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BITB02 girls hustled him out the


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 2 * * * * *

Carolena stepped over to Randall and held out her hand.
He took it. She embraced him and pressed her lips to his.
After a moment she leaned away and said, "Relax." Then she
leaned in and tried again. Three minutes later she broke away
giggling and said to the other two, "He is definitely a fast

The three girls hustled him out of the den and down the
hall to the largest bedroom Randall had ever seen, the central
feature of which was the largest bed he had ever seen. It was
a huge four-poster with an acre of mattress encompassed by
the four posts.

They half led, half carried him onto the bed. Carolena
slowly and sensuously undressed him while Victoria and
Alexia left for a couple of minutes. By the time they got back,
Randall was naked and lying on his back, his clothes scattered
all around. Carolena was on all fours leaning over him from
the side, kissing him. They both seemed to be enjoying
themselves. Without disturbing them, Victoria and Alexia
opened bottles of scented oil and carefully entered the bed
from opposite directions.

Randall was in the middle of the most incredible situation,
the most incredible kiss. Carolena was fabulous. This really
foxy lady was leaning over him, her tongue played all around
his mouth, her hot breath on his face. She smelled of sweet
wine and roses. He could see her face with her hair streaming
down over them both. Her eyes were closed. He glanced
down and saw her breasts hanging, the nipples swaying and
bobbing as she kissed his forehead. He suddenly became
aware of four extra hands massaging oil into his body. The
smell of strawberries was everywhere. She kissed him deeply
on the mouth again.

This was great!

He closed his eyes. Alexia was between his legs,
massaging oil into one foot and then the other, then upward to
alternate calves, thighs and hips. Victoria, meanwhile, was on
the other side of his body from Carolena. She was massaging
oil into the hand on her side of his body and up the arm to the
shoulder, neck, chest and belly.

Randall's dick was pointing straight up.

Suddenly Carolena came up for air. She announced to the
others, this kids a natural, then she took the oil bottle from
Victoria and said, "You try him."

In addition to being more horny than he ever had before in
his life, Randall was flattered by Carolena's compliment. It
sounded sincere. Victoria bent over and they started to kiss.
He was trying to imitate some of the things the Carolena had
done to him. Carolena was repeating the process Victoria had
begun on his other side. Alexia finished the hips and began a
sensuous process of spiraling her massage in toward his now
throbbing cock. Alexia was the most experienced and
knowledgeable of the three. She wanted to be sure that young Mr. Locke didn't come too soon. The Master had said they
should show themselves a good time as well as the boy. They
would be sure to do that before letting him climax. She
figured he would probably be good for one orgasm only. So
she used her skills to keep him aroused, but not too aroused.

After awhile Victoria came up for air. "You're right," she
told Carolena giggling, "he is a good kisser." Carolena had
worked her way down to her side of Randall's belly and Alexia
had been busy working on his balls and cock for some time.
Randall felt as if he were building up to some kind of cosmic
explosion, but was somehow nowhere near it yet. He vaguely
wondered how it was possible to be that horny and not come.

"O.K., girls, flip him over," Alexia was directing. "Let's do
his back." And for the next fifteen minutes Randall basked in
the pleasure of the most amazing back and body rub he would
ever know. There would be other rubdowns by beautiful
women in his future, but this was the first. And as the six
hands worked over various parts of his anatomy, rubbing the
strawberry oil into his skin and body crevices, the girls plotted
their strategy in giggly whispers.

After a while, they flipped him over again and sat him up.
Carolena moved in behind and propped herself up into a semi-
sitting position with pillows against the head of the huge bed.
She spread her legs wide. Victoria and Alexia pulled the
sitting Randall backward a half foot and then pushed him into
Carolena's waiting arms. He was lying, face-up on Carolena,
his head resting between her breasts, his hands resting on her
thighs, his own legs spread wide against hers.

