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BITB04 thick but was very dark


by Zebulon

This is a work of fiction. No reference to real persons is
intended. It contains strong, non-traditional sexual imagery
and language. If you don't like this kind of thing, don't read it.

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

Feedback is welcome.

(MF, FF, Bond)

* * * * * Start of Part 4 * * * * *

Randall's next conquest was Kim Ann Soong. Kimberly
Annabelle Soong was half American, half Chinese. Her
mother was a beautiful southern belle who had met a charming
and wealthy Hong Kong businessman and married him. They
had sent their equally beautiful daughter back to the states for
an education. Kim Ann was five foot three and slim. Her
breasts were not large, but as Randall would later find out,
tremendously sensitive. She was curvy but not voluptuous.
She had raven black hair and a dark complexion. Her face
resembled her mother more than her father. Large brown
eyes, a small well-shaped nose, a generous constantly smiling
mouth with pearly white teeth. She had a high musical voice
and if there is such a thing as a deep southern chinese accent,
she had it. Kim Ann was quite bright and a little shy.
Although people who got to know her found her to be
gracious and remarkably upbeat.

Where Laura's prime motivation had been her love of
children and teaching, Kim Ann was motivated by a love of
family and sense of duty. Her mother expected her to behave
like a debutante; her father had wanted a son to go into
business with. Kim Ann, tried to be both--she was planning to
double major in Business Administration and Art History
when she got to college. Her highest ambition in life was to
make her parents proud.

Randall picked Kim Ann both because she was the prettiest
girl at the school and because he felt the combination of her
personality and her situation made her an ideal target. The
problem was, he didn't have anything on her. He spent a long
time digging through various computer files trying to put
together something he could use as leverage, but came up
empty. He was ready to give up and move on to the next girl on his list when he thought he'd try one more angle. He did
some digging on her parents. Bingo!

There were a few items on the mother which showed some
potential, but the father was a gold mine. Chang Lee Soong
owned a legitimate import-export operation, but his real
money was being made by smuggling computer technology
into Communist China. It was a really neat operation and
Randall enjoyed himself for almost a week over the Christmas
break by tracking it down through its computer trail. When he
got through he had enough hard evidence to have Mr. Soong
shut down and put away for centuries, maybe even shot. Now
there was an idea! He discussed the situation with Master
Eugene who suggested a number of interesting possibilities.

Briar Oaks wasn't a huge school. Chances were good that
Laura and Kim already knew each other. Randall fired up his
computer. School records showed that Laura was going to be
in two classes with Kim Ann in the spring. Excellent. He did
some more checking. They already had completed five classes
in common. Outstanding. When the spring term opened,
Randall instructed Laura to get as friendly as she could with
Kim Ann without making it obvious.

Laura had an unhappy premonition of what was coming
but did as she was told. After a couple of weeks, he had
Laura leak a story to Kim Ann. She mentioned a mysterious
stranger in a business suit who stopped her in the city, flashed
a badge, asked her some questions about Kim Ann and her
father, and then told her to keep her mouth shut under penalty
of law. But, of course, she liked Kim Ann so well she just had
to tell. Kim Ann either knew or suspected enough about her
father's business that this story gave her the willies. Laura
sensed this but had no idea why. But Randall had told her
Kim Ann would react that way.

Laura sighed and went on. There was this guy she knew.
A real computer jock. He might be able to break into some
systems and figure out what was going on. Did Kim Ann
want Laura to ask him to? She sure did.

Later that day both girls were in Randall's computer room
as he pulled up files on his screen. There was a report by an
I.R.S. agent about some suspicious goings on going on
between a certain computer company and a Hong Kong
import firm. There was an internal memo from C.I.A.
headquarters in Virginia mentioning computer technology
smuggling operations and suggesting the most prudent course
of action would be to arrange fatal accidents for those
identified as the having set them up. There was a report by a
C.I.A. field agent in Hong Kong reporting certain damning
information and fingering Kim Ann's father. There was even
a report by the field agent who had been checking out Kim
Ann. Then there was a bunch of memos which said that the
C.I.A. analyst who would be looking at all this had been on
assignment in Japan for several weeks but would be returning
tomorrow. As soon as Randall finished reviewing the files, he
turned to a white and trembling Kim Ann and said, "They're
going to kill your father, you know?"

