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BITB03 camera set take more


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 3 * * * * *

When he entered Briar Oaks, Randall had moved out
of his aunt's house. He had complained that he couldn't study
because of all the noise and abuse at home and threatened to
make all kinds of trouble if she didn't sign the necessary

Truth be known, she was happy to be rid him. There had
been more and more trouble between Randall and her
boyfriend, and she was tired of it. The boyfriend who was
particularly unpleasant and malignant had caught wind that
Randall was getting a lot of money from somewhere and he
wanted a share. It wasn't that Randall was spending his
money wildly. Master Eugene had warned him against that.
He was just accumulating a bunch of expensive computer
paraphernalia and the boyfriend had put two and two together.
He had already stolen and pawned some of his equipment
a couple of times. When Randall complained, the boyfriend,
whom he privately called 'the jerk,' had knocked him around
and told him, "Cough up and shut up."

Randall hadn't wanted to bother Master Eugene with his
family problems, but he finally went to him for advice. The
Master arranged to have both of the jerk's legs broken. For
a long time after that, Randall had no problem with him.

By this time, Randall had squirreled enough money away
from his Mart computer work that expenses were not a
problem. And there was always Master Eugene who would
have stepped in if he needed financial help. The Master had
became his de facto guardian and helped arrange his move into
a nice little apartment just off the Briar Oaks campus.

Laura was heading for Randall's apartment one Saturday in
response to his direct order to be there. As she walked she
thought about her future. She really loved kids and had cut
corners to get accepted to Briar Oaks. She wanted the inside
track on future teaching positions which a degree from Briar
Oaks would give her. There was a strong alumni network for
teachers who had all come out of this program. Her
relationship with Randall Lock was threatening all that. He
already had enough evidence on her that he could probably get
her banned from working with children forever if he wanted
to. He could certainly get her thrown out of school and could
probably get her tossed in jail. She felt like crying with rage
and frustration.

When Laura arrived she was not surprised to find his
camera set up to take more photographs. She was surprised
to find a very attractive girl with light brown hair standing
naked in the living room. She was a few inches shorter than
Laura and very pretty. She looked to be in her late twenties.
This is Carolena," he told her. "She's going to help us take
some art shots." Laura would have walked out then and there
if she hadn't felt so trapped.

A heavy couch had been moved into the center of the room
and everything else cleared away. Randall started snapping
pictures as soon as Laura walked through the door. He had
a computer camera which recorded the images magnetically so
he never had to stop to change film. Carolena walked up and
Laura could see she was carrying a leather collar. She reached
out to strap it around Laura's neck. Carolena was barefoot.
Laura was a few inches taller and still wearing her street
shoes. Carolena had to reach up to put the collar on. Laura
flinched backward as the first touch and looked over at
Randall. He just raised his eyebrows and nodded his head
toward Carolena. 'Cooperate,' he was saying non verbally.
Laura sighed and held still. Carolena finished attaching the
collar. She picked up a leash, clipped it on, and led Laura to
the couch.

Laura followed the beautiful older woman. She didn't want
her tugging on the leash. Once at the couch, Carolena
dropped the leash. She reached up and started to unbutton
Laura's shirt. Laura again shot a look at Randall who clicked
a picture in response. Laura reached up to take over the
unbuttoning process. If her clothes had to come off, she
would do it herself. Carolena slapped her hands away. Laura
dropped her hands to her sides and looked miserable.

As Carolena undid the shirt she would stop after each
button and hold open the shirt for Randall to snap a picture.
Once the blouse was completely unbuttoned, Carolena walked
around behind Laura and yanked it wide open and down.
Then she pulled it off completely. She undid the bra and
pushed it forward off the younger girl's shoulders. As the
cups fell away from her breasts, Laura reached up instinctively
to cover them. Carolena grabbed her elbows and pulled them
back, straightening her arms until her hands were almost
touching. Laura's breasts were large and pear shaped. Her
nipples were medium sized, very pink and rounded like little
domes. Her breasts were jutting out toward Randall and his
camera. Snap, snap, snap. Laura closed her eyes.