Victoria lay on her back with her head between Randall's
legs, her hair ticking his balls. She reached out and took one
foot in each hand and pulling them to her breasts, began to
play the soles of his feet over her nipples. As she did so,
Alexia lay on her belly between Victoria's legs and lowered her
face to the pulsating pussy below. Alexia was quite an expert
on cunnilingus and both Carolena and Victoria loved it
whenever the Master would permit her to practice her art on
them. Almost immediately Victoria's pale skin began turning
pinker and Randall could feel her nipples stiffen and actually
start radiating heat into the soles of his feet.

It was a real turn on to be resting between the breasts of
such a beautiful naked girl and watching two other girls involved in such an outrageously sexy act of love making.
Carolena was reaching around his body and massaging his ears
and neck and nipples. He didn't know it but with expert skill
she was insuring that he didn't come until after Victoria and

Alexia had gently sucked Victoria's entire upper pussy into
her mouth and was sorting through the folds with her tongue.
She brought her teeth together far enough to exert constant
pressure on the clit through the folds of skin. She varied that
pressure as she tongued the girl to bring on waves of pleasure.
Victoria's entire face had gone pink. She was moaning with
greater intensity with every passing moment. She was rubbing
her tits furiously with the bottoms of Randall's feet, her body
thrashing and pulsing up and down.

Then she suddenly stopped flailing as Alexia changed her
tempo. She held her breath and started to quiver. She was
acutely aware of the feel of the young man's feet on her tits,
his thighs against her ears, his balls playing against the top of
her head. She could feel his body heat and excitement in the
little tremors running through his muscles.

Randall looked down between his knees and saw Victoria's
face taken on an even deeper shade of pink. Her mouth
opened wide and wider as if in a silent scream. Her hands
were gripping his ankles with a terrible intensity. There was
a trembling in her belly and he could see the top of Alexia's
head bobbing savagely around her crotch. Carolena's fingers
were rubbing his own nipples with a constant delicate motion.
He could feel her knees drawn up against his sides, her wet
pussy pressed into the middle of his back. His own dick was
twitching. He was aching to come, but something seemed to
be holding him back.

In an instant Victoria screamed in pleasure and release.
Her chest heaving deeply as Alexia brought her to a mighty
climax and then brought her back down gently. She was
licking in slow circles around Victoria's clit. She felt the
throbbing of that little bud against her tongue and the leg
tremors against the side of her face.

Victoria released Randall's feet and lay quivering for
several moments. Then she sat up and as she did so reached
down and took Alexia's head in her hands. She pulled the
woman's face up and give her a really great kiss. It lasted for
almost a minute. Carolena had reached around with her legs
and was massaging Randall's cock with the soles of her feet.
She was rolling it around, bringing him to the verge of orgasm
and then backing him off again and again as they both watched
the other two girls in love's embrace.

Victoria finally sat back smiling. Alexia was on her elbows
smiling back. "Your turn," Victoria said.

Victoria wasn't the expert with her tongue that Alexia was.
But she had another trick, owing to her great height, that both
Carolena and Alexia loved. She retreated to a vanity and
removed a large strap on dildo. Buckling it on she returned to
the bed where Alexia had already positioned herself by lying
face up on one side of Carolena and Randall. Carolena and
backed toward the other side of the bed and pulled Randall
with her to give Victoria more room.

Victoria climbed into the bed from the bottom, coming up
between Alexia's legs. First she spent several minutes sucking on Alexia's toes, working each toe separately and letting her
tongue run between the sensitive digits. Then she kissed her
way up Alexia's legs, spending a long time licking her pussy lips to be sure they were adequately wet and lubricated. She
sat up and took a bottle of the strawberry oil off the side
dresser and pouring a generous portion into her hands
simultaneously worked one hand all around the dildo and the
other in and around Alexia's cunt. She took some extra oil
and, letting it run along two of her fingers, gently inserted
them into her love canal until that passage was soaked in the
fragrant lubricant. She gave the clit a few more moments of
careful attention, bringing Alexia to a fine pitch of sexual
expectation. Then worming her way up, she kissed her belly,
breasts, throat and mouth. By this time the head of the dildo
was hovering right between Alexia's legs.