She knew.

She asked to borrow Randall's phone to make a collect call
to Hong Kong. There wasn't a second to loose.

Randall stopped her. "Whatever you do, don't call or even
write. According to these files, they've got your father's
phones tapped and they're monitoring his mail." Kim Ann
looked trapped.

"There's something else we can do." Randall explained
how he could doctor the computer records to cover her
father's trail and put the C.I.A. on the wrong scent. He just
had to get to the records before the analyst looked at them.
Kim Ann jumped at that.

Laura could see it coming clearly now but said nothing.

There was only one thing. Randall didn't want to use his
own computer. Just in case the trail was ever traced back he
didn't want it to lead to him. This was more nonsense than
fact, but Kim Ann wasn't expert enough about computers to
know. By the time she might figure it out it would be far too
late. So Kim Ann took Randall back to her dorm room to use
her computer. Just before he did the deed he warned her that
if this were ever discovered he would be completely in the
clear and that all the computer records would indicate that
Kim Ann was responsible. She was going to have to take all
the risk. Did she still want him to continue? She did.

Randall smiled to himself as he called his own computer up
through a dummy number and modified the files which Master
Eugene had written for him.

Kim Ann was boundlessly grateful. Six weeks later she
was sitting naked next to Laura on Randall's living room floor.
Each was wearing only a collar. Each had her hands cuffed
behind her back. Victoria, in a very flashy dominatrix outfit
was holding their leashes as Randall snapped pictures.

* * * * *

It was very near the end of the spring term. Randall was
standing at the window of his apartment watching the
approach of Laura and Kim. The day had come for Kim to
loose her virginity. Of course, she didn't know that yet. She
had been well initiated into the art of lovemaking by Carolena,
Victoria, Alexia, and even Laura. But not yet with Randall.
He had patience. And this is what Master Eugene had
counseled. It made him more of a supreme controlling figure.
More to be feared. More to be respected. More to be

Laura was wearing her look of dull resignation as she
walked. She had little love for Randall. A really well trained
sex slave would. Master Eugene was of the opinion this might
not be possible to achieve without the help of a totally
controlled environment. He might be right. But he did have
complete mastery of her and it showed in her every move.

Kim on the other hand walked with the determined stride
of someone who was going to a major confrontation. In less
than a week she was going back to Hong Kong for the
summer. Both Randall and Master Eugene had decided the
best course of action was not to stop her. It was highly likely
she would say nothing about Randall. And even if she did,
there was nothing to connect Randall's activities to the Mart.

Master Eugene thought there was a better than even
chance, if Randall played his cards right, that she would be
back next fall. Kim Ann would try to break away from him
psychologically before leaving. Hence the determined stride.
If she succeeded she would not return to Briar Oaks. If she
failed . . .

Randall was going to play his cards to be sure she failed.

He lost sight of them as they entered the building. Randall
had moved his large overstuffed chair to the center of the
living room facing the door. He sat and waited. The door
was slightly ajar. After a short while a tentative knock was
heard. A very good sign. Kim Ann hadn't simply come
barging in. Randall said nothing and waited. He was wearing
only his smoking jacket and pair of silk pajama bottoms.
Another knock--this time a little louder. He still didn't answer.
He could hear whispering. The girls' collars were hanging in
the hall closet. There was additional bondage paraphernalia
under the skirt of his chair.

The door creaked open. Kim Ann's face appeared around
the corner. Her expression made it clear his opening gambit
had worked. She had lost her momentum--she wasn't wearing
the determined look which her striding had foretold. She saw
Randall and came in. Laura followed her and shut the door.
Kim Ann looked as if she were about to speak and Randall
suddenly sat up and snapped his fingers before she could get
a word out. Both girls looked at him with consternation. He
had never done that before.

He pointed at Kim Ann and then at the floor by his left
foot. She hesitated and then opened her mouth. He looked at
her sternly and said, "Not a word. I know what you're going
to say and I'm not impressed. You can't threaten me and there
is something you both need to know." The rhetorical hook,
the mystery. What did they both need to know? The Master
predicted Kim Ann would continue to follow simple, non
threatening orders until she found out.

