No shit."

It was incredible, the feelings which shot though Bill's very being for
the first time ever, and he'd loved it! Don had been as gentle as when
he'd begun, taking his time sliding all six inches in and out of Bill's
rectum on every stroke. It was so hot, but chills flowed from his ass to
every nerve ending in his body. Ironically, his sphincter was in heaven
but his cock was so hard it had hurt!

The older man finally came in Bill's ass some 10 minutes later, and Bill
had hiked himself up so Don could jerk him off at the same time. The
wave slammed hard into Bill, and he'd arched his back and looked
straight at the ceiling. He never saw it, though!

Bill remembered waking up sometime later, so grateful for his first real
experience getting fucked that he reached for Don's hardening cock to
suck it. The smell stopped him, though, and a warm washcloth had to be
retrieved so he could show properly just how thankful he was.

He was as thankful for the fresh, clean taste of the man's mouth now
exploring his as he was repulsed by that smell that day.

Bill had figured out how to fix that little problem once, using a
girlfriend's douche bottle to clean his intestines before visiting
another man he would meet at the bowling alley.

Drew was a handsome guy built very much like Bill, and with a cock that
was identical in length and girth. The two had been together a few times
before, and knew each other fairly well. A surprise still had been
ahead, however.

A very slow, satisfying ass-fucking had Bill horny for a load of hot
sperm, and he'd asked Drew if he could suck him to completion. The
`douching' had worked, and Drew's cock came out of Bill's ass clean as a
whistle. That was when Drew dropped the bomb: no one ever had succeeded
in sucking him off without having to use his own hand.

Bill had smiled in spite of himself. It was a challenge! Prepare to meet
the first, he had thought as his mouth enveloped the hard meat.

His talent was matched only by his patience; he not only was willing,
but he enjoyed taking his time and getting his reward whenever it came.
Bill's hot mouth and wonderful tongue had worked their magic once more,
and his love for cream would not be denied.

Grateful, Drew had Bill lie back and sucked him as gently and patiently
as he'd received, and his mouth too was rewarded with a hot load, which
he swallowed effortlessly.

"You didn't have to do that because I did," Bill had said. "I wanted
to," Drew answered. The two then kissed and fell asleep together.

Chapter Six

Bill broke off his kiss with the young man standing in his video booth,
and moved down to caress two muscular shoulders with his lips and his
hot breath. The man's nipples begged for attention, and Bill obliged
with a soft, rolling tongue. At the same time, Bill was watching for any
sign that the bigger man was softening slightly so he could take that
eight-inch cock to its pubic patch yet again. Some dicks were just too
hard, pun intended, to suck properly.

Drew's boyfriend had one such penis. Mike and Drew had become a couple
when the two men decided they wanted to be in a long-term relationship
with one guy. That, of course, meant Bill was out of that picture.

Or so he had thought.

Bill had a girlfriend at the time; he enjoyed both sexes, but preferred
long-term relationships with women. This one suddenly decided she didn't
like sharing his affections with anyone, male or otherwise. In an ironic
twist, she'd reached that decision after Bill had stopped seeing Drew.
It had meant that Bill would be left to search for a new apartment, but
he needed a place to crash in the meantime. Drew and Mike were kind
enough to accommodate him.

It was only two days later that Bill realized the men wanted more than
just a hand with the rent for a few days. The two had gone out of their
way to be naked and aroused whenever possible, even to the point of
watching some very hot videos right out in the living room. Bill had
wondered what the hell they were trying to prove; but he kept his cool,
determined not to get between two people he considered a `couple'.

Drew and Mike had excused themselves and left for bed, and Bill finally
pulled his aching prick from his pants and began to stroke it to the
video still playing, now for him alone. He'd then heard his name called
from the bedroom, and found his friends on their bed, playing with each
other. "Would you like to join us?"

Stunned, Bill had politely declined, and had to repeat three times his
desire to stay out of any situation where he might cause a breakup.
Fuck, he'd thought, why are they torturing me? But they hardly were
finished, and they were not going to accept no for an answer.

Within minutes, both men had come naked out of the bedroom and sat on a
couch. It took but a few seconds before Mike was sitting on the floor
and Drew's cock was sitting in his throat. Bill's attention had been
diverted from the video, and he'd tried to resume watching; but it was
of no use.

Fuck it, he'd thought, and went to join in, reaching for Mike's pecker.