Laura felt Carolena slide her hands down until she was
grabbing both of her wrists. She let go with one hand and a
couple of seconds later Laura felt her wrists being fastened
together behind her back. Her eyes shot open. Carolena
walked around and faced her. She had something else in her
hand. It looked like a rubber ball with straps. She placed one
of the straps between her own teeth. Then she grabbed Laura
by the back of her neck and reaching out with the other hand,
tweaked her nipple. Laura yelped in surprise and pain. And
as she did so, Carolena's hand came up like lightening,
grabbed the rubber ball and shoved it into her mouth. She
tried to protest, but Carolena pushed her back onto the couch
and followed until she was sitting on the seated girl's lap. Her
hands had never left Laura's neck and mouth. Within
moments she had fixed the straps in place.

Carolena rolled to the side and played with Laura's nipples
for the camera. She was doing something which made Laura
incredibly horny. Whoever this girl was, she certainly knew
exactly which buttons to push.

While still toying with Laura's nipples with one hand,
Carolena pulled the leash up and tossed it over the back of the
couch with the other. She swung the collar around so that the
leash trailed from the back of Laura's neck. She pulled it tight
over the top of the couch and connected it to some hidden hook. Laura felt herself linked by the neck to the couch.
When she had fallen backwards she had pulled her arms up so
that she wouldn't sit on her hands. Carolena tied a cord
around one elbow and pulled it all the way around the back of
the sofa. She brought the cord around and tied it to her other
elbow. Laura was now anchored in that position, but good.

Carolena removed Laura's shoes, sox, and pants. There
wasn't much Laura could have done to prevent her. Carolena
positioned herself between Laura's legs and started tweaking
her nipples until Laura was once again in the throws of sexual
passion. She felt Carolena's other hand beginning to rub her
pussy through the panties. She wanted to cry out or object,
but the gag, the ropes, and her own sexual heat made that
impossible. Her crotch was soon steaming, the panty front
drenched with her secretions. She found herself twitching
involuntarily in time with Carolena's motions. Laura had
never had a lesbian encounter before. And she hadn't been
attracted to the woman who was now arousing her so
effectively. But she was aroused now and found that she was
definitely attracted.

Carolena stopped her molestations and leaning back,
brought Laura's knees together and slid her panties off. Laura
didn't even try to stop her.

She reached in and, grabbing Laura's hips, pulled her ass to
the front edge of the couch. Reaching under the couch, she
found the ends of two cords which had been attached to the
rear legs of the heavy furniture. Pulling one of Laura's feet to
the side and back she tied a cord around her ankle. Then she
did the same with the other ankle so that her legs were spread
wide for the camera. Laura's feet were also tied a little way
under the couch so that she had to keep her bottom on the
very edge of the seat to avoid painful muscle cramps. Laura
had never before felt so vulnerable, so exposed.

Carolena spent a few minutes in a leisurely exploration of
Laura's body. She poked and prodded, rubbed and twisted,
spread and pulled. This seemed to be mostly for the benefit of
the camera. Laura endured it with tears streaming down her
cheeks. During this examination, Carolena seemed to become
enthralled with the smell of Laura's pussy. "This is really
wild," she called over to Randall. "I don't think I've ever
smelled one like this before."

"That good, is it?" he asked.

"No," she replied. "That is, it's good. I like it. It's not
super or anything, but it's nice." She paused for a moment
sniffing her own fingers. "It's just different from anything I've
ever smelled." She held up her hand for Randall's inspection.
"Here, what do you think?"

He came over and sniffed at her hand, and then licked two
of the fingers. They smiled at each other. "I see what you

Laura had never been so humiliated in her life.

Randall leaned over and whispered something in Carolena's
ear. He motioned with the camera. She nodded. Then he
leaned over and put his mouth against Laura's ear. She could
feel his leg rub against her exposed twat. "Now you be a
good girl and cooperate with Carolena," he whispered.
"You're really quite beautiful and I want to get some good

Laura started to scream into the gag, but all Randall did
was to back away and snap more pictures.

Carolena moved between her legs and reaching up
massaged both breasts and nipples until Laura was in a sexual
fog. She reached a hand down and inserted her middle and
ring fingers into Laura's cunt. She wrapped her thumb and
forefinger around her clit and placed her pinky against her
anus. Then she began to stimulate the whole area with a
gentle set of motions which moved in a wave like pattern up
and down. It was a technique which required lots of manual
dexterity and practice. Laura's eyes opened wide and she
grunted into the gag. Within minutes her eyes were closed
again and her nostrils were flaring with her heavy breathing.