She came over and sat. He looked at Laura who was still
standing by the door.

"Your collar is in the closet," Randall said. "Get into it and
get over here."

There was no question about Laura's obedience. She
opened the closet door and started removing her clothes.
Both Randall and Kim Ann watched her. When she was
completely naked she lifted the collar off of the hook and put
it on. She walked over and sat at Randall's right foot, across
from Kim Ann.

He studied them for a long time before speaking. Laura
was very conscious of her nakedness, Kim Ann of the fact she
was still dressed. "Ladies," he said at last, "I have been
offered a job in England. I am seriously considering taking it
and going."

The seeds of hope and concern showed on both faces.

"If I go I'm afraid I will have to leave you both behind."

Hope started to bloom.

"However, I've been told I can't leave any loose ends

'What the hell did that mean?'

"That means the folks who have offered me the job would
prefer that I blow the whistle on both of you. You," he said
turning to Laura," will probably end up in prison." The color
drained completely out of her at his words. "And you . . .," he
said turning to Kim Ann. "I'm afraid the C.I.A. will take a
rather dim view of having been jollied along with respect to
their computer files. It's hard to say whether it will go worse
for you or your father."

Within minutes both girls were in tears pleading with him
to turn down the offer.

Randall didn't overplay his hand. Master Eugene had
coached him in considerable detail about what to expect and
how to react. He motioned them both to silence. It took a
little while to get it.

He stood up and paced slowly around the room as he
pondered aloud. . . . He wasn't really sure he wanted to move
to Europe, but the deal sounded great. He liked both girls,
loved them in fact, and didn't want to do them dirt, but if he
didn't take the new position the opportunity might not come
again. The girls were asking him to make a great sacrifice on
their behalf. He felt like he owed them something, but he
wasn't sure he owed them that much. Besides, they had been
very resistant and made his life quite difficult.

When he finished he sat down again. Both girls were still
in tears. Both made all kinds of promises of loyalty and
service if only he would stay. Laura was clutching his left
hand and sobbing into it. Kim Ann was on her knees in front
of him, her hands had face pressed against his left foot. He let
them run on for quite some time as he appeared to be
pondering their supplications.

"If I stay, it will mean we will be together at least through
next year. Do you understand that?"

They did.

"If I turn these people down, I expect you to live up to
your promises. Will you?"

They said they would. He looked at them carefully. Their
tears had started to dry as soon as his conversation indicated
a willingness not to leave. Laura looked relieved and perhaps
a little grateful. Kim Ann looked like a huge weight had been
lifted off her shoulders and more grateful than Laura. In fact,
it was Kim Ann who suddenly showed the expressions of love
and devotion that a proper sex slave should exhibit toward her
Master. He would have to ask Master Eugene about that. In
the mean time, . . .

"O.K.," he said, "then let's see what you want me to stay
here for. Up!" He indicated them both. Laura and Kim Ann
both stood before him. He inspected the girls for some time.
They were waiting expectantly, wide eyed.

Randall looked directly into Kim Ann's face and pointed at
the closet. She walked over, undressed, put on her collar, and
returned. He examined her carefully again from head to foot.
It reminded both girls of a buyer examining a horse.

Kim Ann's hair was shorter than Laura's. It was full but
hung around her head like a halo instead of falling down
around her shoulders. Her neck was quite graceful. She
wasn't as athletic looking as Laura but still appeared to be in
fine shape. She wasn't as voluptuous as Laura either and, of
course, was a half foot shorter. Her breasts sat high on her
chest and weren't very big. Her nipples, however were very
dark and very large. They were shaped like cones with flat
tops and were turned slightly upward. Her pubic hair wasn't
thick but it was very dark and silky looking.

Many orientals aren't as shy about nudity as Americans. As
Kim Ann stood before him, enduring his examination, she
wasn't terribly embarrassed. It showed in her stance.

He reached up for one of her breasts--he had not actually
touched her up to now. Looking was one thing, but touching
was something else. She involuntarily started back and then
stopped herself and stood still. He let his hand massage her
left breast. He knew from some of the photo shoots that Kim
Ann was remarkably responsive to touch. He felt her tremble
as he ran his fingers over and around her sensitive nipple. He
scrutinized at her crotch as he continued to nip and press the
most erogenous zones on her breasts. Within a minute he
could see the tender flesh of her outer pussy lips begin to swell
and darken.