Reaching down Victoria positioned the head of the dildo
into the slit itself. After it was in, she reached back up and
embraced Alexia around the neck and pressed their breasts together. Then she opened her mouth and laid it across
Alexia's mouth, letting their tongues intertwine and began
working the dildo in and out in a steady rhythmic motion.

She moved very slowly at first. A long slow kiss, a slow
grinding of tit into tit, nipple against nipple, a slow short
movement of the large head of the dildo against the outermost
ring of Alexia's cunt.

Soon her motion had increased, the kiss was more active,
Victoria's nostrils flaring as she breathed heavily, their breasts were mashing against each other with a steady rhythm, the
dildo was penetrating deeper with longer and more rapid
strokes. Now the top edge of the dildo was scraping up
against Alexia's love bud and the smaller woman was
squirming in earnest in the embrace of the much taller girl.

After a short while, the action became frenetic, Victoria
was thrusting away with full force, her pubic mound slamming
into Alexia's with each thrust. The smaller women felt her clit
being driven toward a terrific orgasm. Their breasts were still
pulsing together but their mouths had parted. Victoria's head
was resting face down on the pillow next to Alexia's. Both
their breaths coming in labored ragged gasps.

Alexia's face had been growing more and more beautiful as
she approached orgasm. There was an almost animalistic
grace to the sexual agony which was overtaking her.

At least that is how it looked to Randall who had been
lying on his side taking all this in. Carolena was behind him,
still keeping him aroused, still keeping him in check. She had
taken one oil covered hand and slid it between the crack in his
ass, insinuating her thumb up his anus. Moving the thumb in
and out she had taken her fingers and was playing with his
balls. Randall's rod felt like a bar of iron.

Watching the two lovers before him, he reached out a
tentative hand and stroked Victoria down her neck, across her
shoulders, down the small of her back and across her ass. Her
skin seemed to ripple and he could her changes in the rhythm
of her breathing in response to his touch. He brought his hand
up along the outside of Alexia's thigh, her hip, her side, her
breast. He reached an insinuating hand between the two
pounding breasts and felt both nipples between his fingers.
Pressing his fingers together, he squeezed the nipples and was
delighted to hear both women moan in response. He looked
at Alexia's face and she suddenly didn't seem old. She just
seemed unbelievably sexy. She opened her eyes and looked at
him with a dusky lust. He felt with full force that mysterious
something that men found so alluring about Alexia's face.
Leaning over he parted his lips and pressed his mouth against
hers. He was still holding both women's nipples.

Victoria accelerated her thrusts in response to his intrusion.
The assault on Alexia's clit was quickly driving her to a
marvelous climax. And somehow, Randall sensing the right
moment, suddenly bit down gently on Alexia's lower lip and
squeezed his fingers together hard. Alexia was driven into fits
of moaning and quaking and at the sound of her orgasm and
the feel of Randall's fingers, Victoria, who had already driven
herself to the verge of her sexual limits came a second time.

Fabulous, thought Carolena as her two fellow slaves came
almost simultaneously. This kid is going to make a terrific

As Victoria gently withdrew the dildo from Alexia and
rolled off, Carolena whispered in Randall's ear, "Now it's our
turn, lover." His hand was still gently kneading Alexia's
breast. It fell away as Carolena turned him on his back. She
straddled him, slowly lowering herself on to his rock hard
shaft. He might have come at that instant if she wasn't resting
her hands on his breasts, pinching his nipples just so. Carolena
started rocking herself up and down and back and forth in a
kind of oval motion designed to maximize the stimulation of
her clit. She was dividing her attention between Randall's
nipples and her own pleasure. Alexia seeing this, rolled up
against Randall and taking his earlobe between her teeth
exerted gentle pressure. Then she reached over across his
chest and took over for one of Carolena's hands. That was

Carolena straightened up a little and sped up her rocking
motion. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted.