Carolena's other hand, which had been working a nipple
reached up and pulled a release on the side of the gag. The
straps seemed to all come loose at once. Her other hand never
ceased its cadence. She pulled the ball out of Laura's mouth.
It came out with an audible pop. Laura's breath was harsh and
heavy. Carolena continued the hand motions which were now
a little faster and stronger. She leaned forward and sucked one of Laura's nipples into her mouth. Laura moaned.

Randall was working steadily with the camera. He had
asked Carolena to get Laura hot and remove the gag so he
could get some clear shots of her face in heat.

The assaulting hand was increasing its tempo. The
assaulting lips and tongue were counterpointing the hand
action with a steady assault on Laura's tit. Laura was heaving
and grunting as she approached her first serious climax. She'd
been playing with herself for years, but had never achieved
more than a pale imitation of an orgasm. Suddenly she felt
completely lost in her sexual responses. Her arms were locked
behind her back, hands clenching and unclenching. Sweat was
dotting her forehead and trickling down her sides.

Laura could feel the muscles in her groin tightening up.
Her clit felt like it was alive with electricity. Carolena
carefully brought her to the very edge of a climax and then
eased her over so that the orgasm lasted for several minutes.
Laura throbbed and twitched on the edge of the sofa, her toes
curling and uncurling, her legs vibrating, her hands in balled
fists behind her back, the tendons in her neck standing out, her
head back on the couch, mouth wide open and grunting at the
ceiling. Carolena had removed her hand from Laura's twat.
It was getting tired. She had replaced it with her lips and
tongue. She had gotten down on the floor between Laura's
legs as soon as the orgasm had begun and was tickling the
soles of Laura's feet and artfully flicking at her clit to prolong
the orgasm as much as possible. Randall was getting some
fantastic pictures.

Then it was over. The orgasm had faded out. Carolena
had gotten up and disappeared into the bathroom. Randall
had taken his camera and disappeared into his computer room.
Laura was left sobbing in her bondage.

Ten minutes later Carolena emerged fully clothed, came up
behind Laura and bent down to kiss her. Laura turned her
face away. Carolena laughed and kissed her on the cheek.
Then she said, "So long, sweetie," and walked out of the
apartment. Two minutes later Randall reappeared. He pulled
a chair over between Laura's legs, looking at her unashamedly
while her skin turned scarlet under his gaze. He reached down
and undid the ankle cords. He removed the collar and she sat
up, angling her back toward him as best she could both to
avoid his eyes and to allow him to unbind her arms.

He took her wrists in his hands, but before he undid the
rope which Carolena had used to bind her, he said, "Come
back the same time next Saturday and I should have
something to show you by then."

What the hell did he mean by that?

* * * * *

Next Saturday Laura was back at Randall's apartment. She
expected to find Carolena and was determined not to let
herself be abused again. Randall could go ahead and get her
expelled from school. He could turn her over to the police if
he wanted. She would do the best she could to take him with
her. She had really worked herself into a really defensive state
of mind by the time she arrived. She was ready for a
confrontation. She was ready to rebel. She wasn't ready for
what she found.

No Carolena. No Randall. Nothing. Just a large manila
envelope taped to his door with her name on it. She plucked
it down. It felt like there was a magazine inside. There was.
Randall had used the photographs he had taken over the past
month and produced a pornographic picture book. Laura
slammed the magazine closed, stuffed it back into the
envelope, and biting her lower lip knocked on his door. No
answer. She knocked louder. Still no answer. She tried the
knob. It was locked.

Taking the parcel, which felt like it was going to burn her
fingers, she left.

Back in her dorm she spent the rest of the day not opening
the envelope. She tried to sleep without success. Finally she got
up in the middle of the night, carefully checked to be sure her
door was locked, and removed the magazine. It wasn't a real
magazine, just a bunch of pages stapled and then taped
together. The quality of the printing was outstanding.
Randall had downloaded the pictures into his computer and
used a publishing program to edit them. He had sent the
output to a high quality color printer.