Without looking up and without stopping the tit massage
he said, "Laura, how often do you masturbate?"

"Wh . . . What?" Her voice trembled a little.

Moving his had to Kim Ann's right breast Randall looked
into Laura's eyes and said, "You play with yourself, don't you?"

She lowered her eyes. "Sometimes," she answered in a
small voice.

"How often?"

She hesitated as if thinking about how to answer. She
hesitated too long.

"How often?" he snapped sternly.

"It depends. Two maybe three times a week." Laura's skin
had gone three shades darker. She could feel the heat
radiating off of her body. Her armpits were damp.

"How?" Randall was still looking at her, still rubbing Kim
Ann's right breast. Kim Ann, who had been caught up in her
body's reaction to Randall's hand was now drawing shallow
breaths. But she too was watching Laura's face.

"How?" Laura' repeated as if she didn't understand what
the question meant.

"Yes, how?" Randall repeated without heat. "Tell me how
you play with yourself. No. Better yet, show me."

Laura felt like her arms had turned to lead. She stared at
her feet and was so mortified she was almost catatonic. Her
arms twitched.

"Show me."

Without looking up she moved her right hand toward her
pussy. She held three fingers in a peculiar manner which
Randall recognized.

"No, not that." She stopped and looked at him. "Not the
way Alexia taught you. Show me how you did it before that."

Laura swallowed hard and looked away again. She
brought both hands up and balled her fingers except for the
index fingers which were pointing straight down. Placing one
finger on either side of her major lips she pressed them down
and together rubbing them into and against her clitoris. She
started moving them in and out almost as if she were jacking
off a miniature prick. She was sobbing.

Kim Ann was observing her with fascination. She found
the sight of the tall naked blond fingering herself as erotic as
anything she had ever witnessed. Randall was keenly aware
of Kim Ann's reactions. He could hear it in her breathing. He
could feel it in her nipple. He glanced up at her face out of the
corner of his eye. He could see it in her face, in her intent
expression, in the laxness of her mouth.

He looked back at Laura who was awkwardly going
through the motions without achieving any noticeable effect.
'Probably not in the mood,' Randall thought amusedly to

"Very good. Now show me on Kim Ann."

Both girls looked over at him. Laura actually looked
relieved. Kim Ann was breathing erratically and wore the
expression of a small animal caught in the headlights of an
rapidly approaching car.

Laura walked around, behind Kim Ann. She threaded her
arms under Kim Ann's and around her torso. Her hands
dropped to Kim Ann's cunt. She had to stoop and bend just
a little to do so. Her breasts were pressing into Kim Ann's
upper back.

"Come on, Kim Ann," Randall said, "open your legs a little
so that Laura can get in there." He brought his other hand up
and began working both breasts. Kim Ann moved her feet
apart and closed her eyes. She could feel Laura's hot breath
on her shoulder. The taller girl's tits and nipples were pressing
into her back. She could feel Laura's hands snake against her
pussy. Fingers begin working her engorged lips. It felt
strange at first. But she was already so worked up her clitty
responded quickly. She had been ripe and ready before Laura
began. Now she was heading toward a climax with great

Randall could feel it too. Kim Ann's body shone with a
light damp coating. Her breath was faster and deeper. There
was a slight trembling in her upper thighs. He stood in front
of her and continued his rubbing. He used his fingers to hold
Kim Ann back so that she would eventually come with much
greater force.

Laura's fingers were moving faster, now. She found had
her position a bit awkward and uncomfortable so she had
unconsciously moved more tightly against the smaller girl's
body. Kim Ann could feel Laura's pubic mound rubbing into
her upper ass and lower back. Kim Ann was conscious of
some beads of moisture dripping down the back of her legs
and didn't know if it were her own or Laura's.