Victoria came up behind Carolena. She had removed the
dildo. She was on her knees and moved in over Randall's legs
so that he found himself with two girls astride him. Carolena
was over his loins, her now hot wet cunt working itself like a
rolling piston along his throbbing rod. Victoria was over his
thighs behind Carolena. She was loosely embracing the
bobbing girl, her arms threading her torso and fondling both
of her nipples. The feeling of Victoria's rubbing fingers, her
hot breath on the back of her neck, the warm moist cunt hair
rubbing up against the top of her ass, all was adding to
Carolena's pleasure and propelling her toward a greater

Randall was watching Carolena's face and body. He saw
her working her lips, breathing through nose and clenched
teeth. He loved the look of her tits as they bounced, the feel
of Victoria's fingers on his chest.

Carolena was bouncing much faster and harder now and he
could see her face starting to cloud and darken at the
approaching release. He was hotter than he had ever imagined
when all of a sudden he got hotter still. It was like some kind
of monstrous wave crashing over him, lifting and carrying him

Alexia, still working on Randall's ear and nipple, sensing
that Carolena was approaching her climax, started setting
Randall up for his. She released his earlobe and brought her
mouth down to the other nipple working her tongue expertly.
Her hot breath and tongue sent chills and waves of sexual heat
radiating out along Randall's body. She used one hand to
keep working his nipple and the other was now playing with
his ear. Alexia had pressed one breast against Carolena's leg
so she could feel her tremors and body heat. She would go
any time now. Victoria felt Carolena's climax coming as well.
She sped up her finger movements to give her fellow slave a
greater thrill. Randall whose own feelings were driving him
into a sexual frenzy was staring wide-eyed at Carolena's face
and was virtually frozen. Carolena was moving furiously now
and breathing in great gasps.

Suddenly she held her breath and froze, mashing her pelvis
against Randall's. Victoria palmed both breasts and squeezed,
pressing her own breasts tightly into Carolena's back. Alexia
released Randall's nipple with her fingers and nipped him
lightly on the other nipple with her teeth. He sighed like a
large balloon that had just been slashed. They came almost as

Carolena was panting raggedly, her pussy pulsating wildly
against Randall's dick. Randall felt his own orgasm as a
mighty convulsion followed by huge wracking pulses. He
reached up brushing Alexia's chin with one arm, placed his
hands on Carolena's hips, and squeezed. He pressed her down
into himself. It was an almost unthinking reaction, but it set
off a second wave of contractions in Carolena. She opened
her mouth and eyes very wide and stared at him as the second
orgasm overtook her. 'How did he know to do that?' The
tableau held of a number of long moments.

Then with a slow release, Victoria removed her hands from
Carolena's body and backed away. Alexia had already rolled
back when Randall's arm had brushed her. Carolena lowered
herself forward until her head was resting on his shoulder, her
breasts pressing into his chest, her one arm above her on the
bed, her other along her side, her hand brushing Randall's hip.
After a moment she let her legs stretch out behind her until her
feet were almost touching his. He was still plugged into
her and she was clenching and unclenching her vaginal
muscles, sending pleasant pulsing waves along his dick. He
took his hands off of her hips and slid them up until he was
embracing her.

He squeezed.

She sighed.

For a full minute no one moved.

Then, just as everyone's breathing was returning to normal,
Randall fooled them all and said, "Anyone for seconds?"

Victoria and Alexia looked at him in amazement. Carolena
started giggling into his neck. None of them got to sleep until
very late, indeed, that night.

* * * * *

For the next several years, that's how things went. Randall
became a regular guest at Master Eugene's estate. He dined
with the Master and played sex games with his girls. From the
girls, especially Alexia, he learned sexual technique. By the
time he entered Briar Oaks he was quite an accomplished
cocksman and knew a thousand times more about pleasing
women than the average stud would ever learn.