It was huge! Ten inches long and two of Bill's around, he'd found
himself stretching his jaw to the point where it hurt! Bill only could
manage barely half of Mike's mammoth meat, and it took several minutes
before his facial muscles would stop arguing.

Drew, in fact, had not been able to take Mike up the ass yet, that cock
was so big. Bill was game, though, and thought he'd at least try.

Stuffing a huge pillow under his hips - it'd worked before - Bill's ass
had stuck a foot up off the floor. Mike positioned his cockhead to
Bill's asshole and tried slowly to work it in. Barely the head had
slipped past the muscle and Bill jumped in obvious pain! This was not
going to work.

Mike had been disappointed, but Bill resolved somehow to make it up to
him. Bill lay back on the carpet and Mike got into the `69' position
above him. Drew then gave Bill a wonderful show by sliding his seven-
incher into Mike's ass just above Bill's face!

What a fucking view!

Not surprisingly, Bill had come first. Mike jacked Bill off onto his own
belly, but Bill had other ideas. Just as Mike had begun to twitch, he'd
asked Drew to pull out. Coming with his ass full was just too painful
for the man with the massive cock. As it turned out, his balls didn't
need the extra stimulation.

Bill had let the head of that big dick pop out of his mouth and he was
jacking with his hand, pointing the fat member straight at his mouth.
Bill saw Drew watching and knew it was his turn to show off as a huge
stream of Mike's cum landed in its target. Another followed, and
another, and another, until at least five tablespoons had found Bill's
mouth; when Mike finally was spent, Drew took aim and Bill slapped
Mike's ass to get his attention. It was the other man's turn now to
watch as Bill's mouthful of cum got even bigger and hotter and creamier
with every jet from Drew's jerking meat.

Drew had leaned forward then and Bill took all seven inches down his
throat, swallowing all that hot cum at the same time. Mike couldn't
believe his eyes! Bill had awakened a wanton desire in Mike that the two
would share again; as it had turned out, `the couple' DID split up when
Mike had decided he wasn't so committed to Drew after all.

Chapter Seven

Bill continued kissing his way down the younger man's body, thankful
some of these newer video booths were bigger than they used to be. It
didn't seem so long ago that one's dick was ALL you could touch.

Actually, they weren't `video' booths at all when Bill first discovered
them as a pickup spot. Sometimes, the tiny boxes barely accommodated one
person and the movie was only visible when the door was shut. The 8-
millimeter film was `looped' to run indefinitely through its individual
projector; timed for, maybe, two minutes for a quarter. It also meant
you could watch only the one movie playing in that booth.

Of course, that was assuming one actually was watching! Most often, two
adjacent booths would be occupied and nothing would be visible from
outside; the sounds of slurping or a slight rocking the only evidence
betraying what was going on thanks to a hole between the booths.

The glory days of `glory holes', Bill liked to call them; he'd never
encountered anything more impersonal than sticking your dick through a
hole and hoping to all hell that the man on the other side was NOT the
owner of a set of jagged teeth, or a mean streak!

Some of the men he'd encountered were there only for the nameless,
faceless cock or mouth that was there to give or receive a moment's
pleasure. Occasionally, though, Bill would find someone who used the
booths only as an introduction and wanted to go somewhere else for more.
One such man was the proud possessor of the longest penis he ever would
see up close.

This man had sucked Bill only briefly before suggesting they take a
little drive. They talked for a few minutes while trying to find a dark,
secluded place to park. Bill had understood; finding a partner who'd
left someone at home hardly was uncommon.

What WAS uncommon was the first sight of that man's prick: eleven-and-
one-half-inches long! Holy shit, it's HUGE, Bill had thought. The old
joke sprang to mind how men come in three sizes: small, medium, and `Oh
my God, it's moving this way!' And yet, it was only slightly thicker
than Bill's and he'd wondered if his throat was up to the challenge.

In a `69' with his lover on top, Bill had tried gamely enough, but had
managed maybe nine inches, no more. It should go, he'd thought, if I can
get this far. His poor jaw was exhausted; his throat numb.

But Bill wasn't giving up.

Bill already had cum, thankfully lapped up by this young man with the
biggest cock by far Bill had experienced. He was a long-winded mother
fucker, too, and Bill was starting to think he wasn't going to shoot
until the impossible was accomplished. Somehow, Bill found his second
wind and doubled his efforts, craning his neck further up from the back
seat of this stranger's big car in a last gasp of sorts.