Laura knew. Once she had found the attention diverted
from her self and toward Kim Ann she found herself getting
incredibly turned on. She knew she was getting progressively
hotter. She was getting a real charge out of bringing the other
girl to orgasm. She found herself intentionally rubbing her
own pussy against Kim Ann's ass. At one point the hot little
oriental twitched unexpectedly and Laura felt her own clit
pressed press unexpectedly by an ass cheek. She gasped a
little and moved her fingers even faster.

Randall stepped away for a moment to admire the sight.
Kim Ann opened her eyes when she felt his fingers release her.
She watched as he removed his smoking jacket and laid it over
one arm of the chair, stepped out of his pajama bottoms and
placed them on the other arm. Then he stepped back toward
the two girls.

Kim Ann was on the verge of climaxing. She saw his
hovering prick moving toward her and closed her eyes again.
Laura was rubbing determinedly and breathing heavily against
her neck. She felt the head of Randall's cock bobbing lightly
against the backs of her hands. He clamped down on one of
Kim Ann's nipples which choked off her imminent climax and
brought his other hand up under her chin to lift her face. He
bent over and kissed her deeply. She kissed back. Laura was
rubbing furiously with both her fingers from in front and her
own pussy lips from behind. Randall released Kim Ann's
nipple and held her head with both hands while continuing to
kiss her.

Kim Ann almost screamed into his mouth as she came.
Her legs were trembling violently. Laura continued to rub
quickly for a few more moments and then slacked off they way
she did when she fingered herself to orgasm. Her own pussy was wet and swollen with desire.

Randall reached down with one hand and took over for
Laura, brushing her hands away. He reached in and with great
expertise quickly brought Kim Ann back to a state of
tremendous sexual heat. He moved his other arm under hers
and around her back. Laura had backed off and watched.
Without realizing it she had brought her hands down to her
own crotch and was lightly rubbing herself in response to what
she was seeing.

Kim Ann screamed at the second, more intense, climax and
collapsed against Randall. He released her clit and caught her
up. Then he turned her around until she was facing Laura and
sat back in his chair. He lowered Kim Ann on to the floor
between his legs so that she was sitting back against the chair,
her legs bent under, her arms hanging limply at her sides, her
head lolling back against his knees. He leaned forward and
reaching down started to massage one of her breasts again.
The nipple came quickly and stiffly erect. Kim Ann sighed.

"All right," he said looking at Laura, "now show me how
you used to beat off."

Laura didn't have to bring her fingers up to her own crotch.
They were already there. She looked profoundly embarrassed,
having been caught in the act. But she was also extremely
hot. She closed her eyes and accelerated her actions.

Then, almost as an act of defiance, she opened her eyes as
she fingered herself. She found that watching Kim Ann's facial
expressions as Randall played with her breasts fueled her own
passions. Soon she was breathing in short jerky gasps and felt
herself quickly approaching her climax. Kim Ann's eyes were
also open. Even as she lay back exhausted against Randall's
knee, she was watching Laura and feeling her passions rising

Randall was watching Laura closely. He could see a mild
rash starting to creep down her neck and toward her breasts.
She was making little crying sounds and her footing was
becoming uncertain. She was teetering on the brink and
would have come within a few more moments, when Randall
suddenly called out "stop."

Laura stopped in surprise and stood there panting, her
fingers still pressed deeply into her sopping cunt lips.

"That's enough for the moment."

Laura wasn't relieved. She wanted to howl in frustration.

Randall released Kim Ann's nipple and pushed her forward.
He stood up behind her and then reached under her armpits
and pulled her to her feet. She stood there weaving.
"Ladies," he said as he stooped down and reached under the
skirt of his chair, "please go into the bathroom and clean
yourselves up." He pulled a bunch of leather wrist and ankle
restraints out and stood up. "Then put these on," he handed
them to Kim Ann, "and meet me in the bedroom." He turned
his back and walked toward the bedroom door. The two girls stood watching him go. He called back over his shoulder, just
before leaving the room, "And don't take long." The door shut
behind him.

The two girls looked at each other and then down at the
restraints. They hesitated only briefly then walked together
toward the bathroom.

* * * * * End of Part 4 * * * * *

by Zebulon

This story may be reposted anywhere as long as (1) proper
credit is given, (2) I am informed of where it is being posted,
and (3) I am allowed free access to the web site where it is
being posted.

* * * * *


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