Laura forced herself to read through the entire manuscript.
Randall had selected pictures to create a picture story about a
rich young nymphomaniac who hires a hooker to dominate
and physically abuse her. In looking at the pictures there was
no way to tell she hadn't been a willing volunteer in the
project. She looked like some cheap tart who had gotten paid
to make this disgusting piece of trash. The early cheesecake
shots, and some of the solo porn shots made her look like she
was enjoying herself.

She suddenly went cold. What was Randall going to do
with this. He could obviously print up as many copies as he
wished. As if in answer to her question she noticed a little
note between the final pages. "What do you think?" it asked.
"I'll bet an adult book publisher would buy it. We could
distribute free copies to all your friends and family. Ha-Ha.
Just kidding, I'm sure you'd never do anything to make that
happen." The note was typed. If she took this to the police,
she couldn't even prove she hadn't typed it herself.

So she tore the incriminating evidence into little pieces and
carefully burned it one piece at a time. As it disappeared she
thought about how she could never become a teacher if this
ever became public. She realized Randall was right. She
wouldn't do anything to make that happen.

The accumulated hold he had on her was too much. She
would do whatever he demanded of her until she could
transfer to another school. All she could hope for in the mean
time was that he would get tired of the game and let her go.

* * * * *

On the day following the end of the fall semester, Randall
was sitting in his apartment looking over a number of
computer records of other girls at Briar Oaks. His entrapment
of Laura had proven far easier than he had expected. It was
early morning and he was sitting in a large overstuffed chair,
a congratulatory gift from Master Eugene. He was wearing
only an embroidered smoking jacket, also purchased by the
Master, but actually a present from Carolena. As he read his
files, he was slouched way down in the chair, his ass nearly
hanging off, his feet spread wide apart on the floor. His
smoking jacket was open. And between his legs, sucking his
dick was Laura, herself naked and practicing a fellatio
technique which Alexia had taught her the night before. She
had pulled the skin on his erect member tight and was slowly
sliding her lips up and down along its entire length. As she did
so she would gradually twist her head first one way and then
the other. It created a corkscrew effect which Randall found
exceptionally pleasant. Each time she got to the base of his
cock the tip was far enough into her mouth that it tickled the
back of her throat and threatened to set off her gag reflex.
Alexia had taught her how to overcome that as well. And all
the while she was stimulating the head and shaft of his prick
with her tongue.

Laura was weeping and tears were trickling down her face
and landing on her pretty breasts. He had never done this with
a man before. She had been saving herself for marriage. And
she was certain that before the day was out, she would no
longer be a virgin. She was right.

But Randall's studied indifference as he read his files and
Laura sucked him off was part of the training. It was another
way of emphasizing his total mastery over her. Later, after a
wonderful gourmet lunch, prepared by Alexia and left by
Victoria, he would take her into the shower where he would
sensually massage her body and work her into a sexual storm.
Then he would gently dry her off and lead her to his bed. And
there he would deflower her in an afternoon of the most
moving, the most romantic, the most passionate love making
she would ever remember. Not a bad way for a girl to lose
her virtue, if it weren't for the other circumstances.

The next morning, Laura awoke having experienced five of
the most terrific orgasms of her young life. 'Wow,' she
thought, and had terribly mixed feelings about her subservience
to Randall Locke. She had showered and was getting dressed
so that she could hurry back to her dorm to pack for the
Christmas break. Randall was waiting for her in the living

"By the way," he said as she was walking toward the
door." Laura froze. "You know those applications you put in
for transfer to other High Schools?"

She thought, 'How the hell did he know about those?' She
said, "Yes?"

"One will be rejected, two will let you in but only next fall,
and one is willing to let you start spring term in five weeks.
You ought to be getting the acceptance letters at your home
address over the Christmas break." He paused.

She waited. There was more. There had to be more.

"Tell them no thanks." And with that he turned and
walked into his computer room closing the door behind him.

Laura left with her emotions in a turmoil. She hated being
so servile. She hated being so trapped. She had no idea how
she felt about the night before. She wasn't sure what she was
going to do about her fear or her situation. All she knew for
sure was that she would be back at Briar Oaks in the spring.

* * * * * End of Part 3 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

* * * * *


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