It had worked; ten inches made it down Bill's throat, then a little
more, and finally it bottomed out. YES! Bill said in silent triumph.
That oversized monster had slid out then back to the hilt only twice
more when its owner finally came into the recesses of Bill's throat.

He never got to taste a single drop of that explosion. More exhausted
than disappointed, though, Bill had overslept the next morning and
almost lost his job. He'd have to be more careful.

Only years later did Bill learn what careful REALLY meant.

Tracing a line down his new partner's hard abdomen, he arrived once more
at his target and it was ready. That beautiful rod was just soft enough
once again to swallow completely. Bill tried this time not to be too
stimulating, simply sliding his lips over the length of the long shaft
until the big cock disappeared completely into his mouth.

This time he kept the gentle sucking up for several minutes, the
recipient enjoying the wonderful sensation of sliding his plunger all
the way into Bill's silken throat while trying not to enjoy it too much.
The feeling was just too damned good to give up.

That's when Bill remembered why cum was something he'd have to give up.

Chapter Eight

He HAD given up the movie booths by then; preferring the somewhat more
personal setting of Hilo Bowl. He also was all too aware by then that
casual sex sometimes meant a death sentence.

Bill had tried to choose his partners a bit more carefully; he was drawn
especially to younger men who'd appeared just a bit nervous, as if it
were their first time. Although obsessed with cum, he was an intelligent
man; and, besides, sitting alone in a restroom stall waiting for the
next potential lover to come in often left plenty of time to think.

Men who did not swallow also were more likely to be healthy, and Bill
had taken advantage of that fact, too. Unfortunately, many such men were
worried that, had Bill caught something, they still could be infected by
blowing wad after wad of cum into HIS mouth. He would see several lovers
only once who he'd have enjoyed seeing again.

Sometimes Bill would swallow his cream prize, then pretend to spit it
into a wad of toilet paper, flushing it quickly down. Only one man ever
caught on. Bill never saw him again, either.

Drew and Mike still were around. The two had moved into separate
apartments by now, and out of the one they'd shared; it had taken Bill
several months, and a chance encounter with Drew at Hilo Bowl, to track
them both down again.

And yet, something about Drew had changed. His enthusiasm for lovemaking
seemed lost, and he no longer would swallow as Bill would swallow him.
Drew never stopped him, though, and Bill had been convinced that his
friend would say if something was amiss.

Mike was a different story. Now in his own apartment, the likeable young
man with the enormous cock had been as excited by Bill's talented tongue
as ever. Mike never did swallow, that hadn't changed; but he'd been able
to shoot as many as twelve times into Bill's open mouth while the older
man sat on his knees, head tilted back, lips far apart and tongue out to
catch every drop. Twelve times! Bill knew; he'd counted.

And he'd swallowed it all, that tasty cum he loved so much!

But there was another reason he remembered that night so well: it had
been the last load to find his grateful stomach.

Drew and Mike had called Bill over one afternoon only a few weeks later
to tell him the bad news: a very close friend and lover to both men had
just died of complications associated with Acquired Immunodeficiency

Bill's mind had raced with possibilities. He'd worked to choose his
words carefully and apologized to both men. "Have you two been... does
this change your lives... I mean, beyond losing him, of course?"

No, came the answer. "Is there anything... I should know?" No again. The
three had been spared a scourge.

It was, however, a lesson in mortality Bill never would forget.

Fifteen years later and back to the present, the still nameless man with
the eight-inch cock was jacking off now, ready to cum. "Do it in my
mouth," Bill said, somehow more sure of his words now than ever.

His partner shot him a worried look that Bill instantly recognized.
"Don't worry," he said. "I haven't swallowed for a long time."

With relief the man set the tip of his pulsing member onto Bill's tongue
and it began. No shooting this time; more a steady flow as a hot gob ran
down Bill's tongue, then another, and another. Still more and more of
the creamy liquid slid like lava toward Bill's throat until the man was
totally spent. Oh fuck, that's exciting as hell, he thought. Wiping off,
he fixed himself and turned toward the door of the booth, barely able to
walk out on wobbly legs.

Bill didn't mind that his partner didn't return the favor. He'd gotten
what he came for, doing then what he hadn't done for so long: he
swallowed that delicious load of hot, sticky cum! His own dick twitched
in silent approval.

Besides, his beautiful wife was sure to oblige when Bill needed some
relief of his own.

After, that is, she got to satisfy her own curiosity.

The End

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