From Master Eugene he learned a fair amount about the
Mart and the white slave business. He learned a tremendous
amount about training slaves. He had asked, early on, how it
was possible that girls who have been abducted against their
will could become such willing servants and sex partners. The
Master had smiled and over the course of the next several
years explained in great detail the tricks of his trade. He once
said, "It involves pleasure, and pain, and reward, and
punishment. It involves a studied ability to pay close attention
to a girl's reactions, her expressions, her body language, her
tones of voice, and attitude. It involves the patience to wait
until the girl has fully reached one psychological state before
moving her on to the next. It involves an intimate knowledge
of the female psychology of sex and fear and love and loyalty."
Randall, looking at what the Master had taught him from a
computer programmer's perspective came to the conclusion
that it was something like a complex algorithm. Computer
algorithms he understood. And about the time he was
finishing his sophomore year at Briar Oaks he wondered if it
were really necessary to abduct a girl before you could
dominate and train her.

It occurred to him that abducting a girl allowed you
complete control of her environment. The process would be
much quicker and involve fewer intervening variables. But
even without a controlled environment it should be possible to
produce the same effect if one were patient enough and
modified the Master's techniques appropriately.

Randall was careful to get Master Eugene's permission
first. Then, over the summer he conducted a computer
survey of all of the girls at Briar Oaks and selected a likely
target. Laura Steward.

Laura was a knockout. Randall had never paid much
attention to her before, but he had a half memory that she was
quite attractive. The computer records said she was five foot
nine and had blond hair. He did some more digging and by the
end of the summer had a thick file on her.

The next fall, his Junior year, he checked Laura out
carefully and she looked even better than he remembered. She
had a beautiful face with long hair, large well-shaped breasts,
and a really slim waist. She reminded him more than a little of
Victoria. Not as tall, not as thin. She looked much more
athletic. She had a better build really, at least as far as Randall
was concerned.

She also had certain irregularities associated with her
application and acceptance to Briar Oaks which might get her
expelled if they came to light. He played his cards slowly and

He established contact. Developed a casual friendship.
Told her one day that he was poking around in the school
computer system and saw a file with the application problem
which might get her kicked out of school. He was rewarded
to see her cringe at his words. He offered to use his computer
skills to fix the problem. He needed more information. She
told him everything. She told him of her plans to become a
high school gym teacher and how much graduating from Briar
Oaks meant to her. He tape recorded her confessions without
her knowledge and got her to solicit his help in destroying
certain computer records and changing others.

Then he didn't do anything. After all, no one knew about
her problem except him and no computer file such as he had
described really existed. But he told her he had taken care of
it and then began a carefully crafted process of blackmail
which didn't seem at all like blackmail at first. Just her
returning his favor by doing some favors for him. Some of the
favors were innocent, others were marginally illegal or
unethical. He always arranged to get hard evidence of her
guilty acts without her knowledge. It wasn't difficult.

By mid semester he had enough power over her to get
Laura involved in what was supposed to be a minor prank but
which she was quickly led to believe was a major felony.
Actually it was a set up job which Master Eugene and his girls helped arrange. She was leaked some information which
suggested the seriousness of the prank and that he had
evidence which would convict her but not him. She got really
scared and almost went to the authorities. Master Eugene had
predicted she would confront him first and she did. He was
ready for her and convinced her that he had no intention of
ruining her life. He also convinced her that he was really
attracted to her and that she could pay him off quite easily
without seriously compromising her virtue. She left a little
reassured and quite concerned, but more under his control than
ever before.

Within a few weeks he had Laura posing for cheesecake
photographs. They were embarrassing but not terribly
graphic. Using those and his other holds, he got her to pose
for more pornographic shots. She felt she was on a terrible
downward slide, but had no idea how to get off. All she could
think of was to look into the possibility of transferring to
another school.

* * * * * End of Part 2 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

* * * * *


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