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BIRTH video one favorite


The Birth of a Black Market Porn Star (best, ped, inc,
preg, fist, oral, bukkake, anal, lac, rough, extreme,
horse/F, M+F/F, cum-play/eating, Fg, gb, everything/g)

by Demon Bound

Warning: My stories are for adults of sound mind and
interested in sex stories. If you aren't, don't read
them. I'm not advocating or promoting anything and no
real people are represented. My stories may contain
sexual situations you will find offensive, I try to
include content information in the parenthesis after
the titles, check those codes before reading, they are
pretty self explanatory. You've been warned about the
content, so if you read my stories the consequences are
chosen and borne by you. With that in mind, please
take a walk on my Darkside and cum.

WARNING WARNING WARNING this one is more than extreme,
its impossible, gross and disgusting, even I am
disturbed by this one. This is your last warning! This
is a bad one.

Explanation: I wanted to see how far I could go...this
is about it

begin story
Thirteen years ago, on the day I was born, my mother
fucked a Clydesdale horse with a three foot long cock.
I know because I've seen the video of it. Of course
she didn't take in all three feet, but she took in a
hell of a lot. That horse fucked her right up to the
back of her womb, and she looked like she was still
pregnant with that giant cock in her belly.

I love watching mom in action, it always gets my pussy
wet, and this video is one of my favorite masturbation
aids. The video starts with her giving a bunch of
blowjobs, and taking all the loads of cum on her face,
tits and huge stomach even as she's having
contractions. She'd manage to find this real perv of a
doctor, and nurse who apparently doubled as a porno
star. The doctor came in, checked her dilation, then
drops his pants and fucks mom in the ass, while the
nurse kisses her and squirts milk from my Mom's breasts
onto her own naked tits. When the contractions started
getting close, they put mom in stirrups, and spread her
legs wide, and then the nurse goes down on her, licking
her clit and dilated cunt, while the doctor climbs up
on the gyno chair and fucks Mom's milk heavy tits until
he blows a load on her chest.

The video shows me being born, covered in water and
blood and cum from a dozen guys, and the nurse takes me
away for a while to clean me up and such. Then four
guys lift my mother out of the birthing gadget right
after she passes the placenta, and carry her only about
half conscious form over to another room where this
absolutely huge Clydesdale horse is already hard, lubed
up, and ready to go. A nude black woman, the horse
trainer according to Mom, was playing with his cock
and licking it, though it was far too big for her to
take any of it in her mouth. mom was carefully
positioned under the horse on a hay bale with a blanket
thrown over it. The black woman, apparently having a
lot of experience with such things, directed the men on
where to put her, and how to handle the horse. That
horse was either very well trained, or on horse
tranquilizers, because it never bucked or shied at any
time during the whole scene.

Mom started to revive just as the nude black woman
positioned the three foot long cock at her still
dilated cunt. The cock was at least as thick as a
newborn baby's head and would never have fit inside
her unless she had just given birth, which was the
whole point. The woman easily put her whole fist
inside my mother, just to show how dilated she was, and
with a big grin she starts licking my Mom's clit until
she cums, which, as usual, doesn't take long. Then she
fits the head of the giant cock at the gaping entrance
to my Mom's flapping vagina, and has the guys walk the
Clydesdale forward a step. Now normally a horse fucks
pretty hard, which is why I'm pretty sure this one was
drugged, but even drugged, this horse seemed to realize
it was in a pussy especially prepared just for him, and
a lazy slow thrust of his massive hips shoved at least
a foot of cock the diameter of man's leg right up into
Mom. mom is moaning and screaming, and looks like
she's in pain, and she says that it hurt every bit as
much to have that cock go in as when I came out. But
Mom is more than kinky, and it was also the best pain
she ever had, so she claims. And mom doesn't pull away
either, she starts fucking back at this monster horse
cock like the porn superstar she still is.

This part is great, and I always cum at least once
watching this. I usually use this fat dildo and
pretend its me fucking the Clydesdale, but this is only
a fantasy, at thirteen I'm still just too small to fuck
anything that large. My speed right now is ponies or
big dogs. Heck, some guys are just too big for my
little pussy too, let alone a Clydesdale, but that's
what a fantasy is all about. Maybe in a couple of

Anyway, mom fucks like crazy, moaning and groaning, and
she cums more than once, while the black woman makes
sure the horse doesn't get out of hand. I love the
close-up of the cock sliding into her stretched out
pussy, her juices flowing along its mottled black and
pink surface, and an absolutely incredible length going
in and out. Normally, a woman can't take more than the
length her vagina will stretch, which is pretty far,
but only about a maximum of say 8 inches. But Mom's
cervix was wide open from child birth, and so that huge
cock could slide right up into her womb, right to the
back of her uterus, adding another several inches,
besides at that time mom specialized in 'big' so she
could take a lot anyway. I think she took at least
half that three foot cock into her pussy.

Mom's one complaint about horses is that they fuck too
fast, and I sort of agree, it is only about 3 minutes
later that the big horse literally hoses out my mom's
stretched out womb. The black woman had thoughtfully
brought in a large clear beaker and now let the
overflow from Mom's cunt dribble into the container.
There is a *lot* of horse cum in there. The hay bale
is hauled out from under the horse and a big black guy
sits down on it and leans back. mom is placed on his
lap and his hard cock goes right up her ass, then as
Mom is sitting there getting fucked in the ass, still
dribbling horse cum from her gaping pussy, the nurse,
who has her tits out, brings me in and pulls me off her
nipple where I was trying to nurse and puts her on my
Mom's milk filled breast, and I finally get to nurse.
Then mom starts sucking off guys again, with the nurse
and the black horse trainer also sucking off guys, and
it all gets added to the clear container as they cum.
The guys manage between then to add a pretty good
amount of cum, but that horse had just produced a huge
load, and it was still mostly horse cum in the bucket
sized beaker.

The video ends, and I cum myself for about the fifth
time usually, when my smiling Mom, still nursing me at
her breast, has the container emptied over us both.
She opens her mouth as they pour and swallows quite a
bit, but cum literally flows in streams down her face
and tits and body, and I get my baptism in jism right
then. mom pulls me off her nipple, runs her finger
through the glop on her body and makes sure I get my
first taste of the cum of a dozen men and a horse right
there on camera.

I've had cum in my mouth every day of my life so far,
and mom has raised me to do every possible sexual act
on tape. I've been in hundreds of video, sold world
wide on the darkest of black markets. mom is always in
them with me, and together we've done every thing a
woman can do, but, cum swapping is our trade mark. I
lost my virginity at 6 to an 8 year old boy, and it was
taped. I have been sucking cock everyday, as far back
as I can remember, for me its like daily exercise.
When I was 8 mom gave me a collie, I named him Roger,
and have sucked his cock ever since. I've sucked cum
out of Mom's ass and spit it into her mouth and she's
eaten dog cum out of my pussy. I've had sex with men,
boys, women, girls, and all sorts of animals, and once,
Mom shoved a still beating cow's heart up my cunt,
which was disgusting but I still managed to cum. I've
been sucking off horses since I was nine. Last month I
did a video where I play a horny high school
cheerleader who has sex with her gym teacher, played by
my Mom, I suck off a nerdy looking kid who is supposed
to be doing my homework for me, I let four football
jocks fuck me, and there are some good close-ups of big
cocks in my hairless pussy, and my English teacher does
me up the butt, then I end up going to a farm and
fucking a small pony. I don't do the painful stuff, mom
handles that, but I love everything else. I was born
to it, you might say.



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